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All-New Walmart onn. 4K Pro Appears to be in the Works for 2024

new onn 4k pro box

It appears that Walmart is working on an all-new onn. 4K Streaming Box likely to release sometime in 2024.

The retail giant has had great success with their lineup of onn. Google TV Boxes, especially their most recent iteration which is the onn. Google TV 4K Box.

They followed up the release of the onn. 4K box with a smaller, cheaper streaming stick that provided streaming resolution up to 1080p. However, for unknown reasons, the device was ultimately pulled from stores and is no longer available for purchase.

Rumors of a new Onn device have many excited for an improved streaming experience with an affordable price tag. Spotted on the Bluetooth SIG website, it appears that Walmart is working on a “4K Pro” streaming device that will also run the Google TV Operating System.

Pictured below is a screenshot of the listing:

New onn. 4K Pro Google TV

As you can see, the box is titled “onn. 4K Pro Streaming Device with Google TV” and was listed on April 9, 2024.

It appears that the device will have Bluetooth 5.2 capabilities and likely some upgraded assets that are currently not available in the 2023 model. However, it is unclear just exactly what these might be.

There is no launch date listed and we have not heard anything from Walmart on a new device release. It is unlikely that there will be any official announcement as these devices have quietly been launched in the past.

Many love onn. devices for their affordable price tag and quality specs that make it a fabulous media device without breaking the bank.

This story was originally published by 91Mobiles.

We want to know what you think of the possibility of a new onn. Google TV 4K Pro device. What would you like to see in an upgraded version of this popular streamer? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Notable Replies

  1. Wal-Mart is the only retail giant capable of standing up tho Amazon. Wal-Mart might be able to keep Amazon from controlling the streaming market and blocking things such as sideloading.

  2. Those ONN boxes handle pretty well

  3. Walmart is working on a Pro Version of their onn. 4k TV box. Will it have more storage space?:thinking:

  4. This is Awesome whatever it is I’m buying it. I love my 4K ONN!

  5. This is great news, looking forward to giving the 4k pro a try!

  6. Sorry for making a post about the onn 4k Pro . I didn’t see it on Troypoint. I came across the news while surfing through X . I’m sure we’re all equally excited about what this new box will have to offer :100::star2:

  7. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    If I can get one here at Wally Mart I’ll give the pro a go.

  8. I doubt the information is out yet, but if someone could please post the specs and the cost of this item whenever the information is released I would be grateful.

  9. Removed link to an article that showed the old specs. My bad.

  10. They still don’t sell these devices in Canada even though they carry about everything else by Onn. I asked electronics in a few and they were not even aware it existed. They suggested I email higher up in Walmart to try and find out. Perhaps they have deals or something with the other vendors streaming products. Shame.

  11. Not surprised about this announcement. A salvage store in our area (north GA) has the current version onn 4K boxes for $6.99 each. Bought several a couple of weeks ago. Figured it was a no-brainer at that price!

  12. The generation two at $7 price. OMG you won the lottery. The older version gen 1 has problem remotes. The newer Gen 2 fixed that.

  13. I have the current Onn box and it makes a perfect inexpensive platform to play around with Kodi, install different builds, skins, add-ons, etc to experiment, learn and see what works and how to configure different things. I recently discovered you can add Pluto TV as a PVR Client source and pull in those channels and guide to the Live TV section which I hadn’t done before. I certainly hope the new design will incorporate more storage space however.

  14. Agreed on the storage. IMO that is the only drawback with the current 4K ONN. I don’t like to mess with external storage on any of my boxes. Don’t really need it as I rarely record but would like another 5 GB on the ONN for Apps

  15. I am in Canada and enquired about the Onn in a Canadian Walmart. They said they had three in stock but couldn’t sell them yet. This was about 6 months ago and I haven’t followed up.

  16. I am skeptical about that or that they even knew what you were talking about. I do hope they will get them in at some point if and when they can. You can’t find it even on their website with 200 other Onn products.

  17. We’ve 4 now and they’re doing great. Of the four though, only one will migrate data to my USB drive. However, I am still able to manually transfer apps to the flash drive.
    Hopefully I’ll figure it out.
    Setup the ADB shell commands but no luck migrating the data.

    Other than that, the boxes work great.

  18. Pluto. TV, Tubi & Plex can be added to the Live TV section. Also, if you haven’t already installed it Xumo App added a growing live TV section . Roku channels app too :ok_hand:

  19. I couldn’t be happier with the current model!! It is amazing. I purchased 5 of them when they were on sale for all my TV’s and run KODI with real-debrid. Using real-debrid is a must have. The amount of things I have been able to do with the ONN, has just been hands down the best experience I’ve had with a steaming device. I was using the X92, but there was always an issue. Hardware failure or connection issues. Can’t wait for the new 2024 ONN device!!!

  20. :+1: welconme to the group

  21. And a link on where to buy it. I’m in the UK so won’t be easy to obtain

  22. Are they good with syncler as well as Kodi

  23. Continuing the discussion from All-New Walmart onn. 4K Pro Appears to be in the Works for 2024:

    2 problems I’ve encountered that maybe is just the 1 I have or maybe it can get fixed with the next box. 1, the WiFi capability seems limited. It wouldn’t connect in the bedroom even if I connected to the extender. So it ended up in the living room with the hardware to connect directly to the router. 2, if I’ve watched several apps I have to go into settings and “force stop”. I hope the new one will shut down the apps when I power off to solve this problem. I’d be interested if others have similar problems.

  24. Its sort of nice,but will users be inundated with Walmart Ads down the road.

  25. I can see a Onn 4k in my future…

  26. Run syncler and weyd with no issues!

  27. You can make a safe bet with that.

  28. I’ve been on two onn devices for almost two years and although I have 5 firesticks, as they die they are the last. The Firestick just can’t compare. I do wish the onn had more storage. I did the USB storage rigamarole, and that’s just not worth the effort.

  29. “I recently discovered you can add Pluto TV as a PVR Client source and pull in those channels and guide to the Live TV section which I hadn’t done before”.

    Curious if this is documented in a step by step process to add through Kodi? Or if you have it documented? I’ve set up my Onn box but am still green to developing add-ons through Kodi and feel I’m missing out…particularly on the live-Tv side!

  30. My friend got one, he bought it in the states, works really good

  31. They are great, I got two of them finally in Florida last December. It took me visiting three states over a year to finally find one. I will absolutely look for this new one when it’s out if the specs and price make sense.

  32. Well im dieing to check out the new version, there’s been lots of talk about it, im sure it’s going to be a hit.

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Historical Comment Archive

47 thoughts on “All-New Walmart onn. 4K Pro Appears to be in the Works for 2024”

  1. Bought a 2023 Onn tobuse outside at my pool. It works great especially in that price bracket. New improved version will be a must buy.

  2. Good afternoon focks i am very excited waiting the release date for the upcoming ONN 4K WITH GOOGLE OS SYSTEM AND GOOGLE TV STREAMING TV BOX , i am expecting a lot of advances on this new streaming device like:
    under android version 13
    4 GB RAM
    64 or more GB ROM
    8K definition support
    APK apps possible installation
    TV stick version as well
    CHEAP or easy access price

  3. I tried the Onn after the Firestick update that disabled my app killer and cache clearing apps. I wasn’t impressed. Interface wasn’t as clean as the Firestick making it harder for my wife and kids to find the apps, lacks settings to disable the Google keyboard autofill which makes typing in long URLs a real hassle, I couldn’t get TiviMate to fully work on it, and the picture was white washed compared to the Firestick. So, I returned it, but will continue to look for alternatives as Amazon makes things worse.

  4. I hope the ONN has increased 4 TO 8 GIG OF RAM and AT LEAST 64

  5. I hope this new onn box pro will allow file management apps to access android/folders. Where in the past file management apps was not allowed to access Android/data folders where the firestick does.

  6. I really liked the Onn but what kept me going back to the Firestick is the fact that I could not get Alexa hooked up to the Onn. I love getting up from my couch, saying “Alexa Pause” and it pauses my video, then coming back in and “Alexa Resume” and it resumes. I could not figure that out for the Onn.

  7. Three of the “current” (bought in 2023) ONN 4K/Google TV boxes have been my introduction to and sandbox for learning about streaming TV. For the $20 price they are fantastic! However… I did just retire one to “spare” status by replacing it with a new NVidia Shield Pro for my “primary” system (65-inch, sound system, etc), and saw the really significant difference it made in picture quality, stability and features on that system. Unless a newly-released ONN box has some significant improvements though, chances just I’ll continue to use those original ONN units for the smaller “bedroom” TVs where they get the job done very well.

  8. I feel confident this will be a great replacement for the Firestick (as it is being modified ‘for the worst’)

    1. The box would be perfect if they had a full size usb for flash drives. That is why I don’t like this box.

  9. Waltermart (Asda group, as wallie world are called here) are here in the UK.

    But still no mention of even the 1080p Onn streaming stick here yet.

    I guess the cord cutting pirates of Central Scotland are not Middle North Americas enough yet?? !!!!!!!!

    1. Alastair Martin

      Asda is now owned by the Issa brothers from West Lothian Scotland.
      Walmart has only a 40% stake in it now with first rights to buy back.

      I hope the UK gets a chance to buy to this box, I know Asda did sell onn products before

  10. With the previously released 4K ONN box, now this new one, along with the ONN stick, it looks like Walmart has set it’s sights on the market of disgruntled FireStick owners who have simply had enough of Amazon’s oppressive grip on the FireTv interface and incessant advertising. KUDOS!

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