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2023 onn. Google TV Stick Available for Purchase Again

onn Google TV Stick review

The onn. Google TV Stick from Walmart has appeared again for purchase after being removed from stores earlier this year.

Many are familiar with the lineup of streaming devices that onn. provides and in 2023, they released a Google TV Stick to accompany the popular onn. 4K Google TV Box.

This streaming stick was reasonably priced at just $15, however, the price increased to $17.50 just a few months after the initial release which left many perplexed because the 4K Box was available for just $2 more.

The main difference between these devices was the video resolution as the stick version was only capable of streaming HD videos up to 1080p.

In early 2024, the onn. Google TV Stick was abruptly pulled from shelves and removed from Walmart’s online store without any details or an official announcement. Many believed it was because these devices weren’t selling as most were opting to purchase the 4K version for just a few bucks more.

However, it appears that this device is once again available in stores and online at for the original price of only $14.88.

onn google tv stick back in stock

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In all likelihood, this product has been brought back in anticipation of the new onn. 4K Pro that is expected to be released sometime in the near future.

This is great news for those looking to find the cheapest media device on the market that still provides fabulous user capabilities and built-in Google TV. You can read more about it at our detailed review guide below.

Special thanks to a Patron on the TROYPOINT Insider for bringing this to our attention. The TROYPIONT Insider is a fabulous resource for all cord-cutters to stay in the know with updates on devices, applications, and help from fellow enthusiasts.

Onn Google TV Stick in the box

Walmart $15 onn. Google TV Stick Review

The biggest difference between the onn. Google TV Box and the Stick is that the new Google TV Stick will only feature resolution up to 1080p while the Box has 4K capabilities.

This is not the first time that onn. has sold a streaming stick as the previous version featured Android TV and was priced at $24.88.

Unfortunately, the Android TV Stick from onn. had many issues and was ultimately discontinued in late 2021.

The new version looks to improve on the previous model and includes 1.5GB of RAM and tons of other specifications which we list below.

We have high hopes for the latest iteration as the 4K Google TV Box from onn. is the best budget-friendly Android TV Box available today.

It seems that the device is yet to be available for purchase in stores, however, you can order from the Walmart website right now.

Buy Walmart onn. Google TV Stick


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Walmart onn. Stick Features

New Onn Google TV Stick

  • Quad Core ARM Cortex-A35 Processor
  • Mali-G31 GPU
  • 8GB Internal Storage
  • 1.5 GB RAM
  • Up to 1080p Full HD Resolution
  • Google TV OS (Android TV 12)
  • Google Assistant
  • HDMI/Micro USB Connection
  • Bluetooth Capabilities
  • MIMO Fast Wi-Fi
  • Stereo; Mono Audio
  • Included Remote & Batteries

Onn. Google TV Stick vs Box

The most popular question will be, “How does the onn. Stick compare to the 4K Box?”

From what I’ve seen, the two biggest differences are resolution and RAM.

The onn. Stick is only capable of 1080P max resolution whereas the box can output 4K video.

The Stick has 1.5GB of RAM memory and the box comes with 2GB.

It seems that everything else is identical including CPU, GPU, Wireless Chip, Android TV 12, etc.


You will see below that the onn. Stick CPU is clocked at a max of 1800 MHz whereas the 4K Box is 2004 MHz.  This is a small difference and probably won’t even be noticeable while using these devices.  The biggest difference in hardware is RAM Memory whereas the Stick has 500MB less than the Box.

onn. Stick CPU clocking
onn. Google TV Stick Cortex-A35 @ 1800 MHz Max
4K Box CPU clocking
onn. Google TV 4K Streaming Box Cortex-A35 @ 2004 MHz Max

The onn. Stick sells for $5 less than the 4K Box.


Setup was a breeze however it took a long time.  When first setting up the device I was prompted to install an update and although it was only 36MB in size, it took forever.

onn google tv stick update

Once the device booted for the first time, everything worked the way it should.

Upon initial setup, I was prompted to pair the remote with external devices such as TV or soundbar.  I paired it with my TV with no problems whatsoever.  The onn. remote control now allows me to turn my TV on/off, adjust volume, and change inputs.

Pair remote to TV

The setup process is the same that you would find on any Google TV streaming device and it works well.

Sideloading APKs

I sideloaded some popular apps through the TROYPOINT Toolbox such as SmartTubeNext, IPTV Smarters, and Launcher Manager.  I’m happy to report that side-loading works as it should on this device just like its counterpart, the 4K Box.

onn stick sideloading

Streaming Quality

As mentioned earlier, this device outputs a maximum of 1080P resolution.

I tested the streaming quality by playing YouTube videos, movies & TV shows within Kodi, and live IPTV channels through IPTV Smarters.  Everything that I attempted to play worked as it should with no buffering whatsoever.  It’s important to point out that I was using a Real-Debrid account within Kodi when testing playback.

Real-Debrid is a premium service that offers buffer-free high quality links.  The service can be tied to most popular Kodi Addons and APKs.

I was curious to see if this small unit would overheat so I played an IPTV channel for 24 hours straight and the stream never stopped.  Although the onn. Stick was warm to the touch, I wouldn’t call it hot by any means.

Free StartMail Trial

Buy Walmart onn. Google TV Stick


The biggest problem with the first onn. Streaming Stick was responsiveness.  It would hang when moving around the user interface.  Fortunately, I don’t see that with this new device and it’s extremely snappy which is surprising due to only 1.5GB of RAM.

3rd Party Launchers Work

I’m happy to report that 3rd party Launchers work great on the new onn. Google TV Streaming Stick.  One of the first things I did when setting up the new Stick was to install ATV Launcher Pro.

ATV Launcher Pro

Expandable Storage

I couldn’t get expandable storage to work on the new onn. Streaming Stick like it did on the 4K Box.  I tried two different SanDisk 64GB USB Drives and neither of them were recognized.  I’m sure we could probably do the trick of issuing ADB commands to get it working but personally I don’t think it’s worth the hassle.  Running apps from USB is always hit and miss plus many times the included power adapter has a hard time of supporting it.

Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

I tried connecting the same Gigabit Ethernet Adapter to the onn. Google TV Stick that worked on the 4K Box but that didn’t work either.  It seems that OTG connections are disabled on this device.  I can’t get anything to work that I connect via OTG Cable.

Download/Upload Speed Tests

I used the Analiti Speed test app for the following tests.

I have one GB Fiber download speed plan through my Internet Service Provider.

During the WiFi tests, I’m connected to the 5GHz band on my Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 Router. This router resides in the same room as my onn. Google TV Android Box (approximately 20 feet away from the wireless router).

I’m using Surfshark VPN as my VPN on Chicago Server.

onn. stick download/upload speeds

VPN Off: Download = 388 Mbps & Upload = 216 Mbps

VPN On: Download = 96 Mbps & Upload = 82 Mbps

Running a VPN always slows down both download/upload speeds due to encryption and tunneling traffic through an outside server.

I would rate the download/upload speeds as great!

Final Thoughts

Although the new onn. Google TV Streaming Stick works just fine I still don’t understand why they would bother selling another device for only $5 less than their 4K  variation.  Are people really going to pass up the more powerful 4K option to save two bucks?  Pretty silly in my opinion.

I strongly suggest that TROYPOINT fans pay the extra five dollars for the onn. Google TV 4K Streaming Box.

For those who want to purchase the new onn. Google TV Stick the following link will take you to the online order page on the Walmart Website.

Buy Walmart onn. Google TV Stick

This page includes affiliate links where TROYPOINT may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Many times, visitors will receive a discount due to the special arrangements made for our fans. Learn more on my Affiliate Disclaimer page.

Notable Replies

  1. Im going to try this if i can get one!

  2. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    If you do, I’d love to hear about the experience and how well it performs with just 1.5GBs of RAM.

  3. Will be doing a First Impressions Video for Patrons prior to this weekend. The last Onn stick was a disaster. Let’s hope this one is better.

  4. Avatar for linnie linnie says:

    just ordered from walmart supposed to be here Nov. 30. I’mm going to give it a whirl.

  5. Avatar for mthr1 mthr1 says:

    I find it very difficult to see what market segment this new stick will thrive in, given it’s price point vs the $19.88 Onn 4K box.

    Yes - it’s 25% cheaper. Without benchmarking, I’d argue that it’s conceivably 25% slower. There’s 25% less system ram (generally results in lag during navigation). I can seem to find any data on the SoC and GPU version on this new device. Same to be said about size of onboard flash storage.

    Given that it can only render 1080p, I wouldn’t be surprised if it utilized a cheaper SoC, like an upgraded variant of the AMLogic of the previous 2021 gen rather than porting over the Cortex A4 Quad from the $20 big brother.

    I think for $5 more, it’d be silly not to invest in some futureproof hardware. Sure, maybe some households don’t have a 4K display that would warrant the need for a 4K box…but for that miniscule price differential, wouldn’t it be more comforting to not have an obsolete device when that inevitable 4k upgrade comes along?

    …just saying.

  6. I think it’s NUTS there is even a device that sells for $20.00
    It’s probably a poorly constructed device.
    I question if even reviewing such an item makes sense.
    It gives the general buying public an unrealistic view or expectation of what a quality streaming stick is ACTUALLY worth.
    When the general public compares this ONN device an Nvidia Shield?

  7. Sounds like buyers remorse. The $20 onn boxes are fantastic for that price and much more. I know some shield people and they are blow away by onn box. Better than a shield or fire cube. No but close. Great for a second tv.

  8. Avatar for alone alone says:

    Most people here will hate this device but most working class people have HD and/or non smart/4K TVs or at least a large demographic of 40 plus have regular TVs and device like this is perfect for them especially if you are a cord cutter don’t need many apps tivimate and Kodi will cover essential streaming for live TV and VOD and with the improvement I seen from the 4k box I’m sure this version is highly improved from previous iteration and Walmart has been on a mission recently to become competitive with Amazon so I’m sure they were careful about the development of this especially the mistakes made first time won’t be repeated

  9. Talk about a run on sentence :laughing:

  10. Are there any low or medium priced not-smart TVs being sold any more?

  11. Avatar for mthr1 mthr1 says:

    I think that TVs have evolved to a point where market demand necessitates models to have a smart OS baked in. This baseline feature is no longer reserved for the premium price point.

    It’s not a question of whether or not it’s a smart TV anymore - but rather how smart the model is.

  12. Good way of looking at it.

  13. My bet is the built in streaming capabilities of a Smart TV will soon out distance and replace lower end streaming devices. Especially, if the manufacturers of these Smart TVs don’t do something stupid like prohibit other apps from being downloaded.

    My bet is Bezos will go the stupid way because he is a greedy SOB!

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