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Canada Officially Passes Bill C-11 (Online Streaming Act)

bill c-11 the streaming act

A new law aimed at assisting Canadian content creators has officially passed in Canada after two and a half years of legislation debate.

Bill C-11, or, “The Online Streaming Act” is a reform of the Canadian Broadcasting Act which was put into place in 1991.

The new bill has been met with heavy opposition from Canadian influencers, content creators, and even YouTube as a way for the government to gain more control.

Many fear that the Canadian Government is overstepping boundaries with this new piece of legislation which gives authorities more power over the content citizens consume.

We want to know your thoughts on Bill C-11 (The Streaming Act). Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

Bill C-11 will ultimately force media companies such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, TikTok, and more to increase support for Canadian-made content.

This means that the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) will have the authority to regulate the entertainment provided by these platforms.

Many see this as a form of censorship that will block content based on viewer preferences and replace it with Canadian Content chosen by the government.

The CRTC already has control over radio and television broadcasters with certain regulations these companies must follow.

This includes setting quotas for the minimum amount of Canadian content that must be broadcast as well as forcing creators to spend at least 30% of revenue making Canadian content.

With Bill C-11, many of these same narratives are likely to transfer over to streaming platforms such as Spotify, Netflix, and YouTube.

As noted in a press release by the Canadian Government, the bill itself does not apply to Canadian citizens, but instead to these various streaming platforms.

Online streaming has changed how we create, discover, and consume our culture, and it’s time we updated our system to reflect that.

Our proposed approach is flexible, fair and modern. It will lead to increased investments in Canadian culture and support jobs in the industry, while ensuring Canadian stories continue to be shared for generations to come in Canada, and across the world.

This is outraging many as a way for the Canadian government to have more control over what content is created and what viewers are able to watch.

In fact, YouTube even launched a public campaign against the Online Streaming Act with ads on Canadian subways and more.

Shubha Ghosh, Professor of Law at Syracuse University and director of the Syracuse Intellectual Property Law Institute noted the following on Bill C-11:

Bill C-11 is open ended regulation that gives the Canadian government potentially unlimited control of the content of media on existing and emerging digital platforms. National content may be difficult to define in industries with cross-national and multicultural production and talent.

Popular YouTuber and Canadian Psychologist Jordan B Petersen titled the bill as “Dystopian” in a YouTube video regarding the legislation.


While the bill has been approved and officially passed, it is not yet in effect and will likely take a couple of years to iron out the full details.

We have seen similar legislation presented by US Lawmakers with US Bill S. 686 also known as “The Restrict Act”.


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This seems to be a continuing trend of censorship and government authority that many are worried could spiral downhill quickly.

We will have to wait and see when this law is put into place how the landscape of Canadian content will change.

Ultimately, Canadian viewers can always bypass geo-restrictions of various streaming platforms and more with the use of a VPN.

You can view the entire C-11 Bill from the official source by clicking the link below.

Bill C-11 – House of Commons of Canada

Let us know your thoughts on the Streaming Act in the comment section below!

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41 thoughts on “Canada Officially Passes Bill C-11 (Online Streaming Act)”

  1. Being a senior Canadian this is another thing to scare Canadians into ‘obeying’ and it is just the beginning. As a senior I watch a lot of TV and to be told I can only watch certain programing doesn’t sit too well. This is a very scary thing. We have been told if after this bill gets off the ground, if we get ‘caught’ using a VPN the penalties will be harsh. 20 years in jail and a huge fine. Our once beautiful country is quickly becoming a hell hole.

  2. this is how hitler started isn`t it by controlling communications?this from the idiot who said the budget will balance itself a person who has never had a real job.

  3. As a Canadian I see this as one step down the road to communism with the Crtc as the thought/morality police .

  4. Controlling what the public can see and hear is something a communist leader would do, not truedeua’s first act removal of the pulics freedom.

  5. Ivan Chadwick

    Censorship, which ever country you live in is definitely on the rise, is just another example of governments trying to brainwash and control the people. What a lot of people don’t seem to understand is that our freedoms are slowly but surely being taken away from us. Governments are changing societies as they want it…
    which means they will have all of the control over everything that we do..
    We the people the world over should stand up together and say “No” “This is not how we want to live our lives “

  6. I am more than glad I have fled Canada recently, although the horizon here in the US is not that great, but I still have both the first and second amendments to stand with.

    Canada has forced “Canadian Content” upon the population for years, substituting Canadian feeds of network TV upon the citizens vs US feeds. There has not been a true Super Bowl with the best commercials ( although recently there is nothing great about them) broadcast in Canada as they substitute lame Canadian sources in place of the true American channel.

    This has not been anything less than government control of what you watch and hear. If it does not fit into Canadian government approved thinking you are not allowed to view it. As we ( in general both sides of the border) rely on more and more streaming the Canadian law just shows how much influence the governement of Canada has over it’s citizens. If we say you can watch it it is ok!

    China has nothing on Canada , execpt Canada’s tanks do not have the capability to run over it’s own citizens,Canadian Government is in full control of its citizens and like sheep the general population just follow behind waiting to be slaughtered!

  7. Hello from C-CP-anada, Troy. With the election of Emperor Trudeau II, Canada has—in 7 years—crashed and burned. What was one of the most freedom-loving nations has become a communist/WEF gulag under traitor Trudeau and his ‘Young Global Leaders’ buddy, New Democratic Party leader, Jagmeet Singh. Yes, the WEF has infiltrated the entire political fabric here as well. Through election fraud and Dominion Voting machines, they have formed a coalition of minorities to do the bidding of the lunatic Klaus Schwab. We have our uni-party, too. The so-called Conservative Party is a mirage. We do have one patriot political leader here (Maxime Bernier) who established The People’s Party. I never liked the name but they are most definitely patriots. It’s a new party and has received enough votes to attain ‘official party’ status. But Canadians are little more than zombies now, with only about 20% of the population aware of what is happening and perhaps 6% willing to fight. C-11 is designed to outlaw and demolish all independent media. The “trusted media” receives somewhere in the area of $3.5 Billion of taxpayer dollars while the federal Stasi is openly attacking and beating members of the independent media. Absolute fascist control is quickly solidifying just as it is all across Western societies. We’re going to need our own international coalitions to survive this one. Soon VPN will be illegal, as they are in the UK. I predict a violent and bloody future. Long live the Truckers!

  8. Jerry George (jxgeorge)

    I am totally opposed to Bill C-11. As a Canadian Citizen I find this bill appalling and is only the latest tactic used by the Liberal Government to control the Canadian population. Not only has this bill passed but the government has seen fit to give our media providers large sums of taxpayer money to control what the Canadian population consumes on a day to day basis. Media outlets which provide an alternative viewpoint to the government narrative were not allowed to avail of the taxpayers monetary support. Media outlets should not be given any taxpayer funds to provide content at all as it projects, and rightfully so, a sense that these media outlets will no longer be impartial. As mentioned in a previous post here the government has, and continues, to go after law abiding firearms owners who commit no crimes while the criminals are left to do what they want and suffer virtually no penalty for their crimes. Violent crime in Canada has risen over 30% under the current liberal government since they were elected. Given their track record with the firearms file it is not hard to imagine what will happen under a bill as controlling as this one in the future. Canada is becoming less democratic and more communist on a day to day basis.

  9. St clair Worrell

    Hi.. am I understanding this right? (1) Who are the people the Canadian Gov is focusing on, Is it
    outside creators or only Canadians? (2) What is the real definition of Canadian content and does that mean outsiders need to create content that focuses on things Canadian? But more importantly,
    who knows what Canadians consume more than they, themselves, and should be the ones doing it?
    But meanwhile, they embrace what others outside are offering..

  10. Simon Hawkshaw

    Any form of censorship is an overreach, whether by the media companies or the government. However, having said that, we are faced with a conundrum. People clamour for the cesation of ‘hate speach’, perceived inciteful content (2A, Conservative views) and bullying, but at what point is this censorship? The problem, imo, is that we have abdicated our responsibility and choices to the Social Media companies and the Government, and have demonstrated that we are not able to make discerning/educated decisions of what we see or listen too, and in so doing they have become the parent and we are the children. If our social and moral compass was intune with societal and moral values, then by our choices the unwanted content would be naturally filtered, but our choices to view any content would be unimpeded. I do know that this situation would be a fantasy and some governance is required, but who best to judge what we have access to, but ourselves? If we make it they will watch/listen, and if not, change what we make till they do.

  11. Yep, I used to be a proud Canadian, but not so much any more. Never have I voted for this so called Prime Minister and I never will. What do you expect from a person who keeps kissing the ring of a King that the majority of Canadians don’t even want, but he won’t even consider putting that to a vote either. He, imo, is becoming the true spirit of a dictator, just like the kind he says he is so desperately against, yet his actions “dictate” otherwise. We live very close to the American border, and our own government treats our area so bad that we are called “the armpit of Ontario” and that saying is known all across Canada. It would be so much better if our section of Ontario would become the 51’st state. I would certainly welcome that. That’s ALL he has ever wanted is to CONTROL. One of the only reasons this bill passed is because they rushed it through because Trudeau knows that he is losing the popularity vote now, and all he wants is to be able to control what Canadians see prior to elections. He just doesn’t see how much his own Bill C-11 is going to take him down in the end(hopefully). Too bad it wasn’t just as easy to change a prime minister as it is to change the settings of a vpn. I just wished it was easier to become a citizen of the U.S. because I would jump on that train in a minute. Some may say that we would be crazy to do that, but in the U.S. there is much more freedom in what you can vote about, that we as Canadians have no control over and are never allowed to vote about. Over here, the Liberals are a bunch of brain washed sheep it’s pathetic. Please be glad that the majority of you Troy Point fans are American and have the freedoms that you do. This is just every indication that people need to get out and vote to avoid the same mistakes that many Canadians make, and that is to make sure that your voice gets heard on election days. Don’t become Canadian in your ways. In a few years, we probably won’t even be allowed to see sites like this, so I just want to say now, before it’s too late, that it has been an honour and a privilege to have been able to be a part of Troy’s community and to have the knowledge of many outstanding Americans. Peace and Freedom to you all !!!

  12. I’m also Canadian and I’m starting to think we’re getting a lot like Florida. Our government head seems to be taking a page out of there book.

    1. Simon Hawkshaw

      Not sure what you mean with this comment. I’m a Floridian and don’t see draconian restrictions, but then I may just be under a rock.

      1. I’m a Canadian, Simon, and I think Little Emma needs to get out more … so do a lot of Canadians. The majority of Canadians are incredibly uninformed and insular in their thinking. They think Canada is superior to everywhere else. Sound familiar (1933)? Canadians have the worst health care system on the planet and the most expensive one, yet they think they have the best, “free” health care. This is what comes from giant media corporations propagandizing information on behalf of the State, living on public tax dollars, and working hand-in-glove with a totalitarian regime. It’s called fascism and Little Emma’s comment is a living example of “Canadian content”.

  13. Well, This doesn’t surprise me in the least. A year or two ago Emperor Trudeau banned and crimminalized gun ownership ( Our Second Amendment ) citing public health and safety concerns.
    Now they are going to criminalize free speech. ( Our First Amendment ) citing health and safety concerns. China now welcomes it’s newest “Northern Province” to its Global Territorial Acquistion Agenda.

    1. Get your story right. He did NOT BAN gun ownership, just assault rifles. Maybe the good o’l US of A could yake a page here, maybe then you would not see so many mass shootings…

  14. There is no need to regulate in Canada as there is plenty of Canadian content on streaming sites. I consider this as overreach by our government. I oppose this bill and will bring this issue up with my local member of parliament.
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention Troy!

  15. Dang, Communist to the north Drug Cartels to the south. America is headed for the big crash unless we wake up.

  16. What is frustrating about all of this, Canadian content has been increasing just fine as far as I concerned. Look closely at the credits from Amazon and Netflix series, you will find a huge amount of Canadian production. It is a fantasy to believe that anyone can create content without the backing of major money.
    As is also fond in music, for a country our size we very influential when it comes to the arts.
    On a sinister point of view, one can only wonder how much Quebec feels they are losing to the language culture wars.
    Apparently private YouTube channels are nonaffected, at least in theory.
    Cord cutter such as ourself who use vibrant geo VPN will continue down the path we feel suitable for ourselves.
    I heard it said once, be careful when your caretaker becomes your jailer, that is what the CRTC is, a jailer.
    Bell and Rogers could care less, they broadcast whatever people want to watch as they are advertising driven.
    Too bad, because CBC although not as powerful as BBC, does produce world class series.

  17. William A Burden

    Yeah, i’ll comment. I’m Canadian and not too proud of our extreme left-wing Government right now. We’ve got a smirky elitist Prime Sinister, who claims to be an avowed Feminist (whatever that is), and loves to virtue signal at the drop of a hat. Our CRTC (so called Canadian Radio Telecommunications Commission) is as corrupt as they come. Happily, most Canadians aren’t so easily fooled and a predicted change in Governence will remove the teeth out of C-11.

    1. Are you sure you are Canadian. I applaud what the government is doing here in general. Maybe we can keep our Canadian talent here in Canada. They just have to make the law more defined and not so broad

      1. William A. Burden

        Oh, I’m sure – not just the flag-waving kind! I think you’ll find your are a pretty small minority since you you do not seem to be aware of the CRTC’s reputation when it comes to regulation. As to the nebulous nature of C-11, that does not bode well for regulation. Freedom of speech is under attack and censorship on the rise, if you haven’t noticed – and this just adds a layer of confusion to the mix.

  18. It’s all for control. So the government cab control you. It’s a bunch of bull shit. But it’s going to happen every where though

      1. They are all WEF. We really want Trudeau gone but who replaces him? Do think Pollieve is your answer? I don’t trust him.

  19. As a Canadian, I applaud some of this new legislation for many reasons. Not the least of which is I am tired of seeing Canadian talent mive south of the 40th in order to pursure their careers. I truly believe that we have the ability to create and permote our own content using our own home grown talent. Platforms such as Netflix, Hulu and others have no problem coming to film in Canada, take money from our government to film here and they already have to use Canadian talent as part of that agreement so why not promote Canadian content as well. What I am not in favor of is how broad it is

      1. Well then David you would be quite wrong. I do believe that people can have differing points of vuew, and possibly support some legislation even if we don’t support the party governing. I am on record as advocating minority governments as no one party should have total control to do what they want, right PC troll??

        1. PC? Progressive Conservative? That inflatable buffoon Ford? Nope. Or that Liberal clone the so-called Conservative Party? Nope. If anything I’m an Ontario Party/PPC troll. BTW, “minority government”? How is an unholy coalition of radical socialists a minority government? From your comment up this thread re: Trudeau banning hunting and air rifles—which he has—define what an “assault weapon” is. And, the only “Canadian content” getting aired is absolute junk funded and promoted by the government. That’s the reason real Canadian talent heads for the United States and the free market.

    1. Yes, Canadian content. Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and all the other major streaming services show presious little Canadian content. We have a very good entertainment industry here in Canada as is evidenced by how much they film here. So if they are going to take MY tax dollars as incentives when their dollar already makes it more desireable to film on Canada, then start showing content made, acted, and produced solely in Canada

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