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How to Install Flix Vision V2.9.0r on Firestick & Android Box

Flix Vision

The following resource guide covers Flix Vision with detailed installation instructions for Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV, & Google TV devices. We provide important details regarding this application that you should know before installing and using it including its safety and legality.

Flix Vision APK is an all-in-one media application for streaming content on nearly any device. This includes streaming devices such as the Amazon Firestick and Fire TV which are extremely popular for their jailbreaking capabilities.

This is a simple application that pulls sources directly from online movie streaming sites. It also provides options for TV Shows, Live TV, and anime. This is something that we do not see with most Streaming Apps and sets it apart from other options.

It stays continually updated with the latest version being V2.0.0r which was released in June 2024.

With the recent addition of Real-Debrid or other unrestricted downloading service capabilities, FlixVision has become a powerful streaming APK for high-definition content with a fabulous user interface.

In the guide below, we provide installation instructions using a Fire TV Stick 4K Max. These steps will also work for all variations of Firestick & Fire TV as well as Android TV/Google TV devices including NVIDIA SHIELD, MECOOL, onn. Google TV Box, BuzzTV, and more.

Continue reading for the installation guide as well as some important details and features regarding Flix Vision.

Legal Disclaimer: TROYPOINT does not develop, operate, host, distribute, or administer any streaming application, add-on, website, or service. Furthermore, we cannot determine the legality of any streaming platform reviewed on this website. TROYPOINT specializes in educational tech reviews, tutorials, and news which is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. The end-user is solely responsible for media accessed and TROYPOINT assumes that all visitors are abiding by copyright laws set forth within their jurisdiction. Users should only stream works not protected by copyright when using unverified streaming solutions.

How to Install Flix Vision on Firestick & Android TV Box

Step 1: Prepare Device for Installation

1. From the home screen of your device, hover over the Find button and then select the Search box.

select search

2. Search for and select Downloader.

search for the downloader app

3. Choose the Downloader app.

choose downloader

4. Click Download or Get.

click get or download

5. Wait for the app to install.

wait for downloader to install

6. You will then encounter Downloader Ready to launch! message.


Your online activity is recorded by your government, Internet Service Provider, app/addon/IPTV devs and all websites through your identifying IP address

Your Current Identifying IP Address (digital fingerprint):

Stream anonymously by using Surfshark VPN


Surfshark backs their service with a 30-day money back guarantee

Use your account on unlimited devices & share with family members


downloader ready to launch message

7. Return to the home screen to hover over Settings and click My Fire TV.

select my fire tv to install Flix Vision

8. Choose Developer Options.

IMPORTANT: Please see the notes below if you don’t see Developer Options on your device.

select developer options

9. Click Install unknown apps.

click install unknown apps

10. Find the Downloader app and select it.

find downloader and click it

11. This will turn Unknown Sources to On for the Downloader app which will enable us to install Flix Vision.

unknown sources are now enabled for the downloader app

Developer Options Not Available

If you are unable to locate developer options within settings, follow the instructions below to enable this to use the Downloader App.

1. Hover over the Settings icon and click My Fire TV.

Hover over the Settings icon and click My Fire TV.

2. Click About.

Note: Notice Developer Options is missing.

Click About

3. Hover over Fire TV Stick and click the OK button on your remote 7 times to become a developer.

Hover over Fire TV Stick and click the OK button on your remote 7 times to become a developer.

Free StartMail Trial

4. Click the back button on your remote and you will notice Developer Options is now showing within My Fire TV.

Click the back button on your remote and you will notice Developer Options is now showing within My Fire TV.

Now that I’ve properly prepared my device, we can continue with the app installation.

Step 2: Sideload Flix Vision APK

We will now use the Downloader app to sideload the application.

1. Launch Downloader.

launch downloader to install flix vision

2. Hover over the URL bar and click the Select button on your remote.

hover over the url bar and click select on your remote

3. Type and click Go.

type and click go

4. Select Download.

click download flix vision

5. Wait for the application to download.

wait for the app to install

6. Click Install.

click install

7. You will then see the Flix Vision App installed message. Choose Done.

choose done

8. Click Delete to remove the installation file.

select delete

9. Click delete again.

click delete again

Step 3: Install MX Player

Upon testing, we have found that the internal video player does not work great for fast forwarding, rewinding, etc.

For these reasons, we suggest using an external video player such as MX Player which we can easily install using the steps below.

1. Launch Downloader and enter the Downloader Code for the TROYPOINT Toolbox which is 250931 and click Go.

Type downloader code for TROYPOINT Toolbox and click Go

2. You will then see a Redirect page.

redirect page for troypoint toolbox

3. We are now presented with the TROYPOINT Toolbox home screen. Scroll down to find MX Player and click Download.

click download MX Player

4. Wait for the app to download.

wait for mx player to download

5. Click Install.

click install

6. Choose Open.

choose open

7. Click Allow to enable MX Player for use within the application.

select allow

Installation is complete! You can now close out of MX Player. Continue reading to learn how to move this app to the front of your apps list.

Step 4: Move to Front of Your Apps List

If you plan on using Flix Vision frequently, you will want to add it to the top of your apps list.

1. From the home screen, scroll over and select the Applications icon.

select applications icon

2. Find Flix Vision and click the Menu button on your remote.

click the menu button

3. Choose Move.

choose move

4. Drag the app to the top of your apps list and drop it in place.

drag the app to top of your apps list and drop it in place


Integrate Real-Debrid

In the past, Flix Vision did not have real-debrid capabilities, and users were provided free links via popular streaming websites.

The recent addition of real-debrid within Flix Vision is a welcome adjustment that makes it a Video On Demand powerhouse. Use the steps below to integrate real-debrid for the highest-quality link options in 1080p & 4K.

  • From the home screen, open the Menu and select Settings.

select settings

  • Choose Real-Debrid.

choose real debrid

real-debrid activation code

  • You will then see a success message at the bottom of your screen.

success message for real-debrid

Real-debrid has been added. However, many prefer to only display real-debrid links which will remove all “free” link choices.

If you use RD with Flix Vision, we suggest turning this feature on to simplify your source selection process.

click show debrid links only

Features & Details

Flix Vision features a simple user interface with various options to choose from including Movies, Shows, Live TV, Anime, Adult, and more.

Flix Vision home screen

Streaming content is fairly simple with links available in 720p & 1080p HD pulled directly from online Movie platforms. This means that users who do not have a real-debrid or other premium resolver can still stream content in high definition!

Recently, Flix Vision removed ads entirely for an uninterrupted viewing experience. This is something that we don’t see often with these APKs and it sets this app apart from the rest.


One of the best features available is the ability to integrate an external video player such as MX Player for buffer-free streaming. We strongly recommend using MX Player for easier navigation and subtitle capabilities.

External Video Player Capabilities

Trakt users can also integrate this service which will allow you to sync content across numerous platforms and devices.

Trakt Capabilities

Those interested in other content will also find Anime and Adult options that both play in HD quality.

The Live TV Section features over 15,000 live channels in dozens of countries including the USA, UK, India, France, Italy, and more. We have found that many of these channels work, however, they are not available in high definition and you may encounter buffering.

Live TV Channels

Another fabulous feature available is the ability to add/import an M3U URL from your preferred IPTV Service. This is something that we don’t see with many standard APKs and it makes Flix Vision an all-encompassing application.

You can find this under the “More” section of the left-hand menu bar. We have not had great luck getting this feature to work. If you are able to add your IPTV Provider, let us know in the comment section.

M3U Playlist URL Integration

Is Flix Vision Safe to Use?

Before I install this, I first want to scan the official Android APK installation file with VirusTotal.

Here is the screenshot of the scan results.

Virustotal scan

VirusTotal did find 3 suspicious/malicious files associated with the official APK.

When we see flagged files in VirusTotal, a trusted VPN is pretty much required to protect your identity and security.

Install Best VPN on Firestick & Android TV Box

Is This APK Legal?

It’s impossible for TROYPOINT to determine whether Flix Vision holds the proper licensing to deliver the content that they do.

If and when an application is deemed illegal, we notify our users immediately and update reports on our Website to reflect that information.

Users can always access titles legally within the public domain.

Works such as this are not protected by copyright laws and may be downloaded, streamed, and shared without any legal ramifications.

In conclusion, the end-user is responsible for all content accessed through apps such as this.

TROYPOINT recommends using 100% legal and verified free streaming options instead of Flix Vision via our list of free movie/TV show apps linked below.

Best Free Movie Apps

Overall, Flix Vision is a great resource for streaming VOD Content as well as Live TV on your preferred media device.

Give it a try today!

This page includes affiliate links where TROYPOINT may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Many times, visitors will receive a discount due to the special arrangements made for our fans. Learn more on my Affiliate Disclaimer page.

Notable Replies

  1. Ran across FLIX VISION (a new apk) on Rumble this morning. It’s loaded with features and very intuitive. I like the ability to sort by apps, i.e. Netflix, HBO, Hulu, etc. It has Movies, TV series, Anime, Live TV, and Adult. The Adult can be disabled in settings. Live TV is hit and miss. For the most part everything works.

    It’s definitely worth taking a look at the Rumble (Dr Venture) video for a review, just search for Flix Vision. A YouTube search will yield a short that directs you to Rumble.

  2. Yes sir, get version 2.2

  3. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    pretty nice, layed out very well

  4. Avatar for Mslea Mslea says:

    Hi @BigDave,

    Is this a Kodi build or is there a standalone apk? Went to Dr. Venture Rumble page and looks like its for Kodi.

    PS: I found and downloaded apk from Dr Venture page. I will check it out.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Stand alone APK.
    He does lots of Kodi video, don’t let that trick ya.


  7. If you want to use an embed download you may have to click the play icon, then click it again until it starts, but it plays fine for me.
    The Direct Stream works very well

  8. hi just tried it its ok but ile stick with onstream for now thx for the tip anyway worth a look

  9. Avatar for Mslea Mslea says:

    The direct streams worked for me as well. Its the embed stream links that aren’t playing. Couple movies didn’t have direct streams. Its an okay app, but will stick with Stremio. Don’t like its doesn’t have voice search yet. Might revisit at later date.

  10. Avatar for Tech2 Tech2 says:

    It doesn’t scan clean on virustotal. And if I’m not mistaken, this is the same app (a newer version though) that I had installed on my Shield like almost a year ago and had uninstalled it a few weeks later. Guess what. I found this app, even though it was seemingly uninstalled as usual, still showing up in the System Apps section afterwards. Take care and beware.

  11. Avatar for Mslea Mslea says:

    Virustotal showed green and I thought those flags meant they are false positives.

  12. Avatar for Tech2 Tech2 says:

    I see 3 red here. Under threat categories besides being a PUA, also Virus is mentioned. Along with elf. And from some of the most well known virus engines. Symantec, Kaspersky, ZoneAlarm.

  13. Avatar for Mslea Mslea says:

    Wow, I didn’t get any red flags when I ran virustotal. Used the TP version. In any chase I deleted the app after trying it out. Some movies had ads and I hate ads and commercials.

  14. Avatar for Tech2 Tech2 says:

    I’m with you on that. I don’t use programs that have ads inserted in them. I’m wondering if the TP version of virustotal is an older version than the online version? Maybe there’s an update. Going to look.

  15. totaly agree adds are a no no for me to

  16. Avatar for Tech2 Tech2 says:

    Here’s the version from TP. It’s the Mobile Version 2.5, last updated on Dec 27, 2022. I’m pretty sure the online version of virustotal gets virus signature updates quicker and much more frequently.

  17. Avatar for Mslea Mslea says:

    Tp version is 2.5 as well. Did you download from Dr Venture rumble page? Thats were I downloaded mine from

  18. Avatar for Tech2 Tech2 says:

    Let me check the Rumble page version of the app. I downloaded directly from the website source, which TXRon had shown a few posts up.
    Downloaded from Dr. Venture and it is exactly the same as the one from the website source.

  19. My take on FLIXVISION… Great menu, good adult section and streams are reliable. A couple things I would like to see in the future. The option to use real debrid and 4k streamz with or without real debrid. Also the live tv section is good if your looking for international channels but don’t expect to watch a hockey game in the USA section. All channels listed you wouldn’t find in a cable tv playlist

  20. interesting app similar to many of the vod movie and tv show seactions on some of my iptv stuff

  21. Avatar for Jefe Jefe says:

    I have the ONN box… when I installed it, the Google Play had a notification that “it’s trying to steal your info” …good to know, so off it came…

  22. Dr. Venture is a major source for cord cutting and everyone here would love his content great tutorials and easily accessible and he always responds to followers with any questions you may have on a video.

  23. Google Play store does that to nearly all third party apps upon installing called play protect and it can randomly remove your third party apps I always turn it off just a marketing scam for corporations to get uninformed people to never use third party apps if you actually scan the apps you’ll see nothing is wrong with them. Think some of the apps is on Troy point and you can scan your apps for yourself and see that nothing is wrong with them. Checkout Troy point website there are videos and posts explaining all this

  24. And because of Dr Venture this app just added RD login and you can add your service login to app and watch your service inside the live TV m3u playlist area of the app

  25. Has anyone here had a virus on a streaming device from a reputable device not the china boxes. Or any apps ? I’ve used every popular APK and reputable streaming device and never had a virus or any malfunction and the apps that are supposed to be something wrong never did anything to none of my smart TVs or devices. I honestly don’t believe malware are in any APK or reputable box maybe those china boxes but nothing mainstream and I’ve put the same apps on all my family’s and friends’ devices and nothing has happened. Just my experience none of the free apps has ever damaged anything

  26. Avatar for hayman hayman says:

    not sure but the last 2 versions buffers real bad tried most links but no change,other apps working on fire stick fine just the last 2 versions of flix vision (on firestick that is)

  27. Avatar for Tech2 Tech2 says:

    I’ve never had a virus on any of my computers either, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. You can have bitcoin miners or even a trojan running on your device and you might not ever notice, might seem a bit slower, might not. The thing that bothered me about this Flix Vision app is the fact that I had installed an early version of it almost a year ago. After I uninstalled it, I had found a file with the Flix Vision name on it still running in my System Apps location. What’s this doing in my System Apps in the first place especially after being uninstalled? That’s a no no place.

  28. I tried it out it’s ok, but I like Onstream movie app no ads,it plays movies and tv shows quickly and not much buffering.HDO app is also pretty good.

  29. I updated to the latest version (2.3.0r) and the menu now isn’t working. NBG!

  30. Ads stink. Not alot of them but enough to be annoying

  31. Avatar for Cmbt Cmbt says:

    will wait till hear from Troy4

  32. Awsome. Thanks

  33. Thanks so much for the info got it working beautiful is there a paid version of this I hope that’s not out of line anyway it’s working perfect just trying to figure out to un geo UK channels

  34. Hi…its free. Great backup.

  35. its good other than its riddled with ads

  36. I downloaded it directly from their site scanned it and it was completely clean

  37. Avatar for MarkxG MarkxG says:

    With KODI and Stremio widely available I have no idea why someone would want to use something that has Ads. I refuse to watch Ads on anything but live TV

  38. i doubt i will ever use it again but it was new and wanted to try it but wth ads forget it

  39. Avatar for Tech2 Tech2 says:

    You didn’t scan it on then. I posted screenshots of my results. I’m guessing you probably scanned it on your mobile 2.5 app version of virustotal which is not as up to date as the online scanner. If you’re going by the Troypoint scan shown on the main site, look very closely at the version he scanned. It says version 1.0.1, a very old version. Look closely at the date of the scan. It says February 14, 2023. Almost a year ago. Screenshot below is from

  40. Be careful.
    Always use the VirusTotal app or website. This new app has 2 virus finds listed.
    Go to or Troypoint’s toolbox.

  41. That’s interesting - never seen any ads on v1.1 or v2.3 but I can’t get the menu options to respond on v2.3.

  42. Silly me - I had SurfShark running in the background. Without SS/CW you’re right, riddled with the worst ads!!! And I still haven’t been able to get the menu buttons to respond on my 2nd gen 4kMax (they works on older sticks).

  43. Avatar for Labmo Labmo says:

    It’s outstanding !!! Simple to install there’s several ways too! It’s fast .***Haven’t had any issues no buffering !!
    Another great option of you don’t mind installing a simple build or using 1;with Kodi… Highly recommend the non debrid build Onyx… It won’t disappoint U

  44. I’ve been trying to use FlixVision now that v2.4 has fixed the menu issue but after you’ve found a program you want to watch, it falls apart. First of all, most of the listed streams don’t work; second, once you’ve found one, you have to diddle around with a mouse pointer to get it to play; third, once you’ve found and clicked on “Play” with your “mouse”, you have to diddle around with the mouse again to get it to play. Too many unnecessary steps - pity as it looked good at first. Uninstall and use Onstream!

    Interestingly, the Troypoint review mentions none of these issues - it stops after installation and mentions nothing of using it (?)

  45. Avatar for Clowie Clowie says:

    When I try and download the flixvision app, I gets warning saying this app is fake?
    It does say I can download it anyway but I’m not sure if it’s safe or not? Anyone else getting this message?
    I’m downloading it on a Nvidia shield with downloader.


  46. Avatar for Clowie Clowie says:

    When trying to download flixvision app, it says this app is fake? Has anyone else got this message?

  47. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I have downloaded it on my Shield pro and done a full configuration without problems. Even scanned with Malwarebytes to be safe after Troy had 3 warnings, all good here. Integrated with RD perfectly. Using MX Player from Troy’s :toolbox:. but the 4k do not play well at all. Lots of stuttering. I dropped down to 1080 and they played well. This app does not seem to trigger the AI upscaling like Stremio does. Odd way to find all episodes in series, you have to click play on an episode and then the window pops up to choose season and episode. Live TV works but no EPG so you have to have a TV guide app and know what country and what channel you want, and easily geo blocked content. Live TV did play smoothly for me. Lots of different Countries and channels in those countries.Cannot add either m3u or m3u8. Says it’s unable to find the file. I will spend more time to check where I can get the playlist file and download it to then try it. I do like that you can click on an actor to find all the movies and series they acted in, like Stremio use to. The landing page for movies or series can be a tad awkward as it changes from one time to the next and actually removes shows you click on, but I got around that by going to Home in Flixi on the left panel and then opening the side panel a second time and scrolling down to Movies or Series. I have not tried the Adult section, but do like that you can set a parental pin for it. All told an ok backup. It won’t replace Stremio or TiViMate for me, but will replace OnStream for movies and series, especially with the easy RD integration. I also chose RD sources only. MX Player did ff,rw, pause and play in a movie or series. No ads anywhere, well except in live TV of course.

  48. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Please don’t make multiple posts for the same question. Thank you for your co-operation.

  49. Avatar for Kdad Kdad says:

    Yes. Tried it with Surfshark off as well. No difference.

  50. Where are you downloading the apk from?

  51. they have there own website with downloader code or apk listed

  52. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    There’s where I got it from. The link Troy posted.

  53. I got the same message from my Shield, but had no problem on my 4K Max stick.
    What’s the worst that can happen if I continue on the Shield?

  54. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    As mentioned I installed it on my Shield Pro without any problems. Works very well.

  55. From Troy’s posting on
    “In the guide below, we provide installation instructions using a [Fire TV Stick 4K Max]( These steps will also work for all variations of Firestick & Fire TV”
    There are so many errors and out of date postings on that it would be nice if someone can confirm the following:
    FlixVision (2.3, 2.4 and 2.6) works fine on my old Firestick 4k (OS6) and old 4kMax (OS7) but NOT on my new 4k Max (OS8). When navigating over to the menu bar on the left, clicking on anything results in no response.
    Can someone confirm this on their new firestick 4kmax (the 16gb version) or confirm that it does, indeed work on this device?

  56. Uninstall/reinstall. I just tested again on my new Fire TV Stick 4K Max and left menu and everything else working as it should. We sent this tutorial out to about 1 million with no other complaints about this menu problem. Would have definitely heard it here if there was a problem.

    Please provide more details about “There are so many errors on TROYPOINT site.”

    Of course we aren’t going to be updating articles that aren’t relevant anymore as we have over 2,000 of them. We do the best we can with keeping up with the most popular apps and addons.

  57. Working fine as well on my new 4K Max Troy. User error for the other guy I guess. Keep doing what you’re doing, your tutorials are excellent. Happy that I became a patron!

  58. “The other guy” has done this several times (and I’ve been doing this for 10 years - so I don’t think its user error). Still no go on this 4kMax.
    Troy: Did you test it on the old 8GB 4k Max or the New 16Gb 4k Max?
    I posted this so that folks can respond in the affirmative or the contrary. If no-one else is having this issue then it points to a defect in my 'stick.

    I posted an issue with Kodi and the OS7/OS8 devices and certain MP4 files a couple of weeks ago that “no-one was seeing” here. Interesting there were numerous posts on Reddit and a solution (turn off hardware acceleration). So not every issue posted here is “user error”.

  59. Yes new 16GB model. Everything working as it should. The menu is working fine. These guys are updating this app and it appears another update was issued over the weekend. No problem on my new stick whatsoever.

  60. OK, thanks. I’m going to do a factory reset (what a pain!) and will update.

  61. I did working okay

  62. From your comment it seems to me that until something better comes out it’s probably best to not install Flix Vision?
    I use TiviMate for TV and StartUp Show for Movies & Series. I would rather have everything in one place but those both work fantastic for me.

  63. By the way I also have Nvidia Shield Pro.

  64. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Not sure where you got that from, Flix F Vision is a good app for Adult, VOD, Movies, and series. Like any free live TV it sucks. I have TiViMate for my IPTV. But I installed flix on my Shield Pro as a backup, replacing my OnStream.

  65. OK, so did yet another uninstall/re-install and, no difference. Reset my FireTV 4k Max to factory specs, re-installed Flixvision and… Same - no response to clicking on the left side menu bar.

    Loaded up FlixVision this morning to try it again (desperation) and, what’s this… update available. Updated from 2.6.0r to 2.6.2r and BINGO - all working now!

    So, I don’t know what the deal is - 2.3, 2.4, 2.6 didn’t work on my OS8 device but 2.6.2 does. Go figure!

  66. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    It may simply be that the dev missed adding some Fire OS 8 functions and did so in an update. My update is 2.6.2r

  67. Well, it worked fine on my other devices, just this one 4k Max OS8 device had the issue. And that appears to have been resolved with the 2.6.2r update(?)
    Having said that, FlixVision isn’t a substitute for Live TV apps (eg TiviMate), just the other stand alone movie/TV show app (like Cinema, BeeTV, FilmPlus, if you don’t have Real Debrid and Surfshark (Cleanweb).

  68. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    Just got around to trying this app today…Cool layout :+1:

  69. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Other than the live TV it works great. I tried the classic layout and prefer the modern. I also like the PIN for adult. MX Player Pro and RD integrated perfectly. Search is ok. FF, RW etc. work great. Replaced my OnStream. I set it for RD sources only. Had glitching with 4K and it doesn’t seem to activate the Shield AI upscaling and that’s odd, but I give it a solid 8 out of 10.

  70. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    On stream has been having problems lately I quit using it also. You can’t integrate Rd with it. I had issues with stremio also until I integrate with Rd now it’s working fine.

  71. Avatar for Labmo Labmo says:

    Flexvision has been working great for me past 4 months
    I didn’t install a player or debrid simply input the code in the URL on downloader type that’s it!!

  72. There is an update but it won’t update. Is there a way around that. Plus I seem to not finish any TV show I am watching.

  73. I had the same problem a while back. Solved it by deleting the old version and downloading/installing the latest version from the website

    Everything is working fine now.

  74. DOWNLOADER short code 108545

  75. I installed Flix Vis… on my Shield Pro and Google said do not install this App as it’s a virus designed to steal all your information. Nevertheless, I installed it as Troypoint said it was good to go. I just noticed that Shield Pro stripped it off my device. Personally, I think it’s funked up that they can do this. I’m sure they also know everything I’m streaming on this device. Any comments from the sage streaming members are greatly appreciated. Thank You all inadvance.

  76. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I have it installed on my shield pro without any issues. After install I ran Malwarebytes and it was clean.

  77. How the hell do they strip it off my device? Should I try to follow TP direction on installing it again? Thanks for your help, you’re my guardian angle :wink:

  78. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I have no idea, although I have play protect disabled on my Shield Pro.

  79. Where exactly do I find that setting?

  80. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Give me a sec and I’ double check to refresh my memory and nozt mess you up. Brb.

  81. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    From your home screen open your apps and click on Google Play Store, then on the top right highlight your Avatar, and on the left you will see Play Protect, highlight it, then on the right deselect both options. Done

  82. Done, Miki. You are the Best! Thank You.
    Now, back to TP to reinstall it.

  83. I got it using the downloader code 108545. Thanks for your reply

  84. Thanks BigDave, most appreciated. For some reason I use Real Debrid but it does not seem to be working, it was okay when I first installed FlixVision but appears it went on vacation without vacation pay. lol. I realinstalled it but still no go for Realdebrid

  85. Just a quick update to my Guardian Angle and a Thank You.
    I got it installed!!!

  86. Avatar for Foee Foee says:

    Adult channels isn’t working

  87. Avatar for DCT213 DCT213 says:

    Uninstall and reinstall. Button the Adult section and it should come up and have you create a code. Once done it should work fine. (I had to do this to get it to work.)

  88. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Was working for me, but today it isn’t. Oops.

  89. Avatar for MarkxG MarkxG says:

    These APK’s sure seem to come and go fast. That is why I don’t bother with them

  90. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I agree I just add them to test for others and do a deep dive into the settings so I can answer questions. I rarely ever keep them. Just added Plex again and may pay for lifetime.

  91. Avatar for MarkxG MarkxG says:

    What does Plex give you that Stremio doesn’t have?

  92. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Oh I haven’t a clue @MarkxG , I just put it back on my Tablet after completely wiping it off the Shield Pro a long time ago. There’s supposed to be a new update and new features. I just put it on yesterday and with moving I haven’t had a lot of time to give it a workout.

  93. Sounds like Google Play Protect, They try and discourage you from downloading apps like that. You need to go to Google Play Store and turn off play protect.

  94. I’ve installed FlixVision twice on my Nvidia Shield. Getting past the message that it’s bad, it installs and works fine. BUT, I get out of my Shield and go back later, it’s gone! As I said in the beginning, I’ve installed it twice with the same result. Am I doing something wrong? It seems to be a pretty good app.

  95. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    You have to turn Play Protect off.
    Search Is Your Friend...!
    GIF tx shout out to PF.

  96. Thanks, I’ll give that a shot.

  97. Thanks, I’ll try that.

  98. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I just uninstalled my Flix F. It was showing crazy RD links that weren’t even for the advertised Movie I was wanting, every RD link had a commercial at the beginning for Gambling. After this last update it was a disaster. So gone.

  99. What does it mean when it says, “Direct Stream”? Do I need to worry that someone is watching? I do use Surfshark but I’m a little leery. Are those torrent sites?

  100. I’m watching FlixVision now, works perfectly for me but I don’t subscribe to RD. Stremio remains my main Go-To app and RD is not necessary on it, either. FlixVision is merely a backup for Stremio.

  101. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    Hey Big Dave, I used to use stremio without Rd also but it got the point where I was getting a lot of buffering losing the channel or just won’t at all pick up the stream. I went ahead and got a subscription to Rd integrated now I don’t have any issues with stremio!

  102. I had those buffering problems until I changed the Wi-Fi channels on my modem/router. Now it only buffers for a minute once in a while on start up then plays great! Also, I don’t use Crypto currency, bitcoin, pesos or Rubles :grinning:

  103. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Ya it was my backup to until this last update messed up the Movies on mine. All good though, lots of choices these days.

  104. Avatar for henry henry says:

    I have downloaded Flixvision on my Minix TV Box and all is well but if I shur down my box it loses the app on booting up?
    Ant suggestions?
    Thanks Alan

  105. You must must must…turn off play protect

  106. Any one having a problem with this app starting a stream , stopping, and then starting from the beginning again

  107. hi playing ok on a stick there has been an update so make sure you have that

  108. Mine played a movie for several minutes and then stopped and either froze or reverted back to home page. Mecool KM6 deluxe. Tried VLC player. Working great!

  109. I sideloaded flixVision on my android tv. 3 days later I received a “malicious software” message from Sony, and they deleted all trace of the app.
    Turns out the app wasn’t that good, as many free links were duds. The IPTV section featured 16,000+ channels but drew a blank trying to fins TSN, one of Canada’s premier sports broadcasters.

  110. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Most of us turn Google Play Protect off and choose to use apps like Malwarebytes to scan installed apps for security.

  111. I noticed Play Protect being disabled in previous posts, but once it is installed, is FlixVision safe to use?

  112. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    I upgraded Flix yesterday and all is well. No ads, no buffer

  113. I tried to install Flix Vision after reading the last email from Troy. I get a “this file contains a virus” error. I did not install the apk.
    Anyone else seeing that message?

  114. what did you load it on

  115. Avatar for PapaS PapaS says:

    Already been discussed :slightly_smiling_face:

  116. On my firestick the flixvision home page is different then on my other android device, on the android it defaults to movies and no option for home as when I try by clicking on the libes upper left movies are first whereas on firestick home is first.

  117. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    One is FireOS and one is Android. They will display differently.

  118. Avatar for Kath1 Kath1 says:

    How do I scroll through the CC choices on Flixvision?
    Everything else about it works perfectly for me; what ads?!

  119. Is there a way to get the home page streaming apps such as Britbox on the android like it is on fire os. Seems android has no home page option that is on fire os, thanks.

  120. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Which device specifically? On my Shield there is a big + on the far right of my favourite apps line to add what I want. Or on the very top of my home page is “Apps” which I can scroll to to highlight it and then click down to any app and long press on that app and then choose an option.

  121. The Flixvision app is full of deceitful trackers and permissions. They use some of Google’s unknown mysterious permissions I assume experimentally to see what they entail and if it’s worth implementing they do so. It’s a great app so I decided to modify it removing all unnecessary permissions and ridding it completely of trackers. I also increased the target sdk from 29 to 33 which places greater restrictions on the app. As far as function and content there are absolutely no difference and I challenge anyone to find any difference between the two. I’ve even revoked storage permissions because they’re unnecessary. No play protect warning and virus total is clean. I’m kind of new here so I don’t know the policy on sharing apks but if it’s okay or if and anyone is interested hit me up. I don’t see anything wrong with modding an app to protect the end user. In fact it’s the only reason I feel it to be justified. If anyone is interested I’ve uploaded it to my Mega cloud storage. Feel free to use any form of malware check that’s available if you’re concerned. I didn’t change anything but merely removed completely unnecessary and to be quite honest, troubling permissions and trackers. There is the possibility you may not be able to play the content with the default player in some circumstances but the app natively offers you the option to play with VLC, MX player, etc. When I encountered this VLC always worked. You will get a play protect warning but only because the signature isn’t recognized and there’s no information displayed other than the app name due to Mega but once installed feel free to scan your device through play protect within the Play Store and if there’s any harmful app detected I can assure you this one won’t be it.

  122. On my superbox pro2, the home page of it shows flixvision but when I open flixvision it goes straight to movie page, movie is the top on left sidecscreen no option for home page on flixvision like on firestick where it shows netflix, apple etc. is there a way to add it on flixvision app on superbox

  123. I’m not familiar with superbox but it’s probably nothing to do with the app itself but a DPI issue with that platform. Try changing whatever values are available in superbox settings to gradually minimize the display and it could possibly fix it. It’s common with unsupported apps on Chromecast with Google TV to have elements missing because of this. When I get a chance I’ll look into the manifest and see if there’s anything forced that can be changed to a dynamic variable and if so I could try changing that. The bottom line is it doesn’t fit and that’s why you can’t see the options. All of those activities are exported so if push comes to shove you can create shortcuts to any of those screens if your launcher supports it. There’s always a workaround it just depends on how much you’re wanting to put into it because sometimes it can get tedious.

  124. My friend has the same Superpro box as me, he gets the home page, mine goes straight to movies and no way to show home with contents on left. Could not install with downloader says not authorized url had to download from Cant figure why no home page.

  125. Well, that confirms what I thought might be the issue. Unless you both have identical TV monitors it appears to be related to display properties. If you downloaded the apk from then it’s official and it’s adapted for Android TV. Even though you may not be experiencing the same issue with any other apps. Try changing some display settings on Superbox first then if that doesn’t work try in your TV settings. Just gradually because you don’t want to fix one problem that causes another problem for other apps. If it weren’t for you I may have never heard of Superbox pro but it seems to me that it’s top notch. I looked at one today and it comes with 64 gigs of storage whereas the Chromecast with Google TV only has 4. I’m considering buying one. The Chromecast is much cheaper but from what I can see Superbox is worth it wouldn’t you agree?

  126. I think I found the problem but not the fix, on my Nvidea and firestick units under flixvision settings there is a display setting for modern and classic, classic goes right to movies. Modern is the one I want but on the Superbox under flixvision settings there is no display setting to choose from. My friend has the same Superbox and he has the modern. I installed from website as the superbox downloader app(same one as other units) says cannot as url not supported. Any ideas.

  127. Yeah, it goes back to why you’re missing elements already. You can try to install shortcut maker app from apkmirror. Go to the activities tab and find flix vision and you may find that you can directly launch the setting from there. If it’s not exported then the option won’t be available. You can use Revanced manager to modify an app and export all activities. Then you’ll have access to it but the reason it’s missing now is something to do with your display. You both are using superbox but I’m assuming different monitors which is the display settings you should be concerned with.

  128. Hi all

    Just wondered if anyone is using the flixvision app on firesticks or android and what is your thoughts

    I downloaded it a few weeks ago and it looks amazing and they have a great support on twitter well X as they call it now.

  129. same here been using for a few weeks works well on stick :+1:

  130. Got another question, was gonna get Hyperfiber internet, my friend just got it and he is canceling. Seems that either they are blocking apps that we download apk suchbas flexvision, streamfire etc, shows no data transfer. It was suggested to try a vpn, he did but he spent over an hour before it worked using Mexico but was not consistant. Do some providers block apps thatvare non standard such as pluto, crackle. Freevee, etc. Shows no data transfer etc on standard apps. Works using Comcast. Any ideas.

  131. Sounds strange because you’re viewing it as an app which it is but the data is strictly network based and viewed as piracy. Some interest providers don’t care but some do and those that do can block access to the network. The only way around it is not only a VPN but a good, reputable VPN. I personally suggest Express VPN. I’ve tried many and it’s the best for a well balance of unblocking geo restricted content, encryption and privacy. The reason an internet service provider can’t see what your viewing with a VPN is it acts as a middle man and goes through their server before reaching it’s destination. I’m no expert on how it all works but cheap and especially free VPNs don’t do such a good job at encrypting the data that’s transferred. So the apps that are legit aren’t parsing data from the Internet but have rights for the content they’re streaming and it comes directly from their server. The apps you mentioned all work the opposite so it’s not about the app but how the content is received.

  132. Avatar for Vikay Vikay says:

    I agree Google shouldn’t disable Flixvision, and I thought with SurfShark they wouldn’t be able to. I even changed my security settings, and still, the app is gone.

  133. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I have it on my Shield Pro. You just need to learn how to turn off Play Protect and Automatic scanning.

  134. When watching flix vision with foreign language trying to use opensubtitle I can’t configure opensubtitles. I think it has to do with flix vision wants to use as I opposed to .com. Since I can’t get the subtitles to work I just move to Film Plus where opensubtitles works fine as does any Kodi addons. Any suggestions.

  135. UPDATE: my issue with flix vision and opensubtitles in on my android phone uf that matters. I haven’t installed flix vision on my firestick…yet.

  136. I downloaded Flixvision Perfect! also the MX player. How do you integrate that player with flixvision? . Thanks

  137. Its an option in “Settings”.

  138. Avatar for Jim53 Jim53 says:

    Just installed flixvision, integrated real debrid and trakt and almost all links especially real debrid play in a foreign language. Need help. Thks

  139. flixvision working fine check the settings in the app for correct language

  140. Avatar for Jim53 Jim53 says:

    Thks. I have tried every but I’m probably still doing something wrong. Please help more if you can. Thks

  141. only other thing is you must click on highlighted streams for language you want thats about all i can think of at the moment

  142. Avatar for Jim53 Jim53 says:

    I think what I might do is uninstall and start over. If that doesn’t work I’ll just look for something better for me. Thks

  143. Where do I get Malwarebytes?

  144. Would like to see links sorted by resolution and then by size.

  145. You can use basically any modern APK editor and change the target sdk from 29 to 33 and sign it with the test key provided by the app and Google won’t flag it as unsafe. The app will still function the same. I do it but I remove a lot more unnecessary things within the app and it still functions perfectly.

  146. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Or you can go the easy route and simply turn play protect off. Less effort imho. But whatever works to get the job done is good. As they say, more than 1 way to skin a cat. I haven’t had play protect or play store scanning turned on for years. Have fun and stream on.

  147. I agree but some people say Google still disables it. I haven’t personally encountered it myself but I’ve heard it from more than one person regarding several different apps.

  148. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Sounds odd to me as how can Google turn off a 3rd party app that has been sideloaded and never scanned by Google play protect or app scanning as they are disabled so never reported to google?

  149. I have to disagree with that if you’re using an Android device you can be sure that Google is aware of every single app you have on your device regardless of your settings. They basically have root access by default, they designed it that way so if you think you’re ever hiding anything from them I’m sorry to say you’re not. They overlook many things aside from what could be monetarily detrimental to them. One thing about Flixvision is it obviously is attempting to use some of Google’s code for whatever reason. Looking into the apps content you can find many things you’d expect to find within Google Play Services. I’m not sure of the reason behind it but it’s likely that if you’re security is weak that it’s trying to gain some of the same privileges as Google which is dangerous.

  150. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I won’t argue with you but without app scanning or playprotect they haven’t a clue what 3rd party apps I have on my device. But believe what you like. This is just a waste of time and I’ve got other things to do and ppl to help.
    To the OP, disable play protect and app scanning and enjoy. I’m out.

  151. Are you kidding me? You think Google knows what 3rd party apps are on my Box? LOL. So many conspiracy theorists on this site. Get a grip

  152. I’m just saying if Google Play Services is installed then it’s not a conspiracy, it’s a fact. Want to know more? Just read a little from them about the Data they collect. They’re not shy letting you know if you take the time to read. They know most won’t and I’m not trying to convince anyone. It’s pretty much common knowledge or at least I thought it was.

  153. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    You need to read deeper than you have. To the very location of where the play protect module is installed and precisely why and how the disable is installed and what modules are affected and why. In short this bores me and your saying it is so doesn’t make it so. If it were, then those with an active play protect and app scanning who can’t install a suppose bad app would not simply be able to disable the two modules and then install that very app, not to mention that anyone with an Android system would not be able to install those apps forbidden by google and use them without restriction, and further if they do know that I have 3rd party apps they block and consider what, illegal, they would then do nothing when I am using those very apps? Again I reiterate, OP disable “Improve harmful app detection” and “Scan apps with Play Protect”, by going to the google play store, highlight your Avitar on the top right, click down twice to highlight “Play Protect” on the left, then click right to highlight your two choices on the right and using the “radio” button deselect the modules in the order I mentioned, back out of the Play Store and enjoy your device.
    Google is much more interested in their ad revenue than whether I’ve installed a 3rd party supposed malware ridden app. There’s enough in the Play Store as it is.
    See this is why I said I’m out. This is all way off topic, and I mean way. So I’m absolutely out. My apologies to the OP.

  154. Bro, I agree with you and I think you’ve misunderstood what I have said or perhaps I misspoke a bit. You can side load any app and if you’re internet is connected and Google flags it as malware it’ll still allow you to install it anyway. I said in my first comment that it’s never happened to me because that’s exactly what I do by default is turn Play protect off. That doesn’t mean they don’t scan still because I will sometimes get “Remove harmful app” warning even with both switches disabled and it gets annoying but it won’t disable it on its own after it’s been turned off. I was merely suggesting the possibility that, for whatever reason, according from multiple posts I’ve read from various people that it does continue to disable the app sometimes. Whether they’re valid Post or just people that don’t know what they’re doing I can’t say. Sorry if it seemed I was undermining you or anyone else because that wasn’t my intentions and I sincerely apologize if it came out that way.

  155. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    What I stated is fact, as I know it, and have yet to see any definitive links, or info, to disuade me from my assertion you are incorrect in any suggestion that my 3rd party apps are being scanned by play protect in any manner on my device.

  156. Please just Stop. Google is not deleting any apps You keep saying it’s something you read somewhere else but it’s not happening. Stop the nonsense

  157. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    Don’t bite gentlemen, just let him know he’s incorrect and be gone with it. Unless you’re really bored! LOL :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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