Internet Speed Test

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How To Improve Your Internet Speed

The above Internet Speed Test should be used on the device that you want to measure.

If you’re using a Fire TV Stick, Fire TV, Android TV Box, etc. you can access this test through a browser on your device by going to

Running A VPN

Most cord-cutters use a VPN to protect their identity and privacy while using free or low cost streaming applications and services.

Running a VPN will reduce download speed due to the fact that your Internet traffic is being routed through an encrypted tunnel.

The most popular VPN among cord-cutters is Surfshark due to their blazing fast speeds and zero-log policy.

If you are already using a fast VPN service, try changing the server that you’re connecting to within your application.  Keep doing this until you find a server that provides maximum download speeds while your VPN is on.


Upgrade Your Internet Service

It may only cost an extra $5 to $10 per month to double your Internet speed by contacting your provider.

Some of you may be on older plans that will allow a free upgrade to a much better speed by simply placing a phone call.

Use Ethernet Connection When Available

If you can connect to your router via Ethernet cable instead of WiFi, this will create a much more reliable connection.

Position Your Wireless Router  Properly

Your router should be placed in a location that is central to your home.  This will ensure that all rooms will receive the best coverage possible.

If you have a larger home, you should consider upgrading your router.

Don’t Conceal Your WiFi Device

If you’re connecting by WiFi, your device should be placed in an area that isn’t blocked by large obstructions.

Try to place your device in an area that will receive a good signal from your router.

Reboot Your Hardware

If you’re having issues with your Internet connection try unplugging power to your cable/dsl modem, router, and streaming device for 10 minutes, plug back in and try again.  This will reset your network and fix many problems that you may be having.

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