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How to Install xManager on Android for Free Spotify Premium

xmanager spotify apk

The following tutorial will show you How to Install xManager on Android mobile and tablet for Free Spotify Premium.

xManager is an app manager tool that allows users the ability to “patch” various applications and APKs to remove ads and more.

This is similar to the method we use for installing YouTube ReVanced which is an ad-free YouTube application for Android devices.

YouTube ReVanced for Ad-Free YouTube

Installing the xManager will allow you to download a premium, ad-free version of Spotify at no cost.

xManager is compatible with Android devices including mobile and tablet.

In the guide below, we will install xManager for Spotify on an Android tablet called the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.

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However, these steps will also work on all other Android tablets and phones.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prior to installing the patch version of Spotify, we must uninstall the original Spotify app from our device. We provide step-by-step instructions below to do so.

Is xManager Safe?

Before I install this, I first want to scan the Android APK file with VirusTotal.

Here is the screenshot of the scan results.

is xmanager safe?

VirusTotal did not find any suspicious files or malware within the xManager APK file.

However, this does not mean we shouldn’t protect ourselves when downloading content from this unverified app.

The best way to do this is with a VPN that will secure your identity and anonymity when using xManager or other applications.

Best VPN for Android

How to Uninstall Spotify on Android

In order to download Spotify from xManager, we must first uninstall the current version of the app from our device.

Follow the steps below to do so.


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  • Open Apps from the Settings of your device and find Spotify

find spotify

  • Select Uninstall in the bottom right-hand corner

select uninstall for spotify

  • Click OK

uninstall spotify for xmanager click ok

Spotify has now been uninstalled. We can continue with the XManager installation guide for Spotify APK Premium.

How to Install xManager & Spotify Premium for Free

After uninstalling the Original Spotify from your device, we can install xManager to patch Spotify APK for Premium capabilities at no cost.

NOTE: Prior to downloading XManager, we must enable Unknown Apps for the Browser we are using. We have enabled Unknown Sources for Chrome but you can also do this for any browser you prefer.

xmanager unknown apps browser

1. Launch your preferred browser and visit and select Download.

select download for xmanager

2. Click Download anyway. (Make sure you have your VPN turned on)

click download anyway for xmanager

3. After the file downloads, click Open.

click open

4. Click Install.

click install for xmanager

5. Select Open.

select open for xmanager

6. xManager will now launch for use. When prompted, click Setup.

click setup for xmanager

7. Choose Allow.

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select allow

8. Select Setup again.

select setup again

9. This will open Unknown Apps within the Settings of your device. Click the toggle to enable Unknown Sources for xManager.

this will take you to unknown sources, enable them for xmanager

10. Click back to return to xManager and select the down arrow for your preferred patched version of Spotify. (We are using the Stock Patched option)

return to xmanager and select down arrow

11. Click the Latest Release.

click the latest release

12. Click Download.

click download for spotify apk from xmanager

13. You may now encounter a Google or Video ad. Wait for the video to finish and click Done.

click done when ad finishes

14. Wait for Spotify APK to download.

wait for spotify apk to download

15. Click Install Patched.


16. Click Install.

click install for spotify apk from xmanager

17. You will notice an IMPORTANT NOTE message at the top of your screen. Wait for the app to download.

important note for xmanager

18. This note explains that you must force close Spotify after installing and signing in to get it to function properly.

xmanager force close note

19. Click Open.

click open for spotify patch

20. Spotify will now launch. Click Allow Access or Maybe Later.

spotify will now launch\

Make sure to log in to your Spotify account before continuing with the instructions.

21. You are now presented with the Spotify APK home screen.

spotify apk home main menu

As noted above, xManager recommends force closing the app and relaunching for Mod features to apply.

You can easily do so by following the steps below.

How to Force Close Spotify APK from xManager

1. Close the Spotify APK and open Apps within the Settings of your device. Select Spotify.

select spotify apk for xmanager

2. Click force Stop.

click force close for spotify apk

3. Click OK.

click ok\

Installation of Patched Spotify APK via xManager is now complete!

You can easily launch the app for full premium features at no cost. Enjoy!

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xManager Frequently Asked Questions

What is xManager?

xManager is a tool app used to “patch” a Spotify APK for premium content on your Android device at no cost.

Is xManager Free?

Yes. xManager is 100% free to install and use.

How do I Install xManager?

The guide above provides step-by-step instructions to install xManager on an Android tablet.

Can I Install xManager on iPhone?

No. Currently, xManager is only available for Android mobile and tablet devices.

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11 thoughts on “How to Install xManager on Android for Free Spotify Premium”

  1. I tried to download a song and the button is not highlighted …so no option to download the songs, receive an error that something went wrong

  2. Does it remember your previous playlists prior to installing this ad free Spotify or do you lose all favourite songs / albums?

      1. Hi, I tried this on my Android about 3 songs and it just stops completely, it shows an advert about to start and it’s paused, I then unpause it and it plays music after that, even when I uninstall xmanager and Spotify so I could back to normal set process to have adverts it now stops, how do I get my Spotify back to how it was with adverts as per normal because now it’s only playing three songs and keeps stopping

  3. Seems to work perfectly! I installed xManager on my Moto Power Android II smartphone, started up the Spotify App and it played for a couple of hours without any AD’s. Next, while still playing, I redirected the sound output to my portable Bluetooth speaker system. It too played for over an hour with no Ads. Sounds Great, NO AD’s!! Next, I started Spotify on my phone again and selected my Linux PC Computer Google Chrome Browser as the targeted player. I did this because it has really nice Klipsch 2.1 sound system installed on it. Unfortunately, the AD’s started playing within 2 songs… Bummer. Oh well, it was worth a try. I guess the phone hands off the stream to the PC and bypasses any Ad removal software on the phone. Though you would like to know.

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