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Amazon To Remove Android Based Fire OS from Firestick/Fire TV

Amazon Replacing Android OS

Amazon looks to be replacing the Operating System on Firestick and Fire TV Devices sometime in the near future.

Currently, these popular media devices run a version of Android OS called Fire OS which is also available on Fire HD Tablets.

A new job listing from Amazon first observed by AFTVNews seems to confirm that these popular devices will transition away from the OS used today.

The listing (which is no longer available) is for a Software Development Engineer with Fire TV Experience and will be located in Berlin, Germany.

The most important detail of the post includes “A day in the life” which states what the hiree will do on a day-to-day basis. This includes:

Implement and deliver features on the Fire TV client codebase as it transitions from FOS/Android to native/Rust and React Native.

This all but confirms rumors of an Operating System overhaul as it notes the transition from Fire OS (FOS) to native Rust/ and React Native.

The system that will ultimately replace Android in newly released Fire TV devices.  The new OS is called Vega and has been in the works for at least 5 years.

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According to an Amazon employee, “most of the OS development is already done” as the company is attempting to “convince developers to actually use it”.

Plans to roll out the new software may come as early as next year starting with the release of a new Fire TV device.  We don’t expect current Fire TV models to receive this OS update plus they should still support their current lineup with updates for years to come. 

Vega is based on Linux OS and uses a “more web-forward application model” with a focus on the React Native software framework.

The biggest thing to note here is that in all likelihood, the Vega OS will eliminate the ability to sideload apps on Firestick & Fire TV devices.

This would make it a “closed-source” system similar to that of Roku and Apple TV devices which do not have any jailbreaking capabilities.

Fire OS has been very accommodating for app developers in allowing them to run Android Apps that work on phones, tablets, and more.

The integration of Vega to replace Fire OS would also occur on Fire HD Tablets which means these devices would also no longer have access to Android Apps.

It is more likely, however, that Vega will make its way to other Amazon products instead of Fire TV including smart displays and vehicles such as the Jeep Wagoneer.

There is nothing official yet from Amazon regarding this news, however, we will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

This story was first reported by Janko Roettgers on the blog site Lowpass.

What We Think

The Amazon Firestick is one of if not the most popular streaming device available on the market today.


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The main reason it is so popular is mainly in part due to its sideloading capabilities that allow users to install 3rd party applications.

This includes Movie and TV Show APKs as well as other tools such as File Managers and even Google Play Store alternatives such as Aptoide TV.

However, a move to Vega from Fire OS would likely eliminate these possibilities and make Firestick & Fire TV devices nearly obsolete.

We have seen inklings of Amazon imposing more restrictions on these devices including blocking 3rd party launchers and the ability to change shortcut buttons on Firestick remote.

For these reasons and more, we have been recommending Android TV/Google TV Boxes that do not come with the same restrictions we are seeing from Amazon.

This includes popular devices such as BuzzTV, Formuler, onn. Google TV, and more that all run the Android TV Operating System.

BuzzTV Firestick Replacement
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Use our resource guide below for an updated list of the best alternative devices to use instead of the Amazon Firestick/Fire TV.

Best Android TV Boxes

In all likelihood, the switch to Vega from Fire OS may be the demise of the Fire TV lineup as we know it.

However, it is more likely that these devices will continue to operate on Fire OS and Vega will be geared towards other Amazon products.

What do You Think?

We want to know what you think of the latest report that Amazon may ditch Fire OS.

Will you still use a Firestick device if it does not have sideloading capabilities?

What device will you switch to in the future?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Notable Replies

  1. Based on the way the Amazon have changed Firestick’s usefulness over the past year or so regarding 3rd party apps I think they will do this. It’s like boiling a frog… us being the frog.

  2. Hello Troy,
    Is there a way to shut down Amazon updates with the intention being to stop this OS update and if so would the Firestick continue to function on the Android system?
    If this idea has value, how do I shut down updates?
    If and when they complete this conversion, will the existing sideloaded apps remain after the conversion or be eliminated?
    Advice Is Appreciated

  3. I would be looking for other devices. Amazon is gonna be a dead duck.
    Any they are doing it to themselves…No Black Friday purchases from me
    I already have a box of their junk already and echo speakers too. I spent way too much money on their more

  4. Yes, if Amazon did do this to the Fire TV franchise, there are plenty of other Android boxes that could take its place.

  5. Hello Troy. I no longer use the Firestick at all for some time now. I switched over to the onn and then the newer google TV onn and like it so much better than he Firestick that I won’t look back. Ever. $19 and it works smoother and quicker than the Firestick. I like having the Playstore. I like sideloading apps. With 500 megabites, it works flawlessly.

  6. Hello, thanks for the comment. I agree, I’m using Onn on most of my TVs except for my main TV where I still have NVIDIA SHIELD. Biggest complaint with Onn is that it doesn’t support some of the audio formats for high end systems, etc. But, there are many who don’t care about that type of stuff so this device is perfect for them.

  7. IDK what Amazon will do or try to do in closing the new OS.
    Thw articles that I have read indicate that the new OS will be based on Linux.

    I do know that Kodi, Stremio & IPTVSmarters all work on my Linux Mint computer, so ‘jailbreaking’ may still be avalable.

    That said, I’ve moved on Firesticks for, now, more than a year. I don’t see ever using one in the future.

  8. Avatar for MJJM MJJM says:

    If fire OS is gone, so am I!

  9. If this change happens I will definitely be moving away from the Amazon FireTV sticks. I will then have to do some homework on the alternative hardware devices you all have been talking about.

  10. Avatar for Razman Razman says:

    That’s one of the main reasons I got rid of all of my Amazon Fire devices. I switched to NVIDIA and have been a happy camper every since. The Amazon devices I’ve owned rarely lasted more than 2 or 3 years, if that… even the cube. Too much money for very little life span. I’m done with Amazon devices.

  11. I have had numerous fire sticks over the years, presently I use the firestick 4k max as a backup to a android box which I mainly stream on , how ever if Amazon changes its format so u can’t steam anything outside of Amazon content, my firestick and countless millions of others will go in the trash.

  12. Looks like I will not upgrade any new firestick until I know what their capabilities. I do not use any apps that troy does not recommend. As far as android boxes etc, I will review what troy recommends do my research to see what fits my needs and then purchase. If amazon does what you speculate they will do with Vega. I will go the Android box route and file 13 my firesticks. Thanks for your excellent advice.

  13. Avatar for JerryJ JerryJ says:

    I’ve been wanting to dump my Cube and go to the Nvidia Sheild Pro.I’ve just had a difficult time justifying the bucks since the Cube is still working ok.

    But now, I’ve just read that there is speculation that the Shield Pro might be discontinued. I certainly don’t want another door stop/paper weight.

  14. I doubt seriously if Nvidia will discontinue production any time soon. However, I doubt you will be seeing any major updates either. They will continue to support the products they have out in circulation.

    Btw, I may go ahead and buy one more if there is a good Black Friday deal coming up.

  15. Avatar for sanman sanman says:

    Troy, would you mind pointing me towards an article you’ve written about similarly-priced products? I’d like to do a bit of comparison shopping, would be nice to know someone vouches for the products…


  16. Avatar for mthr1 mthr1 says:

    If your cube is still working OK, and assumingly doing what it needs to do for you - what are you looking to gain from getting a shield?

    While Nvidia is deviated their resources to developing and producing their new Ai chips right now and sustaining their production of pc GPUs, their shield line of media devices are likely far low on their development ladder.

    The good thing, historical ly, about Nvidia is that they continue to develop software updates for the shield despite being a four year old platform since it’s last refresh.

    The shield pro is still a fantastic device and perceived by many as still a current day flagship of android os streamer boxes. If you have hardware the supports 4k60 hdr, dolby Atmos, dolby vision, DTSx, Plex - then shield is a great investment.

    Exclusive to the shield is their Ai upscaler hardware (works great!) and it’s baked in support for cloud gaming, using their GeForce Now gaming platform.

    If you’re looking to get away from the Amazon ecosystem and some of its restrictions (like custom launchers), going to a shield would not be the worst investment you’ll make by far.

    I wouldn’t be worrying that the shield pro would become a door stop anytime soon - but a new model or refresh would also likely follow that same timeline.

    Aside from my short personal wish list of adding 4k120 (this support would also bring about an upgrade in SoC, ram, and hdmi version), the 2019 Shield never disappoints.

  17. As soon as Amazon first started urinating on launcher manager functionality, I donated all my Fire TV devices to file 13, went to NV Shields and onn boxes, and never looked back, thus avoiding the grief that would have otherwise occurred. It has, however, been interesting to follow this continuing downward spiral into the abyss of uselessness.

  18. If Amazon does change its operating system, do you know if I will still be able to use my current sideloaded apps or will they go away?

  19. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    all depends on how far they go. To be honest it would be a major overhaul if they step away from .apk format and imho an epic fail on their part if they do.

  20. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    There isn’t even any proof they’ll use Vega. Been in dev for 6 years I believe. Amazon has been known to spend millions on developement only to drop the project. I do think the big draw is Linux and a much more compact and efficient OS from what I read.

  21. Avatar for JerryJ JerryJ says:

    A voice of reason! Thank you so much! …but I might cave during Black Friday and get a new toy.

  22. Avatar for k4kaz k4kaz says:

    Knowing my luck, the day after i buy a Shield a new version will come out!

  23. Avatar for AMD237 AMD237 says:

    Most households only have one high end audio system, so your setup seems perfect. For those that have their high end audio/video equipment in the family room, get a Shield Pro and use the Onn boxes for the “satellite” TVs (bedroom, den, bathroom, kids room, etc).

  24. Exactly Miki…
    Moeover, it could very well turn out that a Linux based OS will be better for our purposes, anyway…if “Vega” devices ever do get released.

  25. I bought the Onn just to experiment with it and I find it sometimes kind of unstable to use. I use the Eero pro 6 mesh router and my Analiti speeds are in the mid 90’s. I aslo switched from Surfshark to Express VPN so I can’t blame my wifi. Is there something I need to do to make it run smoother?

  26. Avatar for toohip toohip says:

    So what’s the expectation, on whether Fire TV devices can still be jailbroke? Anyone have the update to Vega and checked? Nvidia Shield is way too expensive for my streaming needs, and I have an Onn I haven’t tried setting up. Just bought 2 more 4k Firesticks to set up but want to make sure they can be jailbroke.

  27. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Unfortunately there has not been any official release from Amazon. So we’ll just have to wait.

  28. Hi Troy point,

    If vega does come out will I still be able to do side loads on the Nvidia Sheild Pro?

  29. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    As the Shield Pro is Android TV it has nothing to do with Amazon or the new Vega OS.

  30. Thanks for the heads up. I just went to wal mart and bought 2 onn boxes before the
    rush hits Golfnjo

  31. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Onn is also nothing to do with Amazon and I haven’t heard of Google looking to use a new OS.

  32. OK, let’s assume that Amazon switches to Vega for the sake of argument.

    How would that effect the Firesticks currently in use? Or one that you buy before the switch?

    I’m by no means a FS fan, but if a new 4K Max is the apple in your eye, why shouldn’t you buy one?

  33. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    That’s a tough one to answer. I think one of the hardest things will be the need for devs to code new Vega compatible apps at the same time as updating their Fire apps. This sounds like the first couple of years of changeover are going to be pretty messy. I know if I bought a new FireOS 8 4k Max and then find out a year later that a better and more efficient OS is being installed on new Max sticks I’d be ticked. Makes your head spin wondering.

  34. How about their TV’s. Bezos is a bum.

  35. Avatar for mthr1 mthr1 says:

    I don’t think vega will target older generation fire hardware. The tone seems to imply that it pilot on current gen models and future ones.

  36. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I guess what really confuses me is why release a new 2nd gen 4k Max with all new specs, improved storage and an upgrade to FireOS 8, only to announce a possible new OS for the sticks? Sounds pretty fishy to me. The blowback could be quite a financial hit. But I’m just a member of the lowly public, what do I know.

  37. Some of the eco devices have already got it built-in. Read it on twitter.

  38. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Yes they do. No actual info release from Amazon regarding this. Done on the sly. We just have to wait to see where this goes.

  39. Avatar for _Mike _Mike says:

    This is a complete Operating System so no it cannot update your present firestick.
    However Amazon have already thought of that one with thier new Automatic offload, found in applications sub directory of the settings.

    This just looks like they will, supposedly, offload any applications you have not used for a while and take up storage space
    Being cynical I am assuming they will do this for side loaded apps first. After all they already track which apps have been used on an ongoing basis.

    If you want security then don’t use Amazon, given they really do not care about your security in any of thier products, take Blink as a prime candidate for that.

    On another note the ONN box in the UK is over twice the price it is in the USA, probably because the only source is Ebay.

  40. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    You can turn off the offload feature if you want. The new Vega OS is linux based and the main reason for moving away from a heavily forked Google OS is because it’s become so heavily bloated and linux is much more compact and efficient, saving space and allowing for superior security against malware etc.

  41. Avatar for _Mike _Mike says:

    I should have added you can turn that off, but given people may not know, it is a good point.

    As regards Google OS (which is in itself Android), which is an abstraction layer sat on the Linux OS, then yes cutting out the layer will always make sense, when you have a software team that can create a tailored layer for your device.

    However Android was intended to appeal to companies that could create something quickly and was compatible with many other devices. This in turn encouraged others to write apps that would in essence generate income for non-company writers.

    This is the way forward for companies not wanting to let any other company have a say on their hardware and thus control the currency stream.

    I guess it just like Apple having their software to go on Apple hardware.

    I certainly won’t be buying any more Amazon hardware, given both thier lack of security and the propensity for changing things that are not added bonuses to thier customer base.

  42. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I think one of the main things that will delay the release of Vega will be the need for devs to switch gears and program their apps for linux. But they may get there one day. Google or FireOS they’re just the same when it comes to security and bloatware. None of it worries me I focus on a device and learn as much as I can and if it gets me what I want then I’m in. I’ve never had a problem with Amazon or google, unlike Windoze which I gave up a long time ago. Have a Merry Chistmas. :christmas_tree: :gift:

  43. That’s my question also. I have a couple of fire sticks. I’m a side loader …

  44. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Like the present OS I doubt the ability to side load apps will be blocked. Amazon needs the developers to test apps on their devices. I doubt they’ll block a free pool of labour.

  45. Avatar for mthr1 mthr1 says:

    The new OS can still be given tiered access to user level sideload - only given with react native dev packages? I wonder if that’s a possibility?

    Amazon is a company that never is content relying on someone else’s IP. Android has always been perceived as a gap fill until the can implement their own in-house OEM OS. They probably have to pay out license fees for every Android OS update and it doesn’t rub well for the bean counters.

    Fire OS is still a forked version of Android 9. Current version of Android is 14.

    Much of the success of Vega will ride on how easily they can leverage current and future devs, currently in their app store, to re-engineer current apps and future apps to work with Vega. Granted, if they leverage using the react native framework as a bridge for the transition, this may help their cause.

    Regardless - this seems like a lot of investment and change for devices, especially their fire hardware, that doesn’t provide convincing enough bulletpoints to attract streamers anymore. There are other alternatives now where price point, user flexibility, and compatibility can be had - and it’s not titled Amazon.

    For existing Fire owners, no changes will likely happen (or any time soon) to your devices - continue to enjoy what you’ve been used to. For future upgrades on your roadmap - just consider one of the other FS/TV alternatives until new Vega devices make enough of a convincing argument why you should jump in.

  46. The key to Amazon’s success in this endeavor is Advertising! Amazon basically controls the narrative. Especially for inexperienced users. Amazon already has a huge base of sheeples. These people, for the most part, ONLY know Amazon and probably are not too interested in broadening their knowledge. They just want a simple and easy way to stream content. For these types, a one stop shop is all they want and need.

    Think of the millions of Amazon users out there worldwide. To Amazon this change is to capture their base and make it more confusing for them to ditch the stick. It’s like a sports team changing the name of the club. Same club, different name, but the fans keep cheering on. Amazon hopes its fans continue to cheer on.

    Bezos Devil Bat - Made with Clipchamp

  47. Avatar for teehar teehar says:

    Yea it doesn’t bode well for amazon device users,but watch out for google as well.They are experimenting with built in ads on the home screen.I despise that.

  48. Speculative, but likely:

    “What does this mean for the millions of Fire TV devices currently in use? Probably very little. As it is, Amazon doesn’t bother updating Fire TV devices from one major version of Fire OS to another (e.g., Fire OS 7 to Fire OS 8) so it seems extremely unlikely that any existing Fire TV device will be updated from Fire OS to Amazon’s new non-Android operating system. Instead, Amazon will most likely release a future new Fire TV model that runs only its new operating system.”

  49. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    I guess my question is how will this affect Android OS users (non FS)?

    Will Amazon apps still be compatible on an Android device? Or will they slowly phase them out too?

    I am not knowledgeable on any of this. Maybe it will have no affect at all but I’m just curious if anyone sees Amazon app restrictions on other OS.

    My guess is no since they still want as broad of an viewing audience as possible even if it means still allowing Apple and Android to have apps. But they all want total control too.

  50. that will be the end of there firestick sales talk about shooting yourself in the foot :rofl:

  51. time to buy shares in nvidia shield

  52. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    YOU will COMPLY… or maybe not :roll_eyes:

  53. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    Maybe Troy knew this when he started recommending cheap china boxes instead of fire devices :zipper_mouth_face: :joy:

  54. It’s just a matter of time before all the major OS follow suit. They want a monopoly only Amazon approved, and Google approved apps will be allowed to exist on their operating systems.

    However, I am sure some enterprising young developer will figure out a workaround.

  55. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    Yeppers… That’s why i’m all in with stock Ugoos :sunglasses:

  56. Might be why Nvidia seems to be getting out of the streaming device business?

  57. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    could be…just read this

  58. when there a gap in the market someone will soon fill it happens all the time

  59. Here in this environment, we tend to gaze at our own navels.

    The vast majority of Fire TV/Stick customers don’t fool with sideloading.
    People like us barely make a dent in Amazon’s numbers.

    Keep in mind, Roku sells a lot of units both in OSs & boxes.

  60. Avatar for teehar teehar says:

    yep you can count on that sadly

  61. cant understand if they barely notice sideloaders like us why stop it

  62. Avatar for teehar teehar says:

    yep I guess you could say we are on the fringe.I’m sure bozos and his analytics people have a good idea of what they are doing.they probably be glad to get rid of users like us lol

  63. have faith there will always be an alternative lots of bright people out there

  64. Bezos has a couple of options. (1) allow sideloading and make friends of people like us (2) block sideloading, make verified apps pay a fee to Amazon to be on their device and make profits. Friends or Profits? Hummm? :thinking:

  65. Roku sells devices for $30 yet reports profits of $56 per unit ! No sideloading!

  66. so if you dont allow amazon update maybe you will be ok

  67. The only corporation guilty of a monopoly is the US Government, although a real corporation is driven by profit…and so is the US GOVERNMENT and the current administration

  68. Avatar for mthr1 mthr1 says:

    This is hardly a surprise here. When the talks of Vega OS came out there was speculation that there would not only be a greatly reduced pool of available compatible apps that will be available for the new OS, but that there would be more restrictive sideloading capabilities baked in to the OS code.

    Vega OS exists solely for the benefit of Amazon and for the support (and profitability) of its ecosystem.

    If you’re like many of us here, Vega is best left ignored when their devices roll out.

    Android OS, though could change, would continue to allow for sideloading.

    When, and if that were to change, I’m sure there will be Linux powered box coming across the horizon that will change that…as long as it gets good dev support.

  69. Come on, the guy clearly states this is his speculation!

  70. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    did you know with emby or jellyfin you can install on roku and install a m3u/epg. Its what I do to watch iptv on roku, keeping the m3u on a vpn and sent via lan to emby. :partying_face:

  71. WOW…TXRon, you need to organise an instructional lesson for us, share the knowledge!

  72. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    No I searched for on the insider search engine didn’t find it. You wouldn’t happen to have a video of that would you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  73. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    I will speak on this later…bit busy right now

  74. Easy answers:
    It traps people into add filled UIs and it makes it more difficult to access pirated content.

    Since Amazon now creates some content, they want to be paid for it, and/or sell more Prime memberships.

  75. Following…

  76. Avatar for carlbs carlbs says:

    I’ve heard talk here that people are worried about the Shield because NVIDIA seems to have completely focused on AI and won’t be supporting the Shield anymore. Still, I wouldn’t worry about it since it will be the Cadillac for a long time no matter what the company does. I don’t use Firesticks anymore either, and my main device is a MeCool (4/32) and they are notorious for not doing upgrades either. Other devices are basically ONNs now.

  77. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    A simple solution I started about a year ago in my effort to break away from ChannelsDVR which is imho my favorite way to watch tv. CDR is $80/year… But I thought I already own Emby lifetime account with all the bells and whistles. Jellyfin is Embys little brother but completely free however none come setup for you and it will take some time/setup on your part and maybe not for everyone. Plex is another option but more locked down imho.

    There are several ways to tackle this but this is my setup. I run a mini pc as a server and all my m3u/epg’s reside there. You dont have to be a server admin to do this and you really dont need to actually run a server and any always on pc will do with im guessing 8 gigs of ram or more. The n100 minis are 6 watt and cheap to buy and run. Mine has 32 gb ram and I normally use only 10% ram. Thats with multiple tv’s drawing off it and recording. When I started I actually used a ugoos ut8 and it was ok for one or two tv’s.

    Whats Happening here… The pc is you main hub so to speak, it does most all the work and takes the load off your android devices… clearing up buffering if you have any. I run a vpn at the pc. No android boxes need a vpn for emby etc as its already protected and re-broadcast on your lan. With a free program called xteve on the pc you input the iptv sub credentials, multiple sources if you want. Then within xteve you can cut out un-wanted channels etc…xteve combines all the subs info into one output…two if you count the epg file. The beauty here is called re-streaming. Simply put your provider only sees one sub drawing, no matter many how many times you “re-stream” it. So you only need to buy one connection and use as many as you want. You take the output files from xteve and place them in your players…emby, jellyfin…tivimate pretty much any player including vlc.

    Might sound a bit complicated but its really not, the main thing is a pc to do the work. This works with emby on roku as well. emby is in the roku store and I think jellyfin is as well.

  78. Avatar for carlbs carlbs says:

    Wow…you lost me at …

    But I’m sure it’s secure too…

    This would entail a TP level tutorial

  79. Is there any expectation that in the future the ONN Box will support Atmos? Would it require a firmware update, a hardware update, or is it just a licensing issue?

  80. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    This is what I found for you.
    The Onn 2023 supports passthrough for:

    • Dolby Digital

    • Dolby Digital Plus

    • Dolby Atmos inside Dolby Digital Plus

    • DTS

    The only app so far that still doesn’t work with Dolby Atmos is the Netflix app.

    If your TV has Dolby Digltal Plus decoding by its HDMI ports but doesn’t support Dolby Atmos metadata, then you will only have Dolby Digital Plus passthrough support by:

    • Connecting the Onn to any of the TV HDMI ports.

    • Connect the soundbar to the HDMI-ARC port of the TV.

    • Go to the Onn audio settings and select Auto, then go to one tab where you can see the audio codecs detected by the Onn from the TV.

    • Make sure in your TV audio settings you also select Auto or passthrough, you need to test it out.

    • If the soundbar has Dolby Atmos inside Dolby Digital Plus support then you will have to connect it directly to the soundbar, it doesn’t matter what your TV supports, it will bypass that.

  81. Thank you.

  82. Unfortunately, I just purchased a Fire TV so I could eliminate my fire box. I did purchase an Onn just because it was so cheap. Looks like I will be adding a “box” (Onn) back into the process.
    Is there a way to block the “update” process?

  83. Hi Troy. Is there any software out that allows firestick owners to remove the firestick software and replace it with google tv / android os? This is of course with the android drivers we have now. It seens like our fresticks are going to be like the old white boxes for computers. No software, all hardware. Certainly a programmer could modify the fire os to a more generic os that was capable of running google tv android. I would buy it if fire os goes down. I never use amazon apps. No great loss. I really only sideload. What do you think? This could be a big opening for a coder.

  84. The new OS will probably not be applied to existing devices. The new OS will only appear on new devices that are sent out in the future. Existing devices will work as expected and be updated for a long time to come.

  85. Amazon actually gave us a clue to this happening 2 years ago. What will happen is eventually it will be as hard to sideload a Firestick as it was in the very beginning when we had to use a computer & basically flash the Firestick 1.
    I stopped recommending Firesticks 18 months ago after 1 particular evil update.
    Now I have switched to the far more friendly Google O/S & instead recommend the ONN Box & not the Stick which is no longer in production for those on a Budget, bedroom TV or Kids TV. I personally own 1 & also have a Sony Bravia 75" Google TV which is the only Smart TV I have loved.
    Otherwise I continue to us a 2017 NVidia hoping for a new better model than the 2019.

  86. Avatar for Razman Razman says:

    I dumped all of my Amazon devices last year due to their crappy hardware and tech support and went with NVIDIA. Totally blows away any Amazon device. I’ll never go back to mediocre devices again.

  87. My FS 4K Max is basically for back up now if I need it. My FS 4k, is for messing around. Since I got the Onn in December, it’s all I’ve used as I mentioned in another post. It out performs my FS in every way.

  88. Avatar for Gary58 Gary58 says:

    This is the beginning of a complete implode of Amazon imo the firestick brought them so much repeat business i think it is a step toward the demise of there operation may be years away but just my opinion

  89. Avatar for Gary58 Gary58 says:

    You have a lot of work in that much discipline. Incredible job

  90. The writing was on the wall a long time ago. With nearly every software/firmware update, you have to constantly tweak the system to get side loading to work again or to get other features working such as Wolf launcher. With these updates, they clearly don’t want you to side load and run numerous third party app.

    Accordingly, I purchased the NVIDIA Shield Pro. I have never looked back and have never had any problems with any updates whatsoever. Furthermore, just because a streaming device is “popular” doesn’t mean it is the best performing one. The NVIDIA Shield Pro is a good example. It’s high price keeps it out of the “popular” category. Nonetheless, it is probably one of the best performing streaming device out there. It was worth the price to me. No more headaches.

  91. Avatar for m00se m00se says:

    Hey there - I was extremely interested in your emby setup with the mini pc. If you don’t mind I would like to know which specific mini pc you bought. I have an urge to redefine my system here in my small apartment. I’d only be controlling 3 TVs with whatever I do so this is more an exercise in educating myself more and spending money I don’t really need to LOL. Please forgive me if I’m pestering you for info but the idea of networking my sh*t intrigues the hell out of me :slight_smile:

    Thanks in advance

  92. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    I use this RYZEN model however they make a N100 model that is similar and would work just fine. I like these two because of the all in one setup. Drives are not included. They hold 2 HDD’s and 2 SSD’s. With that said any small pc will work(prefer with 16 gb ram or more) and you will need to add storage via usb. Most all mini pc’s will come with windows 11, however I wipe that out and install linux. Windows imho is just too bloated.

  93. the shield is not reconized as a 4k device by directv stream andwill not play there 3 4k channels at all so it is a useless device for me .

  94. Thanks for the info. For $20, I’m ordering an Onn right now just to get acquainted with it before I have to.

  95. Good to know there there other devices out there other than a Amazon one.

  96. The question is who cares if you live in the US? For $20 I swapped my Firesticks for the onn. It’s snappier than the Firestick and doesn’t have all the Amazon ads and is about 40% cheaper. I use my Shield for the main TV that has upgraded audio but the onn is perfect for the bedroom TVs

  97. The problem is you can’t get them shipped to Canada. You must either A go to a USA walmart store (As I did for it) or B create a Walmart USA account with a USA address to be delivered to and pick it up there. I concur. I’ve only used my Onn since I got it in December. It outperforms my FS’s in every way.

  98. Avatar for JDPing JDPing says:

    Not sure why you would use DirectTV on a Shield with all the available options to cut the cord or satellite from them.

  99. Avatar for m00se m00se says:

    Thank you for the info TXRon. I was actually looking at the Beelimk boxes that I’d put a USB C drive enclosure on, and try that out with one of my platter drives. This one specifically Beelink - what are your thoughts on it? I would love to hear what you think of that idea.

    Also thank you too Powerfader! ::

  100. because it is the reliable way of getting 4k sports where all those other services are not . and i can get my blackhawks , bulls and white sox in 4k too

  101. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    Beelink is one of the better mini pc brands. They have been doing it a long time. What you are doing will work, take your time the 1st time…or start over lotsa times :joy:

    The N100 is a low power draw while delivering 3.4 ghz. So rather cheap to have always on.

    edit… and if you decide to use xteve, gimme a shout prior to setup and i’ll share a few things that will help.

  102. …or C, have someone who lives in the states buy one for you and ship it to you.

  103. Avatar for m00se m00se says:

    You got it - thanks again TXRon - much appreciated.

  104. Avatar for k0med k0med says:

    I would agree with you. If amazon switches from fire os I will be using a different box and will no longer by the firesticks.

  105. Yes, we had spoken about that about 6 months ago. Minor problems. Duty, Taxes, Shipping, Exchange so in the end it would be approx. $70. I bought mine for $19.97, approx $27 Cdn dollars and brought it across duty free.

  106. Avatar for jst jst says:

    I have already moved on

  107. Walmart has an excellent solution and it’s only $20 :upside_down_face:

  108. I believe it is likely they will age out existing devices leaving them on FireOS until they no longer provide updates? This “leaked” job posting (that was quickly removed) would be a good way to unload any excess inventory.

  109. Avatar for carlbs carlbs says:

    Have you ever watched “Trailer Park Boys”? There is an episode where they put a waterproof pipe across the entire bottom of a river and ran a model train in the pipe. The river was the boundary between Canada and the US. They’d load up the model train and smuggle weed across the border to the US and get cigarettes in return. “Boys!..the sigrits!” Just sayin’ LOL

  110. It seems I missed that episode. I had to get mine in Florida after nothing available in NY and Nashville. All in all it cost me quite a lot considering three weeks of travel to three states over approx 9 months. :slight_smile:

  111. Avatar for sanman sanman says:

    Hi Troy,

    Quick question for you - is there any chance that you may have re-posted this article? And if so, would the date “I posted” it change to the date that you did so?

    I only ask because I really don’t recall making a post 6 days ago. Although I confess, it’s possible I did so and was just extremely overtired.

    The comment sounds like me, and it sounds familiar, I’m not worried anyone got into my account or anything like that. Just wondered about the dates.

    Sorry if it’s a weird question. lol

  112. I’m just wondering about this new Firetv/stick/device new OS coming out (non-android)… I’ve been searching all over about when they are releasing it and which devices. I, myself have a couple of 4K Maxs and other android boxes (Mecool, etc) but the FS has something I like and that is remote setup/support with these nice tools available here. case in point a friend from far away wants me to set up his streaming device from my home so the FS is the best for that imo. If rhey order it today I’m guessing with will be the standard Fire OS (android) still? I wonder how they will badge the new ones differently so we will know we’re not buying 'non sideloadabe) devices. thanks… I’ll update if I find anything.

  113. Ive moved on, i got 2 Nvidia shields, and kept 1 firestic4k max, to stay in the Amazon echo system, too much trouble, everytime i do some, they change it, no worries with the shields.

  114. Avatar for Reece Reece says:

    Serious Dedication Wizzard. Awesome!

  115. Well I really wanted one and now that I have it, actually two, I am very happy with it. Amazing price vs performance.

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