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Pluto TV M3U Playlist is Extensive Copyright Infringement According to MPA

Pluto TV M3U Playlist

The Pluto TV M3U Playlist has been available for people to use in their favorite IPTV apps for quite sometime.  By doing this, users would bypass the official Pluto TV app, which is considered piracy according to the MPA.

The MPA recently sent a DMCA notice to GitHub Inc demanding that they remove the Pluto M3U Playlist from their servers.

This story first broke on the popular Website, TorrentFreak.

Pluto TV is a service that offers 100+ live television channels and thousands of movies through their official application that can be installed through all of the popular app stores such as Amazon App Store and Google Play.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is featured in our list of the best legal free streaming applications.

Pluto M3U Playlist

Millions of people have been using free M3U playlists available on the Internet for years.  You can think of an M3U playlist as an electronic file that provides access to both live TV channels and video on demand (VOD) content.

Some of the popular free applications for utilizing M3U playlists include IPTV Smarters, TiviMate, and PerfectPlayer.

Pluto M3U

Many people believed that using the Pluto TV M3U Playlist was 100% legal due to the fact that using Pluto TV through their official application is.  The Motion Picture Association doesn’t agree with this premise.

The following is a paragraph quoted in the DMCA notice.

We are writing to notify you of, and request your assistance in addressing, the extensive copyright infringement of motion pictures and television shows that is occurring by virtue of the operation of the playlist file, PlutoTV_mr.m3u (the Playlist), which is hosted on and available for download from your repository GitHub Inc. (the Repository) at (the URL). Specifically, at the URL, the Repository hosts and offers for download the Playlist, which in turn is used to engage in massive infringement of copyrighted motion pictures and television shows.

Some may ask why it is considered copyright infringement to use the Pluto TV M3U Playlist since their official application is free to use.

You would suspect that they are missing out on in-app ad dollars when people opt to use the Pluto Playlist but when looking through their app, ads aren’t anywhere to be found.

Pluto TV M3U

Pluto TV Tracking Abilities

It appears that Pluto TV is making money off of the tracking abilities built into their official application.  When people use a free IPTV App and import the Pluto TV M3U Playlist, they are missing out on the tracking dollars.

Users also have the ability to create a free Pluto TV account which unlocks additional features such as resume where you left off, access your Watch List, and launch your Favorite Channels from any device.

Pluto TV email optin

I personally don’t have a Pluto TV account but this is probably another form of revenue as they are probably pushing ads through email campaigns.


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Pluto TV M3U Playlist Download Locations

Although Github has removed the Pluto TV M3U Playlist, more than likely the same download will now appear on thousands of other servers around the world.  As with everything in this space, one goes down and ten pop up.

It will be interesting to see how the MPA reacts to the new download locations that will appear in the coming days.

Here’s the DMCA notice that was submitted to Github on behalf of the MPA.


What are your thoughts about the removal of the Pluto TV M3U Playlist from Github?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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13 thoughts on “Pluto TV M3U Playlist is Extensive Copyright Infringement According to MPA”

  1. If you just think back to the late 1930’s to early 1940’s in Germany, this is similar to what Goebbels did; “The Reich Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, also known simply as the Ministry of Propaganda, controlled the content of the press, literature, visual arts, film, theater, music and radio in Nazi Germany.”
    Same thing, just different country and different time. If you paid attention in History class (assuming they still teach History) we all know how Germany faired in their attempts.

  2. As our Government has been desperately acting since its reign to take charge of our food sources-fuels-segregation withen the system-igniting old wounds withen race color and greed withen or country making us so all so tense and nervous what the other is going to do, instead of goading on the major progress U.S.A has done since their creating a new firm of control through food, fossil fields, inflation, anger,racism etc also to control what we can watch and not watch on our TV to control what we believe. It’s people like yourself that are dedicated to what you do for us all even though this is your way of making money, your passionate of it all study things thoroughly through. For people like my wife and I whom lost everything after 43yrs of work with Texaco as a driller all over the world I’ve Horror memories of certain places but obana/Biden put us on the street list home everything due to medical, our children saved us. Here again because of their collapse of the system, my wife and I are on SSDI, or income yes we got a raise but our money went backwards 39% so appreciate people as yourself for thankyou isn’t enough. Recently just denied a electric chair so I’m homebound, that benifit every 5 years they took away. THANKYOU for you. I’ve a personal question of my firestick aTech guru as yourself could answere if there is a possible way???

  3. I just wish someone with the know how could create something so that apps like Pluto, Tubi, Hulu, etc could be piped into TiviMate so that the DVR feature could be used. A lot of things stream on sites like Pluto that are not On Demand and this would give a way to record these when you’re not there.

    1. I’ve been doing this almost 3 years now. Just insert your m3u, m3u8 or url playlists either by url or save the m3u file and or epg file to your device or a usb stick and install into Tivimate.
      See previous post here about.

  4. I would guess than by this ruling that anything anyone steams unless it’s using commercial advertising or requires a paid subscription is being considered copyrighted property that is illegal to view. I think soon we will paying not only for most content we stream but also with commercial ads, whatever happened to the free and open ?

  5. How can we as consumers fight against this sort of nonsense? If it boils down to money, how can we hit them in the pocketbook that the only way to stop this ridiculous crap.

  6. Do you have some builds with world tv. I think on Balkan tv channels.
    All tv are USA stupid station. I don’t think on sport station just all station.
    Thank you.

  7. Akin to the Salem witch trials. It really isn’t about facts, it’s about what you can convince others is the truth, even if it isn’t.

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