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How to Access Firestick Keyboard on Any Browser – New Feature

Firestick Keyboard Remote Tool

A new feature has been added to Firestick and Fire TV devices after the latest update that allows for remote access to the keyboard on any device using a web browser.

This means that users do not have to use the provided remote to type which can be a cumbersome task, especially when entering long webpage URLs or usernames/passwords.

While many are aware of the provided Fire TV Remote App that lets you use the keyboard on your phone or mobile device, it oftentimes lags and is frustrating to use as many have experienced.

The best part of this new mobile keyboard is its simplicity as the only options available on the webpage are the keyboard and a directional pad which work extremely fast.

We have provided guides in the past for remotely controlling Firestick via ADB with the Vysor app which lets you access these devices from anywhere, even if you aren’t on the same network.

Unfortunately, Amazon has recently blocked ADB access which means the use of Vysor for remotely controlling these devices will likely go away. This is the best alternative as far as using a keyboard goes.

As noted above, this feature is available with the latest Fire TV Software Update. If you do not see it on your device, you can try updating to the latest version by using the guide below.

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How to Update Firestick or Fire TV

Use the following instructions to learn how to access the Firestick keyboard Remote Tool on any web browser.

How to Use Firestick Keyboard Remote Tool

The Firestick Keyboard Remote Tool is accessed with a provided QR Scan that you will see any time you open the keyboard on your Firestick or Fire TV device as shown below.

Scan QR Code to access Firestick Keyboard Remote Tool

Use your mobile device to scan the QR Code which will open on your web browser and allow you to use the keyboard on your mobile device or tablet.

keyboard.amazonfiretvapp official site

Type the web address of your choice or use it to enter your username/password for various applications. In this instance, we are using the Downloader App to visit the TROYPOINT official website. Click Submit.

Use the keyboard to type

Return to your Firestick/Fire TV device and you will see the webpage has loaded successfully.

webpage loaded with the use of the firestick keyboard remote tool

One of the best features is the ability to copy your specific Remote Keyboard URL and use it on any device with any browser.


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copy your unique url

By copying the link, you can paste it into any web browser including on a PC which we show below.

Keyboard tool on PC

This will also prompt your Firestick to function without using the provided remote keyboard.

use keyboard tool on pc

Features & Details

While not as useful as the Fire TV Remote App for navigating your Firestick device, the Keyboard Remote tool is a beneficial addition for quickly typing long URLs, Passwords, Usernames, and more, without using the remote.


Similar to the Remote App, the Keyboard tool also has a built-in directional pad for navigating webpages but is missing other options such as the home button, back, and menu. If you are looking for a full-fledged remote to control your device, you will want to opt for the Fire TV Remote App which is available in most App Stores.

Fire TV Remote App – Google Play

Fire TV Remote App – Apple App Store

Because the specific URL provided by the QR Code can be used on any device, users do not have to be on the same network which means you can easily control the device from any location.

This is great for beginners who need assistance with their Firestick or Fire TV as you can help them remotely without having to be in the same location.

For more helpful tools to get the most out of your device, check out our resource guides below.

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Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for Mslea Mslea says:

    Hi TxRon,

    I started seeing it the other day. I have not tried it, but find it visually distracting.

  2. I find it annoying. Because it shifts the keyboard to the left it covers up most of the text showing some results for the search that start showing up as you type.

  3. Although the keyboard was added to the firestick, cant a handheld keyboard be used for the same purpose?

  4. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I always used a mini keyboard on my 4K Max.

  5. Hello, you scan the QR code with your phone or tablet then you type on that instead of the on-screen keyboard which makes it much easier than using your remote control.

  6. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Did you update your firestick? The keyboard on your stick opens whenever you want to type something like a URL in your Silk Browser or entering txt here, if going to TP on your stick. If the keyboard that opens doesn’t show the QR code beside it, then you don’t have the update. Reading Troy’s tutorial does explain it all and the added AFTVnews article posted by @TXRon also explains it. Sorry but I can’t be there to guide you through it.

  7. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    It’s possible the vpn(if any) might be blocking the qr code. Many apps are moving away from qr codes as well due to security issues.

  8. It looks like the QR code isn’t available anymore on my Fire TV not my Firestick.

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