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How to Install Weyd on Firestick & Android TV (May 2024)

How to install Weyd on Firestick & Android TV/Google TV

This article will show how to install Weyd on a Firestick, Fire TV Cube, Android TV or Google TV streaming device.  We will also review the important features and settings available within this popular APK.

This app sports a simple yet powerful user interface which makes it one of the best solutions for those who use Debrid services.  Don’t let the simplicity fool you as there are dozens of settings that can be adjusted to your liking.

The Weyd APK requires a small subscription fee plus users must have a Debrid account such as Real-Debrid, AllDebrid, or  Some may complain about the payment required to use the app but we offer a different take.  TROYPOINT believes in supporting the developers of these apps and those who contribute to this will enjoy numerous updates.  Plus, no more jumping from one app to another when things go south.  Weyd simply works and much of that is due to the continuing support from their user-base.

Below you will find everything needed to install and use this on an Amazon Firestick or Android TV/Google TV device.  You will see both a screenshot guide plus an in-depth video showing everything from registering anonymously to installing on a streaming device.  The video tutorial should be viewed first as it provides important details not covered in the screenshot guide.

How to Install Weyd on Firestick & Android TV/Google TV – Video Tutorial

Links Mentioned in Video

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As mentioned earlier, Weyd requires a subscription so that’s the first thing we must take care of.

I will be registering anonymously as I would never want developers of questionable 3rd party apps to have any of my personal information or identifying IP Address.  Plus, I don’t want my Internet Service Provider to know what I’m streaming.

These are general instructions and we strongly recommend watching the video above for important details not covered below.

Step 1: Register for an Account

1. Prior to going to Weyd Website to register I first want to connect to Surfshark VPN.

weyd registration - connect to VPN

2. Go to and click My Account.

click my account


Your online activity is recorded by your government, Internet Service Provider, app/addon/IPTV devs and all websites through your identifying IP address

Stream anonymously by using Surfshark VPN

Your Current Identifying IP Address (digital fingerprint):


Surfshark backs their service with a 30-day money back guarantee

Use your account on unlimited devices & share with family members


3. Choose Register below login form.

choose register

4. I want to create an alias within StartMail so I’m not giving out my real email address.

Weyd registration form

5. Create new email alias.

startmail alias


6. Input new address along with a chosen password, fill out captcha and click Sign me up.

submit Weyd registration

7. Wait for email to arrive and verify account by clicking link.

verify account

8. Login with same credentials used earlier in account creation.


9. Choose a Weyd subscription.

choose subscription

10. I’m going with Lifetime option for 5 devices.

choose devices

11. I’m paying with Bitcoin through my Coinbase account so there is a middleman between me and the developers.  Do not give your credit card details to these 3rd party apps!

pay with coinbase

12. Click Send now button.

Send Bitcoin

Free StartMail Trial

13. Type in verification code sent to phone number on file with Coinbase.

Weyd registration confirmation

14. Wait for confirmation email that payment has been processed.

Wait for registration confirmation

We’ve now paid for our subscription so we can move onto installing it on Firestick or Android TV/Google TV systems.

Step 2: Download Weyd App

1. Install the free Downloader app from your respective App Store (Amazon App Store or Google Play) and turn on Apps from Unknown sources in the settings of your streaming device.

If you haven’t done this yet please refer to the following screenshot tutorial that demonstrates this simple process.

How to Install Downloader & Enable Unknown Sources

2. Open Downloader Application.

launch downloader

3. Click Allow button.

Click Allow

4. Choose OK.

Click OK

5. Select the Browser tab within the menu on the left.

Select the Browser tab within the left menu.

6. Click the Search box and type the following address as it is listed here – and click Go.

  • is the official website of this app.

type and click Go

7. Wait for the download to finish.

wait for download to complete

8. Click Install button.

Click Install

9. Select Done button.

Choose Done

10. This will return you to the Downloader App. Delete the installation file.

delete weyd apk file

11. Click Delete again to confirm.

confirm delete

12. Hold down the home button on your remote then click Apps.

Hold down the home button and select apps shortcut

13. Hover over and click Weyd.

Launch Weyd app

14. Wait a few seconds for the app to load.

wait for app to load

15. You should see release notes from the app version that you are using.  Click OK button.

If this message appears click OK

16. That’s it! You have successfully installed Weyd on your Firestick or Android TV/Google TV system. Follow the further instructions below to access Movies, TV Shows, and more.

Home screen now available

Next you will want to activate your account on your streaming device.

Step 3: Activate Subscription

1. Click Settings button.

activate weyd account

2. Choose Subscription.

click subscriptions

3. Click Connect Device.

connect device (firestick or android tv/google tv)

4. Take note of device pairing information and move over to a browser on your PC, Mac, phone, or tablet.

weyd activate info

5. Input details from #4 above, name your device, and click Create button.

input details in browser form

6. Once pairing screen disappears, Weyd app is now active on your Firestick or Android TV/Google TV box.

weyd subscription now active

Step 4: Configure Real-Debrid or Other Premium Service

With Weyd now installed, we must set up the application by integrating a debrid account and downloading a provider package to scrape for streaming links.

One of the best parts about this app is that auto-resolve for debrid links is already set up by default.

We saw this auto-resolve issue with other apps in the previous weeks.

Real-Debrid Auto Resolver Error

Follow the steps below to fully set up Weyd APK and integrate a debrid service.

1. Launch Weyd APK and click Settings.

Go into Settings.

2. Click Accounts.

Click Accounts

3. Select Real-Debrid.

Select Real-Debrid

4. Write down the provided code.

Write down the provided code

5. Open a browser on your phone, tablet, or computer and visit and enter code from the previous step, and click Continue.

  • You may be required to log into your Real-Debrid account after doing this

Real-Debrid authentication screen

6. If you see your login credentials you have successfully integrated your Real-Debrid account.

real-debrid status updates with information from account

Step 5: Configure Weyd Scraper

1. Next, click the back button and select Scraper.

choose Scraper

2. Click Scraper source URL.

Click Scraper source URL.

3. Enter the following scraper URL – and click OK.


4. That’s it! You can now watch movies and tv shows.

That's it! You can now watch movies and tv shows.


Shown below are screenshots of the application while using a Firestick.

Is Weyd Safe to Use?

You will see below that the Weyd APK is clean and safe to use on Firestick and Android TV/Google TV systems.

Here is the screenshot of the scan results:

virustotal scan

VirusTotal did not find any suspicious files or malware within the APK file.

However, this does not mean we shouldn’t protect ourselves when streaming content from this unverified app.

The best way to do this is with a VPN that will secure your identity and anonymity when using Weyd or other applications.

How to Install Best VPN on Firestick & Android TV Box

Features & Details

weyd on firestick

Weyd features a user-friendly interface and layout with simple navigation.

The main categories within Weyd include TV, Movies, Cloud, and Settings.

TV category


Although Weyd provides a simple user interface, there are some powerful settings that can be manipulated under the hood.

One popular feature is the ability to change default video player to MX Player, Kodi, etc.  We personally like the built-in player used within the application however users do have the choice to change that.

Weyd also supports the popular free TRAKT service as well so multiple devices can be synced.

The following Settings categories are found within this streaming application and they are continually being improved with updates.  It’s unlikely that you will find this many settings in any other streaming app or Kodi Addon.

  • Subscription
  • App & Data Management
    • Use Device Timezone
    • Timezone offset
    • 24hr Time Display
    • Clear local watchlist & collection
    • Clear local watch history
    • Episode refresh frequency
    • Max # Network Threads
    • Check for new episodes
    • Collect all Actors from TV shows
    • Min percent of episodes to collect Actor
    • Refresh Genres
    • Clear Local TV & Movie Cache
    • Restart App
    • Kill App
  • Accounts
    • TRAKT
    • Real-Debrid
    • Premiumize
  • Link Resolving
    • Enable auto-select
    • Min link count
    • Enable auto-select delay
    • Max delay seconds
    • Auto select non-filtered link
    • Continue link search after link selection
    • # of link resolver threads
    • Search Alternate Titles
    • Always Search All Alternate Titles
    • Prioritize torrents (movies)
    • Prioritize torrents (episodes)
    • Sort by (Primary)
    • Sort direction (Primary)
    • Sort by (Secondary)
    • Sort direction (Secondary)
  • Link Filtering
    • Hide non-cached torrents
    • Hide unsupported Direct Links
    • Filter out links with quality
    • Min bitrate mpbs
    • Max bitrate mpbs
    • Min file size MB
    • Hide links with matching phrases
  • Playback
    • Auto next
    • Auto next after random
    • Completion min percentage to track progress
    • Completion min percentage to mark watched
    • Video player
    • ExoPlayer Settings
    • Kodi Settings
  • Display
    • Hide unaired episodes
    • Hide Poser Title
    • Hide Episode Title
    • Use
  • Scraper
  • Backup/Restore Settings
    • Backup to local storage
    • Backup to cloud
    • Backup Trakt profile settings
    • Restore from local storage
    • Restore from cloud
    • Restore Trakt profile settings
  • About
    • Release Notes
    • Check for New Version

Is Weyd Legal?

Since Weyd doesn’t include any movies or TV show by default it is legal to use.

When setting up the app you will see disclaimers that the user must agree to ensuring that copyright laws are not being violated.

Users can always access titles that are available for free in the public domain which Troy does in the video tutorial above.

Works such as this are not protected by copyright laws and may be downloaded, streamed, and shared without any legal ramifications.

In conclusion, the end-user is responsible for all content accessed through apps such as Weyd.

This page includes affiliate links where TROYPOINT may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Many times, visitors will receive a discount due to the special arrangements made for our fans. Learn more on my Affiliate Disclaimer page.

Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for waw4 waw4 says:

    Why would you prefer this over Syncler? Unless I’m missing something, Syncler has a better integration with Trakt whereas Weyd only separates Trakt listings into the 2 categories of “Movies” and “TV” and all titles within those 2 categories are just a jumbled mess?

  2. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    The original post is 3 yrs old everyone

  3. Not certain if the scrappers are old or have been updated in the recycled tutorial.

    Btw, TP pushed this out just recently (yesterday) in one of his newsletters.

  4. Avatar for waw4 waw4 says:

    Yeah, but Troy just reposted this in his email update only this past week. I don’t get it.

  5. I keep getting a parsing error when I trying to install this on my new firestick.

  6. The reason you could be getting an error is because the fire stick does not support Android 8 , This is from Weyd

    weyd only support Android OS

    Given the recent announcement that a significant manufacturer of streaming devices is deploying a proprietary Operating System, we are clearly stating that weyd only supports Android 8+. There are also reports that this manufacturer will likely push existing devices to their Non-Android OS. If this happens, weyd will not be supported on those devices.

    weyd will not be developed for any platform other than Android.

    Weyd Compatibility Sheet(Items Weyd Green Are API 26+, Orange Are Comp) - Google Drive

  7. Wow, I think I’ll go back to Syncler.
    I have Weyd on my Android box.
    Real pain, huh?
    Thanks so much for answering me…
    Merry Christmas :christmas_tree: :santa:

  8. I use weyd on my nvidia shield and my mecool km7 android box and 4k onn box I have no problem. Merry Christmas

  9. I never tried the Onn box.
    Just bought a 50 in Onn TV. Great price.
    I have a Mecool KM1 that is running out of storage. Had it for years. Was just looking for a newer one through the email they sent w/15% off.
    I was loading a stick for a friend and wanted to give her Weyd.
    I used Syncler for a long time them somehow I switched to Weyd.

  10. Yeah I tried a zillion ways to download onto IOS and a few apps were shut down. One from China that allowed to download non-apple approved. Also I do believe Weyd was created by a free app before that had a lizard logo that was black and white. Anyway the creator was privacy minded to note when you add REAL DEBRID he exempts himself to user and is marketed as a player to avoid a KODI SMACKDOWN and so on.

  11. Avatar for Capgeo Capgeo says:

    Can’t add real Debrid to weyd app after changing my router and logging out. I get a black screen and all my other apps with Debrid are working.

  12. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Have you tried loggong into real debrid on line. It may be that your new ip address isn’t recognized. Try it without your vpn on

  13. Avatar for Capgeo Capgeo says:

    Yes, I just uninstalled and rebooted my ONN and going to reinstall hope it fixes it

  14. Avatar for Capgeo Capgeo says:

    All is well, uninstall reboot reinstall and I’m good.

  15. Hello, for those that use weyd. Weydx is updated,
    Added new site
    All pls refresh the Scraper script. Go to settings. Scraper script and click refresh scraper.

  16. WEYD
    v3.2.3 has been released with more performance improvements.

    Officially announcing the addition of a new perk for Lifetime Subscribers.

    Lifetime Subscribers can now remotely manage the Weyd installations linked to their account. Settings can be changed remotely, manage 3rd part auths, suspend (without removing from account), send messages, and much more.

    The remote capabilities is nice. Unfortunately, the only way to purchase a lifetime sub is with crypto.

    Let’s hope they either offer this perk to regular subs or at least accept Paypal/CC.

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