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Amazon Blocks Ability to Change Shorcut Buttons on Firestick Remote

amazon blocks firestick shortcut button remapAmazon has yet again chosen to block a useful tool that many Firestick and Fire TV Owners take advantage of.

This latest blockade has eliminated the ability to use AFTVNews’ “Remapper” app which worked for the updated Firestick remote with app shortcut buttons.

remapper app

Currently, it seems that these changes are coming to Fire TV Stick 4K Max owners after a recent software update to these devices.

It is likely that these updates will continue to other Firestick devices that offer the updated Alexa Voice remote with shortcut buttons.

These shortcut buttons allow for immediate access to various applications such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Prime Video, and more.

alexa voice remote pro

However, many preferred to access other applications that they use more than those listed above which is where the Remapper app came in.

Remapper allowed users the ability to change these pre-determined shortcut buttons to the app of their choice.

This means you could set up a quick select option for any streaming app or APK you preferred.

It seems that Amazon had a conflict with this as they have elected to block this feature on compatible remotes.

Amazon is notorious for restricting device tweaks including blocking 3rd party launchers & disabling auto-updates blockades.

This is one of the reasons many are opting for Android TV Devices instead of the popular Firestick & Fire TV.

Android TV vs Fire TV

This latest restriction means that those who wish to remap buttons on their Firestick device are left with no options to do so.

Of course, those who demand this feature can always purchase the all-new Alexa Voice Remote Pro with customizable buttons for the steep price of $34.99.

For the rest of us, we are stuck yet again with another beloved feature halted by Amazon.

We want know what you think of Amazon blocking the ability to change shortcut buttons on fFirestick remote.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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36 thoughts on “Amazon Blocks Ability to Change Shorcut Buttons on Firestick Remote”

  1. Amazon, Amazon, Amazon. Shame on you for trying to copy the things the New World Order leader, Bill Gates. Everyone is out to destroy the American tradition and values. Oh well, karma is a $!”*4 .ju

  2. I couldn’t care less. I’m not that lazy that I can’t take a few more steps. I’m very happy with my firestick and all that it has brought me.

  3. I’m sure this isn’t the place but here goes. Finally getting high speed internet this year. Where does a “Newbie” begin? Do other devices need to be jailbroken? Forgetting costs (after waiting 20 years for a speed higher than 1 mb) I’ll do just about anything to get this working. Are there devices that will do it all right out of the box?

  4. I had to reinstall Button Mapper and was not able to get it to work properly. I deleted the mapping file and uninstalled the app. The keys on my remote are now messed up. Have rebooted my box, no help. I am afraid I will have to reset my box back to factory settings. Will take all day to reinstall Kodi, apps, etc. Yuk……..

  5. I’ve only used my FS remote 2 or 3 times in the past 4 years. My Samsung TV remotes work great. Smartphone app is a backup and used when traveling when in room TV doesn’t support CEC. In that case the FS remote is only needed to connect FS to hotel wifi, then Iphone app takes over. A very few functions require the FS remote, but those I rarely use. You can be angry with Amazon, but it won’t get you anywhere. You agreed to play under their terms. No different than any other hardware provider.

  6. should start a class action lawsuit for amazon devices. They were bought with specific functions and options. to remove, delete, and or change these options at what ever whim they have is wrong. they should be made to buy back the devices. or have burn party’s. If you bought a v8 truck for the motor then woke up one day and from a forced update you lost 2 cylinders, now only v6 you would be beyond pissed off. Amazon getting to conceited. Started out great then kept backpeddling to where now untrustworthy junk.

  7. If you think about it, this makes sense from Amazon’s standpoint. Obviously, Amazon gets revenue from the services that are included on their “one-click” buttons, so I can understand that they restricted access to altering their functions. Were the buttons ever advertised as being “programmable”? As for using it any way you desire, you would be well within your rights to disassemble it and re-engineer it if you are capable to do what ever you wanted with it (opening your garage door, perhaps). That’s one thing I am constantly amused by… how people who enjoy pirating things of value are generally cheapskates. I am very happy with what I am able to accomplish with my FireSticks. If I really cared about one-button access to my favorite platforms, I would just pay the $36 for a remote that does advertise programmability. Some people never appreciate what they have, especially pirates!

  8. They also seem to be making almost all channels unusable if you are using a VPN. They even seem to cut off sound if I use it.

  9. Yep, Just bought a new fire TV from Best Buy and found out that you cannot install any apps from downloader. Called Amazon and was told that Apps from unknown sources no longer available. Change in policy. Well I am about to pack up the TV and return it. Will get one with Android OS.


    1. Mecool tv is a great otion. I’m glad I switched. I have three firesticks in the drawer. There tons of options out there if ya want to ditch the firestick. Worth the extra money, for me anyway.

  11. I first started online streaming with Roku. I didn’t like it because they controlled the channel apps I could and couldn’t have. Then I moved over to the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max. Much better. However, because of the Fire TV stick’s hardware / software limitations, I got the NVIDIA Shield TV pro. The NVIDIA Shield Pro is by orders of magnitude much much better than any streaming device out there. It has a much stronger processor, lots of customizable features, and Rock solid performance. It’s remote control has a hypersensitive Netflix button that can
    be disabled or reprogramed with the remapper app.

  12. I recently bought a Firestick, and am dismayed to discover that I cannot “jailbreak” it does not list “Developer Options”….HELP!! Also, when I click on the App “Developer Options”, it will NOT load it, it just reverts back not the menu…any solutions out there??

  13. Take notice how Amazon is charging more for their services, yet taking away more things we take for granted? Starting to think its time to cut the Amazon cord.

    1. I absolutely agree. They have decided to stop supporting the recast which I love. I will no longer buy their devices because of it. Searching for non Amazon products to replace all of my Amazon devices.

  14. As I have said in the past, Amazon are dead to me, because they are pompous greedy control freaks, I have stopped using their products and have and continue to convince friends and family to also avoid Amazon products. If enough people do the same, Amazon will have to rethink their operations or bust. Why aren’t the watchdogs like ACCC not taking any action? Amazon are restricting customers from using purchased equipment the way the want. It really is criminal.

  15. Amazon Firestick blocking things after the sale. The only way I know how to fight companies like Amazon is just stop buying there firestick products. We make them take a big enough hit in sales and I bet we will be amazed how fast they see the light. There are plenty of other options out there. I personally have stopped using any firesticks. It was a difficult decision. No sales for Amazon firesticks you will see a amazing turn around. My conclusion we let them do what they want to us.

    1. I moved away from firedtick a while ago , firestick was like a baby , constant attention . The cheap price wasn’t worth it and I moved on as I learned.
      I agree. Spend your money elsewhere .

  16. Like many others, I began my streaming adventure using an Amazon fire stick. Over the years I’ve watched and learned that although we may have paid for Amazon’s devices, they aren’t truly ours to do with them as we please. The two fire sticks that I have still work, but I’ve modified them to NOT update at all!! They are currently stuck on version, and I’m still able to control my home screen using the HOME BUTTON, and to MY liking. I only use them when traveling because my Nvidia Shield devices are the absolute best.

  17. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could actually use my Disney+ and Neflix buttons on my remote! I’ve just reset my Firestick 4K and the buttons don’t work. Tried the remapper and it didn’t work.

  18. F@#*&h Amazon Firesticks and all their other streaming Devices, if Amazon wants to control their Devices, do not allow us to pay for the devices and take over….. Fu@&+sd YOU!

  19. You would think that once you buy the remote from Amazon, you should be able to use it anyway you desire. If indeed you do own the device Amazon should not be able to restrict how you use it. Of course they may still own proprietor rights on the device, so I’m not sure where our rights end and where Amazon’s rights begin. In any case I sure do not like the fact that they still control a device I purchased from them.

    1. Remember, Microsoft did the same thing when they first started up their software! They were proved wrong in court! They own the property rights, but could not control how people use it! So here we are, Amazon is doing the same thing!!!!

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