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Kodi Repositories Shut Down Due to Legal Pressures

kodi repositories shut down

It was recently reported that two popular Kodi repositories have officially been shut down due to legal pressures.

The Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) confirmed they were the ones behind pursuing legal action against the OneNation and KodiUKTV developer groups.

OneNation and KodiUKTV are Kodi developer groups that were involved in the creation/distribution of 3rd party Kodi add-ons and builds.

OneNation and KodiUKTV were two of the more popular Kodi developer groups, as both of their repositories contained some of the highest quality Kodi add-ons and builds available.

Both groups released statements on social media highlighting the situation.

OneNation Statement

KodiUKTV Statement

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With this recent news it’s difficult to say how many more 3rd party Kodi developers will soon receive similar legal pressure. Being involved in the development of 3rd party Kodi add-ons and builds can be a risky endeavor.

This activity is always attracting copyright holders, as the majority of these 3rd party Kodi add-ons and builds contain thousands of Movies and TV Shows outside of the public domain.

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