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US Bill S. 686: The Restrict Act – 20 Years in Prison for VPN Use?

us bill s. 686

A new bill that is being brought to the table in the US Congress titled S. 686 or the “Restrict Act” may have severe implications for anyone accessing the internet.

This bill, also known as the TikTok Ban, aims to accomplish much more than the censorship of TikTok.

This was brought to our attention by a Patron from the TROYPOINT Insider that has tons of valuable information, helpful tips, and much more.

We want to know your thoughts on proposed US Bill S. 686. Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

This new bipartisan bill aims to tackle “foreign adversaries” in regard to various applications such as TikTok and more which may present a threat to US residents.

These foreign adversaries include: the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Cuba, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation, and the Bolivian Republic of Venezuela.

This means that any technology device including modems, routers, mobile & wireless networks, and more that are used to communicate with these adversaries can ultimately be banned.

There are tons of videos circulating social media that explain this new bill and its consequences in great detail.

The bill would grant the federal government power to access data via wireless local networks, cable access points, wireline access points, core networking systems, and more.

It also includes any app or platform with over 1,000,000 users such as internet hosting services, cloud-based storage, and content delivery services.

What’s important to note here are the consequences that can be enforced for anyone who attempts to bypass a blockade enforced by the US Government.

Those who “circumvent” the restrictions put in place could face severe penalties including up to $250,000 in fines and 20 years in prison.

The Secretary may impose the following civil penalties on a person for each violation by that person of this Act or any regulation, order, direction, mitigation measure, prohibition, or other authorization issued under this Act:

(1) A fine of not more than $250,000 or an amount that is twice the value of the transaction that is the basis of the violation with respect to which the penalty is imposed, whichever is greater.

A person who willfully commits, willfully attempts to commit, or willfully conspires to commit, or aids or abets in the commission of an unlawful act described in subsection (a) shall, upon conviction, be fined not more than $1,000,000, or if a natural person, may be imprisoned for not more than 20 years, or both.

The “Secretary” described in the new bill is not an elected official, but rather an individual appointed by the President to oversee the operation.

While the bill does not directly mention VPN usage, this is likely what they are referring to when mentioning penalties for accessing a restricted platform.

How else would someone connect to an application that is banned in the US but not in other foreign countries?

While this may seem shocking to some, we have already seen instances in the past of surveillance by government entities as detailed in the Edward Snowden case.

The movie Snowden outlines how the government has used surveillance on US citizens and if you don’t think this is still happening, you should watch the movie soon.

Everywhere we turn, we see VPN advertisements.  These companies wouldn’t be able to advertise like they do without millions of subscribers.  It’s obvious that the general public is aware of these constitutional violations and are taking matters into their own hands by protecting themselves with a VPN.


Your online activity is recorded by your government, Internet Service Provider, app/addon/IPTV devs and all websites through your identifying IP address

Your Current Identifying IP Address (digital fingerprint):

Stream anonymously by using Surfshark VPN


Surfshark backs their service with a 30-day money back guarantee

Use your account on unlimited devices & share with family members


You can read the entire proposed bill from at the link below.

US Bill S. 686 – Restrict Act

Let us know what you think of this story. Be sure to drop a comment in the comment section below!

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256 thoughts on “US Bill S. 686: The Restrict Act – 20 Years in Prison for VPN Use?”

  1. I think the CIVIL SERVANTS of this country need a reminder that they represent OUR ideas, NOT the other way round, loudly and clearly. I want to see them try to jail me for going ANYWHERE on line.

  2. Follow the bill, my guess is that what is currently proposed, if it makes it out of the committees won’t look the same as proposed.

  3. I am totally against the Federal Government being able, or having the ability to monitor my Internet usage, without having a “beyond a shadow of doubt” reason to do so! It isn’t the true American Citizen who should be monitored. The US has become too lenient in its policies of allowing any foreigners into the US without proper background information or verification. If the Federal government wants to do something constructive and proactive, revise the easy access to American Soil for anyone and everyone that simply wants in! Only then will the necessity to monitor Americans and intrude on our rights as Citizens, stop!

  4. This Bill has two other points nobody has mentioned. The Governments inability to protect it’s own security from hackers and the movie mongrels trying to get more blood from the turnip.

  5. If it’s really TIKTOK they are after, why don’t they force them to show the same things that TIKTOK in China shows? More money hungry congressmen and senators pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars for themselves!!

  6. This bill (686) is clearly UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Anyone voting for if obviously hasn’t read the US Constitution or are anti-American.

  7. This bill would even criminalize Linux distributions either made by Chinese companies with ties to the CCP or jointly made with Chinese companies with ties to the CCP.

    Two Linux distributions come to mind: Deepin Linux and Ubuntu Kylin.

    Deepin – the OS and their desktop environment – is owned and made by a company called UnionTech, which has ties to the CCP. That fact alone could make it illegal to download Deepin Linux, use Deepin Linux, visit their website, or access their software repositories.

    Ubuntu Kylin is made in conjunction between Canonical (owns and operates Ubuntu) and the CCP’s National University of Defense Technology. According to the law, if passed, Ubuntu Kylin would be banned. And if the U.S. government said Canonical was aiding and abetting a foreign adversary, they could ban downloading Ubuntu (and their official community derivatives), using Ubuntu, and accessing their software repositories to keep your Ubuntu system up to date.

  8. If this law passes, we may have no choice or ability to break it as the VPN services will probably fold up their tents and slip away into the night in order to avoid any scrutiny or lawsuits from the government. The only ability to stream anything will reside in the wireless routers that have it built into their hardware, but that may also be taken away. This really SUX!

  9. Totally bull pucky. I use a VPN every day for work as a government employee.
    There is no way they are going to ban VPNs.

  10. The Restrict Act does not even mention TikToc… is basically the Patriot Act 2.0 on major steroids! Write or call your Senators and even your Representatives to voice your concern. Be polite but extremely firm to voice your opposition to this piece of legislation that would infringe upon our rights.

  11. I’m not worried bout shit I’ll keep using it if they want to lock up millions of Americans let them try see what the f happens

  12. Just another way for the government to control what we do. There is enough intrusion in the way we speak and worship etc..

  13. Robert (Rick) Strouth

    This bill goes to far in giving the government and it’s agencies the right to my communications on the internet.
    There is so many dangers on the open net and having a good vpn is the minimum of protect one has available today.
    This proposal as it stands is an example of government overreach in its purest form.

  14. Its horrible to think as a Veteran who has previously worked with older wartime veterans as well, have to endure what this administration deems as ok. This bill is a addition to our already “communistic” ways to control everyone and the freedom of speech. Funny(not really) that our own politicians can’t even control their own pcs and documents, but want to control ours. Amazing what my veteran brothers fought for was freedom, not this??

  15. With each passing day this country moves closer and closer to Communism and a Police State. I already wrote my Congressman and I will continue to vote for people who will help fight this growth of evasive government.

  16. If you voted for Biden or any other Democrat, this is your fault! This is all about getting into you lives and controlling you and taking away your freedoms. Start seeking the truth and stop voting against your own interests. Start voting if you never have and cancel out one of those votes that gets bill like this passed.

  17. Simple answer and simple question – why is TikTok not banned on Apple App Store or Google Play? They are both in cahoots with the NWO play here and the current administration is as well. Why would China have different version of this app for China market vs US? Hmmm, they’re not even hiding this but this administration tries to use every “opportunity” to take away freedoms.
    DEMAND they remove the app from Apple and Google. Will some be able to still load – sure! But this will likely cutoff 90+%. They did it for Parler ;) .

  18. Lemme see…We are looking at total government control of a medium that facilitates freedom but zero government control of firearms. Effectively it’s freedom to shoot each other but no freedom to communicate with each other privately. Have I got that right? Who could possibly be against that?
    Here’s who: Openly right wing fascist politicians who pass themselves off as Republicans cooperating with covert right wing politicians who pass themselves off as Democrats.

  19. This is all in the bigger plan.
    Read the Bible. Especially Revelation.
    You will see that all of those predictions are coming true.
    It is time for all of us to admit we are sinners and accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior.
    This country has abandoned God and therefore this is the result.
    “This the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it”
    Amen and Amen

  20. People bitch and bitch but when it comes down to doing something, they lay back like lambs. People don’t vote for those that can do the most good for our Country. They vote because of the color of their party, blue or red. Qualifications don’t matter anymore, just which party you support. We are too divided at this point to do anything about it. $80B for IRS agents… this is just the beginning.

  21. Calvin D Fickling

    Regarding the US Bill S. 686: Just wanted to say we have seen multiple ads on local TV just recently for companies selling their VPN stating for the free version or upgrade to their premium service for protection, the computers was built and sold to the public for numerous reasons and software upgrades for good and now numerous other things all kinds of apps and sites then all the virus software created for protection for lots of devices so I’m for cord cutting and technology plus all the safety programs for all organizations and for us the consumer so the top ones out there need to take care of all protection and leave us people that pay taxes and insurance to live our lives we have defended our country served our flag and our God hope I haven’t offended anyone if so my utmost sincere apologies Thanks

  22. Just another step toward socialism. This bill should not be passed. The government keeps chipping away at our freedoms. We need to get America back on track as our forefathers originally envisioned.

  23. Edward J OConnell III

    We are fast becoming a communist nation with ever increasing government control over citizens, Sad part is not many are seeing what has been done to their privacy, God save the USA

  24. Re: Bill S386.
    You would think these elected officials would have more pressing to accomplish than VPN’s. Think they all should be ousted out of office. Remember this on election day. I surely will. Out you go.

  25. I turn 69 this year, and I cannot believe how derisive people have become. If you really want to see how this has come about, take a trip down memory lane, oh say 50 years. Now we are talking about the beginnings of the internet. Remember radio telephones, bulletin boards, 300 baud modems, AOL “please wait while we update”, CompuServe, and all the other early ISP providers. My first pc was a Trash 80 with a 5 MB hard drive and 5-1/4″ floppies.

    Now we have smartphones that make my Trash 80 look like a glorified calculator. After the great apocalypse of Y2K which never happened we entered the era of mistrust. The Internet became the next source of easy money and big data along with Tech companies lust for consumer information. No where is this more apparent than in politics and the pursuit of campaign funds. To hide fund sourcing for mega -donors the Supreme Court (in it’s infinite wisdom) passed “Citizens United” allowing dark money to influence our campaigns and elections. Throw Social Media into the mix and look what we have today. I can search for any topic, any group or philosophy or frame of mind. Whether it is left or right, conservative or liberal, anarchist or passive, there is a group which will match your desires and beliefs. But are they all legit, or just a soapbox for fifteen minutes of “fame”.

    If you really want to lay blame, just ‘FOLLOW THE MONEY’. All you need as evidence is how filthy the last several elections have been. I do not even want to watch commercial TV during election years, and now we are seeing big money trying to reign in the Internet. If VPNs get pushed aside, who ultimately wins? It isn’t congress, and it certainly is not consumers. It will be ISPs, Marketing, Advertisers and Scammers. We will be left holding the (empty) bag, and congress will be prostrating themselves to lobbyists for campaign funds to stay elected. FOLLOW THE M O N E Y !!!

  26. Calista C Roberson

    I think this is another “overeach” by the corrupt biden administration and an encroachment on my civil liberties and God given rights. He will NOT suceed

  27. I don’t even use TT…don’t care to…however, when my rights and the rights of others are infringed upon…that becomes a totally different issue…people need to stop using Political platforms…I don’t like the idea of anyone telling me what I can and can’t do…esp when it comes to security and my entertainment

  28. As has been mentioned before, this is a bi-partisan bill Introduced by: Mr. Warner (for himself, Mr. ThuneMs. BaldwinMrs. FischerMr. ManchinMr. MoranMr. BennetMr. SullivanMrs. GillibrandMs. CollinsMr. HeinrichMr. Romney, and Mrs. Capito) introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. Without agreement from both sides, it can’t pass. Some parts of the bill are good and others very bad. JMO


    1. Peter Cavaliere

      Yeah, it’s always “bi-partisan” when it comes to corporate welfare, military contractors, or giving the governement even more power…

  29. I don’t believe this will pass Congress but if for any reason that it does I will resist in every way available…

    1. We don’t have a leg to stand on if this bill gets passed. We all need to contact our reps and make they see that this bill is dangerous for their ability to continue to serve in that position! Vote them out must be the threat!

  30. Greetings, I understand that from a security perspective controlling access to certain sites/ countries would be wise of any country to do so. A example: during the Afghanistan conflict the press posted videos to various sites showing landscape and buildings. The Talaban used those clips to target our troops. They said the were using secure connections to access the net. People died. Since people can’t use common sense on what not to post laws with rules are made.

  31. george praggastis

    S 686 scope must be explicitly limited to the accessing “axis of evil” type countries not just TIK/TOK (China).

  32. Craig R Warren

    It’s funny how these politicians don’t like us digging into their personal business and judging them, but they want to be able to have the means to dig into our personal business and judge us by what we watch on TV.? Really? This is why you think you were elected for your position in office? It would be a situation of spying and perversion. Stop the nonsense!

    1. Peter Cavaliere

      You’re right. Opponents of this bill in Congress should immediately ask those sponsoring the bill to submit to a five-year web browser and search history print-out for ALL of their personal devices.

  33. I support ONLY banning content that originate from a Soviet, Chinese or any country supported by same and nothing else. We must all understand that many of our representatives are doing nothing but running for reelection as soon as they get in office. We must demand we do away with lobbyists and establish term limits in congress. We must eliminate the two party system that is currently limiting our representatives from being representatives.

  34. Stupid is as stupid does. All that needs to be said about this bill is look at the primary sponsor a Democrat need I say more they have ruined this country and continue to do so on a daily basis. Now back to the bill this is absurd, if someone is using a VPN to protect there IP address it may not always be about trying to hide illegal stuff from big brother, with all the hacking of personal information maybe legitimate persons are using VPN’S to protect there personal information and if someone wants to surf the dark web, isn’t it there god given right, what happened to our freedom of speech, the right to self expression etc. stop these democrats from taking another protected right from us.

    1. Peter Cavaliere

      See, I can immediately tell you’re a FOX-watching Republican by all the run-on sentences.s It’s funny how being part of the Trump Cult and having the basic ability of spelling and grammar seem to be mutually-exclusive things. Ugh, I’m sure you don’t understand a word of that; maybe you can ask one of us “educated northeast liberal elites”… LMAO

  35. that this bill even exists shows how out of touch the US government actually is
    if you’re in the USA you need to contact your congress people (both house and senate and tell them as nice as you can that if this bill passes you will help their opponent in the next primary for their re-election in every way possible. they will only respond to this type of threat due to the fact they do not like being required to spend money
    since I cannot post links I’ll give you the next best thing
    congress dot gov and senate dot gov are your best tools for finding out who they are with a simple search

  36. I’m 71 years old and am afraid I have lived too long. To see what the politicians have done to this great country is almost too much to bear. From destroying the basic principles in the Constitution meant to protect all Americans, to the sad, and illegal misinterpretations of their right to strip us of ours, in an eve-continuing assault on our freedoms. Now we have regressed to using something like Tik Tok, to further another more dangerous agenda. FDR must be rolling over in his grave, along with all our Founding Fathers, at the audacity of these imitation politicians. Yes, I’ve seen enough, and sadly as my days that are left continue, I will be forced to see much more. Keep at them Troy, and keep the lines of information flowing.

    1. I’m 80 and say the same thing that the way the left has brought this nation and it’s people to their knees, esp since 2016, makes me glad I don’t have that many years left to suffer the future results. But I fear for my children and grandchildren.

    2. JFK was the last real President “for the people” that our country had. Guess that couldn’t be allowed, can’t put the PEOPLE ahead of the corporations, this is apparent by laws such as these. I used to get my NFL jerseys direct from the manufacturers in China and at a fraction of the price. One day I went to the site to place another order and I was met with a message “SEIZED BY ICE” or something along those words. My initial thought was “isn’t ICE a long way from our southern border”. They have more laws to protect Corporations all the while the taxpaying citizenry is being stripped of their inalienable God given rights. VOTE issues NOT divisive issues that are petty and perpetuate division amongst us.

  37. Garry S. Boyer

    I agree that VPNs are the way to go.
    The people who write these laws are
    ridiculous and the laws may be
    impossible to enforce against everyone.

  38. The Imani calls to mind the story of the three blind men who attempt to describe an elephant. Imani quotes parts of the Restrict Act without mentioning the beginning of the act that covers who the act applies to. From my perspective, the Act does not do a good job of referencing other parts of the act. For example, “described in subparagraph (A) or (B)” is NOT clear which (A) or (B) since there are many subparagraphs (A) and (B). To better criticize the act, the document needs to be better written with respect to the structure. With respect to whom the act applies, people need to read the definitions within Section 2. Subparagraph (3) of Section 2, basically states that entities from a “foreign adversary” are the focus of the act. People could read subparagraph (4) of Section 2 to cover everyone else beyond “foreign adversary.” However, subparagraph (4)(B) defines “entities” as being only “foreign adversary” with subparagraph defining that an “entity” could be just about anything or anyone, but has to be “foreign adversary.” Subparagraph (8) clearly defines what and who is a “foreign adversary.” Thus the focus is only on adversarial entities and those who communicate with a “foreign adversary”, which includes US citizens communicating with a “foreign adversary” directly or by circumventing the networks. Of all the document, the most concerning should be subparagraph (4)(C) which gives “the Secretary” (FYI, the document states at the very beginning that “the Secretary” is the “Secretary of Commerce”) the authority to look into “any other transaction, the structure of which is designed or intended to evade or circumvent the application of this Act.” This clearly gives the Secretary the authority to look into anyone’s network, etc, just by the Secretary stating that there is suspicious network communications. USA citizens should focus on changing subparagraph (4)(C) for clarification and limiting the Secretary’s nosy behavior. Review the entire document before jumping to conclusions; the animal may feel like a snake, but why is the snake attached to a mouth, to a big head, etc, that in total is an elephant!! Adversaries will do whatever they feel like to disrupt an already divided USA!!! The worst part is that many USA citizens ignorantly willingly jump to help the adversaries.

  39. To all those advocating that signing some petition is going to stop this, wake up! Petitions are useless. They may convince the powers that be on the local level to change their minds about something, but on the national stage nobody cares that you basically signed some opinion poll. The one and only thing that elected representatives fear is losing elections. That is, losing their cushy job and all the power, influence, and people throwing money at them that comes with it. They will only believe this is possible when they hear from you, directly, telling them so. You need to call, email, or write your elected representatives and urge them to vote against the bill, or else you’ll vote against them. And if you truly care about this issue and it means that much to you, you’ll dedicate time to spread the word and convince others to do the same, because they need to hear the same thing from many other like-minded people before they truly start to worry it could affect their re-election chances.

    1. I agree, Ive wrote my Senator and House rep. many,many times. I really cant say if it was doing any good, but at least i let them know my opinion and feelings about the things i knew would directly affect my family and myself along with our VOTES..THIS will be one of those times i contact them. If anyone else out there wants to and dont know how,its this simple. If you need the names, search your state,city or county for “Who is the U.S. Senator that represents (your city or county and your state). It will give you at least 2 ways to contact your elected officials, probably give you 3 ways,email on there website,call washington, call there office in there district. At least thats the way i got started, i had no clue myself when i first decided to contact my elected officials. Its the same if you want to contact your state officials,just use (State instead of U.S.) when you search. Everyone needs to to shout out there opinion on this. If they know a person took the time to contact them like this instead of looking at a petition, as was said above, they are going to think on it and ,as said before, they are going to think about getting or losing a VOTE come re-election. Sorry if ive bored you all but this is very important to all,VPN user or not.

  40. I use my VPN for a variety of reasons like protecting myself from hackers when paying bills and I think this is just to much government over reach interfering with my ability to utilize a VPN!

  41. The USA is a criminal state. Biden is a fucking corrupt idiot, dementia patient and pedophile. Every federal agency is corrupt to the bone. The communist left has supported this corruption and this VPN outrage now impacts them as well.

    1. The problem with your rant is that you seek blame the current administration without taking into consideration the House is in Republican control. Furthermore, political party should not matter as this is an issue that affects ALL users of the internet. Please channel your misguided anger into action and join your fellow netizens in the fight against the ban, not the President.

    2. You are going in the wrong direction with that comment. Like it has been said,this is not a Democrat or Republican issue.Cant blame one side or the other when its a bipartisan Bill. We are wanting to keep our rights to use a VPN if we choose to do so. So we need to call them all out, Right or Left. No disrespect intended, just my opinion.

    3. Peter Cavaliere

      Right. Trump is the only honest man left (LOLOLOLOL). “I alone can protect you”. What a joke…

  42. Be pro-active and inform them it would be political suicide for them to vote YES on this bill. Ridiculous for Big Brother to tell us we can’t communicate with relatives in countries THEY BANNED.

  43. I’m no attorney but have decades of working with federal regulations and attorneys in dealing with them. The difference between civil and criminal penalties is civil is always a monetary penalty and criminal penalties are always incarceration. Unless the charges or penalties have been misrepresented I don’t see how they could impose both on a civil charge.

  44. Kevin Burggren

    Absolutely no government involvement. The government is already killing the planet, why not kill the residents and finish off the resources tpo

  45. Be sure to post names of all of the legislators that initially sponsored this bill for folks to contact them.

  46. Hopefully and prayerfully this will die in committee. This bill is very poorly written if the intention was a good intention. It is a sinisterly clever written bill if the author(s) intended to further establish socialist/communist control over USA citizens. This is not just an act against enemy countries. It’s an act against the American people to create a totalitarian government that has complete control over the affairs of its people. Everyone here should get on the phone to their respective representative and senator and tell them not to vote this in.

  47. My thought is everyone should relax just a little – this bill has just been introduced, and will go through changes, modifications, amendments, etc., before it would be formerly voted upon, and then could change further after review and action, if any, in the House of Representatives. It is not uncommon for first drafts of bills (any drafts and/or final bills, for that matter) to have language which create unintended consequences – one of the purposes of posting a draft is to obtain feedback on the bills so as to identify and eliminate the unintended consequences, and to help to ensure it delivers on the objectives the sponsors intended. It helps to keep in mind there is an objective they hope to accomplish – sponsors will be open to make modifications which will help to ensure the bill does achieve their objectives, and eliminates items which were not intended.

    1. Important thing to keep in mind – if you are not at the table, you will probably end up on the menu – so engage with your senators to have a shot at being at the table, or at least your input can be on the table…
    2. f you are concerned, write to one of the co-sponsors in a reasoned fashion, and request a dialogue with a staff member who is assisting the senator you decide to contact;
    3. The sponsors of this Senate Bill 686 are: Mark Warner (D)*, Tammy Baldwin (D), Michael Bennet (D), Richard Blumenthal (D), John Boozman (R), Shelley Capito (R), Susan Collins (R), Kevin Cramer (R), Mike Crapo (R), Deb Fischer (R), Kirsten Gillibrand (D), Lindsey Graham (R), Chuck Grassley (R), Martin Heinrich (D), John Hickenlooper (D), Timothy Kaine (D), Mark Kelly (D), Angus King (I), Ben Luján (D), Joseph Manchin (D), Jerry Moran (R), Mitt Romney (R), Daniel Sullivan (R), John Thune (R), Thom Tillis (R), Peter Welch (D),
    4. Would not hurt to request the bill’s language be adjusted to specifically exclude individuals using virtual private networks (VPNs).
    5. Please also keep in mind, as at least one comment has pointed out, “VPN” or “Virtual Private Network” does not appear specifically in the bill – nevertheless, the discussion of networks could be interpreted quite broadly to include VPNs, as well as a number of other types of communication networks. However, it is referenced several times that the target is networks with over 1,000,000 users – not individuals – so it is your service provider with whom you contract with to get access to content who should be directly concerned. Of course, if your content provider is shut down, it will not matter how you were connected to the service provider anyway.
    1. That’s the problem…we relax a little and they take a little more…we need to react more and aggressively, just like the government does…

  48. The government is always trying to figure out a while to gain access into our private lives. It’s all a form if control which is not what the founders of this country believed in or they wouldn’t have written the Constitution!!!

  49. The bill would fail under intermediate and strict scrutiny standards under the U.S. Constitution. On it’s face, the bill clearly violates Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment principles to the Constitution. Accordingly, the law requires much more narrowing to achieve compelling or legitimate government interests. This is why the government cannot put surveillance cameras in our homes to prevent crime. Likewise, this bill essentially does the same. There’s way too much government overreach to achieve the stated government objective of the bill.

  50. This is what happens when government officials try to mess with something they don’t really understand!

    This would prevent a VPN connection to your bank, your business etc! It would make security on the internet a thing of the past!

    I don’t use Tik Tok and I would love to see it banned!

    There surely is another way to deal with the nosy Chinese!

  51. I’m totally against this bill for us to only express our objections here, does nothing to get the message to the lawmakers responsible for passing this bill. I highly encourage everyone to send letters/emails to your respective congressmen and senators opposing this bill.

  52. The government does so many things that it has no business doing that it would take an entire government department years just to prepare the list !! The only purpose of our government is to facilitate our freedom !! Anything that it does other than that is just plain out-of-bounds !!

  53. Another example of our government wanting to have complete control over our lives. When will we the American voters take our country back?

  54. Absolutely ludicrous… I would love to find out who introduced that bill. There’s always a hidden agenda. I would compare this for a law that would require everybody’s curtains to always remain open so there is total visibility of what we do every second.

    1. It was a senator ou r from Virginia that introduced it. Someone on tiktok posted his name and phone number for people to call him. It’s certainly an invasion of our privacy.

      1. Senior Warner (D-VA) is the “tech” guy who has almost no experience in tech. How does that make everyone feel??

        Guys/Gals, please do research and get these guys exposed for what they are.

    2. This bill has 25 cosponsors (Below) — 13 Republicans, 11 Democrats, 1 Independent — not including its sponsor. Be sure to call their offices and express your disappointment and opposition!


      Sponsor/Cosponsor Date Joined/Withdrawn
      D Warner, Mark [D-VA] Primary Sponsor
      D Baldwin, Tammy [D-WI] Original Cosponsor
      R Capito, Shelley [R-WV] Original Cosponsor
      R Fischer, Deb [R-NE] Original Cosponsor
      R Moran, Jerry [R-KS] Original Cosponsor
      R Sullivan, Dan [R-AK] Original Cosponsor
      R Thune, John [R-SD] Original Cosponsor
      D Luján, Ben [D-NM] Mar 8, 2023
      D Hickenlooper, John [D-CO] Mar 21, 2023
      D Welch, Peter [D-VT] Mar 29, 2023
      D Bennet, Michael [D-CO] Original Cosponsor
      R Collins, Susan [R-ME] Original Cosponsor
      D Gillibrand, Kirsten [D-NY] Original Cosponsor
      D Heinrich, Martin [D-NM] Original Cosponsor
      D Manchin, Joe [D-WV] Original Cosponsor
      R Romney, Mitt [R-UT] Original Cosponsor
      R Cramer, Kevin [R-ND] Mar 14, 2023
      D Kaine, Timothy “Tim” [D-VA] Mar 14, 2023
      D Blumenthal, Richard [D-CT] Mar 15, 2023
      R Grassley, Charles “Chuck” [R-IA] Mar 15, 2023
      R Tillis, Thom [R-NC] Mar 21, 2023
      R Graham, Lindsey [R-SC] Mar 27, 2023
      D Kelly, Mark [D-AZ] Mar 27, 2023
      R Boozman, John [R-AR] Mar 29, 2023
      R Crapo, Michael “Mike” [R-ID] Mar 29, 2023
      I King, Angus [I-ME] Mar 29, 2023

  55. William Sutter

    Only goes to show you that intelligence is not a prerequisite for serving in government. Have they last their minds about using vpn’s in public access areas to protect your sensitive data. I guess you cannot cure stupid!

  56. Get a petition going and let’s show them what they need to see! Millions of people standing up to big brother.

  57. How is this even possible, when even ATT wants you to have a VPN on your phone through their app??
    Going to fill up prisons really fast if it ever goes into effect. Or maybe they’ll just build concentration camps like WWII.

  58. As an employee of several defense contractors, I was REQUIRED by federal contract to use VPN when connecting outside the employers physical premises. It’s obvious whoever introduced this bill doesn’t understand the requirements of his/her own bureaucracy.

  59. I am totally against such a law. My VPN is a very important part of my online security. If use of VPNs are outlawed and I quit using and my security is breached I will have no issue with holding those responsible for this law responsible with lawsuits. If I feel that if that wouldn’t work I will just eliminate my internet access. At 79 years old I’m fed up with these types of things exposing me to different scammers and thieves.

  60. I think everybody needs to stick together and turn to the congressman to make sure that this laws not passed!
    Too bad it’s not an April fools day joke

  61. I am just going to say that most everything the government comes up with is a bad idea, implemented and managed even worse. They are not proposing this for our benefit, but rather theirs!

    1. You got it, our loved government is somewhat worthless if almost completely useless I do agree with your comment

      1. CONTROL= CONTROLLING VOTES = NEVER BEING VOTED OUT OF OFFICE. Now days, most things passed in our STATE and FEDERAL Government is intended to swing the vote completely to the Right or Left. Depends on who has the majority. This is my own opinion and not necessarily a Fact.LOL.

    2. It’s all about control. Makes me angry. This isn’t what the people wanted when we voted them in. They should all be thrown in jail. We should be their judge and jury.

    1. Unfortunately this isn’t a joke. My daughters who work with Nevada state legisalature informed me of this heinous bill last week.

  62. If this bill goes through will multi-hopping Surfshark servers throughout the U.S. keep me safe from ip surveillance?

  63. I don’t think they’ve given this much thought and the repercussions. This will create all the way down the line with businesses with individuals. Most people will simply quit using the Internet, therefore causing businesses to have to mail and pay postage for their billing me. I would have no problem, not using the Internet.

    1. Unfortunately, the cat is out of the bag. With the prevalence of smartphones in the world people have constant access to the internet. On top of that businesses often require a client to have a ‘mobile phone’ or to download their APP to access website functions. IOT has advanced so rapidly that untested, unsecured devices offer a plethora of questionable benefits. Do we really need an internet connected toothbrush that sends our dental care habits to an app, only to sell the data for marketing purposes? Follow the money!

      People have become dependent upon their ‘mobile computers’. It is easy to forget that it is primarily a phone with the added benefit of internet access, rapid access to information, social networking, and a means of storing personal items (photos, e-mails, texts, etc). And all you need to do is download the app, accept the invasive permissions, and acknowledge you are giving up your data privacy. Follow the money!

      For someone who knows how to control those permissions (not me) I can see where a VPN would be welcome. I am tired of receiving “recommended” or “trending” websites when I search, being bombarded with useless adds “tailored to my interests”, or guided to join a social group which matches my “cookie profile”. Want more proof: get a new smartphone, try to lock down the permissions, and determine what bloatware can be removed without losing basic functions. Then try and access some of your secure sites, like banks, financial institutions, IRS, or any other secure sites you may use. Do you feel safe? Follow the money!

      Security is a big issue and VPN is part of the solution. My wife cannot work from home unless she connects via VPN. Many businesses also have remote employees connect via VPN. My personal opinion: I do not believe this bill will target VPN security usage, rather it will open dialog on how to control external (foreign) influence in social platforms and hopefully clamp down on big data collection and dispersion.

      Let’s face it, Most of us have bought into the smartphone craze, either through family, friends, work, or by pressure from businesses in order to access their products and services. Try and turn back the clock, put the genie back in the bottle: it ain’t possible! Now we have to deal with the consequences. Most of congress and the senate are real people (most), and they are not stupid! They do listen to the voters, but they also listen to lobbyists and cow-tow to the respective RNC or DNC party lines or risk losing funding and support for re-election. Again, Follow the money! Yes congress is hamstrung, just as divided as we, the voting populace, which should tell you they are listening.

      By all means, inundate your representatives. Be polite but direct. Remember, most e-mails and letters are opened by staffers, and only those topics which provide crucial, supportive information are likely to be seen by your rep. Do not stop with just your rep. Contact your individual state’s reps, and attend your local “Annual Town Hall” meetings. NOW you’re talking “Grass Roots” government, where you actually have a voice and a vote which counts. Sometimes crap DOES roll uphill!!!

  64. This is too much power in the hands of one person. This “secretary” could arbitrarily target anyone with no due process.

  65. Martin Domenech

    Absolutely insane for ANY elected official to even consider such a stupid law !!
    We the people need to start getting our voices heard and not those of politically motivated!!

  66. This bill shows the ignorance of some of our leaders. They apparently don’t even know to whom the Internet belongs.

    The Internet was developed by universities and private citizens across the country and the world. Those universities in the US were funded by taxpayer dollars, making U.S. citizens the actual owners of the Internet in this country. Universities and private citizens used and developed the Internet for a number of years, while private business refused to embrace it. Undaunted, universities continued to send IT specialists into U.S. markets to educate and train business leaders on the benefits of Internet use. Now that business owners have fully embraced the Internet, they seem to think they are its new owners, granting them the right to regulate it to their own advantage. As its perceived new owners they now want to sell it back to us and control how we use it. The Internet belongs to us—to the people.

    1. The internet was not developed by universities and private citizens. The internet was birthed by DARPA.

      1. Yep.. what people now now as the internet was originally just a means of file sharing for the department of defense. It only made it to universities so they could benefit from the creativity of the kids who would push it to the next level and then into the private sector because the thought of $$$ would inspire corporations to push things even farther.. which they have. Unfortunately most people don’t know that so they think the internet was invented in the 90’s by AOL or Yahoo or some such. All that said.. this bill is not aimed at us ” little people.” Though it almost certainly will affect us. It certainly bears watching and we all owe it to ourselves to blast this information from the highest social media mountain we can.

  67. I live in the UK, but won’t be surprised if our government doesn’t follow suit, or isn’t about to do so, but with the utmost secrecy

  68. VPNs are not a problem. I still pay for cable TV. I own a Nvidia Shield with subscriptions to ExpressVPN, Amazon Prime, Paramount+, HBOMax, NETFLIX, ROKU, Disney+. and Google Play Store. I also have Kodi.TV and Tubi TV (free TV) which I rarely use. I started using a VPN to BLOCK telephone and email Phishing, and second/third party marketing companies from selling my information without my permission. I have always considered this this type of activity “ILLEGAL”. This was my main reason to get a VPN. Like many other people, I was being bombarded with phone calls for this product or that product. People I didn’t know were calling or emailing me asking me for personal information; or attempting fraudulent billing scams; or stating their interested in buying your house (when your house isn’t listed for sale).  My VPN blocked most of this. If I remove my VPN, I will again see an increase in internet trackers, phishing and email/phone scams . Don’t forget some countries also attempt to steal a persons identity information. AIrtificial Intelligence (AI), if used in commercial business will probably benefit corporations (but eliminate jobs in all sectors). How can our government operate/function without an adequate tax base to fund it? AI is already showing that it can make its own decisions without a final decision being made by a human. This is dangerous in the public and private sector. I certainly don’t want to see AI controlled U.S. and allied military defense weapons deciding who or what to destroy. 
    The government has enough problems without writing another bill that they will have a great deal of difficulty managing.
    1.    Creating and managing national standardization on weapon laws and regulations.
    2.   Creating national standardization/management to eliminate and prosecute phishing, tracking and fraud.
    3.   Border control seems to be getting better.
    4.   War on drugs entering the country is a real WAR. Now movies are made about how our government was involved. Very sad. Drugs are killing off our young and some seniors not aware of how dangerous and deadly drugs can be to our nation. I can remember when you couldn’t get a Cuban cigar in the U.S. Why Oh Why is it sooooo easy to get illegal drugs. 5. My Lord and Savior said, “As I have done unto you, Do unto others”.

  69. I have really mixed feelings about this Bill. I agree to the necessity of it but are there other ways to achieve it’s objectives? One would think so. The freedom to operate freely without “Big Brother” monitoring my every move is critical in a free society. We have to find ways to defend our country against rampant technological abuses without “throwing the baby out with the bathwater.”

    1. You mean like allowing a Chinese spy balloon to navigate the entirety of North America without a SINGLE repercussion from this present administration? Ok, got it…

  70. There was me thinking free will was the basis of the USA……seems the bought and paid for legislators think otherwise [ when their snouts are out of the commercial trough that is.] So I think this is showing that “support” of certain business sectors given to politicians comes back to bite the taxpayers.

  71. The Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution guarantees individuals the right to personal autonomy.

  72. The new world order is here it’s a shadow government with people from banking intelligence military scientists pharmaceutical every single part that controls they are in control the ones that call the shots are the 13 richest families on earth then what’s called the committee of 300 next richest top of pyramid we are the ground floor they goal too kill 96%of humanity

  73. This is just another way big government wants to invade your privacy. Big brother is watching over you and wants to know what you doing every minute. Total control is what they’re looking to accomplish

  74. This is a sad indictment of government control. The new world order has been with us for years. This is just another nail in the coffin to support the greed and corruption of American companies and some politicians.

    It is a crying shame that they could not introduce as powerful a Bill to eliminate gun control by the lobbyists. But, weapons bring more wealth than worrying about children getting murdered in USA by psychopaths with guns.

  75. Since 9/11 and the formation of Homeland security as a department of the United States government our civil liberties have been in jeopardy, it has continually gotten worse. Unfortunately a growing number of Americans seem to think that it’s okay for the government to keep us under surveillance. As soon as a petition against this house bill 686 is available please post it on or give us a heads up so that I might sign it. I’m in my 70s and this is not the America I grew up in!

  76. This bill if passed would make a VPN which is legal today, be illegal when passed. Our freedom to choose is being taken away. No company should be able to own broadcasting rights to telecasts, Lets get together community and vote this bill down.

        1. I respectfully disagree. Obamacare only applies to the public, big unions and government “officials” are exempt (and many more).

          The same people pushing the Kung Flu Jab are the same ones not taking it.

          Big companies like Walmart (Wallyworld) can stay open, liquor bars can stay open, but churches had to close.

          This law will only apply to the “commoners”, not our government or those working there.

          How many people in the DOD are allowed to use a private server? Nobody. In fact, all DOD employees must take an annual test on computer security, and using a private server gets you thrown in prison – unless you’re part of the Clinton cabal.

          1. Just by you saying “kung flu jab & “obamacare” (heads up, its called the Affordable Care act)” all that…for me, tells me that your way of thinking is loaded with “denial” slanted right mentality and probably a “45” lover, all adds up to I’m not taking your comment with any seriousness. The “right” seems to think doors are being shut around them at an alarming rate, yet, not only did you wake up FREE in the USA this morning, you will be FREE in this country your entire life.

            1. Then pray tell why are all the Politicians exempt from having to use the ACA? Why, oh why do they have their own private medical insurance which the tax payer pays for? How is it a newly elected politician can become a multi-millionaire in just 3 years after being elected to a job that pays $175K a year? Oh right, very savvy investments. Why is it that the left deniers still have issue with a person who hasn’t been in public office for over 2 years? Man, you, and people like you really spend a lot of your brain power on this one individual but I never hear any of you attacking the likes of BLM who riots and their founders live in million dollar mansions while they extort money for the very people the claim to represent? Antifa? Nothing. The Democrats getting by with lying to the American People, get caught in their lies, Nothing. How Joe Biden, a senile old man who just happened to get more votes than ANY Presidential Candidate EVER in this country. You believe that, I got some ocean front property in Arizona I’ll sell you at a good price. Inflation is driving lower income families to decide whether or not to buy food, or medicine. Nothing. The destruction of this country’s energy sector. Nothing. Why don’t you spend more time discussing these actual facts that are affecting everyday America and spend less on a person that is inconsequential at this time? Geezzz, people, get a life and wake up to being woke.

  77. THis is totally unacceptable. We don’t need the government spying on us more than they are already. I hope this bill doesn’t go anywhere but I’m afraid it will since they’re using tik tok and communist China spying on us as the basis of the bill. Seems our own government can’t ever be straight forward and honest with the American people. We’re losing our rights everyday and the sad part is people don’t even realize it. God help us 1

  78. Rich Anon Y. Mos

    I learned a long time ago that the only difference between a Republicrat and a Democin is who was controlling them.

    When I was working in the Illinois government offices servicing and maintaining the large-scale computing systems that they have I learned the two parties that are in control will do anything to stay there.

    As an example, back in the 1980s when the Libertarian party won the elected office of a trustee of the University of Illinois that allowed them to be on the next ticket for the state elections.

    So the Republican Governor, Jim Edgar and the Democratic speaker of the House, Mike Madigan got together and changed the elected position to appointed.

    The Libertarians lost their right to be on the next electoral ticket.

    When Bill Owens beat the official Republican candidate in the primary in all 19 counties the Republican party told me to go support the candidate in the 20th district and actively worked against Bill Owens thereby losing the election to Tricky Dicky Durbin who $500,000 from out of state attorneys and banking interests on a campaign of lies against Bill Owens so Tricky Dicky won and is now a federal senator.

    If the American people would turn off their TVs, read some history and actually look at the voting records of the representatives and candidates for public office instead of listening to the lies that come out of their mouth before election time Bill Clinton and many other criminals wouldn’t have been elected including Donald Trump.
    You notice I insulted the darling of the Democins and the darling of the Republicrats.

    It’s an old trick done by dictatorships throughout time of making the people fight with each other so they don’t notice what’s going on until they finally enslave them. Read your history people or simply ignore the taunts of the left versus the right and elect people who will actually do their job but personally I believe the Republic is lost and the United States will never recover to be the great place it was when I was growing up in the 1950s and ’60s.

    The media and members of both parties constantly stir up lies about the other or about their own party in order to influence the voters who are too stupid or lazy to find out the truth.

    Get off your asses do some research and start a local group of people who will constantly bombard your representatives swamping their office with the truth of the matter and letting them know that if they keep lying you will vote them out of office and then follow up on Election Day and do so.

    To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson

    When the bankers gain control of the money supply the Republic is lost.

    Obama signed a bill before he left power stating that the banks, including the Federal Reserve could not be held responsible for what they did in 2008 and might do in the future.

    If you want to know who your real Masters are follow the money, follow the money, follow the money.
    Time to sit on my terrace, Kahlua and cream in hand, and look across the lake and watch the sun go down above the mountains on the other side.

    Did I write before that I was incredibly happy to leave the Fascist States of America 25 years ago? Memory must be going cuz I yeah I think I did.

    1. Rich,
      It is such a relief to read your post. I was beginning to feel left alone in my thoughts. I have not seen my earlier post I wrote, but I lay most of the blame on “Citizens United”, one of the worst rulings by the Supreme Court in the last few decades. That decision opened the floodgates on Dark Money and look at the mess we are in today. I agree with you entirely: F O L L O W T H E M O N E Y ! ! !

    1. you can not purchase legally an “assault rifle” in the U.S.A. unless it was manufactured pre 1986 and have special licensee people that have no ideal of what they’re talking about should not speak

      1. Cardo Fourtyseven

        People talk and guess without thinking or research.
        Contrary to what many think, the “AR” in AR-15 does not stand for “Assault Rifle.” Neither does it stand for “Automatic Rearming,” “Armed Retiree” or even “Auntie Ruth.” It simply stands for ArmaLite Rifle 15, the company from which it was born. It’s how this arms manufacturer named its products.

  79. Perhaps the real underlying reason is that the government wants to track us as they already do in financial matters-any deposit or withdrawal from your savings or checking account is now monitored by the IRS. They are being all0intrusive in our personal lives. If this Restrict Act is passed/approved, I am not going to have internet service in my home. I am tired of our freedoms being slowly diminished by politicians who have already screwed everything else up.

  80. Ahh, Heir Biden has brought up the Gestapo from the depths at last! Der fureher shall become our ultimate leader and savior before the next elections even happen!

    Schmucks. I say all elected offices on a national level get vacated and revoted. Bet you lose a bunch of those jackholer lifer politicians!

  81. Our government should not be allowed to do anything about using a VPN. It’s needed for our security not jud tto look at tik tok. If we allow this we are allowing them to control us Americans. They would be taking another one of our rights away. Also they are endangering our security for doing business. For us that own a business we have to use a VPN to do business.

  82. This is typical attitude of government trying to achieve communistic control under a different flag. It’s a consumers free will or freedom to choose a product or service they wish why don’t they rule out smoking. Too many people making money. This present government is trying every which way they can to take control. There is only a small portion of the market using the products mentioned but a little here a little there they will slowly get what they want until it is too late. This country is getting hard to want to live here anymore. Thanks for the article

  83. That is essentially equivalent to putting surveillance cameras and everyone’s home. The bill is much too broad to achieve it’s objective. Way too much government overreach in the bill.

  84. The “Gentleman” who proposed this is a Va. D. Mr. Warner actually “made” his money in the tech industry. I had the misfortune to shake hands with him once before he was elected. Felt like I needed to wash my hand after. Had some indirect dealings with his office later. If he is involved the intent is more nefarious than is on the surface.

    1. Rich Anon Y. Mos

      Actually it’s Authoritarianism.
      True communism would be a wonderful thing but human nature doesn’t allow that to exist once the population reaches approximately 500.
      Fascism falls under authoritarianism as does Marxism and Hitlery Clintonism.
      Don’t believe me?
      Use Gargoyle’s search.
      Gargoyle is another example of authoritarianism.

      1. You’re splitting hairs. Communism/Marxism/Socialism/Authoritarianism/Totalitarianism are all designed to control the masses and make the government an all power being over you.

    1. Image filling the prisons up with a bunch of tech people for using a VPN. ? This is another unbelievable thing our government is trying to do to spy on us. What’s next we become a communist country.

  85. What’s the problem? None of you are doing anything illegal, right? F foreign governments who access our information.

    1. It has nothing to do with illegality, it has to do with a loss of freedom by the government being moire involved in our internet activity.

  86. We get what we pay for, or in this case, who we vote for.

    Just yet another way to invade our privacy, as taxpayers who pay their salaries.

    What a beautiful world we live in…

  87. Frankie in Louisiana

    Here’s a list of the idiots behind this bill.
    Democrats first:
    Warner of Virginia, Baldwin of Wisconsin, Manchin of West Virginia, Bennet of Colorado, Gillibrand of New York, Heinrich of New Mexico.
    Thune of South Dakota, Fischer of Nebraska, Moran of Kansas, Sullivan of Alaska, Collins of Maine, Romney of Utah, Capito of West Virginia.

    Making it easy for you guys to see if these idiots are from your state. I’m still going to contact mine here in Louisiana.

    1. Frankie! How dare you list my beloved Sen. from Utah, “Willard “Mitt” Romney! He’s as honest as the “Bain” is long! He would never use a VPN! He’s a man of character and a fountain of integrity and compassion! He knelt for “BLM” when asked to do so. He voted “HIS” conscience, to impeach Trump. He never would alter or hide his true identity from the public, being a duly elected public official, oh except when he was caught using an alias on Twitter.

      I would expect nothing less of Mr. Delecto, aka Sen. Romney to stand up to “His” moral obligation as an elected public official to protect his constituents from nefarious, cowardly, possibly with crimminal intent, individuals who would knowingly mask, obscure, deflect or hide their true identity and location from public and goverment scrutiny! VPN’s, their staff, share holders and hosts, should have a Grand jury impaneled to bring about an indictment for conspiracy, obstruction of justice etc. Guess I should ask “Willard” to look into this, I feel so unsafe and vulnerable. As “Dan” mentioned above in the comment section, “But, weapons bring more wealth than worrying about children getting murdered in USA by psychopaths with guns.” Now I get to worry about who has a gun and is a “psychopath” in a State that is “open carry”, “no permit” concealed weapon, “Assault Rifle” and hi-capacity magazine friendly. Guess I should move to California or Illinois which has super strict gun control laws. My family will be a lot safer. BTW, No one in those States sponsored this Bill! Those States will probably be exempted by Federal law anyway!

      1. Romney is a democrat kiss the as of Biden. He sometimes plays with Republicans but in the end he caves and kisses the other cheek. California and Illinois are hard on carry gun rights and they are hit really bad with cartel and gangs. These thieves have illegal guns with no permits and they will shoot you for a candy bar. Glad I’m in Florida where the law is obeyed and as a retired husband and myself, we have shot Gus all our lives. Handguns, shotguns and rifles. AR 15 is always loaded an by my door and a gun is always concealed for protection. As a country gal I hunted and fished and planted a big garden and canned canned canned the veggies we had blackberry patches, cherry and apple trees and a big freezer for the hog, goat and lamb meat and we slaughtered a cow every year. This meant we sit the animal between the eyes and dressed and removed the hide. We raided chickens for the freezer and removed the heads and plucked and. Gutted them and in the freezer. Will had laying chickens foe eggs and milked the cows and skimmed the fat off to make real butter then molded it and froze the 1 lb pkg. We sold butter and eggs, breeders the 2 cows so we had milk and and if a bull wad born it was the next years beef in the fridge. We sold the milk cows and pigs at market. This girl and my family are the country boy and girl can survive. Couldn’t do it without a gun. We can bring in deer, turkey,ducks etc in season and catfish, crappie and most any kind of fish. I purchase only the nessesity items, flour, sugar, coffee, tea, rice, pasta etc from the store and buy in bulk. If there is a food shortage we are prepared, if the lights go out we have oil lantern a pump outside for the stock is pure drinking water and we have a wood burning stove for heat and a 100 gallon gas tank on site this runs our vehicles andtractor and we have a big generate that uses regular gas if needed. Now this gun toting grandma and grandpa have reached our kids that they were expected to work to eat. We can make it if all hell breaks lose but I’m sorry to say you won’t. [spoiler title=”a country gal can survive.”] [/spoiler]

    2. I’m going to contact mine although Massachusetts is not on your list. In fact, I’ve heard nothing about this until I read it on Troypoint insider. Not in my Twitter feed or Facebook. Facebook is so full of ads now that even if it had been mentioned I wouldn’t have seen it. I’m lucky if by an hour I’ve seen more than 10-15 posts from friends and family..

    3. That list tells me everything I need to know. Democrats and RINOS, all of them, and it’s a pathway to more tyranny, which is what they’re all about. Government control and to hell with your independence.

  88. Rich Anon Y. Mos

    I am so glad I escaped the Fascist States of America 25 years ago and live in a country that actually protect citizens rights.

    If you can learn a foreign language or find a country that has a large group of expatriates where a lot of the population speaks English you too can escape the fascist regime in the United States.

    The difference being 25 years ago I could take my money with me and I did.

    You can’t do that anymore as the government mafia bosses (Congress) passed laws so that the leg breakers / enforcers in the IRS (Biden just added 629,000 more employees) could collect the extortion that the US tax system has become.

    My family, made up of attorneys and law students all told me I was full of it when I told them in 1972 that by 2000 there would be no knock warrants, people being put in prison without access to attorneys and police entering properties without warrants and they were right.
    It took until 2002 to start doing that.

    US citizens don’t have any rights, they only have privileges granted by the coastal elites and the scum in Washington DC.

    Read the history of Nazi Germany in the 1930s and the parallels between then and the US now are shocking.

    I don’t expect this to be posted as the truth often has a way of offending a lot of people.

    1. Herman Gardner

      I am 88 years of age, in one of the minority categories, born in the USA. I have travelled all over the world and lived in several foreign countries. While the USA is far from perfect I still prefer living here than any other place…furthermore I think if people do not want to stay here and try to fix our problems, however difficult, should leave.

  89. I just thank the stars that I live in Canada, where REAL freedom lives. This law seems to be an offshoot of a dictator in a third world country. We, up here, may have our problems, but we certainly don’t have the alt-Right to deal with!

    1. John, are you sure about that, I was under the impression that bil C-11 in Canada is similar to the one discussed in US. Restricting what we watch or do online. Soon we will be the Republic Of Canada

      1. This is the official explanation:
        Bill C-11, also known as the Online Streaming Act, creates a framework to regulate digital streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+ and Spotify, and would require them to contribute to the creation and promotion of Canadian content

  90. S 686.

    The bill infuriates me. But not as much as the people that think all the the other Senators and Representatives from other states are the problem but not theirs. 1 GOP Senator I have is as much Democrat as you can get. They other one just got there so no track record. I voted for both but will not ever vote for the first one again. He is the enemy behind the wire.

    Unless and until the number of Constitutional conservatives, Senators and Representatives, constitute a viable block on legislation like this one, that STEALS our Liberty, our Freedom and our unalienable Rights, we will face more of these assaults.
    They are pushing hard and harder from now own because they know they will not be able to carry the 2024 vote with their voting records of the attempted stealing our Rights.
    Either we stand for the Constitution and the rule of Law or we are the next Venezuela, Cuba or 3rd world banana republic.
    WE. We the people vote our destiny in this our Constitutional Representative Republic.
    Act and vote like you mean it in 2024!
    The Senate website has the bill, it’s sponsor and cosponsors. A polite but firmly worded objection to their support and possible vote would go a long way. BE SURE to include links to all the social media sites you frequent with the same letter you send them.
    At least you may get a reply!

  91. Voters better wise up and stop voting for candidates who want govt to control their lives. It’s not a popularity contest, it’s about results. The list of co-sponsors of this restriction of personal rights is a good place to start when “ weeding out “ politicians who want to think for you.

    1. The problem is, it’s the uniparty that’s voting for it. You would have to vote out 85% of politicians to gain our rights back. It benefits them because they gain power with every right they take away.

  92. Tracy L Gillhespy


  93. I just read S 686 “The Restrict Act” introduced in the 118th Congress, First of all, there is no mention of “VPN” or “virtual private network”. From what I can tell, this Act permits the government to evaluate hardware and software that is used or produced by foreign adversaries for possible danger to national security. If determined to be such a danger, legal action may be taken that can result in civil and criminal penalties. I saw no indication that the use of a VPN by an individual would be penalized and there is no mention of anyone being sentenced to jail for using a VPN. I read the other comments and it seems they are by people who did not read or understand S 686 and just believe what was claimed to be true on TroyPoint’s website without researching the claim. It is a bi-partisan bill introduced by Republican Senator Mark Warner and has 25 senate co-sponsors, including 13 Republicans. Just to ensure individual VPN users are protected, I emailed the following statement to them and my two Washington senators: “This is a complex bill that needs to be amended. Please take action to amend S 686 to clearly ensure the right of individuals to use a virtual private network (VPN) when accessing the Internet to protect their privacy and protect their identities and data from being stolen.”

    1. Thanks for your comment, David. We do point out that the bill does not strictly mention VPN.

      While the bill does not directly mention VPN usage, this is likely what they are referring to when mentioning penalties for accessing a restricted platform.

      I would agree with you that it needs to be amended to provide important details regarding what you are pointing out. As usual, these lawmakers leave enough gray area so they can turn the tables on anyone who gets in their way.

      So, who is the 20-year prison sentence being directed to? The CEO of a “company” that breaks the law? The bill specifically mentions “person”.

      The Secretary may impose the following civil penalties on a person for each violation by that person of this Act or any regulation, order, direction, mitigation measure, prohibition, or other authorization issued under this Act:

      Either way, we have 89 year-old members of congress TRYING to write a bill that pertains to technology and they can’t even turn on a computer.

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

    2. David, the word Civil as quoted in the above article is defined as the law that pertains to persons, things, and relationships that develop among them. YES, this is targeting individuals.

  94. I agree with you all! And I appreciate the article, including the link to the proposed bill!!! Awareness becomes knowledge & knowledge is power!! However!! I wish that each & every one posting here, would go to their federal representatives’ & senators’ websites and post their opposition to this bill THERE as well!!! Then, after they vote on this bill, find out which way your reps & senators voted! If you disagree, then use YOUR VOTE to get rid of them!!! And if you aren’t registered to vote, PLEASE do so ASAP!!! It’s your voice that you choose to silence if you do not. ?

    1. Go peddle your Trump conspiracy theory bullsh*t elsewhere. Trump is the biggest political criminal this country has ever seen. If you don’t see that, you’re blind.

  95. It’s become obvious that the government wants complete control of everything that we do. I don’t feel like I’m living in a free country anymore more like a communist country rule by a dictatorship. I’m so disgusted what has happened to our country.
    We cannot let them pass this bill.
    They may as well just put a federal agent inside of our homes to watch everything single thing that we do. If we let them get away with this, what’s next next?

  96. Yet another statement about your government’s position on your rights as a citizen. Doesn’t matter left or right, just another flavor of keeping you in control, guised as “protecting us from evil”!

  97. This is one more step to becoming an autocratic, totalitarian nation. This has been an insidious effort by the government to control our lives, including our basic civil rights. We have to stop the government before they become a full-on dictatorship. If that’s what you wa me t, then just do nothing, otherwise, help to protect our citizens from tyranny.

  98. The problem with these bills and why they never get anything done that is helpful to anyone is that they don’t just do one thing and one thing only. The bill should only have one line that says TikTok is banned, with nothing else attached to it.
    These elected officials have nothing but their own self interests in mind and are representing only themselves and those personnel interests, and not the American people. This bill should never be passed in its current form and format.

    1. Ron Youngblood

      Totally agree, they inject many other sub variants into the bill to keep eroding peoples privacy and yes the own self interest totally plays out. If we were to have a full blown nuclear war only the politicians would make sure they and their offspring survived not us regular Americans.

  99. Ron Youngblood

    Big brother narrowing it down to come into your home and snoop, this bill has to be completely revised to not interfere with private home usage of the internet.

  100. JoAnn Villagrana

    I had no idea that this law they want to pass envolved other apps and programs other than Tic Tock ?. Now days we need to have a VPN not just for privacy, but for security.
    Every business wants to go through the internet,
    whether it be banking for bill pay, buying from Amazon, or even our health information for insurance companies.
    This new bill is a violation of our law rights, not only for privacy, but for security with
    every day businesses.
    Without the VPN, i would definitely choose to go back to paper billing, not electronic billing.
    this is wrong

  101. Goddamn! Clever hooey from paid-off politicians in the guise of “protecting US users from the Chinese, but in fact, it breaks the back of apps users and IPTV. We won’t hear anything on national news (or even preposterously phony news like Fox and all them right-wing fakers) because the devil’s in the details: talk about TikTok but strangle tech-savvy users.

    Clever, clever, but not clever enough.

  102. Tracy Glaser-Bacon

    I have been using VPN for remote access for work off and on for at least 15 years. This bill is garbage.

  103. I do not think that this law should be submitted as written, it needs to be adjusted. I will never stop using a VPN prison or not!!

    1. Republikrauts sold us out, pal.
      Over 90% of all American paper mills re now foreign-owned. Guess which states watched their jobs get cut down and salaries minimized? Anti-union reds.

      1. Rather be killing libcoms

        Tell me one good thing Biden has done ? Not including your temporary food stamp increase, and giving tranny freaks more rights.

      2. Democratic states Mark. Where the same fools continue to vote in the same fools and wonder why their lives are miserable. Look at any shit hole in this nation and most are Democratic run towns and states. Ask yourself why that is. I’ve worked union jobs my entire life and working one now. You couldn’t pay me to vote Democrat and most my union feels the same way. Quit being a muppet and believing what you read on social media and do some real research on politics bud and you’ll see where the problem lays and it starts with that 80 year old worthless president running our country and security into the dumpster fire.

    2. Of course you are. Republicans are fascists. When they talk about “free speech”, they just mean that they want to be able to spew racist bile without consequence,

  104. I’m blocking spam and other threats. You cannot take away my right to protect my electronic devices with a VPN! It’s unconstitutional.

  105. we need to get those people out of there before its too late!!! incredible what they are doing we will have an irs agent at everybodies door soon….

    1. “those people” are the Republicans, who lied to you about the IRS, the funding of which is just to get billionaires (who all massively support the GOP) to pay their taxes.

  106. Complaining about it won’t help.
    Wanna help get the word out about what this is and how it invades ppl privacy how the only person who benefits is the government. Blow this up on platform the more ppl that know about it the better we are all off going against this B.S bill..

    1. Ron Youngblood

      Exactly as you have said, people need to know about this and its potential effects of violating their privacy. Eveyone thought the Patriot Act bill was great.

  107. What I’ve read (which wasn’t all of it) about this bill I don’t like. I think if people don’t understand what good, VPN’s are used for or why we use them, than this bill might unfortunately get passed. I think there needs to be a lot of education about it publicly so everyone is well informed. This bill needs to be more specific. This might have been a good theory, but it’s not a good plan or bill. It wouldn’t even be an elected official in charge.

  108. its just another quickly made up law to restrict peoples privacy ” ” i swear to god in the upcoming years we will all be microchipped or barcoded and hearded around like sheep and living in a checkpoint society where big brother hears and sees everything . . . . . BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING ! ! !

  109. In the bill s686 it says foreign entities, will do u know the we r the enemy.. look up trading with the enemies act. I say no to the bill we the people have a right to privacy!! In all its forms

    1. Your comment made more sense to me than the wording in the bill. Honestly, I’m not the dumbest person, so how does the government expect people to obey a law that they can’t understand. Also, from the comments, I gather that the government is already misusing their power. So how would someone start a petition? Or should a community such as ours just write our state reps, governors and senators?

      1. They don’t care if you can understand it, hence the phrase, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”. Trust me, I’m in the same boat as you LOL!

  110. Anyone, including myself who uses the internet daily for information, education and entertainment should be very concerned about Bill S.686! This may be just the start of the efforts to control many more things to circumvent what millions of people who use the internet do.

    Autocracy is a very damaging aspect to democracies wherever they exist. Everyone is all for the internet being free but, it isn’t free. Without paying to access the internet it’s nearly impossible to do.

    Having to use the internet anonymously is an effort to protect one’s own personal privacy and must be done. If using a VPN becomes illegal. Then the internet may as well not exist. How will the government regulate itself for doing the very same thing most of the population does.

    The Music industry has gone through tremendous changes and so must the video entertainment industry as well. Royalties for musicians, songwriters and composers are almost non existent. The video entertainment industry is near that trend.

    The Bill S. 686, bill is a waste of time and only go down in defeat as long as Democracy reigns throughout our nation.

    1. Big Brother come to life is two people. One a brain damaged idiot, the other a sinister totalitarian schemer. (Bush and Cheney)

      1. It goes back way further than them…FDR, Woodrow Wilson, LBJ, Nixon, Carter, Clinton, The gay half-black obama, and OMG what can I say about the brain dead guy who’s in office now. But remember it isn’t just the president’s at fault here. If we got rid of nearly every elected official, we would see improvement! They are the ones cause the decline in our society!!

  111. Enough is enough, if Tic Toc is banned where does it stop, all items from China? If you want to use the app it is like everything else in life, use it at your own risk.

  112. Where’s our privacy, this is not going to be any different from a communist country, they’re dictating us, it’s those politicians who’s in these corporations pockets. They know that people use their VPN to stream. It’s nothing to do with anything else.

    1. Its like trying to take guns away in the US. Its not going to happen. More about China than anything else. I don’t like it but not going to worry about it either.

      1. the sippy cup administration wants total control, one party government.They will not stop with control ideas. Remember to vote in 2024 and get our USA back.

        1. I agree with you 100%. That bunch of freaks have no idea what they’re doing but it’s really sad that they have turned out country into the Brandon clown show!

          1. Wrong. They know exactly what they’re doing. Let everyone in, give them everything they need including voter rights at taxpayers expense, while taking away all your freedoms and independence.

    2. And the people running the countries are all WEF. In Canada we will have bill C-11. It is waiting to pass. Same thing. They are stripping our rights and nobody seems to care.

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