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MXQ Pro 4K Review


  • Learn optimal settings and tweaks for Android box
  • Install best Kodi addons and enjoy free movies, tv, etc.
  • Install vpn and stream anonymously without throttling

MXQ Pro 4K Review
I have been hearing some great things about the MXQ Pro 4K Android TV Box so I decided to order one and give it a go.  As with most Android TV boxes, the main ingredient is Kodi Media Center and how well that runs.

I picked up the MXQ Pro 4K Android TV Box off of Amazon for only $32.49, which is six dollars less than the Fire TV Stick and Kodi runs much better on this device than on the Fire TV Stick.

I think that Android TV boxes are a good option for those who mainly use Kodi on them so my testing was pretty much putting this little unit through the paces within Kodi.

The MXQ Pro 4K Android TV Box was very easy to setup and Kodi came pre-installed on the system but it was also plagued with addons already installed that I didn’t want.  So, I uninstalled Kodi and reinstalled with a fresh Jarvis version.

I installed my favorite addon that streams a quality live news feed and kept that live stream playing for over 15 hours with not interruption whatsoever.  During this long run, the unit did not overheat or crash which many Android TV Boxes are known for.  I was pleasantly surprised by how well it ran Kodi.

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MXQ Pro 4K Review – What I Like & What I Don’t Like

Things I like about the MXQ Pro 4K Android TV Box Amlogic S905

  • Nice power due to the Quad-core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 and Penta-core ARM Mali-450 GPU
  • Ability to play 4K videos very well without any buffering
  • Perfect device for those of us who use Kodi for main application
  • Works great with Rii I8 Mini 2.4Ghz Wireless Touchpad Keyboard With Mouse
  • Price is unbeatable at only $32.49

Important Note:  Internet service providers are starting to block or throttle access to Kodi addons and Android streaming apps.  Also, your Internet service provider is keeping logs of all your Internet activity.  Below, you will find a link to a tutorial that will provide instructions on how to setup a VPN on an Android TV Box. 

How To Install VPN On Android TV Box

What I don’t like about the MXQ Pro 4K Anroid TV Box

  • Cheap remote but not a deal breaker as you should always use a wireless mini keyboard with Android TV Boxes such as the Rii I8 Mini 2.4Ghz Wireless Touchpad Keyboard With Mouse
  • No Bluetooth support.  For those of you who like to game on these devices and you depend on a Bluetooth gamepad, this wouldn’t be a good choice
  • User interface is bad.  After I got things up and running, I installed my favorite Android Launcher that replaced the default launcher which you will see in the image below

MXQ Pro 4K Launcher

Would I use the MXQ Pro 4K Android TV Box As A Primary Streaming Device Within My Home?

If I was only interested in using Kodi with this Android box, it is an absolute home run.  If I was interested in gaming with a Bluetooth gamepad or using Android Apps such as YouTube, I would stick with a streaming device that worked better with a remote such as the Fire TV.

My main reason for using devices like these is for streaming with Kodi so this would fit nicely into my home network.

All-in-all, this is a kick-butt unit and you can’t go wrong in respect to the price!

What’s In The Box?


  • MXQ Pro 4K Android TV Box
  • IR Remote
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • RCA Cable
  • Manual

*2 AAA batteries not included for remote

MXQ Pro 4K Android TV Box Specs

  • MXQ Pro 4K Android TV Box Amlogic S905 Specs
  • Chipset: Amlogic S905 Quad Core Cortex-A53 at 2.0GHz
  • GPU: Penta-Core Mali-450 at 600MHz+
  • Power Supply Specifications
  • Main Device Features
  • OS: Android 5.1
  • 3D: Hardward 3D graphics acceleration
  • HDMI: HDMI 1.4b with CEC
  • AV: Support
  • 3G: Support
  • Bluetooth: Not supported
  • LAN: Ethernet:10/100M, standard RJ-45
  • Wireless: Built in WiFi
  • Support Decoder format: HD MPEG1/2/4,H.265,4K-HD, HD AVC/VC- 1,RM/RMVB,Xvid/DivX3/4/5/6 ,RealVideo8/9/10
  • Support Media format: Avi/Rm/Rmvb/Ts/Vob/Mkv/Mov/ISO/wmv/asf/flv/dat/mpg/mpeg
  • Support Music format: MP3/WMA/AAC/WAV/OGG/AC3/DDP/TrueHD/DTS/DTS/HD/FLAC/APE
  • Support Photo format: HD JPEG/BMP/GIF/PNG/TIFF
  • USB host: 4 High speed USB 2.0,support U DISK and USB HDD
  • Card reader: SD/SDHC/MMC cards
  • HDD file system: FAT16/FAT32/NTFS
  • Support Subtitle: SRT/SMI/SUB/SSA/IDX+USB
  • High Definition video output: SD/HD max.1920×1080 pixel
  • OSD type of languages: English/French/German/Spanish/Italian/ etc multilateral languages
  • Mouse/ Keyboard: Support mouse and keyboard via USB;Support 2.4GHz wireless mouse and keyboard via 2.4GHz USB dongle
  • SPDIF/IEC958: Coaxial
  • Power Supply: DC 5V/2A
  • Power Indicator (LED): Power ON :blue; Standby :Red
  • Network Function: Skype chatting,Picasa,Youtube,Flicker,Facebook,Online movies,etc
  • Other feature: Free Internet searching,thousands of android applications,many kinds of games,etc.

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Important Note:  Internet service providers are starting to block or throttle access to Kodi addons and Android streaming apps.  Also, your Internet service provider is keeping logs of all your Internet activity.  Below, you will find a link to a tutorial that will provide instructions on how to setup a VPN on an Android TV Box. 

How To Install VPN On Android TV Box

Let us know in the comments what kind of Kodi streaming device you are using and why you like or dislike it.


2017-06-26T20:25:48-05:00 By |Android TV Box, Kodi|280 Comments
  • I have been very happy using MXQ boxes for Kodi and add-ons .. And watching live TV programs. You can beat the price either. I actually purchased extended warranty too.

    • Troy Christensen

      Hey Wilma, thanks for posting your information! You are right, I can’t believe how well the MXQ Pro 4K runs for only $33! I had a live stream going forever and it never once buffered or shut down.

  • Sharon Greene

    What about maintenance i.e. new versions of kodi and apps. Being a novice would I be able to update it myself?

    • Troy Christensen

      Hey Sharon, believe it or not, it is easier maintaining Kodi on these Android TV boxes. All you need to do is go into your Google Play Store and click the update button for Kodi. Also, installing is the same. Just pull up the Google Play store and install Kodi straight from there.

  • Sharon Greene

    So I assume adding apps such as ares wizard & specto fork are easy to install also?
    thanks for your help.

    • Troy Christensen

      Yes, Sharon. You can do everything within Kodi on these devices that you do with others and probably much faster due to the good CPU and GPU.

  • Bud Brown

    There is newer version called the MXQ Pro + 4k it includes Bluetooth 4.0, wifi 2.4/5ghz 2gb ram 16gb rom and runs in 64bit mode
    for $46.92 at

    • Troy Christensen

      Bud, thanks for the info! I will be sure to check that one out.

  • JB

    Troy, Thanks for the review. We have an MXQ Pro 4k and use it daily, like it enough to shop around for another with the S905.
    Going to check out @Bud Browns suggestion to look at the MXQ with 2/16gb..
    Thanks for all you do Troy….have a great weekend everyone!

    Also, anyone have any comments from experience on performance between the S905, S912 and the RK3368 ?

    • Troy Christensen

      Hi JB! Thanks for your comment. I am surprised at how well this MXQ Pro 4K runs for only $32.49! I know a lot of people don’t like these Android TV boxes but once everything is setup and Kodi installed, it is a no-brainer. Have a great weekend!

  • Tom Sullivan

    On wifi, would you recommend using speed fixes? If so, what settings would you do?

    • Troy Christensen

      Hi Tom, I have all of my devices running off basic ww-rt firmware via R7000 Netgear router with no problems whatsoever.

  • surgtech2006

    What launcher did you install? I hate the stock launcher and haven’t found one I like.

  • Troy Christensen

    Simple TV Launcher is what I use for the launcher. Much better than the other one with images that the MXQ Pro comes with. I have also notice that there are some other Android Launchers in the Google Play Store that you can purchase but haven’t tried any of those. Might be a good post after I do. Thanks.

  • JLH

    I’m very…not technically inclined. So far I’m loving my MXQ Pro 4K. Is there a way though to add favourites? If I’m always watching the same TV series for example.

    • Mark

      Get a TRAKT account

  • francis

    hi, could you show us how to Use new buffering technique to ensure smooth playback? thanks! great review.

  • Mark

    The MXQ PRO wont allow multiple apps to run at once so running a VPN with Kodi is impossible, As soon as you start the VPN then click home or back to start Kodi it force closes the VPN.

  • Mark

    I am not wrong, I know how to add a VPN to kodi too as i have also tried that and it did not work, If i start the VPN and it connects as soon as i click back to Kodi home screen or click home button to start Kodi from MXQ home screen the VPN is force closed, I have tried various VPNs [LinkVPN, FlashVPN, Zenmate all work perfect on my Amazon FireTV box and earlier MXQ] but none will stay running on the MXQ PRO however much or method i try, None of the apps on the PRO continue to run unless it is being used, For eg if i am using Kodi and i click the home button or back button and go to kodi again it restarts instead of going to where i left it if you know what i mean, Same thing happens with a VPN which is why i cannot use one as it instantly closes once the home or back button is pressed.

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Mark. I use Private Internet Access on my MXQ Pro 4K and it works great.

  • Mark

    Ok i managed to figure the problem out, If like me you are having the same issue on keeping another app running while trying to use another [IE: Kodi and a VPN] then do the following.

    Home screen select settings
    Down to preferences and select More settings
    Scroll to the bottom and select About Mediabox
    Scroll to the bottom and select Build Number and select it 7 times
    Go back once and Developer Options will have appeared, Select it
    Scroll to the bottom and select Backround process limit
    Change it too 4

    All done

    • Troy Christensen

      Mark. Thanks for posting this fix. Great info!!

    • Denis

      Hey Mark I’m here in Canada and was wondering about this vpn stuff. Are they free

  • Dave Amsterdam

    Im new to this. I just got a mxq pro 4k box. The problem is my tv wont recognize the HDMI cable. I get a no signal on my screen. The box gives me a blue light but thats a bout it. Can you please help me.

    Kind regards

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Dave. Have you tried using a different HDMI cable? Don’t know if that is the problem but maybe the HDMI cable is bad. Also, if you could try plugging the MXQ Pro 4K into a different television to ensure that the box isn’t defective, that would eliminate that.

  • Bary

    Hi I was wondering if anyone can help. On my start up it stops at the xbmc start screen and never goes any further. I’ve tried rebooting several times but to no avail. Thanks

    • Ray

      Uninstall xbmc and install Kodi Jarvis

  • Walter

    I bought a MXQ Pro 4K a month ago and I have no complaints at all. I managed to root it and is superb. The main use is Kodi, but I have also installed an SNES emulator which runs like a charm connected to my 32-inch TV (I connected a wireless gamepad). And the native browser has its limitations but accomplishes its function. I have already ordered another one for my kids´ room.

    • Troy Christensen

      Walter, thanks for your info on your MXQ Pro 4K! The emulators are great and bring back some childhood memories. I still think that those games are better than the new ones today anyway. Which emulator did you install and what games are you playing? Thanks for your comment.

      • Poulpy


        Thanks for this review.
        I try to play with an emulator too (Genesis, SNES…) but i can’t have my usb gamepad working.
        Do you have a list of compatible gamepads or information on how to make it work ?

        Thanks !

        • Troy Christensen

          Hello, I am sorry but I haven’t tried gamepads yet. Which usb gamepad did you try for the MXQ Pro 4K?

          • Poulpy

            Hi Troy,
            It’s an Old usb mad catz

          • Poulpy

            Hi Troy, I have make some new tests:
            I have installed “usb host controller”
            This app show me that the mad catz is well recognized but I have this message:
            S3C USB Host driver NOT found!

          • JorgeV

            Hello, I use for emulators too, and work epsxe (playtation one), n64oid, mame4droid, ppsspp, snes, Génesis and reicast (dreamcast) almost perfect, the only bad news is there no compatibility with some gamepads; test different controls: ps4, ps3, psone with USB adapter, xbox360 controllers and nothing, the only controller that working is madcatz fightpad of Sfxtekken usb.

          • Poulpy

            Thanks for your answer !
            Unfortunally it’s the only usb gamepad I have…
            I’ll try to find some ones and make some tests

    • Mahinda

      Dear Walter, I want to get rooted my device also. Can you tell me how did you do.

  • Bary

    Sorry I ment the Mbox make your life colour ful page and just sits there and scans. I tried rebooting numerous times but always stops there and even left it on for 48 hours and was still at this point. It is only a couple of months old and was wondering how to fix or is it just a lemon and have to buy a new one.

    • Troy Christensen

      Hi Bary. Do you have an option to reset to factory setting somewhere within settings? I would give that a shot.

  • james

    Just got mxq pro 4 k like it but it keeps buffering I have hi speed Internet what can I do to fix this problem please help

  • Loulita

    I got Mxq pro 4k last month. I have a live streaming. Suddenly it asked for an update and after i did, it is showed black screen. Fixed the setting and now it is showing black and blue bar in the middle. I cant access live streaming. Please guide mewhat to do thanks

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Loulita. I would suggest doing a factory reset. You can find that within the settings of the MXQ Pro 4K.

      • Ben

        If your box is stuck, download amlogic usb burning tool, buy a USB-USB Cable (A-MALE TO A-MALE).

        Go on chinagadgetreviews website and search MXQ Pro 4k, download latest firmware, link below:

        Install USB burning tool, make sure MXQ is plugged into PC with USB-USB before installing, it will then install the drivers and find the device via USB to install correct driver, once installed, load the .IMG firmware file in Amlogic USB burning tool and then this is the weird part.

        So to power on the box, you don’t actually need the power supply cord, the box will power on from USB 4 SOCKET.

        To set the box into ‘download mode’ so the firmware will flash using Amlogic USB burning tool, follow the next steps in order.
        1. Get a matchstick (yes, I’m not crazy, a matchstick!)
        2. Insert matchstick into ‘AV’ port carefully in the back of the box, this is with nothing whatsoever plugged into the box, no power on etc.
        3.Open USB burning tool, load the firmware .IMG file, and then press start in top right corner, (if language is Chinese there is an option to change to English in software menu)
        4. In the AV port, press down the matchstick and you will feel a clicking button noise, now hold that button down constantly while plugging the USB (A-male to A-male) into port ‘USB 4’ (it has to be this port!)
        5. The USB burning tool will then start formatting the box and re-flashing with your firmware file, you can now release the matchstick and wait till it finishes (5 mins if that). Then unplug box once finished and plug back into TV, it is has new/updated firmware now.
        I found the factory firmware that was on the box to be buggy and crash all the time, I have a better new one now.
        I am currently waiting for Neomode at Freaktab to finish his custom OS he is building for this box, I can’t wait!
        Up to now though, most stable I found: 1st, 905_MXQpro_aml_upgrade_package-20160530
        2nd, L-MXQPRO-KODI-0511.

        BTW – I tried using OpenElec meant for another box and my box had no video output on TV, using the burning tool it doesnt matter though, as long as the box powers on it is saveable by just flashing a different firmware.

        At the end of the day, you get what you pay for, these boxes are capable of Dolby 5.1, 7.1 etc but because they are so cheap, the manufacturer hasn’t paid the licence for Dolby, so the only way to get this to work fully is using ‘IEC Passthrough’ in SPMC settings (Do not use Kodi on android, it is no good, SPMC works way better on the MXQ Pro 4k.)

        Hope that points some of you in the right direction!

        • Troy

          Hey Ben, great info! Thanks for posting this.

  • Bary

    Unfottunately I can’t even get into my main page. Just starts up and stops when it gets to a start intro to mbox.

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Bary. Sorry to hear you are having these problems with the MXQ 4K. How long have you had this device? Have you tried doing a factory reset within settings? You might want to try that if you haven’t done it yet.

  • Turdfergerson

    Hi, every time I start up the box the date & time has reset which means if I want to connect to the Play store I have to set the date & time every time I turn it on, also Kodi Jarvis keeps loosing the video addon presets that I set up & keeps showing first run every time I open kodi. Anyone got any ideas on how to fix these issues, are very annoying and make the box hard work to use. If this continues will return box & go back to using my firestick.

    • Claude G. Beaudoin

      Go into Settings | Date & Time and set Automatic Date & Time to On. It will pull the date and time from the web when you are connected.

      • Troy Christensen

        Thanks for helping Claude!

    • Troy Christensen

      How long have you had this device? Before returning it, I would suggest trying to go into settings and do a factory reset. See if that helps. Sorry to hear that you are having problems. Thankfully, I didn’t have any of these prior to doing the MXQ Pro 4K review.

  • Claude G. Beaudoin

    Hey Troy,

    Great review and there’s some good info people have posted.

    I’ve had mine for a week and it’s mainly used to play movies from my DVD collection (over 300 of them). They are stored on an external USB 2tb drive. The problem I’m having is that it often drops the USB drive and I have to disconnect/re-connect the drive. Don’t know why and can’t figure it out. It works flawlessly when connected to my Windows laptop.

    Any thoughts?


    • Troy Christensen

      Claude, that isn’t good. Do you have an extra computer lying around that you could load Plex Media Server onto? You could put your movies on that and pull from that. That is what I do for my movie collection and it works great. Sorry, I haven’t use the usb function very much on the MXQ Pro 4K.

      • Claude G. Beaudoin

        Thanks for getting back to me Troy.

        Hmm, just looked at what Plex does and I don’t really see how this could minimize the equipment needed to watch my ever growing DVD collection. I mean, I could simply install Kodi on my laptop instead, use the USB drive and connect the laptop to the TV using it’s HDMI output. If you have a family and want to have multiple users getting content from a single location, then yes Plex would be an answer. But… I’m single 😉

        Another odd behavior I’ve noticed today is that Kodi doesn’t seem to have write access to either the USB drive or an external SD card inserted into the MXQ Pro device.

        This was discovered when I tried to use the “Backup” add-on to backup my Kodi configuration. It allows me to write to the internal SD card (or memory), but not an external device. I’ve looked at the Kodi log file and I’m getting a “Failed to create file” error.

        BTW, I’ve downgraded Kodi to 15.2 as I don’t find 16.1 to be stable enough yet. I’ve also added the Aeon MQ6 skin (as I think this is the sweetest skin available).


        • Troy Christensen

          Hi Claude. Android Operating system does not allow writing to external storage and they claim that this is for “security purposes”. If you can root the device, you can then do it I believe.

          • Claude G. Beaudoin

            Now *that’s* stupid! I can write to the root storage, which can be far more damaging than writing to an external storage. Just plain stupid!

            Ok, thanks Troy. I did not know that. I’ll root the device I guess. 🙁


          • Troy Christensen

            I agree, Claude. Not sure why they do this but I think they don’t want you exporting apps that you have paid for.

  • Stewart

    I connected this to my Samsung 4k tv but it doesn’t detect it

  • Malinda

    Hi Troy is there anyway to get a bluetooth dongle to work with the MXQ Pro 4K. I have insert one in port 4 and the light of the dongle goes on but I can not pick it up in the settings?

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Malinda, that is a great question. When I have time this next week, I will look into this.

      • Morgan T

        I doubt it will find modern hardware drivers so it would have to be the olderst model BT dongle you can find if any work at all.

        I can confirm that ‘Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard’ works fine as a wireless input solution.

  • Malinda

    Great Thank you. 🙂

  • Saidul

    Please sir.
    let me know how to fectory hard reset mxq pro. I have already try the besic theory of mx box hard reset system (behind the AV port reset button pressing) but it not working. Please tell me what should i do.

    • Troy

      Hello, if you go into settings, there is a factory reset button within there for the MXQ Pro 4K.

  • Catrin

    I’m just trying to get at a live tv. Just got my box today. Need some easy beginners instructions.

    • Troy

      Hello Catrin. If you sign up for the guide above, you will get a guide that will show you how to do this.

  • Mahinda

    I’ve had mine for a week and it’s mainly used to watch movies. But I read my subtitles because my font is not in there. It need to get root access for install fonts. How can I root this device?

  • Angelo

    Forgive my ignorance, but does purchase of this unit come with subscriptions to the services? Do I still need to netflix, hulu, etc?

    • Troy

      Once you install Kodi and popular addons, you will be set. See my free guide above for what to do to supercharge your system.

  • Claude G. Beaudoin


    Well I had to perform a hard reset on the device to clean up stuff I didn’t want and to free up space on the device (the one I have only has 4GB of storage).

    Re-installed everything and thought I was working fine… Until I tried to view one of my movies from Google Play Movie & TV.

    I get the audio feed but not the video. The screen is black. All my other videos (in .mp4 or .iso format) work well.

    Got any ideas on this one Troy?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Claude G. Beaudoin


      If I download the movie onto the device, I can then view it property.

      But you need WiFi to download with Google Play Movie version 3.14.4 [CA][CA]. It will not download if you have a LAN connected. FYI.

    • Troy

      Claude, are you sure that this is a MXQ Pro 4K? With only 4GB of storage, not sure.

      • Claude G. Beaudoin

        It’s an 8GB device but after a factory reset, you are left with only 4.5GB of storage.

  • Lurya

    Hello Troy!
    I just acquired one of these MX V boxes, and I can’t figure which kind of resolution settings I could set in order to watch the contents in 4k UHD. I have a Samsung curved TV (UN65JS9000FXZA) and none of the 4k2k settings works – the TV doesn’t recognize the box when I try to chose one of these. The best resolution I could get was 1080e
    Any posibilities?

    • luis

      Try chance hdmi with original hdmi work.

    • Morgan T

      I initially thought it supports decoding (down-scaling) of 4K video streams and that actual resolution is 1080p maximum. In fact they claim that 3840×2160 (4k 2k) hardware output is supported but I’d try a higher quality cable if you have issues.

      Obviously, it won’t work unless you TV is 4K!

  • Mahinda

    Hello. Anyone get rooted this device. Please help to get root this.

    • Morgan T

      The device comes rooted at least in the sense that default apps can be uninstalled. Mine is a Toovoo MXQ Pro Android TV Box Amlogic S905.

  • Sofy

    Hi there,

    I am in the market for one of these boxes for my husband and am not sure which one to get as they vary in price. I saw online that this one is one of the best and am wondering how easy it is to use as well as it is a good box for viewing movies that are currently in theaters?

    • Troy

      Yes, very good box and once Kodi is on it with proper addons, it works great. Get my free guide via form or button above and that will show you how to install addons.

      • Morgan T

        Troy, I think it’s best to let newbies use the default Kodi as it came with the box. If anyone wants to learn how to use Kodi, it’s available as free download for Microsoft Windows which will be more familiar to the average person.

  • Maciej Nowak

    Hi thanks for the review. Can you please tell me how to install Spotify on it?

    • Troy

      Hello Maciej. You can simply install through Google Play Store.

  • Maciej Nowak

    Hi. It was impossible through play store because of incompatible device allert. I did it by backing up spotify app on my phone (using es file explorer) and then installing it on tv box manually. Works great

    • Troy

      Thanks for the update on this, Maciej.

    • Ben

      I have also noticed this, for example with SPMC (way better than Kodi) it says device not supported in Google Play Store, but I downloaded anyway from SPMC official site and it works perfectly!

  • S L

    Any idea own my my 3TB Seagate external hard drive will not work with this??

    • Maciej Nowak

      When it’s not external powered then it won’t work with this TV Box. 3TB disk probably need higher apm feed than tv box allows so you nedd find one with external supply

  • Maciej Nowak

    How is it powered?

    • Troy

      Power outlet – DC 5V/2A

      • Maciej Nowak

        Yes I was writing to SL about his problems with disk. When it’s not external powered then it won’t work with this TV Box

      • Ben

        The MXQ Pro 4k can be powered using the normal power cord, or a USB to USB(A-A) connection in USB hub 4.

        • olga marleau

          I have lost the ‘normal power cord’, how do I get it powered?

        • mike

          what makes you believe this, i noticed my box was light up when i was trying to do a firmware update with the male a to male a usb. since then i’ve never been able to get the thing booted back up. it tried once and then it crashed and i have a blue and red light ok and nothing comes on the screen.

  • Sebes

    Anyone knows how to enable Miracast on MXQ Pro? By default, it was not shown and there is no options to turn it on.

    • Jericho

      Same issue here. Please let me know how were you able to get the miracast working?

    • fefo1993

      have you solved this problem??? i have this problem too 🙁 and i can’t find an app to workaround this problem..

  • Mark Coyle

    anyone know the master lock code ..

  • Nelson Kingston

    Help pls: My MXQ pro arrived yesterday. I finish setting up Kodi and
    other apps, connected my home theater system and the sounds were perfect
    and well setup. Until at night when i uninstalled some needless apps.
    now i can’t hear sound again from the speakers but the TV have sound
    through hdmi, i unplugged the RCA(also av) cable from the box and put it
    on my laptop the sounds are fine, so this is from the box. what should i
    do please?.

    • Hello Nelson, if this were me, I would probably do a factory reset through the settings page. I am wondering if you deleted something necessary for the sound to work properly.

  • Kris_tofer

    Help please,got my box Mxq pro yesterday,installed new version of kodi with a wizard, was working perfectly,switched it off for the night, this morning blue light stayed on ,remote not working, and its saying no signal on the tv…..any help please will be much appreciated….thank you

    • Hi Kris. Sorry to hear about your problems. I would suggest try to unplug device and let it sit for a couple minutes, plug back in and try again. Also, try plugging into another tv to make sure that isn’t the problem. Also, try a different hdmi cable.

      • Kris_tofer

        Hi Troy, thanks for your interest. Did all those things, still did not work. tried hard reset, toothpick method, nothing worked. Blue light stayed on, remote did not work. I even bought new a hdmi cable. Anyway, plugged the power again in the evening, after about 12 hours switched off, and at first mbox logo appeared but with a really loud screeching noise, unplugged it again, plugged it in, and hey presto, worked beautifully, worked real good since then. Go figure. Was ready to throw it away. Seems I just had to let it sit for a while maybe, dunno, had lost all hope. thanks again.

        • Thanks for the update, Kris! Glad to hear it is working again for you.

          • Karthik Karunanithi

            Same problem remote control is not working but in the box blue light is stay on. please help

          • James Hatch

            I just received my MXQPro and I hooked it up and turned it on. It started booting up and after about 5 minutes the tv display turned blue and had the no signal message.
            I felt the box and it was hot to the touch. I unplugged it and let it set for a while. When I plugged it in it came on and stayed on for another 4 minutes or so and then I got the blue screen with the “No Signal” message. I hooked up my laptop cooling pad under it and tried again. It stayed on as long as I kept the cooling pad running. I believe my box has an overheating problem.

          • James, you should contact the company you purchased from and request a refund.

  • dan

    when i speed test mxq pro box i get way lower readings than my f stick or phone

    • Thanks for your post, Dan. Can you share your numbers by chance?

  • Trish Ferris

    I just got the MXQ. The entire system goes fuzzy and static after start up. Is it the box or HDMI cable maybe?

    • Morgan T

      Switch HDMI cables or borrow one from a friend or another device in your home to test.

      • Mike

        i have the same problem and tied a few different cables and same problem. pixel distortion, screen goes static and freezes and i have to unplug and plugin to reboot.

        • Mike

          if you press and hold the hdmi cable into the connection slot, it will work which leads me to believe a bad connection in the hdmi slot of the box

          I also have purchased 6 of these and 6 bluetooth ipazzports, but since i can’t read, i didn’t notice these boxes did not come bluetooth ready. so in this forum i see conflicting messages about using a bluetooth usb dongle, will this work or not?

          Finally, what will i have to do to update firmware on one of these boxes using an sdcard? step by step instructions, do they exist?


  • Boaz bar-on

    I connected USB mouse and right button take me back step
    Do you know why?

    • Morgan T

      That’s normal behaviour for Android operating system. In order to right click, try holding down the left mouse button for 2 seconds and then release.

  • Harshal Shah

    Ive a logitech game pad remote F710, but doest seem to work on the mxq pro, any idea what needs to be done? The game pad works fine with my samsung tab

  • monique

    hi can any type of wireless keyboard work with this box i need to get one but i dont know if it would work i have the mxq pro 4k

  • James Delacruz

    Hi , Troy
    Am planning to buy this box .. not tech savvy on my part.I just want to use 10 t0 15 apps from play store
    and also use my external harddrive for my movies…

    Must I instal all add-ons from Kodi ? Can apps from playstore play my videos from external harddrive?

    • I would suggest using Kodi to play your movies from your hard drive. Best media software out there. You do not need to install addons if you want to only play videos from your hard drive.

  • Kita Hargrave

    I have a mxq pro 4k and it will not let me turn on my WiFi how can I fix that issue

    • You should be able to go into Settings and then wireless and turn it on by clicking the toggle within that area.

      • Kita Hargrave

        Thank you it needed to be updated

    • Gail Fant

      My wifi won’t connect

      • Kita Hargrave

        I went into my settings and did a backup and update and my WiFi started back working fine

      • Make sure you go into your settings and turn on wi-fi or make sure it is enabled.

  • Jean-jacques Guazzo

    Hi, i have this box and i wish to share that using android is not really possible (it’s very slow and confusing with the remote). Applications seems to not be closed correctly, lot of lags but, kodi (pre loaded with tons of add-ons) works perfectly.

    • Thanks for your comment, Jean. I strongly suggest that people start with a fresh install of Kodi on these devices as well.

  • merc

    I just purchased the MXQ PRO 4K box and Im trying to use an ethernet cable and it will not connect to the Internet but wifi works. I’ve tried 3 different ethernet cables. Is ethernet suppose to connect to the internet automatically once you connect the cable? Am I doing something wrong here. How can I set the connection manually to ethernet?

  • Dameon Gulley

    I purchased my device and have noticed that netflix is very jittery and it buffers constantly. I have Time warner cable and Internet which the package i have is the fastes speed. None of the other features operates like this and I just would like some feedback on what the problem could be.

  • carl straker

    Hi I have this MXQ PRO 4k box I have everything plug in but box won’t turn on the light on de remote blinkin red but still won’t turn on help plz

  • Bryan Edward Bailey

    I purchased one of these, set it up, but it turns itself off after about 5 minutes then won’t turn on unless I unplug it. Any ideas?

    • Can you get in and try to do a factory reset through Settings?

  • Trump4us2016

    I have 2 MXQPro4k and They are junk!! they lock up all the time.
    Now for the 2nd time mine is stuck with solid blue light
    and will not boot.. my other one goes fuzzy and static after start up.
    have to turn it to its side to get a picture and no it is not the HDMI cable
    i tried 3 and it does the same with all 3.
    I will never get this brand again.. I am going to try the MS8+
    with 2gigs of SDRAM and not 1 like the MXQ4K has..

  • kevin

    i recently received and set up my new MXQ Pro 4k box. it is working on my 2.4ghz network but for some reason can not see my 5ghz network at all. Is there a setting that I am missing here.
    Thanks for any assistance here.

    • Johnny Johnathan Matthews

      Hi can you tell me if you got the box to work or show 5ghz working as i am having the same problem

      • kevin

        No it never sees my 5ghz network but is working fine on my other network.

  • Sakonpat Srikum

    how to turn on mxq after shutdown ??? box isn’t power button

  • Ofra Kramer

    when I try to watch a movie from a disk on key plugged into the player, it gets stuck and stops working.. I tried using different kinds of Disk on key and different players but nothing helps.. Do you have a solution?thanks.

  • She She

    My mxq won’t switch on, the LED light is red and quite faint, it won’t on by remote control and i am totally lost on how to fix it, please help… somebody…

    • John Hoang

      I just got this today and had the same problem. Were you able to figure it out?

  • FLinFlon Dan

    My box is stuck on mbox page. It was working before but I can’t get past the mbox flashing logo I’ve unplugged, etc etc. Help please

    • Mohamad Herry

      try to reset it … there is a pinhole at the back, you may need to use needle or small stick to poke into it. Power up your box while doing this, it will be put the box into recovery mode. Try to repair it. If it doesn’t work, you may need to download and flash in new firmware to it.

      • FLinFlon Dan

        Hi, I know what you mean by resetting it via the pin hole, however, my box does not have a pinhole. It has slots for SD/MMC card, 4 USB spots, SPDF and AV female jacks HD slot, Ethernet female Jack and the spot for the power cord.

        • Go into settings and there should be an option for you to do a factory reset from there.

          • FLinFlon Dan

            Hi, I would try that, but I can’t get past the MBOX page. The unit used to go right to the home page to select kodi, etc, but now it just shows MBOX. None of the commands on the remote or keyboard do anything to get me anywhere.

          • mike

            the reset button lives inside of the a/v plug. dont use anything metal as it will short out. use tooth pick or q tip without the cotton. feel inside there for the button. hold it down for 8-10 seconds

          • FLinFlon Dan

            Hi, and thanks for the idea. It didn’t work though. I’ve been in touch with the supplier, they say a replacement one is on its way. Thanks for the help to all!

  • Derrald Dunkley

    Has anyone been able to get the Skype app to work? I purchased the MXQ Pro about 6 months ago and

  • Derrald Dunkley

    oops…Has anyone been able to get the Skype app to work? I purchase the MXQ Pro about 6 months ago and have not been able to get a successful logon. I keep getting cannot sign in at this time try again later. I’ve tried updating from the Play Store but get “this version is not compatible with your device” Any suggestions?

  • Stadler le Roux

    Hello, you say one should rather use a wireless keyboard with a TV box like this, but you also mention that this particular box doesn’t have Bluetooth support. Don’t most wireless keyboards use Bluetooth to connect? I have one that I bought for my iPad, but it’s Bluetooth…

    • Poulf

      Just got this box and is dissappointed to find out there is no bluetooth, but what he means with wireless keyboard is a 2,4Ghz wireless keyboard. I guess I am going for Logitech K400 plus.

      • You can get the wireless keyboard or BlueTooth. BlueTooth comes with dongle inside battery cover of keyboard that you can plug into the MXQ Pro 4K.

        • Mohammed El-Khider

          After lots of trying, i can confirm that this TV box doesn’t detect a Bluetooth USB dongle but a 2.4 Ghz wireless keyboard or mouse USB dongle works fine.

    • You can buy the one in the article and it has a dongle that you connect to box. You can also get the same brand that is wifi and that also comes with Blue Tooth dongle in battery case of unit. Both will work just fine.

      • Terry Silberman

        “You can buy the one in the article…”

        Sorry, but I’ve looked and looked and still don’t find one mentioned. Would you kindly reply with the description by brand and model, please?

    • Victor Gomez

      Logitech k700 or such as … They are Wifi Keyboards for Android TV, PC’s etc

  • Kodi User

    Bought 4 boxes and they are awesome the only problem I have is that from time to time kodi will crash and need to re start it. I love it.

  • PH Loo

    Why my box can see the blue power indicator light

  • Yogendra Singh Rana

    Can Anyone tell me how to open it’s boot option.

  • elaine paul

    hello Troy i brought mxq pro and put it on and only starting to upload and only change colors and then cutting off by itself… i try reboot it and went come on app next 2mins cut off

    • Wouter van den Heever

      Same problem here. Tried a few fixes on youtube/google no solution yet 🙁

  • mike

    troy, i was trying to do a firmware update. bought a usb a male to a male cable, held in the button in the av port and connected usb and power. my box has never been able to power back on. i am stuck with a solid faint red light and a solid bright blue light always on. what would you recomend?

  • Shirley Joan Wise

    why do my facebook games say they are not compatible with this device

  • Omar


    When I opened the box and connected to the TV, every time I switch on the TV the blue light is gone and it won’t get detected but the TV. I tried 2 different cables and 2 TVs and I don’t know what to do? 🙁

  • Jo Jo

    Hi I puchased this box a couple months ago and was working perfectly fine, figured out how to change the skins to transparency and save my favorites and amend the menu display then approx a week ago when opening the kodi app, tv addon wouldn’t open and stayed on a black screen, I cleared the cache and it seemed to work but now whenever I use my box the date resets to Jan 2015, the transparency menu resets and when I try to click on shutdown kodi it hangs also some tv programs links (exodus) disappear when they worked the day before …. any suggestions please?… I’m quite new to this so break it down lol!

  • Stephen Mc

    I’ve deleted kodi by mistake on my mxq pro . Any tutorial on how to reinstall the kodi app??

    • Muhammad Khan

      kodi file ARM download from Kodi website on the usb drive. Go to download on kodi and Android select ARM it will start downloading. and put usb in your mxq pro box. and install through apk installer in settings. Hopefully will work.

    • Hello Stephen, yes, just install through Google Play Store. That is the beauty of these Android Boxes. Very easy to install Kodi.

      • Stephen Mc

        Thanks Troy

  • Paolo Motta

    Hi. What launcher have u installed?

  • Robert Slade

    how do i watch live sports, like all of the cavs and redskins games

  • melissa aycock

    Hello there we are having a problem with new episodes/seasons, it was there yesterday day and now it is gone, how can we get all the new seasons/episodes to work again? It is on a lot of the shows we like to watch! We have cleaned the cashe out already.

    • Nicole Ashlei

      If the date and time settings aren’t correct it can cause movies and television shows to dissapear from the guides. Changing your date and time settings should fix your problem.

  • Karen M Konczyk

    I’m interested in buy this MXQ Pro. What caught my eye, in what you wrote, is you uninstalled Kodi. I’m assuming that is easy to do. I’m new to this and installed Kodi on my laptop and tablet but really want a box.. I’m so glad I found this site

    • Wouter van den Heever

      On the MXQ ro version there is a settings icon that gives you the option to “Fresh install” Kodi. so it’s pretty easy

  • Having a hard time getting the MX Pro to work with my older TV. The RCA cable setup give me a gray rolling screen; after reading that it could be the PAL versus NTSC setting, I hooked up an HDMI converter in hopes I could get it to work with the YPbPr setup on the TV but no luck; got it to work with my VGA screen and tried resetting the resolution, which didn’t work either.

  • Roxanne Smith

    Switched Internet service providers Verizon/frontier… To TWC/ spectrum.
    Now it won’t work… Keeps saying … “Wifi won’t accept connection”!!! Or wifi password not valid! But is and works on other devices…please help …I’m about to go quarantine and need the box!

    • Divab

      We are having this same issue, we can connect to the router bouncer, but not the actual main router and says password is wrong, when it isn’t.

    • getro494

      has one found a solution to this? I’m experiencing the same issue

    • Melody Rochelle Cotten Drayer

      I having the same issue. I can connect to my Frontier just fine but when i try to connect to my verizon mobile hotspot it keeps telling me it cant connect and then that the login is invalid. I have entered it a 100 times and i know it is correct.

  • Victoria Kavalieros

    Hi! I have 16.0 and tried to upgrade from play store but says does not support my device. I have mxq pro 4k- what should I do?

    • Wouter van den Heever

      what did you try to upgrade? Download the .apk file of whatever you wanted to install from playstore onto a flashdrive. Google “[your app] apk download”, put it on a flash drive and plug it into your bix. then go to file manager and click op the apk file. Your box should install the app from the apk file.

  • veronica_gunn

    i am having problems with ads and pop ups ..i went and did the notification thing and its on but still pop ups ..and its annoying during movies or shows and the ad blocker is not working…what can i do?

  • WitWolfy

    That RAM is a problem though.. Plus I dont want a UI, I just want it to boot directly into Kodi. No android bloatware running in the background making it slower.

    • Wouter van den Heever

      Kodi is not an OS so you cannot run only Kodi. But it has a setting that you can ‘start-up’ any application after boot.

      • WitWolfy

        You can install Kodi as a OS mind you just not for the Rockchip CPU though…

        • Wouter van den Heever

          “Kodi (formerly XBMC) is a free and open-source media player software application developed by the XBMC Foundation, Kodi is available for multiple operating systems and hardware platforms”

          Kodi does not do direct hardware calls, it relies on an OS like Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, or Raspberry-Pi Open-elec.

          • WitWolfy

            Bra really?!?!?! There is a youtube vidoe where a dude is clearly turning on his Amlogic chip and it boots directly to Openelec. Please go do your research before naysaying? Thanks.

          • Wouter van den Heever

            God help me not to swear at you! You claimed KODI can be installed as an OS.
            Now you tell me the Youtube video shows the device booting up into Openelec. WTF is wrong with your brain? Openelec is the OS, not KODI, and I already mentioned Openelec as an OS on Raspberri-pi. What, are you 10 years old?

  • Sue Wilson

    Hi. Mine won’t switch on all of a sudden. Te blue light is showing but it refuses to turn on. I have tried new batteries before anyone asks ha

    • Wouter van den Heever

      pull the power plug, wait a couple of seconds (for capacitors to unload) and then plug the power back in. If that does not start it up then there are bigger issues.

  • Madelein Pienaar

    I bought this box a week aho and it was working fine. Put it on yesterday and now I only get the word “adroid” on the screen and nothing else. I have pressed the reset button, but I still get the “andoid” screen

  • savvas chaitidis hi , to start the Android ask me to enter my passworld……………..
    can help me someone ?

    • Wouter van den Heever

      That is messed up!!

  • Rodney Ruffin

    Hi my box will not come on after i unplugged without powering down with remote. do you know what component could be fried? I already swapped power supply with no luck.

  • Michael Ashworth

    is it possible to use a bluetooth dongle, through any of the use slots? and also one really annoying thing is it doesn’t have an unmount option for x-drives.

    • Wouter van den Heever

      Yes, Android should pick it up

      • The Other Guy

        Although some Android phones and tablets can detect a USB Bluetooth dongle, the mxq can’t because Bluetooth isn’t supported. Even if the mxq box powers the dongle, their is no option to use Bluetooth.

        • Wouter van den Heever

          you are correct. I tried it with a Bluetooth dongle, installed bluetooth software from playstore but it does not work. 🙂

  • Heekl

    what is the minimum internet speed requirement for mxq pro?
    im not too obsssses with HD or 4k … SD will do..

    • Wouter van den Heever

      2Mbps for any SD movie not to buffer. Logically you can run with as little as 1Mbps but I have found it does not really goes well

  • bryan villena

    hi! just a question. is it compatible to any TVs? regardless of HD Ready, Full HD and Ultra HD type of TV? thank you in advance! @troy

    • Wouter van den Heever


  • Wouter van den Heever

    I got the MXQ Pro version just last week and I have to say I have all sorts of issues. The cheaper version MXQ runs without a hitch but the Pro version has audio issues, kodi just stops working and goes back to home screen.
    I tried adjusting the sound sync when the movie is playing but just a few minutes on the sound goes out of sync again and I have to adjust in the opposite direction (behind/Lag). then a few minutes on again towards ahead.
    Also can’t get a fix that would keep Kodi running. After a hour or so working emnus and whatching trailers Kodi just dissapears and the box is back at home screen with message “Kodi stopped working”
    This pro version is not good at all.

    • Grey_matter

      I have a different box but same specs and had same problem. If you go into system>video>acceleration and disable amcodec (if yours has it) it should take care of that problem.It did for me.I left the other 2 media codecs checked. I was curious about the wifi performance on the pro. The throw away box I got has terrible wifi but good Ethernet. Any info would be appreciated. Good luck

  • Sally

    I used this box for month and it worked great. But now I can´t start many apps, like youtube. Also playstore is crashing down after 5-6 seconds. What could be the problem?

  • Dean Wentzel

    downloaded Showmax app and it says it won’t play as the device is rooted… is there any way around this?

    • Cameron Barnard

      I have the same issue

    • Wouter van den Heever

      Yeap, and Showmax’s website does not give support on this box. So we’re stuck. I use SPECTO Fork add-on in Kodi for all my viewing

  • David Wilson

    Have had this unit for 3 months and have only used it for accessing Netflix and a few movies off Kodi. It has worked great for this purpose but when I try to use other apps such as google play, facebook gameroom , showbox etc. the language showing on the screen changes to Chinese. Have accessed settings, making sure they are set on English but seems to make no difference. Any ideas on how to change language on all apps.

  • mike5141

    Got this unit as a Christmas present and had to do factory reset to sort out Kodi. Am quite impressed and pleased I won’t have to keep connecting my computer to the TV. One major problem is with my USB wireless mouse; The right button doesn’t operate correctly (it returns to previous state rather than opening up editing tables??). I think someone else had the same problem in your comments but can’t find it. Is this fixable or is it a unit fault

  • F. Estrada

    Hi all, I got this device for 3 days watched about 3 movies on Kodi but today the screen was frozen, disconnected all and reconnected and only flashes a multicolor message, any one can help me?

  • Ryan Mawhinney

    Bought the exact same box plugged it into the tv plugged it into the wall red light comes on but that’s it says input it found on tv have tried resetting it anything else anyone can think of?

  • Adolfo

    I have anot mxq pro used for a time period of 6 months i was not experimenting any issue until Last weeks when suddenly my box Internet goes off after 30 mins
    I applied a reset and did a reinstall of my addons again and the issue still there any ideas about what’s happening?

  • Andy Mcguire

    Hi there, I’ve had my box for 4 months & it’s worked perfect, however, today, it seems like there is now no charge going into the keyboard from the usb. I have the home screen on my tv but can’t navigate around it. Any ideas?

  • WitWolfy

    what I’ve learned is, dont buy this POS box. It breaks like in the first 3 months… IF YOUR LUCKY. MXQ is such a shitty brand. Can’t believe people still buy their shit.

  • Alexandre C. Zabeu

    Vocês poderiam me informar como se faz, dá maneira mais rápida e correta, upgrade da versão 5.1 para 6.0? Já entrei em varios sites e não estou conseguindo nenhuma instrução a respeito. Antecipadamente agradeço-lhes e fico no aguardo.

  • Jibril Khan




  • Fauzy Takashi

    i accidently uninstall my live tv channel on MXQ PRO do i reinstall it back?.. kindly please get back to me on my email

  • Sean Thibert

    Hi i have the mxq but looking to upgrade to the pro…what is the app that has great live TV buttons or such please. This way I know if I should do the upgrade as well as faster of course. Thanks

  • ludo

    Why calling this box “4k” ? How it can have the “Ability to play 4K videos very well without any buffering” when the maximum output video is only 1080p ?? Also the HDMI standard is only 1.4A which mean that even the box can output 4k video, it will be limited at 30hz.

    If you are a owner of a 4k 60hz TV (as i am) it would be better to pass with this Android TV box.

    • Ryan Harpell

      mine is outputting 4k @30hz, after I switched my hdmi cable to another one I had it did allow me..maybe try that? Also it didn’t show the 4k in the list of resolutions until I switched the cable. Hope this helps.

  • Glenn Tamura

    Hello… I purchased an MXQ-Pro 4K last week but and had problems crashing. Maybe the device is starving for more memory? I also noticed that of the four processors, one of them (processors) is always maxed out at 100%, while the others are only using 5%-15%. I’ve never seen this before. Has anyone else? Also, just to make sure it was a system problem (and not a defective Device), I ordered another one, and the exact same thing happens. It crashes often and one CPU is always at 100%.

  • Ryan

    Anyone ever have wifi password problems on their MBox? I bought this same box and it recognizes my router but every time I enter my password, it says one of 3 messages…1) wifi password incorrect 2) couldn’t find “router name 3) wifi network didn’t accept connection. Without connection to the internet, this box is useless. To give more background, it’s a OTT TV BOX MX PRO 4K, I have checked and rechecked my wifi password, other devices connect to the wifi, caps lock is NOT on, I have reset the router, I have reset the MBox. I am at the end of my rope here. Help this NOOB out

    • Trix Rabbit

      Have you considered just plugging a Lan cable into it for a direct connection?

  • MrsAmchaircritic

    I have a notice at the top of the screen that says”swipe down from the top to exit full screen” and then another window that says OK. But I can’t click on to get rid of this.
    Any one know how?

    • Gustavo Cordero

      You need to do this (swipe down from the top) with a mouse or a touchpad equiped imput device. 😉

    • Duron Duron

      I don’t know if you fixed the swipe down notification but just hit the mouse button on your remote then the arrow from the mouse will pop up then just move it to close the notification

  • MrsAmchaircritic

    Found out how

  • Kevin Greene

    I am having problems with streaming movies and accessing Google. I have verified my WI-FI connection is good. What am i doing wrong?

  • glenn tamura

    If you use an ethernet cable instead of using WIFI, you can get a little better performance. Other than that, my suspicion is that the problem with crashing is insufficient RAM and/or NAND memory (depending on how the system utilizes “paging and swapping”).

    I have purchased several boxes, and they all seem to be starving for more memory. I’ve contacted the factory, and I’m communicating with their technical support staff. I should hear back in the next few days.

    I’ve attached the benchmark screen shots I sent the factory. I used a free tool on Google Play called “AIDA64” so they could download this tool and then compare my tests with their own.


  • Steve Martin

    My MXQ 4K rocks.Once in a while it will freez.,but I just pull the plug.I bought a GT1 and it is great.Thinking of buying the new GT1 with 3G’s.Can it really be better? I enjoy all of Troy’s info.

  • Cheryl Earle

    Does anyone know why kodi stops working after each show l watch the minute the movie or show finishes I get a message that say kodi has stopped working

  • Mandar Patkar

    I am using Samsung monitor syncmaster 2233, I have used dvi connector to connect HDMI CABLE which is flickering problem , display goes on and off . When using on Samsung monitor, it works OK . Any suggestions????

  • does it have arabic package?

  • Corey Hulbert

    I have games on mine what do I use for or a controller?

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  • LilBitJo

    Afternoon, I reloaded my mxq pro set up our Gmail etc. And now when we try and watch a movie or TV show, it says “no stream available”. I haven’t really played around with anything or changed any settings, so I’m not sure what’s going on or why we can’t get no streams. Can someone please help me?

  • Jamie Watts

    I am having problems running exodus on this machine?
    I have installed everything correctly but when I press on movies from the exodus page it says working then just stops and I’m back where I started, the same goes for all of the other options?
    Someone said it will only run on 5.0 machines and higher since exodus recent upgrades?
    Please help

    • Jeff Adam

      I am having the exact same problem

    • Robert Gibson

      No if you have made it to the place where you can click on the category then it’s not your version. May be your bandwidth. Do you have the same problem in other addons? When mine does that it just means that the server I’m trying to connect isn’t available. If you are getting tons of bad links you may need to update Exodus. System, Add-ons, My add-ons, All, scroll to Exodus and click on it. Just below Configure is Update. Good luck.

  • James Lewis

    My mx box keeps telling me kodi 17.1 is not compatible?

    • Loai

      Download 17.1 for 32bit, even if the box system is 64bit, because i tried many times, only the 32bit works

      • James Lewis

        Still doesn’t work

  • LC

    If your hardware is too old, exodus will not run. You can’t upgrade to the latest kodi build either. I got 2 years out of my old box-was running kodi 15. Just upgraded to new box with new build. Runs amazing.

  • Sully Chainey

    Hello Troy, my question may be a bit challenging or not. We currently
    have DSL through our phone company and they supply an Actiontec model
    GT478N modem that connects to the phone line. We are at their highest
    level of speed at 15mps. Is there anything I can do or buy to work with
    or without this modem. The cable companies do not come as far as our
    house and currently have no plans to. Their lowest level is 20mps and
    goes up from there. I have to use a phone line then put filters on the
    phone. Any suggestions? We seem to be at a standstill but we do have 4
    ethernet ports on the modem and not all are used.

  • umar zaib

    hello Troy, i want to ask that is there any software like adblink for MXQ PRO. i was using adblink for amazon firestickbut its not connecting with mxq pro

  • Wendy McCoy

    How do u pair the movie app to be able watch it on exodus app salt movies

  • Cory D

    i have this box (jailbroken) and i just got the Rii keyboard mentioned above, however when using the mousepad the mouse on the screen is stuck in an invisible box in the top left of the screen and i cannot make the mouse leave this space. though within this small space the mouse responds perfectly and can be operated within it. Everything else on the keyboard works but i’m not sure how to resolve this issue with this barrier or whatever it is restricting the mouse movements. please help

  • Craig Bazzell

    I just picked up the MXQ-4K 32 bit 1G ram 4core CPU it doesn’t want to load ie work using my neighbors wi fi.I can use Netflix on my roku with my neighbors wifi well but is my signal not strong enough for the android box?

  • Aows Laith

    I got stupid and did rl(remove data) of the (TV 3L PC) And now its asking me for code And I don’t know it. How to get the code I have this device for only 2 days
    Please help

  • Ted Williams

    My mxq pro won’t connect to my android 4.4.4 tv using HDMI can any tell me how to get it connected to my tv ?? Please

    • Michael Huang

      maybe you can try with another HDMI cable.

  • James Lewis

    Its 5.1

  • Dion Werst

    Hi there, maybe someone can help me.

    I got this box like a year ago and turned it on like twice.
    I haven’t turned it on since and just wanted to try again.

    When I plug in power chord and use the remote to start it, nothing..

    Anyone with a solution?

    • Are you sure you have this exact box? It was not available 1 year ago!

      • Dion Werst

        Yes, it’s the same. I ordered it on may 13th and got it on June 4th

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  • Tania

    Hi. My box came fully loaded but there was an error and the system rebooted. Now all the apps are gone such as Exodus, other movie and sports apps. How can I get those back? I could not find the pre-set ones in the add app section.

    • Joanne Cutting

      Go to the play store and and install Complete and Kodi Wizard setup. Then choose one of the builds and install.

      • Tania

        Thx Joanne. It worked.

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  • moin

    will this box work on a tv which does not support 4k means i have HDMI but when ever i play a 4K downloaded movie it does not work so if i do get this box will it work with my tv

  • Dara Kong

    Can use with projector?

    • Zartab Cheema

      Yes, i am also using on projector

  • Dani Ginther

    Hi. I’ve got the MXQ-4K, I got it pre-loaded and was having trouble with Netflix. I uninstalled thinking I could reinstall but it doesn’t seem to be anywhere in google play in the apps. Any ideas if this can be reinstalled and where? I later found out it was the date showing 1979 that had to be changed and was causing issues. Thanks!

    • Wouter van den Heever

      Use your computer and download netflix apk. Save it on an SD card, place the SD card in the MX box and install it from the SD card by selecting it in filemanager. I’m not at my box now so I don’t have exact detail. look around a bit and you’ll get it right

  • Dee Read

    Is there a way to update the Netflix that is preinstalled on the mxq pro box? When using this it doesn’t allow subtitles (failed to change subtitle track, try again), when using Netflix on my PS3 to watch the same show the subtitle automatically appeared so I wondered if the preinstalled one needed updating

  • Jaz Yian

    I have the box connected in my TV and i don’t know how to add my fave channels in the favorites folder.

  • Stanislav Velikov

    I bought this device few weeks ago, when I was in Beijing.
    Start to using the device, it works good two days. To next day I tried to turn it on by remoot controler, but it doesn’t swich on. There was blue light only. I turned it off the power grid and switched it on again. Then, there is not lightning, it can’t switch on, absolutley nothing. Is enybody knows, how to fix this problem? Tried to reset from the button, wich is hide in AV hole, nothing again! Please help!

  • Brad Rheede

    I am not able to turn on WIFI for some reason.One moment it works then it does not.Any solution to what the issue could be?

  • Tj Orendain Besa III

    When will they “invent” a smart TV box that will also enable DTV reception? Or is there one already?

  • Michael Jordan

    It won’t allow me to watch movies as it’s saying I need to install Vplayer. It takes me to play store but says my device isn’t compatible… What do I do?

  • Jimmy Banks

    My tx box MXQ Pro won’t connect to my iphone hotspot. Can someone help me

  • Bob Thorne

    I have just bought the MXQ Pro Plus 4K with 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, Amlogic S905 processor, running Kodi 15.1 on Android 5.1. I can’t install DSTV Now. Tried from the Play Store, bombs out after you type ‘DST’ in the search bar. Tried to install from Chrome and received the message ‘DSTV Now not compatible with this device’ (or something similar). Then tried to miracast from my Samsung A9.7 tablet. Worked fine with You Tube, but not DSTV Now or Supersport.

    Is it possible to upgrade the OS and Kodi versions? If so, would that make a difference?