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How to Use Trakt TV on Kodi & Streaming Apps (2024)


This Trakt Resource Guide will tell you everything you need to know about Trakt TV and how to activate it on Kodi and Streaming Apps. is a media tracking service that helps users sync their TV Shows and movies across numerous platforms and devices.

By integrating Trakt into your favorite streaming apps, managing your content will be a breeze!

We cover all aspects of Trakt in this guide and answer every question you may have about it.

We also show you how to implement trakt into your preferred app or addon for a seamless streaming experience.

What is Trakt?

Trakt is a media software that works in conjunction with tons of apps and devices to store and sync your streaming content.

Legal Disclaimer: TROYPOINT does not develop, operate, host, distribute, or administer any streaming application, add-on, website, or service. Furthermore, we cannot determine the legality of any streaming platform reviewed on this website. TROYPOINT specializes in educational tech reviews, tutorials, and news which is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. The end-user is solely responsible for media accessed and TROYPOINT assumes that all visitors are abiding by copyright laws set forth within their jurisdiction. Users should only stream works not protected by copyright when using unverified streaming solutions.

Users can integrate their Trakt account within various applications to automatically track everything they are viewing.

One of the best features Trakt provides is its ability to function across multiple platforms, which include:

If you use more than one of the above services to stream content, Trakt will automatically sync what you’re watching so you don’t have to repeat the process.

This is called scrobbling and is a great way to make sure you stay up-to-date on all of your favorite shows and movies.

Because they are two of the most popular streaming sources, this tutorial will show you how to set up Trakt on Kodi and popular Streaming Apps.

However, it can also be set up on any above-aforementioned applications and more.

Before installing Trakt into these streaming apps, we must register for a user account. Trakt is a free service and you can sign up by CLICKING HERE or the link below:

Trakt Registration Link

Upon signing up, you will be provided with options to personalize your account.

By selecting your favorite genres, TV Shows, and more, Trakt is able to create an awesome platform that is specifically catered to your viewing tendencies.

You may also follow the step-by-step guide below:

How To Register for a Trakt Account

Step 1
Go to


Your online activity is recorded by your government, Internet Service Provider, app/addon/IPTV devs and all websites through your identifying IP address

Your Current Identifying IP Address (digital fingerprint):

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Step 2
Click the JOIN TRAKT FOR FREE button.

Step 2 - How to Sign Up for Trakt

Step 3
Type in your email, username and password in each field.

Step 3 - How to Sign Up for Trakt

Step 4

Step 5
After reviewing the terms and privacy, tick the box beside the I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Step 6
Personalize your profile by typing in your preferred display name and location. Select your time display, gender and birthdate.

Step 6 - How to Sign Up for Trakt

Step 7

Step 8
Select your favorite genres then click NEXT STEP.

Step 8 - How to Sign Up for Trakt

Step 9
Add TV and movies to your profile.

Step 10 - How to Sign Up for Trakt

You can mark them by clicking the following buttons:

  • Mark items as watched
    Add to your list of all the TV shows and movies you’ve watched.
  • Collect items you own digitally or on disc
    Organize your TV shows and movies in your collection.
  • Watchlist items you want to watch
    Save items that you want to watch at a later time. Once it is watched, the item is removed automatically from the list.
  • Find where to watch online
    Search titles from over 300 online streaming services.
  • Rate items on a scale of 1 to 10
    Add your personal rating to TV shows or movies that you have watched.

Step 10

Step 11
Share your activities automatically by clicking any of social media buttons presented then click NEXT STEP.

Step 12 - How to Sign Up for Trakt

Step 12
You may also opt to receive push notifications when users follow or mention you or comment on your Trakt account.

Step 13 - How to Sign Up for Trakt

Step 13

Free StartMail Trial

Step 14
Your account is now ready to use.

Step 15 - How to Sign Up for Trakt

With registration complete, we can now incorporate Trakt to our favorite streaming services. Use the step by step guides below to set up Trakt on Kodi & popular streaming apps.

Trakt TV – Activate on Kodi

Note: Not all Kodi add-ons have the ability to use Trakt technology. I suggest checking add-ons prior to installation to see if they are compatible with Trakt.

For a complete list of the Best Kodi add-ons, follow the link provided below:

TROYPOINT’s Best Kodi Addons Page

Step 1
Open Kodi and select your favorite add-on (In the following instance I have chosen Exodus Redux, however, the process will be similar for nearly all add-ons capable of using Trakt).

Step 2
From the main menu of the add-on, scroll down, and select Tools.

Step 2 - How To Set Up Trakt on Kodi

Step 3
Click SETTINGS: Accounts.

Step 3 - How To Set Up Trakt on Kodi

Step 4
Scroll down to Trakt and click Authorization….

Step 4 - How To Set Up Trakt on Kodi

Step 5
Kodi will then provide you with a Trakt authorization code. Copy or write this code down.

Step 5 - How To Set Up Trakt on Kodi

Step 6
Go to and enter in the code provided in the previous step and click the CONTINUE button.

Step 6 - How To Set Up Trakt on Kodi

Step 7
When asked if you would like to allow the add-on to use your account, click YES.

Step 7 - How To Set Up Trakt on Kodi

Step 8
A message will appear that confirms your device is now connected.

Step 8 - How To Set Up Trakt on Kodi

You can also opt to follow this alternative process for all your add-ons and builds within Kodi.

Trakt TV Activate on Streaming Apps

While Kodi may be the #1 source for streaming content on various devices, there are other popular Streaming Apps.

With these streaming apps, you will not have to install 3rd party add-ons and can easily navigate through thousands of titles.

In the instance below, we are integrating Trakt within the Syncler APK. However, the process will be similar for most apps and APK’s.

Syncler is listed as one of TROYPOINT’s Most Popular APK’s for Movies and TV Shows.

1. Open the streaming app and launch Settings

launch settings

2. Choose Accounts

choose accounts

3. Select Trakt

select trakt

4. Click Add

click add

5. Write down or remember provided code

write down or remember provided code

6. Go to to enter the provided code and click Continue.

click continue

7. Click Yes.

click yes

8. You will then encounter device connected messsage

9. Return to your streaming app and you will see Account added notification.

account added notification

Integration is now complete. Enjoy!

How to Sync Your Trakt Account with all Add-Ons

If using Trakt within Kodi, you can also enable the service across all your installed add-ons.

Use the guide below to do so.

Step 1
On the Kodi main menu, click Add-ons.

Step 1 - How to Sync Your Trakt Account on All Your Devices

Step 2
Click the Add-on Browser icon (open box icon) Kodi Add-on Browser icon (open box icon).

Step 2 - How to Sync Your Trakt Account on All Your Devices

Step 3
Select Install from repository.

Step 3 - How to Sync Your Trakt Account on All Your Devices

Step 4
Select Kodi Add-on repository.

Step 4 - How to Sync Your Trakt Account on All Your Devices

Step 5
Double-click on the Program add-ons folder.

Step 5 - How to Sync Your Trakt Account on All Your Devices

Step 6
Scroll down on the list of program add-ons and select Trakt.

Step 6 - How to Sync Your Trakt Account on All Your Devices

Step 7
Click the Install button.

Step 7 - How to Sync Your Trakt Account on All Your Devices

Step 8
Select the most recent version.

Step 8 - How to Sync Your Trakt Account on All Your Devices

Step 9
You will be notified of the additional add-ons that will be installed. Click OK.

Step 10
Wait for the installation process to be completed.

Step 11
Once the installation is finished, a verification pop-up window will appear. It will ask you to visit or scan the QR code. Choose your preferred option.

NOTE: Take note of the code that is presented.

Step 11 - How to Sync Your Trakt Account on All Your Devices

Step 12
If you choose to access, enter the code displayed on your device.

Step 12 - How to Sync Your Trakt Account on All Your Devices

NOTE: If Trakt won’t accept your code because it has already expired, go back to Kodi and repeat the process and click the Configure button instead. This will present a new code.

Step 12b - How to Sync Your Trakt Account on All Your Devices

Step 13
Click the CONTINUE button.

Step 14
When asked if you want to allow Trakt for Kodi to use your account, click the YES button. This will sync the Trakt add-on with the Trakt website.

Step 14 - How to Sync Your Trakt Account on All Your Devices

Step 15
A message will appear that confirms your device is now connected.

Step 15 - How to Sync Your Trakt Account on All Your Devices

Step 16
Repeat the process on your other devices installed with Kodi to sync your Trakt account.

How To Use Trakt

After integrating Trakt within your favorite add-on, you’re now ready to use the software.

There are a few ways to operate Trakt and doing so is completely based on personal preference. Since we have already implemented Trakt into a Kodi add-on, you can easily access and manage content via Kodi.

To do so within Kodi, simply use your preferred add-on to search for movies or TV shows.

Once you have your selection, right-click, press C, or long hold to open item settings. Then select Trakt Manager as shown in the image below:

Step 1 - How To Use Trakt

This will then open a few options via Trakt. Choose what you would like to do with this specific content and it will automatically be added to your Collection or Watchlist.

Step 2 - How To Use Trakt

While this is an efficient way to use Trakt within the same software you will be viewing it, there is another option.

By simply heading to the website and logging into your account, you can find and manage content with ease.

The Trakt website is full of options to search for and add titles to your Collection. It even features categories such as Trending, Popular, and more to help you locate movies & TV shows you’ve never watched before.

With a show added to your collection, you’re informed when the next episode airs, how many episodes are left, and so much more.

Using Trakt is easy, convenient, and fun. By managing through both the website and Kodi add-ons, you will have a more complete, enjoyable streaming experience.

Trakt App

trakt app

iPhone and iPad users can rejoice with the all-new Trakt app for iOS devices.

Users can install the Trakt app on their mobile device so your viewing content is right at your fingertips.

This is an easy way to track all of your streaming content and know exactly what you’re watching and where to watch it.

Use the link below to install the Trakt App on iPhone/iPad

Trakt App – Apple App Store Features and Description

Using Trakt is the best way to make sure you never miss your favorite show or episode and can always start up where you left off.

After initially registering and logging into your account, you will see the easy-to-use interface it provides.

With options to see your watch history and future episodes, you will know exactly where you stand with all your favorite Shows and Movies.

One of the best features Trakt offers is its Upcoming schedule that is specifically designed with your content in mind.

By using this constantly updated calendar, you can see your episode’s airtime and never miss one again!

For on-the-go streamers, you will find that there is no mobile application for use.

However, the Trakt website functions perfectly on any mobile device so you won’t miss out when you are away from home!

If you are looking for more from your Trakt service, there is also VIP membership available for purchase.

These two plans will cost you either $2.50 or $5 per month and will provide you with numerous options not available to free consumers.

Some of the more popular VIP features include No Advertisements, Calendar Notifications, Advanced Filtering, Alexa Integration, and much more.

trakt vip

To see the complete list of features the VIP membership can provide, follow the link below:

Trakt VIP

For more tech and streaming tutorials be sure to sign up for the TROYPOINT Advisor with updates weekly.

This Advisor provides all the best cord-cutting tips to get the most out of your favorite streaming devices and more. CLICK HERE or link below for TROYOPINT Advisor Subscription:


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trakt?

Trakt is a media platform that lets users sync all their streaming content across multiple devices and apps.

What apps does Trakt work with?

Trakt is compatible with Kodi, Netflix, Plex, and tons more streaming apps.

Is this Service safe?

Yes. Trakt is safe to use on all your favorite devices including Firestick, Android TV, and more.

Is Trakt free?

Trakt is a free service however users have the option to purchase Trakt VIP that will enable advanced features.

How do you use Trakt?

Trakt can be used by integrating the service within your preferred apps to store and scrobble all the Movies and TV Shows you’ve been watching.

This page includes affiliate links where TROYPOINT may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Many times, visitors will receive a discount due to the special arrangements made for our fans. Learn more on my Affiliate Disclaimer page.

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