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How to Install TiviMate V5.0.4 on Firestick/Android TV (June 2024)

install tivimate

The following guide will show you How to Install TiviMate on Firestick, Fire TV, and Android TV/Google TV devices.

We provide both a screenshot guide as well as a video tutorial that covers all aspects of this fabulous application.

This article also provides setup instructions and tips to help you get the most out of it on your preferred device. Unlike other tutorials you may come across, our guide details every feature available within TiviMate to help you get the most out of this unrivaled streaming platform.

After over a year of hiatus, the developer has finally updated TiviMate to V5 with tons of advanced features and improvements. Currently, the stable version is 5.0.4.

Here are some of the features this latest update provides:

  • Revised User Interface
  • Addition of Logout Button (About menu item)
  • New official website to manage devices (more details below)
  • Display current connection attempts if playback fails
  • Open externally when an error message displays
  • Local Recording Directory improvements
  • General Bug Fixes

TiviMate is one of the best IPTV Players available for use on any device including the Amazon Firestick, Android TV/Google TV Boxes such as BuzzTV, NVIDIA SHIELD, Chromecast, onn. Google TV Box, Windows PC, and much more.

The app alone does not contain live channels for streaming, however, users can integrate an M3U URL or an Xtream Code URL within the app for live streaming.

Legal Disclaimer: TROYPOINT does not develop, operate, host, distribute, or administer any streaming application, add-on, website, or service. Furthermore, we cannot determine the legality of any streaming platform reviewed on this website. TROYPOINT specializes in educational tech reviews, tutorials, and news which is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. The end-user is solely responsible for media accessed and TROYPOINT assumes that all visitors are abiding by copyright laws set forth within their jurisdiction. Users should only stream works not protected by copyright when using unverified streaming solutions.

Check with your current IPTV Service on whether they grant access to their M3U URL/Xtream Code API prior to going through this guide.

You can usually find this in the support documents or online discussion board that most services offer for their subscribers.

TiviMate offers both a free and a premium version of the service that currently costs $9.99/year or $29.99 for a lifetime subscription.

TROYPOINT suggests purchasing a premium account as it unlocks tons of features not found in the free option.

Premium Features

Those who opt for the Premium plan are provided with over a dozen valuable features including:

  • Scheduled recordings
  • Custom recurring recordings
  • Support for multiple playlists
  • Backup/Restore
  • External Video Player
  • Parental Controls
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Favorites management
  • Catch-up
  • Customizable TV Guide update intervals
  • Customizable Panels transparency and timeout
  • Customize Groups and Channels
  • Manual Channels sorting
  • Turning on the last channel on the app start
  • Auto frame rate (AFR)
  • Reminder to automatically play channel
  • Many More

As you can see, without the upgrade, there isn’t much sense in using the app.

We suggest first installing the free app via the instructions below. If you like it, you can register for the premium release and we cover that as well in this article.

In this tutorial, we are using an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max. Since TiviMate is not available in the Amazon App Store, we must first jailbreak our Firestick in order to side-load this app.

This will also work for Android TV/Google TV Devices such as the NVIDIA SHIELD, MECOOL Boxes, onn. Google TV Box, and more.

How to Install TiviMate on Firestick/Android TV/Google TV

Use the guides below for installation and set-up instructions for this application on your preferred device.

We highly recommend viewing the video tutorial that provides additional details not provided in the screenshot guide below.


Your online activity is recorded by your government, Internet Service Provider, app/addon/IPTV devs and all websites through your identifying IP address

Your Current Identifying IP Address (digital fingerprint):

Stream anonymously by using Surfshark VPN


Surfshark backs their service with a 30-day money back guarantee

Use your account on unlimited devices & share with family members


Video Tutorial

Get Free Secret App Guide Here

Step 1 – Prepare Your Streaming Device

1. From the home screen of your device, hover over the Find button and then click the Search box.

click the search box

2. Search for and select Downloader.

select downloader

3. Choose the Downloader app.

choose the downloader app

4. Click Download or Get.

click get or download

5. Wait for the app to install.

wait for downloader app to install

6. You will then encounter Downloader Ready to launch! message.

downloader ready to launch message

7. Return to the home screen to hover over Settings and click My Fire TV.

return to the settings menu and choose my fire tv

8. Choose Developer Options.

IMPORTANT: Please see the notes below if you don’t see Developer Options on your screen.

choose developer options

9. Click Install unknown apps.

click install unknown apps

Free StartMail Trial

10. Find the Downloader app and click it.

click the downloader app

11. This will turn Unknown Sources to On for the Downloader app and enable side-loading on your device.

unknown sources now on for downloader

Developer Options Not Available

If you are unable to locate developer options within settings, follow the instructions below to enable this to use the Downloader App.

1. Hover over the Settings icon and click My Fire TV.

Hover over the Settings icon and click My Fire TV.

2. Click About.

Note: Notice Developer Options is missing.

click About

3. Hover over Fire TV Stick and click the OK button on your remote 7 times to become a developer.

click the name of fire tv device 7 times

4. Click the back button on your remote and you will notice Developer Options is now showing within My Fire TV.

click back button

Now that I’ve properly prepared my Firestick it’s time to move onto the next step.

Step 2 – Install TiviMate

1. Launch the Downloader Application.

2. Hover over the URL bar and click the select button on your remote

hover over the url bar and click the select button on your remote

3. Type the Downloader Code for the TROYPOINT Toolbox which is 250931 and click Go.

enter the DL Code for the TROYPOINT Toolbox

4. You will then encounter a Redirect page.

redirect page troypoint toolbox

5. You are then met with the TROYPOINT Toolbox home screen.

you are then met with the troypoint toolbox home screen

6. Scroll down to find TiviMate and click Download.

NOTE: Many users have found that they prefer V4.7.0 instead of the latest updated V5 APK. We provide both options in the TROPYOINT Toolbox for those who wish to revert back to the old version after testing V5.

click download tivimate

7. Wait for the app to install.

wait for install to complete

8. Click Install.

click install

9. You will then encounter Ready to launch! message. Click Done.

ready to launch message appears

10. Click Done.

click done

11. This will take you back to the Downloader app. Click Delete to remove the installation file.

click delete to remove installation file

12. Click Delete again.

click delete again to confirm

Installation is now complete. Continue reading to learn how to set up the app on your preferred device.

How To Setup Free Version

After the app installation is complete, we can open the app and authorize an IPTV Service for use.

NOTE: Initializing an IPTV Service within TiviMate requires an M3U URL or Xtream Code. This can usually be found in your service welcome e-mail or by contacting customer support.

The steps below show how to set up the free version with your preferred IPTV Service

1. Open the app and click Add Playlist.

click add playlist

2. Choose M3U playlist or Xtream Codes.

choose m3u playlist or xtream code

3. Click Enter URL.

select enter URL

4. Enter the M3U URL or your preferred IPTV Service.

In this guide, we are using the free Samsung TV Plus M3U URL which provides hundreds of free live channels.

enter m3u url and click next

5. Click Next.

click next

6. You will then see a Playlist is processed message with Channel count and your Playlist name. Click Next.

click next again

8. If the EPG URL does not auto-import, you can insert it here.

Some IPTV providers offer a separate M3U URL for your EPG. Click Done.

click next for m3u playlist

9. Choose Your Playlist.

select your preferred playlist

10. Click OK.

click ok

11. TV Guide will import and you are able to start viewing!

electronic program guide

It is important to note that those who choose to use the free app will miss out on tons of fabulous features.

For example, if you try adding a channel or channels to favorites you will be prompted with the following message:

unlock premium TiviMate message

For those who wish to use the free version, simply click Cancel and continue using the app at no charge

If you purchase the premium option through the Companion app, we can log in for added benefits.

If you need to create an account, you can follow the instructions below on how to do that through Google Play Store.

How to Purchase & Set Up a Premium Account

The guide below provides instructions to purchase and set up TiviMate Premium.

Step 1 – Install the TiviMate Companion App via Google Play Store

The premium version costs only $9.99/yr with an additional lifetime subscription option available for $29.99.

This covers up to 5 devices which you can manage within the Companion App.

Prior to initializing Premium, users must register for an Account via the Companion App.

This app is only available in the Google Play Store, therefore must be installed on Android Device or through BlueStacks or another Android emulator.

If you do not have an Android phone or device, you must install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC to access the Google Play Store.

How To Install Android Apps on PC

Note:  If you’re using a generic Android TV Box with stock Android, you can install the Companion app through the Google Play Store.  Devices running the true Android TV operating system such as NVIDIA SHIELD don’t include this app so you will need to set up an account on an Android phone, tablet, or through BlueStacks. 

Once installed, use the instructions below to set up a premium account.

1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android Device.  We are using Bluestacks in this tutorial on my Windows PC. Search for “tivimate companion” and select the first choice.

search for tivimate companion in google play

2. Click Install.

click install

3. Wait for the app to install.

wait for the companion app to install

4. Click Open.

click open

5. Click Account.

select account

6. Enter your preferred username and password and select Sign up.

enter username and password and click sign up

7. Re-enter your password and click Create account.

click create account

8. Choose the subscription package of your choice and enter your payment information.

choose subscription package of your choice

9. Registration is complete!

your tivimate premium account purchase is now complete

Be sure to write down or remember your login information to sign into the app.

Step 2 -Login to TiviMate Premium

After you have created your Premium account, you can log in to the service within the app previously installed.

1. From the home screen, select Settings.

select settings

2. Choose Unlock Premium.

choose unlock premium

3. Click Next.

click next

4. Choose Account.

select account

5. Enter your login credentials.

enter login credentials

6. Click Next.

choose next

7. Enter the device name of your choice and click Activate.

select activate

8. Click OK.

click ok

That’s it! Once logged in, you will have access to all advanced features of the app for an enjoyable live-streaming experience.

Details & Features

Upon installing TiviMate, you will immediately notice the unique interface it provides. This varies from other IPTV Players and works fabulously.

The menu bar on the left lists your Playlist Categories or “Groups” as they are referred to in the app. These can be hidden, removed, and managed all within the Settings.

This is a great way to eliminate any unwanted Channel lists that you don’t use or need.

Because of the uncertainty of live TV services, TROYPOINT always suggests having a backup.

With this app, users can integrate multiple services or “Playlists” within the app meaning you can combine two or more Services into one!

This is a great way to ensure your live streaming is always available and manage your favorite channels across multiple platforms.

Best of all, the app works extremely fast on any device you prefer including Firestick, Android TV, Google TV, and more.


Navigating this app is a breeze when using your streaming device’s remote. If using a Firestick, the following options are available:

  • Select Button: Opens Channel
  • Back Button: Shows Groups/Return to Guide
  • Left Button: Scrolls to Previous Program
  • Right Button: Scrolls to Next Program
  • Up Button: Scrolls Up through Channels
  • Down Button: Scrolls Down through Channels
  • Rewind Button: Scrolls Channels Up without changing the channel
  • Fast Forward: Scrolls Channels Down without changing the channel

After playing a Channel, clicking the select button will generate various options:

channel navigation settings

This includes the ability to view recent channels and quick select as well as re-open the TV Guide with your current channel playing in the background:

TV Guide with channel playing in background


The Groups options within TiviMate sets it apart from other IPTV apps. Using this to your advantage is a great way to condense your TV streaming experience.

To edit these, simply open the TV Guide and click the Menu Button (3 horizontal lines) on your remote. Then click Group options:

group options

Select Manage groups

manage tivimate groups

To remove an unwanted or unused Group, simply switch the toggle off:

toggle groups

Only highlighted groups will now be visible on the left-side menu bar of the home screen. To adjust the order of these, simply click Manage positions:

manage positions feature

Click to highlight and adjust the group position to your preference! We suggest using the Favorites Tab at the top for a personal streaming experience.

click to move position

NOTE: TROYPOINT recommends adding your preferred channels to Favorites to get the most out of this app. This will enable all navigational features to work within the Favorites “Group” meaning all scrolling and selection will be through your Favorite Channels!


There are a few ways to add a Channel to Favorites.

The first option is to long click when playing a Channel and selecting “Add to Favorites”

add channels to favorites

Or, if you would like to add multiple channels quickly, simply press the Menu button from the TV Guide to prompt the following options:

add to favorites from guide

After making a channel selection, users have numerous options within the player.

You can easily access the channel list by clicking the down button.

find channel list within tivimate playback

This will prompt quick access to the Channel list without returning to the EPG.

channel list options

EPG (Electronic Program Guide)

Using the built-in EPG is the best way to browse through your channel selections and more.

Here is the recommended method to set up the EPG within TiviMate.

  • Open Settings and select EPG
  • Click Past Days to Keep EPG and set it to 1
  • Update Intervals – 24 hours
  • Update on app start – Off
  • Update on Playlist Change – On

Picture in Picture

Another fabulous feature available is the Picture-in-Picture setting that will let you browse other apps/tools on your device while continuing to stream live content.

You can find this in the full-screen mode of your preferred channel.

picture in picture

This will keep TiviMate playing in the background while you are able to access other options on your preferred device!

PIP after closing out the app

TiviMate Settings

Within the Settings are the following provided options:


There are a few options within the app’s settings that are worth checking out. One thing we suggest is enabling the confirmation message prior to exiting out.

This way, you will not accidentally close the app by pressing the back button too many times:

confirm exit

Another feature to note is the auto-update option for the TV guide. This will ensure your guide is always up to date:

auto-update tv guide on app start

Parental Controls

For those who wish to use Parental Controls, these can also be established within the Parental controls Category.

This includes setting and using a PIN Number for access. These can be adjusted to require PIN for Playlists, TV Guide, Group options, and more.

parental controls

To go along with the Parental Controls is also the ability to block various channels.

you can find this option within the Settings of any channel.

block channels option

Within the Settings option are tons of features and options that will help you get the most out of your Live TV experience.

Adjusting these will help cater the app to your specific preferences. We suggest checking out all of these Categories to ensure the app is set to your liking.


While other IPTV players fall short when it comes to Closed Captioning, TiviMate does not.

That being said, working subtitles will vary from Channel to Channel within the app.

How To Enable Subtitles:

  • Open and play your preferred content
  • Long Click the Select button on your remote to open options and choose CC

closed captioning

  • Change toggle from “Off” to “Closed captions 1”

choose closed caption 1

  • Subtitles will now load for your content

Subtitles will now load for your content

TiviMate External Video Player

Another excellent feature that TiviMate provides is the ability to use external video players.

This is something we don’t always see in IPTV Players that usually have a built-in video player.

choose use external player

Users can easily choose to open in external player after making a channel selection.

select open in external player

We could go on and on about all of the features TiviMate provides, however, your best bet is to try it yourself to see just how extensive these options are!

Recording Capabilities

In my opinion, one of the best features of this application is the ability to schedule recordings. Guess what?

You can even schedule multiple recordings at the same time!

Use the link below that features an exclusive video guide that will tell you everything you need to know to record IPTV on your preferred device:

How to Record IPTV

NOTE: Prior to recording it’s important to make sure you have a USB Drive that’s properly formatted as FAT32.

How to Format USB Drive to FAT32

TiviMate has 3 recording options that all work fairly well. This includes live recording while watching, live recording while on channel guide, and scheduled recordings.

Record IPTV via TiviMate

If you wish to schedule a recording, you will want to select “Custom Recording” within the channel guide by long pressing the select button on your remote. This will allow you to choose New Recording and then schedule recording to select your channel and timeframe.

Audio Sync

For those who have audio issues when the channel you are watching and audio don’t match up, we can adjust this with the audio sync by clicking the select button on your remote within a channel and adjusting the offset up or down until it matches the video.

Overall, the possibilities within the TiviMate app are endless. Because of its easy navigation and fast streaming abilities, it is sure to be a favorite among all IPTV users.

TiviMate Official Website

Recently, the developer has created an official website for the application that provides a few details and screenshots with information. However, the best use of this website is the ability to login to your TiviMate premium account and view all activated devices.

Official Website

Unfortunately, there is still no payment option via the official site but we hope to see this change in the near future.

TiviMate Imposters

beware of imposters

It is important to note that there are many imposters out there who are using the TiviMate name to try and sell IPTV Subscriptions.

The app itself does not provide any content for streaming and only functions as an advanced video player for live channels.

Unfortunately, it seems that some are making money off of the name by creating an IPTV Service titled “TiviMate IPTV Player” that appears in search results online.

If you come across a website claiming to offer live channels and using the TiviMate name, make sure to avoid it at all costs.

As noted above, the app itself does not host any content whatsoever, and anything that offers live channels is a scam.


Only use the guide below to install TiviMate as it originates from the Official source and only pay for it via the Companion App which we describe above.

VirusTotal Scan

Before installing TiviMate on Firestick, it is important to scan the application with VirusTotal.

Here is the screenshot of the VirusTotal scan results.

tivimate apk virus scan

VirusTotal did not find any malicious viruses/malware within the installation file.

However, this does not mean we shouldn’t protect ourselves when streaming content from these sideloaded apps.

The best way to do this is with a secure VPN that will secure your identity and anonymity when using platforms like this.

Best VPN for Firesetick/Android TV

TiviMate Review

review on firestick android tv google tv

TiviMate is one of the most popular players available today and for good reason.

As noted above, the service provides both a Free and Premium version with the Premium version offering advanced features which we list below.

These features truly set it apart from other options and make it an all-inclusive streaming platform for any IPTV Service you prefer.

The TiviMate app provides a fabulous user interface with a built-in Electronic Program Guide to browse content.

It is made to work on various streaming devices, however, is also available for mobile phones and tablets for live streaming anywhere you are.

While setting up the Premium version is a bit of a process, it is worth it in the end for all the fabulous features it provides.

The app itself is extremely fast with little to no lag and even provides the ability to record which we don’t often see with various IPTV Players.

Best of all, the developers continually update the app to keep it running at peak performance for a fabulous viewing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TiviMate?

TiviMate is a popular IPTV player that pairs with any IPTV service for an improved streaming experience.

Is Premium worth it?

Yes. The extensive features provided with TiviMate Premium make it well worth the cost for a yearly or lifetime subscription.

Is This App Legal?

Yes. This app is 100% legal to install and use. It is available in reputable app stores including the Google Play Store.

Is TiviMate Safe?

Yes, this app is safe to install and use as we show above with the VirusTotal Scan.

What Devices can this app be Installed on?

This app is available for installation on any device that runs the Android operating system. This includes the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, and any Android TV/Google TV device.

Is the Companion app Free?

The  Companion app is free, however, users will pay for TiviMate Premium via the Companion app.

This page includes affiliate links where TROYPOINT may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Many times, visitors will receive a discount due to the special arrangements made for our fans. Learn more on my Affiliate Disclaimer page.

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    Hi TroyPoint,
    I have a FireTV max 2nd gen.
    I have subscription to both Cue Streaming and TiviMate.
    On my Shield TV Pro(2019) I can install both apps and use separately but if I install TiviMate from your site on my FireTV it says “do I want update” instead of installing TiviMate your version is listed as v4.7.03.
    I know Cue uses TiviMate as it’s base but why can’t I install both as I can on the Shield?

  2. Avatar for MikeN MikeN says:

    The app download from Troypoint is telling you a newer version is available.

    With limited storage in Fire TV, why not just update to the latest version and configure multiple playlist - will save on switching app when you want to use a different playlist

  3. Avatar for Rew452 Rew452 says:

    I think you misunderstand, Cue has TiviMate base but it is it’s own app not TiviMate.

    I have both apps loaded on my Shield TV Pro, I have no problems using either.

    But on the FireTV it faults the install and wants to update the app but if you have it try it fails.

    Cue does not allow it’s info to be used for adding playlist and login on TiviMate.

  4. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    What is their login? If M3U or X-treme codes I see no reason it can’t be added to TiViMate. Is this an unverfied IPTV service? If so then it’s in the wrong category to be mentioned.

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  6. I’ve seen this address before. Is this the same guy who lives in Florida and has a real-estate business?

  7. Avatar for Rew452 Rew452 says:

    It use X-treme codes.

  8. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Well TiViMate takes extreme codes. I’d give it a try.

  9. Avatar for MikeN MikeN says:

    Guess you could try uninstalling your Cue app. Install Tivimate and then reinstall Cue app.

    But I would try installing Tivimate, configure your Cue service with XC login

  10. Avatar for Rew452 Rew452 says:

    I have tried to use TiviMate to use Cue info on my ShieldTV but it does not work.

    Thanks for trying.

    Back to my original question, Why can’t I install both Cue and TiviMate on the FireTV Max?
    I can install both on the ShieldTV and both work.

  11. Which version of tivimate is cue using?

  12. Avatar for Rew452 Rew452 says:

    When I check it says v3.9.9

  13. Thanks. Surprised they have a modified tivimate with that version. I think last mod I know was 2.8.

  14. The iptv service I had offered a mod version on tivimate version 3.99 it was working and then would not i
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  15. What is the voice command to launch Tivimate from the fire stick remote?

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  17. If I am thinking right, hit the up arrow to make everything capitalized. The back slash is there

  18. Thanks for the input, but the up arrow changes to all caps, but no backslash. If I go to the numbers selection, the forward slash is there, just can’t find a backslash. My wife has a bluetooth wireless keyboard and I may see if I can get it to connect to the KM2 PLUS.

  19. Connected the bluetooth keyboard to the KM2 Plus and was able to enter the correct path, but for some reason, SMB is not connecting to my desktop PC. Identical path and address as my other TV (KM6), but it just doesn’t seem to want to connect. Back to the drawing boards.

  20. Avatar for PapaS PapaS says:

    Tivimate updated to version 5.0.0
    Just noticed this today if anyone is interested.

  21. Thanks for the update. I’m Still on 4.7.0. I’ll have to keep a watch for this.

  22. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    Hey Papa what device was that on and you notice any difference?

  23. Just had a look in Google Play Store and tivimate update was ready to be installed

  24. Tivimate has been updated to version 5.0
    available on apkmirror
    TiviMate IPTV Player 5.0.0 (5002) APK Download by Armobsoft FZE - APKMirror

    haven’t had time to test yet but hoping it fixed system picker in android 12

    update: just as i thought,this update does fix the system picker option on the newer android 12 and up so you can choose to record video to an external drive where the previous version wouldn’t let you,i guess the dev heard us,yea!

  25. Was just getting ready to post this. Hope there are no hiccups from 4.7.0.

    -So far, only a few settings like the ordering of groups reset to “by name”. I had to go and manually select “by playlist” to get my TVBoss customized group order again. Not a huge deal so far.

  26. Avatar for PapaS PapaS says:

    I got it from Aurora appstore, it’s a little different. I checked in Tivimate and it was saying 4.7.0 was latest update. That was on Buzzx5.

  27. Tivimate update to 5.0. It states UI improvement and bug fixes.

    Tbh, I don’t see any UI improvements or changes and have no clue what bugs were addressed.

    Anyway, the Tivimate owner has pushed out this update.

  28. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    He/She prob pushed out this update due to certain individuals complaining about no recent updates and thinking of possibly trying out formulers iptv setup for something new. not,…sure , just a guess :joy:

  29. From what I can tell all the UI improvements (changes) are cosmetic.

  30. What cosmetic changes? The only thing I have noticed is now when you highlight something in settings it has a white background with the button in bloack. Is that it for the UI Improvements?

    Lucy Shrugs

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  40. Or maybe the app will expire from playstore if not active for a certain date range?

    In case of dormant accounts, Google plans a stringent take. It will close all dormant accounts, which have been inactive for over a year. These include accounts of developers who have not uploaded an app or visited the Play Console within a year’s timeframe.

  41. It’s true. Both my newer FireTV 4k max (32 gigs) and the older CUBE gen 2 can now record to external USB attached via cable.

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    example ppv chnnl

    Also addressd the PIP on sum devices, it used to thro you bck to homescreen once you change chnnls after using PIP… issue resolved

    The no guard rails in the guide is nice…

    I’ll miss my color selections tho…

    …au revoir

  44. I have some free macs I got from of another website that would buffer about 10 seconds every minute 1/2 now after the update those free macs are working great no buffering at all . So for me I have seen big improvements .

  45. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    If you haven’t found it yet, go to appearance then background color. It’ll change it’ll change the colors of your channel program. I always had access to USB drive. I would have never been able to record what I record now without the USB access.

  46. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Oh I did that immediately. The colours are no longer as vibrant as they were. They are all dull with a heavy “Dark Theme” emphasis. I tried about 10 different colours and all were “dull”. I’ve always had USB Access to my 128GB EVO SSD as well on the Shield Pro. I record the wife’s soap opera daily.

  47. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    Yeah you’re right the color scheme is a little different. I went with a teal.

  48. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    I still cannot record by name only. It will only record by date and time. I like it to record by name only. So when I put NHRA to record it record it no matter what time NHRA plays

  49. Does anyone know how to keep the FireTV from going to sleep while running TIVIMATE? Its actually important now that recording to local USB works.

    1. turn off tv and Firestick sleeps.
    2. leave tv on and TIVIMATE records at set interval.
  50. No one knows. The exo player is 1.5 years old and way behind the curve by now.

  51. The 5.0.0 was a BS update just to keep Tivimate active in the Playstore. Apps can get deleted from Playstore after 12 month being inactive.

    It was at the 12 month time frame lol

  52. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Well if TiViMate can easily record to usb drives in droid 11 and up without issue and have access to the Sytem File Picker, then I certainly wouldn’t call it a BS update. Just that alone is huge IMHO.

  53. Probably you right.

    I was expecting more like Timeshift for one.

  54. So if you’re running the Tivimate on the buzz5 box, does it do the automatic EPG update since the buzz5 box doesn’t do it but every 6 hours on there software? Not happy with the software in their box at all, and thinking of installing the Tivimate

  55. Avatar for PapaS PapaS says:

    Never had a problem with epg updating using TiviMate. :+1: You can choose how often in settings.

  56. Yeah just about ready to give up on the buzz box EPG updating system, and I guess I’m going to go ahead and install Tivimate on that since it works so great on the fire stick

  57. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    OMG! Spock is playing the piano! LOL

  58. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    I don’t know about you but the screen’s a lot easier to read now!

  59. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Hmmm. The preview screen is bigger now and less channels show. I only get 8 rows of programs now and I use to get 12. List grid lines are gone as well. Had to change my Font size to small.

  60. My Hako Pro box now has “system picker” option but when I click on it Tivimate force closes.

  61. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    I don’t remember the preview being smaller. You got double lines on your program names or something else.? I still got the grid lines, they’re faint that they’re there.

  62. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Single line only and I removed channel names and numbers. The top bar is double height compared to what mine use to be. The preview in the top left is 25% higher and wider.

  63. Mine updated and put all my categories into alphabetical order and screwed it all up. Anyone know how to move categories manually?

  64. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Settings>Appearance>Groups>Groups sorting>By order in playlist.
    Try that. Or
    Settings>Playlists> Select a playlist>Manage groups>Groups sorting>Manual> reorder groups
    Or use @Sketch s method. Both do the same thing. :laughing: More than one way to get er done.

  65. Cursor over any Group…

    Hold the OK button…

    Down to Manage groups…

    Click on Group sorting…

    Clik Manual…

    Then clik Reorder groups…

    Now you can drag & drop where you want…


  66. I’m seeing quite a few complaints regarding V5 here and on Reddit so for now, I will be keeping V4.7.0 in the TROYPOINT Toolbox. Hopefully we get a message from Alex the dev on some of this.

  67. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    That’s odd. V5 is working great on my Shield Pro. Just have to redo the visual layout. My biggest complaint is the top bar is 1/3 of the screen height as is the channel preview.

  68. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    How do you guys read all the stuff?, do you ever go outside?.
    Hey Troy you think you could ask Alex to make Tivimate record by name instead of time and date?

  69. Avatar for PapaS PapaS says:

    Home alone, wife working, Son left home years ago.Nothing to do all day except play with these stupid devices. :rofl:

  70. A few questions regarding 5.0.0
    Is there any issues that this update fixed?
    My Recordings “page” is intirely different.
    Very hard to follow.
    I Just downloaded it 5.0.0 a few min ago.
    Any one else having/seeing differences?
    Terry K

  71. I haven’t encountered any issues per se,but I don’t like the appearance as good as the previous version.

  72. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    A couple of complaints. Colour scheme is to dark on every colour choice and the top bar now takes up 1/3 of the screen.

  73. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

  74. Avatar for PapaS PapaS says:

    Actually finding a smoother experience. @Miki, I think I always had the 1/3 top even on 4.7.0
    As far as visibility, I have font size set to medium, background color Indigo and selection color Teal. I actually like this look alot. Am seeing alot of unhappy people on Reddit but I’m not experiencing any of the problems I’m reading about. I didn’t even have to re-sort anything when I updated.

  75. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    IMHO the complexities of android are ever changing and app developers must be in tune with and keep up with these changes most important being android tv and certified devices. Just a guess here that tivimate has not kept up due to updates from the product. I put more trust in a developer who is active and that does not always mean the newer is better. The issues you read about alot here on Troypoint and elsewhere involve recording and internal/external access. An active developer would have no problem solving these issues imho.

  76. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Oh it’s not really a problem, just need to get use to it again. I have txt set to small but would have preferred a “brighter” EPG. The top bar now being1/3 of the screen has reduced the number of displayed channel lines by 4. So where I use to see 12 I now see 8 although reducing font size I now see 9. Not a biggy just more scrolling. I am wondering about the firestick and cube users that have claimed the sysrem file picker now works though. I hope that’s true. Same for those using the T95Z. Waiting to hear if access has been fixed as well for 'droid 11-15. That’s much more important than the cosmetic touchs. It may be sheer coincidence that I am seeing slightly less buffering. @TXRon is right on the money.

  77. I need a link for to download the latest version. Troy doesn’t have it. Anyone?

  78. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    I cant get my color scheme back either although it still looks ok. I prefer the dark gray background with the orange selection color but no matter what you set it will not change. :thinking:

  79. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I noticed the selection colour is just the little arrow to the left of the line I highlight as well as all the “radio” buttons in the settings. . My EPG is grey background with white lettering even though I’ve chosen blue background… The channel my focus is on becomes white background with black lettering.

  80. Avatar for Miki Miki says:
                    IMPORTANT: I HAVE CONFIRMATION. 

    This update has fixed the System Picker issue on the T95Z devices. So now you can access the system picker and choose where to record to. Hopefully the same goes for others experiencing this issue. Give it a try everyone. This is huge IMHO.

  81. Thanks for the link MIKI. The playstore wants to delete some of my side programs when I go there, so I have to turn it off. Is there an easier way I may be missing something. I have the Nvidea Pro.

  82. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    In the pro I turn off play protect and scanning. So open the playstore. Scroll to the top bar then right to highlight your Avitar. On the left you will see:
    Manage apps & games
    Play Protect
    So click down twice to highlight Play Protect and on the right you will see two options:
    Scan apps with Play Protect
    Improve harmful app detection
    So click right once to highlight the top option and disable it by clicking on the slider and do the same for the other one as well. Enjoy.

  83. Bingo

  84. Lets say I have an IPTV source that provides ONE stream and also an m3u.
    If I use Tivimate with the m3u, does that count as my ONE stream?
    OR is the ONE stream only for within the actual app and m3u viewing does not count?
    Thanks for any guidance.

  85. That would equal 2 streams.

  86. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    The m3u is your playlist. As is Xtream Codes parameters. Now most IPTV subs are added with Xtream codes and you get however many connections you pay for. M3U8 are usually the free lists and a single connection. So you could have multi screen from a free M3U8 as well as from your paid sub and if say you have a paid sub with 3 connections then you could have 3 screens from them.

  87. Thanks MIKI, that did the trick for me.

  88. Avatar for Remy Remy says:

    Trying to backup my Tivimate and it keeps failing. All the files show up and I’m trying to use the backup file. Before I had a problem and had to start over the backup did appear, so not sure what I’m doing wrong now. Thanks

  89. Try the system picker option for making a backup.

  90. Avatar for Remy Remy says:

    I tried that and it went to the home screen. I know it’s looking for something

  91. Try making a new file. What file manager are you using?

  92. Avatar for Remy Remy says:

    ES FILE EXP PRO and File browser.

  93. Mine did that also on Hako Pro box in the garage. It shows “system picker” now when I use that feature Tivimate force closes.

  94. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I use X-plore and create a file “All recordings” on my external ssd and then click use this folder/file and allow all permissions when accessing it with the System Picker.

  95. I sent a email last night to support asking if V5 is on latest Exoplayer version. Someone wrote back saying it’s on newest version. If anyone wants to know.

  96. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Way cool. Tx for the pics @Powerfader. Way better than trying to explain with words. I do a backup to both my internal and external just in case I screw up my external SSD. :laughing: And it’s been known to happen.

  97. Avatar for Remy Remy says:

    So I tried this and when I hit system picker it just goes to my homepage. Dis you create the Backup folder under Android? 4,5 and 6 do not show up at all

  98. I’m seeing on Reddit that a 5.0.1 supposedly out ?

  99. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    What you do is install X-plore. Open it and it’s a two panel display. At the top on both sides you will see “Internal shared storage” and if you have, as I do, an attached SSD via a housing with a USB plug, you will see “android” immediately under the Internal shared storage. You use your device remote to move up and down through the panels and click the right or left to move from one side of the panels to another. So on the left panel highlight Internal shared storage and long press on it, this now opens options for that storage, scroll down and click on “New folder” then name it “Tivimate” and click ok, now you will be back on the left panel with Internal shared storage highlighted, click on it once and all your folder tree will open, scroll down to “Tivimate” and long press on it, then once again click “New folder” and this time name it “Recordings” and once again click ok. Now you will have a Recordings folder inside your “Tivimate” folder. So once again click on “Tivimate” to highlight it, hold down on the enter button and then click on “New folder” and then enter “Tivi backup”, click ok and now you have created a “Tivimate” master folder with two sub folders. One for recordings and one for backups. Now close out of X-plore and follow @Powerfader s instructions and you should see those folders. Do the same thing for your External storage device just under the “Internal shared storage”. For me it’s called "android/storage/79E9-B978 ". You only need to create folders and sub folders once, on the left panel side, and it will automatically be created in the right panel side.

  100. Avatar for Remy Remy says:

    Thanks Miki, I’ll play with this and get back to you

  101. Avatar for Remy Remy says:

    So, unable to create file for TM like you posted

  102. I forced it also from website. Didn’t see it in Playstore yet.

  103. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Here is a site with instructions and step by step pics. It’s for firestick but it’s the same procedure for X-plore. It may be you’re missing the permissions bit. But have a look.

  104. Notice any improvements with 5.0.1

  105. Avatar for PapaS PapaS says:

    I noticed nothing but I didn’t have any problems when updating to 5.0.0

  106. Since Troy’s Toolbox link for Tivimate goes direct to the download link, it updates to 5.0.1 even though it still says 5.0.0. Can’t see any difference in the new .1 version, but I’m sure it is trying to fix some of the main complaints about the newest major update.

  107. Avatar for ibk75 ibk75 says:

    There have been several instances recently, where posts have been merged with other posts which has nothing to do with the problem.
    For Example a Tivimate 5 problem where backup and restore were not working was merged with a post " How to Install TiviMate 4.7.0 on Firestick/Android TV"
    As I am also having the same problem with Tivimate backup and restore, it would have been nice if a more helpful reply had been posted. As there is no problem with backup and restore on my Firestick, I assume the reason is the stricter permissions in later Android versions.

  108. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Posts are merged in order to keep the forum less random. So all posts referencing Tivimate are placed under one thread as the problem is with Tivimate. Otherwise dozens of threads get created and consume valuable space. This one will also be merged with the others. That way those giving advice on TiViMate issues, and willing to help, will find All posts regarding Tivimate in One location. Also many have found that the latest update has resolved this problem on many, if not all, devices as noted in other posts above and your problem is being discussed here. Thank you for your understanding.

  109. You can’t use a backup from a previous version of the app to restore on a newer version. At least that’s the way it’s always been. However, you can download and install the new version and it will perform an update. You have to do this on all your devices. Once you have them running on the same version you can backup on one device and restore on another.

  110. Yes, agreed all this merging getting annoying and I’m a big fan of these forums. Half the stuff merged has nothing to do with the OP topic.

  111. Any ideas about what .1 update is addressing?

  112. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    It’s the addition of the latest exoplayer.

  113. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    I too was also able to download tivimate 5.1 off of Troys tool box

  114. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    If you observe the Tivimate APK version 502, It denotes the third revision of version 5. It looks like Alex has a small testing team separate from Reddit for beta, Smooth update without headache.

    It seems he’s returned with fresh tactics, featuring a fresh logo set against a white background with a blue TV design. He’s launched the website as a web-based platform for managing subscriptions, a feature I’ve been hoping for. I anticipate auto-sync capabilities across multiple devices. Whatever follows from him will likely be generous.

    I don’t encounter any problems with the transition from version 4.7 to version 5.

  115. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    no issues here either

  116. Just updated on a Toshiba Fire tv , everything back to the way it was on 4.7… I have 2 shield TVs to update! Let y’all know how I make out!

  117. I’ve only been using it for about an hour but installation was good. The UI looks just a little sharper. Always had good performance.

  118. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    Your electronic program guide will now be olive green color. LOL!

  119. Same, just the rearranging of categories. Fixed quickly. Tivimate is still the best.

  120. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    Again, I’m going to have to reorder my categories again! LOL lots of fun. Yes not on the Troy toolbox yet so I’m going to wait till he’s got it on there download it.

  121. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Mine didn’t get rearranged. Same as I set it you after the update to 5.0.0 I haven’t dug to deep yet so no idea what the difference is for the update. Under appearance is the addition of a “selection” colour. That’s one I found quickly scanning through.

  122. Avatar for PapaS PapaS says:

    Mine didn’t rearrange either, all good! :relieved:

  123. Well I just did the 5.0.2 on the shield , didn’t go back to my 4.7 Favorite list arraignment, but I guess I’ll just do that manually, weird how it corrected perfectly on my Toshiba fire tv but not the shield!

  124. No, no…just with 5.0.0. Sorry, didn’t mean to panic anyone. The .1 and .2 versions were a smooth transition.

  125. Other than being able to change the selection color from white to your accent color. What other changes were made?

  126. giphy

  127. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    So far changes for selection colours and
    I noticed Catch-up has more options.

  128. What options in catchup?

  129. You would think the developer would at least post a changelog.

  130. Where would I find the web-based platform for managing subscriptions


  131. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    For my Catchub sub in the Playlist>Catch-up I now have:
    ? None
    ? Auto
    ? Xtream Codes
    ? Flussonic

    And yes a change log would seem to make sense after every update or even with the update notice.

  132. Thanks!

  133. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find it.

  134. Oh, ok, I’ve never looked in there. Mine is set to Xtream Codes. I just now tried each setting in there and nothing changed. What is supposed to be the difference for each setting?

  135. If this last update fixes the complaints. Then I doubt we’ll see another update this year.

    Timeshift would be a nice added feature. Also, to be able to create collapsible subfolders, i.e., sports >baseball>teams. Sports folder expands to Football, Basketball, Baseball, etc… Then you can expand each sub folder to reveal teams, Cubs, Sox, etc…

    Ability to select a default startup channel would be a nice addition.

    Organizational OCD! lol

  136. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I haven’t a clue what any of them do tbh. I never saw the need for Catch-up. I do agree adding Timeshift would put TiViMate back on top imho. I love your idea of a collapsible sub folder. Right now I have to organize the EPG Sports list I made alphabetically for specific events and a collapsible sub list would make things much simpler and certainly tidier. Default start channel should have been done years ago. But I am glad to see a few valuable updates. I have had comments from a couple of T95Z owners that the update has made it so that they can now access the System Picker to set recordings, which they weren’t able to do before, but I haven’t seen any comments on Reddit etc. regarding others noticing this on their devices. Has always worked on my Shield Pro.

  137. I just got Tivimate earlier in the week and loving it so far. Hadn’t heard of it until I joined here! More credit to the good people of the insider forum.

  138. Since the update, I did have to re-arrange the order my channels on my 2nd generation Fire Cube TV and FireTV 4K. Was a little tricky in doing so on the 4K. Plus “All channels” now includes so many more channels we don’t want on the 4K, but not on the Cube. “All Channels” on the Cube includes only US channels, which we prefer.

    Since the update, we’ve been having buffering. Even after the first update. The buffering remained with 5.0.1 premium version update.

    I don’t know why the updates would cause buffering I did not have before. I’m just reporting this, not asking for help. When I have the time I look into the many threads on buffering and see if I can find some info that will help. The buffering isn’t too often so I haven’t yet hit my annoyance threshold where I will be motivated to start searching for remedies! I did try different buffer sizes.

    **I just saw there is a version 5.0.2 I’ll install that. Maybe that will help.

  139. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    In your All playlists in the left panel, long press on any playlist you want to remove channels/groups from and on the right pop-out scroll down to Manage groups and click on that. Scroll down to any groups you don’t want and click on them to deselect.
    Have fun and STREAM ON!!!

  140. He did update the exoplayer. So not sure if that is the culprit. I would suggest try using an external player on one that is buffering and see if it is repeated.

    Btw, you are not the only one posting this issue. It seems to be a random issue which makes it harder to pin down.

  141. I was hopping the ability to pause live
    TV would be in one of the updates.
    Catch up is the only way to pause ,"sort of ", live
    TV without actually recording it.
    You would think, with all the capabilities of TiVIMate, pausing live
    TV would be GREAT.
    If Buzz box can do it why not TVM.

  142. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    I’m still using t i v i May 5.01 and I’m having issues now with recording. Initially seem to be pretty stable but now I’m having issues with recording. I’m waiting for 5.02 to hit the toolbox so I can download it. Hopefully it’ll take care of the recording issue.

  143. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    I probably spoke too soon, I went back to the toolbox and 5.02 was there downloaded it don’t see no difference. Hope the recording gets better.

  144. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    The only dif I could find was some additional options in Catch-up and they fixed the EPG colour complaints. Nothing else.

  145. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    I didn’t notice any change on the color. I do notice now that it will record a channel it’s buffering real bad it just skips the buffering and jumps only records what’s a good feed when it starts buffering it skips it without losing the recording all together.

  146. I was able to change the background from dark to something less harsh on the eyes but my groups have been reordered as well as the channels on the guide. Some of the groups are missing. When I tried to revert back to v 4.7, the message said app not installed. How can I go back to the previous version?

  147. Another thing I noticed that I believe is new to this version. I use TVBoss to alter, organize, delete, change my m3u playlists. When I inserted the updated m3u into my box main storage, Tivimate recognized it automatically and updated it on my next Tivimate boot. I used to have to delete the playlist out of Tivimate and reinsert the updated m3u with new changes back into the software.

  148. I am now (5.02) loosing a lot of pre-scheduled recordings over 4 different
    play lists.
    I make a point to not use a one device list more than once at a time.
    I have two multi decvice play lists and two one device lists.
    Terry K

  149. Just to add, in case any one asks, I regularly clear my cache on my
    TiViMate app.

  150. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Can you clarify what you mean by “losing” a lot of pre-scheduled recordings? Is the schedule disappearing? Is the recording gone? Can you not find the recording file? Also what device is this on?

  151. I am using a new ver 4KMax.
    The schedule is not disappearing.
    The next scheduled recording show at the appropriate time & date.
    There is no prop with folders.
    I am getting some scheduled stuff, but not all. Perhaps 50/50.

  152. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Ok, sorry, but I may not be the brightest star in the night sky, as I still have no clue what you’re asking. No idea what you mean by losing recordings.

  153. The scheduled recording are NOT recording about 50% of the time.

  154. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    So that’s common when recording IPTV or even some VOD as with say Tivimate, it can be very touchy, if the stream locks or buffers, then the recording simply fails. This may take a touch of work on your part to limit or eliminate buffering. Things like ensuring that before recording your VPN is set to a server with a low percentage of users. It’s also helpful to onow where your stream is sourced from so that you can choose a server close to that source. I had issues with my Shield Pro with dropping recording or even jumping entirel to the nexy days recording when it should have started that days recording. Eventuall after a great deal of research and testin I found that my USB SSD removable storage was plugged into the wrong port on my Shield. I ejected it, moved it to the proper port, plugged it back in and waited for it to mount and no issue since. Now I rarely lose a recording.

  155. Avatar for PapaS PapaS says:

    Tivimate 5.0.3 now out on Google playstore. I see no change from 5.0.2

  156. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    I noticed with these new versions of tivi mate, it will record no matter how bad the buffering is. However t i v i mate still quits recording an occasion that’s not due to buffer and I haven’t figured that out yet.

  157. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I’ve tried everything I can think of. Sometimes it records for 1 minute and quits. Sometimes longer. Sometimes it starts the recording and then immediately shuts down and jumps to adding the next days scheduled recording.n
    Other times it records perfectly, for one day, but won’t record the next. Set it to start say 3 minutes before the scheduled recording and end 3 minutes after and it never happens. Got one last thing to try and that’s to record to internal storage and not removeable storage. Pretty frustrating.

  158. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    I tried that a couple weeks ago, problem is there’s not enough memory for what I record the morning or during the night.
    Off topic does your str e m i o at the end of a show or movie allow you to skip credits.? Oh wow 5.0.3 just showed up!

  159. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Yes for Stremio. After an update it had that ability to skip credits in a popup

  160. what the Hell are you guys recording? Why do you need to record? I do not understand this!!! KODI/Stremio for ALL VOD Shows/Movies. Paid IPTV for News/Sports and don’t tell me you record News or Live Sports. That is just wrong! :rofl:

    It’s 2024 why are we recording so much???

  161. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Oh I’m just recording to learn and study the how, what, where, etc. You’re absolutely right I don’t HAVE to record anything. This is all about the learning for me. I’m retired and bored. :laughing:

  162. I watch one program, record another at the same time.

    I occasionally have recording problems as stated, but just assume it’s connection related…me or them.

  163. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    I record news and sports. What I record is not VOD. :sunglasses:

  164. Wow I just assumed everyone watches News and Sports live. Have never recorded News or Sports. Now in the rare case (less than 1/2 of 1%) of the times it’s say a standalone Sports documentary that I know I can’t get on KODI or from my IPTV Provider I’ll go ahead and record

  165. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    Assumption is the mother of all evil! LOL

  166. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    What movie was that statement made in, “Assumption is the mother of all evil”?

  167. Avatar for Miki Miki says:


  168. Avatar for MikeN MikeN says:

    Agreed, with a decent catch up, you never need to record anything.

  169. Have to repeat for fire tv users. Turn off ADB if you use USB local. You can not access USB on Firestick if you turn on ADB in the developer settings. This is how you use USB in TIVIMATE, by turning off ADB settings.

  170. I don’t even know what catch up is. I get all my VOD Shows/Movies on either KODI or my IPTV Service (The shows and movies there are VOD as well) and the only thing I watch Live is News, Sports, and Sports Channels - ESPN, FOX Sports, etc… on my IPTV.

  171. Catchup is becoming less and less of a feature providers will carry.

  172. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Anyone else but me, having issues after the latest update, 5.0.3 with the Assign EPG function? Use to be you chose Assign EPG, then once the list loads on the right you could change the source for a channel and it was immediately applied, or applied within a few seconds, now I have to manually update the EPG to get my new choice to take. Cleared cache, reset modem, rebooted, no change.

  173. 2019 Shield Pro
    V.5.0.3 Tivimate

    I haven’t had issues with assigning epgs that I am aware of, but that could mean that I just haven’t stumbled across that issue yet. Seriously, though, I did check it out and I could assign as normal, and no issue presented itself.

    However, I have discovered a couple of issues of my own regarding wake up, reminders, and soundbar. All of these are malfunctioning, i.e., soundbar is not being recognized (sometimes) device does wake up to remind or record, reminders will not store and will disappear upon exit from Tivimate.

    Consequently, I have now rolled back to v.5.0.2 and that is where it will stay for the foreseeable future.

    Because of the shoddy updates of late. I really do think Alex is no longer the developer. :thinking:

  174. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    No problems with reminders etc., or recording schedules, but definately some odd glitches with various settings. As you mentioned, could just be me stumbling across some intermittent issues. Odd though. Going to do some more digging today and may roll back to 5.0.2 as well. I’ve kept a backup after each update, so should be easy. Have a good day PF.
    Looks like 5.0.3. has two builds. 5030 and 5032. APK is the 5032 build. Still can’t find any change log though.

  175. Yeah, I saw that 5032 mentioned a day or so ago. I’m staying with 502 until all the dust settles. It’s not like I’m missing out on any new features. The updates are just fixes to things the 5.0 broke.

    Tbh, 470 worked great and there really was no added value to even update from that version.

  176. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I agree. The 4.7.0 worked just fine. I haven’t seen any major advantage to installing the update, just some weird App behaviour. After so many issues trying to get stable recording in Tivi on my Shield Pro I had the most unusual thing happen. In the middle of a recording I decided to shut down my router, wait for a few minutes and then turn it back on. I did not shut the Shield down, or close Tivi. Now I fully expected a complete fail of the recording. Nope, when the shield had once again connected to the net and my VPN was active the recording had continued unabated. How the blazes it did that is beyond me. :exploding_head:

  177. Wait a sec. You dis connected your device from the internet and the TM recording was not adversely affected?

    Is the device you are using to record connected via ethernet?

  178. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    My Shield is connected via ethernet to the router/modem that I shut off. My removable storage is a 256GB Samsung evo SSD in a usb connected housing. Yes I shut the router down, left the Shield running and Tivimate. I only shut the power off to the router/modem. Then I started the Modem back up and waited for the network to reset. I never thought anything about the Tivimate and it’s recording but once my network, vpn, and safety dot were all back up and running I immediately went into tivimate recordings to see how much of the recording I had lost and it was recording the program I had interrupted. No idea how.

  179. TIVIMATE 5.03 now is EXPERIMENTAL again. Can’t trust it to work. Might roll back to 4.7 and wait a month.

  180. Avatar for MikeN MikeN says:

    Catch up is a live stream that the provider records on the server. This means that you can select any show and watch it.

    eg - your favorite sports overlap, watch cricket match live then later on watch the football match you missed.


    Catch up on MYTVOnline 2, Today is Monday 22 April - here is a screen shot of US MLB channel showing my catch up option from yesterday or I can go back to any show back to 15 April

    Catch up on Tivimate - TNT sports channel

  181. Avatar for MikeN MikeN says:

    I am guessing that it will have failed to record while your router was powered down, meaning a black screen during the time it was not connected in that recording.
    You will know when you watch the recording

  182. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I think you missed my point though. After years of using TiViMate, and being a power user, if indeed it did record anything, and I’ll check as soon as I can, then this is an entirely new behaviour after the recent updates as TiViMate is notorious for dropping the recording with the slightest hiccup like dropped feed, lockup or buffering.
    I just checked. No blank spots at all. But I did notice this was on a channel with catchup, so it must have paused where the feed stopped and once the internet was reestablished it picked right up where it left off. If this is what happened then indeed it’s new.

  183. LOL I am a Sports Addict but I never ever watch recorded Sports. If it’s not Live oh well I missed it and will watch the Highlights on ESPN or some other Sports News Show. And the other Stuff - Shows/Movies I watch commercial Free on KODI or VOD on my IPTV service. Catch up? LOLOLOL! :rofl:

  184. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    I was thinking of the movie dark territory with Steven seagal his nemesis. But he didn’t use the mother of all evil he’s used another word.

  185. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    The pic I posted is from the movie. I’ll see if I can get the exact title. Can’t find it now. :laughing: Figures
    Under siege 2 >> assumption is the mother of all f*** ups.

  186. This appears to be one of the most popular threads I’ve run across, but I’ve never used TiviMate. I didn’t realize it was so popular, I’ve been using Smarters Pro but just for a short time so far. Are there significant advantages of using TiviMate or better functionality? Just wondering.

  187. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I would use the search and read some articles. A lot of your questions have already been answered. You will find that Tivimate, and Sparkle are about the most popular IPTV players here.

  188. Dang that’s a lot of updates in a short period of time lol. Any change log available for this one?

  189. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    :crazy_face: I havent made this update yet, all is well

  190. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Already in and no noticeable changes, and like the others, no changelog that I can find.
    Been running TiViMate through it’s paces for hours, no noticeable glitches.

  191. I am still holding out on the update, still running 4.7. Waiting for the all clear from the masses, LOL.

  192. Since the updates from 4.7, to current one is 5.0.4, i been having issues with tivimate, when i open the app to watch tv, the channels takes 2-4 minutes to start streaming, same issue if i change the channel, fyi i am using an Nvidia shield and IPVanish vpn. Not sure if anyone else is having this issue and if there is something I can do on my end to correct this.

  193. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I have Tivimate with a bunch of free m3u8 installed and I have no issues. I get up in the morning. Turn everything on using the Shield Pro remote. I have Tivimate set up to start when the shield starts. So within say 30 seconds TiViMate has opened to the last Playlists EPG where I left off and is ready for me to make my choices, set recordings schedule and reminders for the day. Pop goes the weasel.

  194. Can anyone point me to the companion app that is compatible with the new firestick? Trying to get premium.

  195. No issues here either.

  196. Not sure what the problem is but it might be the easy fix if you just uninstall the tivimate and do a fresh install if you have all the info to reload all of your services.

  197. Yeah I guess Im gonna do that over the weekend, last resort and hope it solves the issue

  198. @TROYPOINT looks like you can finally purchase TiviMate from the website using Apple Pay or credit card, etc.

  199. You can now purchase Premium Lifetime subs using the official web site.

  200. I see it now. Thank you much Pf.

  201. I have been paying by yearly for $9.95 for TiVimate but it’s not looking like they are offering it any longer on their website . Here’s my question . If I buy the life time membership do have to wait untill my current subscription completely runs out before renewing? My other question is if I chance to a life time subscriptions will I loose all my current playlists ?

  202. where can you find the best settings on tivimate. there are so many in setting dont know what to turn on and what to turn off

  203. Great video on how to install but nothing on how to use.

  204. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    The post right above yours has a PDF manual

  205. [TiviMate Settings.pdf](file:///C:/Users/gregb/OneDrive/Desktop/TiviMate%20Settings.pdf)

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Historical Comment Archive

272 thoughts on “How to Install TiviMate V5.0.4 on Firestick/Android TV (June 2024)”

  1. If you already have an older version of TiViMate, then it should automatically update without having to download a newer version. Mine did on my NVIDIA Shield Pro.

  2. Hello, I am trying to install TiviMate on my new Fire cube. All steps work great until step 6 of “Step 2 – Setup TiviMate”. When I click on the download button I get the following error: “An unknown error has occuured. Check your url and connection”. I validated my connection is good and the url shows: “” as per the previous steps in the instructions. I tried downloading the version 5.0.3 and 4.7 and I get the same error. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.

  3. Can you only pay thru Google play store for tivimate? Issue is signing up with a non Gmail Addy and it will not let me change email or take my password. 1st timer.

  4. There are a few minor misstatements of fact posted in this article. For example, TiViMate does not install on just any Android device. It will not install on my Android cell phone (Galaxy S Ultra). I found out that it was not designed for the Android cell phone. For my cell phone, I use the premium version of Televizo which is very good.

  5. Dear Sir I have a paid subscription of Tivimate when i load it on a firestick there is a button to install update you can set it on or off. I also have a Ugoos am 7 media box but there is no button to activate update. any information will be helpful.

  6. I am finding it virtually impossible to download Companion, what a crazy runaround. Stupid Google Play won’t let me register in order to get it. Couldn’t download it via Aptoide either. I don’t get how anyone has been able to find a workaround. The developer should give Google the middle finger, Google are CONTROL.FREAkS. As if we want that spy agency to know everything we do…

  7. I am using firestick 4k Max and have USB flash drive flormated by the firestick to use with my apps.
    That drive does not show up on Tivi mate as a external brive that I cam record on.
    Will fat 32 work on my firestick?? how can i use a external drive for both ?

    1. I have it on my Fire HD 10 tablet, but I debloated the tablet about a year ago.

      Another way would be to send it to your tablet via the Send Anywhere App.

      Disclaimer: Not sure if the new tablets can be debloated or not?

  8. I just subscribed to the paid version if TiviMate. Before subscribing, I used the free version and all channels that had content worked fine. Now with the paid service, I get “An error occurred: MediaCodecVideoDecoderException” .
    I get video and audio by using an VLC as an external player. It’s clunky to have to choose to run every show through an external player. Why didn’t the included player work, and how can I choose the external player by default? Thanks

    1. Force stop>clear cache> reboot. If no joy, try changing your audio and video decoder settings found in “Playback” and see if that will fix the issue. If not, then you can set your playback option found in “Playback” to “Yes” and then select always when the external playback prompt comes up.

      Just keep in mind, once you choose the “Always” option it becomes a hassle to change it back to being able to choose the “Once Only” option. You may need to clear data and then restore. Which, by the way, you should save a backup for your Tivimate just in case you ever need to restore your playlists and favorites, etc..

  9. Troy,
    Thank you very much for all the tutorials. These are the best for information about streaming, players, etc.

    I am trying to install Tivimate premium. That needs Tivimate Companion. There seem to be several versions. ON Google store there is one from Armobsoft FZE. It now charges 7.99 for a month and 24.99 for lifetime. Did the prices go up from 4.99/19.99 or are these independent vendors charging different, whatever they can get away with. It is like a jungle.

    What are your latest recommendations for getting the Premium.

    1. Hello, You would need to get a iptv provider, see the list from troys guide. They all typically come with those channels.

  10. Has anyone had difficulty updating Tivimate 4.30 to 4.40 on their Shield TV? Google Play continues to tell me it’s an update, but when I try and install it, it repeatedly doesn’t work and keeps asking me to try again. I’d like to be able to update the app without having to completely uninstall it and then have to put all my playlist information in the 4.40 version.

    1. You can update the app through the app itself within settings. You won’t need to uninstall and all your settings are unchanged.

  11. I have installed the tivimate companion app on my fire stick.
    I fil in my credentials…email & password,…when I click to pay
    I get an error , because I don’t have google pay
    are there alternative ways to pay for the premium account

  12. I want to trivimate on different iptvs. There is just one logo for Trivimate; how can I differentiate between iptvs?

    1. The_Grillfather

      This is done by adding playlists, under settings, playlists, add playlist. I currently have 5 different IPTV services. Each one is a different selection with drop down list. Doing this on TiviMate is way better than using IPTVSmarters, where one would need to create a “profile” for each service.

    1. I did it through my phone. Download it and then pay. Then you click refresh on the phone and it should work on the firestick after a minute or so

  13. Very comprehensive article. I have TiviMate Premium and having a problem getting the channel logos to load. I have spent hours and hours using the program M3u4u to add all the logos to my service, downloaded the file to a USB drive and connected this drive to my Firestick 4K via an OTG cable. In TiviMate, I went to Settings>Appearance>preferred location>chose folder and directed it to the location of the M3U file I put on the USB drive. The logos still won’t load. What am I doing wrong?

  14. I just paid for premium and I have not received the M3U link of server link, please any advice on what to do?

  15. External players not working and no sound on some channels and they work on iptv smarters. I have 2 IPTV services and it’s do the same on both. I have premium and have uninstalled and reinstalled a couple time still not working properly.

  16. I subscribed to TiviMate Premium on the recommendation of Troypoint and I’m sorry I did. I wanted to be able to schedule recordings which I can do with it, but for the most part, the app itself sucks as most channels buffer or play really choppy streams. Try watching a hockey game and it’s infuriating. Who or where do we complain to at TiviMate to get them to fix their app to play the IPTV streams the way the should be played. Thanks, I’ll watch for your answer(s)

    1. Mark,

      This has nothing to do with TiviMate. TiviMate is simply just a player. This is your IPTV Service that is having issues.

  17. I’ve followed the install and have Tivi installed and configured on Fire hd tv cube 11th gen…..all seems good to playlist & epg BUT.. I cannot play anything. I get the spinning wheel and error 401. I have premium version installed and updated, working epgand many many channels….still get 401 error

  18. I was just wondering why the tivimate tv guide is displaying “no information” for most channels even though I have purchased the premium version and am logged in. Anyone experiencing the same?

  19. I can not get the EPG to show up, have tried the backup and delete data and restore but I can’t get it to show which makes recording impossible. Any suggestions? Their support is not responding.

    1. The EPG data comes from your IPTV service not from Tivimate. You will need to contact support for your streaming service to assist you. There’s nothing Tivimate support can do. It does take a good amount of time for the information to load especially if you have a slow internet connection. Do a speed test to make sure your internet speeds are fast enough. I pay for 2 different streaming services and more often than not the EPG data on one of my services just shows “No information available”. The other service consistently loads the EPG data without issue. I’m still able to record on the channels that show no information, i simply setup the recording for the channel and time I want and it records it.

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