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10+ Best APKs For Free Movies, Shows, & TV (Sept. 2023)

Best APKs

This post will provide you with a continually updated list of the Best APKs for Movies and TV Shows in 2023.

This list stays updated with working applications so you can always find a reliable option for VOD content.

APKs or Android Applications come in all shapes and sizes and are available for download on nearly every streaming device.

This includes popular media devices such as the Amazon Firestick and Fire TV as well as Android TV Boxes.

Due to its low price point and sideloading abilities, the Firestick is used by millions for all streaming capabilities.

One of the main reasons users purchase this device is because of its “jailbreak” ability. While this term is often used to describe the process, this is not what actually occurs.

By Jailbreaking a Firestick, users can install 3rd party apps not available within the Amazon App Store.

Oftentimes, these apps are used to stream Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Live TV, PPV, and much more.

Jailbreak Firestick

Many of the APKs in the following list are available for installation on a jailbroken Firestick or any preferred streaming device.

This includes all Firestick devices, Android TV Boxes, Tablets, smartphones, and more.

All of these APKs also have their own Downloader Codes that can be entered within the Downloader app for quicker installation.

These are the best APKs for streaming Movies and TV Shows and this list will stay constantly updated for your enjoyment.

Note: If you are looking for the direct sources that these APKs populate streaming links from, we suggest viewing our Best Free Movie Websites and Best Streaming Sites for TV Shows lists.

Best APKs for Movies and TV Shows

Please vote for your favorite APK by using the poll under this list.

1. Kodi

Kodi for Firestick


  • Thousands of Add-ons
  • Real-Debrid Capabilities
  • Trakt Capabilities
  • HD up to 4K
  • Subtitles
  • 100% Ad-Free

Kodi is still one of the most popular choices when it comes to free movies, TV shows, documentaries, adult content, and more.

It has stayed at the top of our Best APKs list for years and will continue to do so for many reasons.


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Some people don’t refer to this app as an APK because you need to install additional 3rd party addons to get the free content.

But, in my mind, it’s still an APK because there is an Android application available.

Installing Kodi is simple on most Android devices.  Simply search the Google Play store for Kodi and click the install button.

You can then install the best Kodi Addons and Kodi Builds for access to all of the free content you desire including Movies, Shows, Live TV, and more.

The Fire TV/Stick is still the most popular streaming device on the market today.  You can find the installation guide for Kodi on those devices by using the tutorial that I link to below.

How To Install Kodi On Fire TV/Stick

2. Syncler

syncler best apks


  • Provider Package Installation
  • Real-Debrid Capabilities
  • Trakt Capabilities
  • HD up to 4K
  • Subtitles

Syncler was recently launched as a stable APK and has already received praise from the cord-cutting community.

This app is a clone of the once-popular TVZion, as the interface and navigation are identical.

Syncler works similarly to Kodi or Stremio in the sense that you must install outside providers/addons to access the content.

Although this app does require Real-Debrid for use, you will be impressed at the number of quality links that populate.

Refer to our Syncler tutorial below for more information and how to install this app.

How To Install Syncler – Best APKs

3. Cinema APK

Cinema APK


  • Real Debrid Capabilities
  • Trakt Capabilities
  • HD up to 4K
  • Various Genres
  • External Video Player
  • Subtitles

Cinema is an easy-to-use streaming APK that is gaining popularity among the masses. It has a complete library of Movies and TV Shows and works extremely fast on nearly any device.

With real-debrid and Trakt integration, Cinema has the ability to make your streaming experience the best possible.

There are thousands of titles that are sorted into categories including Genre for an easy screening process.

Links are served up in high quality and often times available in 1080p HD.

Refer to our screenshot guide below for installing Cinema HD on your streaming device.

Cinema APK on Firestick/Android TV Box

4. Crackle

crackle best apks


  • 100% Free
  • HD up to 4K
  • No sign-up required
  • Subtitles
  • Buffer-Free

Sony’s Crackle is one of the most well-known Free streaming apps available today.

It features an extensive library of quality programming including Movies, TV Shows, and more.

This ad-supported APK is available for installation on any device you prefer and is 100% free to download and use.

Learn more about Crackle with easy-to-follow installation instructions using our guide below.

Crackle App on Firestick, Roku, Android

5. FilmPlus

filmplus firestick apps


  • Ad-Free with Surfshark VPN
  • External Video Player
  • Real-Debrid Capabilities
  • Trakt Capabilities
  • HD up to 4K

A new streaming APK, FilmPlus seems to be another fork of Terrarium TV with some updated features.

This app is working great, especially when integrated with real-debrid.

Users will notice a similar interface with popular categories to choose from. While ads are present, we can easily remove these by connecting to our #1 VPN Provider.

The default player for FilmPlus is Exo, however, we can easily set up MX Player within the app for less buffering.

Use the guide below for important details regarding FilmPlus with installation instructions and more.

Install FilmPlus APK

6. OnStream APK

onstream best apks


  • Auto-Play Capabilities
  • Subtitles Available
  • Compatible with Our #1 VPN Provider
  • Sign-In Available

OnStream is a fresh APK for viewing Movies and TV Shows in High-Definition.

Unlike most options on this list, OnStream features auto-play capabilities which is perfect for those who hate sorting through various link and source options.

These links play extremely fast and are usually in High Definition including 1080p.

For those interested, there is a sign-up with email option, however, we are unsure of the benefits that this feature provides.

For more information with step-by-step installation and setup, follow our resource guide below.

OnStream APK on Firestick & Android TV

7. PopcornFlix



  • One Click Streaming
  • 100% Buffer-Free
  • No Registration Required
  • Kodi Addon available

PopcornFlix has been around for more than a decade and with good reason due to its large library of both Movies and TV Shows.

It is one of the Best Free Movie Apps available today with tons of content in various genres and more.

Ads are transmitted, however, they are usually minimal and are what help make this application free!

Those who prefer Kodi will also have the ability to access PopcornFlix with the free Kodi addon for any device.

PopcornFlix Kodi Addon

Learn more about PopcornFlix and installation instructions for nearly any device at our resource guide below.

How to Install PopcornFlix

8. Viva TV

viva tv


  • Real-Debrid Capabilities
  • Trakt Capabilities
  • HD up to 4K
  • External Video Player
  • Download Manager

Viva is a new app to the streaming world that is gaining popularity among the masses. Currently, it is working fabulously with tons of HD links including 1080p and 4k.

Real-debrid and trakt capabilities are both available as well as subtitles, external player, and more. Viva also has a unique interface that is sure to please cord-cutters of all types.

For Movies and TV Shows in high definition, you can’t go wrong choosing Viva TV for all your streaming needs.

Install Viva TV APK

9. Tubi

tubi best apks


  • Buffer-Free Streaming
  • No Sign up required
  • Live channel options
  • Kodi Addon available

Another ad-supported streaming APK that has gained a massive following among cord-cutter and more is Tubi TV.

Not only can you access Free Movies and TV Shows, but Tubi offers live content as well.

While the app is free to install and use, many opt to register for a free membership with Tubi for some added benefits.

Users can install the Tubi App on any device they prefer or use the Tubi TV Kodi Addon to access this service within Kodi.

Tubi App Installation Guide

10. Stremio



  • Add-On Integration
  • Real-Debrid Capabilities
  • Trakt Capabilities
  • Torrent Links
  • HD up to 4K

This APK is a little different than most as it requires signing up for service. However, users can sign up anonymously and use a VPN to enjoy flawless streaming with this app.

Because the app requires registration, your content will sync across all devices and be accessible on any platform. Stremio offers addons similar to Kodi that users can install for Movies, TV Shows, and more. The best addon available is a torrent addon so be sure to have your VPN on when using this app.

Stremio is one of the Best APKs available today for buffer-free streaming on any device.

How To Install Stremio

11. Nova TV

nova tv best apks


  • Real-Debrid Capabilities
  • Trakt Capabilities
  • HD up to 4K
  • External Video Player
  • Subtitles

Nova TV is a newer APK to the scene that gives users thousands of quality Movies and TV Shows to choose from. Nova TV is yet another fork of the popular Terrarium TV.

This app works especially well when integrating MX Player, as their default media player is not the best. It’s also very simple to integrate both Real-Debrid and Trakt within Nova TV, which makes this app great!

Nova TV works very well on popular streaming devices including the Firestick, Fire TV, and Android TV boxes. The quality of streaming links and simplicity to integrate other features makes this APK a must try!

Nova TV on Firestick and Android

12. Unlinked APK

unlinked streaming app


  • Thousands of Apps
  • Free Libraries
  • Simple Interface
  • Hundreds of Unlinked Codes

This FileLinked alternative works fabulously for installing Apps & APKs including many in this list.

It uses codes that users can insert or generate themselves to install tons of apps for Movies, TV Shows, and more.

Users can install Unlinked on nearly any device they prefer including Firestick, Fire TV, and Android.

How to Install Unlinked

Best Unlinked Codes

13. Ocean Streamz APK

ocean streamz best apks


  • Real-Debrid Capabilities
  • Trakt Capabilities
  • One Click Options
  • HD up to 4K

Ocean Streamz is one of the newer APKs on this list that provides movies, TV shows, and live channels.

This app is commonly paired with real-debrid and Trakt within the settings.

The best parts about Ocean Streamz include its friendly user-interface, simple navigation, categories, and more.

See our full guide on Ocean Streamz APK below for more information.

Ocean Streamz on Firestick/Android – Best APKs

14. Vudu

vudu best apks


  • Over 200k titles
  • Buffer-Free Streaming
  • Ad-free Options
  • Free Movie & Show options

If you are looking for a premium app to stream content with then Vudu is a fabulous choice.

This is one of the Best APKs to find paid Movies and TV Shows fresh out of the theater and more.

Vudu works as an a la carte platform so you can pick and choose which items you want to purchase.

However, it also provides various free content for those who don’t want to break the bank.

Learn more at our Vudu resource guide below.

Vudu on Firestick, Fire TV, Android

15. YouCine APK

youcine logo


  • Auto-Play content
  • Anime, Kids, and more
  • Tons of Countries
  • Account Security

YouCine is a newer APK for Movies and TV Shows that has various other content choices for streaming as well.

This includes Anime, Kids, and tons of other options that we don’t typically see in most of the other APKs on this list.

It uses Auto-Play which means you won’t have to sort through various streaming links to find a playable source.

Best of all, YouCine is completely ad-free for a flawless streaming experience on any device including Firestick/Android.

How to Install YouCine APK

16. Tvium

tvium app

NOTE: This APK is currently unavailable. We suggest using another option on this list.


  • Torrent Links
  • Real-Debrid Capabilities
  • HD up to 4K
  • Adult Options

Tvium is a new all-in-one APK that has more than just Movies & Shows for streaming.

It uses torrents for streaming links which means using a VPN in conjunction with this app is a must.

However, content typically plays buffer-free, especially when integrated with real-debrid.

There are also some live streaming options that play but typically only in Standard Definition.

How to Install Tvium APK

17. FileSynced

filesynced apk


  • Free App Codes
  • Hundreds of App Libraries
  • One Click Installation
  • Trending Codes/Favorites Categories

FileSynced is the latest FileLinked clone that has grown in popularity due to FileLinked Not Working.

This app has received plenty of praise from the streaming community due to its slick interface, features, navigation, and more.

Similar to FileLinked, this app allows users to create their own “codes” for quick installation of the most popular streaming apps.

View our guide below for more information on FileSynced including how to install, best codes, and much more.

Install FileSynced APK

Note: See our updated list of Best FileSynced Codes for a working list of the best codes.

18. Flixoid

flixoid apk

NOTE: This APK is currently unavailable. We suggest using another option on this list.


  • Real-Debrid Capabilities
  • Trakt Capabilities
  • HD up to 4K
  • Tons of Genre Options

For a simple, easy-to-use APK for Movies and TV Shows, you can’t overlook Flixoid.

While it is fairly new, it has made vast improvements in streaming quality and appearance. Users can choose between various categories for tons of streaming content.

Users can integrate real-debrid and trakt that will help make it an all-inclusive streaming powerhouse.

Flixoid is one of the Best APKs available for installation today.

Install Flixoid APK

19. Rokkr APK



  • Provider Package Integration
  • Live Streaming Options
  • HD up to 4K
  • Simple User Interface

Similar to Kodi, Syncler, and Stremio, Rokkr must use 3rd party addons to stream content.

Users will install a package provider that will enable them to browse various Movies and TV Shows within the app.

Apart from VOD options, Rokkr also provides Live TV options for streaming.

Learn more about this APK at our informational guide below:

Install Rokkr APK

20. HDO Box

hdo box best apks


  • Auto-Play
  • Tons of Genres
  • Subtitle Capabilities
  • HD Streaming

HDO Box is another solid option for Movies and TV Shows with a simple interface for easy navigation.

This is an auto-play APK which means users do not have to sort through streaming links to play content.

HDO Box works great on popular streaming devices including the Firestick, Fire TV, and Nvidia Shield. Use the link below for a tutorial on how to install this APK.

Install HDO Box APK

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an APK?

An APK is an Android Application Package. APKs come in all shapes and sizes and are available for download on nearly every streaming device.

Are APKs legal?

Yes. Most APKs are legal to install and use. However, some content provided may be illegal. To ensure you are not illegally streaming, make sure to only watch Movies and TV Shows in the public domain.

Are APKs safe?

One of the best ways to make sure an APK is safe to install on your device, is to scan using the VirusTotal website. This site lets you check the APKs for any issues it may have prior to installing.

What devices can APKs be installed on?

APKs are available for installation on tons of devices including the Amazon Firestick which is the most popular streaming device available. Users can also download on Android and more.

What are the best APKs?

There are many great APKs to choose from including Cinema HD, Kodi, Syncler, Stremio, and many more.

Can I use these Best APKs to get free movies?

Yes, you can get free movies and tv shows from APKs.

Do APKs work with a VPN?

Yes. All of the APKs listed in this guide work perfectly with a VPN. We always recommend connecting to a VPN with APKs.

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  1. can you provide specific instructions on how to activate real-debrid on apollo group tv.I do not get a code when i look at account settings in apollo

  2. Thank you for this fantastic blog! Your list of the “10+ Best APKs For Free Movies, Shows, & TV (Sept. 2023)” is incredibly helpful. It’s a real time-saver to have these recommendations in one place, especially with the ever-changing landscape of streaming apps. Your insights are much appreciated, and I can’t wait to try out some of these APKs for my next movie night. Keep up the great work! ???

  3. E. George Luckey

    Maybe one of you can help me? I used TROYPOINT for years his info is great but my problem is that Kodi will not change episodes or movies. I’m using Crew and when I go to a new episode on TV it’s the same episode over and over it never changes or it just says streaming not available. Can someone help me

    1. My brother has that problem with his Firestick but he doesn’t have Real-Debrid. I use Real-Debrid streams and never have that problem. Sounds like you might be in the former group.

  4. i have used troypoint(kodi) for 10+yrs but have never used forum. solutions/advice would be appreciated. i can use a computer but i am almost 70yrs old so be patient. using firestik 4k. i do not use debrid. newest kodi version not working since i updated, solution? using matrix build, way more content than i need. just tv & movies, so, is an apk better for me? never used one, not sure. do i still need kodi to use an apk? total memory used on a build vs an apk, can i install 2 apk’s. any other info/advice or websites that i can learn more.

    1. I would like to know too! Is there any way to get it some other maybe to transfer from other firestick?

  5. Cinema is the best for me simply because they included “History/Recent” as part of trakt integration. If cyberflx, beetv, nova et al, included same they’d have a shot at number one.* Imho.
    *Developers listening?

  6. What’s the best apk for streaming movies and TV shows without lagging having no links or buffer issues when u don’t want to have to integrate real debrid to access he links or have the choice link work

  7. My heart hurts hearing about Cinema shutting down. I used Terrarium before it got shut down…I actually teared up a little when I read the goodbye letter from the creator. I was so happy to have found out about Cinema back when I did and it’s happening all over again. I made sure not to tell anyone about cinema because I didn’t want the popularity to spread which eventually results in it being the next target for a shut down campaign. I wish that our community could be more quiet with all of our treasured apps.

    I’m glad that it lasted this long actually. It feels like a beloved pet of mine is days away from dying and I’m here preparing to say goodbye.

    Hopefully I find another app that was as good to me as Cinema HD.


    1. Well I’ve never had good luck with Cinema hd, the links were always incorrect however they were in the running for great selections but out of 10 links displayed 9 of them were the wrong movie. Now don’t get me wrong at first they seemed to have it together but as time moved on I guess they forgot to hire data entry person’s but still a great app.

  8. I’ve tried a few of these with pretty good results. Only problem is it’s pretty hard to find something to watch since 90% of the shows and movies are foreign. Any way to filter out the foreign stuff and just see English videos from US and UK?

    1. Hi, is there an commercial-free Peacock app? I downloaded one from FileLinked over the wknd, and seemed to skip through the ads, but last night, for some reason, all the commercials had returned. Thank you.
      – Rob

  9. I like Cinema HD. I’d love it if I didn’t see that face when it just keeps streaming and you click out and there’s that face (for a blink) what does it say or mean?

  10. Syncler is the best by far for me, though its not exactly free to get best content. A few dollars a month is well worth it. You never get the wrong movie as what happens with Cinema. Any movie or TV show you want is there including stuff from the pay streamers.

  11. just like to say a great big thank you to all the great people behind the seen of the great apk and all the hard work that go,s into it but a big thanks to all

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