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Viking IPTV Defendant Faces Millions in Copyright Damages

Pirate IPTV Defendant Faces Millions in Damages

The former operator of Viking IPTV in Sweden is facing millions of dollars worth of damages from anti-piracy authorities.

Sweden’s Patent and Market Court has sentenced a man for his involvement in the operations of Viking IPTV, a once popular IPTV service.

The man, long suspected of operating the platform, was found guilty of violating copyright law. He received a suspended prison sentence and is required to pay fines and damages, with claims from movie and TV companies totaling $1.8 million.

Background of Viking IPTV

Last December, the Swedish anti-piracy group Rattighetsalliansen (Rights Alliance) reported that a local prosecutor had filed an indictment against the man suspected of being behind Viking IPTV. Viking IPTV is a well-known brand in the Scandinavian pirate market, and business has reportedly been brisk.

Viking IPTV

A police cryptocurrency expert revealed that clusters of bitcoin wallets connected to the suspect received around 308 bitcoins between 2018 and 2022, valued at over $20 million at today’s rates. A district court had previously decided that up to SEK 16,250,000 ($1,512,000) could be seized, and police managed to secure 12.7 bitcoins worth SEK 5 million ($465,300) at today’s rates.

Extensive Evidence Against the Operator

Rights Alliance reported that an extensive preliminary investigation had found substantial evidence of the man’s involvement in Viking IPTV and illegal IPTV activities in general. During a raid, police found open windows on the man’s computer displaying information about the service and its scope. Evidence was also found on computers and phones, including chat logs on Telegram and Skype.

Viking IPTV reportedly had several thousand subscribers, and as part of the investigation, an unspecified number of subscribers were interviewed.

Sentencing and Legal Proceedings

On Friday, Rights Alliance announced that the man had been sentenced by Sweden’s Patent and Market Court (Patent- och marknadsdomstolen) in Stockholm. The man’s mobile phone showed that he had logged into Viking IPTV’s support email account and administered the service’s Facebook page.

Found guilty of violating Sweden’s Copyright Act, the man received a suspended prison sentence and daily fines. However, the length of the sentence, the duration of the suspension, and the value of the daily fines are currently unknown. No official court documents have been released, and Rights Alliance has not published the details.

Damages to Be Paid to Plaintiffs

The plaintiffs in the case include the film companies SF (presumably Svensk Filmindustri) and Nordisk Film, along with several unspecified TV companies. Rights Alliance reported that the Patent and Market Court awarded damages to all plaintiffs, with TV companies receiving the majority share.

“The film companies SF and Nordisk Film demanded almost SEK 3 million ($279,800) in damages, which was largely awarded. The court accepted the rights holders’ claim as well substantiated,” Rights Alliance reported.

In total, the damages claims exceed SEK 16 million ($1,492,000), with a significant portion awarded to the television companies according to their claims.


The sentencing of the Viking IPTV operator marks a significant victory for anti-piracy efforts in Sweden. The case highlights the ongoing battle against illegal IPTV services and the serious legal consequences for those involved in such operations.

For more details on this story, refer to the Rights Alliance press release and the report from TorrentFreak.

We want to know your thoughts on this story. What do you think about the former operator of Viking IPTV facing millions of dollars in damages? Let us know in the comment section below!

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