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Formuler Z mini Android TV Dongle Review

Formuler Z miniThe Formuler Z mini is a new Android TV dongle designed for those who utilize IPTV services.  This streaming device comes with 8GB internal storage, 2GB of RAM, BT1 remote, and is running on Android 12.

This in-depth review will cover the features found in the Formuler Z mini while also providing my honest opinions on what’s good and lacking as well.

If you are a TROYPOINT Patron you can find my First Impressions Video and setup guide at the following link.

TROYPOINT Formuler Z mini First Impressions Video & Setup

I’ve been using this device for over two weeks now.  I took it with me on our spring break trip as this small dongle fit perfectly in my carry-on bag.  I will say this right out of the gate, the more I use this, the more I like it.

Supercharge Video

The following video shows how to deal with the biggest shortcoming of the Formuler Z mini and also provides tips and tricks to squeeze the most out of this powerful streaming dongle.


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MYTVOnline3 Setup Video

Formuler Z mini Features at a Glance

  • 8GB eMMC internal storage
  • 2GB RAM
  • Android 12 Operating System
  • RealTek RTD1325 CPU
  • Output Resolution: 4K
  • HDR10+
  • AV1 Codec
  • MYTVOnline3 IPTV App
  • BT1 Bluetooth Voice Remote
  • Supports popular audio formats (see more about this below)


Prior to unboxing the Z mini I was a bit saddened when seeing the small 8GB internal storage included.  The biggest complaint regarding streaming dongles and sticks is the lack of storage and unfortunately this is no different.  Later in this review I will see if I can expand internal storage with a USB drive so we aren’t restricted on the amount of apps that can be installed.

Formuler Z mini Unboxing

When unboxing the Formuler Z mini I was happy to see the BT1 Bluetooth Voice Remote.  This is a nice remote and the fact that it comes with voice assistant is a big plus as many ‘off-brand’ Android TV systems don’t come with that.

The device doesn’t include a USB port which is another negative due to users who will want to record IPTV with the MYTVOnline3 IPTV app.  I’m connecting a USB C OTG Cable in hopes that this will work for storing recordings.  I’m assuming the lack of USB port is Formuler’s way of pushing people to their Z11 Pro Max which does include them.  More than likely, the Z mini is trying to target those who want a travel device, exactly what I did when taking it with me on spring break.

Formuler Z mini Review

Over the past two weeks I’ve tested all of the main features that the Formuler Z mini touts.  Below you will find the various sections of this review where I cover the ins-and outs of this streaming dongle.


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Setting up the Formuler Z mini is dead simple.  You first pair the remote with the device and then there are a few screens that get you connected to the Internet.

Easy Setup

Sideloading Apps with Downloader

One of the first things I did was install the free Downloader app through Google Play and sideload apps that I needed for this review.  I connected to the free TROYPOINT Toolbox and quickly downloaded my favorite applications.  As expected, installing 3rd party APKs works as it should on the Formuler Z mini.


Launcher/User Interface

It’s important to point out that the Z mini is using the same launcher and IPTV app as their flagship Z11 Pro Max which is a good thing in my opinion.

One of the main selling points is their launcher that can be customized.  A nice feature is the ability to display the channels and VOD that you’ve added as favorites within MYTVOnline3.  I absolutely love this.  Being able to click the channel that I want to see on the launcher saves a lot of time.  Same with movies and TV shows that I’ve added as favorites as well.


Formuler Z mini favorite channels on launcher

I tried activating a 3rd party launcher on the Formuler Z mini but it didn’t work.  This isn’t a deal breaker for me as I want to take advantage of accessing my favorite channels directly from the launcher.  By using a 3rd party launcher you would be removing one of the great features that come with this streaming device.

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Z mini Download/Upload Speeds

I used the Analiti Speed test app for testing download/upload speeds.

I have 1GB Fiber download speed plan through my Internet Service Provider.

During the WiFi tests, I’m connected to the 5GHz band on my ASUS RT-AX86U Pro WiFi 6 Router. This router resides in the same room as the new Android TV Box (approximately 20 feet away from the wireless router).

I’m using Surfshark VPN as my VPN on Chicago Server.

Download/Upload Speeds

Surfshark VPN Off: 288 Mbps Download & 228 Mbps Upload

Surfshark VPN On: 157 Mbps Download & 115 Mbps Upload

I expected download speeds to be a bit higher but it still offers enough.  Remember, we only need 15-30 Mbps to stream 4K media!


The Formuler Z mini detected the SanDisk 32GB USB Flash Drive that I connected with the USB C OTG cable.  This is a good thing as more than likely we can record to this through the MYTVOnline3 IPTV application.

USB Flash Drive connected to USB C OTG cable

Unfortunately, we can’t expand internal storage which is a bummer due to the limited 8GB internal storage.  But, we can expand the storage with a few ADB commands which I cover in my Supercharge video above.

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Formuler Z mini MYTVOnline3 IPTV App Performance

The MYTVOnline3 IPTV application works very well and it comes off as extremely polished.  I still rank TiviMate as my favorite IPTV Player but I would say that Formuler’s app comes in at a close second.  Many of you will prefer this over TiviMate, guaranteed.  A few features that I really like about the Formuler IPTV app is the ability to pause and rewind/fast forward.  Their time shift feature is not seen in too many other IPTV apps and this is a pain point for most moving from Cable/Satellite over to IPTV.  I also like being able to schedule recurring reminders so channels automatically change when my favorite TV shows come on.

MYTVOnline 3 on Formuler Z mini

When you first input your IPTV details you are greeted with an organization tool that allows you to get rid of the categories that you will never use.

Organize channels on the Formuler Z mini

You can also create numerous custom groups and pin those at the top of your channel list.

The BT1 remote goes hand-in-hand with MYTVOnline3 and the colored buttons control various features within the app.

I tested recording to the attached USB drive and I’m happy to report that it worked!

Formuler Z mini recording

I then expanded internal storage with a few ADB commands and recording to the USB drive worked in that case as well.  You can see how I do this in the Supercharge video above.

Display AI Upscaling

One of the main reasons why the NVIDIA SHIELD is so popular is due to its video upscaling.  It appears that Formuler has figured this out and they have also included this feature.

AI Upscaling

Streaming Quality

I tested the streaming quality with Kodi, Syncler, and the integrated MYTVOnline3 app.  I installed a few of my favorite Kodi addons and after that I paired my Real-Debrid account with those and Syncler.

The 4K streaming quality on the Formuler Z mini is exceptional and the video upscaling also seems to help for those videos with lower resolution.

BT1 Remote

The included BT1 Voice Remote is a welcome addition to this streaming dongle.  This is a powerful remote that comes with tons of features and even includes its own application!

BT1 Remote

There are numerous shortcut buttons that can be programmed to perform various tasks.  One of my favorites is the ability to assign a mouse toggle to one of the programmable buttons.

Z mini Mouse Toggle

The remote can also control a television, AV receiver, soundbar, or projector as well.  I programmed mine to control the volume and power on my LG TV and it worked as it should.  Again, these settings are found within the Formuler Remote app.

Also, Google Voice Assistant works as it should which is great to see!

Network Storage

The Formuler Z mini comes with a network storage setup utility.  By adding network storage, users can direct their IPTV recordings to that instead of a USB drive.

Network Storage on Z mini

Network storage also helps in apps such as Kodi where it makes it a breeze to point to media on your home network.

Z mini Software Updates

Formuler prides itself in the numerous updates that it pushes out to their streaming devices.  I’ve already been presented with two updates within the past 2 weeks.  I was greeted with an update when I was setting it up for the first time and then yesterday I received another one with bug fixes.

Software Updates

This company doesn’t go crazy pushing out new devices like we see from manufacturers such as MECOOL.  In my opinion this is a good thing as I would rather they focus on updates for their existing products.

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Formuler Z mini Specs

The following specifications are pulled directly from the manufacturer’s information.  TROYPOINT does not verify each of the specs indicated below by Formuler.


  • Output Resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160)
  • CPU : RealTek RTD1325
  • GPU : Mali-G57 MC1
  • RAM: 2GB LPDDR4 @2400MHz
  • Storage: 8GB eMMC
  • Operating System : Android 12


  • Wireless : AC 2×2
  • BT : 5.0

Video Decoding

  • A/V Decoding: 4K@60fps 10-bit, Main 10 profile, @level 5.1 high-tier
  • 4K HDR : HDR10+, HLG
  • DRM: Widevine L1, L3

Audio Formats


  • AAC_LC
  • AAC-Main
  • HE-AAC
  • HE-AACv2


  • Dolby Digital 2.0
  • Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Dolby Digital+2.0
  • Dolby Digital+7.1 (vod)
  • VOD – Dolby TrueHD 7.1 (VOD)
  • Dolby Digital+Atmos
  • VOD – Dolby True HD Atmos (VOD)


  • VOD – DTS 5.1
  • VOD – DTS HD HRA 7.1
  • VOD – DTS HD MA 7.1
  • VOD – DTS:X 7.1


  • mp2 Audio
  • opus Audio (VOD)

Size & Design

  • Length: 83mm
  • Width: 60mm
  • Thickness: 12.5mm
  • Color: Black

Power Input

  • Power rating : 5VDC / 1A
  • Power Consumption : Max. 5W
  • Standby Power : 0.55W

What I Like

  • Clear 4K streaming
  • Custom launcher with favorite channels/VOD displayed
  • Bluetooth Voice remote with custom shortcut buttons
  • Formuler Remote App
  • AV1 Codec
  • HDR10+
  • Popular audio formats supported
  • Network Storage Manager
  • MYTVOnline3 IPTV App with Recording
  • Rewind, pause, and fast forward live TV
  • Schedule recurring reminders so TV channels automatically switch
  • Easy setup
  • No bloatware

What I Dislike

  • Small 8 GB internal storage
  • No USB connection
  • Can’t expand internal storage (adoptable storage) without ADB commands (see video above)
  • No WiFi 6
  • High price $119.99

Note: I no longer deduct points for no Netflix support or Ethernet connectivity, which this has neither.

Formuler Z mini Final Thoughts

If you chat with a Formuler fan boy/girl, you won’t hear too much complaining.  Formuler is known for building quality streaming devices and the Z mini does not disappoint.  They are constantly pushing out updates to support their devices which is a rarity in this niche.

Yes, the price tag is high at $119.99 but it does come with a powerful Bluetooth remote with voice assistant and features that you won’t find on other streaming devices.  If you watch my Supercharge video above you will understand what sets this apart from other streaming solutions on the market today.

Some will argue, “Why don’t you just purchase the Z11 Pro Max?”  My comment back to that is because you will pay an extra $90 for that device with the BT1 Remote.  The main advantage of the Pro Max is the 32GB internal storage but in my video above I show how to issue a few ADB commands which will allow you to add a USB drive with a USB C OTG Cable.  Now, the USB drive and cable will still cost $20 total but we are still $70 ahead.  Most of you have a USB flash drive sitting around that can be used and you can purchase the OTG adapter for $9 off Amazon.

The only big difference that I see between the new Z mini and Z11 Pro Max is that the mini includes AI video upscaling where the max does not.  This is due to the new chip being used in the mini and unfortunately an update can’t help the Max with that.  I’m still not 100% sold on the upscaling and how much of a difference that makes on this new dongle.

If you are only looking for something to travel with, I would suggest sticking with the Walmart oNN. 4K Google TV Streaming Box at $19.99.  If you want something a bit more that can be easily concealed behind the TV then the Formuler Z mini may be for you.

My biggest complaint is the high price as I’m not sure most people will be willing to pay that sort of money for a streaming dongle.  If there were 32GB internal storage and WiFi 6 support then the price may be OK.

You are essentially paying extra for the MYTVOnline3 IPTV App, BT1 Bluetooth Voice Remote, and Launcher that integrates with MYTVOnline3.  The ability to rewind and fast forward with the built-in time shift feature (I really like this!) may be reason enough to purchase the Formuler Z mini.  I also really like the ability to schedule recurring reminders for my favorite shows so they automatically start playing when my TV is on.

This device isn’t for those who want to use Netflix as this isn’t certified for that.  The Z mini is designed for unverified IPTV services and 3rd party APKs such as Kodi and Syncler.

All-in-all the device performs extremely well and I rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Purchase Formuler Z mini

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Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    Just read the full review and Troy gives this box a 4.5 out of 5. High praise indeed. Formuler is a top tier product imho with Buzztv. Now I want one and don’t need it :crazy_face:

  2. Avatar for MikeN MikeN says:

    Nice review Troy BUT I can’t justify this over Z11 pro.
    Mini is Android 12 over Z11 Pro being Android 11, but for little more cash, Z11pro has more storage and ports.

    UK prices, Z mini is £109, Z11pro BT is £129.99 or Z11pro is £119.99 with non BT remote.

  3. 100% agree that the Z11 Pro Max is the way you should go if you can afford it. I personally would never want to use a remote other than Bluetooth.

  4. Been using Formuler products for many years now. Moved away from Shield a few years ago and now use Z11 Pro Max on my main media center TV and wouldn’t use anything else. I will probably buy a couple of these Z minis for my TVs that I use less frequent. I am one of those who liked mytvonline3 IPTV app better than TiviMate due to rewinding and fast forwarding live TV. It has more features than TiviMate from what I can tell.

  5. Avatar for MikeN MikeN says:

    Here in the UK, Z11 pro max would be £139.99 or £149 with BT remote with 4GB ram and 32GB storage.

    For those who only want IPTV, the Z11 pro is fine but power users the Z11 pro Max is the right choice.
    The Z11 pro series also have a Micro SD Card slot for additional storage .

    In my opinion the reason to get a Formuler is for the MYTVOnline app

  6. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    Does anyone know if the MyTVonline 3 app will incorporate a local tuner such as a hdhomerun into the mix with the other subs? That to me would be a game changer.

  7. Avatar for MikeN MikeN says:

    For Z11 pro series

    • ATSC USB Tuners:
    • Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-955Q (2040:b123)
    • Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-955Q (2040:b150)
    • Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD (2040:026d)?

    DVB-T USB Tuners:

    • Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD (2040:8265)
    • Geniatech MyGica T230 Black (0572:689A)
    • Geniatech OEM T230 White (0572:c68a)
    • Xbox One Digital TV Tuner (045E:02D5)

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