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New Fire TV Stick 4K Max Review 2023 Model

New Fire TV Stick 4K Max Review 2023 Model

The new 2023 Fire TV Stick 4K Max is now available and is receiving tons of attention due to a few anticipated features.

It’s been two years since Amazon introduced the first Fire TV Stick 4K Max which was the most popular Firestick to date due to increased CPU performance and the addition of WiFi 6 technology.

Amazon Firesticks have been extremely popular since the first generation release in 2014 due to the ability to install 3rd party apps not available within the Amazon App Store.  Many refer to this as jailbreaking.

How to Jailbreak Firestick Tutorial

The 2021 Fire TV Stick 4K Max introduced Fire OS 7 which is notable because the new 2023 Fire TV Stick 4K Max is showcasing the new Fire OS 8 operating system.  Fire OS 8 is powered by Android 11 whereas Fire OS 7 was using Android 9.

New Fire TV Stick 4K Max Fire OS 8

I was excited to dive into this new Firestick but my excitement quickly diminished during my First Impressions Video on the TROYPOINT Insider.

First Impressions Video on TROYPOINT Insider

There are a couple big problems with this device that I will outline in this review.  Hopefully Amazon will push out an update soon to address these issues.

This new Firestick 4K Max Review will tackle the main questions that TROYPOINT fans have voiced over the past month since the announcement of Amazon’s new lineup.

It’s important to note that I will not be doing a full review of the Fire TV Stick 4K that sells for $10 less as I think it’s silly that Amazon released a model like this.  Whose not going to pay an additional $10 to get 8GB of extra internal storage?  Stupid in my opinion.

I will however provide a few comparisons in this review of features on both new 2023 Firesticks.

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New Fire TV Stick 4K Max Features


new fire tv stick 4k max

Amazon’s new Fire TV Stick 4K Max is a powerful streaming device that has vast improvements from the first iteration of this media player.

This includes support for WiFi 6E which means lower latency, faster speeds, and less interference from other devices.

Firestick WiFi 6e


Your online activity is recorded by your government, Internet Service Provider, app/addon/IPTV devs and all websites through your identifying IP address

Your Current Identifying IP Address (digital fingerprint):

Stream anonymously by using Surfshark VPN


Surfshark backs their service with a 30-day money back guarantee

Use your account on unlimited devices & share with family members


It has also improved to a MediaTek MT8696T quad-core 2GHz CPU which is even better than what is available in the current Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

The most notable change, however, is that this device will include 16 GB of internal storage which is something we have not seen in a Firestick device.

New Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Memory will continue to stay the same at 2GB of LPDDR4 RAM which is available in the Firestick 4K as well.

A new feature that will only be available with the Fire TV Stick 4K Max is the Fire TV Ambient Experience also provided in Omni QLED Series Fire TVs.

This platform acts similarly to an Alexa display and will provide weather widgets, calendar, To-Do lists, artwork, and more.

fire tv ambient

Remote Controls for New Firesticks

Amazon has opted to package the “enhanced” Fire TV Alexa remote, typically reserved for Fire TV Smart TVs, with the new Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

New Firestick Remotes


Conversely, the Fire TV Stick 4K comes bundled with the standard Fire TV Alexa remote and the Max comes with the enhanced remote.  Now, with the release of the Fire TV Stick 4K Max, it becomes the second standalone Fire TV model to feature this upgraded remote. The enhanced remote offers the same functionality as the standard remote but incorporates additional features such as channel up/down buttons, a settings button, and a recent button that conveniently displays a list of recently opened apps and content.

Purchase New 2023 Fire TV Stick 4K Max

User Interface

There are no huge changes to the user interface on the new Fire TV Stick 4K Max.  I thought that we may see a few UI changes due to the introduction of Fire OS 8 but not so much.

There are only two alterations that I see after quickly exploring the user interface on Fire OS 8.

There is no longer a Profiles shortcut on the Fire TV Stick 4K Max settings screen.

no profiles shortcut on new Fire TV Stick 4K Max settings page

Not a huge deal as you can still get to this by pressing on the home button of the remote for a few seconds.

long press home button for new Fire TV Stick 4K Max profiles

The biggest problem regarding the UI is that missing shortcuts are now present again for applications that have been side-loaded onto the device.  We first saw this problem with Fire OS 7 but Amazon finally released an update that fixed it on the previous Firesticks.

Missing shortcuts on new Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Free StartMail Trial

More than likely Amazon will be coming out with an update that fixes this problem but the question is how long will that take?

In the meantime users can install Sideload Launcher through the free TROYPOINT Toolbox and use that to see all shortcuts on their new Firesticks.


Sideload Launcher on New Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Side-loading Apps on New Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Yes, side-loading apps does work on the new Fire TV Stick 4K Max.  In this example, I’m side-loading Kodi with the free TROYPOINT Toolbox.

Kodi on New Fire TV Stick 4K Max

I highly doubt that Amazon will ever remove this capability as developers need the ability to test their apps prior to publishing to the Amazon App Store.

We have encountered a few applications not compatible with Fire OS 8 and one of the more significant ones is Mouse Toggle.  Mouse Toggle allows us to navigate applications designed for phones and tablets.

Mouse Toggle not Working on new Firestick 4K Max

Fire TV Stick 4K Max Expandable Storage & Storage Permissions

The biggest complaint in the past has been lack of internal storage on Amazon Fire TV Sticks.  Now that we have 16GB of internal storage on the new Firestick 4K Max hopefully that will be enough so we don’t need to add additional storage through a USB drive.

I tested expanding internal storage on the new Fire TV Stick 4K Max and I’m happy to report that it works as it did on the 2021 Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

Expanding Internet Storage on new Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Expanding internal storage allows us to install apps onto a USB drive so we will never run out of space.

Unfortunately, there is also a problem with storage access permission on the new Firestick 4K Max system as well.  As of this post some storage features of Kodi and other media players and file managers won’t work properly or not at all.  The omission of important access permissions on Fire OS 8 makes it impossible to access certain files stored on internal storage.  Again, I am sure an update will be sent that will fix this but we don’t know when that will happen.

In the following example, I’m trying to browse to /sdcard/Android/data with X-plore File Manager and I get the following prompt.  Your be led to believe that this will allow access but it doesn’t.  What’s needed is the “allow all the time” option which allows access to nearly all files stored under /sdcard/ internal storage.  As of now, it only allows accessing its own files and photo/video files with popular media file extensions.

There is ADB code that can be used to allow for this and I will provide a tutorial soon for that.

Special File Access Missing

Download/Upload Speeds

In the following Download/Upload speed tests I’m connection to my favorite WiFi 6 router, the ASUS RT-AX86U Pro (AX5700) Dual Band WiFi 6 Router.  It’s important to point out that you must connect to a WiFi 6 router to take advantage of the speed boost that the new Fire TV Stick 4K Offers with its WiFi 6E compatibility.  If you don’t have a WiFi 6 router, you can still connect to your standard router, you just won’t get the faster speeds.

When connecting through Surfshark VPN, I’m going through the Chicago server which provides the fastest speeds for me as this is closest to my physical location.

I’m using the free Analiti Speed Test app to measure the download & upload speeds that you will find below.

Many have questioned whether the UGREEN Gigabit Ethernet USB Adapter works with the new Fire TV Stick 4K Max and I’m happy to report that it does in conjunction with an OTG Cable!

WiFi 6E Speeds

New Fire TV Stick 4K Max Download/Upload Speeds

Surfshark VPN Off: Download = 395 Mbps & Upload = 277 Mbps

Surfshark VPN On: Download = 115 Mbps & Upload = 102 Mbps

As you can see, the new Fire TV Stick 4K max offers superior download/upload speeds with the new WiFi 6E technology.  But, it’s important to point out that the 2021 Fire TV Stick 4K Max was very similar in terms of speed.

Purchase New 2023 Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Fire TV Stick 4K Max Specs

Size: 99 mm x 30 mm x 14 mm (only housing) 108 mm x 30 mm x 14 mm (including the connector)

Weight: 43.5 g

Processor: Quad-core 2.0GHz

GPU: 850MHz

Storage: 16GB

WiFi: Wi-Fi 6E tri-band: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax (2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz)

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.2 + BLE

Voice Support: Yes, with the Alexa Voice Remote Enhanced (included) or free Fire TV app (available for download on Fire OS, Android, and iOS)

IR device control with included Alexa Voice Remote Enhanced: The included Alexa Voice Remote Enhanced can control Fire TV Stick 4K Max and certain functions (such as power and volume) on a wide range of compatible IR-enabled devices, including TVs, soundbars and A/V receivers. Note: Certain functions may not be available on some IR-enabled devices.

Cloud Storage: Free cloud storage for digital content purchased from Amazon

Ports: HDMI 2.1 output with ARC input support, micro USB

Audio Support: Dolby Atmos, 7.1 surround sound, 2-channel stereo, and HDMI audio pass through up to 5.1.

4K Support: To watch movies and TV shows in 4K Ultra HD, you need a compatible Ultra HD TV. All services may not be available in 4K/HDR. Certain services are subject to change at any time, may not be available in all areas, or in 4K/HDR, and may require separate subscriptions.

Content Formats Supported:

Video: Dolby Vision, HDR 10, HDR10+, HLG, H.265, H.264, VP9, AV1;

Audio: xHE-AAC, AAC-LC, AAC+, eAAC+, AAC-ELD, MP3, AMR-NB, FLAC, PCM/WAV, Vorbis, Dolby AC3, eAC3 (Dolby Digital Plus), Dolby Atmos (EC3_JOC), Dolby AC4, Dolby MAT, Dolby TrueHD pass-through, MPEG-H pass-through, DTS passthrough, DTS-HD passthrough (basic profile);


Output Resolution Supported: 2160p, 1080p and 720p up to 60 fps

System Requirements: High-definition television with available high-speed HDMI input, high-speed internet connection via wifi. Wi-Fi 6E router needed for Wi-Fi 6E support. Auto-Low Latency Mode is included in the HDMI 2.1 standard.

Alexa Voice Remote Enhanced

Size: 38 mm x 157 mm x 17 mm

Weight: 51 g (without batteries)

Batteries: 2 AAA (included)

Technology: Bluetooth and infrared

Compatibility: Fire TV Stick 4K Max (2nd Gen), Fire TV 2-Series, Fire TV 4-Series, Fire TV Omni Series, Fire TV Omni QLED Series, Fire TV Cube (3rd Gen)


  • 16GB internal storage
  • Enhanced remote
  • Supports side-loading apps
  • Expanding internal storage works
  • WiFi 6E support
  • Fast download/upload speeds
  • UGREEN Gigabit Ethernet USB Adapter is supported
  • 4K videos play buffer-free with strong Internet connection
  • Supports popular video/audio formats


  • Missing shortcuts for side-loaded apps
  • Limited customization opportunities
  • Mouse toggle not working properly
  • Inability to remove Amazon bloatware
  • Storage permission problems

Fire TV Stick 4K Max Review – Final Thoughts

I’m disappointed with the current bugs present on the new Fire TV Stick 4K Max.  It seems to me that Amazon doesn’t do a good job of testing these devices as there are a few problems that should have been found immediately upon inspection.

I’m happy to see that they added an additional 8GB of internal storage but did they do this for self-serving purposes?  Will Amazon push more of their “system installed apps” our way that we can’t uninstall?

Their addition of WiFi 6E is nice but I didn’t see a big difference in download/upload speed as compared to the 2021 Fire TV Stick 4K Max.  Not that we need more speed as we only need 20-30Mbps to stream 4K content.  I’m making note of this because I don’t want people purchasing these new Firesticks thinking speed will increase because of this new WiFi 6E chip.

As I’ve mentioned many times, I’ve moved onto Android TV/Google TV systems as we can easily customize them to our liking.  Google is less irritating when it comes to blocking various features that hobbyists within the TROYPOINT community are interested in.

Don’t worry, the TROYPOINT team will still provide many tutorials for Fire TV devices as well as Android TV/Google TV systems.  We understand that personal preference exists and we will cover everything that pertains to Android-based streaming systems.

As of now I rate the new Fire TV Stick 4K Max 3.8/5.  This will likely change once they provide updates that fix some of the problems that come with Fire OS 8.

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What Do You Think?

Please tell us your thoughts on the new Fire TV Stick 4K Max.  Will you be buying one?

Discuss This Post on TROYPOINT Insider & Comments Will Be Embedded Below


The following review covers the original Fire TV Stick 4K Max that was released in October of 2021. 

2021 Fire TV Stick 4K Max Review

The original Fire TV Stick 4K Max was first released on October 7th, 2021 and here is the review at that time. 

This 2021 Fire TV Stick 4K Max Review was written by Troy from TROYPOINT after one day of heavy use.

In this review, I will point out both the pros and cons of this 2021 Amazon streaming device.

Amazon has released the Fire TV Stick 4K Max that is available now for purchase.

It’s priced at $54.99 which is $5 more than its sister device, the Fire TV Stick 4K.

Order Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Fire TV Stick 4K Max - Most Powerful Stick
Most Powerful Amazon Streaming Stick

This is the latest iteration of the most popular streaming device available on the market today.

How to Jailbreak Firestick/Fire TV

The 2021 Fire TV Stick 4K Max features built-in Wi-Fi 6 and improved processing power.

The device is running Fire OS 7 which supports expanding the internal storage.  Don’t get too excited about this just yet, there is a big problem that I will get into below.

Users can also expect more memory with 2GB of RAM. (The original Fire TV Stick 4K comes with 1.5 GB of RAM).

Fire TV Stick 4K Review

firestick 4k max review
Fire TV Stick 4K Max with Remote

The 2021 Fire TV Stick 4K Max features up to 40% more processing power for a quicker, sleeker experience.

This is because of its new 1.8GHz processor, increased RAM memory, and strong graphics processor. 

One of the most notable features available is support for Wi-Fi 6 which is sure to improve buffering issues and more.  See our speed tests below regarding this new addition.

Right now, the only other media device with Wi-Fi 6 compatibility is the Apple TV 4K priced at $179.

The Fire TV Stick 4K Max comes equipped with a MediaTek MT7921LS Wi-Fi 6 chipset that is typically seen in laptops and gaming consoles.

This device also features the all-new Alexa Remote with dedicated app buttons for Netflix, Prime Video, and more.

fire tv stick 4k max review remote
Fire TV Stick 4K Max Remote

One thing to note about the 2021 Fire TV Stick 4K Max is the provided 8 GB of internal storage.

This is the same amount of internal storage that comes with the Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick Lite, and other models.

Currently, the only model of Fire TV with more storage is the Fire TV Cube which includes 16 GB of internal storage.

Below, I will take you through my 2021 Fire TV Stick 4K Max Review process step-by-step.

Purchase Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Installing Apps on the 2021 Fire TV Stick 4K Max

We know that all apps within the Amazon App store are going to work properly so I’m not going to spend time on those.

I’m more interested in seeing how well the side-loaded applications work on this device such as Kodi, Syncler, TiviMate, etc.

I first installed the free TROYPOINT Application with the Rapid App Installer.

Important Note: The TROYPOINT Rapid App Installer is no longer available as it’s been replaced with the free TROYPOINT Toolbox.

This is the easiest and fastest way to install the best free streaming apps and tools. I then installed the following applications through the Rapid App Installer inside of the TROYPOINT App.

  • IPVanish VPN
  • TiviMate
  • Syncler
  • Kodi
  • Unlinked
  • Launcher Manager
  • Wolf Launcher
TROYPOINT App with Rapid App Installer
TROYPOINT Rapid App Installer

Click Here for Free TROYPOINT App

Again, I really want to test the side-loaded applications that many of you use on a regular basis.

All of the above applications were installed properly and they all worked as expected.

Of course, I linked my Real-Debrid Account to Syncler and Kodi so I could enjoy buffer-free playback.

User Interface

After installing the above applications, I noticed some app shortcuts missing which is typical for Fire OS 7.

Missing Shortcuts
Missing Shortcuts

The reason some of these don’t display is that the developers didn’t properly code their shortcuts for the new Fire TV operating system which is Fire OS 7.

You also see this on the Fire TV Stick Lite, 3rd Generation Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Cubes.

So, I activated Wolf Launcher through the Launcher Manager application and I could now see all applications without ads.

So much better!

Wolf Launcher on Fire TV Stick 4K Max
Wolf Launcher

2021 Fire TV Stick 4K Max Expandable Storage

After setting up Wolf Launcher, I wanted to test the expandable storage that everyone is so excited about.

I unplugged the device from power, connected an OTG adapter, and my UGREEN USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet Hub with USB 3.0 Ports. We will get to download speeds with the Gigabit adapter later in the review.

Fire TV Stick 4K Max with OTG Cable and Ethernet Hub
OTG Cable with USB/Gigabit Ethernet Hub

I then inserted a SanDisk 3.0 256 GB USB drive into the hub.

I went into Settings / My Fire TV / USB Drive and I formatted it as expandable storage.

I then went into my applications list as I wanted to move some apps onto the external drive.

As with past Fire TV devices that offer this ability, you can’t move most applications.

Here, you will see that Netflix doesn’t provide a move option as they don’t support this feature. 

Can't Move Apps to External

If the app developer doesn’t declare support for this feature, you can’t move them.

But, if you side-load an application, it should automatically be placed on the external drive.  You should then have the ability to move it to internal storage after that.

But, once it’s on internal storage, you won’t be able to move it back unless that app provides support for moving.    

Below, you will see an example of an app that can be moved, which is Kodi. 

Move app to external storage
Move Button for Kodi

We don’t have this problem on Android TV systems such as the NVIDIA Shield TV Pro because we can force all apps to external storage through developer options.

When we set this option in Android TV, all apps installed from there forward will automatically be placed on the external drive. 

Android TV Expandable Storage
Android TV – Force Apps to External Option

So, this feature is pretty much useless as far as I’m concerned.

I’m sure you can still push apps manually to external through the ADB shell application but I haven’t tried that yet.  And that entire process is less than ideal.

Download Speeds

I used the Analiti Speed test app for the following tests.

I have a one GB Fiber download speed plan through my Internet Service Provider. During the WiFi tests, I am connected to the 5Ghz band on my Asus ROG Rapture WiFi 6 Router (GT-AX11000)

This router resides in the same room as my Fire TV Stick 4K Max (approximately 20 feet away from the wireless router).

I’m using IPVanish VPN as my VPN on Chicago Server 02 (chi-a02).

Fire TV Stick 4K Max Download Speed
Screaming Fast Downloads with WiFi 6


VPN On: Download = 162 Mbps & Upload = 93 Mbps

VPN Off: Download = 428 Mbps & Upload = 106 Mbps

Ethernet – via UGREEN Gigabit Adapter

VPN On: Download = 190 Mbps & Upload = 134 Mbps

VPN Off: Download = 301 Mbps & Upload = 129 Mbps

As you will see from the tests above, the new WiFi 6 chip-set makes a pretty big difference in download speeds.

Here’s what I get for wireless download speed with VPN off on the original Fire TV Stick 4K.

Fire TV Stick 4K Wireless Speed
Original Fire TV Stick 4K Download Speed

As you can see, I’m getting almost 100 Mbps more speed with the 2021 Firestick 4K Max on my WiFi 6 compatible router. 

It’s important to point out that the Fire TV Stick 4K Max still supports the other typical wireless bands as well (802.11a/b/g/n/ac).

For those of you with WiFi reception problems, this could be the fix you’re looking for.

Purchase Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max

2021 Fire TV Stick 4K vs Fire TV Stick 4K Max

The most common question will be, “What’s the difference between Fire TV Stick 4K and Fire TV Stick 4K Max?”

Below are the noticeable features found on the 2021 Firestick 4K Max not available on the original 4K system.

  • More powerful processor with the Quad-core 1.8GHz MT8696 (original has 1.7GHz, GPU 650MHz)
  • WiFi 6 support plus traditional bands (original supports all traditional WiFi bands 802.11 b/g/n/ac)
  • 2 GB memory (original has 1.5 GB)
  • More powerful graphics chip with the IMG PowerVR GE9215 750 MHz (original has IMG PowerVR GE8300 650 MHz)
  • Native support via USB OTG (original = unofficial support via USB OTG – some things still work but wasn’t officially supported)
  • Fire OS 7 (original has Fire OS 6)
  • AV1 Video Decoding (original doesn’t have this)
  • Remote control includes buttons for Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, hulu, and Channel Guide, App Shortcut (original doesn’t have these buttons)
  • Live View Picture-in-Picture for apps that support it

2021 Fire TV Stick 4K Max Specs

Fire TV Stick 4K Max Box Contents

  • Size – 99 mm x 30 mm x 14 mm (only housing) | 108 mm x 30 mm x 14 mm (including the connector)
  • Weight – 48.4 g
  • Processor – Quad-core 1.8GHz MT8696
  • GPU – IMG GE9215, 750MHz
  • Storage – 8 GB
  • WiFi – MT7921LS. Supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax (Wi-Fi 6) networks.
  • Bluetooth – Bluetooth 5.0 + LE. Pair with compatible Bluetooth speakers, headphones, video game controllers, and more.
  • Voice support – Yes, with the Alexa Voice Remote (included) or free Fire TV app (available for download on Fire OS, Android, and iOS)
  • IR device control with included Alexa Voice Remote – The included Alexa Voice Remote can control Fire TV Stick 4K Max and certain functions (such as power and volume) on a wide range of compatible IR-enabled devices, including TVs, soundbars and A/V receivers. Note: Certain functions may not be available on some IR-enabled devices.
  • Cloud storage – Free cloud storage for digital content purchased from Amazon
  • Ports – HDMI ARC output, micro USB for power only
  • Audio support – Dolby Atmos, 7.1 surround sound, 2-channel stereo, and HDMI audio pass through up to 5.1. Dolby Atmos is available on select Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+ titles when connected to compatible equipment.
  • 4K Support – To watch movies and TV shows in 4K Ultra HD, you need a compatible Ultra HD TV. All services may not be available in 4K/HDR. Certain services are subject to change at any time, may not be available in all areas, or in 4K/HDR, and may require separate subscriptions. Learn more about services.
  • Content formats supported – Video: Dolby Vision, HDR 10, HDR10+, HLG, H.265, H.264, VP9, AV1 Audio: AAC-LC, AC3, eAC3 (Dolby Digital Plus), FLAC, MP3, PCM/Wave, Vorbis, Dolby Atmos (EC3_JOC), Photo: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Output resolution supported – 2160p, 1080p and 720p up to 60 fps
  • System requirements – High-definition television with available high-speed HDMI input, high-speed internet connection via Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi 6 router needed for Wi-Fi 6 support. Auto-Low Latency Mode is included in the HDMI 2.1 standard.
  • TV compatibility – TV must support minimum HDCP requirements for protected content playback. Compatible with 1) 4K UHD TVs with HDMI capable of 2160p at 24/25/30/50/60 Hz and HDCP 2.2 or 2) high-definition TVs with HDMI capable of 1080p or 720p at 50/60 Hz. Learn more about high-definition.
  • Warranty and service – 1-year limited warranty and service included. Optional 2-year and 3-year extended warranty available for U.S. customers sold separately. Use of Fire TV is subject to the terms found here.
  • Content availability – Certain apps and services are subject to change or withdrawal at any time, may not be available in all areas and languages, and may require separate subscriptions.
  • Accessibility features – VoiceView screen reader enables access to the vast majority of Fire TV features for users who are blind or visually impaired. Watch videos and TV shows with closed captioning displayed. Captions are not available for all content. You can also listen to Fire TV with compatible Bluetooth headphones. Learn more about compatibility.
  • Included in the box – Fire TV Stick 4K Max, Alexa Voice Remote (3rd Gen), USB cable and power adapter, HDMI extender cable for Fire TV Stick 4K Max, 2 AAA batteries, Quick Start Guide
  • Software Security Updates – This device receives guaranteed software security updates until at least four years after the device is last available for purchase as a new unit on our websites. Learn more about these software security updates. If you already own a Fire TV, visit Manage Your Content and Devices for information specific to your device.

Fire TV Stick 4K Max Specs


  • 40% more powerful than the original 4K device, which creates fast transitions between screens and menus
  • 2 GB of RAM memory
  • Excellent 4K playback
  • Supports WiFi 6 – screaming fast WiFi speeds when connected to a WiFi 6 compatible router
  • Supports all popular and newer formats including 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, HDR, HDR10+, Dolby Atmos Audio, AV1
  • Side-loading works
  • OTG cable works
  • Gigabit Ethernet Adapter works
  • Wolf Launcher works
  • Excellent remote control


  • Only 8 GB internal storage
  • Expanding internal storage is useless
  • Bad user interface with too many ads for services never used

2021 Fire TV Stick 4K Max Review – Final Thoughts

The 2021 Fire TV Stick 4K Max brings some nice updates.

Would I suggest trading in your original Fire TV Stick 4K for the Fire TV Stick 4K Max?  Probably not.

The only reason why you might want to do this is to take advantage of WiFi 6 if you have a compatible router and you currently have problems with getting a strong wireless connection.

If you are new to this, you will definitely want to spend the extra money and purchase the 2021 Firestick 4K Max.  Yes, the other Firesticks are less expensive but this will be more future-proof as it’s more powerful and supports upcoming technology such as WiFi 6 and AV1 decoding. 

Fire OS 7 gives us the opportunity to expand internal storage with an external USB drive but it doesn’t do much for us because most apps don’t support it.

Maybe Amazon will address this and provide us with a setting under Developer Options like previously mentioned above. 

Personally, the storage thing isn’t a huge issue for me because I only use 5 applications on a regular basis.

If you use a lot of different applications, I suggest moving over to an Android TV device that does a good job of supporting expanding internal storage such as the NVIDIA Shield TV Pro.

Or, if you only use side-loaded apps and an unverified IPTV service, I would strongly suggest taking a look at the BuzzTV XRS 4900.

All in all, the Fire TV Stick 4K Max is a powerful and affordable streaming device that will provide most people with everything that they need.

Purchase Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max

What Do You Think?

Thanks for reading my 2021 Fire TV Stick 4K Max Review!

We want to know what you think of Amazon’s 2021 Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

Are you excited about this Firestick? Will you be purchasing this device?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Notable Replies

  1. I upgraded to the Fire TV Stick 4K Max and tried to upload the Superman Build. I must have done a Fresh Install at least 5 or 6 times and each time it eventually kicked me out with an error message basically saying it exceeded the 200 MB maximum. What am I doing wrong?

  2. I received mine on Friday and set it up and the picture quality is way better than my old fire stick, not as good as my Walmart Android unit but better than older fire stick. Haven’t had a chance to side load apps but probably won’t since my Walmart android box is working fine so far.

  3. I received my FS4kM Friday and it paired with Real-Debrid and haven’t looked back. Definitely better quality all the way around. My only issue is that when I sideloaded my apps, their picture icon does not show up on the home screen of my Samsung TV. It just shows an empty box with a little mountain with a line going through it never saw this problem before can anybody help? Thank you.

  4. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Been addressed a ton of times. Read Troy’s review at the top of this thread.

  5. I recently tried using the Debloater App, from the Troypoint Tool Box, with disastrous results! I was setting up my new 2nd Gen FS Max, with Launcher & Wolf Launcher. I downloaded and ran the Debloater App, from the Troypoint Tool Box. The Stick froze, unresponsive to the remote. Now it displays a black screen with the Fire TV logo. It’s as if there’s no BT connection to the Stick. Is it bricked? Send it back under warranty? TIA. :+1:

  6. “It seems to me that Amazon doesn’t do a good job of testing these devices as there are a few problems that should have been found immediately upon inspection.”

    My thought along these lines is that most consumers are not going to be “supercharging” their Firesticks anyway. We’re kind of a niche crowd here who go through the fun/headaches of tweeking our devices to do our biddings.
    Most people just wanna plug-n-play out of the box.

  7. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    The new Max is Fire OS 8 and I doubt TDUK has one for this OS. Can you try the voice control and pressing the button just say settings and see if the settings will open and then the remote may allow you to go to installed apps, open the debloater and uncheck everything then hit apply and hopefully it will reverse the changes and hit uninstall and don’t use it again. There should be a warning not to use this app unless you know what each setting does. gl2u

  8. I have the previous version and I am happy with the device. As much as I would like to upgrade my device I will definitely be waiting for the next upgrade. Meaning I don’t see a bunch of upgrades on the new device yet. Yes it is better but not enough for me to go out and purchase another one. I want to purchase a new device that will Wow me. Not just the same mo same mo…you know what I mean.

    So for the folks that purchased it, Congrats. But it is not for me. I will be waiting for the next one in hopes that it will have better fantastic upgrades that we could not live without. Perhaps the next device that will Wow me may take two or three years but at least it will Wow me. Later…

  9. I went out and bought a new FS4KMax just 1 hour before receiving the email from Troy on this Firestick. Had I read it before, I think I would have waited because the side load icon issue is or will be a big problem for the wife. I can figure it out with the use of sideload launcher, but it still a pita. Why couldn’t Amazon get this right on this one if they had the same problem on the previous version?

  10. Avatar for Foden Foden says:

    100% agree with yor commenst and review.

    I’ve had limited sucess with EZ File Manager. This is able to create and delete folders/files on the internal storage where X-plorer and everything else I tried now fails. Was able to get Wolf Launcher and Cinema settings restored

  11. This was one of the issues Troy pointed out in his video. there is no work-around right now.

  12. The name of the app is displayed above it.

  13. The downloader app is present

  14. I am attempting to install KODI 20.9 on my new Firestick 4K max. When I click KODI 20.9, it appears to download the app, but after clicking “INSTALL,” a new screen pops up, stating:



    Needless to say, I was unable to install the app.
    My TV is a SAMSUNG SERIES 7-75 SMART TV. Is there another way to install KODI?

    Thank you in advance for your input; it is appreciated.

    Lonnie McIntyre

  15. Avatar for Kerry1 Kerry1 says:

    I bought the the Fire TV Stick 4k max, but it doesn’t have 16 gigs, it has 5 gigs?

  16. If it’s showing as 5 gigs that means you got the 8 Gig version which is the old one from 2021.

  17. Avatar for Red998 Red998 says:

    Having read the review and some of the other comments and also the current problems this new device seems to be having, I will give it a miss for now and stick with my Firecube.

    Whilst not being as portable it gives me all I want for the moment and no problems.

    I use the now older Firestick 4K max for when I am away from home and for that fairly limited use alone I will wait and see what transpires and whether all these bugs etc. are fixed over time.

  18. I bought the 4kmax on release. Overall, it is better due to storage, however one real drawback to me is how much it fights me on loading sling. I have it primarily for a husband who watches way too much news and likes to compare premium sources. For now, he will have to access it throught the Tv’s aps. I have the patience of a toddler and have yet to get it installed and easily accessible on the firestick. I do resent the tendency of amazon to want all apps to be addons of their service rather than easily added by the consumer as separate services.

  19. Another problem I’ve noticed is when using the multi-screen inside my IPTV service once I add the 4th ch all the screens freeze.

  20. Well that’s funny. Today I “fired up” my new Firestick 4K Max and found some of the missing icons have mysteriously appeared. I still have a couple missing, but at least the ones I need are up and running.

  21. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Seems to be a very small number of ppl that try this and I know only 1 other and he also has this issue. Maybe contact Amazon help and see if this is a known issue.

  22. There’s been a couple of updates so might try to do it manually. That’s what it took for me to get them all back.

  23. Avatar for drz400 drz400 says:

    Imust have recieved an update all my greyed out sideloaded apks are working !

  24. All mine up too now.

  25. Check your internal space under Applications. You are probably close to the max.

  26. The side load issue for FS4KMax 2.0 of the non-appearing icon has been fixed … somehow. My Kodi icon “just appeared” the other day.

  27. It’s brand new. Not the issue. It’s been fixed now and all working fine.

  28. Since I now have the new FS4Kmax 2023 fully up and running, even my wife noticed a brighter, clearer picture on our 9 year old Samsung HD 3D curved TV.
    With the IPTV service I have (not sure if I can name it) I still get some buffering and a lack of epg on several channels. What was strange is my older 4k had no epg until I got a new URL from the supplier. Then it worked again. I think it may be time for a newer router even though I use ethernet connections. Perhaps that will help. My internet is 40mbps, best I can get at the moment.

  29. Avatar for AMD237 AMD237 says:

    The buffering and EPG issues I am guessing are on the supplier side. Not all services are good about creating and maintaining a complete EPG. I ran into that many times before.

  30. Find a new and better iptv service.

  31. Like I said, best I can get at the moment. We don’t have a lot of choice in my area. They are installing fiber optics, but not available to me yet.

  32. Ain’t that the truth!

  33. Not sure what your problem is then? I have a new Max with 4 playlists on it no problems. but I don’t use Smarter’s anymore, Tivimate far superior.

  34. A new question, On my older FS4k, set up on an older tv, I find that several channels seem to lock up and won’t load and others have no epg, whereas on the newer FS4k Max it all works better. The supplier sent me a new set of input codes, but that means I’ll loose all my “favorites” and I’ll have to redo the entire lot again. My question is; is there a way of saving the favorites. This is on Smarters Pro. My supplier has not responded to that question, so hoping someone here might know a trick or two. Thanks.

  35. Avatar for Gino Gino says:

    Just received Amazon email, $25 off new 4K max

  36. Should be a backup option in Smarters I believe, Also not sure but you might be able to just change the url for your playlist and apply changes without losing your favorites. You can do this in Tivimate, so you might want to switch to it. Much better player.

  37. Thanks I’ll look at your suggestion.
    I’ve been sampling a few irptv services, but will look at Tivimate, not seen that one yet.
    I appreciate your feedback.

  38. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Just to clarify, TiViMate is not an IPTV service, it is a player that you enter your service url in, to get their playlist, and it’s EPG. The free version is not worth it imho, and will not give you a true all around quality experience. The premium lifetime subscription is the real gem and is around $35 for life.

  39. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    I don’t think there’s a way to save your favorites when you get new codes. What I did is initially years ago on DirecTV I typed down all my favorites on a sheet of paper put it on my computer. What I did on my fire stick as I took pictures of all my favorites is a different channels then again I typed it up put it on the computer. It helps quite a bit. If it helps if the provider puts the channels in order some kind of organized order.

  40. Thank you for that information.

  41. Thanks, that’s a good idea. I will take a pic of the list.
    What a pity we can’t save the favorites list, it would be a most useful addition.
    I guess we can’t complain too much, we are getting TV for ‘almost’ free.

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Historical Comment Archive

157 thoughts on “New Fire TV Stick 4K Max Review 2023 Model”

  1. I know you are comparing WiFi speeds but i am curious as to how fast is your 1Gb Fiber when you use Gb Ethernet, both with your VPN on and with VPN off. I see a number pf people saying they lose NO speed when using their VPN. (IPVanish) and I just do not believe it.

  2. Is it possible to use Fire Toolbox to make the firestick my own like on an Amazon Fire HD tablet ?

  3. It’s JUNK! If you need a fire stick, plain Ol’ 4K is good! Amazon took it…talked….said, look at these buttons….re-polished the same turd, charged more, and said…Alexa…can you hear me now!?


  4. I used Mixplorer to install apps to external drive. Install apps to internal as normal, then copy apk files from internal app folder to external drive. Uninstall apps from internal memory and then reinstall from apk files on external drive. Apps will then be installed on external drive.

    Be sure to enable OTG support in Mixplorer.

  5. I have 5 of the 4K Sticks, 4 with expanded storage & have DeBloated all of them, I was 1 of the primary contributors to the process.
    Ethernet connected so the wifi capability offers nothing. There is however a substantial difference in Android 7.
    Not a Kodi proponent as I have Prime. HBO Max plus an assortment of legal apps which supply movie requirements. I do use 1 app to watch TV series on demand.
    My “Go To” is a 2017 NVidia Shield, may upgrade to next version in 2022 ?
    Using IPVanish I achieve 500MB/s routinely where the Sticks are less low to mid 100’s.
    Until Sticks feature 16g internal & 3g Cache, they will be toys & not serious streaming devices.

    1. Pushing tech to the max.

      As soon as you said, “Not a Kodi proponent as I have Prime. HBO Max plus an assortment of legal apps which supply movie requirements.” I switched off to your opinion as this usage of a Fire Sick is not aimed at the likes of you. Also your use of made up metrics like 16g and 3g severely reduces your credibility.

  6. Great Review , Troy.!
    Last August, 2020, on the Amazon Prime Day, I got the FireTvCube for $70.
    Now,, that’s Only $16 dollars more, than the 4K Max sells for at $54.
    Now,, you get 16 Gigs of Internal Storage, ending with 13 Gigs, on the FireTvCube,
    and I have 9.7 Gigs Remaining. Including with the KODI Memory HOG.
    Why is this important.?
    Well,,Any Amazon Technician , will tell you,, that if you get below .5 Gig on a FireTv Device,
    that , it will Freeze up on you. And You Will Not EVER be able to reboot it.
    That happened to me on a 2nd Generation 4k Stick, and Amazon Technical Support told me,
    that i had to throw into the Garbage, and buy another one.

    1. Punk Chew Action

      You really love commas, don’t you? And using 2 punctuation marks one after the other makes it painful to read your comments and even less likely you believe you.

    1. I ordered mine from Amazon and when I plugged it in on arrival it simply migrated all of my previous stick’s apps for me automatically. 1 or 2 failed to migrate but other then that it was seamless.

  7. Have to say – got my 4K MAX on Friday – spent today setting it up – absolutely love it – it’s head and shoulders better than the 4K – much smoother playback quicker navigation – to paraphrase that fast food chain … I’m Lovin’ it!

  8. Troy I have to agree with the report Firestick 4k Max, it does not seem it worth the price to purchase vs the 4k unless like you say you looking for better wifi 6 support. My whole taught is if you’re going to improve something you need improve all parts of the device and not some parts. Hope fully maybe down the road it might happen but having the 4k and using it with the proper installation and apps you using will do for now. I have the Google Chromecast and it work great the only problem it like to say sometime you are not connected to WiFi but that about it.

  9. I received my new Firestick Max yesterday evening and set it up. It does appear to be a little faster than my Nvidia Pro. A whole lot less storage. The main reason I got this stick was to see about the WIFI 6. I recently signed on with T-Mobile internet and this modem/router selling point was the WIFI 6. I get excellent speeds but I can’t tell if I’m getting 6.
    I traded some older streamers in so I got this stick free. No loss even if there’s no gain.

    1. Set a different SSID for each Wifi frequency on the router. Then you will know for sure how you are connected.

    2. How is the T-Mobile internet working for you? I have Fios and they did increase the price once my promotion expired. I managed to talk them down on the price because I compared the T-Mobile price to theirs. As of today T-Mobile internet is not available in my area yet.

  10. I ordered a Mecool when there was a promotion and it took almost 2 months to get here from China.
    Would like to order this new Firestick 4K but don’t want to wait 2 months for it. I’ll buy it at Best Buy instead.

  11. I agree, Richard. I also have the original 4K stick alone. No other devices to help it along. Never had a buffering problem, not on the east coast of FL nor on the west coast where I’ve recently moved…

    1. Timothy A Counsil

      I noticed on the new firestick max when trying to clear the cache, when you scroll back up to the app cache you just cleared, it shows the cache not cleared. I went threw all my applications and cleared the cache, when I went back threw again, it’s still showing the cache not cleared. This never happened on the firestick 4k. I went through all my applications again and cleared all the data in each app, and it still shows the cache not cleared. Not to mention you have to sign back into each app sibce I cleared all the data in each app. Also you have to enter a code to get the apps working again. I did notice the firestick max is much quicker.

      1. MaryBeth Donovan

        I have this same problem with clearing cache. Does anyone know how to clear it on the new Max?

  12. Troy reviewed the Mecool KM2 awhile back, best streaming box I have and for the price I’d take over the any amazon firestick. and it is free of bloatware. I have no lag with my standard wifi 5g.

  13. All very well but will this fix the issue with dark pictures on Amazon Prime Movies, which currently I find unwatchable?

  14. Another vote for the Shield Pro and be done! I’ve had the FireStick 4K and the FireCube and then finally got the Shield. Could have saved myself a lot and just got the best from the beginning. The Firestick is ok if your on a budget and don’t care about small storage.

  15. I have to wait for the device to come out, followed by the reviews. It doesn’t seem like a big improvement, and I don’t know if I need to spend the money.

    1. Troy did a positive review on a cheap Dynalink android tv device from Walmart about a year ago. What the hell I thought so I ordered one. I still have the FS Cube and Sticks on other tvs but the Dynalink is my goto device now. It has a much better wifi processer as I get speeds with VPN of 60 mps while with same setup, my Cube only gets 25. That alone makes it a winner. It seems to buffer less than the Fire products too, but occasionally you still have to go to the tricks: restart device, clear cache, restart modem, ect. But not often.

  16. I have 4 firestick 4k’s one of which has expanded storage. It took considerable effort to get the additional storage set up.
    Is there a way to clone the setup of the 4k to the 4k max in order to avoid all that hazzle with the set up of the additional storage.

    1. My question is that if you expand the storage, where does any recordings go? Internal storage or external storage?

      1. You can point the individual application that is downloading or storing to the directory that you want to use on either fire stick.
        It may be slightly less confusing with the 4k max because the path names may be garble when pointing to them but once you get the hang of it you just know which is USB and which is local.
        I have my downloads all save to my external USB so I don’t have to transfer off the small space of the fire stick.
        My opinion is this is a better option if you plan to unplug the usb drive to transfer or view on another device because it will not require being setup again when you plug it back in. Just be sure you keep the stick off during the time the stick is removed and that the new device doesn’t rename it on install.
        The best part of android is that it is so simple that a very basic knowledge of navigating files directories can make it do far more than originally limited to do.
        Even someone that has no knowledge of android or file paths can pick it up with trial and error or watching one of the million videos out on how to.
        My only reason to upgrade would be slow connection speed and having a compatible wifi6 router.
        If I had multiple subscriptions to any of the services on the bottom buttons, it will be easier for accessing them. (Slightly)
        Really, with the option to speak into the remote and tell it to open this tv show on the program, there is nothing easier needed.
        So, I hope WiFi 6 is worth it.

  17. You say that the new fire tv max will
    Have 8gigs of storage. You say that is the same as the fire tv 4K. I have the 4K fire stick and the internal storage shows the max storage is 5.2 gigs. We have never had 8gigs. Is there something wrong with my fire tv 4K stick?

    1. Hi Jerry… yes, it has 8 Gigs TOTAL, minus the OS, and related apps to make the device usable. Your 5.2 is what’s left over as what’s available for your use. It’s always been like this. The vendor quotes total storage in ads but that’s not all for you to use. There is a way to greatly increase your usable storage by adding an inexpensive devise with a special cable, Troypoint has all the reliable information on how to do that an it’s relatively inexpensive…

      1. i tried to add storage and my scandisk 3.0 256 GB thumbdrive wont format to FAT 32 , only the ek-fat and the NTSF format. what am I doing wrong?

    2. What is the storage capacity. If it is tbe same as the 4K, then the only advantage is a faster processing speed. I use VIDSTIX which is the same size as the Amazon 4K, but has 4 MB of Ram and 128 GB of storage.

      1. I’m not upgrading to the FS Max I think I’ll wait and see what devices come in the next 12-18 months but I am a prime member and that’s the only reason I still have a FS 4K
        I’ve reset my FS 4K twice now and reinstalled kodi twice, and reformated my additional storage it doesn’t take long and it seems to help everything run faster for awhile so I’m sticking with what I have for awhile until something better either from Amazon or another fast decent storage low cost streaming device comes along and I dump prime.

    3. Hi Jeri,
      8 GB is the estimate for storage space prior to any application or Firmware/OS load.
      What you are seeing is most likely, available space that will be reduced based on the size of the Android OS, any additional applications installed and anything that was downloaded that is remaining on that device.
      You can find residual files from installs that may be removed but I would not count on seeing more that 5.5 gigs availing on any 8 gig device that has Android (Fire OS) and any applications loaded onto it.
      My recommendation is always buy a fire stick 4k or 4k max for the speed, an OTG cable that allows for a USB port and a 128 mb thumb drive that will need to be formatted to a FAT32 system (look on the web).
      This may seem like a lot and maybe it is compared to the basic setup of any fire stick but it is very simple to do and you are add 20x the amount of storage space to a device that is already great in every other aspect.
      I walked my mother through it using video chat on our cell phones and that is saying a lot.
      Best wishes and enjoy.

  18. I wonder if the increased RAM will mitigate the re-populating which is very annoying. If it had more SSD I would buy it. No need for 4K anyway yet.

  19. I sold all my fire crap and went with the nvidia tv pro….the nay sayers repreat that they dont play games so why buy. Get a clue buy once and not again. The device rearly buffers I do not need to upgrade every year as the new release of the junk stick comes out. I do not use wifi but ethernet I wired myself. In my opinoion (just like a nose everyone has one) if you stream buy the best you can right from the first and save you money in the long run.

    1. I did one better. Got rid of all Android devices period. I bought a Beelink GKmini Amazon has them now marked down from $270 and after an additional code it cost me just under $200. I didnt buy it as a home PC but solely as a streaming device. I run Kodi and nothing else but I’ve been streaming 4k for over 9 hours now and not one hick up, glitch, buffer or annoying adds for shit I’ll never use. It is sooo nice having that giant pain in the ass android crap out of my life for good.
      I also went with the Shield Pro for a few months and you are correct. Worlds apart from Firestick garbage. But still a messy pile of gargled un intuitive menus and layout.

    1. I love my Shield, it was well worth the money. I also use hard wire ethernet vs wifi. It works great with ipvanish and real debrid as well

    1. I have ordered the new 4k Max . I will be using it as is and not jailbreaking it. I’m tired of links and apps not working.. I will be getting Netflix to watch TV shows and movies. I appreciate all the help you have given me in the past.

      1. Nothing wrong with side loading. My side loaded app/service works perfectly. As far as links/apps not working, well, I guess you get what you pay for.

  20. No not worth me getting an oil there device my 4k stick does just fine with me. If it had more memory ir something like that maybe, I have a Netgear Orbi. I very rarely have any buffering issues.

  21. will this stick allow volume control when using bluetooth hearing devices.

    Not able to get volume control on current firestick (newly purchased this year) when using bluetooth

  22. No more storage is a bummer. Thumbs down. They do listen to their customer base and then just choose to ignore. No more storage no chance of me buying this junk. Geared to make you buy prime Netflix etc. Thumbs down ?

  23. No way. Will not buy anymore until they include either micro sd card storage OR 12-16 GB storage. I have 9 4k’s. Speed is not an issue. When will Amazon wakeup?

  24. How difficult is for Amazon to include a micro card reader, more memory, and a usb3 plug. I just don’t get it!

    1. The same reason remotes aren’t made rechargeable. Why are they made to use batteries? I just don’t get it.

  25. I won’t be getting the new 4K Max. I have about 6 apps loaded now on my current 4K stick and it works fine. If Amazon had added more storage, then I would have purchased it. In fact, I plan to buy another 4K stick.

    1. If you are going to buy another one anyway, why would you not spend the extra $5 for a faster processor and WiFi 6 capability?

      1. Because the $5 price difference is not correct. The Firestick 4k is $35 and the 4k Max is $55. That’s a $20 difference. In fact with those $20 you can get an ethernet hub with USB slot and a free 128gb USB from microcenter and suddenly you have a 4k with 128gb of memory compared to a pointless 4k Max which does not address any of the 4k’s shortcomings. If anything, the only reason to ever get a 4k Max is on Black Friday assuming it goes under $35.

        1. Michael, yes it is correct. What we are implying is the original cost, not the sale price. The 4K sold for $49.99 when it first came out for a very long time. Sure, there were sales now and then. We are trying to get across the point that this is only $5 more than the ‘original price’ of the 4K stick.

  26. Wonder if this will have support for “Play Protect certified”, “protected path” playback of DRM material? I need that for my HDhomerun Prime cable card tuner. Also wonder if supports AC-4 audio, which is needed for playback of ATSC 3.0 broadcast signals? Right now I am waiting to see if the Formuler z10 max has these new features, and also want to be able to expand both internal and external storage memory for recording shows.

  27. disappointing, only increase some ram, but appears to add apps I don`t care for. Maybe good for others. I will not buy

    1. I am still having problems adding memory did everything it said got the splitter cable got the flashdrive. Hooked it all up and fire stick just kept restarting so I unplugged from wall plug adapter and plugged usb end to USB of surge protector and that got it to startup but then it still isn’t recognizing the flash drive or hd does anyone have any ideas

      1. Are you using ADB Shell? Troypoint has a very simple tutorial on youtube. Named : How to increase storage on a firestick posted up Feb 14 2020.

      2. I got it to work, great, got the apps copied over, taught myself how to transfer apps like Disney+ and others…then once there is an app update, half of them wouldn’t update because it said there’s no storage space. Wound up having to uninstall the apps and reinstall them on directly on the stick. So, while its a great idea, I have a 128 gb flash drive connected to my stick that doesn’t have very many apps on it after all is said and done.

  28. I just traded in my 4K stick in. Got $20 off and a $8 gift card. Now I’m wondering…should I “un-jailbreak” the stick I’m trading in to Amazon? Will they care? Wondering what they do with the traded in sticks?

    1. Just deregister your stick if you sent back already online on Amazon.Factory reset if you still have.They sell them refurbished.And if yours gets to somebody who purchased and they didnt for whatever reason refurbish somebody could have access to your account.I would wait till you get new one in case it’s glitchy before sending back old one.Wi-fi 6 would only be good for me.Also wish Amazon put Netflix type buttons at top.My Roku remote i occasionally hit by accident.I did trade-in on the HD 10 tablet and sent it back.Glad i didn’t send them my old one not worth it.Get new stick when its $25.I have old fire tv box W/game controller.Contoller no good on other sticks or box.Luna probably the same.Also get Ip Vanish your cable company will cancel you when you watch that Sony new Movie.Look at cable company policy.Its there on Cox you have to find it.Cinema has worked for me for 2+ years without a glitch.If your old stick works good give it to a friend.Maybe that pays big bucks on cable.Hope I’ve helped in some way.Happy streaming.

  29. Does it still have the 100mpb limit on the internet? That alone is a deal breaker. Combine that with flimsy storage options…. I’ll build anew Android box. ?

    1. my 4k runs at 300mbps I don’t know what you are talking about. The storage options is horrendous I agree.

  30. Honestly, how much definition is enough. I’m all for advancing technology if only for technology’s sake but 4K, while impressive, seems overkill to me. Besides, I stream exclusively from Cinema and my own Plex server which I won’t waste storage on 4K vids anyway. Internal and expandable external storage is nice. But I have my own home server (pc with 8T of SSD). Why not download direct to the server? I currently have both the FS4K and FSLite. The 4K is nice simply for the remote TV/sound bar control. Otherwise the Lite is fine. WiFi 6 is some time off and I’m not sure it’s real benefits anyway unless you’re streaming true 4K and where else might that be other than your cable provider. Which, who on here is still connected?

    I run my server, 5 phones, 2 tablets, 2 fire sticks, and a TiVo stick, with 3 TV’s also connected. I never have any buffering or lag or connection problems of any sort in my 2 story fully insulated house, or my 1/2 acre property using Nest.

    This FS4kMax seems more of a gimmick at this point.

  31. Richard Chartrand

    My current one is perfectly fine. Question: Will we still need to purchase a subscription to a Debrid account with this one?

  32. I wonder if the shortcuts can be remapped???
    I have no use for Hulu or Disney, but would love to assign those buttons to my favorite 2 apps.

    I bought the TiVo one to get a power button, volume, & input buttons. Netflix button was a nice bonus,and do was a numbers pad.
    This doesn’t do enough more, or do it enough better, to cause me to repurchase.
    More memory might have been enough.

  33. Why wait all this time for a new release and not add more internal storage ? Do they not listen to customers ? Not worth the switch .

    1. Yes, Amazon does listen to their customers. The fact lies that the vast majority of their customers do not use their Fire devices like many of the people here do. Amazon bases needs on reviewing stats bases on people purchasing and viewing much of their own content. At that point there is little need for additional internal storage, USB3, or gigabit ethernet. It is a great device for the price. But for most users who want to stretch content into the illegal realm, it is best to have a more flexible device with multiple ports, expandable memory options, keyboard access. This is where devices such as the Nvidea Shield shines. Why complain if a Chevy Malibu cannot perform like a Corvette? You get what you pay for.

  34. Disappointing. Get rid of the silly app buttons and include 16gb memory. I definitely won’t be upgrading tho this-maybe the next stick will be worth it.

  35. Really disappointed they couldn’t figure out a way to have more storage space for this new Fire Stick. The other enhancements are nice, but when you run out of space, you run out of space and you can rig it to have more space, but at this point, I am done with Fire Sticks in general. I think I will either go with the Nvidia Shield Pro or just move to Android TV boxes around the house.

      1. I’ve been through most boxes and sticks in my time, and still use FS 4K on a couple of TVs, but I always go to the Shield for reliability (low-end model, notwithstanding). FS is no comparison, IMO.

    1. They can put more storage in they would cost more to sell to the masses most people don’t need more storage.Not like us.

  36. NotUpgrading4KJustYet

    I can wait for the next version of the 4k stick with more storage space not sure why Amazon would release this version with the same 8GB as the original 4k. If you’re not having any issues with buffering or streaming then why upgrade to the new version other than wanting the new wifi6 capability and the 1.8Ghz processor. I’m still very happy with the original 4k (still no issues since it was first released in 2008). Can’t wait for the troypoint review and comparison between the 4k sticks.

  37. Excited about the increase RAM and faster processing power but, I will not be purchasing the new Fire TV Stick 4k Max. Disappointed with no increase in internal storage.

  38. I preorder this stick this morning. Was very happy with firestick 4k but this one has more capabilities. $74.99 in Canada no trade in but worth the price I hope.

    1. Good luck. I ordered a Mecool box from here and took 7 weeks to get here….all these things come from Mainland China and shipped here by a rowboat, I think.

      Happy waiting.

    1. So Im’ going to do a trade in. Those 1st gen’s I have sitting around are no good to me.
      And hopefully they are faster

  39. I preordered this stick this morning. With a firestick trade in and an Apple trade in it will cost me nothing. I have an older Apple 4K and a brand new one, so one was sitting. Amazon offered me about $6 more than anyone else for it. Firesticks all over the place but I use the cube.
    I recently took the T-Mobile 5G internet, which is supposed to have wifi 6, but without any receiver for it, I don’t know if I’m getting it. I’ll be able to see after the early part of Oct.
    My main streamer is the Shield, but it’s getting old and rickety. I’m hoping this Fire will be a good replacement. I like my Apple but their iptv players suck.

      1. That’s exactly what I’m going to do. My 2019 Shield keeps losing the ability to update the guide on both Tivimate and Smarters, for no apparent reason. It comes and goes, and I have chased the problem for weeks, going everywhere from the Shield forums to their Reddit. I’ve gotten lots of suggestions, but none of them have worked. I’m tired of messing with it. I’ll buy this Firestick and dump the POS Shield on eBay.

        for the record, I also have a 2019 Shield Pro in my living room, and it has been flawless. It’s the tube model that sucks.

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