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How to Install Cinema HD APK on Firestick (Latest Update V3.0.9)

This guide will show you how to install Cinema HD on Firestick, Fire TV, and Android TV devices.

cinema hd on firestick or android tv/google tv

Cinema HD is a popular Movie & TV Show streaming application that can be installed on most Android-based devices including Firestick & Android TV/Google TV.

Because of its huge library of content and extensive features list, this app has been selected as one of TROYPOINT’s top-rated APKs.

This app isn’t available for installation through Amazon App Store or Google Play so it must be side-loaded on Firesticks and Android TV devices which we cover in this tutorial.

Side-loading is the process that Firestick/Android/Google TV owners use to unlock their devices and download 3rd party applications.

A new version of Cinema HD has finally been released with V3 now available for installation on nearly any device. With this update comes some new features that users should take note of before using.

This includes granting access to storage files on your media device. Users are met with the following Warning message after installing Cinema noting this change.

Legal Disclaimer: TROYPOINT does not develop, operate, host, distribute, or administer any streaming application, add-on, website, or service. Furthermore, we cannot determine the legality of any streaming platform reviewed on this website. TROYPOINT specializes in educational tech reviews, tutorials, and news which is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. The end-user is solely responsible for media accessed and TROYPOINT assumes that all visitors are abiding by copyright laws set forth within their jurisdiction. Users should only stream works not protected by copyright when using unverified streaming solutions.

storage permission for Cinema HD

We provide instructions below for doing this on both Firestick and Android/Google TV but we should note that you should always connect to a trusted VPN before allowing app developers access to your storage files/data.

How to Install Cinema HD on Firestick/Android TV

In this example, I will be installing Cinema HD APK on a new Fire TV Stick 4K Max. However, the same steps can be used to install the application on any Firestick model as well as Android TV/Google TV Boxes.

Step 1: Prepare Your Streaming Device

  • The first thing we must do is install the Downloader app which you can find within the Amazon App Store.

Install Downloader from the Amazon App Store

  • After installing, we must enable Unknown Apps for Downloader which you can find within Settings.

unknown sources on for downloader

Step 2: Install Third Party App Store

We will now install APKTime, which is a third-party app store that hosts the most updated version of Cinema HD and other popular applications.

1. Launch Downloader and enter the following code – 250931 and click Go.

Launch Downloader and enter the following code - 250931 and click Go.

2. Scroll down to find APKTime and click Download.

click download

3. After installing APKTime on your device you must now enable Unknown Sources just like we did with Downloader in Step 1. This can be found in the Fire TV settings.


Your online activity is recorded by your government, Internet Service Provider, app/addon/IPTV devs and all websites through your identifying IP address

Your Current Identifying IP Address (digital fingerprint):

Stream anonymously by using Surfshark VPN


Surfshark backs their service with a 30-day money back guarantee

Use your account on unlimited devices & share with family members


Turn on Unknown Sources for APKTime just like we did with Downloader in Step 1.

Step 3: Side-load Cinema HD APK on Firestick

1. Launch APKTime.

Launch APKTime.

2. Click the search button located in the upper right-hand corner.

select search

3. Type Cinema and click Next.

type cinema and click next

4. Scroll down to find Cinema HD [Official] and click Download.

click download Cinema HD APK official

5. Click Install.

click install

6. You will then encounter the Ready to launch! message.

cinema hd ready to launch message

7. Click Open.

click open

8. Click Accept.

click accept

9. Select OK to exit the Changelog.

click ok to exit changelog

Installation is now complete! However, as we note in the introductory paragraph, you must allow Cinema access to your device files. We provide instructions for this below.

Free StartMail Trial

Step 4: Allow Storage Permission

After launching Cinema, you are met with the following screen:

allow storage permission for Cinema HD

You must allow storage permission in order to use the app as prompted in this message. We can easily do so within the settings of our device and provide instructions for Firestick and Android/Google TV below.

Firestick Users:

  • Within the Settings menu, select Applications.

hover over settings and select applications

  • Click Manage Installed Applications.

choose manage installed applications

  • Select CinemaHD-v3.

select cinema

  • Choose Permissions.

choose permissions

  • Select All Files.

select all files

If you have an Android Box or Google TV Box, use the steps below.

Android TV Users:

  • Select Settings.

select settings

  • Choose Apps.

choose apps

  • Select Cinema HD.

select cinema hd

  • Choose Permissions.

choose permissions

  • Select Files and media.

select files and media

  • Click Allow all the time.

click allow all the time

  • Click allow again.

click allow

If you encounter ads, follow our guide below to use the CleanWeb feature from Surfshark VPN to remove them entirely.

How to Remove Ads in Cinema HD

Below is a 3-minute video that shows how you can eliminate Ads and Trackers.


Huge Surfshark Discount Here

Cinema HD Integrations

After installing Cinema HD on your Firestick or Android TV device, most users integrate premium services to improve their streaming experience. This includes Real-Debrid, Trakt, and external video players.


Follow the steps below for setting up Real-Debrid within Cinema HD.

1. Click the Menu button in the upper left-hand corner (3 horizontal lines).

Another added feature is the ability to download Movies and TV Shows within the application.

2. Scroll down and select Settings.

Scroll down and select Settings

3. Choose Login to Real-Debrid.

Choose Login to Real-Debrid.

4. Write down & remember the code that appears on the screen.

Write down & remember the code that appears on the screen.

5. Go to on any browser.

Go to on any browser.

6. Type in the activation code from step 4 and click Continue.

Type in activation code and click Continue.

7. You will then receive an authorization complete notification.

You will then receive authorization complete notification.

8. Notice you are now logged in to Real-Debrid.

Notice you are now logged in to Real-Debrid

Trakt TV

If you are user, Cinema is a great place to integrate your account to. This service helps users sync and scrobble all their media content across numerous devices and platforms.

1. Create a free Trakt TV account if you haven’t already

Trakt Resource Guide

2. Click the Menu button in the upper left-hand corner (3 horizontal lines)

Find out how you can get the most out of Cinema HD with on your device.

3. Scroll down and select Settings

Scroll down and select Settings

4. Click Login to Trakt TV

click login to

5. Write down or remember provided code

Write down or remember provided code

6. Go to on any Browser

7. Enter provided authorization code and Click Continue

Enter provided authorization code and Click Continue

8. Click Yes

click yes to authorize with cinema hd apk

9. Trakt authorization message will appear

trakt authorization message

10. Return to the app to see Sync successful message

Return to Cinema hd to see Sync successful message


Integrate MX Player

1. Install MX Player on your streaming device using the TROYPOINT Toolbox or following the tutorial below.

How to Install MX Player

2. Open the app and click the Menu icon in the upper left.

Open Cinema apk and click the Menu icon in the upper left.

3. Scroll down and select Settings

Scroll down and select Settings

4. Click Choose default player

Click Choose default player

5. Select MX Player

Select MX Player

6. MX Player is now your default media player

MX Player is now your default media player

7. That’s it! You will now use MX Player to stream content without buffering.

You can also integrate VLC Media Player if you prefer that video player.

Cinema HD APK Features & Details

Cinema HD is one of the most popular VOD Apps available today for Movies and TV Shows. Listed below are some of the best features that the free streaming app provides.

  • Real-Debrid Integration
  • Trakt Integration
  • Subtitle Capabilities
  • Ad-Free with Surfshark VPN
  • Links sorted by quality
  • External Video Player Capabilities
  • Movie/TV Show Ratings
  • Simple User Interface
  • Movie/TV Show Trailers
  • Featured lists
  • Favorites
  • Calendar
  • History
  • VIP Membership available
  • Auto-Play Capabilities

The features listed above make this streaming app one of the top choices for streaming content on various devices including Firestick & Android TV.

Unlike other VOD Apps, Cinema HD has stood the test of time and continues to offer some of the best Movie & TV Show content available today.

Browsing for and selecting content is a simple process with tons of categories and genres to choose from. Upon selecting your viewing choice, the application provides you with numerous sources. Oftentimes, these are in 720, 1080p, and even 4K.

This is especially true when users integrate a Real-Debrid account which we provide instructions for above.

Within the Settings are numerous features including:

  • Default Video Player
  • Poster Size
  • Auto-Play
  • Premium Membership
  • Category Restriction
  • Downloads
  • and more

settings page

Is This App Safe to Use?

Before I installed this, I first scanned the official Android APK installation file with VirusTotal. Here is the screenshot of the scan results.

Cinema HD APK V2.5.2 Virus Total Results

VirusTotal did not find any suspicious files or malware within the Cinema HD APK file.

However, this does not mean we shouldn’t protect ourselves when streaming content from this unverified app.

The best way to do this is with Surfshark VPN which will secure your identity and anonymity when using applications like this.

Install Best VPN on Firestick & Android TV Box

Is Cinema HD APK Legal?

It’s impossible for TROYPOINT to determine whether these unverified applications hold the proper licensing.

If and when an application is deemed illegal, we notify our users immediately and update reports on our Website to reflect that information.

Users can always access titles available in the public domain. Works in the Public Domain are not protected by copyright laws and may be downloaded, streamed, and shared without any legal ramifications.

In conclusion, the end-user is responsible for all content accessed through apps such as this or any other streaming app for that matter.

Give the latest version of Cinema HD APK a try on your preferred device!

This page includes affiliate links where TROYPOINT may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Many times, visitors will receive a discount due to the special arrangements made for our fans. Learn more on my Affiliate Disclaimer page.

Notable Replies

  1. i just purchased surf shark for the exact resoning to take aways the ads on cinemahd and it didnt? any suggestions?

  2. Avatar for m34fun m34fun says:

    i was having issues with my Cinema app as i was no longer finding streams. So I followed the instructions on the site and cannot get cinema to download. it said that I needed to delete the previous version, which I did and then tried again. I click the download button and the download stays at 0% and does not advance. What am I missing?

  3. Avatar for m34fun m34fun says:

    Ive made sure the old version of Cinema is uninstalled and in the APK Time app, I type Cinema. I get the same verbage as shown on instructions. When I click on the download button I get “Problem parsing package” every time.

  4. Try without your vpn on.

  5. Avatar for m34fun m34fun says:

    I tried that, same result

  6. After trying everything…I finally went to the Cinema HD website and used the Downloader code they provided…it was the only thing that worked for me.

  7. Avatar for Kev2 Kev2 says:

    Works fine but can not use subtitles which will not download even going to settings on cinema
    …sometimes you need subtitles with these Brit,Scot and Aussie flicks r

  8. Avatar for Fnance Fnance says:

    Had same problem. Then cleared data and cleared cache before uninstalling cinema hd: install then went as expected.
    Hope works for you.

  9. Is there a way to update to the new Cinema HD without losing all your favorite? Last time I updated I lost everything.

  10. if its working for you i would leave it as is

  11. Avatar for PapaS PapaS says:

    I updated and I have 2 Cinema apps. It doesn’t update your older version, it remains the same as it was. So you can actually have 2 on same device :thinking:

  12. I wouldn’t waste your time with the 3.0.3 update. Still worthless - no streams, wrong titles loading after search, etc. May work with RD but why bother?

  13. Says no ads but there is. Its annoying

  14. Avatar for PapaS PapaS says:

    Did you download the right one? I’m not seeing ads.

  15. Tried all the downloads on my Nvidia Shield Pro. Same problem real-debrid. would not connect and only official download would install.

  16. Loaded yesterday and worked for me. A downside was one of our first adds was for a trans group. It was more explicit than i wanted to see. How do i explain to my grandkids?

  17. Unfortunately, you can’t explain. This nation is falling apart and common sense IS NOT prevailing.

  18. Works great with real-debrid. Plenty of hi quality streams.

  19. What about the search function, does that return the correct program?

  20. Has for me so far

  21. If you use surfshark you get no adds

  22. Agree if you have other options like Syncler or Stremio then no need however with real debrid it is faster than previous version and no adds if using surfshark

  23. real-debrid is a curated server, so I find as much as 99% accuracy in title vs actual movie. YMMV. I don’t recall getting any ads when not using VPN.

  24. I tried updating on the Firestick 4K and the Onn box.
    Thru applications. And neither would offer it.
    Both said your Cinema 2. something is already up to date.
    It’s like the Iphone update. You don’t do it.
    Until you absolutely have to. Let every one find out that
    it doesn’t install. Or installs half ass.
    I sure wouldn’t delete the perfectly good version. And try to
    install it from scratch if I didn’t have to.
    Just Saying. And been saying on this message board for years.

  25. Loaded the latest cinema 3 successfully but when starting to stream it wants access to all files on my device. Yes or no?

  26. Avatar for PapaS PapaS says:

    The app needs this permission to function. :+1:

  27. I grabbed CHD off the APKTIME app and there’s ads galore. I really don’t use a VPN service like that so I’ll stick with the 2.7 instead. The 3.0 only has ads with the RD enabled. I’m good on this one.

  28. loaded cinema 3.0 using MX PLAYER AND PREMIUMIZE get many feeds downloaded but before i get a chance to pic one it goes back to home screen .any suggestions

  29. Avatar for Wilts Wilts says:

    Get a account (free) set up. Log in to Track in the Cinema setting, and it will gather all your history. When you install or reinstall any app (on any device), then in the app log back into your tracktv, if will then load back in all your favorites, history etc.

  30. Avatar for PapaS PapaS says:

    I do have RD. Not sure why I’m not seeing ads, I use MX Player and there is a new ad blocker inside ExpressVPN that I have on but not exactly sure why.

  31. I don’t expect anyone to remember, but recall mentioning I wouldn’t be wasting any more time on Cinema… Believe it’s probably true that SurfShark reduces or eliminates the ads.
    Unfortunately, the service I use requires that all my devices use the same IP address. If any of the devices are found to use a different address, the service is interrupted.

    As far as I know, there’s no way to sync all my devices to the same address within SurfShark; so, I’ve learned to live without Cinema.

    When my service doesn’t offer what I’m looking for, I already know one of the Kodi add-ons will provide what I’m looking for.

  32. I have RD with Cinema HD but many times I get the wrong movie playing . This app has bugs in it . RD is one of them .

  33. Is the 32 bit onn box recommended for the newer 4k max firestick and is hard wire to router available to increase speed on said firestick?

  34. I have loaded Real-debrid on more apps and on more devices than I can remember. Since 2.4 - 3.0 Real-Debrid has never connected on any version of Cinema. Also on Apktime only the Official version would install.

  35. I use the new Cinema update along with RD, Trakt, and SurfShark. No ads once SS CleanWeb was enabled. And Trakt reloaded all my favorites and history after installation.
    The only real problem I had, and I’m not sure where the blame lies. I had loaded up an RD stream (I believe from TorrentGalaxy) for the kids’ movie “Leo”, a very “G” rated film. However, the link that loaded was a VERY “XXX” film! Thank goodness the kids weren’t there yet!!! Never had this happen before. Have I just been lucky?

  36. Re: Search Function - Playing around last Month I think I found the issue to the search problem (and I think they have corrected this bug but I haven’t tested yet);
    To search the wide universe effectively you a) need to be in a TV show or Movie category that IS NOT “Favorites”, Favorite searchs only return favorited shows / movies - typically what you are not searching for, AND b) The emblem in the top right corner of the screen on the bar MUST be IMDB, (NOT TRAKT) so that you can search the IMDB database. Note: One of the bug fixes in 3.0.3 is suppossed to be enabling Trakt for searching (I believe.)

  37. Use MX player as an external player and download subtitles thorough mxplayer once you have the video running. Tory has a step by step post on this somewhere.

  38. You have been lucky - happens once in a while

  39. I just downloaded the latest version of Cinema and when i try to play movie i keep getting Error 503 (having pronlems with premium server). Why am i gettimg this??? Can anyone help me ? Please

  40. Downloaded the original amd its loaded with adds even with surfshark, also it keep the other version, dont like allbthebadds so have deleted it again amd using flixvision this is far superior and much better than Cinema HD, flixvision wins hands down for me

  41. Going to the troypoint toolbox and downloaded apktime. Developer options turned on (onn streaming box). When I launch apktime, loads to main screen, no apps, and displays “error” at the bottom. No way to move forward to install cinema.

  42. Avatar for PapaS PapaS says:

    Apk time seems to be down at the moment. Website won’t load either.

  43. Avatar for Dewy Dewy says:

    I’m so bummed out yes today is April 19 can’t load Cinema APK what can I do HELP

  44. Avatar for Dewy Dewy says:

    Did you figure out why it’s down the cinema APK ???

  45. Can I assume those links are safe?

  46. 3.0 tells me to update to S Stream, which is like cinema, but even after install, it keeps asking to install S Stream, and Cinema wont run. I d.l.ed it and went back to 2.6

  47. Saw there was an update to cinema hd. Is there a way to just update my current version so as to not lose my favorites data? When on the APKTime app version 3.03 does not have an official tag by it and it says to remove old cinema app first.

  48. Looked at the official (?) cinema website and saw the following disclaimer:
    Update(v3.0.9) – As a lot of users complaining that this latest Cinema HD v3.0.9 is throwing a lot of bugs like – timed out, showing blank titles, and movies not loading. As it got to our notice also, we are trying our best to give you a better bug-free version in a couple of days. In the meantime, Please use earlier versions like v2.6.0 and v2.4.0(Original) – These are working fine at the moment.
    Plus ca change!

  49. Rea-debrid will not connect. Why?

  50. U have to delete old first n I think this version is the best working better then Kodi 20.5 !!! N I’m a big Kodi fan . Thanks to this v3 I’m able to watch movie n TV show cant get with Kodi!!!

  51. Delete old APK if you want to appreciate you can back up your data if you had to do that but you got to delete the old one you got to get the new one very important you’ll be able to do more than anybody can just just saying

  52. Go to APK got to know what that means that’s where you get download the official site that’s the one you want this you don’t have to get modded ones no more if you’re using the one troy recommend you’ll have no problem that’s why he recommends this stuff

  53. See my question, 5 posts up. “Official site” says don’t use it!

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210 thoughts on “How to Install Cinema HD APK on Firestick (Latest Update V3.0.9)”

  1. hi troy
    been trying to install cinema 2.6 without any luck it just will not install on my firestick,I followed your instructions but it will not install ,I removed the old version and cleaned out my files to remove any refferance to the older version,when i try to install it it just says app not installed.

    1. I deleted the only one tried to enter new one. I YHINK WE SHOULD NOT HAVE DELETED THE OLD ONE. NOW WE CANT UPDATE IT BECAUSE THE OLD ONE JUST NEEDED TO BE UPDATED SO NOW WHAT do we do install old cinema???? Help. Where is old cinema directions

  2. I am not able to log into Real Debrid or Trakt TV. Every time I enter to code the log in screen appears asking for username and password. Do I need to create accounts for these 2 sites? Thanks.

  3. Hi. My version of Cinema v2.5.2 says “cinema free”. I was hesitant to uninstall it to install the v2.6.0 update, because I’m not sure it’s the same thing, and then I won’t be able to get the old one back if I decide I prefer it. So is it the same, or are there different types of this app? Thanks for all your help, Troy!

  4. Regarding the 2.6 version… is there a way to simply update the current version so we don’t have to lose all of our favorited movies/shows and settings etc? I go down to check for update in the app and it says I’m currently up to date which it is not obviously. Any work around that you know of?

  5. I tried to install the new Cinema V2.5, following directions there is no such version. Version 2.6 is the only one there and they all say that they are corrupted.

  6. I am unable to download the downloader in the way you do now. When I click on it I am taken to the old way to add cinema by adding a URL in the box. It would be much simpler to download and open it like other apps I have but as much as I try I keep going to the box where I use to put in Troypoint etc. Is there another downloaded I can use to get cinema?

    1. Troy, the title for the tutorial is version 2.6.0 but the tutorial itself appears to be for 2.5.2. I downloaded 2.6.0 which works fine except that I can’t get any subtitles to download. I get the message “can’t save files on your subtitle folder”. Any suggestions?

      1. It’s the same install process regardless of what version you are installing. When you install through APKTime you will always get the latest release.

  7. Is there a code to download through Downloader? My Apk Time simply says “downloading…. 0%”. I have tried several times with the same results.

    I thought at one time I used Downloader to get Cinema? In fact, I thought it was right here?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Still says ” Downloading 0%”


      I have even waited forever. Nothing. Anyone use Downloader for this?

  8. I have tried several times to download YouTube on Troypoint I keep getting a message with no connection. I have to download Cinema and I get the same message. I finally was able to get a connection on @kpfire site and got the youtube site, but it is having problems telling you that video and audio are not in sync together. Is there something that I’m doing wrong,

  9. I’m not able to download the app onto my Firestick. I keep getting a pop up stating that my TV is not able to download unknown files from the Downloader source. Any way to turn this off?

  10. Anybody know how to get rid of the file name at the top of the tv? I never saw this before but I just downloaded this version and now it has a constant title at the top showing the file name. If I click the back button it takes me out of the show and back to the list of files to choose from. Very annoying.

    1. My son figured it out for me. Hit pause in the show and then play. It should disappear within a few seconds. Hope that helps

    2. Ashley, you can hit the down button on the remote a couple of times, and you will see a box in the bottom right hand corner like this: [ ] Click that, and within 1-2 seconds your screen should go full-screen. Hope this helps.

  11. Hi Joe, I really don’t care if people get mad at me for stating my opinions. If you think I will lose one wink of sleep tonight regarding this you are sorely wrong. There were plenty of comments that I didn’t approve as they weren’t aiding in the discussion and I don’t have the time to sit here all day moderating them. I know that people like you thrive on this kind of stuff and that’s why I turned them off. Go get your entertainment elsewhere.

  12. This is not as Free… Actually it is impossible to get rod of the ads and theu freeze the app

    1. Please go through the guide again. You need Surfshark and then enable clean web feature for no ads.

  13. How can we get rid of movies buffering using the Cinema V.2.5.2? It buffers a lot trying to watch a movie. I have fiber internet and on 1000 mgb plan for better speed. What can I do?

      1. IMHO, Get TeaTV because it tells you if the movie/show is web-dl or cam version, etc. Cinema just isn’t as robust as it once was. Again just MO.

  14. The app works well, except for subtitles not loading. Does anyone know who to fix that issue?

  15. Hello Troy, I’ve been having a problem with cinema and real-debrid. When I’m select a real-debrid stream on cinema it says error 503 having issue with premium server. Been like this for a month now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mark

    1. When that happens I’ve found if I back out of the files to the poster screen and then chose the title and episode again, that has cleared up the issue and works fine after that.

  16. I recently loaded the updated version but my captioning isn’t working now. The files come up for the captions but they don’t open when clicked on. The update must have changed a setting somewhere? I’ve looked through the menu settings on CinemaHD and the close captioning is definitely turned on. Any suggestions of where to look? We are hard of hearing, so the captioning is a god send.

    1. We are having the same problem. And not being able to exit and blank screen. I will be hoping for a reply too

  17. I have real Debrid and have for several years the movies in Cinema HD v2 are of good quality but I can’t get out of the ads I have to shut the tv down and then come back in to get the ads to go away anyone have this problem?

  18. Hi all! Hoping to get some help. I have uses CinemaHD for years. My firestick was first Gen and I recently installed 2 new firestick 4k on both tvs because firestick quit working. One tv I was able to install Cinema just fine. The other I cannot install. I have tried multiple ways. Using the instructions on troypoint, which is what I used previously, it wants credit card and states the service is $39.95 per month. Yet it also says it’s absolutely free. Not sure what to do, but cannot go any further on installing without entering credit card info and agreeing to the $39.95 per month. I am not sure what to do.

    1. All apps are always all free but it sounds like the cinema HD app you got is a scam out there which is common I have Cinema on my fire stick and have no problem. And have never had any charge being asked for years with cinema. In the past there have been on Google Play store and other places that have scam app so be careful get rid of it and go to where Troy point tells you like APK time

  19. Do you have to have Surfshark to remove adds in Cinema HD? I have Express VPN and Real Debrid can you remove ads with Express?

      1. I have screen come up and lock me out of Bee tv only way out is to click back to the home page. Now it’s doing it to the cinema app. How do you get around that?

  20. I downloaded the cinema update and now I get no sound. No matter what “player” I select in the app. Any help on this?

  21. Thank you, Troy for this timely announcement!
    We have used Cinema for years but lately had to suffer with buffering, etc. Update was available when I opened the app, but when trying to do that it said it couldn’t be done at that time, try later. I tried about 15 minutes later and the update loaded quickly. I reloaded MX player and Cinema works fine. Haven’t seen any ads yet and all my favs are still there. So far, so good! Worked for me!

  22. I never deleted Cinema and it never stopped working. Even re-upped my ad-free support and everything was great. Saw this update and completed it. Man, if anybody is in the same boat I wouldn’t do it! Instead of backing out of a bad link, different language, etc… it boots you to the Home Screen every time. Which is ok for a popular movie but when you search it out it becomes annoying.

    Going to try to Google the prior version!

  23. The downloader code gives the same exact message still that the package appears to be corrupt

  24. Calvin Conklin

    Downloaded the new version of the Cinema hd and ll it does is buffer every minute or so .I have real debrid and Surfshark .Checked speed and it is constantly above 30 mbs.says can play 4k but keeps buffering even at 1080p.??

  25. Troy please make a videon on the settings for cinema HD 2.5.2. The black line are killing me. lol

  26. new version of cinema installed all links show up but wont load it just reverts back to cinema home screen any suggestions?

    1. Kelley Thorpe

      I’m having the same issue. It keeps going to the home screen. I tried Uninstalling and reinstalling, but it’s still doing it. Any help?

  27. Joseph Fitzgerald Jr

    Trying to download Cinemaapk on downloader. It keeps sayinteþg ( Error No connection ). I’ve already rebooted my system 4 times. What else can I do to remedy this situation?

  28. Gregory Sacchet

    In Cinema 2.5.1, when I select to backup my favorites I see “cinema_backup_2023_06_07.”
    The files backed up in Download/Cinemahd/backup in ES Fie Explorer from older versions like 2.35 or 2.4. Where does this file reside if I need to restore at some point?

  29. My cinema app has worked great for over 2 years. It stopped working so I recently did the update. It came across as Amazon silk and won’t update. Please help

  30. I have tried for three days now to install the new update. It hangs about 1/3 to 1/2 way through and says server not responding through the app itself. Downloader says no connection or does the same thing. What’s up?

      1. Same thing happened to me when using downloader. It said server error. It finally downloaded quickly through the app today. They must have had server probems.

  31. I have continued to use both Cinema and Bee tv since they ‘stopped working’.
    Mainly Cinema but if I cant get a link that works I use Bee which has annoying ads but does have more reliable links
    Cinema is now prompting me to do an update , I did eventually get it to upload the other day but it told me it had failed and still works fine without it. I don’t want to lose my favourites list so will continue to use the current version while I can. Maybe the new version will eventually fully upload when the website is less busy? Or will that not work anymore?

    1. Hey Maria, I do think that when you do a update/install of the newest version, your favorites will remain intact? Just installed it to my MeCool device and it seems to be working fine. The only issue I have experienced, is it shutdown both when adding favorites and just after re-installing my Real-Debrid.

    2. I opened my old app of Cinema and chose to update that. Had to wait a few minutes and re-try, but the new version is fine and all the favs are still there.

  32. Thanks for the newest version, seems to be working good with no ads so far. How can I restore my saved shows, settings, from my older version, 2.4,? I see the backup files I need to restore from using a file explorer on my firestick, but this newer version seems to have no way to access these backup files when I try to restore. Please help.

  33. Hi
    iv been trying to download the 2.5.2 update directly from Cinema. I have a firestick 4K from 2019. It starts loading and then it stops and it says to retry, but then the same thing happens again. I guess I will have to delete the apk and download the newer version, unless there’s a different way.
    thank you

      1. It finally downloaded directly from Cinema and it works perfectly. My only complaint is that there are many streams in French!

    1. Same for us, we get a totally different movie than we chose, also sometimes audio is not compatible with the movie playing.
      Why is this?

  34. How do I get my premiumizeme links to load on new cinema apk I am activated

  35. Lost my Real-debrid links a few days ago, realized my old Cinema no longer had the ‘login to Real-debrid’ option showing in settings. I’ve downloaded the v2.5.2 (had to use the code to get it), still no ‘login to Real-debrid’ option in settings. Not sure why it disappeared and/or how to get it back. My Real-debrid account is current.

  36. If I uninstall and then re-install the new version, will I lose all of my saved TV shows and movies?

  37. Hello. I just installed the new cinema app on firestick but when I try to login to real debrid it will not connect to sign in… any ideas to be able to log in?

  38. Hi Troy,
    I tried both of the links to download/install Cinema HD, neither works.
    When I enter the http or the down number it goes to the download page, I click on v2.5 link and nothing happens.
    What am I missing?

      1. I tried the code too and got the same results.
        I see in previous comments that server overload was/is the problem. Is this still an issue?

  39. I cannot get the cinemahd link to work and the code downloads fine. But when I try to install I just get a message ‘App not installed’ when I run it. Tried many times but always same message. No error just not installed.

    1. This means that you already have Cinema installed. Uninstall your old version and try again.

  40. Question… would you recommend I uninstall the old version and just do a fresh install or can I just update it through the app itself?

  41. Has the search function improved any with this version? The lack of free streams suggests the don’t update their providers, which doesn’t bode well for this update.

    1. Hi Keith, please read about update above. I cover this and instruct people to use Real-Debrid. It costs 4 bucks per month.

  42. Well , unfortunately this is the third app in a row thats a failure!
    Dont know whats going on but the apps suggested just dont work or cannot download at all.

    About to give up and find another alternative if cannot get at least one to actually work ???

    1. Tom, please see notes in article above. The website is down due to high traffic and I’ve already provided a Downloader code to install it in a different way.

    1. Agreed but most people won’t be willing to pay for the Syncler+ subscription or Real-Debrid for that matter.

  43. I tried installing the new cinema hd APK on my fire stick 3rd gen using the Troypoint directions, with and without SurfShark VPN, and it didn’t work. With SurfShark I get “Status Error: No connection”. Without I get “Status Error: Unknown server”. What should I do?

    1. Hello Trece, their servers are down due to high traffic. You can also install by using the Downloader Code 988552. Just type that into the URL box in Downloader and hit Go.

    1. Hello, their servers are down due to high traffic. You can also install by using the Downloader Code 988552. Just type that into the URL box in Downloader and hit Go.

    1. Hi Jason, see my additional way above to install with Downloader code if website isn’t working.

    1. Hi Scott, new Downloader code added above for when server not working like today. Just use that code.

  44. I got the prompt to update when I launched it but this new version is loaded with ads! I uninstalled it and reinstalled the original version.

      1. First let me start off by saying how thankfull I am to Troy for all his helpful videos. It’s opened up a whole new world of entertainment for me.

        Regarding the newest version of Cinema:
        Hmmmm, I too still have ads when returning to the main screen after watching something on Cinema after following the instructions on how to kill the ads. I did enable “cleanWeb” and change my default player to MX. Yet there are still ads on my android. Haven’t tried the firestick yet.

        1. Hi Joe, I haven’t tried this on Android phone or tablet. This is on my Firestick and I still don’t see any ads.

  45. Just noticed that Cinema HD has a new update to 2.5.1? Is it safe to use? Been using the 2.4.0 Version for a very long time with no issues

  46. Grandadwullie68

    Cinema HD has totally gone to pot. For about 6 months now, I’ve just had constant problems with it. I have old gen. of firestick but now, can’t get links and when I do they don’t work. Have uninstalled and re installed various versions from different suppliers and it still doesn’t work. Have followed all sorts of instructions on how to fix issues and none of them work either. Used to be such a good app.

    1. It works great with Real Debrid and All Debrid. But, the free links do not work well at all.

    2. You can install and configure the all in 1 app where u will literally get every live tv channel, every sports package, ppv, porn, movies, TV shows, etc

      1. Which are you referring to ? Cinema Hd ? …Can you explain how to do it?
        Thanks so much ..Appreciate anything you can help with ..
        Have a Great day

    1. I think its a bug with the new update. Had the same problem. 70% of the links (regular and real debrid) would have no sound. Reinstalled 2.4.0 and everything works fine again. Try reinstalling the previous version 2.4.0.

  47. I spend a lot of time trying to find shows on Cinema that are in English. Seems like I get an awful lot of french and chinese dubbed shows. Is there any way to set my streams to English only?

    1. Should be in the settings area
      You should be able to set to English only …so ck the settings area
      Hope this helps

  48. I followed instructions for no ads on Cinema, but still get ads. I have surfshark and mx player installed. Note this is the new version of cinema hd

  49. So I went to the rapid app installler, downloaded one called stremio and low and behold I installed it clicked on open and a dual colored triangle showed up on the screen with a white arrow ahich usually means start so I clicked on it and NOTHING happens…. Dang, what is going on? I guess I’ll have to go back to KODI and install one of those builds that don’t let you record your favorites anywhere to make finding episodes and seasons easy like an apk like Cinema use to provide

  50. Cinema APK was my favorite app for movies and tv shows.
    I lost it when I ditched my Firestick 4K for the bargain-priced Onn Watch from Walmart — thanks to Troy’s review.
    My heart sunk when I saw that Cinema APK is no longer listed in the Troypoint app.
    However, I will use this guide you’ve provided to acquire it again.
    I have been noticing that in the last month or so, subtitles have become harder to get with the app.

  51. From what I understand, the developer of CinemaHD has abandoned the app. While it still works, it won’t be updated and will eventually break. Version 2.4.0 is the latest and last update.

    It’s shame too. This is easily my favorite app of its ilk. It’s not overly complicated with choosing and installing esoteric, 3rd party packages. I’m keeping my eyes open for something that doesn’t require an overly complicated setup and has a user-friendly design.

    1. Hello Marty.
      I’m not entirely sure of this is true, I have heard this, but if you have real debrid I would use weyd, syncler, kodi or streamio. Amazing options for movies and shows.

    2. I, too, heard the same thing about CinemaHD. I also read the warnings about all the fake “CinemaHD” clone apps out there. The best bet is to just steer clear of anything marked “CinemaHD” or even remotely close to that name. Just a heads up…

  52. Every time I start watching a series on Cinema the 1st half of the season has a lot of feeds, but then after the feds start getting less and less until it don’t pull any feed.

    1. Hello Darren.

      A common issue with cinemahd is pulling in wrong links or non at all, make sure your real debrid is up to date and also re authorize it helps. Cinema will likely be shutting down I’d look for something els.

  53. I search for a link to stream a movie, only to get some other movie and have to search and search and then find that there is no stream to the movie I want to watch, WHY?

  54. I have cinema and every time I watch anything it stops constantly and then a wheel spins for a about a minute and then the picture comes back but it does every about every 20 seconds it’s very annoying. Any idea of what to do?

  55. I have a venom platinum box but it does not work anymore for obvious reasons. I want to get rid of everything on it and clean it up and use for a kodi programming. Can someone explain how I can do a cleanup and install kodi? I can’t see throwing it in the garbage.

  56. I downloaded cinema to my fire stick and all i get is a black and white screen saying cinema and that the server is under maintenance it’s been like this for a month. i had a friend install on my other fire stick and worked great but this fire stick no longer will work
    i installed on my new one and can’t get it to work
    i must have done something wrong
    Any help ?

  57. When upgrading firesticks – do I have to reload all my favorites (300+) in cinema ???
    I’ve found a way to transfer the old cinema player to my computer and then re-transfer it back to my new firestick – question here is this is an old version on cinema and once downloaded to the new firestick will it save all my favorites when I re-download cinema ???

  58. Anyway to have Cinema download to expanded storage? Cinema is installed there, had hoped that would resolve the issue.

  59. I have been having a lot of problems getting subtitles lately. Do you know why this is happening and have a suggestion on how to fix it?

    1. Craig Biddinger

      I too had problems with closed captioning. It seems like the native cinema player doesn’t play closed captioning anymore.

      Use MX Pro or VLC.

      They won’t work from the initial link that asks, play with subtitle.

      Just click on play, then once show begins to play go to mx or vlc closed caption set up .I also found that MX should be in HW+ mode.

    1. Best thing to do is make sure all your audio settings are connected properly, and you are on the right settings and playing the right source for the technology you have.

      Use mx player or just play or vlc as well.

      1. The backup and restore function will not work for an install on an Amazon device. It will work on an ONN box which is Google OS. Wish they’d fix it?

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