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Walmart’s New $19 onn. 4K Box Now Available for Purchase

all new onn 4k android tv box

Walmart’s new onn. 4K Box has finally been released and is now available for purchase.

TROYPOINT Patrons and Founding Members can find Troy’s First Impressions Video for this new streaming box at the following link.

New $19 Walmart Onn Android TV Box First Impressions Video

Many have been anticipating the release of this media streaming device and it seems the wait is finally over.

Walmart previously released the first variation onn. TV Box in 2021 with extreme popularity due to its affordability and streaming capabilities.

They followed this up with the onn. TV Stick that saw some popularity but came with major flaws including bad connection and buffering issues.

Unfortunately, both of these devices were ultimately discontinued leaving many wishing and waiting for the device to return.

Luckily, that day is officially upon us with Walmart finally releasing the 4K box for purchase.

CLICK HERE to Purchase Walmart onn. 4K Android TV Box

onn 4k google tv box

There are high hopes for the revamped version of the onn. 4K Android TV Box with built-in Google TV.

It has tons of features that we look for in a streaming device, and best of all, it is available for the small purchase price of only $19.88.

Some of the upgrades included in this new model are the addition of AV1 video decoding, quad-core CPU, and Google TV Operating System. (The old version featured Android TV OS(

The provided Google G10 remote has been updated as well and offers built-in shortcut buttons for YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and Paramount+. (The old version had HBO Max instead of Paramount+)

Other notable features available include:

  • 4K UHD resolution
  • Google Assistant compatibility
  • Quad-core Cortex-A35
  • 8 GB Storage
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Dolby Audio
  • Provided G-10 remote

onn. 4K Android TV Box Official Product Page

IMPORTANT NOTE: We looked for the onn. 4K Android TV Box at our local Walmart stores and finally found one on the 3rd attempt. Call ahead and ask if it is in stock before heading to the store if you plan to purchase in person.

Here’s Troy’s First Impressions Video that is available to TROYPOINT Patrons and Founding Members.

New $19 Walmart Onn Android TV Box First Impressions Video


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If you are able to find one, let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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54 thoughts on “Walmart’s New $19 onn. 4K Box Now Available for Purchase”

  1. Has anyone found a compatible Ethernet adapter for the
    onn. Android TV 4K UHD Streaming Device? Does the device support Ethernet? I’ve tried several with no luck….

  2. hey guys I bought one of the Walmart box’s I’m 65 years old my brain don’t work to good I pay over 300 dollars a month when me and my wife are on fixed encodes we can’t afford that bill so I got a fore stick 4k and now this box I haven’t a clue how to get it working for us it want do anything I hook it up it might be since my 85 inch don’t however but two HDMI lines going in to my tv so I bought a slipper that give me one extra open but you have one main liner in the back I plug it into the box which is you main line the other two I put one as my tv the other this box now nothing happens and after watch tv about 15 mins the tv cuts off turn it back on cuts off again help me with this box lease you have to used child talk to me i am dumb as they come

  3. Purchased the Walmart box and it works great. My firestick remote made it easy to save favorites in Kodi. I have been unable to save favourites with the Walmart remote in Kodi.

  4. Have had this box for 2 days and am really enjoying it! Without the Amazon bloatware there is so much more storage space available. The Remote is better too!

    1. The Firestick is a streaming device. You don’t download onto it. You can sideload an app like Kodi to access movies and TV shows.

  5. I recently purchased an Onn box at Walmart. Set it with USB thumb drive following Troypoint’s instructions. Everything seems to work just fine.

  6. I went to Walmart 4/25/23 and they had almost 20 of the onn. 4K streaming device. I got home with it and found it had some issues that are not workable for me. The box and Google format takes some time to get online and update. It also wanted to copy the apps from my tv which I did not allow. When I started going through the settings, I could not read them from across the room due to they are very dim on the screen. I had to stand in front of my 65″ Samsung tv to even read them. There was not a device preference in the settings. But when I installed downloader and a app for tv/movies, it did pop up with Install Unknown sources. You simply toggle to turn on. Each apk that I installed had the pop up to toggle on. The main page seemed dim and slightly blurry to me. Nothing was as clear as my older 4K firestick or Nvidia Shield. I authorized real debrid on one of the apks and nothing would play. Again the picture was no where as good as even standard tv. Maybe I bought a bad one or not, I don’t know. I could not find anything in settings to help the picture so I set it back to factory reset. It will be returned.

  7. Can you play movies that are stored on the external usb that you connect to the Onn?
    Do you have to format the usb when you connect?

  8. Just bought two online to deliver to my Cdn address from local US Walmart store. Over last weekend item was not available to order. Ordered a chrome cast version by mistake because item was placed immediately below Onn (nice try Walmart)?

  9. Hello all. I was wondering if anyone has any info in regards to the availability of this new Onn box in Walmart stores up here in Canada? I have already made a couple inquiries with the local Walmart where I live here in Alberta, but so far they have no idea when/if these devices would be available to purchase/order.

  10. The one I just bought today doesn’t look like the same system as the one featured in your video. Mine says March 2023 in security update. Yours says 2022

  11. I mentioned yesterday that I bought one of these from Walmart.
    I set it up with the usual apps including Tivimate and Syncler,
    It works flawless.
    It is an easy-to-use system and for me better than the Firestick.
    I have an Nvidia Shield Pro and it does what I need it to do just as well.
    Not tried adding storage yet but so far this is a real winner.
    Thank you Troy for the heads up on this.

    1. I totally agree and am very happy to see it has plenty of room to install TiviMate and Syncler! Returning my Firestick 4K Max as Amazon has strangled its storage space with bloatware. A very big thank you Troy from me too!

  12. Store said it had them in stock. Went yesterday and a couple of “workers” were zero help. Finally found a guy and he said he might have them in the back. Came back 5 minutes later and said he found one. It’s like they are hiding them, one can speculate why, because if they have them then put them out.

  13. Anyone figured out how to expand Storage yet on the ONN ‘Google TV’ Box? With help of troypoint expanding Storage on the ONN ‘Android TV’ was fairly easy. But the same commands don’t work on the new ONN Google box.

  14. Not selling in North Alabama, I decided to take a peek in the cabinet yesterday to see if this Walmart had sold out and it looked the same as it did Friday when I bought 2 more. I guess they’re more music driven here than TV, Muscle Shoals area. And of course Alabama football had the spring game Saturday. I’m going to test out one after church to see if I can correct the flash drive disappearing problem one guy mentions in here. If anyone figures it out please post. All in all for 20 bucks I couldn’t be more pleased.

  15. Hey guys I installed super man on my fire stick and it will not play anything says sent to clip board. No information available even the crew don’t work can some one please help

  16. Install was easy. It surveyed my home network and discovered Google approved apps such as KODI. Link in setup installed KODI in under a minute. Bluetooth options look promising. Storage is exactly as Heavycrash stated. I have not tried using a USB hub to attempt to have internal and external storage. Much faster response time than Fire Stick for remote and to start playing video or apps. Simple layout. Nice options. Great buy at $20. Much more to investigate……..

  17. Hi, I was in Walmart Thursday and decided to check if the new onn box was out. They were in the locked up cabinet like they were big ticket purchase. I bought 2 but wasn’t sure if they were the new ones. Got the inside alert Friday and ran back over and got 2 more. I have set up 2 so far. I can’t believe the speed and picture, attached an OTA cable and formatted a flash works perfectly. Live Tv, Stremio and several apps flawless and fast. Most excitement since my oldest was born!

  18. There doesn’t appear to be any available at Walmart in Oregon! Folks must be buying them for resale at a higher price on the net?

  19. Purchased one, and there are new/different problems with adding USB storage with OTG cable. Everything worked fine at first, since the new OS will actually let you add USB drives as extra storage, or will reformat the drive to use as internal app storage, like newer Fire sticks. BUT, even after properly ejecting both types of drives, once the box is restarted/rebooted, the USB drives are no longer recognized AT ALL. You have to do a factory reset from scratch, then the USB drives are recognized again, but exactly the same result after restarting, which stinks since I moved most apps to the USB drive. Hopefully there is a workaround at some point..

    1. Also, the ADB commands used on the previous generation Onn box do not work on this new model, since you can format a USB drive with the new OS. But I also tried the same ADB commands after the USB drives were not recognized, and they still do not work..

    1. Good news! I read on another forum that if you turn off ADB Debugging in Developer Options and restart the device, the USB drive will be recognized and work! Just worked for me! Hope that helps.

    1. These aren’t available for purchase online as the article above indicates. You need to purchase through the store.

      1. I just bought one from my local Walmart superstore here in Corona, CA. In stock shown on the web, but the salesperson thought they were all out. Turns out there has been a run on the stick version of the streamer, and they were all out of the sticks but had plenty of the new streamer on the shelf.

      2. TROY…..

  20. Hey this is great news! I bought a used one on ebay a couple months ago for forty five dollars. This will be great for the streaming community who no longer use Prime.

      1. You are correct! However it is still good news that Walmart has the Onn box once again! We were getting ripped buying the older models used from Ebay. A great replacement for the Firestick.

  21. I loaded one this morning and found it to perform much better than the old box, very responsive and quick, easy set up and jailbreak. IPTV and sideloaded movie apps ran flawlessly and seem to work as well as a Chromecast with Google TV at less than half the price.

  22. Sounds too good to be true for the price. Is this made in China? How do we know that it doesn’t have malware, or some kind of backdoor access for some other bad actor action??? Does it really output 4K??

    1. I highly doubt a reputable brand like Onn would be distributing malware in their devices. Too much for them to lose if they did something like that. They can sell this at this price due to the number of people they will sell it to as they are in one of the world’s largest retailers. Plus, I’m sure they are getting kickbacks for people who subscribe to the various streaming services preinstalled on the device.

  23. Troy and the crew here…..
    You made my weekend,
    Getting one ASAP.
    If my Walmart(s) have one,,,,You will get Photos and my comments.
    Thank you all.

  24. I did a build build with a VPN on this device a while back. Unfortunately they are hard to find I’ll buy one for each of my rooms they work very well for my purposes.

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