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Centurylink Receives Subpoena to Identify 150 Torrent Site Users

centurylink subpoena torrent users

Capstone, a film production company, has submitted a DMCA subpoena to Centurylink to identify 150 torrent site users.

As first reported by TorrentFreak, the subpoena contained the IP Addresses of various users that spanned across the United States.

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Capstone Studios first attempted to stop the alleged infringement via takedown notices sent to the ISPs for the customers’ IP Addresses.

These IP Addresses were uncovered by Capstone as they showed up in the public swarms that are available with BitTorrent.

The alleged infringers, Capstone says, downloaded their film “Fall” via torrent sites without permission.

After sending notices to the Internet Service Providers, Capostone submitted a DMCA subpoena at a federal court in Colorado.

The subpoena requested information for the owners of 150 IP Addresses that had been linked to the alleged infringing activity.

These IP Addresses are available via Centurylink which is one of the most popular and well-known Internet Service Providers available today.

As noted above, the alleged infringers are located in numerous states across the country including Illinois, Colorado, Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and Arizona.

DMCA subpoenas to ISPs are a rare occurrence as most Internet Providers consider themselves 3rd party intermediaries that do not store or link to infringing content.

However, we have seen similar instances of this in the past including a court sentence for a torrent user in Denmark.

Denmark Torrent Site User Receives Court Sentence and Fine

As we always point out, if you choose to use torrents to download files, you must connect to a VPN to ensure your data is safe and private as your IP Address will be available to anyone who wishes to see it.

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