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Netflix Officially Ends Password Sharing – What You Should Know

netflix ends password sharing

Netflix has officially ended password sharing for US-based customers after years of deliberation.

The media giant said in a press release that “A Netflix account is for use by one household”, noting that account holders can still use Netflix wherever they are.

We want to know what you think of Netflix putting an end to password sharing. Drop a comment in the comment section below!

Netflix has teased eliminating password sharing for years now, noting a loss of customer base due to numerous users accessing one account.

Subscribers likely received an email from Netflix stating the new options for viewing at home and on the go.

netflix password sharing email

As you can see, the strict crackdown leaves a couple of options for users who are sharing an account not located within the home of the account owner.

1. Transfer a profile to a new membership which must be paid for separately.

2. Continue sharing your Netflix account with someone outside of your home for an additional $7.99/month.

Both of these are likely unsatisfactory for thousands of subscribers who share their accounts with friends and family members.

Currently, it seems there is no way to avoid this crackdown as Netflix will prompt you to select your home location upon launching the app.

If you are traveling, you’ll have to establish your streaming device or TV as the paying member of your Netflix account.

It is unclear exactly how all of this is going to work as many Netflix users access the platform when traveling for business or pleasure.

Within the Help Center on the Official Netflix Website, the company claims the following for determining devices within a Netflix Household:

We use information such as IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity to determine whether a device signed into your account is part of your Netflix Household.

We do not collect GPS data to try to determine the precise physical location of your devices.

We first saw Netflix introduce its efforts to eliminate password sharing in areas such as Canada, Spain, New Zealand, and Portugal.

This was ultimately not received well as Netflix reportedly lost 1 million users in Spain in the first quarter of 2023.

It will be interesting to see how this major change is received among US subscribers who are continually moving away from paid streaming services.

Let us know your thoughts on the situation in the comment section below!

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23 thoughts on “Netflix Officially Ends Password Sharing – What You Should Know”

  1. Does Surfshark have anything similar to Nord VPN Meshnet? Cloud published an article about how to get around the password sharing rule using Meshnet.

  2. I’m curious how this will work since I go between 2 homes I own and will watch Netflix while I’m there. Will it auto log me out at the other place I’m not? If it does that I’m okay with that.

  3. Lavanda Stepney

    Netflix it doesn’t pay well in being greedy! They said they “noting a loss of customer base due to numerous users accessing one account.” WHAT!! . Are you serious? If people pay their bill why should it matter who’s on their account. Some owners don’t even watch Netflix for month’s but still pay their bill for “just in case”. Netflix you not complaining about all that free money. Netflix you messed up. With all other really good competitions and great free streaming networks(shame i can’t name them) you should humble down, I could care less about having your services. You done lost 1 million Spain accounts alone wait until the rest of the world wake up. You gonna continue to charge $16.99 or go back to $7.99. Messy!!!

  4. Everyone should cancel the Netflix subscription for a month in disgust. It’s not even that good anymore, dubbed B rate movies at best.

  5. I think it’s absolutely insane! My grandma uses my aunts(her daughter) Netflix and they pay extra money for her to use the Netflix by paying them most you can pay for Netflix which is well over $20 They pay for the most amount of screens and basically top tier is what they pay for and yesterday something came up on her TV asking to confirm she was inside of their household My grandma has macular degeneration and can barely see So notably she was very confused by this and somebody had to go there and try to help her fix it but they’re like cracking down on it which I don’t see how they can tell you who can use your Netflix as long as you’re paying for these multiple screens like I just don’t even see how it’s legal. Then they need to stop charging for extra screens like they say they’re not using GPS but then how do you know where we are? How can you tell us that we can’t use Netflix for our mother or our grandmother or our children and college were whatever we want to use it for I mean the price of Netflix has gone up significantly. This is why I jailbreak all my devices and the thing that’s crazy is people say oh I don’t want to do that I don’t want to do anything illegal or anything that could hurt anybody but these monopoly Giants such as Netflix make it impossible for you to do the right thing like we should be able to watch our Netflix wherever we want I mean they already charge an arm and a leg for it It’s literally insane I just think that what they’re doing is going to ruin them I really do I mean I know for a fact that I’m never going to have Netflix again because of this I would never pay for something that I can’t choose what to do with like Hulu doesn’t crack down on password sharing I mean we should be allowed to share our passwords if we’re paying premium prices! I just think it’s sickening actually.

  6. Looks like Netflix are in for a world of hurt, they aren’t too bright!

    Like many other streaming platforms you pay for the screens you use, this shouldn’t be location restricted. If I pay for 3 screens which should have 3 separate profiles then that should allow 1 device to connect to a profile and if you choose to remove that device on said profile and change to another device that should be fine as well.
    It’s ridiculous that netflix are doing this and they are only hurting themselves.
    I can appreciate this extreme if you only pay for 1 screen and there seems to be multiple devices and IP addresses showing to an account. But if I pay for 2 screens/profiles any device or IP address should be able to watch that 2nd screen/profile.

    Everyone else will either move to a “cord cutter” option or just sign up to a different streaming provider or just cut them off altogether.
    People are doing it tough atm, so for Netflix to do this now is going to hurt them big time.
    If it wasn’t successful in spain losing so many accounts what do they think will happen in America… Bud Light have lost billions in sales over a controversial move. It’ll be much the same I would think… Good move by Netflix to lose customers to cord cutters ????

  7. Even though I didn’t really use it I was paying £22 and it covered 4 profiles (1 for me & 3 close family members). I consider that a fair price so my family who not all can afford it on their own could all watch. We got the warning message so I jumped on the helpchat and I was then told it would now cost me £37 since they don’t live with me (£22 for me + 3 profiles at £5). To make matters worse it would ask cost me another £5 to use at my van by the sea when on holiday. Not a chance am I paying over £40 a month so i cancelled and got them a Disney+ subscription to share instead. I hope more people will follow suit because it’s absolutely scandalous that last year they encouraged people to give out profiles then start changing for them!

  8. Netflix will more than likely lose another customer depending on what does happen here. I will reduce my payment being i will not have multiple views at once. I can see after Spain losing millions they do not care about my money either.

  9. I think it’s ridiculous that Netflix wants more money for sharing accounts. I travel between Florida, Alabama and Michigan where I have homes. So Netflix wants me to pay $8 extra for each home! I already pay $22 for the service. I might be dropping Netflix all together.

  10. Can’t see a problem sharing your brother let’s me share his but I only watch it because of this.wouldnt subscribe to it

  11. Netflix is just like all the big techs, greedy and only thinking about the bottom line. Time will tell if this comes back to bite them in the arse. Netflix’s lineup has been terrible with showing many older movies that can be found on many of the Free services.

  12. Eric L. Coleman

    I think that is greedy on Netflix part . It should not be that way, it’s nothing wrong with sharing.

  13. Just another example of a monopoly wannabee baby getting mad because it has to lose that $$$ flavored lolly pop from it’s mouth and share their mountain of revenue in video services. Just like Blockbuster that lost out to Redbox, it all shut down. People will one day get tired of the great convenience society tech has created in our lives and go back to the fun and family enjoyment we once had going to a Blockbuster and selecting a couple of movies to sit down at home and enjoy with friends and family. Life, in a lot of cases, goes full circle right back to a beginning that was under appreciated. Look at the wood burning stoves many have installed in homes the past few decades to curve cost of high bills associated with central heating. Movie theaters are on the edge of extinction, but still are hanging on by a thread. People still want to go out and watch a particular movie at a theater to get that complete full vibrating effect a movie theater provides. Even though your TV at home is 80 plus inches and larger for the rich in size, people still crave the other. I laugh at society at my age. How fast it wants to change things for convenience and expediency. Just like tipping at a restaurant. Instead of giving it to a service person, you now use a tablet. The human involvement and appreciation has gone. Thank GOD I won’t be around to see society gone.

    1. I don’t think the part of your brain that checks whether your beliefs match the outside world is working very well. Also, focus … you’re all over the place and repeatedly contradict yourself.

  14. Today I called netflix asking what will happen, im in Australia, my wife is in Taiwan due to the covid issue, she got a job there and will finish in 2yrs and return here, even when im there my account wont work,, she shares my account, but it will no longer work, even if i pay extra, My daughter minds houses, for weeks or months at a time and she does not come to my house, i can pay extra for her, but on principal she foes not want me to pay extra, I have been a subscriber to netflix for many years, today i cancelled my account, there are plenty of online entertainment services available without netflix, i may find better things to do than being glued to the TV. I hope Netflix realizes that the flexability was one of the reasons for many of their customers to subscribe, i only shared with direct family, hope tgeir bottom line is so effected that they reconcider.


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