Surfshark Review – State of the Art, Fast, and Feature-Rich VPN

Surfshark VPN Review

This Surfshark Review was written by Troy from TROYPOINT after using the VPN service on a regular basis for approximately three weeks.

Surfshark provided me with a free account for the purpose of this review and additional tutorials in the future.  However, this review is unbiased and you will see that I point out both the good and bad regarding this popular VPN service.

In this review, I will be using two of the most popular devices that people use in conjunction with Surfshark which is a Fire TV Stick 4K Max and Windows PC.

You can find our setup guide for Fire TV Stick/Fire TV and Android TV devices via link below.

Surfshark Tutorial for Firestick & Android TV

Surfshark did not have access to this review prior to publishing.

Surfshark Review

This Surfshark review will cover all of its most popular features and lack thereof.

You may find additional information by exploring the Surfshark Website via link below.

Surfshark Website


Strict No-logs Policy

Surfshark explains their “no-logs policy” the following way.

In short, a no-log VPN like Surfshark does not keep track of your online whereabouts or actions in any way. The VPN server only keeps enough data to keep your VPN connection going, and nothing of it is kept after you’re done.

Surfshark is based in the Netherlands which means that their local laws do not force VPN providers to keep logs.

Most top-ranked VPNs carry the same type of no-logging policy as Surfshark.

Change Your IP Address

It’s important that a VPN changes your IP address when you connect.

Surfshark VPN Change IP Address

Your IP address is the identifying number that points right back to your Internet service account.

When you connect to the Surfshark your real IP address is masked and they assign you with an anonymous one.

Rotating IP

This beta features changes your IP address every once in a while without disconnecting you from the VPN network. This makes you even more difficult to track than using a simple VPN.

Rotating IP

You can turn this feature on within settings of the Surfshark application.

Static IP

You can choose to connect to a server with a Static IP Address.

Static IP Address

Static IP locations will always have the same IP addresses and will not change even if you reconnect.  This is important for those who must use a VPN for work and they are required to connect to their network through the same IP address each time.


Allows you to control where your traffic enters and leaves. With MultiHop, you can manually choose to connect, for example, through UK to the US and vice versa.

Surfshark VPN MultiHop

This setting can also be enabled within the settings panel of the Surfshark app.

Strong Encryption

Surfshark supports three of the most popular VPN protocols currently available.

Strong Encryption


WireGuard is a new lightweight protocol that some of the top-ranked VPNs have implemented.

It allows for fast download/upload speeds which is important when streaming large HD files.

It’s also less susceptible to security vulnerabilities as it’s easier to manage and scale.


IKEv2 stands for Internet Key Exchange version 2.

This protocol has been updated many times and is also known for fast download/upload speeds.


OpenVPN is probably the most popular VPN protocols available today.

One reason for the popularity is due to its open source nature which means its code has been approved by security professionals worldwide.

More than likely, users will get faster speeds with WireGuard and IKEv2 but it’s still important to try this protocol as networks vary.

Private DNS & Leak Protection

Surfshark runs its own Private DNS on every VPN server.

Surfshark Private DNS

Here are the benefits of doing this.

  • No activity logs and no connection logs
  • No DNS blocking, filtering, or hijacking
  • Faster DNS queries
  • 256-bit encryption

This is one additional security measure that some VPNs implement and it’s nice to see that Surfshark does this as well.

Get 82% Off Surfshark + 2 Months Free

3,200+ Servers in 65 Countries

Surfshark provides a large network of servers to connect to all around the world.

Surfshark VPN Locations

Surfshark is dedicated to server speeds with at least a single 1 Gbps port on every server and new 10 Gbps ports added every day.

This VPN operates on 100% RAM-only servers which should mean faster upload/download speeds for their users.

All servers run on the most recent software updates, do not store any data, and are wiped occasionally.

Apps for All Popular Devices

Surfshark provides applications for the following popular devices.

Surfshark VPN Apps

  • Fire OS (Fire TV/Stick)
  • Android TV
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux

Browser Extensions

Surfshark provides Browser Extensions that allow you to control the VPN app quickly from your browser.

Browser Extensions

These extensions are available for the following popular browsers.

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge

Router Setup

If you want to protect your entire network and stop dealing with individual apps on each device, you can setup Surfshark on compatible routers.

Surfshark VPN Router

This is perfect for those who use devices that an app isn’t available for such as Roku, Apple TV, and gaming systems.

Smart DNS

Surfshark provides its customers with Smart DNS support which can be used on devices that can’t run a VPN such as Apple TV.

Smart DNS


Smart DNS doesn’t give you other VPN features like security and privacy. It just makes your DNS requests appear as they come from somewhere else. This way, no one knows at a glance where your device is.

This is perfect to get around geo-blocks for various streaming services or other content restricted mediums.

Kill Switch

Surfshark provides a Kill Switch feature that is mandatory for any reputable VPN service.

Surfshark Kill Switch

If your VPN connection ever disconnects unexpectedly, the Kill Switch will disconnect you from the Internet, safeguarding your privacy.

Users can enable the Kill Switch feature within settings of each Surfshark application.

One surprising find is seeing the Kill Switch option on Fire TV Stick and Android TV systems.  Kill Switches usually don’t work properly on these devices.  I tested this and was pleasantly surprised that the Surfshark devs figured out how to do this because it works great!

Get 82% Off Surfshark + 2 Months Free


This is one feature I was excited to test.

Most VPNs don’t do a very good job blocking ads and according to Surfshark, they not only do this but they also block malware too!

Clean Web

I tried visiting some popular free movie streaming sites on both my Fire TV Stick and Windows 10 PC.  These sites are riddled with ads and should prove to be a good test for CleanWeb.

I was surprised at how well this feature works.

Just like most ad blockers, it didn’t detect all of them but it did a pretty good job.

They also detect malware risks as well.  This is extremely handy for those using free streaming apps on Firesticks and Android TV devices.

Hats off to Surfshark for this nice CleanWeb feature!

Camouflage Mode

Surfshark includes what they call “Camouflage Mode”, which is usually referred to as Obfuscation by other VPN services.

Camo Mode

Obfuscation makes it difficult for your Internet Service Provider (ISP), streaming services, and websites from knowing that you are using a VPN.

If you’ve used a VPN before, you may have noticed that you have problems connecting to your banking website or favorite streaming service.  Obfuscation can sometimes get around these blocks.

See my Geo-Block testing below where I put this to the test.


Surfshark also integrates Split Tunneling which they call Bypasser.

Split Tunneling allows a VPN user to bypass a VPN connection for a specific application.

Let’s say that Amazon Prime Video doesn’t work when your Surfshark is active.  Split Tunneling will allow you to deactivate the VPN for that specific application.  This allows you to keep your VPN running but disable the protection on the apps that don’t play nice with VPNs.

Again, this is something that most of the popular VPN services do but I really like how they do it.

Surfshark allows a user to indicate whether they want to Bypass VPN or Route via VPN.

Surfshark VPN Router Traffic VPN Only

If you choose Route via VPN then you can tell the VPN to only be active for specific applications.  It’s serving the same function but many times it will be quicker using that option instead of Bypass VPN.  You may only have a few apps that you want protected and it will be quicker using the Route via VPN feature.

Unlimited Devices

Here’s another one that we don’t see very often!

IPVanish VPN is the only other top-ranked provider that we’ve reviewed that does this.

You can use your Surfshark account on unlimited devices both at home and away.

Unlimited Devices

Most VPN services only allow 5 to 10 devices per account and Surfshark should be applauded for doing this!

Surfshark Fire TV / Android TV Application

Here is a video that shows the user Interface on Firestick and Android TV apps.

Surfshark Firestick / Android TV Demo Video

Get 82% Off Surfshark + 2 Months Free

Most TROYPOINT fans use a VPN in conjunction with their Fire TV/Stick or Android TV Boxes.

It’s important that I review how well the Surfshark app works on these devices.

There is no doubt that Surfshark has spent a lot of time on the sleek user interface that we see on these systems.

Surfshark VPN for Firestick & Android TV

Everything is laid out in an orderly fashion and simple to use.

Other VPNs need to take notice of their well designed user interface and do the same.

A+ on the Fire OS and Android TV App from Surfshark.

Surfshark Dowload Speeds

All VPNs reduce download speed due to the encryption being performed and your traffic being tunneled through a secure server.  So, naturally download speed is one of the main features that needs to be examined with any type of VPN.

I will be testing download speeds on my Windows 10 PC and Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

I have 1GB fiber download speed maximum provided by my ISP.

When testing wireless speeds, I am connecting to my Asus ROG Rapture WiFi 6 Router (GT-AX11000).

I’m using the TROYPOINT Download Speed Test for the PC testing and Analiti for Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

Windows 10 PC Download Speeds

In the Windows 10 tests below, I will be using the WireGuard Protocol as this was the fastest for me in testing.

Windows Download and Upload Speeds


Download: 734 Mbps

Upload: 109 Mbps


Download: 227 Mbps

Upload: 116.5 Mbps

Fire TV Stick 4K Max Download Speeds

In the Firestick tests below, I will be using the WireGuard Protocol as this was the fastest for me in testing.

Firestick Download and Upload Speeds


Download: 102 Mbps

Upload: 88 Mbps

Get 82% Off Surfshark + 2 Months Free

Geo-Block Testing

I tested Surfshark with both Netflix and Amazon Prime.

I connected to a United Kingdom server (Glasgow) and tried to access the UK catalog in both of those applications.

Surfshark VPN Netflix

I was pleasantly surprised to see that it worked in both apps!  Most VPNs nowadays are having a difficult time getting around geo-blocks with popular streaming services.

I must note that I had to clear cache on my Netflix app prior to launching it for this to work properly.

Surfshark Is Real-Debrid Friendly

Although Surfshark is listed as a “Non-Cooperative VPN Provider” on the Real-Debrid website, our testing has determined that it actually works just fine.

real debrid apps

On the Real-Debrid site, it shows that Surfshark works properly on over 3,000 IP addresses.  So, even though it isn’t 100% compatible, it appears that most of their IP addresses will work just fine.

Because of this, we have included Surfshark in our list of Best VPNs for Real Debrid.

If you have problems using Real-Debrid with Surfshark, I suggest using a different IP address.

Most TROYPOINT fans use Real-Debrid so this is an extremely important feature.

Surfshark Socks5 Proxy

Unfortunately, I don’t see an area on the Surfshark website that provides me with Socks5 proxy settings.

No Socks5 for Surfshark VPN

If you download torrents, Socks5 Proxy provides an additional layer of protection that can be implemented into your torrent downloader.

Due to the numerous free streaming apps available today, not as many people are downloading through torrents anymore so this shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

Captchas While Browsing

While browsing the Internet on my PC, I was required to verify that I was a human via captcha from time to time when Surfshark was activated.

I’m first confronted with this checkbox.


Then I need to pick the proper pictures on the screen.

Captcha Verify

This drives me nuts and hopefully this will improve in the future.

It seems that there is a lot of traffic coming from the IP Address that I’m using which is causing this prompt for human verification.

Surfshark Support Support

I finished the Surfshark review by testing how fast I could get help from them.

I tested out Surfshark’s support by using their chat option.

Surfshark Support

I typed in a random question such as “Socks5 Proxy” and their automatic bot came back with exactly what I was looking for.  It indicated that they do not support Socks5.

I then typed “Agent” and was taken to Hal who answered my chat within 1 minute.

Great response times.

Surfshark Pricing

As of this review, Surfshark pricing is as follows.

  • 24 Months at $59.96 (currently 81% off) then billed $59.96 annually after 24 months.
  • 12 Months at $47.88 (currently 69% off) then billed $59.76 annually after 12 months.
  • 1 Month at $12.95.

Surfshark VPN Pricing

This is great pricing when you compare it to other top-ranked VPN providers.  Their re-bill price is acceptable as well.

Get 82% Off Surfshark + 2 Months Free

What I Like

  • Fast download/upload speeds
  • Fabulous Firestick and Android TV applications
  • Windows App very easy to use
  • Ad blocker and malware blocker
  • Kill Switch works on Fire TV Stick/Fire TV & Android TV Boxes
  • Supports all popular devices including Windows, Mac, Firestick, Android TV, phones, tablets, iOS, and more
  • Geo block prevention works with Netflix and Amazon Prime
  • Surfshark based in Netherlands with no data retention laws
  • Can install on router to protect entire network
  • Most IP addresses are compatible with Real-Debrid
  • Can use on unlimited devices
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Low price

What I Dislike

  • Captcha prompts from time to time while browsing Internet
  • Doesn’t provide Socks5 proxy settings for torrent clients

Surfshark Review Final Thoughts

I’m extremely impressed with Surfshark.

Their ad blocking and malware prevention are features not often bundled into a VPN.

Surfshark passes the two biggest complaints that most VPNs are criticized for.  Their speeds are fast and in my testing  you can get around geo-blocks as well.

Surfshark has made some significant strides since it was first released in 2018.

This is a fairly new VPN that hasn’t stood the test of time but so far I would say they might be on their way to being the best VPN available in the market.

There is no doubt that I will be keeping my eye on this VPN and I will continue updating this review as time goes on.

I can see this becoming the #1 or #2 ranked TROYPOINT VPN in the near future.

One reason I’m hesitant to start this in the #1 or #2 position is because NordVPN recently acquired them and I want to see how all of that shakes out.

I’m interested in seeing what the new merger with NordVPN will do to the price of this service in the future.  Surfshark has been praised for their low prices since their release and only time will tell if that will remain untouched.  Let’s hope it does!

How does Surfshark compare to our recommended VPN which is IPVanish VPN you may ask?

My biggest complaints with Surfshark are the lack of Real-Debrid compatibility and Socks5 proxy support for torrenting.

As with all reviews, these are my opinions and you may find that Surfshark is the right choice for your specific situation.

They do provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for their long-term plans so you have nothing to lose if you want to give it a try.


TROYPOINT rates Surfshark 4.7/5 stars.  As stated above, we will keep a close eye on this one and we expect big things in the future.

Our Score


Attention Firestick and Android TV Users! Get our free Surfshark Setup Tutorial via link below.

Surfshark Tutorial for Firestick & Android TV


Get 82% Off Surfshark + 2 Months Free

This page includes affiliate links where TROYPOINT may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Many times, you will receive a discount due to the special arrangements made for our visitors. I will never promote something that I personally don't use or recommend. Purchasing through my links directly supports TROYPOINT which keeps the content and tools coming. Thank you!


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44 thoughts on “Surfshark Review – State of the Art, Fast, and Feature-Rich VPN”

  1. Hello, thanks for testing Surfsharks reconnect if dropped function but thats only one function you tested. Im interested in how you can test if surfshark actually connects to the VPN if you have ROUTE VIA VPN and apps applied. I tried to test this feature and i could not get it to work, at least i did not see it working.
    1) I disconnected the VPN then loaded Prime. Prime was running much faster so i assume it was not connected to the vpn which is good. When i looked at Surfshark it was not connected. PASSED!
    2) Then i click on Cinema HD which is in the app list via ROUTE VIA VPN.
    3) I existed out and looked at the surfshark connection and surfshark was not connected? FAILED!! Why is that? I have both Kodi & Cinema HD on the list Route Via VPN blocklist. I should have seen surfshark connected to the VPN at this stage because i clicked into Cinema HD and Kodi but it wasnt connected. How do i verify that it is actually connecting to the VPN when i use Kodi or Cinema HD???? I have not been able to verify this by loading Surfshark after i existed the apps.

    Also, at this point, should i have the killswitch on or off? And if i have auto reconnect on it will always load the vpn.

  2. I tried Surfshark and it worked great on my FireTV devices. It was problematic on my Windows 11 PC. My web browsers operated much slower than when I used IPVanish. When using Google Chrome or MS Edge I was constantly having to reload pages because they did not load properly on the first attempt. I tried it because of it’s ability to bypass it for use with certain programs and that feature worked as advertised. Because of another article that was published on this website, I have since purchased a Netgear R7000 wi-fi router and moved to Strong VPN. It is working just great while protecting every device on my home network. I’ve cancelled my subscriptions to Surfshark and IPVanish.

    1. TROYPOINT - Ryan

      Thanks for the comment! That’s exactly why we create reviews/tutorials for these different VPN providers. They each have their own benefits depending on user needs.

  3. Just installed Surfshark on a FireTV that had IPVanish on it and Surfshark is faster and doesn’t seem to have the buffering I was getting with IPVanish despite having a fast connection. IPVanish was going up in price so this is perfect. Also has plenty of options with Real-Debrid. Thanks!!!

  4. I know this is off subject, but maybe you can help. When Kodi went to 19.0…you had a Troypoint version that allowed us to run the new one & keep the old one until most add-ons were working with it.
    I have way too many favorites & setting in those add-ons & Kodi. I do not see a way to upgrade the Troypoint version to 19.4 without losing everything, because I would lose it all. Any suggestions?
    I apologize for asking here!

      1. I have installed 19.4 & it does not transfer any of the info from your 19.0 fork. The fork is where all of my info is residing. It worked great, but now I can’t update it to 19.4 & the 18.9 info is useless…as it does not contain new or updated info. Basically, we need a Troypoint 19.4 fork update to the 19.0 fork, or a way to get the new one to install over the old one, that would keep everything in place! It apparently wants to install it where Kodi has usually installed it, instead of on top of where the fork installed it.
        Thank you for your patience!

        1. Hello Charles,

          To be completely honest, I would uninstall and reinstall from scratch. Not sure what info you are trying to save, you can re input all info after a clean install. It doesnt take to much time. The crew and oath work fine on 19.4. For seren I’d recommend 19.3 you can also check out our insider with helpful info.

      1. I too signed up for Surfshark and it’s active on my laptop and FireTV (Samsung) but only a portion of the USTV links work. Any ideas?

  5. StayWokeGoBroke

    Super surprised to see this review. I have always thought that Troy was in the tank with IPVanish as EVERY post or video starts with an IPVanish commericial by Troy to the point that I felt he must be a share holder or owner of the company in some way. I am not sure what gives here, maybe a falling out with them? Would love to see a response by Troy.

    1. Hello, as I’ve mentioned multiple times in our weekly Advisor, we will be doing unbiased VPN reviews for the top ranked VPNs. This is one of them. There is no “falling out” and we still rank IPVanish at the top. Those rankings may change from time-to-time as this article points out in the conclusion. We are aware that some VPNs that work great for one network/ISP/user/location might not for another and that’s the reason for the additional reviews that you will see in the coming months/years. Also, there’s lots of personal preference when it comes to VPN software just like any other product/service. Thanks for the question.

  6. Still no good for either Itv or BBC Iplayer live streaming. Nord VPN seems to be the only one which still beats their encrypting atm.

  7. I needed a new VPN service tonight to watch UFC 272. I tried IP Vanish, but couldn’t get it to stream because it cut my 400 Mbps down to 15. Being a network guy, I know you lose bandwidth with a VPN, but this was too much. I seen this Surfshark reviewed in the newsletter and decided to give it a go. My 400 “only” dropped to 55, still not great, but enough to get the fight done. I am also a fan of the unlimited devices. I’m going to keep this service.

  8. Good solid review. Much better than your previous review of NordVPN. I would still like to see how well it will preform with an average speed ISP. Your blazing fast setup misleads the rest of us who don’t have 1gig speed. Also how many servers are located in the US. Where are they located? Obviously the closer I am to their server the better. Please up date us on the status with the merger with NordVPN. I would hope NordVPN would incorporate some of the good stuff from Surfshark into their product rather than dumb down surfshark

    1. I have average internet service IP vanish works fine and it is very fast have not tried the other one yet but when I do I will let you know

  9. Hi Troy, Great review. I’ve been using them since they started and have seen all the updates they get to make it better and faster.
    Keep up the Great Work, always looking for all your reviews, best service ever.

  10. Great review. I’ve been using Surfshark for 3 years now, seems to work well. I haven’t had any issues with using real-debrid, at all. As always, thanks for all the work you do. You are a great help to those of us that are capable but not knowledgable. We can follow directions, lol!

  11. Been using Surfshark for about a year and have been very satisfied with it. The only problem I’ve had was when my ISP gave me new “upgraded upgraded router. The router output was about 350 mbps with the VPN off but put out no signal with the VPN was turned on.The support agent was really great about trying to help me, she stayed on the chat with me and said that should try to do something that would help me. She hept changing different settings and trying different stting combinations. Then she discovered that changing to small packets and resetting the protocol to Wireguard worked. It took 5 or 6 hours trouble shooting but the support agent I started with stuck with me until I had a solution. My Firesticks are now protected with a great VPN. The VPN is not as fat as it was with the older router but I’m sure that will get remedied once Surfshark updated thir code. Just an FYI the after VPN signal is now only 90 to 101 bps but it run anything I need it to and I am a happy camper. Iwill be using Surfshark for a long time to come!

  12. I also have been using on my Fire TV devices for a couple years.
    Still use ipvanish for my PC.
    Do so because they have my favorite server.

  13. Hi Troy, thanks for the review. I have been using NordVPN for a few years now and have had various problems such as not opening up certain websites and not being able to send email. I was pumped about Surfshark until you mentioned that was bought out by NordVPN. I am under contract with NordVPN till December and then I will consider looking and hopefully see more of your reviews to help me decide. Marc

  14. I’ve been using Surfshark for the past two years with no problems at all. Super fast and super slick. I have no problems at all with Real Debrid. Links are always there with Cinema, Tea TV, Cyperflix, Nova, etc. and work perfectly. I think this is the best VPN deal out there! (I am concerned by your comment that NordVPN has purchased Surfshark. Hopefully, prices aren’t going to rise after the merger!).

  15. Well I loved Surfshark when I first had it. It worked great for about a year. First of this year it no longer would allow me or a number of others to watch programs from the UK. Of course I received a deal when I purchased of 2 plus years. No refund. Surfshark will have you change all sorts of settings that messed up everything for me. It doesn’t work for my use. It is now useless for me. I’ve gone back to IpVanish that isn’t as quick but does the job.

    1. Thanks for posting this Jay. Have you checked again on this lately? I had no problems streaming both Netflix or Amazon Prime from UK and got the UK catalog for both with no problems. These services are always evolving and maybe it has been fixed since you last tried.

      1. The most recent update that I received yesterday has corrected the problem. It is now working everywhere for me. Only took 3 months to get corrected.

  16. Hi, Troy, a great review. I’m now into my 3rd year with Surfshark, so impressed that I’ve upgraded to Surfshark one which includes Antivirus an anonymous web search and a security alert on your email address.

  17. Thank you Troy for this review! I will need to look for a new VPN. IPVanish just had an Update, and things changed on setting up favorite servers. And a New option to have IPVanish “connect to fastest server” Sounds good, but ALL Speeds have Dramatically dropped! I used to Always get minimum DL speeds of 40 to 50, and quite often 50 to 60 DL speeds. Now, I can only get 30 to 35 DL speeds. I’ve been using IPVanish for a long time, but now I’m not happy at all. I’ll try NORD this week, and keep an eye on comments with this Surfshark!

    1. Hi Jack, be sure to try testing all of the VPN protocols in IPVanish and stick with the protocol that gives the best speed.

  18. Great review. I’ve been a Surshark used for the last two years and recently renewed for another two. The service has steadily improved over the years and my ethernet speeds are outstanding. The new news is that they were acquired by nordvpn! I hope that means improvements and not disappointments. Sometimes my I just noticed is the pricing has I created by about ten dollars for a two year deal.

  19. Great review I have been using SurfShark for 2 years now and have only had a small buffering problem with Real Debrid most of the time it is flawless.

  20. Interesting review, I tried Surfshark and had problems with it right from the start. It constantly blocked access to any internet content, whether it was streaming from a Firestick, or Android tablet and Windows computer. Contacted their support who said I need to try switching encryption protocols, which I did and it made no difference. Asked for a refund with 2 weeks and they were obliging to that request.
    Went with IPVanish and have not had the issue above at all. Without modifying and protocol or other settings.

  21. Bummer about not being compatible with Real-Debrid. I use that service without fail for streaming on Kodi. I was about to pull the trigger and switch from PIA to Surfshark until I read it doesn’t support Real-Debrid. Oh well… Hopefully they will correct that in the near future.

  22. Hi Troy,

    You mentioned that “Not compatible with Real-Debrid”. However I am using surfshark with real debrid. I use it with bee tv, cinima hd and stremium. I am missing something?


    1. Hi Tom, some of their servers will work and you can see that in the list of non-compatible VPNs on RDs site. Also, just like all VPNs, you can always pair Real-Debrid with VPN off and then connect but that kind of defeats purpose of VPN as they will have your identifying IP address.

      1. Michael Turner

        I have ipvanish and have not been told what settings to use or what each one is going to do if i use it

  23. Great review, I have been using it for a while now but I appreciate all the information that you have given me.

  24. Hi Troy, thanks for your review. I have been using Surfshark for a number of years now. It’s amazing. Very good download speeds, much better with WireGuard which was introduced many months before IP Vanish. Keep up the good work

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