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Xtream Codes IPTV Seller System Targeted by Authorities

It was recently announced that a major anti-piracy operation against Xtream Codes, an IPTV service management system, is underway in several European countries such as Italy, France, Bulgaria, and the Netherlands. Legal action against IPTV services and providers are a regular occurrence, but this news regarding Xtream Codes is particularly interesting. This is a claimed [...]

2019-09-18T10:55:30-05:00News|85 Comments

CotoMovies Developer Intends to Hand Over User Data

The popular movie streaming app CotoMovies has shut down for good, it's developer says. The app came under fire when the movie "Hellboy" targeted it, specifically in the 3rd party app installer Tweakbox. Now it seems the app's developer is apologizing for his actions and has agreed to transfer data from the app's users to [...]

2019-09-12T17:52:10-05:00News|43 Comments

U.S. Lawmakers Push To Criminalize Streaming

U.S. lawmakers are in the process of examining the current legal loophole that exists for copyrighted works obtained through online streaming. As of now, there is a legal difference between streaming and downloading.  Streaming is currently considered a public performance which is punishable as a misdemeanor whereas downloading is punishable as a felony. Its apparent [...]

CatMouse APK Hacked – What Does This Mean For Users?

It was recently announced that the popular Terrarium TV Clone, CatMouse APK, has been hacked. It's important to note that the hack was targeted towards the CatMouse developers and not users. This hack was aimed at obtaining the CatMouse developers username and password to their server host. This was to gain access to the CatMouse [...]

2019-09-05T14:27:12-05:00News|25 Comments

Cinema HD 2.1.0 Update

Cinema HD 2.1.0 Update Cinema HD has released a new update 2.1.0 which includes the following changes and enhancements: DVD Release Category loading is now fixed OpenSubtitle is fixed Previous 2.0.9 Update: Added DVD release category Data is now loaded when TVDB, IMDB, Trakt, and TMDB are down Full season description and layout overview text [...]

BeeTV 2.3.0 Update

BeeTV has been updated! Many experienced problems with the app not loading and this new update fixes that bug. This new update is version 2.3.0. Currently, BeeTV is working fabulously and bringing in tons of high quality links. The following changes were made: Version 2.3.0 Fix emergency bug app not loading. This is an emergency [...]

TVZion 3.8.1 Update

TVZion 3.8.1 Update TVZion APK has released a new update 3.8.1 which includes the following changes and enhancements. Added 5 new Resolvers Added Resolver detection system Added bluray as a fall back quality in case 480, 720, 1080, or 4K wasn't detected Resolved a bug fix that was killing the app due to a device's [...]

2019-08-22T10:42:33-05:00News|5 Comments

Cyberflix 3.1.9 Update

Cyberflix 3.1.9 Update CyberFlix TV APK  has released a new update 3.1.9 which includes the following changes and enhancements. Added 28 new Providers Added 22 new Resolvers (too many to list all providers and resolvers so please refer to your results screen to see new entries). Changed color of viewed RD links to show red [...]

2019-08-13T09:08:32-05:00News|42 Comments