Install Android Apps On PC

This step-by-step guide will show you how to install Android apps on PC.

In this tutorial, I will be using a free program called BlueStacks to emulate the Android applications.  There are other software solutions similar to this but BlueStacks is the most popular among Android users.

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How To Install Android Apps On PC Guide

Step 1 – Download BlueStacks .exe installation file

Step 2 – Install BlueStacks by opening installation file

Step 3 – Launch BlueStacks

Step 4 – Configure settings to your liking

Step 5 – Install Android Apps through Google Play Store or .Apk Installer

The video tutorial below will provide important details not covered in the general steps listed above.


There are many Android applications available that don’t provide an installation method for a Windows PC.  There are numerous scenarios where PC users would benefit from running Android apps on their computer.

Another popular reason is the ability to play Android games on a PC.  The Google Play Store is overflowing with thousands of fun games and playing them on a PC is simple with BlueStacks which is a program that can be downloaded for free.

In this tutorial, I am installing a popular Application called Terrarium TV which is not available in Google Play Store.  In the video above, I demonstrate how a person can install an Android application by using the .Apk Installer within BlueStacks.

Terrarium TV is a popular application that most people use on a Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.  This application serves up thousands of on-demand movies and TV shows for free.

BlueStacks was founded in 2011 and is considered by technology enthusiasts as the best Android emulator available today.  Over 130 million people are using this software to run android applications on their Windows PC and Mac computers.  Yes, there is a Mac version for Apple enthusiasts as well.

BlueStacks does require that the end-user have at least 2 GB of memory, 4 GB of available space on hard drive, and Direct X 9.0 or higher installed.  If lagging occurs while using BlueStacks, more than likely the hardware requirements haven’t been met.


TROYPOINT does not verify the legality or security of any streaming app or addon covered on this Website.

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