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Top 25 Kodi Builds in July 2024 (New Builds Added Daily)

Best Kodi Builds

Kodi Builds are a pre-made package for Kodi designed to improve user experience while offering a more convenient way to access content.

The number one reason to install a Kodi build is to save time. Without installing a build, users will spend hours dealing with individual add-ons and hope to find quality streams.

These builds are typically filled with add-ons, integrations, custom skins, widgets, and other features added by third-party developers.

Kodi Build Interface
Kodi Build Interface

Builds come packed with free movies, TV series, live channels, sports, adult content, music, weather, and more.

In order to use a build you must first install Kodi on a compatible device. All of the builds mentioned in this guide have been tested on the Amazon Firestick, which is the most popular device for Kodi since it’s affordable and easy to unlock.

However, Kodi can be installed on any Android-powered device, Windows PC, Mac, Linux, and more.

Users can also integrate services with builds such as Real-Debrid, AllDebrid, Premiumize, and Trakt for improved streaming quality. Real-Debrid is a premium service that costs under $5 per month and provides high-quality streaming links for better playback.

Legal Disclaimer: TROYPOINT does not develop, operate, host, distribute, or administer any streaming application, add-on, website, or service. Furthermore, we cannot determine the legality of any streaming platform reviewed on this website. TROYPOINT specializes in educational tech reviews, tutorials, and news which is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. The end-user is solely responsible for media accessed and TROYPOINT assumes that all visitors are abiding by copyright laws set forth within their jurisdiction. Users should only stream works not protected by copyright when using unverified streaming solutions.

It’s recommended to pair Real-Debrid with Kodi builds and add-ons for an improved streaming experience. However, not all are compatible with Real-Debrid and we make note of that for each one we tested.

Integrating Real-Debrid
Integrating Real-Debrid

All of the builds listed below are compatible with Kodi 21 Omega. Version “21 Omega” is the most stable release of the Kodi software. Some also work on the previous versions (20 Nexus, 19 Matrix, and 18 Leia) and we have noted that accordingly.

Our reviews team at TROYPOINT ranked the best builds based on popularity, categories, content library, add-on quality, repository/wizard, integrations, size, speed, user interface, and feedback from streaming forums like Reddit.

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back on a regular basis for new Kodi build submissions provided by users in the TROYPOINT Insider.

The following list was last updated on Thu, Jul, 18, 2024

Best Kodi Builds in 2024

1. Xenon

Compatible with Kodi 21

Diggz Xenon

We have ranked “Xenon” as the best Kodi build for several reasons. This is a top choice among cord-cutters due to its collection of add-ons, futuristic interface, and content library.

It is located inside the Chef Wizard which houses other high-quality builds. One important distinction to note is the difference between the “Debrid” and “Free” versions of Xenon.

Using the Debrid version requires a debrid service (Real-Debrid for example) to stream content while Free does not require a debrid service. A debrid service will populate higher-quality streaming links but does come with an additional expense.

The developers behind Xenon frequently update this build to ensure everything is running at peak performance. This is an excellent choice for both new and experienced Kodi users.


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  • Installation URL:
  • Repository: Diggz Repository
  • Wizard: Chef Nexus Wizard

How to Install Xenon Build

2. Estuary Switch

Compatible with Kodi 21

Estuary Switch

Estuary Switch is a quality build that is perfect for those who prefer the classic Kodi interface. It uses the “Estuary” skin, which is the default Kodi skin most users are familiar with.

While this build doesn’t boast a huge selection of add-ons, Estuary Switch includes the essential ones for basic streaming needs.

This build is simple, light, and makes a great choice for those using less powerful streaming devices. Estuary Switch is located inside the “709 Wizard,” which contains dozens of other exceptional options.


  • Installation URL:
  • Repository: 709 Repository
  • Wizard: 709 Wizard

How to Install Estuary Switch Build

3. Superman

Compatible with Kodi 21 & 20

Superman Kodi Build

The “Superman” build marks its spot towards the top of our list of best Kodi builds for many reasons which we describe in our resource guide below.

The user interface features a Superman-themed look and is extremely easy to navigate on any device. Best of all, this build offers media options for everyone. Movies, TV series, live channels, sports, and even a dedicated “Marvel&DC” category for superhero content.

It’s recommended to integrate Real-Debrid within Superman for optimal streaming performance. Superman can be installed from the “cMaN Wizard,” which houses other well-known builds. The developers behind “cMaN Wizard” are some of the best the Kodi community has to offer.


  • Installation URL:
  • Repository: cMaN Repository
  • Wizard: cMaN & SG Builds GUI Wizard

How to Install Superman Build

4. Burst

Compatible with Kodi 21

Burst Kodi Build

Not to be outdone by Xenon, the “Burst” build from the Diggz repo is the perfect option for those who want top-tier streams without having to pay for a premium resolving service such as real-debrid.

That is because Burst scrapes torrent providers to bring in high-quality link options that are partially downloaded before playback. Because torrent files download a portion of the file, your IP Address is made available to the public which can be extremely dangerous unless you are using a trustworthy VPN.

Free StartMail Trial

We created a video guide that will walk you through the process of installing, setting up, and using the Burst build.



  • Installation URL:
  • Repository: Diggz Repository
  • Wizard: Chef Nexus Wizard

How to Install Burst Build

5. Aspire

 Compatible with Kodi 21

Aspire Kodi Build

Aspire is a build praised by many in the Kodi community for its sleek design and high performance. This is a great choice for those who value both style and functionality when deciding which build to install.

The Aspire build is jam-packed with content ranging from on-demand titles to live channels, and like most, it’s suggested to integrate Real-Debrid for best performance. Aspire can be installed from either the Doomzday Wizard or EzzerMans Wizard.


  • Installation URL:
    • Alternative URL:
  • Repository: Doomzday Repository
  • Wizard: EzzerMans Wizard

How to Install Aspire Build

6. Doomzday

Compatible with Kodi 21

Doomzday Builds

Doomzday is one of the most popular Kodi repositories that has been around since the early days of 18 Leia. There is also a “Doomzday build” that works great.

Whether you want to stream movies, TV shows, live channels, sports, or other unique content, the Doomzday all-in-one build carries it all!

Doomzday also offers all of the useful integrations like Real-Debrid, Trakt, and others to improve your streaming experience.


  • Installation URL:
  • Repository: Doomzday Repository
  • Wizard: Doomzday Simple Wizard

How to Install Doomzday Builds

7. Simply Artic

Compatible with Kodi 21 & 20

Simply Artic Best builds

Simply Artic is a new build option created by the Diggz developers that uses premium addons for Films, Series, and live viewing.

Real-Debrid or other unrestricted downloading service is required but doing so makes Simply Artic fast and flawless for HD viewing. On Demand content isn’t the only thing provided, however, as there are a plethora of category options to choose from including for Music, Sports, Trakt, and YouTube.

If you have used a build in the past from the Diggz developers, you know that tons of time and effort are put into these platforms to ensure a fabulous user experience.


  • Installation URL:
  • Repository: Diggz Repository
  • Wizard: Chef Nexus Wizard

How to Install Simply Artic

8. Xontrix

Compatible with Kodi 21

Xontrix kodi build

Xontrix is a high-powered option that is considered an all-in-one choice for those looking to stream VOD Content as well as live TV.

It is located in the Chains Repository that has always been at the top of repo choices for builds, addons, and more. Using Xontrix is extremely easy as the home screen provides content choices as well as various addon choices if you prefer to search this way.

For best results, users will want to integrate a premium resolving service such as real-debrid as many of the addons associated with this build are “premium” options.


  • Installation URL:
  • Repository: The Crew Repo
  • Wizard: Chains Build Wizard

How to Install Xontrix Build

9. Redflix

Compatible with Kodi 21


Redflix is quickly becoming a popular choice among the Kodi community. This lightweight build is located inside the Red Wizard repository which is famous for hosting several other well-known builds.

What separates Redflix from other options on this list is its user-friendly interface that looks similar to streaming apps, which makes navigation a breeze.

It’s also important to highlight that Redflix comes with only one pre-installed add-on (FEN Lite) which makes it extremely efficient for any media box you choose.


  • Installation URL:
  • Repository: Red Wizard Repository
  • Wizard: The Red Wizard

How to Install Redflix Build

10. Nova TV

Compatible with Kodi 21

Nova Build

Nova TV is a build tailored for TV enthusiasts with thousands of on-demand titles and live channels. The developers of Nova TV did a great job of selecting add-ons dedicated to TV series, live TV, and documentaries.

In terms of design, the user-interface of Nova TV is clean, organized, and simple for finding your favorite content. The developers behind Nova TV also have a proven track record of creating high-quality builds.


  • Installation URL:
  • Repository: Doomzday Repository
  • Wizard: Doomzday Simple Wizard
  • Notable Add-ons: Scrubs V2, Quicksilver, Homelander, TheTVApp, Asgard, Ghost

How to Install Nova TV Kodi Build

11. The Beast

Compatible with Kodi 21 & 20

The Beast Build

The Beast is back! This is one of the most well-known builds of all time and it is now compatible with Kodi 21 Omega. Previously this option only worked with older versions of the Kodi software such as 18 Leia and 17 Krypton.

“The Beast” can now be found inside the EzzerMans Wizard and is filled with quality categories and add-ons. There are also integrations for Real-Debrid and other premium resolving services.


  • Installation URL:
  • Repository: EzzerMacs Wizard Repository
  • Wizard: EzzerMans Wizard
  • Notable Add-ons: Elementum, Magic Dragon, Seren, Scrubs V2, Asgard, Rising Tides

How to Install The Beast Build

12. Atomic

Compatible with Kodi 21 and 20

Atomic Build

The “Atomic” build may sound familiar as this build was once a top choice during the time of Kodi 19 Matrix. Now this build has recently been updated and works great on version 21 Omega!

Atomic can be installed from the MisfitMods Repository and is tailored for users who stream both video on-demand (VOD) and live content.


  • Installation URL:
  • Repository: MisfitMods Repo
  • Wizard: MisfitMods Wizard
  • Notable Add-ons: SportHD, Asgard, Quick Silver, Moria, Shazam, The Wizz

How to Install Atomic Build

13. Plutonium

Compatible with Kodi 21 & 20

Plutonium Build

Plutonium is a build characterized by its colorful and engaging user-interface. This is one of the lighter builds on our list and makes a great choice for streaming devices with limited storage.

Plutonium is an excellent build for streaming video on-demand (VOD) content with its packed library of movies and TV series. Unfortunately, Plutonium does not offer live channels and we suggest using a different build on this list for live TV streaming.

Plutonium can be installed from the “EzzerMans Wizard,” which provides dozens of other notable builds like Smokin, Diablo, and The Beast to name a few.


  • Installation URL:
  • Repository: EzzerMac Repository
  • Wizard: EzzerMans Wizard
  • Notable Add-ons: Shazam, Asgard, METV, Magic Dragon, Patriot

How to Install Plutonium Build

14. Xlite

Compatible with Kodi 21


“Xlite” was released in 2023 and makes a great addition to our list of best builds. I am a huge fan of the user interface, category selection, content library, and video add-ons.

In the screenshot above you will notice the nice selection of sub-categories that Xlite offers such as “Top 25 Recommended” or “Weekend Box Office” to help users find their favorite content.

The Xlite build also provides the essential integrations for Real-Debrid, Trakt, etc. to enhance your streaming experience. Ultimately, Xlite is a great choice for those who need a basic, yet functional option that runs smoothly on any compatible device.


  • Installation URL:
  • Repository: 709 Repository
  • Wizard: 709 Wizard
  • Notable Add-ons: Homelander, Umbrella, The Crew, SportHD, Mad Titan Sports, The Loop

Xlite Build Installation Tutorial

15. Green Monster

Compatible with Kodi 21 & 20

Green Monster

The Green Monster build displays an impressive user-interface while providing top-notch video add-ons like The Crew. This selection is versatile, lightweight, offers a variety of categories, and is frequently updated by the developers.

It has been around for several years and also works on the previous version of Kodi. Whether you want to stream movies, TV shows, or live channels, Green Monster is a quality build for any cord-cutter!


  • Installation URL:
  • Repository: The Crew Repo
  • Wizard: The Crew Wizard
  • Notable Add-ons: The Crew, FEN, Homelander, Umbrella, Seren, Black Lightning, Moria

How to Install Green Monster Build

16. Simplex

Compatible with Kodi 21

Simplex Kodi Build

As implied in the name of this build, Simplex is easy to navigate and is small enough to function on nearly any Kodi device you prefer. Both real-debrid users and those who do not have a resolving service will find streaming options in high definition.

You will also notice the 4K Section that is not provided with other builds in this list that only serve up films in UHD. Besides the VOD options are also live channels categorized by location and genre for all-encompassing streaming.


  • Installation URL:
  • Repository: cMaN Repository
  • Wizard: cMaN & SG Builds GUI Wizard
  • Notable Add-ons: Scrubs V2, The Coalition, Aliunde, Absolution, Asgard, Torque Lite, Quicksilver, DaddyLive

How to Install Simplex Build on Kodi

17. Serenity

Compatible with Kodi 21


Those who have been around this niche for a while have likely heard of the popular Seren addon which is considered the “premium” addon choice for those who prefer to use this software.

With Serenity, users can get all of the high speed power of Seren in a lightweight, fast working Kodi Build that makes finding your content extremely easy.

Because Seren is a video addon, users will only find options for Films and Series but if you already have a live streaming service this platform is perfect for on-demand options.

Setting up Serenity for use is extremely easy as real-debrid options are available within settings and we show this in our instructional guide found below.


  • Installation URL:
  • Repository: 709 Repository
  • Wizard: 709 Wizard
  • Notable Add-ons: Seren

Serenity Build Tutorial

18. Hard Nox

Compatible with Kodi 21 & 20

Hard Nox Kodi Build

Hard Nox is another popular build that was recently updated for version 21 Omega. One of the best features of Hard Nox is its custom skin which is called the “Aeon Nox: Silvo Skin.”

This build includes excellent add-ons for streaming both on-demand and live content. With its futuristic look, easy-to-use navigation, and customizable widgets, this is a great option for beginners.

Hard Nox also supports integration with Real-Debrid, Trakt, and other services to enhance streaming quality and personalization.


  • Installation URL:
  • Repository: MisfitMods Repo
  • Wizard: MisfitMods Wizard
  • Notable Add-ons: Asgard, Chains, Homelander, Black Lightning, Genocide, The Loop, DaddyLive

How to Install Hard Nox Build

19. Franks

Compatible with Kodi 21 & 20


Experienced Kodi users have likely heard of Franks as it has stood the test of time and continues to serve up a fabulous streaming experience.

Both Kodi 21 and Kodi 20 Nexus are compatible with Franks and it works perfectly on either version. Content is provided in a sleek interface that makes browsing for Movies, Shows, and Live TV extremely simple.

With only 4 category options, finding exactly what you are looking for is a breeze on any device including Firestick and Android TV/Google TV.


  • Installation URL:
  • Repository: The Crew Repo
  • Wizard: Chains Build Wizard
  • Notable Add-ons: SportsHD, Gratis, Zoro, The Crew, Luffy, GoGoAnime

Franks Build Installation Guide

20. POVico

Compatible with Kodi 21 & 20  

POVico Build

POVico is a FAST build that uses only one add-on (POV) to stream movies and TV series in HD quality.

The interface also mimics the original Kodi home screen to keep this option as simple as possible. If you are looking for a build that’s easy to use and offers efficient streaming, POVico is a great choice for beginners!


  • Installation URL:
  • Repository: The 7o9 Repo
  • Wizard: 7o9 Wizard
  • Notable Add-ons: POV

POVico Build Installation Guide

21. Game On

Compatible with Kodi 21

Game On Kodi Build

“Game On” is a special build optimized for streaming live channels and sporting events. The developers made sure to use the best Kodi sports addons available.

It offers reliable streaming options for football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, wrestling, MMA, racing, tennis, and more! In addition to live sports, Game On also provides replays, highlights, and talk shows so you can stay updated on any sport.

The downside of “Game On” is its lack of on-demand content. So if you are searching for a build with free movies and TV shows it is recommended to install another option from this list.


  • Installation URL:
  • Repository: 709 Repository
  • Wizard: 709 Wizard
  • Notable Add-ons: The Loop, Endzone, SportHD, Rising Tides, Mad Titan, The Crew

How to Install Game On Build

22. Smokin

Compatible with Kodi 21 & 20

Smokin Build

Smokin is a well-known build from the Doomzday Repo that presents a user-friendly interface for quick access to content.

This option has been consistently updated by the developers behind “Doomzday” and now includes newer add-ons and working integrations. The Smokin build works great on any device compatible with Kodi.


  • Installation URL:
  • Repository: Doomzday Repo
  • Wizard: Doomzday Wizard
  • Notable Add-ons: The Crew, Ghost, Twisted, Wolf Pack, Homelander, Scrubs V2

How to Install Smokin Build

23. OneFlix

Compatible with Kodi 21

OneFlix Build

OneFlix makes our list of best builds as a quality option for viewing on-demand movies and TV shows. OneFlix comes from the “709 Repository” and is filled with premium add-ons.

If you decide to install OneFlix we suggest integrating your Real-Debrid account to enjoy streaming links in 1080p and 4K quality.


  • Installation URL:
  • Repository: 709 Repository
  • Wizard: 709 Wizard
  • Notable Add-ons: The Crew, Seren, Umbrella, POV, Ghost, Homelander, The MovieDB Helper

OneFlix Build Installation Guide

24. Galaxy

Compatible with Kodi 21

Galaxy Build

“Galaxy” makes our list of best builds as a quality option for viewing both live channels and on-demand content. You can find Galaxy inside the funstersplace Repository, which is a popular destination for quality builds.

While Galaxy is a “non-debrid” build and doesn’t require premium resolver services, we still recommend integrating Real-Debrid, Premiumize, or AllDebrid for the highest quality streaming links.


  • Installation URL:
  • Repository: funstersplace Repository
  • Wizard: Funstersplace Funs Wizard
  • Notable Add-ons: The Crew, Twisted, Gratis, Ghost TV, DaddyLive, Diggz Free99

How to Install Galaxy Build

25. NXTFlix

Compatible with Kodi 21

NXTFlix home screen

A lightweight, easy-to-use option that has everything you need in one location, NXTFlix is great for those who prefer minimal settings/features.

Users can choose between two different variations of NXTFlix which include “VOD Only” or “With Live TV”. While both options work extremely well, the live one is the most popular and we have found that channels options are fairly reliable.

One thing that sets this apart from others is the ability to choose your device for compatible resolution including Google Boxes and Fire TV. Learn more in our installation guide below.


  • Installation URL:
  • Repository: NXTFlix
  • Wizard: NXTFlix
  • Notable Add-ons: DaddyLive, NXTFlix

NXTFlix Build Tutorial

Classic Builds

Several Kodi enthusiasts are still running older versions of the software. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

If you are using Kodi 19 Matrix, 18 Leia, or even 17 Krypton, you may want to consider one of these classic Kodi builds below.

No Limits Magic Build on Kodi 18
No Limits Magic Build on Kodi 18

How to Use a Kodi Build

After selecting and installing your preferred build, you can now access it every time you launch the Kodi application.

In this instance we installed “Estuary Switch” on our Amazon Firestick 4K, but these tips apply to any build.

Choosing a Build to Install from the Menu
Choosing a Build to Install from the Menu

Builds typically feature various categories to choose from for streaming content on any device. This often includes options for movies, TV shows, music, podcasts, weather, and tons of information all in one location.

Build Categories
Build Categories

You can also adjust any settings you prefer for the skin, interface, profiles, services, add-ons, video players, or system.

Build Settings
Build Settings

When it comes to add-ons, most builds by default will include several pre-installed add-ons. These can be removed if you prefer or you can also install new add-ons of your choice.

Pre-Installed Add-ons
Pre-Installed Add-ons

Using a Kodi build is a great way to get an all-encompassing experience on any streaming device!

Kodi Build Integrations

After installing a Kodi build on your device, many users integrate premium services to improve their streaming experience. This includes Real-Debrid, Trakt, AllDebrid, and Premiumize.


1. Hover over the Add-ons category and click Premium Login underneath.

Hover over the Add-ons category and click Premium Login underneath.

 2. Hover over “Universal Resolver 2” on the left-hand menu, then scroll down and click “Reauthorize my Account” under Real-Debrid.  

Hover over "Universal Resolver 2" on the left-hand menu, then scroll down and click "Reauthorize my Account" under Real-Debrid.

3. Write down the Real-Debrid authorization code and visit to verify the code.

Write down the Real-Debrid autorization code and visit to verify the code.

4. Enter the authorization code from the previous step.

Enter the authorization code from the previous step.

5. You will likely be prompted to login to your Real-Debrid account. Enter your credentials and click Login.

You will likely be prompted to login to your Real-Debrid account. Enter your credentials and click Login.

6. You should then see an “Application allowed” message.

You should then see an "Application allowed" message.

7. Return back to Superman and you should see a message on top that reads “Real-Debrid Resolver Authorized.”  

Return back to the Superman build and you should see a message on top that reads "Real-Debrid Resolver Authorized."

That’s it! Enjoy using Real-Debrid inside your builds for a better streaming experience.


Trakt is another popular third-party integration that integrates with builds so users can keep track of what movies and TV shows have been watched.

1. Visit the Trakt website and register for a free account if you don’t have one already.  

Visit the Trakt website and register for a free account if you don't have one already.

2. On the main menu of the Superman build, locate one of your preferred add-ons and click it. We are using The Crew in this example.

On the main menu of the Superman build, locate one of your preferred add-ons and click it.

 3. Scroll down and click Tools.

Scroll down and click Tools.

 4. Click Trakt: Authorize.

Click Trakt: Authorize.

 5. Write down this code.

Write down this code.

 6. Visit on another device and enter the code from the previous step.

Visit on another device and enter the code from the previous step.

 7. Click Yes.

Click Yes.

 8. If done correctly, you should see a confirmation message “Woohoo!”

If done correctly, you should see a confirmation message "Woohoo!"

 9. Return back to Superman and notice your Trakt account information has been successfully integrated. 

Return back to the Superman build and notice your Trakt account information has been successfully integrated.

Discontinued Kodi Builds

Like most things in streaming, builds come and go over the years. Below you will find some popular builds that are no longer available, as the developers discontinued them.

It’s important we include this information so you don’t waste your time trying to install builds that have been retired. Several other websites covering this topic are full of misinformation claiming these options still work.


Xanax Build

“Xanax” is one of the most popular builds of all time and help put Kodi on the map. This comes from the same developers who created the “Durex” build.

This used to be a “go to” choice for streaming VOD content with a powerhouse of add-ons like Exodus Redux, Venom, Numbers, and more. See our article below for more details.

Xanax Build Shut Down 


Titanium Build

The “Titanium” build was right up there with Xanax and No Limits Magic in terms of popularity. This option not only provided on-demand content but tons of options for live channels and sports.

Some notable add-ons from this build included SportsDevil, Gaia, DeathStar, Yoda, and others compatible with Kodi 18 Leia.



“Slamious” used to be one of our favorite builds with Kodi 18 Leia. This was best known for its light size and awesome user-interface.

You could access The Crew, Maverick, Numbers, Magic Dragon, Atreides, and other add-ons that worked well with Kodi 18 at the time.

More Kodi Resources

In addition to installing a build, the uses for Kodi are just about endless. This free media software can be turned into a streaming powerhouse with the click of a few buttons.

For more popular Kodi tutorials to compliment your build, we suggest viewing our guides below.

Overall, using a Kodi build is one of the best ways to improve your streaming experience on any compatible device. Whether it’s for movies, Shows, live channels, or sports, there is a build for everyone!

Did we miss your favorite build? Let us know in the comment section! See our frequently asked questions below for more important details on Kodi builds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Kodi Build?

A Kodi build is a pre-configured version of Kodi filled with add-ons, custom skins, integrations, and other features. Think of a build as a pre-made package for Kodi designed to improve user experience while offering a more convenient way to access content.

What is the Best Kodi Build?

While the “best” Kodi build is mostly based on user-preference, our reviews team found Xenon, Superman, Burst, Estuary Switch, and Aspire to be the best choices so far in 2024.

What is the Best Build for Watching Live TV?

After testing dozens of builds we found Aspire, Nova TV, The Beast, Xontrix, and Game On to be the best options for watching live channels.

Are Kodi Builds Legal?

Yes, builds themselves are legal to install and use. Kodi is an open-source media player available for installation in the Google Play Store. However, there may be content provided within a third-party build that is not legal to access and protected by copyright. Users should only access titles that are available in the public domain. Ultimately, TROYPOINT can’t verify whether the content provided by third-party developers carry the proper licensing. The end-user is responsible for all content accessed through unverified builds. See our resource guide on the legality of Kodi for more details.

Are They Safe to Use?

The Kodi application by itself is safe to install and use on any device. However, installing third-party builds not located within Kodi’s official repository may be harmful. We recommend scanning files with VirusTotal to check for viruses/malware.

Can I Create My Own Custom Kodi Build?

Yes! Creating your own custom build is in fact the best way to use Kodi. This will allow you to use custom skins, widgets, add-ons, integrations, and other preferences you have. See our custom build tutorial for more details.

Can I Install Multiple Builds?

Yes, while you can install multiple builds on the same device it is not recommended. Installing multiple builds will take up considerable storage and cause issues with conflicting add-ons.

Can I Install Additional Add-ons Inside Builds?

Yes, installing additional add-ons inside a Kodi build is possible but sometimes not recommended. This is because not all add-ons are compatible with every build repository.

What is the Difference Between Kodi Builds and Addons?

Kodi builds are pre-configured setups of Kodi that include a collection of add-ons, skins, and integrations with a customized look. Add-ons, on the other hand, are individual plugins that extend Kodi’s functionality by allowing users to access specific types of content. 

What Devices Work with Kodi?

Kodi is compatible with a large range of devices and operating systems. This includes the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Android devices, Windows PC, Mac, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. You can visit their official website for a list of supported devices.

Does Kodi Still Work in 2024?

Yes! Kodi still works great on any compatible device. The developers behind Kodi are frequently fixing bugs and updating the software.

What is the Most Stable Version of Kodi Right Now?

The stable version of Kodi right now is “21 Omega” which was released in April 2024. 

This page includes affiliate links where TROYPOINT may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Many times, visitors will receive a discount due to the special arrangements made for our fans. Learn more on my Affiliate Disclaimer page.

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  1. Troy, every time I get to the Build screen where I can load Superman Build my screen goes black and Firestick restarts. What am I do wrong? Should I just us another Build?


  2. I downloaded the Superman build and I cannot get any movie to come on. I keep getting a message Real Debrid Autho. 0% open this link in a browser then enter a code GBDP53Q on every stream. Need help as I did not want real debris. Are all of the streams real debrid?

  3. Try Apktime It’s a wonderful app providing only the most popular apps, although only those I’d consider “must have” or some that are otherwise essential such as maintenance apps such as cleaners, antivirus, ad-blockers, alternative app stores, etc. I particularly prefer here because files are kept updated regularly, so whenever there is an update released, you can be sure to find it available for D/L here. This will completely eliminate all issues concerning not being able to find certain titles or any sources, or watchable sources. I found this extremely helpful when learning how to keep everything updated in my “rookie” days. Just do not forget to erase old outdated versions of apps before installing new ones. This shouldn’t be an issue as I believe the system will remind you of this and will not allow installation of the new .apk until the old one with the same title has been deleted. If you have trouble finding Apktime, try Aptoide or search Troypoint as this is how I originally discovered the directions to Apktime.
    Best of Luck!

  4. You can’t afford five bucks per month? If you are that strapped for cash you probably shouldn’t have Internet service either.

    1. Wow seriously? The answer if you must know is no I don’t. I also don’t go to restaurants, movies, or anything fun. I have downsized on every possible bill just to have internet. Not a big city and only ONE provider at $120 per month for internet alone. No TV and the cheapest phone . Thanks for your UNsupport.

  5. I tried to install Superman build but when I went to install from repository I keep getting unable to access repository. Is his site down?

  6. Hey, I just installed Kodi 20.1 on fire stick and tried to install Superman build on it but it keeps saying” could not connect to repository”. Is it not working?

  7. Dr.Droidski M.D. esquire

    diggz has a wiki link in need to install things to make other things also have to take the crew and a couple of other programs off 4k and change to 1080 for them to work on 4k is all in his wiki link on zenon.I dont see how superman beat zenon for no.1

  8. Lauren Thompson

    I just did the superman build I got to the point that it restarted Kodi and now when I launch it’s just a black screen and will not load kodi and taken me back to my home page? Not sure what I have done?

  9. I really like CrewNique but all of a sudden I can okly get 720 and SD also canit install real debrid on it either. Any suggestions? Thx Bonnie

  10. I have tried to install 2 different Kodi builds, Superman and Diggz Xenon both get to the zip screen and neither will on zip, nothing happens. I am sure I am missing something. The firestick connects to the internet just fine. Can someone help, I am lost

    1. My first thought is the firestick is not setup to allow install from unknown sources. This is developer options. Check the troypoint videos, there is atotorial on this and it is often mentioned near the beginning of many of his build install videos.

      1. Thanks for the reply, I made sure I could download from unknown sources, I had a previous build (Xanax) with Kodi with no problems, I am still lost.

  11. A little help please. Since Cinama APK is pretty much done, I have been trying to set up Kodi with the Crew build. I also have a Real Debrid account. Unfortunately, no matter what I do, all feeds in Kodi/The Crew do not play. Even the Paid feeds do not play. It is like they are not connecting. Any way to fix this issue. PLEASE HELP!!!

  12. Jeffrey Hardin

    I have absolutely nothing but great things to say about the Crew build.
    It loads as quick as Syncler upon opening and since it only has three addons, Homelander, Nightwing & Crew and all three addons are running smoothly on my Amozon 4k cube.
    I have had no issues since loading it 3 months ago.
    What puzzles me however is that the 4k, 1080 and 720 videos skip/stutter and the subs worthless, but the SD links are playing as clear if not clearer than the 1080 & 720 links and all the subs synced….
    So all I play is the SD links and they play surprisingly well and clear.

    Crew has won me over and the best build I’ve used thus far with Xenon and No Limits eatin dust….

    1. I love how fast this build is but I am having trouble with buffering. I haven’t had the issue with any other builds in the past. Any suggestions on how to make it stop?

  13. Titanium build does not work. After dloading zip (ver. 102) , and installing repository
    It gives no option
    for programs add-on. Only add-on depot.
    So i can ‘t install the wizzard.
    Anny sugestions?

    1. Hi there,

      Make sure you are using the correct version of Kodi for this build. It does not work with kodi 19.

  14. My favorite build is Diggz Xenon NotNetflix Clone. It works flawlessly with RD and Trakt TV.
    When you download these builds, you have to play with it to understand the settings, learn how to customize your build to your liking. The retro arcade on Diggz build is a bonus. I also integrate my apk’s and my iptv service in my build. You have to dedicate time and patience to learn almost every aspect of the build. It will make moving forward a lot easier. And I am using the 2015 500gb Nvidia Shield box, and the 16gb Box.

  15. Kirk Lundgreen

    I should have mentioned I am using Fire TV stick 4K. V OS (NS6279/3905) It has 2.45 GB free.
    I also tried using Mouse Toggle to no avail. I could access the widgets by using Wechip remote, but since my wife is trying to learn to use the Firestick remote still, I would like to access Widgets using Firestick remote like I have in other builds.



  16. Hey Troy. Thanks for all you do. I downloaded the WTFractal build. Like it except one thing. I can’t access anything on the Widgets menus. I can’t click on anything in widgets. Are you aware of a setting I may have overlooked?
    Thx again


  17. I’ve always used the Cinema app and was happy with it until recently. I just installed the Kodi Diggz Xenon build and it’s complicated and confusing. I just want to stream movies and TV shows as easily as possible. It would be nice if it were Real Debrid compatible. What would you suggest?

    1. Get the troypoint rapid app installer. Download unlinked. Troy has a code in the email somewhere to get into unlinked. Once in unlinked, download beetv. Comparable to and better than cinema.

  18. Hi I’m having a real problem with my box. I have loaded diggx matrix and cman builds I can not watch anything. The movie comes up I pick a stream and then I get and error in RD. On every movie old new doesn’t matter I can not watch anything. My RD account is good its active. Can someone please let me know how to get rid of this error message? Two weeks I’ve been working on this I am not computer savey. But I am completely lost, Please Please Help? Thank you.

  19. Kodi No Limits Magic V13.4 last update was 08-16-2020 unless you found an update, I don’t know about Troypoint.

    1. TROYPOINT - Ryan

      Hi Dennis – In this guide we note No Limits is for version 18 Leia. No we have not seen any updates for version 19 Matrix.

  20. I have been using No Limits Magic Build for years and mostly with no issues. I do have 2 questions.

    1. The current version for NLM is 13.4 and it has not been updated since August of 2020. I am using Kodi 18.9. Have they stopped updating NLM for 17 & 18?

    2. Does NLM work for Kodi 19? If so, has the version been updated? Thanks!

  21. John F OBrien

    Wow, way too complicated. Can’t even follow what is going on with the video let alone trying to install it. Until the developers figure out how to simplify the installation to a single click, I am going to find a different app to use to watch movies.

  22. Hi Troy, I have down loaded Kodi Misfit Mods Lite, but i am having trouble opening the the movie link. The movie comes up but will not play, an error message comes up. This happens with the sport link as well. Can you help me over come this problem Garry

      1. Hi Troy,
        Diggz Xenon Plus v(8.1) is not installed. Message wrong URL. I tried both install URLs given here and they are not working for the install.

        1. TROYPOINT - Ryan

          Hi there,

          Are you using Kodi 19 Matrix and on what device? Tested this the other day and installed fine for me.

        2. Russell Boroviak

          I had the same problem lastnight. Idk whats going on. Im using the newest firecube & its always worked for me before.

  23. Thank you for your very helpful posts and videos! I am not a tech person by a long stretch, but your instructions are so good I was able to first clear the data on Kodi, install an updated version 19.3, and install Diggz Xenon Build for my Android Box. I turned off my box last night, and now today, my original (not working too well) regular apps come up.
    I clicked on Kodi, and Xenon Plus came up, so all good there, but what happens if I install another add-on, whether IPTV or anything else on your list of the best add-ons? Will a list or choice come up for me to choose which one I want, and will those be under Kodi? Right now, when I click on Kodi, Xenon Plus just comes up. If I install another add-on, will I be given a choice under Kodi?

  24. I have been using the Diggz Xenon build for quite some time now and like it quite a bit. However, I am having a small issue with the Odin addon, an issue more annoying than anything else. I can install it from the Narcacist repository and I can move it to the favorites area and the Odin icon appears, but when I try to move it to Debrid Zone , the icon is non existent no matter where I have looked. Puzzling to say the least. I have deleted testures13.db and rebooted Kodi to see if it would repopulate and create the icon; needless to say unsuccessfully. By the way, I am using Kodi 19.4 Matrix in case it matters. Odin works great out of the Favorites by the way but I just want to move it and have an icon to accompany it. Anyone have any ideas?

  25. Hello. Thank you for all the great content on this website!!

    For days now I haven’t been able to add a file source to download a Kodi build. I keep getting a message that says “Unable to connect” “Couldn’t retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to add it anyway?”

    I doubled my internet speed with my provider, and I KNOW that my Fire Stick 4K is connected to my internet. Why am I having so much trouble downloading a Kodi build?? I’ve tried Diggz, Misfit Mods and Green Monster. I get the same message each time.

    What am I doing wrong or why does this keep happening? I even reset my Fire Stick to factory settings to start over. I downloaded Download Manager, Troypoint and Hulu and it says I have 4.15 of 5.34GB available. I’m at my wits end. Please help. Thank you.

  26. Richard Hensley

    I got problems since Amazon most recent update I can’t keep kodi or any other none Amazon app open for more then a few shows or movies and…
    with most recent update Amazon added more there crap I’m being forced to remove apps I’ve used for yrs so there crap has room that I don’t use and can’t delete is there a fix for these?
    currently using 2nd Gen firestick
    kodi 19.4 with diggz xenon plus 7.7
    cinema HD
    crunchy roll paid subscription
    had to remove tubi, silk browser a different download program and clear all caches in all non used apps just to keep the others. Amazon needs 500 Meg of ram to operate or so it said and refused to let me do anything till I removed things due to Amazon updates!

      1. Jim gofasterzo6

        I have a question dealing with Kodi it states in order to receive updates for the Bluetooth delay add on please install the new repo from MHR repo? Is this something I need to do I am a novice at best with Kodi

        1. TROYPOINT - Ryan

          Hi Jim,

          I have not heard of that one. Is this after installing one of the builds we have listed on this page?

  27. Along Nox Silvo is an excellent skin build. Bery modern look and feel with cool layout and features!! The only I noticed in Kodi 19.4, unrelated to this, is for some reason Kodi scans my entire flashdrive on startup, rather than just my TV shows folder and 2 randomly named empty files appear that I constantly have to remove from the library. They seem to be related to the Android and Lost.dir files on the flashdrive. Is there a way to avoid this? Where it will only scan my folder for tv shows?

  28. Tried several builds to pull wwe replays
    Does rd pull any currently unsupported by it…
    A good word would sway me

  29. Dear All,
    I have been very unlucky with KODI so far.I have tried many installations of Kodi and several addons in the recent past, but the next day, the Add ons , builds etc.
    My question is there any KODI fully loaded that i can buy and download direct to my media player.
    Thanks for a positive reply.

  30. I have the lastest Amazon firestick 4K and lastest Kodi 19.3 but when I view TV programs they seem to be dark. Is there a fix to make then brighter ? Thank you

  31. I am using kodi 19 and trying to run wizards for 19.3 kodi. Is this the reason they load slow and will not work most times. Where can I download old kodi say 18 to 18.9? Thanks Dean

  32. What’s a debird?
    It removes bloatware & creates extra space on a FireStick right? I need that too.
    4 bucks? One time? Or forever? Where?

  33. Why does Xenon Matrix take so long for the initial loading to happen. I have in can take up to 10 minutes before getting any selected content, specifically on the Oath app?

  34. I am new to Kodi – Have installed diggz xenon build for kodi as per instructions – what is the password for the adults only.

  35. Does anyone know how I can retrieve past xenon builds? I’m looking for kodi xenon version 7.7 I’m using 7.8 now and it’s not as good as previous xenon builds…I wish I didn’t update it

    1. Troy point…HELP!!!!! WHEN I cleared all my cache on all apps on my mibox…tried to install the lowrider build it just got stuck while it was installing!!..I’m not sure if I should delete apps on it and keep going through that in order to have the best streaming .or if I should get a fire stick being that it seems to be having more streaming apps than the mi box!!!

  36. My favorite build is Diggz Xenon Matrix.
    I recently have been experiencing a problem. After I downloaded Kodi and the Build, after about 10 days I can no longer open Kodi. The icon is there, but that’s all. I only have had this problem since my HOA changed internet providers. We went from X-finity to Frontier. I also have IP Vanish VPN set up. Is the internet provider shutting down Kodi or is Amazon doing this? I would like to now what I can do, to keep Kodi working? Any info is appreciated.

  37. any build that doesn’t open with a main menu that doesn’t include separate movie and tv headings, where there is no TV calendar clearly identified as TV calendar, but instead had a bunch of headers that do not take you directly to the entertainment, is worthless. can you recommend a build that is not bloated with overblown graphics, illegible fonts, and needless paths? I want something direct, functional and artistic. thx

  38. I don’t understand what’s happened to Kodi. I just came back to it after not using it for a few years, and I’m finding so many web pages like this one that are supposedly recently published but they list repos that have been dead for at least a month. Several of them above – Joker’s Build among them – are dead. What’s the deal, Troy?

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for the heads up on Joker. We try to stay on top of this list and keep it updated but as you can imagine it is difficult with the ever-changing nature of this technology. Please keep in mind that this list includes builds for both Kodi 18 and 19 as well so not all of them will work on the version you have installed.

      1. Unfortunately I believe the Duffman build is gone, at least for the moment, and the repo isn’t working at

        Has there been a drop in interest in Kodi lately?

        Thanks for being on top of these things. I know about broken kodi urls because almost every day now I search for new kodi repos, builds and addons. I’ve found a lot of sites, repos and good builds that aren’t on the various Kodi user pages, but not as many as I used to find, although I wonder of it’s because of the python coding change and my preference to use Kodi 19.3 and 20.

        1. Hello, I can understand yhe frustration but builds are maintained by individuals other than kodi. The python change was a huge leap and some coders just decided not to upgrade or maintain it. As mentioned above it changes alot, I’d highly recommend a non build with just a few addons as they are maintained better. If you can afford the 4 bucks get a real debird and you will have tv shows and movies.


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