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Streaming Services are Booming Due to COVID-19: Which are Most Popular?

Streaming Services are Booming Due to COVID-19 Which are Most Popular

This global pandemic (COVID-19) has caused a boom in the use of streaming services in America, to say the least.

With most of the U.S. on lockdown, many individuals are working from home while also looking for ways to stay entertained inside.

As a result, the consumption of streaming services is hitting all-time highs, which isn’t a surprise to many.

The interesting part here is seeing which streaming services are being used the most.

Is Netflix still king? Has Disney Plus climbed the ranks? Are there new services on the rise?

These are some common questions among those deciding on which service to subscribe to.

A study from Reelgood found the following results: (March 16 – April 5, 2020)

  • Netflix still leads the way at 41.32% of all streaming service users
  • Amazon Prime Video is 2nd behind Netflix at 22.13%, and ahead of Hulu (17.19%)
  • Disney Plus (4.81%) has already climbed ahead of HBO, Vudu, Apple TV, Tubi, and others even since arriving in late 2019

Below is a pie chart from Reelgood displaying more information:

Streaming Services are Booming due to COVID-19

It’s not shocking to see Netflix still at the top, but due to increased rates and certain content being removed many Netflix subscribers have been searching for alternatives.

We put together a list of popular Netflix alternatives for Movies and TV Shows, which you can find below.

10 Best Netflix Alternatives

We also have put together several polls on the TROYPOINT site similar to what Reelgood did.

You can find the results from our TROYPOINT polls by clicking the links below:

In our Best APKs poll, for instance, TROYPOINT visitors voted Cinema HD as the top streaming app (32%).

We have had thousands of site visitors participate in these polls, which is a huge help for the cord-cutting community!

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