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50+ Best Streaming Apps for Unlimited Content (July 2024)

Best Streaming Apps

The following guide contains a list of the Best Streaming Apps for tons of content on nearly any device you prefer.

The Best Streaming Apps include Tubi, Netflix, YouTube, Peacock TV, HBO Max, Vudu, Plex, and many others found on this list.

Streaming Apps provide free Movies, Shows, Live Streams, and much more all to your favorite streaming device.

Streaming applications or “apps” work perfectly on tons of devices that are popular among cord-cutters and more.

Currently, the most popular streaming device available today is the Amazon Firestick due to its ability to modify the device, which allows 3rd party streaming apps to be installed.

This applies to all Fire TV devices including the new Fire TV Stick Lite, 3rd Gen Fire TV Stick, Firestick 4K, Fire TVs, Fire TV Cubes, and more.

There are also several other streaming devices that work great with these apps such as the NVIDIA Shield, MECOOL Box, Chromecast with Google TV, and other generic Android TV Boxes.

Legal Disclaimer: TROYPOINT does not develop, operate, host, distribute, or administer any streaming application, add-on, website, or service. Furthermore, we cannot determine the legality of any streaming platform reviewed on this website. TROYPOINT specializes in educational tech reviews, tutorials, and news which is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. The end-user is solely responsible for media accessed and TROYPOINT assumes that all visitors are abiding by copyright laws set forth within their jurisdiction. Users should only stream works not protected by copyright when using unverified streaming solutions.

When most people think of streaming apps, the following services come to mind: Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, etc.

Most of these services carry a monthly fee but there are other applications that you can use for free to get films, series, and much more!

Many of which you can find in our lists of Best Firestick Apps and Free Movie Apps that are continually updated with the best apps for streaming and more.

This TROYPOINT resource page will point you in the direction of the most popular free streaming apps and how to install them.

Best VPN on Firestick/Android TV Guide

Best Streaming Apps

As of the writing of this article, all streaming apps listed below are currently working. Below is the updated list of Best Streaming Apps.

best streaming apps netflix


Netflix is undoubtedly the most popular streaming app available today. Its customer base spans the globe with millions of users and shows no signs of slowing down.

With a massive library of content and original TV series, there is no shortage of streaming options.

Netflix has an easy to install Streaming App that works on nearly any device and offers the ability to download content to boot.

With recent crackdowns on password sharing and continually rising prices, however, some are looking for alternative streaming options.


Your online activity is recorded by your government, Internet Service Provider, app/addon/IPTV devs and all websites through your identifying IP address

Your Current Identifying IP Address (digital fingerprint):

Stream anonymously by using Surfshark VPN


Surfshark backs their service with a 30-day money back guarantee

Use your account on unlimited devices & share with family members


The list below provides other various apps that work just as well or better than Netflix without the high prices.

You can also use our link below that lists “Secret Codes” for finding hidden content within Netflix.

Best Netflix Secret Codes

best streaming apps disney plus

Disney Plus

Alongside Netflix, Disney Plus is one of the most popular streaming apps available with millions of users across the world. This app has all the exclusive Disney content that you can imagine.

Users can install the Disney Plus app on their device to stream Movies and TV Shows, which includes the best of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

Currently, Disney+ costs $7.99/month or $79.99/year. However, there are also various bundle options with Hulu & ESPN Plus.

For more information on Disney Plus and how to install both the Firestick app and addon, refer to our guides below.

Install Disney Plus – Best Streaming Apps

Install Disney Plus Addon


Tubi TV

Tubi is a free, ad-supported app that has tons of content for streaming. This includes Movies, TV Shows, and Kids entertainment.

Tubi also recently added live streaming options available within the dedicated app or via the browser on any device you prefer.

Users will encounter various ads when streaming content, however, these are usually minimal and well worth the price tag of this app.

Tubi features an easy-to-use interface and plays content 100% buffer-free.

This Streaming App can also be found within our list of Best Free TV Apps.

Many titles are available for viewing without registration, however, you can also sign up for the free service and get even more content.

How To Install Tubi TV



Hulu is well known as one of the best streaming apps that features both VOD content as well as live TV.

Free StartMail Trial

This all-encompassing app offers multiple subscription options to choose from including Ad-Supported, Ad-Free, and Hulu+Live TV.


There are even bundle packages that combine Hulu with Disney Plus and ESPN Plus which can help subscribers save money.

Hulu features tons of original programming including documentaries, TV Series, and much more.

For a detailed review guide of Hulu’s live service, click the link below.

Hulu + Live TV Review



Different from other streaming apps, Plex also works as a server media player for your favorite streaming device.

Plex offers plenty of titles on its website and streaming app. However, users can also download files to their Plex Media Server and access them anywhere.

This is perfect for home movies, old DVDs, music, and more. Plex has also recently added over 80 free channels for live streaming making it an all-in-one streaming platform.

Setting up and using Plex can be a bit confusing, however, it will provide you with endless streaming content and more.

TROYPOINT has created an easy to follow in-depth tutorial to show you everything you need to know about this platform including a detailed setup guide.

How To Setup and Use Plex

crackle app


Crackle has become one of the most popular streaming apps for Movie and TV Lovers across the globe.

The free app is supported by ads and regularly shows updated quality programming directly to your preferred streaming device.

Currently, Crackle is available in 21 countries across the world. However, you can access this app anywhere with the help of a VPN.

Aside from Sony Pictures-produced blockbusters and its subsidiaries, original Sony TV programs from drama to miniseries are also available.

Refer to our Crackle guide below for more information on this streaming platform and how to install it.

Crackle Review & Install Guide

discovery plus

Discovery Plus

Adding to the growing list of brands creating streaming services is Discovery with Discovery Plus.

This new streaming app is a paid service with two options for streaming. Users can purchase an ad-free version for $6.99/month or with ads for $4.99/month.

Discovery Plus features content from tons of popular networks including HGTV, Food Network, A&E, History Channel, and much more.

You will also find featured content including popular TV Shows such as Deadliest Catch, Gold Rush, and Homicide Hunter.

If you are located outside of the U.S., you may need to side-load Discovery Plus which we provide instructions for below:

Discovery Plus Review and Install Guide



YouTube is the original video streaming app and works fabulously on tons of different devices.

There are plenty of full-length movies and tv shows you can find on YouTube, along with the millions of other videos this website holds.

How to Watch the Best Free Movies on YouTube

Check out our tutorial below for how to install the YouTube app on a Firestick/Fire TV.

How To Install YouTube On Fire TV & Fire TV Stick



Vudu is a highly popular streaming service that users can install on numerous devices. While most apps require a monthly fee or subscription, Vudu runs on an a la carte system.

This means you only pay for Movies or TV Shows individually based on your preference.

However, Vudu has also added free options for streaming including Family & Kids choices.

Free Vudu content does contain ads, however, those who purchase Movies & Shows can stream them without any interruptions whatsoever.

For more information on Vudu and how to install the app on Firestick/Fire TV, refer to our guide below.

How to Install Vudu App

hbo max


If you are looking for a premium Streaming App then HBO Max may be the perfect choice for you.

This is a paid service that currently costs users $14.99/month. HBO Max features tons of HBO content including original TV Shows, Documentaries, and more.

Along with tons of other content from WarnerMedia. Members can install this app on most popular devices including the Amazon Firestick/Fire TV.

How To Install HBO Max on Firestick/Fire TV

Note: For those wanting to install HBO Max on Roku devices, view our HBO Max on Roku tutorial for more information.


Peacock TV

Peacock is NBCUniversal’s iteration of a streaming service and comes in the form of a streaming app available for nearly any device.

The app features tons of original content from NBC and more. This includes Movies, TV Shows, and more and is available for free.

However, users can also purchase a subscription to the service for even more access to content. Use the following guide to learn more about Peacock and how to install the app.

How To Install Peacock

best streaming apps prime video

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is Amazon’s streaming service that has been around for several years and is used by millions of cord-cutters streaming with the Firestick/Fire TV.

This streaming app contains categories such as Amazon Originals, Comedy, Thriller, Featured Movies, and more.

With Amazon Buying MGM Studios, it will be very exciting to see the type of content released on this streaming app in the future!

paramount plus app

Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus is the latest major company to join the competitive list of streaming services.

This all-new streaming app is a rebrand of Viacom’s CBS All Access application. In this app, you will find content from popular networks such as Nickelodeon, MTV, CBS, BET, Comedy Central, and more.

The Paramount+ plans include a $5.00/month Base tier that will include ads or a $10.00/month for the ad-free option.

Use the link below to learn more about Paramount+ and how to install the app.

Paramount Plus Review & How to Install

For more information on torrents and how you can get started with this technology, check out our popular list of torrent sites:

Best Torrent Sites

Other App Choices

Below you will find even more streaming app options for VOD Content:

Best Live TV Streaming Apps

Live Television apps and services are becoming quite popular among cord-cutters wanting Local Channels, sports, news, and more.

Using these is a fabulous way to eliminate your cable or satellite bill and stream exclusively on your favorite IPTV Box.

Many of these providers outlined below can also be found in our Best Legal IPTV Services guide.

Listed below are some of the more popular choices for live streaming:



fuboTV is one of the most popular live-streaming platforms available today. One of the best parts about this service is their Free Trial option!

It features a wide variety of live channels including sports options such as ESPN, CBS Sports, NFL Network, and more.

There are 3 plan options within fuboTV that include features such as Cloud DVR Storage, access to extras, and more.

fuboTV has easy to install applications for just about any device you prefer.

fuboTV Review and Install Guide

Pluto TV

Pluto TV

If you are looking for a free live streaming option then Pluto is the perfect fit. While the application does feature ads, all content available is 100% free and available for installation on tons of devices.

Pluto features channels such as Forensic Files, Pluto MTV, Comedy Central Standup, AFT TV, and much more.

Pluto TV App

philo best streaming apps


Philo is another live tv streaming app that has become popular among those who enjoy entertainment and family content.

The Philo app offers over 60 channels for $20/month. Their channel list is highlighted by AMC, Hallmark, Discovery, HGTV, and much more.

Similar to fuboTV, Philo also offers a 7-Day Free Trial with an option to cancel. See our detailed review below for more information.

Philo Review & Install Guide


espn plus streaming apps

ESPN is the most popular sporting event company in the world.

Their Streaming App, ESPN Plus, caters to every sports fans including those of MMA, Soccer, Football, Baseball, Boxing, and more.

ESPN Plus features tons of live content including live sporting events as well as featured films, documentaries, and original programming.

This is a paid service that currently costs $6.99/month or $69.99/year but can also be bundled with Disney Plus.

Learn more about ESPN Plus on any device including Firestick and Fire TV at the link below.

ESPN Plus App

best streaming apps xumo


XUMO is a popular free streaming app that is considered an “all-in-one” application.

Not only does XUMO provide users with free VOD content but there are tons of live channel options as well.

XUMO is best known for its live television channels that range from NBCNow to Bloomberg Television and more. Use the following guide for Xumo Installation tutorial.

XUMO Review & Install Guide



If you are an IPTV user, using TiviMate is a great way to watch live events in a simple application.

TiviMate provides users an included EPG and a sleek interface to browse through channels.

It also has the ability to incorporate multiple IPTV Services so you’re never without live TV.

The guide below will show you how to install TiviMate on your preferred device:

How to Install TiviMate

Airy TV - Best Free IPTV Apps for Live TV Streaming

Airy TV

Airy TV is an all-in-one app that works on any streaming device for streaming free live TV. With over 100 live channels, this app makes an excellent option.

Some of the categories within Airy TV include TV Shows, Reality, Comedy, Documentaries, Thriller, Music, Sports, Featured Channels, Classic Movies, Classic TV Series, and more.

Refer to the Airy TV guide below for more information on and how to install the app on any device.

How to Install Airy TV



VUit is a live streaming app that solves the problem of finding local channels. This easy to install application features over 200 local news stations for live streaming.

It works fabulously on Firestick but is also available in any browser you prefer. Use the guide below to install VUit on your device:

VUit Local News App

tikilive tv


The TikiLive app is a newer streaming application with over 25 live channels and hundreds of movies in various categories.

Some of the notable channels provided by TikiLive include EuroNews, NewsMax, Law & Crime, Impact Wrestling, and much more.

This app can be installed on any popular streaming device including the Amazon Firestick, Roku, Android devices, and more.

How to Install TikiLive



The KlowdTV app is a newer streaming application with over 120 live channels in various categories.

Some of the notable channels provided by KlowdTV include EuroNews, Fite, NewsMax, Court TV, Nasa TV, and much more.

This app can be installed on any popular streaming device including the Amazon Firestick, Roku, Android devices, and more.

How to Install KlowdTV App



LocalBTV is one of the newest streaming apps for local channels to hit the scene. This free app provides local channels in 30-40 markets across the United States.

LocalBTV is available on any device including the Firestick/Fire TV, Roku, Android, Apple, and more.

Use the guide below to install the LocalBTV app on your device:

Install LocalBTV App

kapang tv

Kapang TV

Kapang TV is one of the newer streaming apps for free live tv, movies, and more to be released on the popular app stores.

This app is only available to those located in the US or UK but provides over 100 live channels, movies, and TV series all for free.

This app can be installed on any popular streaming device like the Firestick, Roku, Android devices, and more.

How to Install Kapang TV

best streaming apps distrotv


The DistroTV app is a newer streaming app on this list that provides hundreds of live channels for free on any device.

Some of the main channels offered by DistroTV include Bloomberg Television, EuroNews, People TV, Real Vision, CineLife, and many more.

View our tutorial below for more details on DistroTV and how to install the app.

How to Install DistroTV App

herogo tv app

Herogo TV

Herogo TV is one of the newer streaming apps with over 100 free channels along with thousands of movies and TV shows.

Some of the notable channels provided by Herogo TV include EuroNews, World Poker Tour, E-Sports Television, Kaloopy TV, and more.

This app can be installed on any popular streaming device including the Amazon Firestick, Roku, Android devices, and more.

How to Install Herogo TV

showtime ppv firestick

Showtime PPV

The Showtime PPV app is a popular PPV service that caters to boxing and sports fans across the world.

Showtime is targeted at sports fans interested in streaming the latest Boxing fights along with highlights.

View our Showtime PPV tutorial below for more details on Showtime and how to install the app.

How to Install Showtime PPV App

dazn app


The DAZN app is a popular on-demand service that caters to sports fans across the world.

DAZN is targeted at sports fans interested in streaming the latest Boxing, MMA, and UFC fights.

View our tutorial below for more details on DAZN and how to install the app.

How to Install DAZN App

local channels on firestick

Amazon News App

The Amazon News App is an awesome way to watch live local news directly on your Firestick/Fire TV.

Currently, users can access live local news in over 80 markets across the US.

These markets include Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Denver, Austin, Miami, Portland, San Diego, and several other cities in the United States.

Use the guide below to learn how to install and set up the Amazon News App for local channels.

How to Get Local Channels on Firestick/Fire TV

cbs sports app

CBS Sports

The CBS Sports app is a popular platform for sports fanatics across the country. The app’s interface and navigation are very user-friendly.

CBS Sports features live streams, highlights, recaps, and news featuring the latest in the sports world.

View the guide below for more information on CBS Sports and how to install the app on streaming devices.

How to Install CBS Sports App

fox sports app

FOX Sports

FOX Sports is one of the most popular resources used by sports fans across the US. This app provides live games, talk shows, news, highlights, and more in the sports world.

View the tutorial below for more information on FOX Sports and how to install the app on streaming devices.

How to Install FOX Sports App

Check out the TROYPOINT IPTV Resource guide and vote for your favorite using our Best IPTV Service Poll:

IPTV Resource Guide

Best Streaming Apps – Miscellaneous



Installing most of the apps on this list requires a separate app called Downloader for sideloading on your device.

Downloader features a built-in web browser that allows for the installation of apps and android files.

By inserting a file URL, you can download any app you prefer including all apps available on this list.

You can install Downloader from the Amazon App Store or Google Play Store or use our guide below:

How to Install Downloader

Note: See our list of Best Downloader Codes for quickly installing the best streaming apps.

Surfshark for Streaming

Surfshark VPN

The Best VPN for Firestick is Surfshark VPN for numerous reasons including:

  • Unlimited Device Connections
  • Kill Switch Capabilities
  • Blazing Fast Speeds
  • WireGuard Protocol
  • and more

Surfshark works perfectly with popular Streaming Apps including Netflix and Prime Video.

Many VPN companies are not able to get around restrictions put in by these popular services which sets them apart.

Apart from the Firestick, Surfshark is available for installation on any device you prefer including streaming devices such as Android TV Box.

Surfshark VPN Review

Surfshark Installation Guide

MX Player

MX Player is an external video player that is used by millions on tons of devices including Firestick and Android TV Box.

Many streaming apps have the ability to integrate MX Player including most of those listed above.

By installing and using MX Player you will find improvements with buffering, subtitles, and more.

Use the guide below to Install MX Player on your streaming device.

How To Install and Use MX Player on Firestick/Fire TV

best streaming apps silk browser

Amazon Silk Browser

The Amazon Silk Browser is built specifically for Amazon devices, which includes the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cubes, Fire HD tablets, Echo Dots, and more.

By installing the Amazon Silk Browser, you can also access the same streaming platforms on a Firestick/Fire TV as you would on a PC, tablet, or mobile device.

These sites include Streaming Sites, gaming, Anime Sites, social media, online shopping, and more.

For best navigation on this browser, you may want to check out Firestick Remote Alternatives or an app like Mouse Toggle.

Click the link below to learn how to install and use the Silk Browser on Firestick/Fire TV.

Install Amazon Silk Browser on Firestick/Fire TV

Note: For more popular web browsers used on streaming devices see Puffin TV or the TV Bro Browser.

best streaming apps wolf launcher

Wolf Launcher

The Wolf Launcher is a custom launcher that will change the default user interface that Amazon and Google apply to their streaming devices.

Using custom launchers like Wolf is an excellent solution for Blocking Ads on Firestick/Android devices which makes it one of the best Streaming Apps available today.

For more information on the Wolf Launcher and how to install the app, view our detailed tutorial below.

Install Wolf Launcher on Firestick/Android

Note: See our guide on the Leanback Launcher for another custom launcher option.

vlc media player

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is another popular video player that is used by millions on streaming devices and PCs.

Like MX Player, Many streaming apps on this list have the ability to integrate VLC Media Player for a better streaming experience.

Refer to our tutorial below for more information on VLC Media Player and how to install it on any device.

How To Install and Use VLC Media Player on Firestick/Fire TV



While not a streaming app, VirusTotal is one that you should use in conjunction with any side-loaded app on your device.

VirusTotal is a file scanner that can detect any malware/viruses within any installed apps.

This usually takes only a few seconds and you will know whether or not the file contains any malware or not.

This is an excellent tool in granting peace of mind whenever streaming on your device.

For more information on VirusTotal and how to install it on a Firestick/Fire TV device, refer to our tutorial below.

How To Install and Use VirusTotal on Firestick/Fire TV

Note: If you are looking for the direct sources that these apps populate streaming links from, I suggest viewing our Best Free Movie Sites and Putlocker Alternatives lists.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Best Streaming Apps?

Some of the best streaming apps include Tubi, YouTube, Plex, HBO Max, Stremio, Peacock TV, Discovery Plus, and many others.

Are Streaming Apps Legal?

Yes. Most streaming apps are 100% legal to install and use. However, some content provided may be illegal. To ensure you are not illegally streaming, make sure to only watch movies and TV shows in the public domain.

Are Streaming Apps Safe?

All of the streaming apps covered on the TROYPOINT website have been scanned by VirusTotal and are safe to use. However, for full protection using a VPN when streaming from 3rd party apps is strongly recommended.

What Devices can Streaming Apps be Installed on?

Most streaming apps are available for installation on tons of devices including the Amazon Firestick which is the most popular streaming device available. Users can also download on Android and more.

How do I Download Movies from Streaming Apps?

To download movies on a Firestick, simply choose your preferred content and select the download option. If downloading, make sure you are using a VPN to encrypt your IP Address.

This page includes affiliate links where TROYPOINT may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Many times, visitors will receive a discount due to the special arrangements made for our fans. Learn more on my Affiliate Disclaimer page.

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    but it wont open or says not installed or needing another app to open.
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  2. why can’t i install youcine without signing up to vip i first loaded it ver 1.6 now i get it with 1.7 which requires vip

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      I get what you are saying, but there is tons of free applications out there and non paid apps.. Also lets say you are paying 60-70$ a month for tv and you use a app with Real Debrid which is paid.. It’s like 6 bucks for 3 months.. So you saved alot of money. This website explains all this and more, you could also check out our insider for more info. Pro tip form me, Get stremio, get a vpn and use that app with community addons. ;)

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  14. Weyd app should be here on the paid app list.

    It’s 5 bucks for 3 months and with a real debrid paried with Orion it is absolutely fantastic, on par with syncler.

  15. Will there be any updates to the Xfinity app on your rapid app installer? I believe there is a newer version that the one on your app. If not, is there a newer version available to side load?

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