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How to Use Real-Debrid on Kodi & APKs (September 2023)


This guide shows how to install and set up Real Debrid on Kodi and various streaming apps on a Firestick or Android TV Box.

Using Real Debrid on a Firestick is the most popular method but there are numerous ways that this service can be utilized.

When you use Real-Debrid in conjunction with Kodi or other streaming apps (APKs), you get buffer-free HD playback that you wouldn’t normally find with the default streams.

It’s important to point out that Real Debrid is not an add-on.  It’s a service that you can tie into Kodi add-ons and streaming applications.

You will find step-by-step instructions below on how to pair Real Debrid with your favorite add-on or app.

This tutorial provides you with a screenshot guide for installing and setting up Real-Debrid on Kodi and other streaming apps (APKs).

Integrating Real Debrid within your preferred streaming app is the best way to eliminate buffering on your Firestick or Android TV device.

In a recent poll taken on the TROYPOINT Insider, 90% of respondents use Real Debrid in conjunction with their streaming apps and add-ons.

Real-Debrid Poll

What is Real Debrid?

Real Debrid is an unrestricted downloader that allows you to download files instantly and at the best of your internet speed.

You can think of Real Debrid as a middle-man between you and the servers that store movies and TV shows.

These media files come from torrent sites and file lockers located on the Internet.

Real Debrid processes those files on their servers and sends them to you at blazing-fast speeds which means no buffering.

Most cord-cutters use Real Debrid with their Firestick or Android TV Box in conjunction with free Kodi add-ons or streaming APKs.

Real-Debrid itself is not an application itself, however, it is available for integration within these popular media outlets.

With Real Debrid, you will enjoy buffer-free HD links for movies and TV shows. These sources are almost always better quality than the free ones offered by the app itself.

This includes high-definition links in 1080p and even 4K.

Real-Debrid Buffer-Free Links in Kodi and Firestick / Android TV

For less than $5/month, users can integrate Real-Debrid into their favorite Kodi add-on or streaming app and watch content buffer-free.


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Many users choose to use Real-Debrid with streaming apps and Kodi add-ons for the highest quality sources.

Using Real-Debrid links is the best way to eliminate buffering on most apps including many on TROYPOINT’s Best APKs list.

TROYPOINT strongly suggests implementing Real-Debrid within Kodi if you are dealing with buffering problems or you want HD-quality streams (4K & 1080p).

Without real-debrid, using Kodi addons and apps is basically useless these days as many of the servers that provide links are congested and overused.

If you are a cord-cutter who wants the highest quality streaming options, your best bet is to purchase a real-debrid account and eliminate the headache of free links!

Real Debrid Pricing

In order to use real-debrid with various streaming outlets, you must sign up for a premium account.

Yes, it is a paid service, however, it costs less than $5/month and will likely be the best investment you make after cutting the cord.

Users have 4 subscription options for Real-Debrid which are shown below:

Real-Debrid Pricing

  • 15 Day Subscription: Roughly $3.23 US (3 EUR) & 150 Fidelity Points
  • 30 Day Subscription: Roughly $4.31 US (4 EUR) & 200 Fidelity Points
  • 90 Day Subscription: Roughly $9.69 US (9 EUR) & 450 Fidelity Points
  • 180 Day Subscription: Roughly $17.22 US (16 EUR) & 800 Fidelity Points

When it comes to payment methods, there are various ways to pay for a subscription to this service.

real debrid payment methods

As of this writing, Real-Debrid accepts the following payment methods:

  • Credit Cards
  • Amazon Pay
  • Cryptocurrency (including Bitcoin)
  • Prepaid Tickets

Some have complained that their credit cards aren’t accepted when trying to pay for Real-Debrid subscriptions.  The solution to this is to use one of the other payment methods.

Many have voiced their success with using Amazon Pay.  You can also pay with cryptocurrency through their Crypto money option as well.

How to Buy Something with Cryptocurrency

Premium Features

  • High-speed downloads, up to 1,000 Mbps
  • HTML 5 Streaming (no plugin needed)
  • No waiting times for streams to start playing or ads
  • Firefox, Chrome, and Jdownloader Plugins
  • DLC, RSDF, and CCF decrypter
  • Parallel downloads possible
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Support for download accelerators
  • Multiple hosters on a single website
  • AES Secure Downloads are possible

What are Real Debrid Fidelity Points?

– You can earn fidelity points by buying Premium days.
– You can use your points whenever you would like, but you have to reach 1000 points to get free Premium days.
– 1000 fidelity points equals 30 premium days.
– You cannot send fidelity points to another Real-Debrid member.

Once you’ve accumulated at least 1,000 Fidelity Points, you can redeem them for premium days inside your online account.

How To Sign Up for Real Debrid

Use the guide below to register for a Real-Debrid account:

1.  Visit and choose Sign Up

How To Sign Up for Real-Debrid

2. Enter your information and click Sign Up again.

Enter your personal information and click Sign Up again for real debrid

3. You will then encounter a message saying “your registration was successful.”

Be sure to check your e-mail account for the activation e-mail from Real-Debrid.

Be sure to check your e-mail account for the activation e-mail from Real-Debrid.

4. After you log into your Real-Debrid Account you will see a new menu item named “Premium Offers.”

Click that and then purchase a premium plan.

Real-Debrid Premium

That’s it! Registration is now complete.

How To Setup Real Debrid On Kodi with a Firestick

Below, you will find both a video tutorial and a screenshot guide for setting up Real-Debrid on Kodi and Cinema HD with a Firestick.

I highly recommend watching the video below which will explain Real-Debrid and how it works in full detail.

Screenshot Guide – Kodi Addons

In the steps below I am integrating Real-Debrid within The Crew Kodi Addon, which uses ResolveURL dependency.

If you install an add-on that uses the URLResolver dependency, the steps are basically identical.

Important Note: Not all Kodi Add-on interfaces are exactly the same, but most have a similar interface as the add-on used in this example.

1. First you must register for a Real-Debrid account if you don’t have one already.

2. Launch The Crew Kodi Addon. (Or any addon you prefer).

Launch The Crew Kodi Addon

3. Scroll down and select Tools.

Scroll down and select Tools.

4. Then select ResolveURL: Settings.

Then select ResolveURL: Settings.

5. Within the Universal Resolvers menu on the left, scroll down and select (Re)Authorize My Account under Real-Debrid.

Within the Universal Resolvers menu on the left, scroll down and select (Re)Authorize My Account under Real-Debrid.

6. This screen will appear. Write down the code provided.

This screen will appear. Write down the code provided.

7. Open an Internet browser on another device and go to

Open an Internet browser on another device and go to

8. Enter in the provided code from Step 6 and click Continue.

Enter in the provided code from Step 6 and click Continue.

9. Your Real-Debrid application is now approved!

Your Real-Debrid application is now approved!

10. Return back to The Crew and select Search. 

Return back to The Crew and select Search. 

11. Select whichever option you prefer. For this example we chose Movies.

Select whichever option you prefer. For this example we chose Movies.

12. Select New search.

Select New search.

13. Enter in the Movie or TV Show you desire.

14. Notice both the Real-Debrid and free links populating.

15. You will notice the Real-Debrid links now appearing with “RD” in the link name.

16. That’s it! You are now able to watch Movies and TV Shows using Real-Debrid within The Crew Kodi Add-on.

Most Real-Debrid users are using a Fire TV Stick or Android TV Box.

Learn how to install the best VPN in a matter of minutes with the free tutorial below.

How to Install Best VPN on Firestick

How To Install & Setup Real Debrid On Streaming Apps (APKs)

In the steps below I am integrating Real-Debrid within Cinema HD APK on a Firestick.

However, this guide will also work for other various streaming apps.

Important Note: Not all APK interfaces are exactly the same, but most have a similar interface as the streaming app used in this example.

1. Click the Menu button in the upper left-hand corner (3 horizontal lines).

Click Menu button in upper left hand corner (3 horizontal lines)

2. Scroll down and select Settings.

Scroll down and select Settings

3. Choose Login to Real-Debrid.

Choose Login to Real-Debrid.

4. Write down & remember the code that appears on the screen.

Write down & remember the code that appears on the screen.

5. Go to on any browser.

Go to on any browser.

6. Type in the activation code from step 4 and click Continue.

Type in activation code and click Continue.

7. You will then receive an authorization complete notification.

You will then receive authorization complete notification.

8. Notice you are now logged in to Real-Debrid within Cinema HD.

Notice you are now logged in to Real-Debrid within Cinema HD.

9. Return back to the Cinema HD home screen, and search for the Movie or TV Show you prefer.

10. Enter in the Movie or TV Show you desire.

11. You will see Real-Debrid streams highlighted yellow after making your content selection.

12. You are now able to watch Movies and TV Shows using Real-Debrid within Cinema HD APK.


Real-Debrid vs AllDebrid vs Premiumize

alldebrid vs real-debrid

For those looking to find a replacement for real-debrid, there are a few alternative options.

The most popular include AllDebrid and Premiumize which are both premium resolvers with integration capabilities.

These tools work in the exact same fashion as real-debrid, and provide the same high-quality streams however, there are a few key differences.

The first to consider is price as this is usually the main focus for anyone looking to find one of these services.

Listed below are the current prices for Real-Debrid, AllDebrid, and Premiumize.

  • Real-Debrid – 4 EUR (Roughly $4.50 US) for 30 Days
  • AllDebrid – 4 EUR (Roughly $4.50 US) for 1 Month
  • Premiumize – 10 EUR (Roughly $11 US) for 1 Month

As you can see, Real-Debrid and AllDebrid are comparable in price with Premiumize nearly double the cost of both.

When comparing services, there are some differences including VPN compatibility and app/addon compatibility.

In terms of popularity, real-debrid is much more well-known which means it is likely available on more platforms including Kodi addons and Streaming Apps.

Real-Debrid also has various VPN compatibility which is not always the case for AllDebrid that may not work with various VPN services.

For these reasons and more, we suggest real-debrid as the best unrestricted downloader service to use on your media device.

How To Delete Real Debrid Download History

We often receive questions on how to delete your download history within Real-Debrid.

Real Debrid states in their Privacy Policy that user downloads are stored in their database for legal reasons for 1 month.

real debrid privacy

However, we can delete download history on real-debrid in just a few simple steps.

Follow the quick steps below for deleting your download history.

1. Visit your Real-Debrid account dashboard –

Visit your Real-Debrid account dashboard

2. Scroll down and select Downloads History.

Scroll down and select Downloads History in real debrid

3. Click the Red X on the top right side of the menu. This will say “Delete All” when hovering over the X.

Click the Red X on the top right side of the menu. This will say "Delete All" when hovering over the X.

4. That’s it! Your Real-Debrid download history is now deleted.

That's it! Your Real-Debrid download history is now deleted.

Note: You also have the option to delete your device history if you prefer.

You also have the option to delete your device history within real debrid if you prefer. 

Compatible Real Debrid VPNs

You may not be aware that Real-Debrid only works with certain VPN providers.

Some of the most popular cooperative VPN services include Surfshark, IPVanish, NordVPN, StrongVPN, and others seen in the image below.

real debrid cooperative vpn providers

One question that we receive frequently is Does SurfShark work with Real-Debrid?

We answer this question with a video guide and more below:

Does SurfShark Work With Real-Debrid?

For the full list of cooperative and non-cooperative VPN providers, we suggest viewing our guide below.

Best VPNs for Real Debrid

Real Debrid Affiliate Program

Real-Debrid also features a referral program where users can generate additional days through affiliate sales.

To get your affiliate details, simply click the “Referral Program” link under your username at the top of the page.

Simply share your unique links with others and once they register with your link, you get free Premium Days and Fidelity Points!

Real-Debrid Affiliate Program

Every new affiliate that you send with your personalized link will add 5 Premium Days and 50 Fidelity Points to your account.

1,000 fidelity points can be converted into 30 days of usage.

Convert Fidelity Points to Premium Days

As mentioned earlier, once you have at least 1,000 Real-Debrid Fidelity points, you can exchange those for Premium Days.  1,000 Fidelity Points can be converted into 30 Premium Days.

How to use your Real-Debrid fidelity points:

  • Go into the “My Account” page within your Real-Debrid Dashboard
  • Then, in the “Account Settings” section, find “Convert 1000 Fidelity Points to 30 Days: Convert”

Real-Debrid Account Settings

Supported Real Debrid Hosters

Real-Debrid pulls files from numerous torrent and “hoster” websites.

Real-Debrid Hosters

You can think of hosters as online file lockers or cloud storage services.

As of this post, here are the hosters that Real-Debrid supports.

1 Fichier, 4Shared, Anzfile, Bayfiles, ClicknUpload, Dailymotion, DDowload /, Depositfiles, DropAPK, Easybytez, Fastclick,, Filefactory, Filerio, Gigapeta, Google Drive, Hitfile, Hulkshare,, Mediafire, Mega, Mixdrop, Mixloads, RadioTunes, RapidGator, Redtube, Scribd, Sendspace, Solidfiles, SoundCloud, Streamtape, Turbobit, Trusfiles, Ulozto, Uploaded, Upstream, Uptobox, Userscloud, UsersDrive, VideoBin, Vidoza, Vimeo, VK, Voe, Wipfiles, Wupfile / Salefiles, YouPorn, YouTube, and Zippyshare.

Most Popular Real Debrid Apps

Some of the best working apps and add-ons when paired with Real Debrid include Cinema APK, The Crew Kodi Addon, Exodus Kodi Addon, and many others.

Refer to our updated guide below for more options.

Best Apps & Kodi Addons for Real-Debrid

Real Debrid Frequently Asked Questions

What is Real Debrid?

Real Debrid is an unrestricted downloader that hosts files for streaming and more. Initializing this premium service on Kodi or another streaming app will eliminate buffering and provide access to HD files (4K & 1080p).

What Does Real Debrid Cost?

Real Debrid is a subscription-based service that costs approximately 4 EUR ($4.73) per month. Users will have the option to choose from 4 different subscription plans.

How do You Pay for Real Debrid?

You can pay for this premium service using a credit card, cryptocurrency, Amazon Pay, prepaid tickets, or through affiliate credits if you are an affiliate partner.

Is Real Debrid Legal?

Yes, this premium service is 100% legal to use. However, some content you access may be illegal. To ensure you are not illegally streaming, make sure to only watch movies and TV shows within the public domain.

Do I Need a VPN with Real Debrid?

While Real Debrid has its own security measure, a VPN is always suggested when using Kodi or other free streaming apps. However, not all VPNs are compatible.

What Apps Use Real Debrid?

The most popular app with Real Debrid is Kodi. However, nearly all streaming apps and APKs have the ability to integrate this premium service for buffer-free playback.

How Do I Use Real Debrid?

Using Real Debrid is as easy as authorizing your account within a preferred app. Then, users will have access to unrestricted files and streaming links to ensure smooth playback without buffering.

Does Real Debrid Work with Live TV?

No. Real Debrid does not work with live TV. It will only work with Video on Demand (VOD) Content.

This page includes affiliate links where TROYPOINT may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Many times, you will receive a discount due to the special arrangements made for our visitors. I will never promote something that I personally don't use or recommend. Purchasing through my links directly supports TROYPOINT which keeps the content and tools coming. Thank you! Learn more on my Affiliate Disclaimer page.

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  1. I am struggling to link the Crew with my Real-Debrid account. I keeping getting error messages. Can you please send a video


    1. I found the way to add my ‘Real-Debrid’ to my kodi ‘the crew’ build…
      i use ‘Nord VPN’.. when i open/connect Nord vpn, just under connected there is a drop down menu and i clicked ‘p2p’ option, turned green.
      then i opened kodi-crewnique’ and was able to add ‘real-debrid’ account.
      hope this helps … look for ‘p2p’ option in your VPN….\o/…

  2. Longtime KODI user but new RD user. Problem with CREW RD setup at Step 5 above: When I choose Universal Resolvers on the left, Real Debrid does not appear on the right. Only All Debrid or Premiumize appear, so I can’t set up Real Debrid. It’s not an option.

  3. I have a premium RealDebrid account which is great.
    only issue I have is links provided are offered in multiple languages which requires you to guess which one is in English. I have English set up as my preferred language in Real Debrid but I still get many links which are in other languages.
    any suggestions?
    also can’t find a way to contact RealDebrid support for help

  4. My real debrid account codes wont work to connect a device and I have an active subscription. It says invalid or expired

  5. Hi Team. I have a real debrid account and have it on one of my apps.
    I am trying to put it on Kodi / Promice, but the code shown on the screen is not being accepted.
    I am usings my Chrome account on my phone to save time but still no luck.
    Any other ideas.?

  6. I am log into real-Debrid on cinema and when I choose areal-Debrid stream it says error 503 having issue with premium server. Been like this for 2 weeks now. Any help would be appreciated

  7. Hi Team.
    I have activated my Realdebrid account but cant load onto my android device.
    Any advice would be apreciated.

  8. Hello. I have real debrid and a vpn. I notice that I get ads on my Home Screen. I have to wait for the cycle of 2 ads before I can go into any streaming app. Can you tell me how I can avoid those annoying ads? Thanks very much

      1. Hi. Using IPVanish. So how do go about using the feature. Nothing like what you mentioned in settings. Thank you for your time. Appreciate your help

  9. Hi, having just purchased Real-Debrid
    I was wondering what is the best way
    to add streaming apps if ur running
    KODI with a build already with many well known add-ons?

  10. Hi Troy.
    I downloaded Express VPN and Netflix detected it. How can I adjust Netflix so I can use my vpn and also Netflix

  11. Hey Troy…
    Having grief with buffering. Have Real Debrid, the Crew and Mad Titan. Get a FULL message when I first start up. Then the worst part. I can stream movies, tv shows without a problem. But when I play sports, the addons buffer like crazy. Sometimes I get 30 seconds between buffers. Other times it will go 5 minutes without buffering. I have done everything (I think) short of reinstalling Kodi and starting from scratch.
    Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you folks for all you do to keep us going.

  12. KODI without Real-Debrid was very very bad for my blood pressure. It is AMAZING with Real-Debrid!! Usually, there are HUNDREDS of source files in multiple sizes to choose from. It’s the difference between driving on a freeway, at a near stop, with miles of cars ahead – and a 5 lane freeway with a few cars, speeding along, at whatever speed they choose.
    If you use KODI you need Real-Debrid.

  13. Hi Troy
    Just wondering if you can use the same real debrid account on more than one device (android box and fire stick) or if you got two devices you need two accounts?

      1. Hi Troy , been wondering what all the fuss was about real debrid and your article was very informative, thank you. Does this work on streaming English premier league and champions league games as well as fa cup caraboa cup and pre season friendlies as well or does it only work on streaming movies and tv shows ? Best Regards, Dan

        1. Real-Debrid only works on APK’s and downloading movies. Real-Debrid was nor made for live TV or Sports, you would need a good IPTV provider.

  14. Hello Just purchased a Real-Debrid account for a month & walked myself thru logging in properly After I got & logged into done my credentials are not showing in the top left hand corner of the screen.when logging into FilmPlus or Flixzoid as well. It just says Clear Real-Debrid credentials. I am using Proton VPN. Maybe its not compatable?

  15. It can be tricky to top up credit on real debrid but it is a must have if you are serious about streaming.

    Thank you for the post! :)

    regards missG

    1. Hello jennifer,

      Some kodi addons and others have a time out if you dont put in the code to your real debrid fast enough, my advice would be to sign into your real debrid from a phone and as soon as the code appears put it in. You will get it. :)

  16. Does Real-Debrid download subtitles with video or is this a separate action, ie, subtitles need to be burned in from another application?

    1. Hello Graeme,

      Real debrid is just a hoster, everything it has is uploaded by the end user who attach subtitles or doesnt. Real debrid doesnt do subtitles the uploaded does.

  17. hi i have a problem with downloader. you see i did a factory reset on 1 0f my firesticks . now my 3 firesticks downloader wont work. i have tried everything and still downloader wont work. is there any thing you can suggest..

  18. If I use an Anonymous Email Account how am I going to be able to activate account, I already use IpVanish

    1. Look at the REALIZER ADDON for Kodi.
      It will allow to play RD files in Kodi without downloading them to your computer.

    2. Hello Clay.
      You have to authorize real debrid to each of your addons. If you’re using RD then consider seren and crew, best addons for rd.

    1. Hello DJK
      Credit cards are safe to use, it’s a legitimate site with https encryption, however you can use Amazon pay or a reusable cc.

  19. Ed Gorman

    We now have a winter home in Florida. I have used the real-debrid account from my Ohio home here for the last 3 mos. Cinema app has suddenly stopped working showing only the unhappy face and stating sorry too many users…… I have just recently extended my account through Aug 2022 before my due date. Do I have to purchase a separate account for this new home or is something else wrong? I am also subscribed to Troy Point

  20. Yes I have been trying to sign up for real debrid but they will not take my prepaid gift card. I don’t have Amazon pay or the others. Any suggestions?

  21. I have tried several times to download real debrid to the firestick when asked to give the code I get an invalid code response. This is a new account.

    1. Make sure no VPN is running when you first register account / connect apps.
      Still have issues? Restart router and firestick

      1. My real debrid acct expired and I tried to renew but it wouldn’t accept my 2 credit cards and 1 debit card and I tried each 3 times the fraud divisions of the called and said to retry but to no avail any one have any answers ?? Is all debrid a good alternative?

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