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How to Fix Kodi No Stream Available Error in 2024

Kodi No Stream Available

The following tutorial will show you How to Fix the Kodi No Stream Available Error in a few minutes or less.

The Kodi no stream available error is a problem that most cord-cutters who use the Kodi software will likely encounter at one point or another.

There are many reasons why this error will appear and we cover solutions for the most common causes in this post. More than likely, this problem can be fixed by resetting Kodi or adjusting/clearing a few settings.

Many have experienced this error message when using a Kodi addon or build that is compatible with real-debrid. Luckily, we walk you through all of the possible reasons that you are experiencing this with various solutions to get you back streaming!

In the guide below, we are using a Fire TV Stick 4K Max. However, this will also work for any Kodi device including Android TV/Google TV Boxes such as NVIDIA SHIELD, BuzzTV, onn. Google TV, and more.

How To Fix Kodi No Stream Available Error

Kodi Addon Not Working

One of the biggest reasons why Kodi users get this error is because they are using an addon that no longer works or hasn’t been updated. If a Kodi addon has been dropped by its developer, this means that it will no longer be updated unless someone takes it over.

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If it isn’t updated, the sources that typically load when searching for a movie or TV show won’t work properly. We suggest using our Best Kodi Addons page and trying a different addon than the one that is giving you this error.

Oftentimes, simply installing and using a new add-on can fix tons of Kodi problems. It is also a good idea to install more than one Kodi addon that specializes in the type of media you are looking to consume.  If one addon doesn’t work, try another.

Use Numerous Addon Choices

To determine whether a Kodi addon is working, we suggest testing a different movie or TV show than the one that you are trying to play. Because addons use various sources for different streams, there may be an issue with the source which we discuss more below.

It is also important to have more than one addon in your Kodi repertoire. Don’t rely on just one addon for streaming content as there are tons of fabulous options that have all the content you are looking for. Many have different capabilities including options for Live TV, Sports, and more.

For those who prefer to install numerous addons in one, we suggest a Kodi Build that features tons of addons and tools in one install.

Real-Debrid Issues

Real-Debrid on Kodi

Most Kodi users pair their favorite addons and builds with a premium unrestricted downloading service such as real-debrid.

Real-Debrid is a fabulous resource that provides users with high-quality streaming links in HD quality including 1080p and 4K. It is compatible with nearly all Kodi Addons and builds as well as APKs for a flawless viewing experience.

If you encounter a No Stream Available error, there is a high probability that it has something to do with your real-debrid account. We suggest removing real-debrid and re-authorizing your account within settings.

You should also make sure to disconnect your VPN when authorizing real-debrid and re-enabling it before viewing content on your Kodi device. If that doesn’t work, continue trying some of the methods listed below.

Kodi Sources Not Available

Another reason you may get have problems in Kodi is that the title you are searching for simply isn’t available.


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This most frequently occurs when trying to find an older movie or tv show that isn’t very popular. Even though Kodi displays available sources, they may have been recently removed from the Internet.

Kodi Sources

We suggest trying multiple source options or using a real-debrid account as discussed above.

Clear Kodi Cache & Providers

Another way to keep your Kodi running smoothly is to clear the cache and providers within your selected add-on. This will remove any unnecessary clutter that may be slowing your add-on and device down.

By clearing the Cache and Providers, you will refresh the system which can boost your streaming experience. This is a fabulous way to fix various kodi issues including the No Stream available error and more.

In the instance below, I will clear the cache and providers within The Crew Kodi Addon. However, these steps will also work on just about any add-on you prefer.

How to Clear Kodi Cache

1. From the main menu of the addon, select Tools.

select tools

2. Click Cache Settings.

click cache settings

3. Choose Clear providers.

choose clear providers

4. When prompted, click Yes.

click yes

5. You will then see success message.

you will then see process complete message

6. Scroll down and click Clear cache.

click clear cache

7. Click Yes.

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click yes

8. Your cache has been successfully cleared.

That’s it!

Network Problems

If it appears that the above recommendations don’t help and you are still receiving the No Stream Available error on everything, more than likely there is something wrong with your network.

The network problem could be either internal or external.

Internal Network Problems

When I refer to internal, this means that there is something possibly wrong with the network within your home.  The good news is that this is usually simple to fix.

Fix Kodi no stream available by restarting router

The first task that I always suggest to people having network or Internet problems is to restart their router. Simply unplug your router from the power, let it sit for a minute, and then plug it back in.  Do the same thing with your cable or dls modem as well if the router reset doesn’t help.

If resetting the router or modem doesn’t help, you should test your Internet download speed on your streaming device.

How to Test Download Speed on Firestick or Fire TV

If you determine that your download speed is extremely slow, you should try moving your streaming box closer to the wireless router to gain a better signal. If your Kodi box has a network adapter and you have a nearby connection, try using that instead of connecting through WiFi.

Unfortunately, some of you who live in rural areas must deal with slow Internet speeds and there isn’t much you can do.

External Network Problems

Kodi no stream available caused by ISP block

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may also be blocking access to these various Kodi streams as well. The only way around this is by installing a VPN on your device which will encrypt your connection to the Internet, making it impossible for your ISP to log or track what you are streaming.

A VPN will prevent your Internet Service Provider from censoring what you are accessing on the Internet. It will also protect you from hackers and other organizations from accessing your online activity.

Best of all, VPN applications are specifically designed for Fire TV/Stick and Android TV Boxes.  You can use one account for unlimited devices simultaneously to ensure peace of mind for all of your internet-connected devices.

Best VPN for Firestick & Android TV

Streaming Alternatives

All cord-cutters should have more than one streaming application at their disposal. As mentioned earlier, it is a good idea to try multiple addons within Kodi if one isn’t providing the results you are looking for.

That same idea holds true for finding a completely different streaming app to use rather than just Kodi. Many people now use these as their primary streaming apps and keep Kodi installed as a backup when things fail.

The main point here is to understand that you can install other applications onto your device besides the Kodi platform. And, many of them will work better in some cases depending on what you would like to stream.

APK for streaming content

You will find everything that you need for your streaming pleasure in one area. This will eliminate the tedious process of researching the best apps and how to install them.

Best APKs for Movies & TV Shows

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix the Kodi No Stream Available Error?

There are numerous methods within this guide to help eliminate this issue.

Why can’t I load streams on Kodi?

You may be using an outdated Kodi addon, viewing a title without links, or have network problems.

How do I get streams on Kodi?

The best way to find streaming links on Kodi is by installing a Kodi addon or Kodi build.

Can I get Kodi streams on a Firestick?

Yes. You can find Kodi streams on any device such as a Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV Box, and more.

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18 thoughts on “How to Fix Kodi No Stream Available Error in 2024”

  1. None of the add on’s are working for me anymore. The crew, Promise, Nightwing, etc all have no providers and give no stream message. WHY does the person writing this webpage keep posting a fix for this when it clearly does NOT fix anything??? It appears there must have been a crack down on these providers and they must have been shut down.

    1. All or most addons working for me Bob ….. sounds like some kind of issue(s) on your end. Make sure that you have everything enabled or set up as needed ….. just sayin

  2. Since I installed premiumize I get loads of streams but I also get buffering or the programme just won’t play at all and goes back to home.
    Then I have to laugh kodi again then the crew which is the only addon I have.
    I have vpn, real-debrid as well as premiumize.?

    1. Yes same issue on all my add in for new episodes on shows. The new show is there but no stream available. I use crew, promise, nightwing, and homelander. All say same. I have even rebooted my interest because of speed issues. Help with speed but not stream. This has been going on since march. Something has definitely changed. I was wondering if the streams have been shut down

      1. Yes, same here. Even purchased a new Firestick and upgraded internet. No addons are offering streams. Has been a problem for months now.

        Have you found a solution? I’m thinking about going back to an older version of Kodi.

        1. I have an older version 18.9 Lei and no streaming there too. I even got a VPN and it STILL doesn’t work. I think Kodi is a bust now :-(

    2. patricia w. mullins

      Yes, setting here trying to fix with watching your videos and reading my notes. Hoping I can get it fixed or will try loading the new Kodi version.
      I am so thankful for all the videoes through the years, otherwise I would never be able to have enjoyed Kodi for about the last 8 years.

  3. I just wanted to mention that another reason for “no stream available” is because the real-debrid” account is expired. Thx.

  4. Hi Troy

    I’m getting a No Stream Available on all movies witching The Crew. I’m using a Firestick and VPN which all worked fine when I last used it a couple of weeks ago. I can watch sports without any problem but not movies and tv shows. I tried everything above but nothing. The same applies to my Amazon Fire tablet. I have a fast internet speed.

    Any ideas?

      1. To everyone having the no streaming problem. I have Spectrum ISP and belive they have blocked Kodi addon search portion.of the program.I use a VPN but notice it was off for a few days.I have several android devices and all are doing the same.Just a feeling

        1. I also have Spectrum and am thinking the same. I don’t have a VPN but until recently I’ve been able to watch most everything I tried. Evidently a VPN doesn’t help in this situation?

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