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Chromecast with Google TV Updated to March Security Patch

Update Chromecast with Google TV

A new update is now available for Chromecast with Google TV devices including the 1080p model as well as the 4K version.

This 73 MB update brings the Android security patch level to March 2024, an upgrade from the January 2024 level which was provided in the last upgrade.

While the previous update brought new features including “Fast Pair” & Audio Output capabilities, this latest system update seems to provide fewer advancements.

Only “bug fixes and performance improvements” are listed on the changelog and there are no new release notes on Google’s official Chromecast website.

Chromecast with Google TV Update March 2024

Many are awaiting the arrival of a new version of the Chromecast with Google TV as we haven’t seen a new model since 2021.

There have been various rumors of a new device coming in the near future, especially after a “leak” on the Google Home App appeared in early 2024.

For now, the latest update to software version STTL.240206.002 will have to do as there have been no announcements from Google on an upcoming device.

Use the following guide to learn how to update your Chromecast with Google TV device to the latest software.

How to Update Chromecast with Google TV

In this guide, we are using a Chromecast with Google TV 1080p version. This will also work for those with the 4K device.

1. From the home screen of your device open Settings.

open settings

2. Click System.

click system

3. Choose About.

choose about

4. Click System update.

click system update

5. Click Check for update.


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click check for update

6. Click Download.

click download

7. Wait for the software to update.

wait for update to install

8. Click Restart now.


9. Your device will begin installing the latest update.

latest update to google tv installing

10. Google TV update installation is now complete.

Google TV Update complete


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Notable Replies

  1. I quit with the google tv home screen after those Hardee’s chicken tenders wraps ads.Projectivity launcher for me.

  2. Today I checked the ONN box (Ver. 2 – Android 12) and saw I had an update. The update was for version SGZ2.230609.049.A1. This version is 727 MB and indicates it’s a security patch level (SPL) update with minor bug fixes. I read Troy’s article posted above and noticed the article was updated to March 1st. showing a software version of STTE.231215.005 at 169 MG. I’ve looked all over for some information concerning the update available for the ONN box and have struck out. Just wondering if any one out there may have knowledge concerning this update. I don’t like being a beta tester when it comes to updates. Thanks in advance.

  3. Hello @UtahJake the big update for this is Android 12. I’ve done it on my two older Onn boxes and it is working as it should with no problems. Does it provide anything of great benefit, no but I’ve never seen an Android update that does on TV devices.

  4. Hmmm. No update here in my ONN Box. But it. Came with Android 12 when I bought it at least 6 months ago. Last security patch level I have is from March 2023.

  5. Hey Troy,
    Thanks for reaching out. My ONN box is the 2nd generation which came with Android 12. I’m pretty sure this update is something completely different, at least that’s what I think it is as I’m already running Android 12. I’m curious if any other insider has come across this update (SGZ2.230609.049.A1) and installed it. I did several searches but can’t anything concerning this specific update. Much thanks Troy. Hope you have a great one.

  6. Thanks Miki. That’s great info. I’ll keep an eye on the reddit conversation but at this point think I’ll hang out on the sidelines. ONN box is running fantastic and I’ve had none of the issues discussed in the reddit thread. Thanks again, Miki. I really appreciate the info.

  7. Yeah this thread is confusing. I have the new ONN 4K and it came with Android 12. There is NO update to Google TV

  8. Hey Miki,
    This is what I found today.

    It appears it was downloaded sometime during the evening. So whatever it is, I got it. Only thing I’ve noticed was losing my external storage (no big deal). So later tonight I’ll have time to check it out further. Thanks again.

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