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Kodi 20.5 Now Available – Features, Updates, & Installation Guides

Kodi 20.5

Kodi 20.5 has been released by the Kodi development team and is now considered the stable version of this software.

The latest release comes less than a month after 20.4 which was intended to be the final version of Kodi 20 before Kodi 21 “Omega” makes its arrival.

There are various bug fixes and other changes associated with Kodi 20.5 including the Select button on various Google TV devices working again which was pointed out by members of the TROYPOINT Insider. However, no major updates were made and the latest release mostly includes small fixes and tweaks.

Provided below are the complete release notes from the official Kodi website with updates, features, and more. We also show you how to update to Kodi 20.5 on your preferred device such as Firestick, Android TV/Google TV, and PC.

Because the most recent update is not available in the Google Play Store, Android users must sideload the application which we have instructions for below.

NOTE: TROYPOINT has not tested all popular addons and builds with the latest release of Kodi 20.5 If you are happy with the version of Kodi you have installed, we suggest continuing to use it on your media device.

Table of Contents

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Kodi 20.5 – Features, Fixes, & Improvements

Provided below is the complete changelog for Kodi 20.5 pulled directly from the official press release.

Release Notes


  • Reverted a number of controller changes that caused massive failures on Android devices. Input handling will now be the same as what was available in 20.3.

Platform Specific

  • Android
    • Some great detective work was done by @spdfrk for a fix that meant Kodi would close the app during potential colour mode changes.
    • A backport by @fritsch that intends to bring Nexus inline with Omega behaviour for AudioTrack on Android. This means that some device users will need to add an extra setting to their AdvancedSettings.xml file. Details can be seen at
  • Linux
  • iOS/tvOS
    • A change that wasn’t actually in Kodi’s codebase, but a fix nonetheless, means that the inputstream.ffmpegdirect addon is now available to the iOS/tvOS release debs.

… plus, of course, some behind-the-scenes fixes and updates for e.g. library versions.

How to Install Kodi 20.5 with the TROYPOINT Toolbox

If you are interested as installing or updating your device to the latest release of Kodi, the best way to do this is with the free TROYPOINT Toolbox.

This can be accessed on any Android-based devices such as Firestick, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Smart Televisions, and Android TV/Google TV Boxes such as onn. Google TV Box, NVIDIA SHIELD, and more.


Get the Free TROYPOINT Toolbox

Kodi 20.5 Download Links

Use the corresponding guides below to update to Kodi 20.5 on your preferred device.

Firestick/Fire TV/Fire TV Cube

Update to Kodi 20.5 on Firestick Guide

Android/Android TV/Google TV

Update to Kodi 20.5 on Android, Android TV, Google TV




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iOS (Must be Jailbroken)



Use the following commands in your Linux/Ubuntu terminal to install Kodi 20.4.  Follow the prompts as you would with any other software installation.

sudo apt install software-properties-common
sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:team-xbmc/xbmc-nightly
sudo apt install kodi

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Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Just heard they released 20.5. Hopefully it fixed the Onn remote issue.

    I’ll try to download later.

    Troy, make sure you test on every device for every possible issue before you make it available on Downloader. :rofl::rofl: Just kidding obviously.

  2. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:
  3. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Just downloaded on to my Onn and installed from The Select button is working again!

    Cant attest to any other issues but this fix will make a lot of people happy.

  4. loaded on stick everything working fine :+1:

  5. Downloaded from google store, installed homelander, 9lives, loop. Everything seemed crisp and snappy.

  6. kodi omega is out but in beta so i wouldnt go there just yet

  7. Have been using new Kodi on new 4k FS. No issues thus far.

  8. Troy, just FYI, but could you put a close out button on your pop up for the Kodi Super Guide? When it comes up, it blocks part of the text in your articles.

  9. Just installed Kodi 20.5 Restarted Kodi, ran it, but still showing 20.3. What gives? I installed it correctly.

  10. where did you download from

  11. Downloader and Troypoint site.

  12. if you can use apk go to the kodi website an download direct

  13. Not sure what is meant by “stable” version when the lagging and freezing seems to be the only thing “stable” where it continues in all versions. Perhaps i’ll wait a few days to hear further feedbacks from you guys. Keep up the great work.

  14. Had this for a week now works fine it is the stable version

  15. Hello, there is an X in top right corner of the popup.

  16. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    If you want to elaborate maybe someone here can help with your issue.

    Sounds like something else other than Kodi to me.

  17. Issue is on your end. Have had 20.5 for about a week and no issues

  18. Pirate 77, what is APK? Sorry, I’ve heard of it but not familiar with it.

  19. Apk is a file that you can send from a computer to the device you are using .using an app to do it if your not familiar with them stick to downloader that’s the easiest way

  20. Thanks. I’ll try and download 20.5 again later.

  21. deleted by poster

  22. deleted by poster

  23. I’ve basically given up trying to d/ld 20.5 stable Kodi. I tried downloader through Troy’s toolbox, and Appstarter which states it’s a older version of Android and might not work. It didn’t. Through Troy’s toolbox after the d/ld I failed to see the first run and when I connected to Kodi, went to system, to check the version number, it still says it’s 20.3 I’m at a loss why it won’t update.

  24. Installed 20.5 on max 96 but msg. no stream available for all movies using crew. Must be missing some setting. Suggestions please ?

  25. Do you have Real Debrid?

  26. No debrid . Older versions ran just fine. In a very few movies it always finds one 1040 and one 720 but when I try to play either one (( no stream available ))

  27. same here but apps all run fine

  28. Yeah using KODI without RD is a waste of time IMO your just not going to get consistent playable streams. I use KODI every day but I have RD

  29. i only use kodi for sports back up for the rest i use stand alone apps all work perfect

  30. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Diggz has a build that provides addons specific for people that dont use Debrid. Search TP for installing the Diggz builds.

    I use the Debrid version and it’s great. Cant attest to the Free versions but they are available.

    Any questions or problems let me know.

  31. Can anyone give me a clue as to why I can’t update to 20.5 from 20.3? Followed directions to the T, 3 times to no avail.

  32. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Did you try directly from

  33. No I haven’t. Where would I find it, and how do I initiate it to work on my TV?

  34. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    I am pretty sure TP has these instructions.

    But if you go to Downloader and type in the url it.will take you the website and you can navigate from there.

  35. Typed in Kodi TV through downloader, the latest version they had was 20.3 which I already have. They also had 20.3 Apk what ever that is. So no go for 20.5.

  36. enter download code 35625 wait till it redirects it all there i just tried it ps you have to click on blue box at bottom an it takes you to kodi firestick is 32bit so download that if its not it wont download so just download 64

  37. Which blue box? There’s 4 of them.

  38. enter code in downloader then it will come up aft news then there are 2 boxes at bottom click the blue box to redirect to site then download 20.5 32bit

  39. Avatar for Vera Vera says:

    what are the best add-ons for this version? I just tried to get Ezra but but say;s Could not connect to repository… I’m assuming not compatible with Kodi 20.5!?

  40. i use stand alone apps all work well if you want list pm me

  41. 20.5 just a minor point release to fix a few bugs. Both The Crew and Homelander have been working good for me on it.

  42. I had to reinstall Kodi 20.5 and started from scratch to add The Crew, Mad Dog and others. I am having issues when I they to install it says Google Drive, You Tube and others plugins reads not available, hit ok and will not install. Usually before they see available

  43. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Can you specify your problem a little better? Not exactly sure where you are having the problem. What device? Or is an addon giving you the issue?

  44. I don’t know what happened but after a couple days problem has gone away,l now it is connecting

  45. Troy,
    I downloaded Troypoint Kodi 20.5 today. My Bitdefender says it is “unsafe” so I deleted it. Any suggestions?

  46. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    I’ve downloaded TP 20.5 fork numerous times to test things out. Never a problem. Probably just a false or over sensitive reading from Bitdefender.

    If you trust Troy enough to download it in the first place you might as well go swimming in the deep end. Lol

    Seriously though its fine.

  47. If we switch from Kodi 20.4 to Kodi 21, should we expect another version of Kodi to come out next month or even the next month? I’m not convinced that Kodi 21 is that much better than Kodi 20.4 b/c Kodi 21 still has bugs and fixes before it is stable. Any idea when the stable version will be available? All of this is somewhat confusing to me b/c I don’t have your expertise in this area. I appreciate all that you do for everyone yet it seems like once I get use to one thing and it’s working fine then a newer or better something comes out.

  48. If what you have is working there is absolutely no need to upgrade to 21. I’m still on 20.5 as I use a Build and the Build Dev has not upgraded to 21 yet so I’ll wait. Everything’s working fine. 21 is a major release but most likely their will be 20.1,20.2, etc… possibly soon. The minor releases typically are small bug fixes and/or enhancements

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