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How To Fix Kodi Unable to Connect Error in Less than 1 Minute

kodi unable to connect

This tutorial will show you How To Fix the Kodi Unable to connect Error in less than 1 minute.

This error occurs only when trying to Add a file source to install a Kodi add-on or Kodi build. It reads as follows:

Couldn’t retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to add it anyway?

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Nearly all Kodi users have experienced this error at one time or another and each time is just as frustrating as the last. Often times, however, there is a simple solution to this problem that will only take a minute or less.

The guide below will provide you with multiple fixes to help overcome this inconvenience.

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Fix Kodi Unable To Connect Error

Method 1 – Check Internet Connection

The first method for solving this problem is to check your device’s internet connection. Whether you are using a Fire TV/Stick, Android TV Box, or PC, these are all connected via wi-fi to Kodi.


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As the error message states, “This could be due to the network not being connected”. So make sure that internet access is available and functioning properly.

If you are having trouble connecting to wi-fi on your Amazon Fire device, CLICK HERE for multiple solutions to this problem.

Once certain that a sufficient connection to your internet is available, we can try a few other quick fixes.

Method 2 – Check Your URL Information

The majority of the time, the Kodi Unable to Connect Error occurs because the URL has been typed incorrectly.

When entering a source name and receiving this error, you are prompted with the following message:

unable to connect message

This all too familiar screen is a hassle for anyone who has encountered it. However, an incorrect URL is usually the source of the problem.

If you do come across this message and click Yes, we can go back and edit for any punctuation/grammar errors. In the following instance, I am trying to install Placenta, but misspelled the URL.

The steps below will show you how to fix this problem.

1. If you received the Unable to Connect error message and clicked Yes, simply right click on the source and choose Edit source

right click to edit source

2. Click the incorrectly typed URL (In this instance, blamoo has been misspelled with an extra o)

click incorrect URL

3. Look for any mistakes you may have made entering. Including spaces before and after URL, missed periods, hyphens, backslashes, and more. Change the URL to the proper term and click OK

check for errors


4. Now enter a name for the media source and click OK. The file should install properly

click OK

Once completed, you can now install an add-on or build just as you would normally.

As stated above, more than likely an improper URL is the reason behind the Kodi Unable to Connect Error. If you are certain that the wording and punctuation is exactly perfect, we can try the third and final method for fixing this problem.

Method 3 – Check URL is running properly

If you still receive the Kodi Unable to Connect Error after following the methods above, there is one more alternative. As most Kodi users know, add-ons and repositories are in a constant state of change. Therefore it is difficult to know whether one is in working condition or not.

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If you know your connection is fine and the URL is typed correctly, it may be that the file you are trying to install is no longer working. We can easily check to make sure it is available by typing in the exact URL into any browser.

Upon typing the URL into your browser, you will observe one of two messages.

  1. If the URL is a working source, you will see an “Index of” message which shows all files located within this source. It looks like this:

working url

2.If the URL is not a working source, you will see this message:

not working url

When you see “This site can’t be reached” the Add-on or build you are trying to install is not available. Try installing another add-on of your choice, or use the TROYPOINT Best Kodi Add-Ons Page which features all the top add-ons separated into specific Categories.

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