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When Will a New NVIDIA SHIELD Device Be Released?

When will new nvidia shield be released

One of the most popular streaming devices on the market today, the NVIDIA SHIELD is a powerful workhorse for cord-cutters and more who use it on a daily basis.

While it is still one of the most used Android TV Boxes available, there has not been a new NVIDIA SHIELD released since the Shield TV & Shield TV Pro were launched in 2019.

With nearly 5 years since the last iteration of NVIDIA SHIELD, many are wondering if a new device will ever come to fruition. There have been various inklings of a new box but NVIDIA has stayed mum on the subject without any announcements on if or when we can expect an upgrade.

The company regularly pushes out updates to these devices which keeps them functioning at a high level, but most of us want a shiny new device to get our hands on and vastly improve our streaming experience.

When Can We Expect a New NVIDIA SHIELD?

It’s impossible to say when we can expect NVIDIA to release a new Shield device. It is not even a certainty that we will ever see one. Plenty of competitors are constantly pushing out new devices with added features and improved technology.

Many thought that we would see a new device in 2023, but here we are over a third of the way through 2024 and still have yet to see any hope of something new coming this year.

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This leaves us to speculate whether or not a new launch will ever happen and there are tons of articles and comments on discussion boards deliberating this exact topic.

Some suspect that chip shortage, the pandemic, and other factors have played a role in the delay along with the NVIDIA brand itself growing substantially in this timeframe.

Competition in this space has improved vastly since the last version of NVIDIA Shield was released with new companies and devices coming into the market weekly. Chromecast with Google TV owners have been in the same boat, however, it appears that a new device is finally coming after a 4-year hiatus.

Even with the devices being 5 years old, NVIDIA continues to sell them for the same price that they were originally released for and at a high rate. Consumers still consider it at the top of the food chain and maybe this is one of the reasons the company has not yet pushed out a new version.

I still have hope that we might see a new NVIDIA SHIELD sometime in 2024 but without any official announcements or clues, it’s anyone’s guess on the possibility of this.

NVIDIA SHIELD Features & Specs


The main reason that the Shield has developed such a huge following is due to the fact that these devices feature some of the most top-level specs of any in the market.

This means that using and navigating the system is much cleaner with fewer issues and more room to install your favorite apps or APKs.

Provided below are just some of the specs included with the NVIDIA SHIELD Pro released in 2019.

  • Tegra X1+ Processor
  • 16GB Internal Storage
  • HDR10 + Dolby Vision
  • AI-Enhanced Upscaling
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Included USB Ports
  • Gigabit Ethernet Port
  • Android TV OS
  • 3GB RAM
  • 4K Streaming Capabilities

The Shield TV has similar specs with a few differences such as less RAM and only 8 GB of internal storage. That being said, both of these devices still feature some of the top specs in the streaming device landscape and are continually being updated with new software from NVIDIA which is why many still use them today.

Unfortunately, the delay in releasing a new device has allowed a lot of competitors to catch up in terms of device hardware. The new Fire TV Stick 4K Max released in 2023 also includes 16GB of internal storage and WiFi 6E Support along with 4k streaming capabilities. It comes in at a fraction of the price for only $54.99 with the product seeing regular discounts during different Amazon Firestick Sales.

Currently, the Shield TV Pro is available for $199.99 and the Shield TV is available for $149.99.


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Similar Device Choices

While the NVIDIA SHIELD has stood head and shoulders above other streaming devices, a few have started to close the gap.

Here are some similar device choices that compare in terms of specs, pricing, and more.


Formuler Z11

Formuler has created a lineup of high-powered media devices focusing on streaming live television with IPTV Services. This includes their built-in MyTVOnline3 App which is one of the best IPTV Players available today.


Most devices from Formuler have at least 16GB of internal storage and provide USB ports for added space. Use the links below for more information on these popular devices that are a great alternative to the NVIDIA SHIELD TV.

Formuler Z11 Pro Max Review

Formuler Z Mini

Formuler Z8 Review


BuzzTV X5 special edition

Another popular Android TV Box that has gained a large following is BuzzTV which has numerous variations of their popular streaming device. These high-end options offer 4K streaming and oftentimes include upwards of 64GB of internal storage.

Best of all, there are tons of variations and color schemes to choose from which we cover in our BuzzTV MasterClass guide below.

BuzzTV Gen 5 MasterClass & Buyers Guide

BuzzTV XRS 4900 Review

Fire TV Cube

3rd gen fire tv cube

Another alternative to NVIDIA SHIELD that is likely the most well-known choice is the Fire TV Cube from Amazon. Varying from other options listed above, the Fire TV Cube runs on the Amazon Fire Operating System and not Android TV.

This is the most powerful device in the Fire TV lineup with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, HDMI In & Out ports as well as an ethernet port. Best of all, it features built-in Alexa technology for 100% hands-free capabilities.

Fire TV Cube Review

What Would You Like to See?

Even though there are tons of great features included in both 2019 versions of the NVIDIA SHIELD, there is always room for improvement. Even though there is no certainty that a new device is in the works, it’s fun to think of the improvements we would make if we could.

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A few items I would love to see added include an HDMI Input port, improved AI upscaling, added RAM & Internal storage, AV1 Support, cloud gaming integration, and Wi-Fi 6E or above support.

What would you add/improve to a new NVIDIA SHIELD device? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Notable Replies

  1. Since both Nvidia and Tivimate seem to not be much interested in updating their products. I’m looking at maybe getting one of these in the near future, Formuler Z11 Pro Max. I am more interested in testing out the MOL3 than the box.

  2. “Consumers still consider it at the top of the food chain and maybe this is one of the reasons the company has not yet pushed out a new version.”

    NVDA is one of the Top companies in the AI Boom and The Shield is meaningless to them. Probably doesn’t even account for .0001% of their total revenues. I doubt they ever release a new Shield. Most people have no idea that they even have a streaming device. It’s all about their GPU’s/Chips to power the AI Boom

  3. Can Troy give us a crying reaction emoji for Ron’s post? :sob:

  4. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    :face_holding_back_tears: :sleepy: :cry: :disappointed_relieved:

  5. Powerfader, i just got a formuler z11 pro max a couple days ago, I love it! Id say the picture is just as good if not better than the shield, its just as fast if not faster and MOL3 is Great!

  6. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I was thinking of jumping on the Z11 pro max as well. $250 here in Canada, from Amazon, but that’s not bad for what ya get. From Formuler Canada it’s $285. Let us know of your setup experience and any suggestions you guys have. Tx.

  7. The King is dead? Long live the Queen! :worried:

  8. I’ve had my Z10 Pro Max for a couple years now and love it. Fun to mess around with

  9. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    if knew it would make use of hdhomerun channels I would get one but I cant find a clear answer to that…but i’m still contemplating :crazy_face:

  10. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    There are a number of posts online stating that hdhomerun will not work on MOL3, but apparently some other similar apps will.

  11. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    Yea it appears the usb types work but not lan types… or dlna

  12. I just ordered this package. Im so use to the shield so im hoping I’ll like it. Hardest thing will be getting use to a new remote

  13. Avatar for johns johns says:

    I wonder if anyone has had a look at the new Buzztv6 power station that is coming out on April the 15th 2024. You can get it with 128GB of memory and 16 GB if ram. Sounds like a powerhouse to me. I have been a Buzztv5 special edition for the last year or two and have always been really happy with it.

  14. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    I’m a Buzztv fan also, currently have a U5 and X5, the big quiestion here is cost on the power station. Big specs? and I hear its not amlogic but rather a Rockchip. So I will need to see reviews.

  15. Avatar for johns johns says:

    Hey TXRon: If the price is not insane, I’m going to buy it when iit comes out and will let you know what I think about it. Just for information, I also have the Nvidia pro and have played with a lot of the other boxes out there, so I should have some idea as to how the buzztv 6 stacks up against the competion. Looking forward to this new adventure.

  16. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I’m waiting for the Green Monster as well. I was not overly impressed with the U5 but keeping my fingers crossed for the P6. I will definitely get one. I know the Shield Pro has been an amazing device but it’s obvious the writing is on the wall and it’s not getting any younger. So first test will be the Green Monster and then the Formuler Z11 max if that doesn’t meet my standards. 2024 is time for an upgrade.

  17. Avatar for johns johns says:

    Hi Miki, sounds like 2024 is going to be full of new adventures. It looks like the the Green Monster should show us some new “attitude”. I can’t wait!

  18. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    That’s the one I can get on Amazon Canada for $250 while Formuler Canada is $285. Guess I got a decision to make, spend my tax refund on cremation or a new Streaming device. Any takers on which one wins?

  19. all my older boxes with android 9 or 10 work great with tivimate and i have several that i haven’t even opened…my newer t95z doesn’t work with tivimate to record…but my older ones with android 9 do?
    i record alot of fishing and hunting shows as well as the soaps my GF likes.
    sparkle iptv player can work on the newer ones to record
    i’m going to wait awhile to see what the new buzz tv box can do
    and tivimate needs an update to work with the newer android OS…seems the dev got fat and happy and no longer updates it?

  20. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Works on the shield. Should work on the T95Z as well following the instructions. With X-plore you should be able to grant permissions to access /data and /obb. Wish I had a T95Z to do it and give the steps to everyone. There are lots of articles on doing it even up to droid 14, even ones for the Firesticks.

  21. but isn’t the shield only on android 9? maybe that’s why it works on my shield but my t95 is on android 12 hence doesn’t work

  22. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Nope. Up to 11. But I have a device on 14 working just fine.

  23. I have 2 T95Z’s 6+ years old running Android 7. Rarely record anything but no problems in Tivimate when I’ve had to

  24. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Well Google has now joined the ranks of Amazon. New update has now disabled the ability to uninstall updates to the files app. So now that makes things even harder. So waiting for the real brainiacs out there to figure this out, AGAIN. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

  25. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    I always install files by google as a backup to xplore. :+1:

  26. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    not sure but there was a time that files was hard to find or install but when I could get it it solved lotsa issues. Recently tho ive been using stock android and have no issues.

  27. bought the z11 pro max about 6 months ago… takes a little getting used to but really like it!

  28. Troy states in his review that you can’t use record to external and have to use the internal storage.

    I think it has something to do with the MOL3 not allowing. He also installed Tivimate on the device and I think he said you could record to external using Tivimate. I wonder if Sparkle would work on the device?

    Have you tried doing any recordings and is there a workaround to get recording to an external using MOL3.

    Not a big deal, but on those rare occasions it would be nice to have a workaround in place.

  29. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    I’ve never tried mol3 and that is the big question. For now I’m in a watch and wait mode because I cant get a definite answer to questions. I always record to local (lan) storage.

  30. This MOL3 is being talked about by many, as the new king of the hill toppling Tivimate from its pedestal. Dunno, but just as Nvidia has stopped doing any updates of late, as Tivimate is not either.

    Meaning both will be replaced eventually by more hungry developers and manufacturers.

    MOL3 gif

  31. Hello @Powerfader hopefully I didn’t misspeak somewhere on this. It is the opposite for Formuler. You can only record to external, not internal on Formuler devices. Seems like their recording is top notch and works EXTREMELY well in my testing. Probably best recording I’ve seen in any IPTV app.

  32. Ok, thanks. I probably got the info backwards. Anyway, I will be getting the Formuler Z11 Pro Max BT1 at the end of this month. I’m excited to try out the MOL3 player.

    Found this little tidbit of info, “time shift doesn’t work without external”.

  33. I think I read somewhere recently Nvidia is the first TRILLION dollar corp. Basically, because of AI

  34. Powerfader let us know how the recording works and what you recorded to, USB stick Nas Etc…

  35. A new Shield should have more internal storage and full access to the Google Playstore.

  36. Avatar for mthr1 mthr1 says:

    Nvidia is actually valued at north of 2 trillion - yes, credited largely to their Ai component.

  37. Avatar for mthr1 mthr1 says:

    Many of the apps in the general catalog of the Play Store isn’t coded or optimized for the Android TV OS. That’s why you’ll likely never see the full catalog as long as a TV OS is utilized.

  38. Thanks Miki.
    I am gonna check out that FV File Manager app. It might be worth a go.

  39. This might be a dumb question but…
    Why do some of the Z11 Pro deals advertised on Amazon come with a magnetic car holder?

  40. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    :roll_eyes: not really sure but im guessing in case you lose the z11 box you can use this to keep the phone handy to call the police to report it missing :crazy_face:

  41. TiVimate just released version 5.0 which is a major release and not a minor

  42. Avatar for Reece Reece says:

    The same reason some drive thru ATMs have Braile…

  43. Anyone have issues with the “Live” header with for Goggle TV with the Nvidia TV box? Mine shows up, then disappears as an option in the headers for some reason? Anyone know why it does this and how to fix it? Enquiring minds would like to know… Thxs.

  44. Don’t spend money on cremation…just have family over and have a backyard bonfire instead…Viking style!!! Go for the streaming box…LOL!!!

  45. TV boxes are only as good as your internet provider. Or is this incorrect?

  46. Avatar for Reece Reece says:

    It is sorta- kinda correct, but the ISP is only a part of the equation. Keep reading here to get more insight. Also, what device do you have or are looking to obtain? What speed internet do you have? Is it wired (cable or Fiber) or wireless (AT&T, TMobile, etc)? Lots of parameters and scenarios involved (including budget) to be able to make a solid recommendation for you.

  47. Hi, no actual problems here since we hooked up with Starlink. Still using all the same old devices and as long as we clean the cache once a day all works well.

    We have 13 devices with 5 running all at the same time. Now we used to have problems with all other providers even when running 1 device.

  48. I don’t even think the 2019 Shield/Pro was the cream of the crop. The 2017 Pro version with actual upgradeable storage was where it was at. I personally pick up as many of the Pro version for both personal use and/or resell as possible when I find them at a good price. Paired with a Samsung 870 EVO or QVO 2TB 2.5 internal drive, there’s nothing, IMHO that comes close to it. I have a docking/cloning station which makes this very easy.

    If nVidia were to come out with a new device, I’d personally like to see it paired with a new, exclusive to that device processor, GPU, and ability to house one or two gen 4/5 nmve 2280 SSD, up to 4TB each. You’d literally never need anything else. Since nVidia doesn’t force bloatware on you, you can pretty much delete or disable anything you don’t want. With the ability to access NAS, you’re never short on storage.

    With a newer, quality SSD as per mentioned above, my units have approximately a 10-12 second boot time, and that includes also reading an additional class 10 micro SD card for a choice of storage options. I personally use the card for backups and the SSD for downloads.

    I haven’t seen or used an Android box that comes close and there are far too many brands out there with no brand recognition, mass producing boxes and then exiting the marketplace. To me, anything you have to go to some random site and order directly from China, isn’t anything I’m banking on. I only buy trusted brands that have had sustained history in the market.

    I also wouldn’t mind seeing a company like ASUS make an entry to the market. They make high end gaming PCs, laptops, and Android phones, that are all capable of streaming and gaming up to 144Hz. They could really force nVidia to stay current, and we the consumers would benefit, because the supply would be there, and we’d see some oneupsmanship between the two. As of right now, nVidia isn’t forced to put anything out, because they have no close competition.

  49. No Need to go to a Random site for the Chinese Boxes. I have 2 6+ year Old T95Z Plus Boxes (Made in China) that I purchased from Amazon and the 4K ONN (Made in China) from Walmart and these boxes all work great for Streaming VOD and IPTV

    The reason why you probably won’t see another Shield is because this part of their business is very inconsequential and probably less than 1/10 of 1% of their Revenues. NVDA is all about producing GPU’s for Generative AI. I would bet that nobody on the executive team at NVDA even knows about the Shield

  50. Avatar for OlReg OlReg says:

    I know a lot of real techies are lost without something new, whether it makes much difference over a current device. I use my Shield pro along with a 512gb thumb drive and ethernet connection to a 1000mbps internet connection. Tivimate with a good provider and Syncler plus a few apps to make it all run smoothly and I wonder what more anyone might be missing.
    I realize, of course, that in the words of Madonna from the movie Dick Tracy, “Something is better than nothing, but nothing is better than MORE”

  51. If they came out with something significantly better than the Pro I would have a hard time not buying it on day 1. :slightly_smiling_face: :

  52. They had so many problems with the last update may be the reason they are hesitant to update again .

  53. Avatar for Jey69 Jey69 says:

    The buzztv 6,as what I’ve seen the 16gb ram version is all in black and the 8gb version is top black and bottom green

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