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Walmart Onn 4K Pro Review & Guides

Walmart Onn 4K Pro Streaming DeviceThe new Walmart Onn 4K Pro Streaming Device is taking the world by storm due to its low price ($49.88) and impressive features.  This comes at the perfect time as Amazon is blocking modifications on Fire TV systems.  The Onn 4K Pro seems to be the nail in the coffin for the popular Amazon streaming devices.

The previous Onn 4K Google TV Box is still a huge hit at the $19 price-point and this new 4K Pro is for those who want a little extra.

This page will be updated on a frequent basis with important information and guides pertaining to the Onn 4K Pro Streaming Device.  You will also find a review that focuses on the important features that TROYPOINT fans are interested in.

Onn 4K Pro

Walmart Onn 4K Pro Features at a Glance

  • Android TV 12 with Google TV Interface
  • CPU: Quad-core Cortex-A55
  • GPU: Mali-G31 MP2
  • 32GB Internal Storage
  • 3GB RAM
  • USB 3.0 Port
  • 10/100 Ethernet
  • WiFi 6: 2.4/5GHz 802.11ax
  • Dolby Vision
  • Dolby Atmos
  • AV1 Codec
  • Google Voice Assistant
  • Hands Free Voice Control
  • Custom Favorite Button on Remote
  • Remote Control Finder
  • Supports Expandable Storage
  • Works with 3rd Party Launchers
  • Supports Side-loading
  • All popular paid streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime work

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Onn 4K Pro Review

The following review covers the new features and important information that TROYPOINT fans are curious about.


The most welcome change in this area is the 32GB of internal storage.  This is a major pain-point that we see with most other budget-friendly streaming devices and the Onn 4K Pro is sure to make a big impact with this alone.

It’s important to point out that the OS and system apps take up approximately 11GB of space leaving you with 21GB but that should be plenty for all of your applications.

Onn 4K Pro Storage

The device is also equipped with a USB 3.0 port which is also a nice addition which will allow for the use of USB drives, keyboards, etc.  It’s important to note that not everything that we connect will work with this system.  I tried connecting a Gigabit USB adapter but the best download speeds I got were 10 Mbps.  I’ve seen some people having better luck with other adapters and this seems to be hit and miss.

Features at a Glance of Walmart Onn 4K Pro Streaming Device

It also comes with standard 10/100 Ethernet which will provide max download speed of 100 Mbps.  There will be some complaining here that it’s not a Gigabit port but we need to remember that Onn is trying to keep this affordable.  The affordability will be referenced quite a bit in this review as this is what Onn is known for.  There are plenty of other high-powered Android TV boxes up for grabs but you will also pay more.

The WiFi 6 chip is screaming fast on the new Onn 4K Pro Streaming Device which you will see from my download/upload speeds referenced below. Due to these fabulous speeds, not sure an Ethernet port is even needed.  Yes, there will be some tech geeks who claim that Ethernet is more stable but the truth is WiFi has come a long way in the past years and I personally never have any problems with streaming over my wireless connection with any of my devices.

You will see in the following images that the CPU and GPU are very comparable as far as performance from the previous Onn streaming box.  This seems to be getting the most criticism but again I will remind you about the affordability factor that Onn is going for.

The following benchmark images are courtesy of Elias at where he breaks down the differences between the most popular Android-based streaming devices currently available.

CPU Benchmarks

CPU Benchmarks

GPU Benchmarks

GPU Benchmarks


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Surfshark backs their service with a 30-day money back guarantee

Use your account on unlimited devices & share with family members


There is such a thing as overkill on these streaming systems and why do we need all of this power if it plays 4K video as it should?  If you’re a gamer, that’s a different story and both the CPU and GPU performance will matter to you.  Don’t buy this box if you’re a gamer!

Don’t get too hung up on these benchmark scores as this device will work perfectly for the majority of cord-cutters.  You may be a power-user who has different needs but in general, this box is strong enough.

The Onn 4K Pro also comes with 3GB of RAM Memory which is a nice addition.  The typical RAM size on most budget streaming devices is 2 or 1.5 so this is definitely an improvement.  Again, there is such a thing as overkill in this area as well and I feel that 3 is plenty unless you are using the device for other tasks than just streaming.

Hands Free Voice Control

The new Walmart Onn 4K Pro Streaming Device kind of serves as a smart hub due to its built-in speaker on top of the box.  There is a reason why I say kind of.  There are some commands that won’t work that do on my actual Google Nest Hub.  I tried, “Hey Google, set a timer for 20 minutes.”  It came back with, “Sorry, I can’t manage timers on this device.”  So, it’s important to note that you won’t get all of the bells and whistles that you would on an actual Google smart hub.

Smart Hub

The hands free feature allows you to control various aspects of the streaming device.  You can say, “Hey Google, open TiviMate.” and it will launch the application without touching the remote control.  There are many other commands that can be issued which tie into popular streaming services such as Netflix, etc.

You must first activate this feature under Settings/Privacy/Google Assistant/Hands-free Mic.


Activate hands-free mic

After issuing a command, you will see or hear the results on your connected television.  If your TV is off or HDMI cord is disconnected, the audio will come out of the speaker on the Onn 4K Pro.

There’s an on/off microphone switch on the side of this Android TV Box so you can deactivate this feature if you don’t want to use it.

As I referenced in my First Impressions Video for Patrons, I’m not a big fan of this type of dual device.  We also see this on the Amazon Fire TV Cube as well.  I would rather see a smaller box that can be concealed easier behind the TV.  I’ve never gotten into these voice commands, so this feature isn’t important to me at all.

Remote Control Features

There are two new features that come with the Onn 4K Pro.  There’s a find your remote feature as well as a custom favorite button.

Onn 4K Pro Remote Control

The find your remote feature is genius and something that all of these streaming devices should include.  There’s a button under settings that will emit a loud pulsing sound from the remote when it’s pushed.

Find My Remote Feature

The new star button on the top-right side of the remote allows us to designate a favorite app that will open when it’s pushed.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to work when a 3rd party launcher is being used.

As usual, the remote does allow for controlling TV, soundbar, and AV receivers.

Control TV, soundbar, or AV receiver

Some people complain that there isn’t a rewind/fast forward/play/pause button on the remote.  Users can simply click the OK button during video playback and then use the on-screen buttons on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.  Or, press the left/right directional pad buttons to rewind or fast forward.  This complaint actually surprises me as I don’t think I’ve ever used the fast forward/rewind buttons on the Fire TV remote control.  It all comes down to personal preference and this change may take some people awhile to get used to.

Supercharge Star Button on Onn 4K Pro Video Tutorial

Video Playback

I tested 4K video playback through both Kodi and Stremio and it played both movies and TV shows flawlessly.  I also tested both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video and both worked as they should with no problems whatsoever.

Free StartMail Trial

3rd Party Launchers

My favorite “hack” on any Android TV/Google TV box is implementing a 3rd party launcher.  This allows for a custom user interface without all of the annoying ads pushing streaming services we’ll never use.

3rd party launchers working on Onn 4K Pro Streaming Device

The Onn 4K Pro does support 3rd party launchers with Launcher Manager that can be found in the TROYPOINT Toolbox.

Adoptable Storage

The new Walmart Onn 4K Pro Streaming Device comes with 32GB of internal storage so there should be plenty of room for installing apps.  Some may still want to expand internal storage (Adoptable Storage) with a USB drive.

Thankfully, this does work, but my system rebooted unexpectedly prior to finishing the task.  Once the Onn 4K Pro was back on, I went into Storage settings and migrated storage to USB drive and it worked.  This is the step that was skipped prior to rebooting.

Adoptable Storage

If you’ve been following me for any period of time, I’m not a big fan of expanding internal storage.  It seems like there are numerous problems that arise and hopefully the new 32GB storage will be a good reason not to do this anymore.

Download/Upload Speed

I used the Analiti Speed test application for testing download & upload speeds on the new Walmart Onn 4K Pro.

I have 1GB Fiber download speed through my Internet Service Provider so that’s the reason for the fast speeds.

I’m connected to the 5GHz band on my ASUS RT-AX86U Pro WiFi 6 Router. This router resides in the same room as the new Onn 4K Pro (approximately 25 feet away from the wireless router).

I’m using Surfshark VPN as my VPN on Latham Server.

As you will see the speeds on this thing are lightning fast!

Onn 4K Pro download & upload speeds

WiFi 6

Surfshark VPN Off: 437 Mbps Download & 246 Mbps Upload

Surfshark VPN On: 106 Mbps Download & 55 Mbps Upload


Surfshark VPN Off: 99 Mbps Download & 86 Mbps Upload

Surfshark VPN On: 97 Mbps Download & 71 Mbps Upload

Note: WiFi is faster due to the fact that this device comes with standard Ethernet which is only capable of max speeds of 100 Mbps.

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What’s in the Box

What's in the box

  • Onn 4K Pro Streaming Device
  • Bluetooth Remote Control
  • HDMI Cord
  • Power Adapter
  • 2 AAA Batteries
  • Quick Start Guide


  • 32GB internal storage
  • 3GB RAM
  • Android TV/Google TV OS
  • Ethernet
  • USB 3.0
  • Supports 3rd Party Launchers
  • Adoptable Storage works
  • Netflix certified
  • New remote control features
  • Hands-free Google Assistant
  • Screaming fast download speed


  • Not a fan of the bulky box with speaker
  • Some voice commands don’t work that do on Google hubs
  • Custom favorite button on remote not working with 3rd party launchers


This is a popular item and may be sold out in some stores and Walmart Website.  Keep checking back on a regular basis if you don’t see this item in stock.

Many have had success purchasing through their local Walmart stores so be sure to check there if it shows as Out of Stock online.

Final Thoughts

There are two groups of people who use these Android-based streaming systems.  Those who use paid streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, etc., and those who use free streaming APKs and like to mod their devices.  There’s no doubt that TROYPOINT fans are the latter and the new Walmart Onn 4K Pro Streaming Device should be a welcome addition.

Could this streaming device be better? Yes it could but you will be paying more.  I think that Onn did a fabulous job with this $50 Android TV/Google TV streaming box.  Sure, some of you will want a Gigabit port or maybe more storage and there are devices out there that will do that…you will just need to pay more.  It’s important to keep in mind that the Onn business model will never cater to high-end products, no matter what it is.  They manufacture inexpensive items that “most people” will enjoy.  For those of you “power users”, there are plenty of better alternatives.

There’s no wonder why the new Onn 4K Pro is getting so much attention.  It’s an inexpensive streaming device that zeroes in on the biggest pain-point and that’s storage!  Amazon tried to satisfy it’s customers with 16GB of internal storage on the Fire TV Stick 4K Max and that even seems a bit too small.  Onn has doubled that size and it costs $10 less than the 4K Max!  Plus we can still perform custom modifications to the device that Amazon has locked down.

We haven’t seen any modification blocks from Google on these Android TV/Google TV like we have on Amazon Fire TV products.  Many think that it’s just a matter of time until that happens but I don’t think it will.  People have been able to modify their Android phones and tablets for more than a decade and there has been absolutely no interference from Google.  The fact that Google allows for the inclusion of 3rd party launchers in their Google Play Store should be a sign that things aren’t changing.

TROYPOINT strongly suggests that people start migrating over to Android TV/Google TV devices such as this.  There are credible rumors that Amazon will be ditching the Android operating system in future Fire TV models which will probably render side-loading impossible.

Taking into account the affordable price and included features, I rate the Walmart Onn 4K Pro Streaming Device 4.7 stars out of 5.

Buy Onn 4K Pro Online

This page includes affiliate links where TROYPOINT may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Many times, visitors will receive a discount due to the special arrangements made for our fans. Learn more on my Affiliate Disclaimer page.

Notable Replies

  1. Wal-Mart is the only retail giant capable of standing up tho Amazon. Wal-Mart might be able to keep Amazon from controlling the streaming market and blocking things such as sideloading.

  2. Those ONN boxes handle pretty well

  3. Walmart is working on a Pro Version of their onn. 4k TV box. Will it have more storage space?:thinking:

  4. This is Awesome whatever it is I’m buying it. I love my 4K ONN!

  5. This is great news, looking forward to giving the 4k pro a try!

  6. Sorry for making a post about the onn 4k Pro . I didn’t see it on Troypoint. I came across the news while surfing through X . I’m sure we’re all equally excited about what this new box will have to offer :100::star2:

  7. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    If I can get one here at Wally Mart I’ll give the pro a go.

  8. I doubt the information is out yet, but if someone could please post the specs and the cost of this item whenever the information is released I would be grateful.

  9. Removed link to an article that showed the old specs. My bad.

  10. They still don’t sell these devices in Canada even though they carry about everything else by Onn. I asked electronics in a few and they were not even aware it existed. They suggested I email higher up in Walmart to try and find out. Perhaps they have deals or something with the other vendors streaming products. Shame.

  11. Not surprised about this announcement. A salvage store in our area (north GA) has the current version onn 4K boxes for $6.99 each. Bought several a couple of weeks ago. Figured it was a no-brainer at that price!

  12. The generation two at $7 price. OMG you won the lottery. The older version gen 1 has problem remotes. The newer Gen 2 fixed that.

  13. I have the current Onn box and it makes a perfect inexpensive platform to play around with Kodi, install different builds, skins, add-ons, etc to experiment, learn and see what works and how to configure different things. I recently discovered you can add Pluto TV as a PVR Client source and pull in those channels and guide to the Live TV section which I hadn’t done before. I certainly hope the new design will incorporate more storage space however.

  14. Agreed on the storage. IMO that is the only drawback with the current 4K ONN. I don’t like to mess with external storage on any of my boxes. Don’t really need it as I rarely record but would like another 5 GB on the ONN for Apps

  15. I am in Canada and enquired about the Onn in a Canadian Walmart. They said they had three in stock but couldn’t sell them yet. This was about 6 months ago and I haven’t followed up.

  16. I am skeptical about that or that they even knew what you were talking about. I do hope they will get them in at some point if and when they can. You can’t find it even on their website with 200 other Onn products.

  17. We’ve 4 now and they’re doing great. Of the four though, only one will migrate data to my USB drive. However, I am still able to manually transfer apps to the flash drive.
    Hopefully I’ll figure it out.
    Setup the ADB shell commands but no luck migrating the data.

    Other than that, the boxes work great.

  18. Pluto. TV, Tubi & Plex can be added to the Live TV section. Also, if you haven’t already installed it Xumo App added a growing live TV section . Roku channels app too :ok_hand:

  19. I couldn’t be happier with the current model!! It is amazing. I purchased 5 of them when they were on sale for all my TV’s and run KODI with real-debrid. Using real-debrid is a must have. The amount of things I have been able to do with the ONN, has just been hands down the best experience I’ve had with a steaming device. I was using the X92, but there was always an issue. Hardware failure or connection issues. Can’t wait for the new 2024 ONN device!!!

  20. :+1: welconme to the group

  21. And a link on where to buy it. I’m in the UK so won’t be easy to obtain

  22. Are they good with syncler as well as Kodi

  23. Continuing the discussion from All-New Walmart onn. 4K Pro Appears to be in the Works for 2024:

    2 problems I’ve encountered that maybe is just the 1 I have or maybe it can get fixed with the next box. 1, the WiFi capability seems limited. It wouldn’t connect in the bedroom even if I connected to the extender. So it ended up in the living room with the hardware to connect directly to the router. 2, if I’ve watched several apps I have to go into settings and “force stop”. I hope the new one will shut down the apps when I power off to solve this problem. I’d be interested if others have similar problems.

  24. Its sort of nice,but will users be inundated with Walmart Ads down the road.

  25. I can see a Onn 4k in my future…

  26. Run syncler and weyd with no issues!

  27. You can make a safe bet with that.

  28. I’ve been on two onn devices for almost two years and although I have 5 firesticks, as they die they are the last. The Firestick just can’t compare. I do wish the onn had more storage. I did the USB storage rigamarole, and that’s just not worth the effort.

  29. “I recently discovered you can add Pluto TV as a PVR Client source and pull in those channels and guide to the Live TV section which I hadn’t done before”.

    Curious if this is documented in a step by step process to add through Kodi? Or if you have it documented? I’ve set up my Onn box but am still green to developing add-ons through Kodi and feel I’m missing out…particularly on the live-Tv side!

  30. My friend got one, he bought it in the states, works really good

  31. They are great, I got two of them finally in Florida last December. It took me visiting three states over a year to finally find one. I will absolutely look for this new one when it’s out if the specs and price make sense.

  32. Well im dieing to check out the new version, there’s been lots of talk about it, im sure it’s going to be a hit.

  33. The instructions below can be found on the Kodi Wiki page, just do a Google search for kodi adding live tv pluto pvr or something along those lines and you’ll find it. Here are the basic steps I took to enable/add it, and it works great!

    This add-on is installed from the Add-on browser located in Kodi as follows:

    1. Settings
    2. Add-ons
    3. Install from repository
    4. PVR clients
    5. PVR Client
    6. Install
  34. Thanks very much! I appreciate it!

  35. My oNN box works great very easy to side load

  36. I hope HDMI 2.1, Bluetooth 5.1, 2 or more USB 3.1, WiFi 7.0 with one Gig speed and Android 12.
    Four Meg memory and at least 32 meg storage.
    This is my dream streaming device. Time will tell

  37. …and bypass OBB restrictions.

  38. As well keep a great price point although I would suspect it will go up now that they have entered the market place in a big way. It’s a good product.

  39. Onn tv box has been around for a few years now. No ads as of now and I have not seen any articles stating that ads will be coming.

  40. I wish they would sell these locally in Canada instead of Amazon.

  41. Yes, I wish they would as well and please note the ones sold on Amazon are not the same box as the USA ones. Look at the packaging. I waited to get mine from the USA.

  42. With regards to your previous reply to my opinion that Walmart could follow what YouTube
    and Amazon are now doing with invasive ads,its only a matter of time before Walmart follows
    suit. Walmart’s purchase of Vizeo will enable them to customize Vizeo’s OS and replace Android’s OS with new TV boxes,thus activating ads.

  43. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Until this does or doesn’t happen, it’s just speculation. That and a Buck fifty will get ya a small coffee.

  44. Do you have a link to that article?

  45. Yes Miki,speculation. I remember years ago when Walmart said the company would only sell products Made In America. Look how that turned out.

  46. PiratePete- I don’t’t have a link to an article. The Vizeo takeover was announced last month and I believe I heard the info on why Walmart bought Vizeo on a YouTube video. Sorry. If I do remember I’ll get back to you.

  47. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Yes but that is no longer speculation but fact. So thankyou for just giving facts. Now lets get back to the 4 K Onn facts thread. Have fun and STREAM ON!!!

  48. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    While i love my $20 Onn boxes they aren’t irreplaceable. I really just hope that the specs are so good, perfomance is outstanding and the price is so low that Nvidea has to reduce their prices significantly.

    I can dream can’t I? :joy:

    I’m open minded to see what they offer but i really want to replace my back up Onns with nvidia shield tv pros.

  49. My one and only small problem with Onn is something I mentioned when I first got one. There is no way to adjust the screen size as you can with a FS. Not a huge problem but at times the outer edge of some apps may be partially off the screen but you can get to them. I am also thinking this is not the case with all Tv’s but it is with mine, an older but still stellar LG.

  50. LOL Nvidia does not give 2 Shi$s about this part of their business. It’s really meaningless for them from a revenue perspective and I doubt they are watching what Walmart does with the ONN Box

  51. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    In my dream they cared so little about the Shield Pro they lowered the price to $50. :grin:

  52. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    This is the year I now religate my Shield Pro to a backup roll. Time to explore newer options. Not because I have to, but because I now want backup options other than the Firesticks.

  53. Avatar for mthr1 mthr1 says:

    The backup option for your Shield…maybe should be another shield? :wink:

  54. Guilty as charged.

  55. Avatar for mthr1 mthr1 says:

    I’d feel like I’d be cheating on my perfect wife if I went with another device option to my shield. :stuck_out_tongue:

  56. PiratePete- Do as follows: 1) From your Search Engine type Walmart purchases Vizeo

    1. An article heading will appear from Walmart’s Corporate Office titled ‘Walmart Agrees To
      Acquire Vizeo Holding Corp.’

    The second paragraph indicates using Vizeo’s OS to expand advertising and other functions to
    Walmart’s customer base. ONN will likely be one of the messengers,but when is a guess at this
    point in time.

    Best I can do.

  57. I’m aware of Walmart buying vizeo . I’m talking about ads being put on the onn tv boxes.

  58. Miki’s got the itch to do some 'sperimenting, eh?

    Good news for us, we’ll learn something on his dime :+1:

  59. Avatar for Nevis Nevis says:

    I hope for a few improvements to the Firestick on the new ONN 4K like more memory and no blocking of side loading capabilities. I really hope that the remote can be like the Firestick remote with the ring to easily move within apps and the center button for entry.

  60. Not mine yet lol.

  61. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Hey @JDPing Where did ya get those pics?

    Wow 3GBs of RAM and 32 of Storage. Now as long as the price is good I would jump on the ONN bandwagon and give it a try. Even a USB 3.0 port for adding storage. This is a huge improvement.

  62. Wow! 32GB Storage. Can’t wait to see the price for this

  63. Thanks for sharing those pictures JDPing.

    Would I be wrong in assuming this looks like a 40-50 dollar pro version?

    Also, can someone remind me how much pre-loaded OS software is installed on the 4K boxes that can’t be removed?

    I think they only let you have 5-6 GBs to install your own apps? So I am assuming we should have at least 25GBs on this pro version.

  64. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Somewhere around the 27GB mark for your own stuff, but that may be a mute point if the USB 3.0 port allow the easy addition of removeable storage.

  65. Those are some decent specs.Will be very interesting to see what they retail for.Might be swapping more of the family over from amazon sooner rather than later lol

  66. Just saw that the new Walmart onn pro streaming box will have 32 g of space. One Usb 3 port, 3 g of ram and wifi 6 for around 50 dollars.

  67. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I posted the basic ONN Pro info earlier but where did you find price info?

  68. Likely quoting TDUK latest video

  69. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    I’m guessing $39.98… total guess but what the heck.

  70. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I missed that vid. Did TDUK also give the Ram, ROM and chip specs?

  71. Yes.
    I saw it after I posted. Tduk has a video YouTube. It will be in that area. I would be surprised if Walmart will bring it down lower. He didn’t do a review yet. I am waiting for Troy to do the video review. I just bought a new Nvidia shield pro. But I will go for it as soon as it comes out. The way the tech doctor talked about it, it could be out anytime now. Can’t wait.
    The specs was read off the box.

  72. Look at the picture above, all the specs

  73. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I saw the specs I just haven’t seen the price and someone mentioned TDUK vid had a price but I wanted to make sure that was for the Pro. That’s why I asked if he had specified those specs

  74. At 46:37 in this video he uses AIDA64 to show the specs

  75. Yes I’ve seen that price reported multiple times but no one knows who or where it came from.

  76. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    $51.49 from walmart in the vid. Wow. Yup Amazon will be crying the blues. Now for us Canuks that will be about $71 plus tax so around $85.
    Tx to @Streaming429 for the vid with the facts.

  77. $50 at Walmart

  78. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    $51.49 on the reciept in the vid, but what’s $1.49. lol Probably won’t get it here for months.

  79. A friend of mine in Phoenix screenshot the Walmart website. Not in Walmart stores near me yet. He picked it up today and says it’s very fast and smooth compared the the 8gb version.

  80. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    With those specs and if storage is easy to add, then it’ll kill Amazon. Yowsa. At least the rush has started. Hope Wally World has some major stock. Anybody want a 4K Max??? :laughing:

  81. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Just a slight difference in price from the one shown by a guy that bought 2 in @Streaming429 vid. Still a killer price. I hope to get one even for the $85 Cdn it’ll cost me. But as I said, it’ll take months to get here if ever.

  82. My buddy says it has an Ethernet port also. Jealous and curious lol

  83. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Yup that shows in the vid as well. I didn’t watch it all the way to the end, the guy is so long winded and yo yo yoing, arghhh, so no idea if it’s a gig or 10/100 port.

  84. That’s a great price . You have a link to the article ?

  85. It’s not listed on the Walmart app. So am a little confused how others are seeing this.

  86. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    14 posts up @Streaming429 has a link in his post with an unboxing Vid. This is the first guy to post a vid for the new Onn Pro and boy he sure loves letting ya know he was the first. Lengthy and boring but eventually you get to see his receipt and see it hooked up.

  87. It took me three States and one year to get my first Onn. I hope that won’t be the case with this one. Easy to get over to Niagara USA as I pretty much hit the falls yearly. So easy to cross over then when coming back explain to customs exactly why did you travel two hours for one hour over there? Pull over. I swear, it was only cookies. Been there, done that.

  88. If only it had AI upscaling lol…But at that price point it will fly off the shelves guaranteed.

  89. Yeah what a clown, don’t know how he got one!

  90. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Some ppl are just plain lucky :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  91. Was skeptical that he actually had this but just skimmed through the video and it’s real for sure. what I don’t understand is how some random youtuber gets his hands on one of these when they aren’t even listed on walmart’s website??? How does this happen?

  92. I’ve not seen it but perhaps the person has a channel and they wanted a review, a first look. Just speculation.

  93. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    I was wondering the same. I’ll take another bad guess that maybe he knows someones who gets a prerelease order. Like an inside employee. Still have to pay but you get them early.

    If they were releasing them to Reviewers wouldn’t there be more out there?

  94. Yeah no idea how that works. He’s got a far amount of followers (77K) but the SKU isn’t even on their website yet. Walmart has 1,000’s of products and I can’t see this being so important to them that they would reach out to someone to see if they will promote it on YouTube. He has to know someone somewhere and must have asked to have a pre-release

  95. The SKU doesn’t work. The receipt is a Walmart in Canton, Michigan

  96. I don’t believe it’s a gig , it was slightly under 98 In @SuperDell-TV yt live video yesterday. So I’d say 10/100. It is crazy how he’s like the ONLY one with it on the whole yt lol.

  97. This is strange! So the product is not even listed or available for sale on Walmart’s website yet this guy walks into some random Walmart in Michigan and is able to buy one?

  98. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    I didn’t realize he has 2 of them too.

  99. If you have 25000 followers on social media Buzz and a few will give you one to pimp

  100. Stupid to put a 10/100 Ethernet on anything nowadays! Like building a car with a V8 with only 4 cylinders firing!

  101. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Agreed. Even though it’s just $50 USD I will now take a hard pass. Yes 100GBs down is plenty to stream, that makes me wonder what else did they cheap out on?

  102. Ehhh! Who cares about Ethernet. 6 Years ago I had one of those stupid Dongles hard wired from my Firestick to my Ethernet Port. BUT it’s 2024 I haven’t used Ethernet in Years. Wifi has come a long way. I get close to 400MB on Wifi

  103. Agree it would be better to have the gig port, but the fact that a $50 box has wifi 6 is definitely a cool feature. These are going to sell like freaking hotcakes when they come out.

  104. The salvage store here has dropped the price on the current version onn to 5 bucks.

  105. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Unfortunately we don’t have 6 yet and ethernet is more stable here in a high rise. But I agree WiFi is improving, just for some of us it’s at a snails pace. I agree these will go like hotcakes. Amazon is sure taking notice I bet. :laughing:

  106. I thought I would stop by my local Wal-Mart in Wisconsin to ask a few questions about this box and was told that they do know of this device and they have items that need to get out on the shelves. However he also told me that may 16th thru the 20th is when there next release of new items would be? He did tell me to check now and then before that date as they really never know when they will or could start selling. We will see?

  107. The specs & features rival some of the MeCool boxes, at a lower cost.

  108. TXRon-
    Awesome job for finding this great news!
    Going to WalMart at Dawn! ($49.88 USD)
    You just got added to my Christmas Card List.

  109. WalMart part number?
    Onn part number?

  110. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    not released yet. That was all about someone who got their hands on one to preview.

  111. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    at the time of the video it wasnt. Guess they let the guy get a sneak peak and released it right after :joy:

  112. I live in Canada 2 and I get packages from the US utilizing give it a try.

  113. Agree 100% with you. Only reason for Ethernet is if their is large distance to their router and doesn’t provide good coverage. Or, they are playing large local media on network from Plex, etc. I never have problems with streams cutting out when connected to WiFi.

  114. It has USB 3 folks which would allow an external Ethernet adapter at 1 gig speed.

  115. With all of its upgrades and a $50 price tag it’s pretty much an Everything Killer. It’s amazing how a department store chain has invested so much into the TV box market. You have to applaud them :clap::clap::clap:

  116. True, but with wifi 6 speeds why bother ?

  117. I hardwire my Shields because it doesn’t have Wifi6, but my other boxes that have 6, stream perfectly. Wifi7 may eliminate the emphasis we put on gigabit ethernet ports, even though I understand that will be a while.

  118. Follow The Money :moneybag: Amazon shenanigans created an additional $11.8 BILLION advertising revenue in just the last quarter. Wal-Mart wants in on that. Sell streaming devices cheap and collect ad dollar$. Roku earned $57 per unit on ad and subscription fees, that’s how you sell a product for $30 and get $57 in profit! Welcome to the game Wal-Mart

  119. What Advertising? I turn on my TV, change the source to my ONN 4K Box, Scroll over to settings, go into apps, choose my IPTV app and I’m watching live TV. I don’t see any ads whatsover except the same commercials on Live TV that I would see if on Cable. When I want to watch movies or Shows I open up KODI. where are these ads?

  120. What are on Are you talking about Ads? I don’t see any there as well. If they are my Adblock and Adguard are shutting em down

  121. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Did I miss where ATFNews mentions how they got a Onn Pro box to do the benchmarks? The article just links back the storty of the YTber getting them. And that still seems to be a mystery.

    I dont see any other hands on videos yet.

  122. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    There was a line in there saying the units had been released at select locations and giving credit to the very first person to do a vid of unboxing one. TDUK has a vid out as well.

  123. Elias talks about purchasing two units from his local Walmart in this article.

  124. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Yeah i saw that but no one can find it available or out of stock anywhere that i know of. What select stores have it?

    TDUK does have a video but not a “Hands on” video. He just shows the pictures that superdell claims to be his hands in his video.

  125. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Gotcha. I see he says that in the comments section.

    So i guess people will have go on a scavenger hunt. Lol.

  126. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Oh forget a scavenger hunt. This is one of those things where the minute stock appears to the public, you better be there or know someone who is. Cause they won’t have stock left after 30 minutes with the way this thing is taking off. I can’t wait to see the Amazon reaction to the financial kick in the butt they’re about to get.

  127. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Yeah the cabbage patch dolls type of craze is not for me. Lol

    I just got the regular Onn boxes so I’ll wait it out.

  128. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    Google TV’s new ‘Magic’ Star Button can launch any app or change TV input — Available first on the Onn 4K Pro remote

  129. I stopped by my local Walmart and they didn’t even know about the new Premium ONN Box or when they might get it. They did tell me that typically Walmart rolls out New products in the US starting on the West Coast and going East. Once they have it though it should be on their website so order online and pick up in Store

  130. Dang! Got all excited for a second. Someone said the person that had the new ONN Pro had a receipt from a Michigan Walmart. I found the store and low and behold they are in Stock. Unfortunately I think it’s only in-store pickup or local delivery as it says shipping unavailable. So if you live near Cadillac, MI have at it!

  131. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Yeah Superdell bought his in a Walmart in Canton Michigan according to the receipt he showed.

    So Michigan seems to be stocking up.

  132. For anyone wondering this was a live unboxing

  133. It will only be on the website if that store has it and they don’t ship all over the US Like Amazon . Only local pickup and local delivery unfortunately.

  134. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    I didnt pay attention at the time when they released the 4k onn box. I thought I was happy with what I had at the time.

    Was it the same slow drawn out process of releasing it by geographical area?

    Does Walmart not advertise or use PR to hype the release? It seems if you didnt pay attention you wouldnt know it was available.

    I live in basically a Walmart Free Zone. The first time i ever bought from them was when i bought the onn 4k box a few months ago. So i am not really sure what to expect.

  135. JPM69-

    There are ZERO WalMarts in New England that currently stock it. I checked all the state capitals and major cities (online and a few phone calls).

    For those searching:
    MarkxG is correct about searching by store. (changing zip codes and checking the area) (I had not thought to check out of my state until reading his post)
    Good tip. :exclamation:

  136. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Yeah the ones closest to me dont have it either but too far and not really worth the drive if they did.

    I think @MarkxG point was even if you found one in Idaho they wont ship to Florida for example. You need to find it at the local Walmart that is designated to ship/deliver to you or go pick it up.

  137. This is a big deal for us but not Walmart. They stock 100,000 products and something like this is really meaningless in their overall revenues.

  138. Yeah they are not like that has massive logistic capabilities when it comes to shipping. You are not going to get it shipped to you from a store that has it hundreds of miles away. Online options are pay online and pick up or have delivered the next day if you are in the local area of the store. I found this out today when I found a store that had them but there was no shipping option for me

  139. Oh well . We will not be in first 5% to get one…


  140. I scored one today and the Walmart kid said that they weren’t supposed to put them out yet but they did anyway.
    It’s a decent box. I put on Downloader, Privado VPN, Kodi, Diggz Xenon 3.0, Tivimate, and Tubi, deleted all of the other apps that I could and ended up with 20 GB of free space left.
    It seems to boot faster and run a little smoother than the $20 Onn box.
    The ethernet and wifi seemed to lag a little. I’m going to try an ethernet USB 3 adapter tomorrow when I get a chance.

  141. Why do you have so many deleted posts? WTF is going on. I see this with you in many threads

  142. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Keep us updated. I am curious if it is worth the upgrade from the Onn 4k box. I just got 2 a few months ago but since they were so cheap i wont mind upgrading but only if its worth it.

    I’ll still have my Nvidia shield tv pro as my main device anyway. :sunglasses:

  143. It certainly isn’t going to replace my Shield but it’s nice to have the extra storage space for more apps for sure. I like the Onn Android 12 over the Firestick interface any day of the week. I’m going to try a USB hub on it today and see how it performs. I won’t use the voice commands at all but I can see why some people would like it.
    It’s probably the most bang for the buck box out on the market.

  144. No ONN Pro in 50 mile radius for Orlando yet.

  145. The hype on this box is outrageous. Speculate it to be on eBay for $200 soon enough. Looking at the specs compared to fire cube gen 2 and seeing the gen 2 beats it for $50 on eBay. Thinking will wait on the hype to die, and for it to go on memorial Day or July 4th sale at $10 off (again speculation).

    BTW am in Southern Michigan and not seeing this yet on shelves.

  146. They are available in Northern Michigan at the Cadillac store

  147. I, personally, will be waiting until Troy gives his thumbs up on these. I wonder how far of a drive it is from the Chicago area to Cadillac, MI.

    I do have 2 of the ONN 4k boxes still unopened at this time. I just haven’t been motivated to fire them up.

  148. I don’t need anyone’s blessing and will be grabbing one as soon as I can. I have the 4K Version and love it. I can’t see any reason why the Pro wouldn’t be better with a better processor, 32GB storage, and a USB Port. The Ethernet limitations don’t apply to me as I’ve been using Fiber WiFi for years now

  149. Same way here. I joined this forum after I bought my first FS. I bought a second one and I have two 4k Onn’s now. They as I’ve said before, out perform the FS in every way

  150. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    Too bad I bought all 1000 that’s in the warehouse right now 39 bucks a piece. You’re right I’ll be putting them on eBay for 60 bucks plus shipping.

  151. Walmart in central Wisconsin, put them out. Looking forward to playing around with it tonight :grinning:

  152. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    Too bad I bought a thousand of them, just kidding LOL

  153. Spotted one Ebay from California … $100 + $15.70 shipping

    DUH… I’ll Wait.

    Johnny :sunglasses:

  154. I was in 2 stores today looking and nothing yet

  155. Hmm, I’m just wondering if the person on Ebay is AJS1?

  156. So Far so good , Time will tell???

  157. Its better Than I was expecting? fast and reliable are important to me and it does the trick. however I will need to see over time how this device holds up but looking very promising.

  158. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    Yeah I only accept Bitcoin! LOL

  159. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    Have you tried the USB port yet? Is it good for recording.

  160. I have only tried apps and simple functionality so far and liking what I see ? but time will tell?

  161. I do not do much recording so that would not be my area of expertise, but it is very nice !

  162. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    That’s a problem I’m having with my shield Pro right now, it doesn’t record on the USB port very well.

  163. It’s 2024 what do you need to record? You can get all your VOD on KODI. Who records News and Sports?

  164. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    I do I do I do I do.

  165. I know that there’s probably some sort of workaround for Android 12, but I couldn’t get Tivimate to record to the USB drive. The system picker works for the USB for the backup/restore function, but when I try to use it for the recording folder, it tells me that I don’t have an app to do that.
    Kodi recorded to the USB drive with no problem.

  166. Was gonna ask if system picker works for Tivimate :rofl:

  167. Agree with these benchmarks. I tested this device myself and it is no way as good in performance as the FireTV 4K devices especially the Fire TV cube. It really didn’t like streaming from my home network NAS. Agreed it is half the price but as always you seem to get what you pay for.

  168. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    Thanks for the heads up!

  169. Yea those benchmark scores were pretty disappointing.The fact that it rates worse than the first gen baffles me,sure there are some great new features,but why skimp under the hood?

  170. To keep cost down and affordable to match other competitors I bet.

  171. Was happy to purchase the new walmart onn 4k pro box yesterday but have a question. Anxiously awaiting for Troys’ review to help with setting it up. Question…for anyone who has one whats the best way to transfer all my stuff to the box without taking ALL DAY to do it or should I just wait for our leaders review? THANKS

  172. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I think it depends on what you mean by “all my stuff”. For instance

    imho, is the easiest way to put the latest up to date apps on your device, quickly. Apps like Stremio only need to be installed and logged into for your entire setup to be immediately applied. Same should go for Syncler and similar apps I suspect. VPNs, install, log in and do a little config. I’ve found that setting up a device from scratch takes less than 2 hours and IMHO is the best way to do it. That way you might actually bypass any mistakes you made in an app on previous devices. I am not entirely sure but I have heard of those who put a TiViMate backup onto an USB Drive and then once they’ve installed a new TiViMate install they then do a “restore” data from that drive to have all their stuff, but never tried it personally.

  173. I have done the TiviMate backup. I have transferred it to my phone and restored. I now just copy the backup to my Google drive and copy it back if I need to restore it. Works perfectly.

  174. I’m not sure about Transferring anything. It’s a new Box and I’d just start from scratch. In terms of the ONN Settings obviously you first need to turn on Developer Options. Beyond that search for Troy’s 4K ONN Video setup. I imagine the settings in the Pro are similar to the 4K. Not sure what you use but next I’d grab the Downloader App and go to Troy’s Toolbox for what you need there - KODI, Tivimate, etc…And finally delete any of the Google Bloatware that you can and don’t use. I’ll be grabbing one of these Pro’s as soon as I can

  175. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Someone trying to sell on Ebay for $150 plus $9.95 shipping :rofl::rofl:

    I’m tentative about spending $50 when available by me with the lackluster reviews so far.

    I hope no one buys that but i am afraid someone will.

    Edit… Already lowered to $100 +shipping. :grin:

  176. Thanks Miki, I still think, because I don’t want to burn my whole sunday up I’ll wait for Troys review which could take a while…and I know, I just being lazy but there’s something to be said for enjoying retirement :blush:

  177. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Lol. I am also retired and relish the challenge. But I totally get the waiting for Troy’s Tutorials, they sure help. I got use to watching the them on my tablet, while configuring a new device, as I could then pause and rewind if I didn’t quite get something the first time. After about your 6 th device setup whether Android TV or Google TV, you pretty much know what and when to click. :robot: Although TBH I don’t do Kodi, Syncler, or Orion which take a tad more effort IMHO, and authorizing RD in a new device app is simple with having RD shortcuts already on my phone.

  178. After a few days of trying the 4k pro it runs very well, every app and I have 12 on board. Every app loads quick and does what I like to do! Stream. The only issue I have is the the ethernet but wifi 6 does a fantastic job! I have set my shield pro off to the side and gonna give this box a chance to show how good it can be. Im not worried much about the benchmarks, this box runs great and snappy! So far?

  179. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I am waiting for someone, anyone, to comment on adding storage and recording.

  180. The best way to learn a new box is to set it up. Might be awhile before Troy get’s one.

  181. Avatar for Reece Reece says:

    It will not be me. I will not succomb to the ONN Fomo…this time!!

  182. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    Could you please break that down and layman terms how you back up the tiv I make backup to your phone to Google drive and then back to TV mate?

  183. Thanks Mark…appreciate the suggestions

  184. I’ve not even tried adding storage on my 4k one.

  185. Hi @AJS1 I have two methods. The first one is I used an app from the Play Store called “Send Files to TV” and installed it on my phone and my Android TV box.

    With this app you can choose a file (Tivimate backup file) and directly send it to another device. In this case it was my phone. This app did its job but not much more. I think you need to have the app open on both devices for it to work correctly.

    The second method I did was use a file manager called “File Manager +”.

    I like the UI on this app and it has a cloud option to connect your google drive to it. This is where I copied my Tivimate backup file to and I like having a cloud backup of the file in case of a device failure.

    I hope this helps and let me know if you need anymore info.

  186. Sorry @Miki when I grab one of these I won’t be adding anything for external storage. I don’t need external storage and I don’t do this. I record like 2 times/year

  187. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Yup I know @MarkxG. I don’t record either but don’t mind learning so I can help others that do. Kinda my thing. Have a great day.

  188. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    I will put one through the paces if I can ever find one. My local walmarts have zero and cant even get it online.

  189. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Canada is the tail end of the line. Probably nothing here for months.

  190. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    That was great thanks, great information and instructions! :grinning:

  191. for those in Sacremento. Gerber rd. isle J9

    Hamilton OH Main st

  192. I changed my location on the Walmart website to Hamilton, and sure enough the 4k Pro is listed. Not available to ship, though, and unfortunately a 4.5 hour drive for me to pick up. :rofl:

  193. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Spotted online at stores on the (North) East Coast (NJ and Long Island). Some were available briefly but most are listing as “not available” but at least they acknowledge the product exists now. Lol

    No shipping available for me either yet so I’ll still be waiting.

  194. Pretty sure you need to get it from a store in your local area only if you want it shipped to you.

  195. WOW I choose another Walmart and Bingo! Was able to buy one. Picking it up tomorrow!

  196. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Yeah i know. I’m going to wait it out. Eventually they will ship to me. My Nvidia and Onn 4k boxes are working so no rush to upgrade.

  197. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Nice. Keep us posted.

  198. Walked into WallyWorld in Georgetown Tx (outside of Austin) Sat afternoon. I found two if them sitting on the shelf. They both went home with me. :slight_smile: Got home yesterday and did a fresh install with both. I will confirm the 10/100 port. Speed Test hit 96up & down. The wifi 6 was at about 390/385.

    I did find a few issues with programs that were not certified with Android TV 12. Google Play will not allow Analiti to even show up. Says not available for this device. I got older versions to work from the copy on my Shield. I found the Speed Test App to work well.

    Didin’t see any TrueHd 7.1 support from Plex to this box But all the others seem to be there and work. There may be some work arounds to see if I can switch to a different transcode. The box does seep to Direct play some very large 4K files from plex with no buffering.

    Its not gonna replace my Shield Pro devices. But so far, it is a really good $50 box. I will install these for a couple of Family members.

  199. Yes I saw no shipping. I live in Cincinnati and about 25 minutes from that store but just got off work and home. To tired to make that drive. :joy:

  200. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Its a different power supply input than the reg onn 4k model, right?

  201. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    What i’m personally looking forward to is how this box can function as a nest smart speaker. I was looking at picking another speaker up (about $50) and a review I read mentions this…so my line of thinking :crazy_face:…is a 2 fer :joy:

  202. I have searched all the Walmart stores in my area looking for the new Onn streaming box. They all say they are sold out. One store had 1 left, but it was to far for me to take a chance on. Does any one know I might be able to order one online. I think some stores might have them but they are just sitting on a shelf some place. I don’t even see one on line.

  203. Give it a little bit. Within two weeks or so, they will be ubiquitous.

  204. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    As @Jimmy_J is saying. Once there is enough to go around they should be shipping them out. Right now it seems only in store purchases is available.

    Unless you want to way overpay and get it on ebay… but not really a good idea.

  205. If you look at the diagram, you’ll see the box showing a round power port. It’s not a USB plug like a lot of devices have.

  206. Hi got my at walmart in danville PA have not use it

  207. That was some great advice.

  208. Thanks people. I found one Wal Mart store here in P’cola that had one left so I bought it. Now I am hopint that there is a video on TP with all the set up info I need.

  209. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    If only Troy had bought one and posted a set up video… one day JesseB…one day… oh wait! He did!

  210. It shouldn’t be any different than their other 4k streamer…
    Once you get the downloader app installed they’re pretty much all the same…

  211. Hey , I don’t know why, but I’m not able to view your new 4k Pro vid. I’ve clicked on patrons, watch vid , etc. Can you please send me a link ? Cant wait to get hold of 1. And want the TP tips n tricks on how to set up.
    Thanx :blush:

  212. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    You aren’t a Patron. The first vids Troy releases are for patrons then usually a week or two later he will polish up the review adding any additional info and fine tuning his presentation. Become a patron and you’ll get first access to the initial reviews.

  213. Oops, I thought I was a patron. But I guess I just donated once. Can I confirm that I didn’t pay the $39 ?

  214. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I’ll fire off a msg to Troy for ya. Could be a couple of days before he responds, but he will.

  215. Thanx , much appreciated.

  216. Avatar for Miki Miki says:


  217. Im in Canada, how can i purchase one of these ONN boxes, i would reall love to have one, they only sell them in the states, meanwhile we have tons of Wal-Marts here

  218. I went ahead n subscribed as a patron cuz i was 80% sure that what i did was sent in 20 bucks as a donation long time ago. That’s how excited I am to get my hands on this new 4k Pro box. Cant wait to flip Amazon the bird n tell em, “ur fired”.

  219. Yay me!!! I feel like a VIP now. :rofl:

  220. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Of course you are. Welcome to the family and enjoy.

  221. They have never brought in the Onn boxes. Nobody can answer why. I got mine in the USA.

  222. This over publicized Onn 4K Pro Android Box is not worth the price. Just get a Android Box that is not controlled by Google. Google will own you if you get this. I purchased a X96Max Android box years ago, and it still works like new. Twice the power and memory (8G/64G) and it was only $40. It only has Android 9, but that hasn’t affected it’s performance at all.

  223. The $19 one is well worth the price and at much more. Google interferes with nothing. Anything I’ve wanted to do was easier than the FS. This one I expect will be the same and based on the price, the specs are pretty good.

  224. Yup settings are about the same as the $20 Box. You do have a button at the very top right (Star Button) where you can Map one of your Apps to it - even sideloaded apps. My main IPTV service uses a proprietary app and I’ve mapped that to this button so now in the morning when I turn on my TV it’s one click to my IPTV

  225. When will it be available on Amazon?

  226. just bought a couple at my local walmart. got friends in low places lol they are not supposed to be on shelves until the 16th. they are just like like the $20 version box… just on steroids. way faster and smoother. havent tried the usb ports yet… but the direct lan port makes it even faster.

  227. Huh? ONN is Walmart. If you see it on amazon it will likely be sold at a Higher price

  228. I believe the Lan port is 10/100. Most people these days have Fiber. I haven’t used Ethernet in years. I get almost 4x the speed on Wifi on this box than if I used the Ethernet Port

  229. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    One guy added a USB powered Gig ethernet hub and claimed they got speeds around 650 down and 500 up. Never tried a powered USB hub.

  230. Yeah but he did it just to see if it works. If he has 1 Gig speed why bother using ethernet. Wifi is just as good and that’s my whole point. People here are brainwashed about a lot of things. 8 Years ago Ethernet was the way to go. It’s 2024 if you have Fiber Wifi is the way

  231. The 4k Onn that sold on Amazon was not the identical product. It would be nice if this version is.

  232. What? You are telling me that Amazon has their own ONN Box? No, No they do not

  233. this is the way… or so baby yoda tells me. wireless is more convenient and i really havent noticed a speed difference except in the speed of the box. loading kodi and other apps. way faster

  234. LOL okay Glad it works for you. I’ll continue using 400MB Wifi over the MAX 100MB Ethernet. :rofl:

  235. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Oh I agree. Depending on individual circumstances if you have a stable and good WiFi 6 setup then certainly that’s the easiest way to go. I don’t. Best I have is 5GHz and that with lots of interference, so I hardwired for stability. Once they finally get 6 here I’ll pull the plug.

  236. @Miki I’m not sure what Wifi I have I beleive it’s only 5. We will agree to disagree here

  237. it might just be in my head, but i like to hard wire when i can. i am old school and it just seems faster. i swear when the wife uses the microwave, it disrupts my wifi. of course i am wearing a tin foil hat while i am typing this

  238. Check the packaging. Ask @Miki. He knows. If it’s the exact same box inside, it’s not apparent. Compare the two is all I’m saying. This is old news and was discussed 6 months ago.

  239. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    @MarkxG I’m not disagreeing with you. Come to my place and see how many ppl are all on the same WiFi channel and see the interference I get. For me hardwired is more stable and stability is my goal. I appreciate you have a great WiFi 6 speed and stable environment and good for you, but not everyone is so lucky. As stated, once they get 6 here then I certainly will not be using ethernet. Have a great day.

  240. With what you have, hardwired is absolutely the most stable and best for that environment.

  241. I hear you. Just saying that many may think “Hard Wired” is better because that seems to be the majority here. Just look at @dgthecomputeruy response above. “I’m Old School” This is not true. It is 2024 and if you have High Speed Fiber you don’t need Ethernet.

  242. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Oh I don’t think you’ll ever find anywhere that I’ve said hardwired is better than WiFi 6. Once again, I will disconnect from ethernet and use WiFi 6 if and when it gets to my place.

  243. i just hope the nursing home they put me in has an ethernet jack. I dont like changes

  244. That is absolutely not the case. Most people do not have fiber and much of the US doesn’t even have cable.

  245. It’s 2024 you can get Fiber or High Speed Internet in most places unless you live out on the Farm.

  246. According to AFTV comparison chart,onn boxes have the lowest CPU and GPU scores amongst fire products , shield, And Chromecast with Google TV. Plus, you can’t it anywhere, So it kind of kills the interest for me.

  247. Ehhh, I wouldn’t place too much emphasis on those Benchmarks. Did you watch Troy’s video on the new ONN setup? He even mentioned that in the video.

  248. You said “fiber”.

    There’s a huge difference in fiber and ‘high speed’ cable internet…and tens of millions have neither available. Elon’s service is prohibitively expensive for a lot of people.

  249. just picked up a onn 4k pro, got downloader installed and went and put in tp downloader code and i get a message after a bit before it downloads and says, this page requires cookies to be enable in your browser settings, where would that be

  250. Has anyone been able to get their hands on one of these instead of Troy I think he’s the only person I’ve seen that has one. Completely sold out in my area.
    Also thank you again trying for showing me this new device I would love to get one. Currently music on Chromecast for the last 3 years maybe it’s time I upgrade. I also have an Nvidia shield prefer the Chromecast over it. Please let me know if anyone has purchased this device and used it looking forward to maybe buying one if it becomes available.

  251. Avatar for Taz Taz says:

    The Onn streaming pro 2024 has landed everywhere as of yesterday. I ordered one for travel.

  252. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    Not in the Central valley California there’s no fiber here, unless you count all the hay we grow for the cows, LOL.

  253. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    I don’t know if this happened to anybody else, Amazon just hijacked my homepage on my 4K Maxx fire stick and changed all their apps on the main page to be first and all my apps are put on the back of the bus. At first I thought my device was rebooted back to factory specs until it reverted back to my EPG guide. I reposition all my apps the way I wanted them and I didn’t see any other changes on my device.

  254. Several of us here have them from various parts of the US. Picked mine up 2 days ago. Keep checking Walmart’s in your local area. My closest store didn’t have them but I checked the next closest and Bingo!

  255. I meant to say Fiber AND High Speed Internet. Stable high speed Internet is much more prevelant now than 5-6 years ago and if you can get it you don’t need Ethernet

  256. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    DSL didn’t even come in this area until about the mid-2000s. And then Uverse came in after that. Finally last couple years we’ve been getting high speed internet off of towers like Verizon.

  257. It hasn’t made it to any of the 20 Walmarts here in Vegas yet unfortunately. I’m so tempted to buy it but my wife is going to kill me with all the boxes I already have :joy:

  258. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Well you’re in the right place to take the gamble. :laughing:

  259. I was able to order one shipped to my house a few minutes ago on the Walmart app. Free shipping. Still showing unavailable at my local stores.

  260. The best part of the new ONN 4K Pro is it’s a real replacement for Amazon’s devices. Amazon sticks and boxes are great devices for the money, Amazon just ruins the devices with their Operating System. To borrow from the NRA:

            Fire Sticks don't Kill Streaming, Amazon Kills Streaming
  261. Avatar for Reece Reece says:

    ME: Fervently absorbed in reading about new ONN 4K Pro on Troypoint Insider…
    WIFE: (Overlooking my shoulder after “stealthing” up on me), seeing what i’m reading, then blasting out…"DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT "

  262. I was just looking for a hard drive to plug into my mecool km2 for expanded app storage and found 2 unopened android tv boxes & 3 unopened fire sticks :see_no_evil::joy:

  263. After I got the one Onn new tv box, I opened Troys video that showed how to set the box up. It was basically the same setup used for the 1st Onn box. But I noticed that in some parts of the set up in the video was set up either before or after it showed up in my setup. So I just waited for the video to catch up with me, or I would pause the video until I caught up with Troy. I just haven’t tried the built in speaker yet. I was surprised at all the various movies and apps that came preloaded. But I deleted the same apps that Troy did. I basically use TvMate anyway. I still have more storage space left than I will ever use, so I didn’t have to add a usb thumb drive. The color and picture is just as good as some other boxes I have used. It might better if I knew what I was doing. So I am pleased with this $50 deal. Thanks for every bodies help. Being a patron sure came in handy.

  264. The Onn is half the speed of the Amazon Cubes. Doesn’t matter to cost to me. It equates to less spooling for the Cube. I wonder if the Onn will work with my Samsung Bluetooth remote. If it won’t that’s another strike against it for me.

  265. My experience with Ethernet over a USB3 adapter wasn’t as good as others. My Shield will pull 6-700M over a cable to the same router as my Onn Pro, and the Onn is only getting 225-250 or so. That is with the VPN turned off as well.

    I got a little bit further with recording in Tivimate but still no cigar. I finally got it to record to the USB drive by manually typing in the path that X-plore gave me for the USB recordings directory that I created, but when I go back to play the recording I get the “Error Occured: FileDataSourceException”. I also tried reverting back to ver 4.7 and still no go.

  266. We may need to set up an intervention for you lol

  267. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Finally got one ordered and to be shipped to me. Supposed to be here Saturday…lets see if it makes it. :crossed_fingers:

  268. Same…waiting on the cancelation email.

  269. Someone should make a video on the button factory reset method for these streaming devices because enough people have accidently bricked these messing with launchers and etc.

  270. Picked up 2 yesterday, keep checking availability in your area, they sell out fast.

  271. Please make sure you buy the extended warranty that Walmart offers on most electronics. Was just reviewing my coverage for the 2023 ONN box that is good until 2025 for me. If the box goes bad I can still make a claim. Costs about $3 for coverage which will likely get you your $20 back.

  272. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I look at it and shows out of stock for delivery and shipping. Pickup only.

  273. It must just be my store then, I still show all 3 options available.

  274. I went to Walmart’s website in my area, bought one and received it the same day. $52.87

  275. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    I just got a fed ex shipping number. So hopefully it means they have it set to ship and no going back. Fedex still need to pick it up and deliver.

    FYI I had to go out of state find a store with it in stock and shipping available. I did it just after midnight so maybe they set aside a few for shipping and leave the others for in-store only. :man_shrugging:

  276. I heard on YouTube from a guy who had a friend that worked with Wal-Mart stocking dept that official intro date was May 16th. BEST 4th hand info out there :joy:

  277. I got one 2days ago. Great streaming device, great value. Love it!

  278. I was able to order yesterday online 05/09, to be delivered tomorrow 05/11!

  279. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    While i wait for delivery i am trying to figure out if there is a way to use my micro usb and convert it to the round port on the Pro version.

    Getting behind the tv is a little tricky and trying to avoid if possible.

    I know i can easily get an adapter for micro usb to type C but i can’t find one that converts to the round port.

    Not even sure what the port is called and if the power output is compatible.
    Ive looked and there are plenty of adapters out there but i cant find one that matches what i need.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Edit… possibly found something on ebay 5.5x2.1. Anyone know of that is the correct size? I added a pic of the plug from a screen shot.

    I dont know if the answer is in these specs. Im guessing its 5.5 x 2.1 or 2.5

  280. I received a Fedex tracking too, but still wondering when I will receive a cancelation email. :sweat_smile:

  281. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Yes thanks. I was able to find them after figuring out some of the specs.

    Just trying to find out the actual input size so i can buy the right one.

    I think its either 2.1 or 2.5 but thats just me guessing.

    Kind of dumb for Onn to change it. They could have at least went to the type C like the Nvidia Shield Pro has.

  282. Avatar for Mslea Mslea says:

    Shows out of stock in my area as well. No shipping and out of stock in stores. I have not been checking. I still have 2 unopened 4k Max firesticks.

  283. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Got the answer in another thread.

    Its 5.5 x 2.1 in case anyone else needs to know

  284. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I came back from Mexico with 12 4K max. I have given away all but 3.

  285. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Yup just checked but that’s the size in the link I posted Lol.

  286. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Yes but i might have a different problem. The micro is probably 5v and the new pro plug is 12V.

    Might have to swap them out anyway.

  287. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Oh damn, sorry. I saw that in another thread that most of the Onn 5.5 x 2.1 were 12 V for their small monitors and projectors.

  288. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Yeah its ok. I saved some money not buying the adapter but i got to get behind the tv and the console. Not looking forward to that. Lol

    Who knows maybe I’ll find some $ back there.

  289. Only one walmart 30 miles from Knoxville had 3 in the backroom, but none on the shelves. I bought one put Kodi Big Kev Aspire on it. Working like a champ! Love it!

  290. Avatar for Mslea Mslea says:

    I will use my new 4k Max as the older one’s burnout.

  291. Got mine via same day delivery yesterday. Notice said there were only 3 left, but checked again today and they were still available.

  292. Finally found one. Now here is the test…brand new never powered on. Going to put Surfshark on as the only VPN and see if my issue is really resolved of “Another VPN Detected”

  293. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Mine made it out! Said to be here tomorrow! Might have to wait a few days to set it up but it will be here.

  294. Mine will be here tomorrow as well. Still won’t believe it until I’m holding it in my hand. :man_dancing:

  295. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    Go where no man has gone before! LOL

  296. I live in Orlando Florida and I must have missed it when it first dropped the day Troy dropped the video It was already sold out. There is three Walmarts within a 3 mile radius of my house and none of them have it in stock. I’m sure it will be in stock eventually would have preferred to got it the first day It came out. I guess I’m going to have to hear from all of you how good it is until I get my hands on one but I’m not giving up or throwing in the towel.

  297. Whats right here and working?

  298. Are these available in Canada?

  299. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    They may be in a few months.

  300. Ok Thankyou

  301. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Troys onn box pro video.

  302. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    Wana know a secret? … It has became my #2 box right behind the formuler and imho if you take away mtvol3 its just as good as the formuler. I think we are about to see a surplus of boxes on sale. :joy:

  303. Got mine set up last night but haven’t had any time to mess with it. I did test the “Find My Remote” option and works just fine lol

  304. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    Havent got mine to respond like a nest speaker and they claim it does…im sure its a button somewhere and im more interested in coffee :ghost:

  305. I have not tried that yet and don’t know if I want to. I don’t think I will let the Grandkids know it does that

  306. Strong words from one of the 4K Max masters, my friend.

  307. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    The unfortunate part is that I haven’t used a stick in almost a year now. I did see that the latest cube is down to $79.99 USD $110 CDN, and I suspect that’s due to the financial hit Amazon is taking from the release of the Onn Pro. I haven’t even plugged in my supercharged 4K Max let alone considered getting a FireOS 8 one.

  308. If you haven’t checked it out yet, It works great, just say “hey google” and there is no button except on the left side to turn off and on the microphone.

  309. I’d bet that, even at $80 US, the profit margin for the cube is pretty good.

  310. Walmart openly will give you another one or exchange it for another streaming box they have if out of stock without any warranty because they sell so many of these and they’re so popular and because they’re trying to hurt Amazon. Have had plenty clients exchange a bad one without any warranty. Thank God for competition because if they weren’t trying to knock Amazon down a peg or 2 in streaming department you would have to go through their regular return/exchange policy

  311. Picking one up today in Lancaster, Ohio. Looking forward to getting it set up. :sunglasses:

  312. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I think Amazon is getting the pic. The new FireOS 8 Sticks are down to $30 and the Cube $80. :laughing:

  313. I got lucky but let’s see when it’s delivered One became available in my area last night online after midnight, kind of strange I added it to my cart and said it would be delivered today let’s see if that happens. For those who don’t know I live in Central Florida, Orlando Florida to be exact and there are 15 Walmarts within a 5 mile radius of my home. Yes that’s correct 15 Walmarts anone in stock locally. No Walmart within 60 mi radius of my house has them. Us Floridians love to stream apparently Yes Papa. Thank you for everyone chiming in and sharing that they are happy with their device. I’ve seen a few complaints that not all of these boxes are being shipped with backlight controllers. Can anyone tell me if they have received with or without the backlit controller.

  314. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    I found mine the same way. Just after midnight on Thursday (technically Friday). Waiting for Fedex to deliver today. None of “close by” Walmarts had them. We dont have any local walmarts in NYC. Have to look on long Island, upstate or NJ.

    I found it in NJ about 60 miles away. Thankfully shipping was available. Mine also said “Today” on the app but it was 2 days. Fedex had the right delivery date.

    I’ll let you know what remote i get. The suspense is killing me. Lol

    Edit: It arrived! Even with a ripped Fedex envelope lol. Got the black remote. No back light.

  315. Just ordered for a Curbside pickup here in Overland Park Ks. Not sure how many were in stock, but I’m giving this one a test drive. If I like its behavior and adding my third party apps, I’ll replace these disappointing 4-k firestix. Not being able to remove unused preloaded apps to free up space sucks, just doesn’t work with me. It’s like buying a $95,000.00 Truck, and not being able to CONTROL THE LIGHTS! At 70 yrs I don’t need child programming, or music (All iTunes), photos etc.

  316. I would like to know what all the hype is for this unit.
    It has only got 2gb ram and 32 gb storage.
    I have a couple of boxes that work well and they have 4 gb ram 128 gb storage. The second box has 8 gig ram with 128 gig rom and the ability to install another internal 2” hd I’ve had them for at least a year and was waiting to see if any newer ones were coming out with more ram and storage.
    What am I missing?

  317. Avatar for Tech2 Tech2 says:

    It’s supposed to have 3gb of ram, maybe you’re missing 1gb of ram.

  318. Where is the cube $70 ? Amazon says $114 on sale?

  319. Great news everyone mine was just delivered hooking it up now, Only bad news I did not receive the backlit remote which is a little disappointing but what can you do. I’ll keep the group posted on my findings. Troy a special thank you for creating a great place for us all to post useful information for streaming applications and hardware.

  320. Miki,
    I personally switch to a Chromecast a few years ago, I tried the fire stick and did not like it at all. Tried the fire cube when it first came out not like that either. Also had the Nvidia shield which I’ve told you before did not like that also. My favorite so far has been the Google Chromecast 4K and using that for the last 3 years. Setting up this one now Hopefully I prefer this more being as more space and more RAM which was a problem on the Chromecast. Thank you for replying Miki You’re definitely my favorite informative person on this app. Your vast knowledge has never led me in the wrong direction. You’re my favorite go-to on here.

  321. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Set this up in my back room for now just to get it started. Working great.

    I am amazed at the speed test results. I am getting over 130mps (topped at 155mps) on the Onn pro and usually get about 110mps on my Nvidia Shield tv pro in the same room.

    And that is with IPVANISH vpn on.

    Now its not Analiti but the speed tester available in the playstore. Dont think it would make a big difference in results.

    Upload speed were doubled.

    Wondering what the results will be in the living room, much closer to the router, where i plan to set it up in a day or 2.

  322. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    IMHO this new ONN box is a game changer and personally I cant see how Buzztv or Formuler etc…can stay in the game with their price points. Forget amazon sticks as they aint even in the game.

  323. Oh on Woot. It’s a Refurb. But still a great price.

  324. I think so, I got one and so far like it a lot. Still a few sideload app problems, but minor.

  325. Okay so far so good up and running my biggest gripe so far is the volume button, If anyone holds up the volume up or down does it automatically higher or lower the volume. For some reason on my TV I have to press up repeatedly or down repeatedly to get the volume to go up or down. Normally on all devices I own I can hold the button up or down and it will function that way. This one has a manual up and down selection which I find pretty horrible in 2024. Other than that everything seems to be fine I’ll give an update after a few days of using.

  326. Just went to the Walmart in Howell NJ. Ordered and said will arrive tomorrow. good luck.

  327. Ordered one the day is saw his post. They had only 4 in stock, so I jumped. Going to become a patron because of all the help I’ve gotten over the years

  328. Checked for 2 days, finally picked one up this morning!!! It’s Christmas in May for me!!:joy:

  329. Just installed Wolf Launcher on my new Onn 4k pro and now I have a black screen with partials listings. How can I uninstall and or reboot the Onn box?

  330. I cannot access settings to do a reboot. Screen is locked.

  331. Unplugged the unit and left it sit for awhile. Turned it back on and everything working as it should.

  332. Avatar for Mslea Mslea says:

    Still out not available in my area. Thinking I might get one since it has 32gb of storage. I just hate to have to create a gmail email address to use the device. I have to many email addresses already. Wish I could use the outlook email I created for my firesticks.

  333. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    You don’t have a Gmail account?

  334. Avatar for Mslea Mslea says:

    Wow, that would be great. How do I get around using gmail address?

  335. I picked one up today from my local Walmart. Setup was straightforward. I appreciate the snappiness and generous amount of internal storage. The wifi is really good too, so I haven’t even tried the Ethernet port. I didn’t have any trouble adding Projectivy Launcher which is my favorite for ease of setup and customization options.

    I would like it more without the speaker/mic built in similar to an amazon echo. It also uses a non usb power cord so you can’t just plug it into a usb port on the tv. Not a deal breaker for where i have this one set up, but it definitely makes it more difficult to simply tuck behind a tv. Maybe they will come out with a Lite version next that is a refresh of the little Onn that i have elsewhere.

  336. Also got mine today. Also got the black remote, no back light. Spent about an hour or so with it. Pretty impressive for a $50 box, to be honest. I still think the $20 newer gen Onn boxes are pretty darn impressive for that price point too. Starting to really compile good, affordable options to move away from Amazon devices in the market now. Exciting times.

  337. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    The wifi speeds really impressed me too. From a strickly streaming aspect its a home run. And thats all i need it for anyway.

  338. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Sorry. Disregard the picture quality comment i made between Onn pro and Nvidia pro.

    Stupid me didnt realize my tv av mode was different between each hdmi input so the Nvidia was getting a better quality set up.

    I switched both to the same “Dynamic” mode and they look the same. I haven’t compared a video yet but if there is a difference i will repost.

    Sorry for the misinformation.

  339. I live in Spain, how do i get hold of one? Im using an old Fire tv box, 2 Firesticks and just recently bought a MeCool KM7+ from China. I love them all but get annoyed when AMAZON update the OS and things do not work like they used to.

  340. So after using the box for 24 hours there’s only two things that I did not like One was of course I didn’t get a backlit remote. The second was having the mic turned off on the box would not allow me to use the voice search in YouTube, this isn’t a deal breaker but I have to leave the mic turned on the ONN 4K Pro to have the audio search feature in YouTube. This was the only application that I noticed this issue in. Syncler and Streamio did not have this issue. It doesn’t bother me to have the mic on, I disabled the Hey Google feature on the box. Not to mention I already have a Lenovo 12-in smart Clark in my room sitting two feet away from me on my nightstand. I also have an Amazon echo show 15 mounted on the wall to see my security cameras at all times. Just didn’t want my TV shows to pause when I’m turning on and off a bedroom fan light etc. So far so good and I really enjoyed everyone that has replied in this chat. Also I noticed Miki merged the two topics together. Thank You Miki I didn’t know how people would react if I started commenting on Troys first impressions since this has been an ongoing chat for myself. Thank you once again to everyone that posted this is a great community let’s try our best to keep it that way.

  341. How many people actually got a backlit remote? I’m assuming it isn’t standard? What model of remote is it, if you don’t mind filling us in?

  342. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    I dont know what to believe.

    Good News!
    Analiti is now available for the Onn Pro box in the Play Store.

    Bad News!
    It cut my Onn wifi speed in half from what the other testers were giving me. Im down to 65mbps. Which is ok but not the speed results i was getting with the others. My Nvidia is still around 100mbps on Analiti and over 150mbs with the other.

    Is Analiti the most accurate? Could something be slowing my speed with Analiti? I am using IPV on for all tests.

  343. Avatar for Richc Richc says:

    Was able to find one. Works well so far, nice box.

  344. When I use multiview with Tivimate, I can only get two screens without stuttering and buffering.

    When I use the shield pro, I get 9 screens without buffering.

    In all fairness, this was never meant to be a shield replacement.
    But it did what it set out to do, and that is to be of good value.

  345. With Tivimate “system picker” doesn’t work. Says you don’t have app for this. Which app? lol

  346. I just purchased one at the Davie Fl Walmart. (now i’ll become a patron to figure out what to do with it?, & reading the threads)

  347. Avatar for cbg cbg says:

    I just found the Onn on

  348. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    UHD not the Pro.

  349. I went to Walmart on Saturday May 11, 2024 and they had plenty of the new Onn 4k pro Sreaming Devices in Cincinnati, Ohio. The worker said they would be well stocked.

  350. I will check the Walmart in Niagara Falls NY end of May or in June. I am sure I will come back over with cookies.

  351. Mason had several too as I just picked one up too.

  352. Wow…picked up 2 couple of days ago. Will pick up 2 more and use as primary. Thank-you Troy for the instructions on use. Stream On.

  353. Avatar for Jjlag Jjlag says:


    I purchased the Onn 4 pro yesterday. I won’t go into all of the tech details though. This box performs better than the Firestone 4k max. The overall experience smoother and quicker. The sound is better than the original Onn and better than Firestick. Or I should say it is a different sound on my Sonos soundbar. Internet speed is about the same, but I can’t figure out how to get 6 ghz on my Verizon 5g modem. I mainly switched to run away from the Amazon restrictions. I could not get the remote to power off my TCL TV. I decided to ask Google assistant and it turned off. From that point forward it started to work. This is worth the upgrade over the original. For the money, it performs well in comparison to the Shield TV and MECOOL km2 deluxe for the cost. I use IPTV and other APK’s without buffer. In this regard, I did not notice an improvement though. I hope you find this helpful.

  354. Refurbished on woot $80

  355. Avatar for Mslea Mslea says:

    Still not available in my local Walmarts around Chesterfield, MI.

  356. After a week of trying this box, Onn 4k max pro I feel it is definitely a game changer. I subbed out my shield pro 2019 and has worked quicker and very reliable. My shield seemed to be very buggy for the first 5 minutes and the pro 4k worked flawlessly. Im not saying it is better but I personally feel nvidia shield pros run is definitely over. Im definitely keeping the shield around but will keep using the Onn 4k pro as my main box for testing. Great box for the price :ok_hand:

  357. You do not have to use gmail to use this great box.

  358. Avatar for Mslea Mslea says:

    Thanks, my plan is to buy one. They still aren’t available for shipment nor in my local area stores.

  359. Ordered one on the 13th at 4:00pm via the Walmart app. Scheduled delivery to SC on the 15th.

  360. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    Could you explain on the shield Pro how it was buggy. I’m having problems with my shield Pro also.

  361. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    If you can, check after midnight. Seems a few of us had luck finding one to ship that way.

    I’m not even in a Walmart zone. Got one shipped from 60 miles away.

  362. Avatar for Mslea Mslea says:

    Lol, I’m usually in my second stage of sleep at midnight. However, I’m an early riser. I will check tomorrow around 6am.

    I’ll also stop by my local store tomorrow. They might have some on the shelf, that aren’t showing up online

  363. They cheaping out lol

  364. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    Yea a bit. I’m still diggin’ the box tho :rofl:… I’ve been using it in my bedroom and watching a lot of ball games and flawless so far. IMHO this box is a game changer on the market and others better re-structure the price or fail in sales. People are more likely to drop $50 vs $150 etc.

  365. Avatar for Mslea Mslea says:

    Yay, I just ordered mine. Suppose to deliver 17 May 24. Delivery date changed after I ordered it. I’m so excited to try it out.

  366. That is the previous version with vertical looking box. The new version box is horizontal to make it easy to spot as well as the better specs.
    I’ve been keeping an eye out on Amazon Canadian site for the new version as well.

  367. Google is releasing a new chromecast sometime this year,they might wanna pay attention to the onn pro sales lol.Also will be very interesting what the specs are.

  368. I have been using Launcher Manager and Wolf launcher but just read that Wolf Launcher is not going to be updated. What launcher would you recom