All-New Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max – Available Now for Pre-Order

fire tv stick 4k max review

Amazon has released the all-new Fire TV Stick 4K Max that is available now for pre-order.

It is priced at $54.99 which is $5 more than its sister device, the Fire TV Stick 4K.

Pre-Order Fire TV Stick 4K Max

fire tv stick 4k max review

This is the latest iteration of the most popular streaming device available on the market today.

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How to Jailbreak Firestick/Fire TV

The all-new Fire TV Stick 4K Max will feature built-in Wi-Fi 6 and improved processing power.

Users can also expect more memory with 2GB of RAM. (The Fire TV Stick 4K comes with 1.5 GB of RAM).

Fire TV Stick 4K Review

firestick 4k max review

We expect this device to feature up to 40% more processing power for a quicker, sleeker experience.

This is because of its new 1.8GHz processor that is an upgrade from the 1.7GHz CPU provided with the Fire TV Stick 4K.



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One of the most notable features available is support for Wi-Fi 6 that is sure to improve buffering issues and more.

Right now, the only other media device with this compatibility is the Apple TV 4K priced at $179.

The Fire TV Stick Max 4K comes equipped with a MediaTek MT7921LS Wi-Fi 6 chipset that is typically seen in laptops and gaming consoles.

This device also features the all-new Alexa Remote with dedicated app buttons for Netflix, Prime Video, and more.

fire tv stick 4k max review remote

One thing to note about the Fire TV Stick 4K Max is the provided 8 GB of internal storage.

This is the same amount of internal storage that comes with the Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick Lite, and other models.

Currently, the only model of Fire TV with more storage is the Fire TV Cube that includes 16 GB of internal storage.

How to Increase Storage on Firestick/Fire TV

You can also Expand Storage via USB Drive which is currently only an option for the Fire TV Stick 4K.

fire tv stick 4k max review

Similar to the Fire TV Cube, this device will feature Picture-in-Picture capabilities compatible with Ring Video Doorbell.

Simply use the Alexa remote and say “Preview front-door camera” or other and get a live glimpse of your front door!

Overall, there are tons of improvements in this latest Firestick model that is sure to become a popular streaming option.

Users can pre-order the Fire TV Stick 4K Max right now which is set to release on October 7.

For those who wish to game with this device, you can also purchase the Firestick Max & Luna Controller bundle.

CLICK HERE to Pre-Order Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max


What Do You Think?

We want to know what you think of Amazon’s newest Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

Are you excited about more RAM and faster processing power? Will you be purchasing this device?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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1 thought on “All-New Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max – Available Now for Pre-Order”

  1. I agree, Richard. I also have the original 4K stick alone. No other devices to help it along. Never had a buffering problem, not on the east coast of FL nor on the west coast where I’ve recently moved…

  2. Troy reviewed the Mecool KM2 awhile back, best streaming box I have and for the price I’d take over the any amazon firestick. and it is free of bloatware. I have no lag with my standard wifi 5g.

  3. Another vote for the Shield Pro and be done! I’ve had the FireStick 4K and the FireCube and then finally got the Shield. Could have saved myself a lot and just got the best from the beginning. The Firestick is ok if your on a budget and don’t care about small storage.

  4. I have to wait for the device to come out, followed by the reviews. It doesn’t seem like a big improvement, and I don’t know if I need to spend the money.

    1. Troy did a positive review on a cheap Dynalink android tv device from Walmart about a year ago. What the hell I thought so I ordered one. I still have the FS Cube and Sticks on other tvs but the Dynalink is my goto device now. It has a much better wifi processer as I get speeds with VPN of 60 mps while with same setup, my Cube only gets 25. That alone makes it a winner. It seems to buffer less than the Fire products too, but occasionally you still have to go to the tricks: restart device, clear cache, restart modem, ect. But not often.

  5. I have 4 firestick 4k’s one of which has expanded storage. It took considerable effort to get the additional storage set up.
    Is there a way to clone the setup of the 4k to the 4k max in order to avoid all that hazzle with the set up of the additional storage.

  6. You say that the new fire tv max will
    Have 8gigs of storage. You say that is the same as the fire tv 4K. I have the 4K fire stick and the internal storage shows the max storage is 5.2 gigs. We have never had 8gigs. Is there something wrong with my fire tv 4K stick?

    1. Hi Jerry… yes, it has 8 Gigs TOTAL, minus the OS, and related apps to make the device usable. Your 5.2 is what’s left over as what’s available for your use. It’s always been like this. The vendor quotes total storage in ads but that’s not all for you to use. There is a way to greatly increase your usable storage by adding an inexpensive devise with a special cable, Troypoint has all the reliable information on how to do that an it’s relatively inexpensive…

    2. What is the storage capacity. If it is tbe same as the 4K, then the only advantage is a faster processing speed. I use VIDSTIX which is the same size as the Amazon 4K, but has 4 MB of Ram and 128 GB of storage.

      1. I’m not upgrading to the FS Max I think I’ll wait and see what devices come in the next 12-18 months but I am a prime member and that’s the only reason I still have a FS 4K
        I’ve reset my FS 4K twice now and reinstalled kodi twice, and reformated my additional storage it doesn’t take long and it seems to help everything run faster for awhile so I’m sticking with what I have for awhile until something better either from Amazon or another fast decent storage low cost streaming device comes along and I dump prime.

  7. I wonder if the increased RAM will mitigate the re-populating which is very annoying. If it had more SSD I would buy it. No need for 4K anyway yet.

  8. I sold all my fire crap and went with the nvidia tv pro….the nay sayers repreat that they dont play games so why buy. Get a clue buy once and not again. The device rearly buffers I do not need to upgrade every year as the new release of the junk stick comes out. I do not use wifi but ethernet I wired myself. In my opinoion (just like a nose everyone has one) if you stream buy the best you can right from the first and save you money in the long run.

    1. I did one better. Got rid of all Android devices period. I bought a Beelink GKmini Amazon has them now marked down from $270 and after an additional code it cost me just under $200. I didnt buy it as a home PC but solely as a streaming device. I run Kodi and nothing else but I’ve been streaming 4k for over 9 hours now and not one hick up, glitch, buffer or annoying adds for shit I’ll never use. It is sooo nice having that giant pain in the ass android crap out of my life for good.
      I also went with the Shield Pro for a few months and you are correct. Worlds apart from Firestick garbage. But still a messy pile of gargled un intuitive menus and layout.

    1. I love my Shield, it was well worth the money. I also use hard wire ethernet vs wifi. It works great with ipvanish and real debrid as well

    1. I have ordered the new 4k Max . I will be using it as is and not jailbreaking it. I’m tired of links and apps not working.. I will be getting Netflix to watch TV shows and movies. I appreciate all the help you have given me in the past.

  9. No not worth me getting an oil there device my 4k stick does just fine with me. If it had more memory ir something like that maybe, I have a Netgear Orbi. I very rarely have any buffering issues.

  10. will this stick allow volume control when using bluetooth hearing devices.

    Not able to get volume control on current firestick (newly purchased this year) when using bluetooth

  11. No more storage is a bummer. Thumbs down. They do listen to their customer base and then just choose to ignore. No more storage no chance of me buying this junk. Geared to make you buy prime Netflix etc. Thumbs down ?

  12. No way. Will not buy anymore until they include either micro sd card storage OR 12-16 GB storage. I have 9 4k’s. Speed is not an issue. When will Amazon wakeup?

  13. I won’t be getting the new 4K Max. I have about 6 apps loaded now on my current 4K stick and it works fine. If Amazon had added more storage, then I would have purchased it. In fact, I plan to buy another 4K stick.

      1. Because the $5 price difference is not correct. The Firestick 4k is $35 and the 4k Max is $55. That’s a $20 difference. In fact with those $20 you can get an ethernet hub with USB slot and a free 128gb USB from microcenter and suddenly you have a 4k with 128gb of memory compared to a pointless 4k Max which does not address any of the 4k’s shortcomings. If anything, the only reason to ever get a 4k Max is on Black Friday assuming it goes under $35.

  14. Wonder if this will have support for “Play Protect certified”, “protected path” playback of DRM material? I need that for my HDhomerun Prime cable card tuner. Also wonder if supports AC-4 audio, which is needed for playback of ATSC 3.0 broadcast signals? Right now I am waiting to see if the Formuler z10 max has these new features, and also want to be able to expand both internal and external storage memory for recording shows.

    1. I am still having problems adding memory did everything it said got the splitter cable got the flashdrive. Hooked it all up and fire stick just kept restarting so I unplugged from wall plug adapter and plugged usb end to USB of surge protector and that got it to startup but then it still isn’t recognizing the flash drive or hd does anyone have any ideas

      1. Are you using ADB Shell? Troypoint has a very simple tutorial on youtube. Named : How to increase storage on a firestick posted up Feb 14 2020.

      2. I got it to work, great, got the apps copied over, taught myself how to transfer apps like Disney+ and others…then once there is an app update, half of them wouldn’t update because it said there’s no storage space. Wound up having to uninstall the apps and reinstall them on directly on the stick. So, while its a great idea, I have a 128 gb flash drive connected to my stick that doesn’t have very many apps on it after all is said and done.

  15. I just traded in my 4K stick in. Got $20 off and a $8 gift card. Now I’m wondering…should I “un-jailbreak” the stick I’m trading in to Amazon? Will they care? Wondering what they do with the traded in sticks?

    1. Just deregister your stick if you sent back already online on Amazon.Factory reset if you still have.They sell them refurbished.And if yours gets to somebody who purchased and they didnt for whatever reason refurbish somebody could have access to your account.I would wait till you get new one in case it’s glitchy before sending back old one.Wi-fi 6 would only be good for me.Also wish Amazon put Netflix type buttons at top.My Roku remote i occasionally hit by accident.I did trade-in on the HD 10 tablet and sent it back.Glad i didn’t send them my old one not worth it.Get new stick when its $25.I have old fire tv box W/game controller.Contoller no good on other sticks or box.Luna probably the same.Also get Ip Vanish your cable company will cancel you when you watch that Sony new Movie.Look at cable company policy.Its there on Cox you have to find it.Cinema has worked for me for 2+ years without a glitch.If your old stick works good give it to a friend.Maybe that pays big bucks on cable.Hope I’ve helped in some way.Happy streaming.

  16. Does it still have the 100mpb limit on the internet? That alone is a deal breaker. Combine that with flimsy storage options…. I’ll build anew Android box. ?

  17. Honestly, how much definition is enough. I’m all for advancing technology if only for technology’s sake but 4K, while impressive, seems overkill to me. Besides, I stream exclusively from Cinema and my own Plex server which I won’t waste storage on 4K vids anyway. Internal and expandable external storage is nice. But I have my own home server (pc with 8T of SSD). Why not download direct to the server? I currently have both the FS4K and FSLite. The 4K is nice simply for the remote TV/sound bar control. Otherwise the Lite is fine. WiFi 6 is some time off and I’m not sure it’s real benefits anyway unless you’re streaming true 4K and where else might that be other than your cable provider. Which, who on here is still connected?

    I run my server, 5 phones, 2 tablets, 2 fire sticks, and a TiVo stick, with 3 TV’s also connected. I never have any buffering or lag or connection problems of any sort in my 2 story fully insulated house, or my 1/2 acre property using Nest.

    This FS4kMax seems more of a gimmick at this point.

  18. Richard Chartrand

    My current one is perfectly fine. Question: Will we still need to purchase a subscription to a Debrid account with this one?

  19. I wonder if the shortcuts can be remapped???
    I have no use for Hulu or Disney, but would love to assign those buttons to my favorite 2 apps.

    I bought the TiVo one to get a power button, volume, & input buttons. Netflix button was a nice bonus,and do was a numbers pad.
    This doesn’t do enough more, or do it enough better, to cause me to repurchase.
    More memory might have been enough.

  20. Why wait all this time for a new release and not add more internal storage ? Do they not listen to customers ? Not worth the switch .

    1. Yes, Amazon does listen to their customers. The fact lies that the vast majority of their customers do not use their Fire devices like many of the people here do. Amazon bases needs on reviewing stats bases on people purchasing and viewing much of their own content. At that point there is little need for additional internal storage, USB3, or gigabit ethernet. It is a great device for the price. But for most users who want to stretch content into the illegal realm, it is best to have a more flexible device with multiple ports, expandable memory options, keyboard access. This is where devices such as the Nvidea Shield shines. Why complain if a Chevy Malibu cannot perform like a Corvette? You get what you pay for.

  21. Disappointing. Get rid of the silly app buttons and include 16gb memory. I definitely won’t be upgrading tho this-maybe the next stick will be worth it.

  22. Really disappointed they couldn’t figure out a way to have more storage space for this new Fire Stick. The other enhancements are nice, but when you run out of space, you run out of space and you can rig it to have more space, but at this point, I am done with Fire Sticks in general. I think I will either go with the Nvidia Shield Pro or just move to Android TV boxes around the house.

  23. NotUpgrading4KJustYet

    I can wait for the next version of the 4k stick with more storage space not sure why Amazon would release this version with the same 8GB as the original 4k. If you’re not having any issues with buffering or streaming then why upgrade to the new version other than wanting the new wifi6 capability and the 1.8Ghz processor. I’m still very happy with the original 4k (still no issues since it was first released in 2008). Can’t wait for the troypoint review and comparison between the 4k sticks.

  24. Excited about the increase RAM and faster processing power but, I will not be purchasing the new Fire TV Stick 4k Max. Disappointed with no increase in internal storage.

  25. I preorder this stick this morning. Was very happy with firestick 4k but this one has more capabilities. $74.99 in Canada no trade in but worth the price I hope.

  26. I preordered this stick this morning. With a firestick trade in and an Apple trade in it will cost me nothing. I have an older Apple 4K and a brand new one, so one was sitting. Amazon offered me about $6 more than anyone else for it. Firesticks all over the place but I use the cube.
    I recently took the T-Mobile 5G internet, which is supposed to have wifi 6, but without any receiver for it, I don’t know if I’m getting it. I’ll be able to see after the early part of Oct.
    My main streamer is the Shield, but it’s getting old and rickety. I’m hoping this Fire will be a good replacement. I like my Apple but their iptv players suck.

      1. That’s exactly what I’m going to do. My 2019 Shield keeps losing the ability to update the guide on both Tivimate and Smarters, for no apparent reason. It comes and goes, and I have chased the problem for weeks, going everywhere from the Shield forums to their Reddit. I’ve gotten lots of suggestions, but none of them have worked. I’m tired of messing with it. I’ll buy this Firestick and dump the POS Shield on eBay.

        for the record, I also have a 2019 Shield Pro in my living room, and it has been flawless. It’s the tube model that sucks.

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