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Don’t Trust Reddit for Reliable Streaming Information – Here’s Why

Why You Can't Trust Reddit

Are you still using Reddit to find information about streaming? In this article, we explain why you should no longer trust Reddit for reliable streaming information.

Several years ago Reddit used to be a great resource for all topics related to streaming, cord-cutting, IPTV, torrenting, Kodi, VPNs, etc. However, this platform today has been completely destroyed by the company’s greed, spammers, fake accounts pretending to be real users, and ultimately deception.

What exactly do we mean? If you search for any popular technology topic on Google, you will likely find Reddit towards the top of your search results.

VPNs Example

Let’s start with “best VPNs” as an example. If you search for ‘best VPNs’ on Google you will probably notice this result towards the top.

Searching for best vpns on Google
Searching for “best vpns” on Google

If you click into this Reddit thread, what you will find is this page being completely overrun by undercover accounts pretending to be real users, fake upvotes, and cloaked affiliate link spam.

VPN Review Reddit Thread
VPN Review Reddit Thread

While the information about these VPNs in this example isn’t necessarily inaccurate, the concern here are the users hiding behind these posts and their ethics.

It’s unknown if Reddit accounts like “IGotMyIssues” are the actual VPN companies themselves, review websites, or a random person spamming their affiliate links on Reddit to deceive people. Now we are 100% confident that this user is not genuinely helping people choose a VPN, as the agenda is to promote their affiliate links.

We also discovered that this “IGotMyIssues” Reddit account is suspended. If accounts are suspended then why is Reddit still showing their posts/comments to the public?

Our reviews team went deeper down this rabbit hole, and what we discovered was more even concerning. If you read the replies on this same thread, you will notice how all of them point to a cloaked VPN affiliate link.

Now if you hover over each VPN link, you may notice how every single link contains “SH…” in the ID. While we can’t confirm this to be 100% true, it seems that this entire thread has been manipulated by either one person or one organization.

VPN Affiliate Link Example IPVanish

VPN Affiliate Link Example NordVPN

We are also confident that each of these comments has purchased upvotes from a third party source to fool people with “credibility” that upvotes once had. There are dozens of services out there like this website where anyone can purchase upvotes, downvotes, and entire Reddit accounts to manipulate the system.

Website for Purchasing Upvotes on Reddit
Website for Purchasing Upvotes on Reddit

VPNs aren’t the only technology topic being manipulated on Reddit…

IPTV Example

If you search for ‘best IPTV services” on Google, you will most likely find this Reddit result or a similar one towards the top.

Searching for 'best iptv services' on Google
Searching for ‘best iptv services’ on Google

If you click into any of these threads, it’s a similar pattern of fake accounts, fake upvotes, and promotional links.


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This example in particular is promoting an unverified IPTV service called “Flix Stream” that claims to offer more than 18,000 channels and 60,000 VOD movies for less than $15 per month.

Flix Stream IPTV Service
“Flix Stream” IPTV Service

TROYPOINT has always warned users about the legal risks of unverified IPTV, and how the operators behind these services are often involved in organized crime. The fact that Reddit is allowing users to promote these unverified options is extremely concerning.

Unfortunately there is more to the story when it comes to the manipulation of Reddit.

Google’s Partnership With Reddit

If you were not aware, in February 2024 Google cut a deal with Reddit that consists of a $60 million per year investment so Google can train its AI models with Reddit’s data. And before this deal was officially announced, there were rumors of Google utilizing Reddit’s data several months prior.

Over the past year Reddit’s website traffic has skyrocketed over 500 percent due to updates in Google’s algorithm. This increase in traffic also means a substantial increase in Reddit’s revenue.

Reddit's Website Traffic Over the Past Year
Reddit’s Website Traffic Over the Past Year (Ahrefs)

During an interview with Business Insider, a Google spokesperson stated the following:


“Our agreement with Reddit absolutely did not include ranking its content higher on Search. Our systems surface content from hundreds of forums across the web, and we conduct rigorous testing to ensure results are helpful and high quality.”

Is this a coincidence that Google invests $60 million/year into Reddit and both their website traffic and revenue increase as a result?

Fast forward to March 2024, and right one cue Reddit goes public on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) available for trading. This entire situation screams corruption.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, we wanted to publish this article so users are aware of what’s really going on with Reddit. This platform used to be amazing just a few years ago, but unfortunately it seems greed and corruption has taken over.

Whether it’s link spam, fake accounts, manipulating upvotes, or misinformation, we do not trust Reddit anymore for information pertaining to VPNs, IPTV, streaming, and other cord-cutting related topics.

Comment Below

Do you still use Reddit to get information? Has the platform been completely manipulated? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Notable Replies

  1. As a VPN tester, their list is garbage. All paid actors pushing a main company and sometimes 2.

  2. Thanks for this post. I never trusted Reddit due to all the fake sites they try to push. What I like about Troypoint is that vendors and services are always verified and properly vetted before recommendations are made. As our 40th President once said, “Trust, but verify.” :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

  3. RE: “so Google can train its AI models with Reddit’s data”. Having decided last Month that I had to leave Reddit and not participate any longer I looked into deleting my reddit account, and discovered that even though I deleted my account my posts still stayed online in Redditt. Know that there is an app from Github that deletes this data. It seemed to work for me before I deleted my account.

  4. Due diligence,honestly no one should ever completely trust sites on the internet for anything.You have to take everything with a grain of salt,and get multiple opinions from various sources,at least that’s what I do.You can’t even trust reviews on Amazon or seller ratings on Ebay etc.

  5. I don’t know especially with Amazon. I buy a lot of stuff on amazon and base most of my purchases on user reviews. I won’t buy something unless there is a sizeable (over 1,000) number of Reviews and the most recent reviews are all good. YMMV but this has worked out well for me.

  6. I’m not saying don’t use Amazon reviews at all,I use them as well,but I also will check a few other sites just to make my final decision.Even Amazon knows it’s an issue,but they are trying to do something about it.

  7. Avatar for Bob11 Bob11 says:

    I have been disillusioned by Reddit for sometime and found their info useless. I am glad to see TROYPOINT post this article which confirms my suspicions. I also never use the Google search engine. They seem more interested in gathering your personal information and making money than actually providing good links for good information. My search engine is DuckDuckGo. TROYPOINT is my goto for good streaming info.

  8. Not trust Reddit? Where else can i get thousands of complete horses**t replies from hundreds of self professed “experts” who add 2 + 2 and get the answer “green”? Or who tell you the ONN box is a tool that the syndicate uses to target you for space laser strikes?

  9. I created an account with Reddit for the first time because I was directed to them by Google search on a chrome browser. I was referred over from Google to Reddit and I see they have those little strips of topics in the Google search results lately but thanks for the heads up Troy I’ll be more aware of this when I go there.

  10. ??? about abuse.

  11. LOL…There isn’t much I would trust on reddit!

  12. Wow this is so Random!

  13. I did not have a question I was just commenting on the topic.

  14. We are all commenting about Reddit. I received a reply in my email what is your question or are you just commenting? No need to reply. Thank you

  15. When virtue and morality departs the field, driven by the insipid corruption of the almighty dollar, we ALL suffer in one way or another. Who had the time to verify the quality of information intake in a world where brand recognition can lead to the abyss? Thank heavens for Troypoint - one of the few bright lights in a sea of glitter and deception.

  16. I don’t trust it anymore due to them blocking when using nord vpn.

  17. what you should do is report them and they would be removed from list ps everone is encouraged to search first on here

  18. Avatar for PapaS PapaS says:

    Excellent 1st post @porkchopsoda.:face_with_diagonal_mouth:
    Welcome to this great source of legit information. All the Insiders here know and trust the hard work Troy and others do to make this the number 1 place online to get legit information. Nobody’s listening to you!

  19. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I recommend that if anyone has suspicions of wrong doing, inaccurate information, misuse of links or services provided, rather than make blatant accusations of collusion or misdeeds you contact trusted insiders like myself who take great pride in the legitimacy of Troypoint info and who take the time to look into any such suspicions for the safety of all insiders. That’s what the PM is for, use it. If a mistake has been inadvertently made, then it gets corrected immediately upon verification of such activity. I personally take offense, that even the remotest of insinuations are made, that anything here on the insider, and Troypoint in general, has been posted with the intent of misleading users and colluding with scammers or “bad actors” with the intent of causing harm, financially or otherwise to anyone. The lengths Troy goes to for the insider and to ensure their legitimacy is beyond belief.

  20. totaly agree there is a right way and a wrong way unfortunately this is the the wrong way

  21. Wow this is your 1st Post? Not Cool, not cool at all.

  22. Thank you [porkchopsoda], for the opportunity to set misunderstandings straight, and

    reiterate the highest integrity of Troy and Admins of Troypointinsider.

  23. The more I use the internet, social media, YouTube, and everything else the more I realize it took the human race less than 30 years to transform the “Information Superhighway” into the “Misinformation Pothole Alley” that consists of complete and utterly useless garbage. Seems like less than 10% of it is even accurate anymore and is becoming full of fake crap.

  24. secret is to check and check again then do it all again

  25. no problem people will help on here if asked in right way hope you get it sorted :+1:

  26. I assure r/synclervendors is legit. The administrator is providing the best vendor/provider url.

  27. Avatar for Remy Remy says:

    The problem I find with Reddit is the mods. Most are pretty good but there are a few that are very strict on how THEY want you to think. Make one disparaging comment THEY don’t like and you can get banned for life. Now, this only bugs me when you know you didn’t violate any written rule but they won’t admit they made a mistake. I got a 28 day ban for mentioning on one “forum” that there were other options rather than the mainstream streaming services. I violated it because I was pushing illegal streaming services. Notice I didn’t mention anything by name. So, some are hosted by yahoos that don’t know jack

  28. You my friend are the type of person who shouldn’t be using IPTV. You expect vetting when you are paying 5 to 15 bucks per month for 15,000 channels and unlimited movies/tv shows? Are you serious? If something doesn’t work out, move onto the next service like all of us in this forum do. I’m more than happy to lose 15 bucks a few times looking for a quality service rather than paying $200 for cable/satellite each month. I can actually try 10-15 services for that amount.

  29. When someone comes to a Forum and chooses to Stir the Pot with their very 1st post often times there is a Hidden Agenda they have. The internet is the Wild Wild West - This site has some great info as does Reddit and hundreds of other sites. And things also change very quickly - No site that offers reviews, advice, etc… can be 100% correct all the time - Not this site or anywhere else. At the end of the day it is on us to make the choices we make

  30. Avatar for PapaS PapaS says:

    Actually you’ve said a whole lot at this point but still leave out the specific scam you claim you were directed to from this website. Please give us the details. I’m just curious because I haven’t read any similar stories here. Perhaps you scammed yourself by doing something incorrectly, has that ever crossed your mind? I see self error the problem in many cases.

  31. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    This post doesn’t have a bunch of political garbage in it, which violates the rules.
    No political statements. You can use Facebook and Twitter for that.

  32. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    The original post was not a statement, or political view, but intended to inform on Net Neutrality. Comments were made, entirely out of context, and resulted in political comments not pertinent to, or advancing, the net neutrality discussion. Then more followed. I am not going to be drawn into a lengthy explanation of why I chose to close the comments, it should be obvious. The original topic link is there for anyone to click on and read.

  33. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    The article itself was a political statement against Trump and his administration and a violation of this forum rules

  34. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    In your opinion and not at all as I saw it. Now out of respect for you @AJS1 I am asking politely that you not start muddying an entirely unrelated topic with political opinions. Thank you. The topic was closed for that very reason.

  35. Regarding the troll who hijacked this topic, I read the first sentence of his last reply (and only that) and deleted his account. Back to conversing with people who actually want to be here. Have a great Sunday everyone!

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