Fire TV Stick 4K

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This Firestick resource page will provide you with everything you need to know about the Amazon Firestick.

This includes up-to-date tutorials that will teach you how to stream movies, TV shows, live channels, sports, pay-per-view sporting events, and much more, all for FREE.

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The Amazon Firestick has become the most popular streaming device on the market today due to its low price point and ease of “side-loading” popular free streaming applications.

Users can purchase this amazing device at numerous locations including Radio Shack, Sears, Staples, Best Buy, Target, and more.

You can also buy this product directly from Amazon using the link below.

What is a Firestick? – The Basics

What is a Firestick

In October of 2018, Amazon released the new Fire TV Stick 4k with Alexa Voice Remote. For the price of $49.99, the Firestick is an affordable option for anyone looking to expand their streaming options.

This is an upgrade from the previous version of the Firestick which did not have 4k streaming capabilities.

This new device also comes with a compatible remote with added volume and power control buttons.

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Gone are the days of using two remotes for your TV and Firestick as this added benefit simplifies your streaming experience.

Best of all, you can use the Alexa remote to prompt commands on your device with just your voice!

Currently, the Firestick is at the top of our list of Best Streaming Devices.

fire tv stick

One of the main reasons the Fire TV Stick is so popular is because of its accessibility. This little device is about the size of a flash drive and can be used nearly anywhere.

The Firestick features a built-in HDMI connector that will plug into almost any television. It will access your TV’s Input and allow for multiple functions via wi-fi connection.

This media player offers up to 4K UHD video streaming which means all content will be in High Definition quality.

After purchasing the Fire TV Stick, there is no additional fee or subscription price.

You will simply install various applications on the device that allow you to stream, game, and everything in between. While some of these apps do charge a small fee, there are hundreds of free ones as well.

Where to Buy Firestick

The Amazon Firestick is available for purchase in-store at select retailers and online as well.

TROYPOINT Antivirus Guide

Most purchase the Firestick directly from Amazon for quick shipping, however, the following stores also keep this item on the shelf:

  • Best Buy
  • Target
  • Staple’s
  • Radio Shack
  • Toys R Us
  • Sears
  • more

Currently, the price for this device is set at $49.99. However, Amazon also features numerous sales a year on this device.

For the latest deals on Fire TV Stick and more info. on how to purchase one, use the resource guide below:

Where to Buy a Firestick

How To Get Started

How to Jailbreak a Firestick

If you would like to stream free movies, TV shows, live channels, sports, and pay-per-view events for free, you will want to side-load apps that will allow this onto your Firestick.

Many people refer to this as “jailbreaking”.

The most popular tutorial among cord-cutters is the TROYPOINT Jailbreak guide that you can view via the video and screenshot guides below.

This tutorial is the quickest way to unlock the full potential of your Firestick and/or Fire TV.

Video Tutorial


 Free TROYPOINT Supercharge Firestick Guide

  How to Jailbreak Firestick Screenshot Guide

How Does a Firestick Work?

A frequently asked question many like to know prior to purchasing a Fire TV Stick is whether or not it will work with their television.

Because nearly all television sets have HDMI ports, Firesticks are fully functional with just about every TV available.

Most streaming devices operate by connecting directly to their HDMI port. This includes the popular Roku device that rivals the Amazon Firestick.

Due to its closed source software, however, TROYPOINT recommends using a Firestick instead of a Roku.

Roku vs Firestick – Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Buy Roku

The Amazon Firestick uses wi-fi to install and use the applications and is controlled with a provided remote.

Because of the device’s portability, it will work with a wireless Hot Spot or nearly every other wireless internet connection.

This makes the Firestick one of the most versatile streaming devices available today. With a compact design and a simple setup, you can take the firestick with you almost anywhere.

Be sure to check out the TROYPOINT Firestick Setup Guide after purchasing your Firestick or Fire TV. This instructional guide will get you up and running on your device in less than 2 minutes.

One of the greatest features of the Firestick is the Alexa Voice Remote. This new component works great for those who don’t like to type out an entire search option.

The remote is able to use your voice to control the device and can even connect to an Amazon Echo or Alexa device.

Newly upgraded as well, the firestick remote now includes Power and volume buttons. This means no more switching back and forth between multiple remotes for use!

For complete information regarding the Amazon Firestick remote, use the resource guide below:

Firestick Remote – How To Fix, Pair, and Much More

Although the Firestick does come with the Alexa remote, numerous other remotes are compatible with the device as well.

TROYPOINT has come up with a list of some of the best replacement remotes for the Firestick or Fire TV.

Fire TV/Stick Replacement Remote

Because apps are installed on the device itself, a firestick is portable and able to be used on nearly every TV. This is great for those who travel and want to watch their favorite content while on the go.

To use at any location, simply connect the power cord to an outlet, the firestick to an HDMI port, and access a local wi-fi network.

For the small fee of only $49.99, the Amazon Firestick as a media streamer can’t be beaten.

However, there are a couple of upgraded versions of this device as well. For $69.99, you can purchase the Amazon Fire TV and for $119.99, the Amazon Fire TV Cube.

Firestick Apps to Install

firestick apps to install

The home-screen of Firestick and Fire TV devices generally include tons of options including News, Live Events, Free Content, and more.

The Amazon App Store is available directly on the home page and can easily be searched using the search option.

This is a great place get tons of apps for Movies, TV Shows, Music, and much more.

The following applications are available within the Amazon App Store and may require payment:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • HBO Now
  • YouTube TV
  • Sling
  • PlayStation Vue
  • Crackle
  • Prime Video
  • Spotify
  • Pandora

A firestick will also give users access to thousands of apps and APK’s that are not available in the Amazon App Store.

Because of its side-loading abilities, the Firestick’s app possibilities are endless.

If you can’t find an application in the Amazon App Store, you can likely side-load it using the Downloader Application.

TROYPOINT has created a list of Best Apps for Firestick & Fire TV to help get you started. This list includes apps in the App Store and those you must side-load as well.

Best Apps for Firestick & Fire TV

Users can also install the following applications for FREE that allow for the streaming of unlimited Movies, TV Shows, and more.



This application provides an open-source platform for users to install various add-ons to stream content.

These add-ons are available in all shapes and sizes and hold numerous options for streaming.

TROYPOINT has created a list of Best Kodi Add-Ons with instructional guides for add-ons with Movies, TV Shows, Live Television, Music, and more.

Users can easily side-load Kodi onto a Firestick or Fire TV using the instructional guide below:

How To Install Kodi on Firestick

Cinema APK

Cinema APK

Cinema is an APK or android application that serves up Movies and TV Shows.

Unlike Kodi, you will not have to install 3rd-party add-ons within Cinema to see titles for viewing. All content is stored within the app that also features a user-friendly interface.

Cinema is featured as one of the Best APK’s by TROYPOINT.

How To Install Cinema APK on Firestick

Aptoide TV

aptoide tv

Aptoide is a “Google Play Alternative” that works as an App Store for 3rd party applications.

Installing Aptoide opens the door to thousands of apps that are not available in the Amazon App Store.

This includes nearly all apps from the Google Play Store and tons of others as well.

Installing Aptoide is the first step in the TROYPOINT Jailbreak Firestick tutorial.

How To Install Aptoide TV

Silk Browser

silk browser

The Silk Browser is the most popular web browser used among Firestick/Fire TV device users.

Installing Silk allows you to access the same websites on a Firestick/Fire TV as you would on a PC, tablet, or mobile device.

From accessing free movie streaming sites, social media, online shopping, and more, the Silk Browser has it all!

Refer to the link below for more information on the Silk Browser and how to install it on your Fire TV device.

How To Install Amazon Silk Browser



Anyone who uses 3rd party apps to stream content should always install a VPN for their protection.

A VPN will encrypt your IP address which makes it impossible to track or log your internet activity.

In addition, some of the apps that you would want to download are restricted by the Amazon App Store since they are unverified apps.

However, you can side-load them into your device without using the official app-distribution method with the help of a VPN for Firestick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube.

TROYPOINT recommends IPVanish for all cord-cutters because of its easy to use application and zero log policy.

IPVanish is available in the Amazon App Store.

How To Install VPN on Firestick

Rapid App Installer

The Rapid App Installer may be the last app you’ll ever need to install.

This all-encompassing application allows you to install the best streaming apps and tools in a matter of minutes rather than installing each APK one by one.

All apps listed above and dozens of other apps are available within the Rapid App Installer.

troypoint rapid app installer

Use the link below to access this free resource.

TROYPOINT Rapid App Installer

For a continually updated list of free streaming apps, check out the TROYPOINT Best APK’s list.

These APK’s are available for side-load on any Fire TV device including the Firestick.

Installing one or some of these apps will provide access to unlimited Movies and TV Shows with NO BUFFERING.

Best APK’s for Movies and TV Shows

Live TV on Firestick


Movies and TV Shows are not the only content Firestick users will have access to.

In fact, the Amazon Firestick recently added a new Live TV Tab to its main menu screen. This features tons of free and paid options for streaming live television without a cable subscription.

Live TV apps are also available for download and usually come in the form of an IPTV Service.

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television and oftentimes provides thousands of live channels for a small monthly fee.

Users can install their preferred IPTV app on a Firestick and stream live News, Sports, and more.

This is especially popular among sports fans for Streaming UFC and Watching the NBA Online.

Oftentimes, these apps provide an EPG or Electronic Program Guide that will display TV Scheduling.

Check out our IPTV Resource Page for everything else IPTV.

Fire TV & Fire TV Cube – The Other Options

In my opinion, the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k is the best possible option available for unlimited streaming.

In my opinion, the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k is the best possible option available for unlimited streaming.

Because of its price point and awesome specs, this is a perfect choice for any cord-cutting enthusiast.

In June of 2018, Amazon also released another streaming choice – the Amazon Fire TV Cube.

This is a hands-free Alexa box that controls your television with only your voice. TROYPOINT has created a Fire TV Cube Review that is completely unbiased and will help you determine if it is the right choice for you.

With a heftier price, many opt for the Firestick instead of the Fire TV Cube. However, if you would like more bang for your buck, the Fire TV or Cube is a better device.

Overall, you cannot go wrong with either device you choose. Many have found that upon purchasing a Firestick or Fire TV, they have been able to cancel their Cable or Satellite subscriptions.

With this device, the possibilities are endless.

Purchase a Firestick, Fire TV, or Fire TV Cube

Fire TV Stick 4k Fire TV 3Fire TV 3 Fire TV CubeFire TV Cube
Price $49.99 $69.99 $119.99
4K Ultra HD Support Fire TV Cube Check Mark Fire TV Cube Check Mark Fire TV Cube Check Mark
HDR-10 Support Fire TV Cube Check Mark Fire TV Cube Check Mark Fire TV Cube Check Mark
Built-in Speaker Fire TV Cube Check Mark
Far-field Voice Control of Fire TV Fire TV Cube Check Mark
Alexa Voice Remote Fire TV Cube Check Mark Fire TV Cube Check Mark Fire TV Cube Check Mark
Quad-core Processor 1.7 GHz 1.5 GHz 1.5 GHz
Storage 8 GB 8 GB 16 GB
RAM 1.5 GB 2 GB 2 GB
Supported Audio Dolby Atmos Dolby Atmos Dolby Atmos
802.11ac Dual-band MIMO WiFi Fire TV Cube Check Mark Fire TV Cube Check Mark Fire TV Cube Check Mark
Ethernet Support Works with separate Ethernet adapter Works with separate Ethernet adapter Ethernet adapter included

Firestick Extras

firestick tricks

Once your device is set up and ready to go, there are tons of different apps and tools you can install for streaming and more.

TROYPOINT has created a list of some Tips and Tricks that will help you get the most out of this awesome device.

10 Firestick Tricks and Tips for Ultimate Firestick Setup

Users can even connect numerous devices to their Firestick via casting.

This includes iOS, Android, and PC.

How To Cast to Firestick

If you are experiencing buffering problems or slow download speeds, refer to our popular guides below.

How to Stop Buffering on Firestick
Best Firestick Ethernet Adapter

One of the most important tools for a Firestick owner, especially if the device is “jailbroken”, is a VPN application.

How To Install VPN on Firestick

Follow the quick steps below to install VPN on Firestick:

Step 1 – Register for an account at IPVanish by clicking HERE.

Step 2 – Hover over the search icon on your Firestick, Fire TV, or Fire TV Cube and type in “Ipvanish”.

Step 2 - Search for IPVanish VPN In Fire TV App Store

Step 3 – Click the IPVanish VPN option that appears.

Step 3 - Click IPVanish VPN Option on Fire TV or Firestick

Step 4 – Click the Download button.

Step 4 - Click Download

Step 5 – Click Open to launch IPVanish VPN application.

Step 5 - Click Open To Launch VPN Application On Firestick, Fire TV, or Fire TV Cube

Step 6 – Input your IPVanish username and password and then click Login.

Step 6 - Input VPN Username & Password

Step 7 – Click CONNECT button.

Step 7 - Click VPN Connect Button

Step 8 – If you receive a VPN connection request such as this, click OK.

Step 8 - Click OK for VPN Connection Request On Fire TV Stick

Step 9 – Click Disconnect button to stop service.

Step 9 - VPN Will Connect On Fire TV or Fire TV Stick

With a VPN active, you can now access all content on your device Anonymously.

Most VPN users do so to protect themselves when streaming on Kodi. Using Kodi on Firestick is one of the best ways to “jailbreak” your device and stream free content.

However, Kodi doesn’t do much without the great 3rd party addons that provide free movies, TV shows, channels, live sports, etc.

Outside of apps and Kodi addons, the Firestick can also be used for streaming websites to watch movies and TV shows.

Check out our popular lists below for even more Firestick streaming options.

Firestick Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Buy a Firestick?

Multiple retail stores have Firesticks for sale including Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target and more. However, you can also purchase on Amazon.

What Channels Can I get on Firestick?

There are thousands of apps users can install on a Firestick including those that will provide free Movies, TV Shows, and even Live TV.

Can I Jailbreak a Firestick?

Yes, this is the best way to get tons of apps not available in the Amazon App Store. These apps are free and have unlimited content for streaming.

Does Firestick Have a Remote?

Yes, the Firestick comes with included Alexa remote for voice control of your device.

Is there a Monthly Fee for Firestick?

No. The firestick is a one time purchase. However, some apps available for installation may require a monthly fee for use.

Is Roku Better than Firestick?

While Roku devices are a popular choice, they feature a closed Operating System which means apps that provide free content are unable to be installed. TROYPOINT always recommends a Firestick or Fire TV for streaming.