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28+ Best Free Sports Sites for Live Games/Matches (2024)

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

Looking for the best Free Sports Streaming Sites? We have provided the best options in this guide for all your live sports viewing needs.

This list stays updated with the best working options for live-viewing of tons of free sports content. We provide both verified and unverified options.

While the list below contains websites for watching sports, these can be used on tons of different devices besides a computer, laptop, or mobile device.

This includes the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, Android devices including Android TV/Google TV, PCs, tablets, phones, and more.

The most popular device for watching sports is the Amazon Firestick. This is due to its low price and ability to unlock the device for tons of bonus content. We strongly recommend using a media device for live sporting events so you can watch games and matches on your television without having to cast it.

Legal Disclaimer: TROYPOINT does not develop, operate, host, distribute, or administer any streaming application, add-on, website, or service. Furthermore, we cannot determine the legality of any streaming platform reviewed on this website. TROYPOINT specializes in educational tech reviews, tutorials, and news which is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. The end-user is solely responsible for media accessed and TROYPOINT assumes that all visitors are abiding by copyright laws set forth within their jurisdiction. Users should only stream works not protected by copyright when using unverified streaming solutions.

As many of you know, most of the websites listed below are riddled with popup advertisements that can ruin your experience. One of the best ways to reduce or eliminate these ads as well as make your online activity anonymous is by using Surfshark VPN.

Using a VPN on Free Sports Streaming Sites

Surfshark offers a CleanWeb feature that blocks ads, malware, and trackers on any device for an improved overall viewing experience.

If you choose to use one of the unverified sites below, it is essential to first connect to a VPN to ensure that these unknown site operators do not have access to your personal data/information.

Listed below are the free sports websites that have been tested by TROYPOINT and reviewed based on various criteria including ad annoyance, popularity, category choices, user interface, and reviews from various forums.

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly for new sports website submissions from members of the TROYPOINT Insider.

The following list was last updated on Tue, Jun, 18, 2024

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites (Unverified)

TROYPOINT can’t determine whether unverified websites carry the proper licensing to broadcast the streams that they do.  Therefore, we will not link to any of the websites. Google search is your friend. 

free sports streaming sites viprow sports


Your online activity is recorded by your government, Internet Service Provider, app/addon/IPTV devs and all websites through your identifying IP address

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1. VIPRow Sports

VIPRow Sports is a highly visited free sports streaming site that provides any sports category and PPV event you can think of.

The main categories within this free site consist of Baseball, Football, Wrestling, Boxing, Basketball, Rugby, Racing, Tennis, Golf, and much more.

Each category provides various live events as well as popular channels for that specific sport. This is something we don’t see with many of the options listed below!

Typically, there are numerous links available so if you find your first choice doesn’t work, try another link until you reach a working stream.

While there are various popup ads, many of these can be removed with the CleanWeb feature from Surfshark.

VIPRow free sports streaming site

streameast boxing

2. StreamEast

StreamEast is another good addition to our list of free sports streaming sites for tons of reasons.

It has been extremely popular for many years and continues to provide high-quality options in a simple user interface.

The main categories within StreamEast include Baseball, Football, Basketball, MMA, Boxing, Soccer, Hockey, and more. 

It features a daily calendar schedule updated with events from yesterday, today, and tomorrow with various links for all live games and matches.

StreamEast has fewer ads than most which is why it continues to be one of the most well-liked websites available today.

streameast free sports streaming site

Free StartMail Trial

3. Methstreams (Crackstreams 2.0)

MethStreams is the new Crackstreams after a rebrand of one of the most popular free sports streaming sites of all time.

It has all of the same features of Crackstreams and even a similar layout which makes finding your preferred content extremely easy.

There are thousands of live streams in various categories such as College Football, Baseball, Pro Football, Basketball, Boxing, MMA, and much more.

Many of them play in high definition and have minimal buffering on nearly any device including PC, iOS, Android TV Box, and the ever-popular Amazon Firestick as well.

If it wasn’t for a suspicious file appearing in the VirusTotal scan, this website would likely be at the top of our list. However, because of this flagged website we suggest using a VPN in conjunction with Methstreams.

If you haven’t given the updated Methstreams a try, we strongly suggest checking it out for all of your sports needs.

crackstreams website


4. TheTVApp

While the name implies an application, TheTVApp is actually a website built for live sports and much more. Users will find tons of live channels to go along with the live sports events that are available daily.

This site currently has no advertisements and plays content buffer-free for a fabulous viewing experience. Best of all, those who prefer Kodi can install TheTVApp Kodi Addon that works on any device including the Amazon Firestick, Android TV, and more.

thetvapp site

Learn more about The TV App and Kodi addon at our detailed guide below.

The TV App Sports Site & Kodi Addon


5. SportsFire

This free source has tons of options for sporting events as well as numerous live channels that feature live sports and much more.

Best of all, SportsFire is a ready-to-use application that can be installed on nearly any device including the Amazon Firestick and Android TV/Google TV.

Users can sort through tons of live channels for US live sports as well as other countries across the world.

SportsFire also features a schedule that is updated daily with live sporting events including baseball, soccer, hockey, golf, and more.

It is completely ad-free and works perfectly with a VPN to ensure your connection is safe and secure.


Use the following guide to learn how to install SportsFire on your preferred device.

SportsFire on Firestick/Android TV/Google TV

sports logo

6. WatchSports

WatchSports is a newer website added to our list and one that is beginning to make its way to the top for many reasons.

The main reason is the site’s simplicity and overall usability. Those who prefer to view live events on their mobile devices will love WatchSports as it was designed for iPhone/Android phones.

There are various category options to choose from with multiple stream options and minimal ads. This is one you have to give a try!

WatchSports Offiical Site


7. Stream2watch

Those who have been using these sites for several years now may be familiar with Stream2Watch.

Stream2Watch provides thousands of live streams across any sport you can imagine such as Boxing, Hockey, College Basketball, Football, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Rugby, and many others.

One of the most notable features is the live channel options available for sports outlets that provide highlights, replays, and even live games/matches.

Compared to other sites, ads are minimal which makes browsing and using Stream2Watch extremely simple.

Users can set time zones and even search for events to find exactly what they are looking for across all sports.

stream2watch homepage


8. SportSurge

SportSurge is a popular free sports site that contains categories like Boxing, Hockey, Motor Sports, MMA, Football, Basketball, and others.

Although you may encounter ads during live streams, one of the best parts about SportSurge is that you won’t see ads when navigating on the main interface.

After making your sports selection, you are provided with all of the live events for the day without having to close out of annoying popup ads.

You can even view event highlights/replays the day after an event has aired and list future events so you can see whats coming up next.

Don’t sleep on Sportsurge as one of the best sports outlets available today.

sportsurge free sports streaming site

batman streams

9. BatmanStream

A newer addition to our list is BatmanStream.

There are tons of live options always available on this website and streams typically play in high definition.

If you find a link that does not play, try using one of their alternative websites listed at the top so you never miss any game action.

Currently, there are categories for Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Tennis, Rugby, Motor, and more.

Batman Stream has fewer ads than many sites on this list which is why it ranks so high. Check it out today!

batman streams website

newera streams

10. NewEra Streams

NewEra Streams is a fresh free sports website that works perfectly on any device and provides content hassle free.

Users will find numerous link choices after making a selection that typically play without any buffering.

Best of all, there is an EPG or Electronic Program Guide that details the live events available each day.

Ads are minimal and we have found links to play in high definition including 1080p.

newerastreams official website


11. LiveSport24

LiveSport24 is a new addition to our list of Best Sports Streaming Sites.

It features a wide array of live options for nearly any sport including football, tennis, baseball, golf, MMA, and more.

There is even a channels list to help you get instant access to your preferred viewing options which we do not always see.

With multiple server options and quick playing links, LiveSport24 is easily one of the best free sports sites available today.
NOTE: Please see our VirusTotal Scan below prior to accessing LiveSport24.

livesport24 web site

sportsbay free streaming site

12. SportsBay

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please read the article below regarding SportsBay’s legal status.

SportsBay Owners Must Pay DISH/Sling Over $490 Million

Stemming from one of the most visited websites of all time comes this sports site with tons of free content.

The Pirate Bay is the most well-known torrent site available and now there is an option for sports lovers as well.

Users can choose between the most popular competitions with daily updates as well for easy live viewing of your favorites.

Categories from SportsBay include Live Sports, TV, Football, Hockey, Tennis, Cricket, Motor, and more.



13. VIPLeague

The VIPLeague website is one of the oldest and most well-known websites for watching live sports as many of you have probably visited this in the past.

VIPLeauge is almost identical to VIPRow, as both sites contain a similar layout and category selection.

It offers a massive catalog of live feeds for nearly any sport you can think of. This includes Football, Rugby, Tennis, Golf, Darts, Basketball, Hockey, Motorsports, Boxing, Cricket, and more.

If it wasn’t for the plethora of ads that are difficult to remove, VIPLeague would be higher on this list. However, it is still a fabulous choice for any sporting event you prefer.

VIP League website

lshunter stream hunter

14. LSHunter

LSHunter is a remake of the once-popular StreamHunter website that also provides live sports.

Ads are kept to a minimum which makes navigation easy and enjoyable.

Oftentimes, there are multiple links available for each stream which will help users always find a reliable source.

Categories available include Football, Basketball, Baseball, Handball, Hockey, Boxing, and more.

lshunter stream hunter website

bosscast sports

15. BossCast

BossCast provides thousands of live streams that broadcast basketball, cricket, rugby, soccer, football, and other notable sporting events.

BossCast also features a unique live chat option where you can talk smack with other sports fans during the games.

Oftentimes, events have numerous links to choose from which vary in quality and advertisements so you never have a shortage of viewing options.

The schedule is updated daily with events and times so you can find exactly what you are looking for without browsing through tons of links.

bosscast website


16. StreamWink (formerly Wizler TV)

StreamWink is a new sports site that provides live channels in a simple format.

While the site is not built for sports, there are plenty of channels that provide live sporting events for college football, hockey, and more

We have found that streams play buffer-free and contain no ads for a fabulous sports viewing experience, no matter your device choice.

The only con that is noticeable is the small amount of sports channels available, however, there are still enough to provide you with plenty of live options with a plethora of category choices.

streamwink website

first row sports

17. FirstRow Sports

FirstRowSports is another well-known name among those using free options to watch live games.

This platform was originally created for soccer and football lovers and now provides categories for other major sports as well.

Categories within the FirstRow Sports site include Football, Basketball, Boxing, Hockey, Rugby, Motorsport, and others.  

With nearly every sport available, FirstRow has streams for even the most niche events including handball, volleyball, and more.

Many have used this site for years for live content and it continues to serve up high-quality streams of all your favorites.

first row sports site


18. RojaDirecta

RojaDirecta has been a popular name in the sports community for several years now.

This well-known platform contains categories for various sports such as Football, Soccer, Hockey, Rugby, Baseball, Basketball, Racing, Handball, and much more.

Some pros of using RojaDirecta include its impressive category selection, no registration requirements, and quality playback of streams.

Cons of the RojaDirecta site include its ad frequency and unverified status.

rojadirecta website


19. CricHD

CricHD makes our list due to its simple navigation and a vast selection of live streams.

As hinted in the name, this media site originally focused on live cricket streams after launching.

Benefits of using it include its simple interface, navigation, category list, and more for some of the best cricket content today.

Some downsides of CricHD include its unverified status, ads during playback, and the fake proxies available online.

crichd sport site


20. BuffStreams

BuffStreams is a name that’s been a staple among cord-cutters for watching live sports online. This was a must-have on our list.

BuffStreams has a simple user interface, and smooth navigation, and provides several other sports categories. Some categories include Soccer, Boxing, MMA, Motor, Baseball, Football, Basketball, and more.

Pros of using BuffStreams include its category selection, easy-to-use interface, and no registration requirements.

Cons of using BuffStreams include its ad placements, unverified status, and fake proxies.

buffstreams site

strikeout sports

21. Strikeout Sports

Strikeout Sports is a newer option that provides hundreds of sports streams around the world. 

This is another quality website for viewing live streams for various sports such as Football, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, and much more.  

Pros of Strikeout Sports consist of its simple navigation, category selection, and no requirements for registration.

Cons of Strikeout Sports include its unverified status, ad placements, and buffering during playback.

strikeout sports website


22. FootyBite

FootyBite is a sports site that became known for its coverage of soccer games throughout the globe.

This site excels when it comes to navigation, however, the ads can become frequent depending on the streams.

Pros of using FootyBite include its packed menu of football (soccer) streams, quality user interface, and no registration requirements.

Cons of FootyBite include its unverified status, buffering, and faulty proxies available online.

footybite free sports streaming site

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites (Verified)


1. 7Plus

7Plus is a free sports streaming site that continues to grow in popularity as one of the leading outlets for watching high-definition content including live sports and more.

Based in Australia, it will likely require a VPN for those not located in the area, however, after accessing the site you are presented with a plethora of live sports events and much more.

7Plus broadcasted Super Bowl LVIII for free and continues to provide tons of content without payment after signing up for an account.

You can check out everything 7Plus has to offer by visiting their official website below.

7Plus free sports streaming site

7Plus for Live Sports & More

fubo icon

2. fubo

Those who are looking for a live television service to sign up for have to give fubo a try.

The reason it is included in our list is because of their Free 7-Day Trial that allows you to test the entirety of the service before signing up for a subscription.

fubo features 4 different subscription packages that start at $79.99/month and include 200 live channels and over 1000 hours of DVR.

All packages include tons of sports channels such as FS1, ESPN, NFL Network, Bally Sports, BTN, Outdoor Channel, Pac 12 Network, and more.

Users can also access the free fubo Sports Network on tons of outlets including the Roku Channel, Samsung TV Plus, Plex, and more.

fubo free sports streaming site

fubo 7-Day Free Trial Sign Up

fubo Free Trial Information Guide

Fox Sports Streaming Site

3. Fox Sports App

Many sports fanatics are familiar with Fox Sports App. You’ll get live access to coverage from baseball, football, soccer, racing, boxing, and much more.

However, Fox Sports is geo-restricted in the US, so if you’re outside the US you will need a VPN to access this site.

Users will have access to various free events with the Fox Sports App including various NFL games and more that play with no buffering whatsoever.

Best of all, we can assure all events from Fox Sports are available in high definition for a flawless experience on any device.

fox sports go website

See our guide below for more information on Fox Sports App.

How to Install Fox Sports App

Facebook Watch

4. Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is another popular website to stream various sporting events. It’s important to note that you do need a Facebook account to access this option.

Facebook Watch is also perfect for baseball fans, as the site features one free MLB game per week during the regular season.

The benefits of using Facebook Watch include simple navigation, verified status, and flawless playback of streams.

Some drawbacks of using Facebook Watch include its limited live content options, account registration requirements, and ads.

facebook watch website

ESPN Plus sports streaming

5. ESPN Plus

While ESPN Plus is not free this is a must-have for all sports fans which is why it has made our list of best options to watch all your favorite content.

Users can either get ESPN Plus for $10.99/month or pay for the yearly subscription which is currently available for $109.99.

This service is also great for watching big PPV fights and other sporting events from around the world. Most notably, ESPN Plus carries major boxing events such as Tyson Fury vs Dillian Whyte and more.

Tons of ESPN content is available on the ESPN App and this includes VOD options such as 30 for 30 which many apps on this list do not provide.

espn plus website

See our complete ESPN Plus guide below for more information on this service.

How to Install ESPN Plus

bbc iplayer sports

6. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is one of the most popular media applications in the world, especially among those located in the United Kingdom and surrounding areas.

Categories included within the BBC iPlayer app are Bellator MMA, Sports Stories, Rugby League, The FA Cup, This Week’s Football, and more.

Because BBC iPlayer is only available to users in the United Kingdom, you must connect to a VPN using a UK Server to access this app.

However, after accessing the platform, you will see the unique list of category options and content provided for live sports and much more.

bbc iplayer sports site

See our guide below for more information on BBC iPlayer.

How to Install BBC iPlayer App

Peacock TV App

7. Peacock TV

While best known for its VOD library and original programming, Peacock TV also carries an impressive lineup of sports including various live events.

This includes sports categories for WWE, soccer, baseball, basketball, football, racing, and more. In fact, Peacock even hosts various NFL Playoff games exclusively which is something we have not seen in the past.

The best parts of using Peacock TV include its exclusive NBC sports content, excellent user interface, device compatibility, and more.

The biggest drawback to using Peacock TV is its blocking of VPNs and other proxies. If you are located in an unsupported region, unfortunately, the service is not available for use.

peacock tv sports site

Visit our Peacock TV tutorial below for more information and how to install this app on any device.

How to Install Peacock TV App

How to Use Free Sports Streaming Sites

As stated above, the sites on this list have been chosen specifically for their functionality on different devices.

While there are thousands of options to choose from, we suggest picking one or more from our list above that work perfectly on PCs as well as Amazon’s Firestick devices and Android TV/Google TV Boxes.

If you are using a Firestick or Fire TV device, you can install the Silk Browser from the Amazon App Store.

With the Amazon Silk Browser on your device, all sites listed above will play any live stream you choose.

With the Amazon Silk Browser on your device, all sites listed above will play any live stream you choose.

If you are using an NVIDIA SHIELD, MECOOL Box, Chromecast, or any device with the Android TV operating system, I suggest using the TV Bro Browser.

If you would like to install a mouse for using Silk or other applications on your device, I suggest looking into Mouse Toggle or a Firestick Remote Alternative.

Are These Websites Safe?

While some of the choices above come from official platforms, some are “unverified” options that can contain malware or suspicious files.

We have scanned all unverified sources below using the VirusTotal application to see how safe they are for use.

TROYPOINT TIP: The best way to ensure your safety when using unverified websites, apps, addons, and more is with a trusted VPN.

Using a VPN will protect you online from hackers, unverified website operators, ISPs, and other bad actors.

Our #1 ranked VPN offers a CleanWeb feature that will block annoying ads and malware when visiting these sites.


This will provide you with an anonymous connection to the Internet whilewatching sports from unverified websites.

Best VPN for Free Live Sports

Are Free Sports Sites Legal?

It’s impossible for TROYPOINT to determine whether unverified free websites hold the proper licensing to broadcast provided content.

At first glance, it appears some sites on this list may be broadcasting copyrighted content without the proper licensing.

TROYPOINT recommends using 100% legal and verified options instead of Unverified choices.

Here are our recommendations for legal live viewing:

Best Legal Live Providers

The end-user is responsible for content accessed within these unverified options.

Final Thoughts

Did we miss any of your favorite free sports streaming sites? Let us know in the comment section below!

To stay updated with the latest updates, reviews, and tutorials in the media and tech world, be sure to sign up for the TROYPOINT Advisor with updates weekly. Click the link below for your Free TROYPOINT Advisor Subscription:

Free TROYPOINT Advisor

This page includes affiliate links where TROYPOINT may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Many times, visitors will receive a discount due to the special arrangements made for our fans. Learn more on my Affiliate Disclaimer page.

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        1. Leo, try the ‘Dofusports’ app for android devices (had problems on apple). It’s been good on my samsung tablet & phone which can mirror to smart tv. My best results are with a ‘miraplug’ cord from phone to tv. Hope that helps.

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    You are correct that only Nord and Surfshark VPN’s work with USTVGo as I had both Surfshark and Ipvanish but only Surfshark worked.

  8. The thing that I notice about most of these sports sites is that they stream in HD. I don’t pay much for my internet speed thus most of these will not work for me.

    1. Sorry to hear Charles, you need at least 30plus down speed for pretty much anything. But that also includes a vpn on.

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    I am surprised to not see rising tides as a popular sports streaming service amongst your recommended sports kodi addons as I have been using for the best part of 4 years now without issue for all my footy games aswell as ppv boxing
    I subscribed to I p vanish about 3 years ago and have never looked back
    I like all your newsletter articles
    And have got a lot of family and friends on this setup
    Whereas they were paying between £40-60
    A,month for sports full availability
    We now with I p vanish and rising tides pay less than £8 a month
    Thankyou Troy
    An avid UK subscriber AndyG
    And only use a

    1. Hi mrsc
      Yes I live in the uk and watch all my footy games on firestick using rising tides on kodi
      With I p vanish to mask my activity and stop my isp throttling my speed
      Liverpool Fan AndyG

  10. You always list websites but never apps. I would rather use an app to watch sports. Whether it’s a standalone app or included in Kodi. I would like to see that list instead.

    1. Also keep in mind some stuff can’t be accessed by a app. Somethings still need more traditional ways of viewing. Sports is in that area somewhat. Kodi addons have tons of sports addons. Mad titan is just one of the lists featured in the guide above.

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