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MPA Appoints New Senior VP to Ramp Up Anti-Piracy Efforts

MPA Appoints New Senior Ramps Up Anti-Piracy Efforts

The Motion Pictures Association (MPA) has made a strategic hire, appointing Jesse Martin to a new senior position aimed at enhancing their global anti-piracy efforts.

Martin, formerly a senior attorney at The Software Alliance (BSA), brings a wealth of experience to his new role, which focuses on combating piracy through intermediary outreach and voluntary initiatives.

MPA Appoints New Senior Vice President

Jesse Martin joins the MPA as the Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel, Content Protection and Legal Affairs (Intermediary Programs). This newly created role aims to expand the MPA’s efforts in intermediary outreach, crucial for their global anti-piracy strategy.

Motion Pictures Association (MPA)

Martin’s extensive background in compliance from the enterprise software industry equips him well for this challenge.

Objectives and Strategy

Martin’s primary objective is to disrupt piracy by targeting intermediaries that pirates rely on. These intermediaries include video players, domain name registries, hosting providers, payment processors, advertising networks, digital marketplaces, search engines, and social media platforms.

By working with these entities, Martin aims to implement voluntary initiatives to prevent their services from being exploited by piracy operators. From our perspective this is a very slippery slope.

The MPA’s Approach to Intermediary Outreach

The MPA prefers to engage intermediaries in voluntary measures to combat piracy. However, when cooperation is not forthcoming, Martin is prepared to escalate efforts, potentially involving legal action.

This dual approach ensures that intermediaries are encouraged to participate voluntarily, but also highlights the consequences of non-cooperation.

Developing a Global Strategy

Martin will collaborate closely with the MPA’s content protection team and the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) to develop a comprehensive global strategy.

This includes monitoring developments, identifying new intermediaries, and engaging in direct negotiations to secure voluntary agreements.

The Departure of Jan van Voorn

Martin’s appointment follows the departure of Jan van Voorn, the former Chief of Global Content Protection at the MPA.

Van Voorn’s exit raised questions about the future direction of the MPA’s anti-piracy efforts. Martin’s role signifies a shift towards a more structured and intermediary-focused strategy.

The MPA continues to bolster its anti-piracy team, with ongoing recruitment for key positions such as Vice President, Content Protection Enforcement.

This role involves managing a team of investigators, conducting complex internet investigations, and staying ahead of digital piracy trends.

The Future of Anti-Piracy Efforts

One of the critical areas of focus for the MPA is site-blocking, which is expected to be a contentious issue. While the MPA has traditionally targeted suppliers of illicit content, Martin’s reputation for targeting users of illicit software suggests a potential broadening of their focus.

Intermediaries play a crucial role in the fight against piracy. By ensuring that these entities take proactive measures to prevent their services from being misused, the MPA aims to create a more challenging environment for piracy operators.

This is also not the first time we have seen the MPA take action against illicit websites, applications, or services.


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Jesse Martin’s appointment to the MPA marks a significant step in Hollywood’s global anti-piracy strategy. His focus on intermediary outreach and voluntary initiatives reflects a nuanced approach to combating piracy.

As the MPA continues to develop its strategy and expand its team, the fight against digital piracy is set to become more sophisticated and far-reaching.

For more details on this story, refer to the MPA press release and the report from TorrentFreak.

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