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Best Kodi Addons for Movies, TV, & More (July 2024)

Best Kodi Addons

The following list details the Best Kodi Addons on any device including Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV Box, and more.

Kodi Addons are used to stream content including Movies, Shows, Live Channels, and much more.

Addons come in all shapes and sizes so it is important to try a few of them to see which ones suit your preference.

We have separated these addons into various categories to help you easily find what you are looking for.

TROYPOINT continually installs and tests these addons to ensure they are up to date and functioning properly.

We provide options for both all versions of Kodi as this software is updated on a regular basis.

Currently, Kodi 21 Omega is the stable release of Kodi which we recommend using for the addons listed below.

This list stays up to date with the best addon choices for any device you prefer including Firestick, Android TV/Google TV, PC, and more.

It is difficult to know which Kodi add-ons to use due to the ever-changing technology within this hobby but we have taken the guessing game out of it for you.

If you are unfamiliar with Kodi, this popular app provides endless options for streaming, gaming, storing media files, and much more!

The most popular way that cord-cutters use Kodi addons is with a Firestick or Fire TV device.

In fact, installing Kodi is one of the steps outlined in our guide on how to Jailbreak a Firestick.

You can also use Kodi Addons on any streaming device you can think of. This includes the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV Boxes, Windows PC, Mac, phones, tablets, and others.

For your streaming enjoyment, this list will be updated on a regular basis so you know which add-ons work well for your specific needs.

Many of these add-ons can also be found within Kodi Builds, which is an all-encompassing platform that creates an enjoyable streaming experience.

The list below provides important details about each addon as well as step-by-step installation guides.

We list the capabilities of these addons including real-debrid integration, trakt integration, provided categories, and more.

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly for new submissions from members of the TROYPOINT Insider.

The following list was last updated on Thu, Jul, 11, 2024

Table of Contents

Best Kodi Addon Video Tutorial for The Crew


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Install Kodi on Firestick / Fire TV Cube

Quick List

Listed below is a short list of the Best addon options for various uses.

Installing these will provide users with the best Kodi experience for streaming Movies, Shows, Live Channels, Anime, and more.

  • The Crew – Best Overall Addon
  • Seren – Best Premium Addon
  • Mad Titan – Best Sports Addon
  • Asgard – Best All-in-One Addon
  • The TV App – Best Live Streaming Addon
  • FEN – Best Addon for Real-Debrid
  • Nightwing – Best Non-Debrid Addon
  • ESPN – Best PPV Kodi Addon
  • Artemis – Best Anime Addon

TROYPOINT TIPS: A couple of notes you may want to consider before you find your preferred streaming option.

  1. We strongly recommend registering for a real-debrid account to use with various Kodi addons and applications. Real-Debrid is an unrestricted downloader for premium links on Kodi and APKs. 
    How to Setup Real-Debrid in Kodi
  2. Kodi by default does not provide subtitles, if you wish to enable this feature, please use our guide below for step-by-step instructions.
    How to Setup Kodi Subtitles
  3. Kodi users oftentimes encounter buffering when using the platform, if you have any issues, check out our popular guide to eliminate buffering on any Kodi device.
    How to Eliminate Kodi Buffering

Featured Addon: Elementum (Non-Debrid)


Those looking for a high-powered addon that plays content with no buffering will want to give Elementum a try.

Legal Disclaimer: TROYPOINT does not develop, operate, host, distribute, or administer any streaming application, add-on, website, or service. Furthermore, we cannot determine the legality of any streaming platform reviewed on this website. TROYPOINT specializes in educational tech reviews, tutorials, and news which is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. The end-user is solely responsible for media accessed and TROYPOINT assumes that all visitors are abiding by copyright laws set forth within their jurisdiction. Users should only stream works not protected by copyright when using unverified streaming solutions.

It uses torrent links which means a portion of the file will be downloaded prior to playing for a flawless viewing experience.

This is perfect for those who do not have a real-debrid, AllDebrid, or Premiumize account as it is a Non-Debrid addon.

It is important to note that because Elementum plays torrent links, a VPN is required to ensure your IP Address is not made available to the public.

We strongly suggest watching the video in our resource guide below that covers important details you will need to know when using this addon.

How to Install Elementum on Firestick/Android TV/Google TV

Elementum Home Screen

1. The Crew – Best Overall Kodi Addon

See the video above for complete installation instructions.

is the crew kodi addon legal

The Crew is an all-inclusive Kodi addon with more than just movies and TV shows available for viewing.

When integrated with Real-Debrid, it works even better for playing HD content.

It is featured as the best overall Kodi addon for many reasons including its wide array of category options and the ability to find everything you need in one location.


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The Crew Repository is likely the best Kodi repository available today with tons of addons and Kodi builds that work with any device you prefer.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, Sports, IPTV, Kids, 1 Clicks, Stand Up Comedy, Radio, Additional Addons
  • Real Debrid Compatible
  • Trakt Integration Available

Install The Crew Kodi Addon

crew kodi addon

2. Seren – Best Premium Option

seren best kodi addons

Being a “Premium” Add-On, Seren only works if you have a real-debrid or other unrestricted downloader platform account.

Those that do have an account for real-debrid, Premiumize, or All-Debrid will love the layout Seren provides with a simple user interface for browsing content.

Links play entirely buffer-free and are provided in an easy to use format with tons of options to choose from.

Although it does take a little bit of work to set up, Seren is one of the most popular addon choices of all time and for good reason. Use our instructional guide below for more details.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Discover Movies, Discover TV Shows, Search, Tools
  • Real Debrid Compatible
  • Trakt Integration Available

Install Seren Kodi Addon

seren best kodi addons

3. Mad Titan Sports – Best Sports Kodi Addon

Mad Titan Sports

Mad Titan Sports is one of the best addons when it comes to sports and other live viewing options.

This video addon is located in the Magnetic Repository and provides options for Football, Basketball, Wrestling Events, and much more.

Besides live events, there are also tons of options for highlights, replays, and sports channels.

Users will also have access to VOD Content including Movies and TV Shows which makes this addon an all-encompassing streaming option.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Sports, Replay Zone, Sports Networks, TV, Movies, TV Shows, Music

Install Mad Titan Sports

Free StartMail Trial

Mad Titan Live Events


4. Asgard – Best All-in-One Kodi Addon

asgard on kodi

Asgard is listed as the best all-in-one addon for all your streaming requirements in one location.

Not only are there tons of categories for Movies and TV Shows but options for Live streaming, Anime, Concerts, and much more.

Users will also find documentaries and music which means it may just be the last Kodi addon you’ll ever use.

Both real-debrid and non-debrid links are available which means it is perfect for both Kodi experts and novices alike.

If you are someone who prefers to have everything you need in one location, the Asgard addon is a perfect choice compatible with Kodi 21.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: TV & Movie One Click Section, Non Debrid Section, Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Sports, Documentaries, Concerts, Anime, IPTV
  • Compatible with Real-Debrid
  • Trakt Integration Available

How to Install Asgard

select settings

5. The TV App – Best Addon for Live Content


The TV App is a well-known streaming platform for those looking to view live content including TV Channels and Sports.

The official TV App website is a fabulous option for those looking to livestream without any buffering.

Unfortunately, navigation does not work that well on streaming devices such as Firestick and Android TV/Google TV.

Luckily, The TV App also comes in the form of a Kodi addon that works perfectly on any device for tons of HD channels and sporting events.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Live, NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL

How to Install The TV App on Kodi

The TV App on Kodi

6. FEN Light – Best Addon for Real-Debrid

Fen Light

After over 6 years of service, the official FEN addon has officially closed down and is no longer available for installation.

FEN Kodi Shuts Down for Good

Luckily, the Fen Light addon takes its place with the same features and settings in a smaller, more compact version. It is still operated by the FEN Developer which means it will stay updated for flawless viewing.

Just like FEN, users must integrate a real-debrid account as well as an external provider which we show how to do in our installation tutorial below.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, Discover, Search, My Trakt Lists, Watched, In Progress, Downloads, and more
  • Compatible with Real-Debrid
  • Trakt Integration Available

Fen Light Kodi Addon Installation Guide


7. Nightwing – Best Non-Debrid Option

nightwing kodi addon

Nightwing is another quality video addon located in the Magnetic Repository that provides several VOD categories.

There are also categories for other options including Kids, Documentaries, and Fitness.

Nightwing is a fabulous all-in-one add-on that makes streaming enjoyable with a simple user layout and only 7 categories to choose from.

It works perfectly without real-debrid including a 1-Click Zone for instant access to Movies & Shows for those who don’t have this service.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: 1-Click Zone, Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Docs, Fitness, Tools
  • Compatible with Real-Debrid
  • Trakt Integration Available

How to Install Nightwing 

nightwing kodi addons home screen

8. ESPN – Best PPV Kodi Addon

ESPN Kodi - best kodi addons

The ESPN Kodi Addon is a fabulous source for sporting events and PPV after authorizing your ESPN+ account or TV Provider.

Sports fans know that ESPN is the home for all things sports-related and this is no different when using the addon.

Because it comes from the official ESPN channel, all content plays buffer-free and is in high definition including 1080p.

This includes UFC Pay Per Views, Boxing, and much more.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Live, Upcoming, Account, Settings

How to Install ESPN Kodi Addon

espn kodi home screen

9. Artemis – Best for Anime

artemis kodi

Artemis is an all-in-one Kodi addon that features Movies, Shows, and much more.

While fairly new to the Kodi community, Artemis has quickly become one of the most used options available today.

With options for Premium Services and real-debrid, content will play extremely fast and links are of the highest quality.

It is best known for its huge library of Anime content that plays buffer free on any Kodi device including Firestick & Android TV.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, Anime, Search, Tools, Premium Services, and more
  • Compatible with Real-Debrid
  • Trakt Integration Available

Install Artemis Kodi Addon

artemis kodi movies


Best Kodi Addons for Movies & TV Shows

Listed below are the best addons for streaming Movies & TV Shows.



This high-powered addon option is a fork or replica of the FEN Kodi addon which is no longer receiving development.

It is considered a premium addon as it requires the use of real-debrid or other resolving service for use.

However, it will provide users with hundreds of high-quality links that play with no buffering whatsoever.

Best of all, it does not require any setup as we have seen with other premium choices on this list.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, People, Search, Random Lists, My Lists, My Services, Favorites, Downloads, Tools
  • Compatible with Real-Debrid
  • Trakt Integration Available

afFENity Kodi Installation Guide



umbrella best kodi addon

An ultra-fast Kodi addon with tons of Movies and TV Shows to choose from, Umbrella works perfectly with Kodi 21 Omega.

It uses real-debrid and features a sleek interface for easy browsing with tons of categories for VOD content.

There are also options for YouTube videos that play without any buffering issues whatsoever.

The News and Info tab will keep users up to date on the latest information regarding this addon and best techniques for high quality streaming.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Search Movies, Search Shows, Discover Movies, Discover Shows, YouTube Videos, Premium Services, Tools, and more
  • Compatible with Real-Debrid
  • Trakt Integration Available

Install Umbrella Kodi Addon

umbrella kodi addon home screen

The Coalition


A simplistic, newer addon choice, The Coalition is extremely fast for serving up Movies and TV Shows in high definition.

It comes from the Crew Repository which we know is one of the best repos available for both high-powered addons and builds.

Users must integrate a resolving service such as real-debrid, Premiumize, or AllDebrid which will provide flawless links that play in HD quality including 1080p & 4K.

Use our guide below to learn more about The Coalition where we also provide step-by-step instructions for enabling real-debrid within Settings.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, Actors, Advanced, Search, Favorites, Downloads, Trakt Lists, My Services, Settings
  • Compatible with Real-Debrid
  • Trakt Integration Available

How to Install The Coalition

The Coalition addon



The Crackle Kodi addon is located in Kodi’s official repository and provides all of the same content you would find in the official Crackle application.

Because this is an official addon, content is hosted and plays instantly for a buffer-free viewing experience.

Millions of users across the world love Crackle and the addon works just as well as the official app on any Kodi device.

Crackle contains thousands of ad-supported movies, TV shows, original Sony TV programming, and more.

  • Repository URL: Official Kodi Repository
  • Categories: Movies, TV

Install Crackle Kodi Addon

 How to Install Crackle Kodi Addon Guide

Twilight (FEN Clone)

twilight best kodi addons

A sparkling new addon compatible with Kodi 21, Twilight is one of the Best Kodi Addons available today.

This addon is a fork or clone of the extremely popular FEN Kodi addon that will no longer be receiving updates.

It is considered a “premium” choice as it requires the use of a premium resolver such as Real-Debrid, AllDebrid, or Premiumize.

Users must also install an external provider which provides some of the highest-quality links.

After setting up the addon for use, content will play absolutely buffer-free in high definition for a flawless viewing experience.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, Search, Discover, Popular People, Favorites, Downloads, My Lists, Services, Tools
  • Compatible with Real-Debrid
  • Trakt Integration Available

How to Install Twilight

twilight interface


shazam best kodi addons

Shazam is a well-known Kodi addon that has recently been updated to work with Kodi 21.

It has a simple user interface that makes browsing for content a breeze.

There are both free and paid links available, however, the real power of Shazam is released with a premium resolver such as Real-Debrid or AllDebrid.

Continue reading for more details on the Shazam Kodi Addon with a step-by-step instructional guide.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes, Channels, Tools, Search
  • Real Debrid Compatible
  • Trakt Integration Available

How to Install Shazam on Kodi

shazam best kodi addons



Dradis is a new Kodi Addon that works extremely fast on any Kodi device you prefer.

It is considered a premium addon as it requires a resolving service such as real-debrid, AllDebrid, or Premiumize for streaming links.

With one of these services integrated, Dradis works flawlessly to provide tons of Movies and TV Shows that play with no buffering.

Learn more about this addon as well as setup instructions using the link below.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Discover Movies, Discover TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, Search, Tools, Premium Services, News and Info, Changelog
  • Real Debrid Compatible
  • Trakt Integration Available

Dradis Kodi Installation & Set Up Guide

dradis movies and shows



Luffy is another high-powered addon that provides the highest quality content in a simple streaming platform.

It requires real-debrid or other premium resolving service which will activate high definition links including 1080p & 4K.

Luffy is extremely fast and works on any Kodi device you prefer including Firestick, Android TV/Google TV, PC, and more.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, Popular People, Discover, Search, Favorites, Downloads, My Lists, My Services, Settings
  • Real Debrid Compatible
  • Trakt Integration Available

How to Install Luffy



zoro on kodi

Zoro is another premium addon from the Chains Repository that requires real-debrid or other resolving service for use.

It has a simple layout with only Movie and TV Show Categories to choose from.

There are various subcategories within each option for various genres, years, and more, which make browsing for content extremely easy.

Zoro serves up links extremely fast and in high definition including 1080P and 4K. If you are a real-debrid user, this one is worth a try!

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, Popular People, Discover, Search, Favorites, Downloads, My Lists, My Services, Settings
  • Real Debrid Compatible
  • Trakt Integration Available

Zoro Kodi Installation Guide

zoro on kodi


moria kodi addon

If you are looking for a fast, powerful Kodi addon with tons of content then Moria is a fabulous option.

Integrating real-debrid within Moria is the best way to use this addon and will improve your overall experience.

It is located within The Crew repository which we know has some of the best addons available and this stands true with Moria.

Movies and TV Shows are available with tons of HD links with capabilities for real-debrid, Trakt, and Orion.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes, People, Tools, Search
  • Compatible with Real-Debrid
  • Trakt Integration Available

How to Install Moria

moria kodi best addons


install homelander kodi addon

Homelander is yet another addon located in the Crew repository that works fabulously for VOD Content.

The Homelander add-on provides movies, TV shows, and other options for an excellent streaming experience. 

Many Kodi builds use Homelander as their premier addon, however, it also works perfectly as a stand-alone on any Kodi device.

Integrating Real-Debrid and Trakt will provide users with a seamless streaming experience with no buffering issues.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes, People, Tools, Search
  • Compatible with Real-Debrid
  • Trakt Integration Available

How to Install Homelander

homelander kodi addon


insomnia best kodi addons

Another high-powered Kodi addon that serves up Movies and TV Shows in an easy-to-use format.

INSOMNIA is a newer option for streaming VOD Content that works extremely well with real-debrid on any device including Firestick, Android TV Box, and more.

We suggest using real-debrid with INSOMNIA which will make it a powerful choice for entirely buffer-free media.

If you have Kodi 21 on your device the INSOMNIA addon is a must-try choice for all your Movie and TV Show options.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, Insomnia Movie/TV Show Lists, Search, Tools
  • Compatible with Real-Debrid
  • Trakt Integration Available

INSOMNIA Kodi Installation Guide

insomnia kodi home screen


9 lives best kodi addons

9 LIVES Kodi is a Movie and TV Show addon that features a simple layout and quick navigation.

Users can integrate, Trakt, Real-Debrid, and Orion for an exclusive streaming experience that is completely buffer-free.

The grindhouse repository hosts 9 LIVES and is popular for those who use Kodi builds.

However, they also have a hit in this Kodi addon that works on Firestick, Fire TV, Android, PC, and more.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes, People, Tools and Search
  • Compatible with Real-Debrid
  • Trakt Integration Available

How to Install 9 LIVES on Kodi

9 lives home screen


popcornflix kodi

PopcornFlix is a well-known streaming platform that also comes in the form of a Kodi video addon.

There are tons of categories with various genres such as Action, Romance, Comedy, and more.

While you may encounter ads with Popcornflix, these are usually short and are worth the price of this free addon choice.

Streams will play completely buffer-free without any real-debrid integration for a flawless Kodi experience.

  • Repository URL: Official Kodi Repository
  • Categories: TV Shows, New Arrivals, Most Popular, PopcornFlix Originals, Staff Picks, Drama, Action, Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Romance

How to Install PopcornFlix

Magic Dragon

magic dragon kodi addon

Magic Dragon has been a popular addon choice among Kodi users for many years.

This is considered an all-in-one addon with tons of categories from Movie World to Stand Up Comedy and everything in between.

Trakt and Real-Debrid integrations are also available to help improve your overall experience with Magic Dragon Kodi.

Learn more with our detailed tutorial guide below.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Movie World, TV World, MD People Watching, New Releases, Stand Up, Documentaries, Latest Episodes, and more
  • Compatible with Real-Debrid
  • Trakt Integration Available

Install Magic Dragon Kodi

magic dragon best kodi addons

Scrubs V2

scrubs kodi add-on

Scrubs is an all-in-one Kodi add-on that was very popular among users of Kodi 18 Leia.

It has since been updated to Version 2 for access with Kodi 21 Omega and provides fabulous link options in an easy-to-use format.

Apart from Movies and TV Shows, users will find some extra content for an all-inclusive streaming experience.

Give Scrubs V2 a try today and see for yourself just how powerful this addon is on any Kodi device.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes, IMDB Lists, TMDB Lists, Sky Channels, More Stuff, Search Em
  • Compatible with Real-Debrid
  • Trakt Integration Available

How to Install Scrubs V2

scrubs v2 kodi addon


absolution best kodi addons

A newer streaming option that comes from the Chains Repository, Absolution has tons of high-quality content.

This addon is one of the best Kodi addons available for streaming Movies and TV Shows in high definition.

There are both free and premium links which means all Kodi users can find content within Absolution.

Orion subscribers can also integrate this service within Absolution for a buffer-free experience.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes, People, Tools, and Search
  • Compatible with Real-Debrid
  • Trakt Integration Available

How to Install Absolution

absolution kodi home screen


shadow kodi 19 addon

Shadow is a well-known addon with tons of options for streaming on any device.

Using this addon is extremely easy with some added categories including Resume watching, Search History, and more.

Those who use Real-Debrid will love Shadow with capabilities for torrent options and RD history.

If you choose to use RD torrents within Shadow, make sure to have your VPN enabled to ensure complete privacy and anonymity.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Movie World, TV World, Trakt World, Trakt, Search, Search History, Last Link Played, Settings RD History, RD Torrents, and more
  • Compatible with Real-Debrid
  • Trakt Integration Available

Shadow Kodi Addon Installation

shadow kodi

The Wizz

the wizz

A simple Movie and TV Show Addon that comes from the cMaN Repository.

This real-debrid addon finds and plays content extremely fast for a buffer-free experience.

There are also various “free” links available that we found worked well after testing this addon.

Learn more with detailed installation guide using our tutorial below.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Playlists, Movies, New Movies, TV Shows, Free Shows, Trakt World, My Trakt, Search, Settings
  • Compatible with Real-Debrid
  • Trakt Integration Available

How to Install The Wizz

the wizz home screen



An all-in-one Kodi addon that features Movies, Shows, Documentaries, and even live channels including sports.

M.E.T.V also features replays and highlights so you never miss any of the action. It also works with real-debrid for high-definition streaming of VOD content.

If you are looking for an all-inclusive addon that works perfectly on Kodi 2o Nexus, check out M.E.T.V.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Movie Section, TV Section, Sports Section, Kids Section, Popular Movies, Now Playing, Airing Today
  • Compatible with Real-Debrid
  • Trakt Integration Available

How to Install M.E.T.V

m.e.t.v categories



Wutu is a brand new Kodi addon that features Movies & TV Shows. This is a clone of the once-popular Venom Kodi Addon.

Many loved Venom and since its retirement, those fans have turned to Wutu for their Kodi experience.

The Change Log within Wutu will tell you everything you need to know including its latest updates for flawless streaming.

With Real-Debrid integration, you will find Wutu provides tons of quality links that populate extremely fast.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Discover Movies, Discover TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, Search, Tool
  • Compatible with Real-Debrid
  • Trakt Integration Available

How to Install Wutu

wutu home screen

The Promise

how to install the promise kodi addon

IMPORTANT NOTE: This addon is currently unavailable. We suggest using an alternative option from this list for streaming on Kodi.

The Promise is a newer Kodi addon that now comes from the WareHouse Repository. This is a fork of the once-popular “Oath” add-on.

Many used the Oath because of its simplicity and this has not changed for The Promise as well.

There are tons of categories to choose from including various genres for a flawless viewing experience.

With real-debrid integrated, users will have the highest quality streaming links that play fast on Firestick and more.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes, People, Tools, Search
  • Compatible with Real-Debrid
  • Trakt Integration Available

How to Install The Promise

the promise kodi addon



Ezra is a newer Kodi addon that features Movies & TV Shows for streaming.

Kodi 19 Matrix users should give Ezra a try for premium streaming with a real-debrid, Premiumize, or All-debrid account.

This is a fork or clone of the popular Fen Kodi Addon that is also one of the best addons available today.

It features a simple interface so browsing for your favorite films and more is a breeze.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, Search, ,Discover, Popular People, Favorites, Downloads, My Lists, My Services, Tools, Settings
  • Compatible with Real-Debrid
  • Trakt Integration Available

How to Install Ezra

click install


install kingpin

Kingpin is a Kodi 19 addon that appears to be a clone of the once-popular Venom add-on.

It’s important to mention this add-on only works with Real-Debrid and other premium debrid services.

There are only a few categories to choose from which means navigating and using this addon is simple and effective.

With Real-Debrid integrated, you will find Kingpin provides tons of quality links that play extremely fast.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Discover Movies, Discover TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, YouTube Videos, Search, Tools, Premium Services
  • Compatible with Real-Debrid
  • Trakt Integration Available

How to Install Kingpin

kingpin main menu

Navyseal Platinum

navyseal platinum

Navyseal Platinum is a Movie and TV Show addon that is available for Kodi 19 Matrix.

This video addon is located within the South Paw Repository and offers many VOD categories for viewing.

Both Trakt and real-debrid are available for integration which will help to ensure a seamless experience on any Kodi device.

Those who use Real-debrid will also enjoy the RD Torrent and RD History tabs available within Navyseal Platinum.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: One Click Links, Movies, TV Shows, Trakt, Last Link Played, Resume Watching, RD History, RD Torrents, Search, Settings
  • Compatible with Real-Debrid
  • Trakt Integration Available

Install Navyseal Platinum

navyseal platinum home screen

Top Addons for Live Content & Sports

Listed below are the most popular Addons for live streaming and sports including games, replays, and more.

We have also created separate lists for both Kodi Sports & Live streaming on any Kodi device.

Best Kodi Sports Addons

Best Addons for Live Content

PVR IPTV Simple Client

iptv simple client

Those who use an IPTV Service for streaming live content may want to consider the PVR IPTV Simple Client for Kodi.

This addon will allow you to integrate nearly any IPTV Service via M3U URL for instant access to your channels.

  • Repository URL: Official Kodi Repository
  • Categories: Channels, Guide, Recordings, Timers, and more

How to Install & Set Up IPTV Simple Client

pvr iptv



DaddyLive is a powerful addon that has a simple user interface for tons of live content.

This includes numerous channels that play with no buffering and are oftentimes in high-definition quality.

There are also various sports options including Tennis, Cricket, MMA, Golf, WWE, and much more.

This addon is located in The Crew Repo which we know stays continually updated with all the best addons and features.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Live Sports, Live Channels

Install DaddyLive Kodi Addon

daddylive home screen

LooNatics Empire

loonatics empire

LooNatics Empire is an all-in-one video addon located in the WareHouse repository. There are tons of options for live streaming as well as VOD content to suit your streaming preferences.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, IPTV & Sports, Loonatics/Free/Family, Documentaries, Anime, and more
  • Compatible with Real-Debrid
  • Trakit Integration Available

Install LooNatics Empire

The Loop

the loop

The Loop is a solid Kodi addon on this list for viewing sports and other live channels.

This video addon is located in The Loop Repository and features live events as well as replays and more.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Today’s Schedule, Auto Zone, 24/7 Zone, Fan Zone, Fight Zone, Score Zone, Soap Zone, and more

Install The Loop Kodi Addon



SportHD is another quality Kodi addon that offers options for streaming live sports and other events.

This video addon is located in the Bugatsinho Repository and provides many categories for MMA, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Wrestling, and more.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Events, Sports, Best Leagues, Settings

Install SportHD

Pluto TV

pluto tv best kodi addons

The Pluto TV Kodi addon features all of the great channels and content you would find in the original Pluto TV application.

Pluto TV offers over 250 live channels in addition to thousands of on-demand Movies and TV Shows.

  • Repository URL: Official Kodi Repository
  • Categories: Live, (Favorites), Lineup, Categories, OnDemand

Install Pluto TV Kodi Addon

pluto tv home screen



Dynasty has been around for numerous years and continues to provide users with a fabulous viewing experience.

It is an all-in-one addon featuring VOD Content as well as live streams.

There are numerous addons “built-in” to Dynasty which means you will always have a backup if you find your link not working for any reason.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Sport, TV, Replays & Highlights, Tools

How to Install Dynasty Kodi

Dynasty Live TV

Apex Sports

apex sports kodi

The Apex Sports Kodi addon can be another reliable option for streaming sports and other live content.

This video addon is located in the Arxtic-ape Repository and works fabulously to stream live events and more.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Sport, TV, Replays & Highlights, Tools

Install Apex Sports

Chains TV

IMPORTANT NOTE: This addon is no longer available. We suggest using an alternative option from this list instead.

chains tv

If you are looking for an addon that features both Live Streams & Sports, Chains TV is a perfect option.

There are tons of categories for sporting events, streams, and more.

Users will have access to numerous countries as well as various sports including boxing, golf, hockey, motorsports, basketball, baseball, and more.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: USA TV, UK TV, Boxing, Canada TV, France TV, Golf, Hockey, Indian TV, Sports TV, Rugby, Tennis TV, Sweden TV, and more

How to Install Chains TV

chains tv


sportowa tv

Sportowa is a fabulous resource for live-streaming events of all types including Cricket, Soccer, baseball, MMA, and much more.

This addon uses sports streaming sites to provide links directly from the source which typically means no buffering.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: LiveOnScore, VIPLeague, SportsBay, TVCOM, rojadirecta, Crackstreams, channels, and more

Install Sportowa


Best Kodi Addons – Miscellaneous

Listed below are the best miscellaneous Kodi addons for various streaming needs.


youtube kodi addon

The YouTube Kodi addon features all YouTube content in an easy-to-find location.

YouTube is the world’s most popular video platform with millions of videos and this stays true for the Kodi addon.

You can even sign into your account for access to your favorites. YouTube is oftentimes installed when you install other addons in this list.

  • Repository URL: Official Kodi Repository
  • Categories: Popular Right Now, Search, Completed, Upcoming, Switch User, Settings

Install YouTube Kodi Addon



Rumble is a popular Youtube alternative with millions of user-generated videos in different categories.

This is now available as a Kodi add-on within the OnePlay Repository.

For those who are sick of YouTube, be sure to check out the TROYPOINT Rumble Page for tons of exclusive videos!

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Search, Favorites, News, Viral, Podcast, Entertainment, Sports, Science, Technology, Vlogs, Settings

Rumble Kodi Addon Installation

Twitch Kodi Addon


Twitch users who prefer Kodi for streaming content will love the Twich Kodi addon.

Because it is available within the Official Kodi Repository, users will not have to insert a repository URL and installation is extremely simple.

You can access all features of Twitch in a fabulous user interface with various categories to choose from.

  • Repository URL: Official Kodi Repository
  • Categories: Featured Streams, Browse, Search, Settings

How to Install Twitch Kodi Addon

twitch kodi addon



Otaku is a fresh new addon centralized around Anime content for tons of VOD streaming and more.

Unlike other Anime options, Otaku has real-debrid capabilities for the most high-definition links that will play without any buffering. 

It even features a daily calendar that is updated with new options including both Movies and TV Shows sorted by various category. If you are looking for an Anime Kodi Addon, Otaku is your best choice.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Calendar, Airing Anime, Movies, TV Shows, Trending, Popular, Voted, Completed, Upcoming, Top 100
  • Real-Debrid Capabilities

How to Install Otaku Kodi

Otaku home screen

PBS Kids – Best Kids Kodi Addon

PBS Kids best kodi addons

PBS Kids is one of the best ways to stream children’s and family content on your preferred Kodi device. 

Installing this addon is a breeze and doesn’t require any set up which means you will have your kids viewing tons of content in no time.

  • Repository URL: Official Kodi Repository
  • Categories: TV Shows

Install PBS Kids Kodi Addon

pbs kids kodi addon

Disney Plus

disney plus kodi

Disney Plus has gained tons of popularity since its inauguration in 2019.

For those who like to keep their services in one location, we can easily install the Disney Plus addon into Kodi and enjoy its benefits.

You will need a Disney+ account in order to use this addon, however, signing in a simple process that takes little to no time at all.

Repository URL:
Categories: Movies, Shows, Popular, Trending Now, Explore, and more

Install Disney Plus Kodi Addon

click install

Exodus Redux & V8

exodus kodi addon

Exodus is another Kodi addon that has stood the test of time as one of the most popular addons ever created.

It has recently been updated and remade as Exodus Redux. Currently, Redux is the only available working option.

While many got introduced to the Kodi software with Exodus, there are tons of other addons that work much better than Exodus and we strongly suggest using an alternative listed above.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes, Documentaries, Search, Tools, Scraper Settings

Install Exodus Kodi Addon

exodus kodi addon

Fido K19 – Best Fitness Kodi Addon

fido k19

Fido K19 is a newer video addon on our list that provides tons of content. Users will find more than just Movies which makes it perfect for the whole family.

This Kodi addon is located in the Fido Repository and is working great so far on Firestick and Android devices.

Fitness junkies will love Fido K19 with options for home workouts and much more.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Music, Classic TV Shows, Movies, Kids Area, Stand Up Comedy, Fitness, TV BoxSets, Faith in Humanity, Need for Speed, Nature-History, Travel, and more

Install Fido K19 Kodi Addon

fido kodi addon

Black Lightning

black lightning

Black Lightning is a newer Kodi 19 Matrix addon that is located in the cMaN Repository.

CMan has some of the best kodi builds available today but also provide a fabulous Kodi addon with Black Lightning.

Users will recognize a simple interface with quick selection options for flawless streaming.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Movie World, TV World, Trakt World, Trakt, Search, Search History, Last Link Played, Settings, Resume Watching, My RD History

Install Black Lightning Kodi Addon


Covenant Kodi addon

Covenant has stood the test of time when it comes to Kodi addons.

This Movie and TV Show addon has been around for years and features a simple interface for quick browsing of content.

  • Repository URL:
  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes, Documentaries, IMDb, Search, Tools, Scraper Settings

Install Covenant

covenant kodi



Tempest is a fork of Covenant that continues to provide high-quality links for viewing Movies and TV Shows.

This means users will experience the same layout and interface as Covenant which makes finding content a breeze.

Repository URL:
Categories: Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes, 1 Clicks, Settings, Search

Install Tempest


Listed below are more choices for the Best addons including official addons from the Kodi Repository and Adult addon options.

Best Kodi Addons – Official Addons

Best Kodi Addons - Official Addons

Best Kodi Addons – Adult

best kodi addons adult

  • Cumination
  • FapZone
  • VideoDevil
  • Empflix
  • Ultimate WhiteCream (Kodi 18)

See our complete list of adult add-ons by clicking the link below. These provide adult movies, cams, clips, hentai, and more.

Best Kodi Adult Addons

Other Kodi Resources

As mentioned previously, the uses for Kodi are just about endless. This free media center can be turned into a streaming powerhouse with the click of a few buttons.

For other popular Kodi tutorials, we suggest viewing this list below.

Overall, these are the Best Addons for accessing movies, shows, sports, anime, games, and more on any device you can think of!

See our frequently asked questions below for more information.

Best Kodi Addons FAQ

What are the Best Kodi Addons?

The best Addons include The Crew, YouTube, Seren, Pluto TV, The Magic Dragon, Asgard, and others found in this list. However, Kodi addons are constantly updating and changing. Luckily, this list is updated DAILY with the Best addons for Kodi to install on any device including the Amazon Firestick.

How Can I Install Kodi Addons?

In order to install a Kodi addon, you will need the repository URL. After installing a Kodi repository you can then install addons within that repository. We provide installation guides for each addon listed above that will walk you through this process step-by-step.

What is the 1 Click Addon for Kodi?

There are numerous options that auto-play content which we provide above.

What is the Difference Between a Kodi Addon and a Build?

Kodi addons are simple applications that allow for streaming movies, tv shows, and more. A Kodi build is made up of numerous add-ons and more and displayed in a unique interface for an easy streaming experience.

Is Kodi Still Good?

Using Kodi is still one of the best ways to stream content including Movies, TV Shows, Live Channels, and more. While APKs have gained popularity lately, many still choose to use Kodi because of its simplicity and the fact that it is completely ad-free.

What is the Difference Between a Kodi Addon and a Repository?

A Kodi repository is a file that stores numerous Kodi addons and more for installation. Usually, you are required to install a repository to install a Kodi addon or build.

Are Kodi Addons Legal?

Yes, Kodi addons are 100% legal. However, what you access on Kodi addons may be illegal. Always use a VPN whenever streaming with Kodi to ensure your privacy and anonymity.

Are Kodi Addons Safe?

Yes, Kodi by itself is 100% safe to install and use, as it is available in reputable app stores like Google Play. However, you should be cautious when installing 3rd party addons that are not located within Kodi’s official repository. Always connect to a VPN to protect your data from unverified add-on developers.

Can I Watch Movies with Kodi Addons?

Kodi addons provide the ability to stream movies, TV shows, sports, live channels, and more. There are thousands of add-ons to choose from and this list will display the best choices for streaming content.

What Devices Work with Kodi Addons?

You can install and use Kodi addons on almost any internet-connected device you can think of. This includes the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV Boxes, Windows PC, Mac, phones, tablets, and more.

This page includes affiliate links where TROYPOINT may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Many times, visitors will receive a discount due to the special arrangements made for our fans. Learn more on my Affiliate Disclaimer page.

Notable Replies

  1. New comments inserted here will also appear on the TROYPOINT Website connected to the associated post.

  2. Trying to find respiratorys for kingpin ,promise , Genesis,oath forked n dynasty? Thanks for any help paddy

  3. Avatar for Mee Mee says:

    Troy mentioned in a summer comment that it’s now pretty much impossible to enjoy or use Kodi without Real Debris or Premiumize paid subscription. The only exception may be if you wish to stream IPTV via m3u links.

    Personally, I feel you’re better off torrenting with a recommended premium VPN. There are many deflectors and gaslighters of RD who don’t care much if at all about your privacy. RD logs and tracks your content and membership info. For most, paying by crypto is not an option. A premium logless VPN can be bought for around $2 a month and it’s very versatile. Plus you have peace of mind.

    Sadly, it seems Kodi’s days are numbered.

  4. When were these last evaluated? Number 5, the TV APP, for example has been dead for over a month.

  5. I have kodi loaded and the crew add on. The crew is working for sports but not for movies. It searches but never finds a steam. I’ve tried several movies. Any ideas???

    I’m using an onn 4k device.

  6. Are you using Real Debrid? If not, then you need too. There are very few addons with decent free links to movies. I have read that Elemental is an addon that has a good number of free links. Are the movies too new and still in theaters or too old and possibly obscure that will be hard to find. Otherwise, there are a number of APKs that have movie links that are free. You can search here for Elemental addon and movie APKs.

  7. I need to make an update to this post, the addon is Elementum and not Elemental.

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182 thoughts on “Best Kodi Addons for Movies, TV, & More (July 2024)”

  1. Troy you need to let people know that you don’t need Kodi to watch add on! All you need is the silk browser for fire sticks and Jio pages for onn box or any internet web browser. Type the in search & click the website and boom your watching tv for free. This works on all devices as long as you have a internet browser!!!

  2. Anyone else noticing that there are very few links in the addons, sometimes none? And the few that are there do not work to play the movie?

    1. Yes, that’s why I’m reading here. Mine dropped out on Saturday 23rd September and hasn’t recovered. Many times no sources, sometimes a couple only which don’t work. Running an android box for many years and a VPN. Tried different add-ons, devices, reloaded kodi. No success. Ideas welcomed. Thanks.

  3. Hello Troy can you tell me what is going on with The Promise. OR is it the Repository gone wrong. Cannot download the Repository

  4. hi Troy I am trying to put asgard addon on my 20.2 kodi but i keep getting this message:could’t retrieve directory information.this could be due to the network not being connected.would you like to add it anyway. I have no problem with other addons on kodi…so please help

  5. the resent dish episode in controlling DVR CONTENT, they did this with Local programing.
    Antenna TV, See I have controller box that does DVR and can record live tv on a jumpdrive
    Cable or antenna. so to try to control that market. So just boycott them, Same reason
    I won’t owe Homerun HD or few other boxes because they want you pay for the pass-thru
    Technology Charter Communication got sued by the FCC. Because tried to control the Airways. and when the went cable they use TVO as their box which mess-up Piolet control Box. Now they call the selves Scepter Well you get my drift,(AKA-SPECTRUM).

  6. It seems like Kodi is slowly on it’s way out these days.

    Almost every Kodi developer is promoting and insisting on a real debrib or premiumize account. Neither of these are secure and you’re tracked unlike a VPN. Sophists will argue otherwise but you can’t change the fact that water is wet, covid is airborne, and the earth is round.

    TP has many VPN suggestions. Try whichever one you want and if you don’t like request a refund. I think all give out a refund within a certain period.

  7. I’ve followed the advice periodically given from this site to stay with 18.9 if all
    is working, besides covenant, and tempest, u know any other addons for leia by chance? Bought my mom firestick, and I’ve more than the 2 addons on mine at home, which isn’t anywhere in close to my mothers. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, have real debrid account, incase that helps with suggestions. Side note, being my 1st time to comment, wanted to thank & appreciate all that you’ve shared with us, and for all your hard work on this website. You’ve been like a walking encyclopedia for me over the past 4 years, albeit on here, or the emails you’ve sent, I knew nothing, zilch, not even heard of kodi, until I was googling something & came across your site, and now, I’ve 5 firesticks myself, retro gaming, and highly recommended this site to several friends, especially any beginner, confidently knowing how simple & easy to follow you’ve mapped everything out. I can’t find another remotely comparable! So thanks, and great job!

    1. Unfortunately, it seems that most add-ons now require Kodi 20 or later. I don’t understand why people waste money on a Real Debrid (RD) or Premiumize account. These add-on developers benefit from these companies selling their services to you. However, most users don’t realize that you’re not anonymous at all. Users gaslight, deflect, and make false comments that you’re not safe with a VPN.

      I prefer to stream content instead of downloading it. However, given how the Kodi “market” is now heavily promoting RD and Prem, I’m sticking with using a VPN and torrents. I have a hard drive that won’t degrade like an SSD, and I’m fine with watching content and then deleting it when I’m done. I feel like Kodi is only for IPTV now.

      Here are some of the reasons why I don’t use RD or Prem:

      1. It’s not anonymous. When you use RD or Prem, your IP address is still visible to the websites that you’re streaming from. This means that your ISP could still potentially track your activity.

      2. It’s not secure. RD and Prem have been known to have security vulnerabilities in the past. This means that your account information could be at risk.

      3. It’s not worth the cost. RD and Prem are both expensive services. For the price that you pay, you could easily get a VPN and torrent client that will give you the same level of anonymity and security.

      If you’re looking for a more anonymous and secure way to stream content, I recommend using a VPN and torrent client. There are many free and paid VPNs available, and most of them offer a high level of security. Torrent clients are also free and easy to use.

    2. Artemis is my favorite addon these days. It’s just lightning fast. I’d upgrade to Kodi 20, though.

  8. Nick Nickelsen

    My reliable Kodi app would not start up and all I got was a black screen. Realizing that apps get weird at times I removed the current app and reinstalled the new 20.1, then The Crew add-on and everything was working fine when I turned off the TV. Five hours later when I tried to use the app the screen for would not start up and was black once again. Your thoughts?

    1. TP doesn’t respond here. Edit your post and ask for help elsewhere. Include crucial info like what platform you’re using and more. I don’t like the Crew because Windows Defender detects one its dependencies as malware.

    2. Clearing the cache worked for me to get past black screen. Still having issues with finding streams and loading new sources.

  9. Troy Can you tell me what is going on with Diggz Repository. It keeps crashing this the forth time it happen i have updated the Repo. Can you help

  10. Are there any Kodi add-ons that have local channels such as NBC & FOX? I tried DaddyLive but most locals don’t even play and the one that does buffers so bad it’s not watchable.

  11. Hi Yea Troy. ITS been nearly a year for there a new addon [Fetch]. I was wonderring is there going to be any more new addons. I use Nexus 20.0 and for my build i use Xenon

  12. Popular Addons (The Crew, Homelander, Nightwing, and The Promise) are not providing any streams. I thought perhaps this is because Kodi 20 Nexus was coming, but still…even with Kodi 20 Nexus; it has been more than three weeks since we were able to watch newly aired episodes. Some popular shows have aired their complete season and we could not watch any of them. I have a list of about 25 TV shows in our ‘Favourites’ section, I’ve been checking regularly…and about 17 or 18 of those provide no working streams. We don’t have or use a Real-Debrid account. We last had CrewNique on one firestick and Misfit Mods Lite on the other. We have ditched those builds for just having the Crew repo (The Crew, Homelander, and Endzone19) and Magnetic repo (Nightwing). We already ditched the repo with The Promise on it. All builds or addons listed on Troypoint to be working and tested do nothing to improve the situation. Does anyone have the reality of it all? Or know which addons or builds truly work (currently) as of April 2023? Because those lists are misrepresented here.

    1. Hi Roh, why aren’t you using Real-Debrid? It costs 4 bucks per month. I wouldn’t bother with any of these free addons or apps without it. Yes, it makes that big of a difference.

      1. Personal reasons…but thanks for the input. I’m really just seeking to know if the free viewing is phasing out or what else may be going on. It seems with every Kodi update over the past seven years…it gets worse and worse. So we may just end up not using it if it is moving towards pay-to-view.

        1. Hello, The major factor is free stuff is a easy target to get shutdown. Kodi doesn’t do well with free links anymore. It gets shutdown fast. 4 bucks a month is a great option to have everything you want in kodi. I highly recommend it.

          1. Rubbish. Torrents are the way to go now and you can get a premium VPN which isn’t limited like RD. The costs of most VPNs are less than half of RD. You can use a VPN abroad or simply securing your network and browsing.

            Torrenting is here to stay, Kodi is now only for those who don’t know any better or those are swayed by misinformation and misleading comments especially on YT and TT.

      2. Another promoter of RD. Why aren’t you using a VPN that costs much less than RD.

        A VPN gives you complete anonymity, your IP address isn’t revealed, and it has more functionality and other benefits. Torrenting is back, baby!

    2. Rob, I’m having the same issue….have used Promise forever but keep getting The No Stream message. Mines been since about Easter. I don’t want to pay for a Real Debrid account neither as never had to be before. Does anybody know what’s going on……I’m in Australia

      1. Yeah, Promise is pretty much d e a d. It was the only add-on working with Kodi 19 portable. I won’t install full Kodi as it doesn’t play nice with Windows anymore.

  13. Hi Troy,
    I’m wondering if anyone is experiencing any issues with “The Crew” add-on? The problem is whenever select any link to watch a movie, message appears “stream not available” with using real-debrid, which is very discouraging I have tried several of them with the same result. I have found a couple of other ones that are working just fine…

    1. try it without real debrid. mine always tells me that then when retrying the link it streams it.

  14. Hello Troy,
    I noticed that Schwifity is no longer on Narcicist, that was a great add on.
    Also, I have been unable to locate two of my favorite shows, Any idea what build or add on has them. Appreciate your work.

  15. The Crew works very well for years now, with resolverURL and Debrid-Link I can watch all I want.

  16. Nigel Fletcher

    Hi. I really appreciate your tutorials, advice, etc., but when you update your Best Kodi Add-ons, could you identify those that do NOT need Real Debrid, please? As I install new addons I often find them asking for a Real Debrid account which I do not have.

    1. Hello, the sports crew and most of the crews iptv is down, or freely maintained. It comes and goes. Unfortunately there isn’t anything we can do.

  17. Hi Troy, I’ve been having all kinds of problems with the Sports option within The Crew add-on. I’ve tried everything including uninstalling and reinstalling the app, clearing cache on the firestick and within the app. Any suggestion?

  18. Hi Troy – looks like the developer of Exodus Redux has thrown in the towel too. I had to re-install Kodi and couldn’t download it. When I went to the Github page, it said that he had moved to a new page. That page is just scrapers, so apparently he has quit Exodus Redux and isa just working on scrapers now.

  19. The latest Crew per your link with kodi 19.4 doesnt allow dowload to be enabled. Thats a huge difference you failed to mention. Why?

      1. I’m having the same issue trying to install The Crew. It’ll install from zip file then a message from common core states that it’s not compatible with this version. The Crew repository doesn’t show up to install at that point.

  20. Gerald McPherson

    What are the best addons for old westerns that are working in June, and I mean old like 40’s and 50’s and 60’s.
    Thank you, love your instructions on installs, very much appreciated.j

  21. Hi Troy,
    I have been following your articles for sometime now.
    Can you help me please. I have am Amazon Fire stick 4K Max.Wive is greek and how can l load Greek TV on the Fire stick.
    Can you help me please.

  22. I recently switched from version 18 to 19.3

    So many addons have Real Debrid. I am using Nvidia Shield. How can I bypass Real Debrid. Super annoying.

    Oath died on me and I am only running crew right now.

    I wish I hadn’t updated my version ?

    1. Helen i also use NVidia Shield also i have the build Diggz on Nexus 20.0. ITS Fantistic i watch movies and tv shows every day. Trust me it works

  23. I’ve recently given Kodi another try, and have found that many of the add-ons require real debrid… And often you don’t note this in the description. Magic Dragon, Asgard, and Patriot all were useless to me. Overall Kodi is a a slight fraction of what it used to be 3-4 years ago

    1. TROYPOINT - Ryan

      Hi Jeremy, throughout our website we highlight the importance of using Real-Debrid in almost every Kodi tutorial.

      1. Yes, you often say an add-on works well with Real-Debrid.What I’m talking about are add-ons that will NOT work at all without Real-Debrid.

        1. Jeremy, Nightwing is a great alternative to “The Oath”. I have no problem since downloading it. You do not need Real-Debrid with it.

        2. Hello Jeremy.

          Almost every addon has real-debrid as far as I know and works. I’m not sure but I was positive those addons where older and outdated. If you have a real debrid your best option is the crew and seren the best addons in my opinion for real debrid.

  24. Is there a way of not getting real debrid to be on addon or builds I downloaded. I never had this before, don’t understand it or want it. None of them work because of real debrid now. Help please

  25. I have Kodi 19.3 with the Diggz Xenon build (thank you Troypoint!). I noticed this said Kodi 19.4. Is there a big difference? Everything is working as well as can be expected, so I don’t want to upset anything, but should I be upgrading to 19.4? I know sometimes later versions have bugs until they run for a while. If I should update to 19.4, how do I do that? And then would I have to go through the whole process of downloading and setting up Diggz Xenon build again? TIA

  26. Installed The Magic Dragon per the recommendation here and it crashed my Kodi and I ended up having to uninstall it. My Kodi has worked flawlessly for months. Worst addon ever.

  27. Hello,

    How can I download add-ons other than The Crew on Kodi? Where do I get the repository url? Do you have tutorials on how to add those? The only one I can find is the crew.

  28. I I’ve tried to watch paramount plus but unfortunately it keeps saying error. Any suggestions. Thanks

  29. Fido has been around since 2016 so definitly not new, longer than most addons.
    At present its available for k18 and k19 still but slowly removing 18 as people had well over a yr to make the move.
    19 comes with benifits 18 is now incapable off. FidoK19 no longer requires a personal youtube API.
    Scrappers can find some free links but for best use require pairing in dependencies with resolverurl which finds real debrid links.
    Some parts still not fixed for K19 like boxsets as the script needs fixing for tv shows.
    The TMDB works for movies only in K19 whereas it works for movies and tv in Fido18.

    1. That’s strange because both of those always work just fine for me. I download all my movies/shows from The Oath and use The Crew to watch live sports just about every day. I did notice that the last update for the Oath made it not work right on my phone so I didn’t update it on my laptop and it still works great

      1. Oath is definitely dead. Shut down for legal reasons, so it’s not coming back. The Bee TV apk. I never tried it until this week, and it works great

    2. As of today, April 26,2022,.Oath is working great for me. I downloaded at least a dozen episodes of a TV show, anf with blazing speed

  30. Hi I had to re-install kodi but I can add any add on’s as the : is missing from the onscreen keyboard so can’t add any urls. Any help would be great.

    1. You have to enable the caps to find the : took me a minute to figure out. Sucks still…

  31. Ive added The Crew and The Oath addons to my Kodi v19.4. Both worked great for a few shows then stopped playing links after trying to resolve the available links. Error reads no stream available…even on episodes of shows I watched already earlier un the day that worked. Thoughts or suggestions?

  32. I keep losing Kodi, icon is still there but nothing happens, when I open Kodi.
    I have IPVanish VPN. What is going on??

  33. The Oath disappeared today.
    Tried re-installing but it failed to install dependency.
    Can anyone confirm if the oath is working as of today?

  34. I just reinstalled KODI. Every link that I try to stream in The Oath or The Crew is from a junky stream called Bad video quality and crappy ads. Is there a way to block these?? So annoying.

  35. Hi, I’m new to all this and I followed everything on instructions and the set up and install was perfect. I had my VPN set up USA when opening first time but I reside outside of the States ….so my question is do I need to keep my vpn set to USA to watch livestream tv, sports etc, or can I change my setting to my own location when watching?

  36. My biggest complaint with KODI is
    when you upgrade a build, you have to set everything up again
    I wanted to upgrade my Xenon build and when I discovered I was going to have to set everything up again when going from v7.2 to v7.6 just reinstalled my backup. it’s not worth the hassle

  37. Any tips? I like Cinema because I can see thumbs of things to watch. I don’t see anything like that in Seren or the other add ons I’ve tried and so if I don’t know what I want to watch or are familiar with the title, I don’t discover new stuff based on title alone, but I’ve watched tons of stuff cuz the image made me have an oh yeah, I wanted to watch this moment or an wonder what this is starring so and so moment. Can you help show via video how to make add ons easier to use when you just want to browse by pics to choose?

      1. I believe I already have, it’s why I even put Kodi on and put Seren and The Crew on there. I only find lists by name with no pictures of available things to watch and titles alone don’t help much when you’re trying to discover something to watch, but I’ll check it out again. Thanks.

      2. Thanks, yeah, I’ve done this and it doesn’t resolve my issue. I still just don’t see a browse/discover feature where there are pictures of titles to watch, not is Seren or The Crew. The fact is that Kodi is no longer as user friendly for the less tech inclined as it was 4 years ago. It would be AWESOME if you can show me the way if I’m not finding it.

    1. All ya gotta do is change your view type and you’ll be able to see cover image thumbnails, names and descriptions. When you’re on the screen showing a list of names as you described, click to the left with your remote. That should show an options menu allowing you to change the view type from list to thumbnails, media info, etc… Try them all to find out what works best for you. I’ve found that some add-ons have an option in their config settings to set your preference of view type differently for series, movies, and episodes shown within that add-on…

      Hopefully my suggestion solves your problem. Good luck with it if you haven’t given up already.

  38. I haven’t used Kodi is like 2 years. It was so frustrating then and I dont see myself ever going back. CHD is still working perfectly for me, with RD of course

  39. Hi, I just wanted to say thanks. I have had Kodi installed for years but quit using it a long while ago. On Troypoint’s recommendation I installed the latest version and then installed the Diggz Xenon build and Seren, The Crew and Venom. I am very pleased. Everything works flawlessly. I am impressed with the music choices in Xenon. The same ones I used to use in the past and had given up on are now vastly improved.

  40. Do you own Kodi? You push it too much. I started off years ago with it and thought it was awful. Way too much and very complicated. Now I sideload the smaller apps like Tea TV. I also pay for Apollo. You push the same things all the time. We need more live tv apps.

    1. TROYPOINT does not own Kodi. Kodi works much better than the ad-riddled APKs when paired with Real-Debrid. You will find that I’m not the only person who thinks this if you join the TROYPOINT Insider. It’s free. Go in there and look around and you will find that I’m not the only one who promotes using Kodi. The key is paying 4 bucks per month and getting Real Debrid.

  41. hi …

    i have a “KDL-48W580B 2014 old sony tv and a -what i am quite sure- first generation firestic …

    what should i buy or should i keep the first generation until i change the tv? …

    as always, thanks …


  42. Cryptonite is not working sll i get is three options message/search/and testings its been like this for a few months now

  43. Looking for a kodi add on that will work with real-debrid for old western tv shows and movies, any suggestions?

  44. I have been having a buffering issue with seren,Often it says source to slow,Isn’t real debrid supposed to take care of this problem?

    1. Hello, I’d join the insider as there is alot of helpful discussion on this. Buffering is a major thing and lots of variables, I’d run speed tests and check what you pay for downspeed.

  45. JThinking of starting to use Kodi, but I have a question – ust curious but why would I need to install and use Kodi add ons If I already have jailbroken Firestick apps such as Cinelma HD, Cat & Mouse, etc? What’s the difference? What can I do with Kodi that I can’t do with the Firestick apps? Thanks

  46. I updated my Exodus addon and somehow this repo and addon called “Press Play” was installed. I can’t find any info on it anywhere so I’m guessing that it’s malicious. Anyone else have this happen?

  47. A bit strange but trying to install the crew. The zip file installs fine, but the crew repo is nowhere to be found in the repository? What am I doing wrong?

  48. Everything was going smooth until I went to download It keeps saying connection lost about half way through the download. I have a strong connection and everything else downloaded fine. Any suggestions on how to trouble shoot this issues? Thanks for all the amazing info. Really appreciated.

    1. Hi Tom,

      What device are you using? I would clear the data/cache in Downloader and try entering in that URL again.

  49. Hello Troy, what is the best addon for live tv channels to watch live soccer other than The Crew , thanks

  50. Ok so great to see all these apps and builds but I have no idea what one I am suppose to install I have kodi, on fire stick

  51. Hi Troy- can you provide instructions on how to enable all providers/streamers? The list is very limited to choose from

  52. Hello Troy. I need assistance I’m subscribed but for some reasons I have not received or get into the Kodi Add ons super charge guide. can someone please help me out.
    I need the add ons for KODI on my FIRE STICK, if is available for sell please let me know.

    1. Hello Jairo, if you don’t get an email, this means you are already subscribed. All of those links are located at the bottom of every weekly Advisor that we send out. You can also re-register for the guide and just use the link on the Thank You Page to get to the guide –

  53. I would like to purchase a new android box. My question is, do they come loaded with anything, like Kodi?

    1. Hello Ted, some do some don’t but the good thing about Android TV Boxes is that you can easily install Kodi directly through Google Play Store.

  54. OK…here’s the sitch… is there a stand alone addon for GitHub without having to install TVADDONS via Fusion? TVADDONS deletes The Crew?

  55. Do you recommend watch DVDs through Kodi using a DVD player or digitize DVDs to Kodi using programs like WinX DVD Ripper, MakeMKV, etc.?

  56. Can anyone advise how to delete TV shows I have watched from my history. I have tried numerous way to delete them but they are still there??

  57. I have Kodi 18.7. Seeking a quality SPORTS build. Currently I use the Crew,but its hit or miss. Any suggestions?

  58. Hey all,Troy, I am in search for a “free” IPTV service. Is there a decent priced service available? This request is for my 89 yr old cousin who lives in Calif. and I, am in Tex. He has the digestive w/o a kodi build. Any suggestions are welcomed. Stay safe all. Remember, “Mask-Up”!

  59. I’m trying to find the video so that I can re-install SPORTZ TV. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance, Jim

    1. Hi Jim, due to obvious reasons we can no longer provide tutorials on this. But, you can use this shortcut to install the app Also, if you still have your welcome email you can find all of the install info in that as well.

  60. PS. Forgot to mention I also tried a couple of different builds and everything worked perfectly, with all background images displaying as they should. So the problem is only with Xanax build. I wish the creators of the build could sort it once and for all.

  61. The fix for Xanax GUI is not working for me. I have tried resetting my Android TV box and reinstalling everything. Sometimes background images show for a short while and then disappear. Sometimes reapplying the fix works for a short time before I have a black background again.
    I have also tried a forced stop clearing the cache and restart, which also sometimes fixes things for a short time. If anyone has some idea what else I can try, please post a solution to an annoying situation.
    The black background does not affect the normal performance of Xanax, but it “dulls” the experience.

  62. FYI…recently having issues with Seren and not syncing with Uninstalled and reinstalled, reauthorized and still not working. Any thoughts?

  63. Love Kodi 18, and hold Magic Dragon above all, but the app hasn’t updated its movies in over a month. Any word on this? From anyone?

    1. MD has shut down. No updates going forward. Try Asgard. It’s fantastic. Find it in the Narcacist repo.

  64. I followed Troy’s tutorial on adding Serin and Venom but after I entered the URL it could not find it and I’m sure I typed it in correctly. It worked fine for other add ons. can anyone help me

  65. Does anyone know why some new tv shows only have 7 minutes per episode.
    Shows I found with problem are Die Hart, Don’t Look Deeper and A Dangerous Game.

  66. I use ‘The Crew’, only problem is half the movies i look at start with a foreign language! Any fix for this?

  67. What’s the best add-on for live TV like ABC, NBC, Fox, etc? I tried 7of9 Live but doesn’t seem to work too well.

  68. In regards to The Crew TVAddons’ Indigo addon blocking The Crew’s repo and addon from running

    1. disable indigo and reinstall Crew. Don’t let indigo update or it will keep happening. I use Indigo to just get Git Hub addon then I delete, disable of turn off update on Indigo

  69. Troy I couldn’t agree more about Kodi (18) being a good way to go…no ads, no buffering and with Real-Debrid it beats all those other APK’s hands down!

  70. Hi Troy… as an FYI, I wanted you to know that I started following you about 2+ years ago as someone who didn’t know what KODI even was. I’ve gotten pretty good with it now but I have to give you all the credit. I’ve searched at least a dozen different KODI INFO providers but always look back to check with what you say. Your presentations are pleasant, more importantly, accurate and easy to follow. While I might debate on the value of a VPN, I use your instructional videos almost exclusively because I’ve always found your work of the highest quality. Thanks again and I’ll end with one request, PLEASE cover KODI 19 Alpha. I’ve been using it for about a month and it’s fast, fewer machinations to get it done, in short, it’s a KODI Phoenix! Perhaps you could consider a few KODI 19 bread crumbs?

  71. Osgood Schlatter

    I am trying to install kodi and a bmc build on to a windows 10 2004 update computer.. do you have any suggestions on how to do that on your site?

  72. Hi I have a T 95 pro android box I’ve tried to install the mule several times I have unknown sources Checked it says it installs the file but when I go to install from repository I can’t find it in repository I’ve tried this with my VPN on and on it let me put tempest in I’m running kodi 18.2 build Any suggestions would help I would really like this ad on thank you I did get IP vanish through your service to it works great add it with real debrid

  73. Hi Troy, I downloaded Seren on my Kodi Box 18.1 and authorised my Real Debrid account. When I go and click on a movie to find the torrents, it doesn’t find any. Am I doing something wrong? Also your site makes it so easy to download new apps. Thanks.

    1. I found sometimes that the torrent setting is turned off in the individual app even when you authorize Real Debrid. The fix is easy you just need to go into the settings/configuration of the app itself, in this case Seren, and check the torrent box to turn it on. Log out of the app and log back in and you should be set. I wish I could give you the step by step process, but my neighborhood is experiencing a power outage.

  74. Is anybody else having issues with the Crew? It was working beautifully, then something just changed. I cleaned it out, reinstalled and and it shows in the repo, but it won’t show in the video add-ons. I’ve tried everything and it just won’t function..

    On another note and there was no where to post it there, but is anybody having success running Peacock? I open it, choose something to watch, it cycles like it’s going to play, then flashes back to the homepage. I read go into setting and stop and restart, then I read completely restart the Firetv box. I did both and still the same thing. Anybody have an ideas or what worked for you? Thank you on both counts!

    1. Hi, while a can’t guarantee this will solve this particular problem, it does solve a lot of them. Virtually every app uses something called cache memory in its operation. Should you make a Mistake while inside KODI, lock it up, or whatever, do the following. Press the Home Key to exit KODI when your locked in and can’t do anything else. Go back to Main Menu, goto Settings, goto the 4th selection (Applications) click, goto Manage Installed Applications, click, cursor down to KODI. Select same, click “Force Stop”, cursor down to “Clear Cache” (NOT Clear Data), click on Clear Cache. Return to the main menu and restart KODI for a cleaner start without disrupting your initial install and re-attempt what you were trying to do, perhaps a little differently. Good Luck!

      If nothing else seems to fix the problem, I’ve found it’s easier (much quicker) to Un-install, Re-install KODI, replace the few important Adjustments like re-authorizing your “Real-Debrid” (What? no Real-Debrid account? Seriously?) Account, Using URL-Resolver or Resolve-URL, adjust (improve) buffering by re-creating your Advanced Setting .XML file. Troy has made video (text) tutorials on all this stuff, search for using key words.

  75. Venom is by far my 1st choice for reliability and quality. Though having a ‘package’ of different builds is definitely handy.
    I have to praise your site once again as it is everything you need to install and keep kodi working 100% – which can be hard for someone who doesn’t understand how kodi works. The step by step guides are excellent and I have learned all I now know from Troy point!
    So thank you once again for an excellent and very informative site that looks very professional and easy to navigate.
    Just the sheer volume of information was a bit daunting when I 1st found your site (not complaining!) Though once you just follow the step by step guides for a start you soon learn the inner workings of kodi and can choose how to set it up for maximum enjoyment.
    The number of people who I have heard dismiss kodi in favour of these paid for services soon change their minds once I show them my kodi set-up in action! All thanks to troypoint which I would never have been able to set my kodi up without!
    Thank you.

  76. James Dickson

    TheFix was working great. Then, something happened and it wasn’t working at all. I uninstalled it and kodi. I tried installing everything again and not getting anything. I’m totally lost now. I don’t see any familiar screens when I installed before.I had v.1.4. I would like newest version. Any suggestions what to do? I have Troy’s APK installer. Please help.

    1. If you do a fresh install of kodi then just follow the step by step guide to set it up exactly you should have no problems. Make sure all kodi settings are set to default – you can change them as advised or to your own preferance after a successful install .
      Always make sure you install the latest version following the links provided on Troypoint.
      I’ve never found the guides or links on this site to let me down so hope this helps.

      1. James Dickson

        PtMcG…That’s exactly what I did…and I have the newest version of The Fix! Thanks!

  77. Bonnie Bremner

    Hi Troy I am trying to load real debrid into the Crew everything goes fine till the code comes up and it is for All debrid. What is wrong or am I doing something wrong? I have real debrid and IPVanish Thaks for your help.

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