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How to Install TeaTV V10.7.4 on Firestick, Fire TV, & Android TV

install teatv on firestick

This article explains how to install TeaTV on Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV/Google TV devices.

V10.7.4 is the most recent version of this application which was released in November 2023.

TeaTV is a free streaming application that provides users with numerous free Movies & TV Shows for viewing.

It offers a wide array of content and features an awesome interface and tons of categories to choose from.

Not only can you view Movies and TV Shows, but the application also provides some live TV options as well.

How to Install TeaTV on Firestick & Android TV/Google TV

In order to review this app, the first thing we need to do is install it.

Legal Disclaimer: TROYPOINT does not develop, operate, host, distribute, or administer any streaming application, add-on, website, or service. Furthermore, we cannot determine the legality of any streaming platform reviewed on this website. TROYPOINT specializes in educational tech reviews, tutorials, and news which is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. The end-user is solely responsible for media accessed and TROYPOINT assumes that all visitors are abiding by copyright laws set forth within their jurisdiction. Users should only stream works not protected by copyright when using unverified streaming solutions.

In this report, I will be installing TeaTV on a Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

However, the same steps can be used to install the app on any Firestick device as well as Android TV/Google TV Boxes, NVIDIA SHIELD, Chromecast with Google TV, or other devices that run the Android operating system.

In this tutorial we are using a popular 3rd party app store to install TeaTV due to the fact that they keep it updated as soon as a new release comes out.

Step 1: Prepare Your Streaming Device

1. From the home screen of your device, hover over the Find button and then click the Search box.

select search

2. Search for and select Downloader.

search for and select downloader

3. Choose the Downloader app.

choose downloader app

4. Click Download or Get.

click download or get

5. Wait for the app to install.


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wait for downloader to install

6. You will then encounter Downloader Ready to launch! message.

downloader ready to launch message

7. Return to the home screen to hover over Settings and click My Fire TV.

select my fire tv

8. Choose Developer Options.

IMPORTANT: Please see the notes below if you don’t see Developer Options on your screen.

choose developer options

9. Click Install unknown apps.

click install unknown apps

10. Find the Downloader app and click it.

click downloader app

11. This will turn Unknown Sources to On for the Downloader app and enable side-loading on your device.

unknown sources on for downloader app

Developer Options Not Available

If you are unable to locate developer options within settings, follow the instructions below to enable this to use the Downloader App.

1. Hover over the Settings icon and click My Fire TV.

Hover over the Settings icon and click My Fire TV.

2. Click About.

Note: Notice Developer Options is missing.

Click About

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3. Hover over Fire TV Stick and click the OK button on your remote 7 times to become a developer.

Click Fire TV Stick 7 Times

4. Click the back button on your remote and you will notice Developer Options is now showing within My Fire TV.

Click the back button on your remote and you will notice Developer Options is now showing within My Fire TV.

Now that I’ve properly prepared my Firestick it’s time to move onto the next step.

Step 2: Install APKTime

1. Launch Downloader.

launch downloader

2. Hover over the URL Bar and click the select button on your remote.

hover over url bar and click select

3. Type the Downloader Code for the TROYPOINT Toolbox which is 250931 and click Go.

type downloader code for troypoint toolbox

4. You will then encounter a Redirect Page.

redirect page for troypoint toolbox

5. You are then met with the TROYPOINT Toolbox home screen.

troypoint toolbox home screen

6. Scroll down to find APKTime and click Download.

click download apktime

7. Click Install.

click install

8. You will then encounter Ready to launch! message. Click Done.

ready to launch message

9. Select Delete to remove the installation file.

select delete

10. Click Delete Again.

click delete again

Step 3: Install TPlayer for TeaTV on Firestick & Android TV/Google TV

1. Return to the TROYPOINT Toolbox and scroll down to find TPlayer and click Download.
(TPlayer is a video player that is required in order to stream content within this app)

click download tplayer

2. Click Install.

click install

3. You will then encounter TPlayer Ready to launch! message. Click Done.

tplayer ready to launch

4. Click Delete to remove TPlayer installation file.

click delete

5. Click Delete again.

select delete again

Step 4: Enable Unknown Sources for App Store

1. Return to the home screen of your device and hover over Settings to select My Fire TV.

select my fire tv

2. Choose Developer Options.

choose developer options

3. Click Install Unknown Apps.

click install unknown apps

4. Turn APKTime Unknown Sources to ON.

unknown sources

Step 5: Sideload TeaTV on Firestick & Android TV/Google TV

1. Return to Your Apps and Launch APKTime APK.

launch apktime

2. Select Entertainment.

select entertainment

3. Scroll down to find TeaTV (Official) and click Download.

find teatv and click download

4. Click Install.

click install

5. You will then encounter TeaTV Ready to launch! message.

ready to launch message

Installation is now complete! Continue reading for details regarding TeaTV with setup instructions and more.

Stream Live TV

One feature available in TeaTV that we do not see in other APKs is the ability to add live channels.

This is done via M3U Playlist within settings of the application.

NOTE: You must have an M3U URL via IPTV Service or other in order to use this feature.

In the guide below, we are integrating Samsung TV Plus which is a free streaming service with over 100 channels.

1. From the home screen of TeaTV, click the Menu button in the upper left-hand corner and choose Live TV.

choose live tv

2. Click Cancel.

click cancel

3. Select the plus button in the upper right-hand corner.

choose the plus button in the upper right hand corner for live tv

4. Select Import Playlist from Internet.

select import playlist from internet

5. Click Name

click Name

6. Type name of your preferred M3U URL and click Next.

m3u name for live tv

7. Enter your M3U URL and click Next.

m3u url for live tv on teatv and click next

8. Choose your playlist.

choose playlist

9. You can now access live channels via TeaTV.

live tv channels

You have now integrated a Live Streaming Service within TeaTV! Continue reading for more features available within this application.

Get More Video Links with Real-Debrid on TeaTV

As mentioned earlier, TeaTV has the ability to add Real-Debrid for more streaming links.

Real-Debrid is an unrestricted downloader that adds high-quality stream options to content on TeaTV.  These new sources should provide better playback with NO buffering.

Follow the steps below to integrate real-debrid within TeaTV.

1. Click the Menu bar from the home screen and select Settings.

select settings for real debrid

2. Choose Login to Real-Debrid.

choose login to real debrid

3. You are then provided with real-debrid authorization code. Visit and enter the provided code.

real debrid authorization

4. Return to TeaTV and you will see real-debrid Login success message.

real debrid login success

Trakt Integration

TeaTV also has the option to integrate a account within the app. By using Trakt, you can sync all your favorite shows and films across multiple platforms and devices so you’ll never miss an episode!

Follow the instructions below to setup trakt within TeaTV:

1. Scroll down on the menu and click Setting.

scroll down on the menu and click setting

2. Select Login to

select login to trakt

3. Write down the code provided on the screen.

write down the code on the screen

4. Go to to enter provided code and click Continue.

enter the code on trakt and click continue

5. Click Yes.

click yes

6. Trakt integration is now complete!

trakt integration is now complete

7. Return back to the settings and you should now be logged in under your Trakt username.

return to teatv settings and you should be logged into trakt

For more information about Trakt and how to set it up for all your streaming apps, read the complete TROYPOINT Trakt Resource Guide below:

How to Setup and Use Trakt on Kodi and Streaming Apps

TeaTV Features & Details

Due to this application’s popularity it is included in our Most Popular APKs list.

In the guide above, we provide instructions for installing TeaTV on a Fire TV Stick 4K Max which is one of the most popular media devices available due to its jailbreaking abilities and low price point.



teatv review

TeaTV is one of the most popular Movie and TV Show applications of all time and has been around for many years.

Some of the features available within this APK include:

  • Real-Debrid Integration
  • Trakt Integration
  • Ad-Free with Surfshark VPN
  • M3U Integration
  • Download Manager
  • Watchlist
  • Subtitles

This app continues to be a powerful streaming source for Movies, TV Shows, and more.

While real-debrid integration is available, we have found that TeaTV does not provide many streaming links even with this service added.

However, there are a variety of quality free links that play content in high definition including 1080p.

One notable feature available within this app is the ability to integrate a Live TV Service via M3U URL.

This is something we do not see in most Movie/TV Show APKs and makes TeaTV an all-inclusive streaming platform.

Unfortunately, TeaTV does not allow for external video players which means we must install TPlayer to stream content which we provide instructions for below.

Is it Safe To Use?

I want to scan the Android APK installation file with VirusTotal.

Here is the screenshot of what that scan found.

TeaTv Security

VirusTotal did find one suspicious file within the app which looks like something pertaining to ad-ware.

We always preach about the importance of using a VPN with questionable applications such as TeaTV.

When we see flagged files in VirusTotal, a trusted VPN is pretty much required to protect your identity and security.

Install Best VPN on Firestick & Android TV Box

There are numerous categories to choose from that makes browsing for content a breeze.

One important feature available is the ability to add Live TV Channels via M3U which we provide instructions for above.

Movies and TV Shows are readily available and provide a detailed synopsis including cast, trailer, and more.

TeaTV also shows related content to help you make your next Movie or TV Show selection.

The Calendar also shows updated content that becomes available daily with quick playing links.

Overall, TeaTV is one of the most well-known Streaming Apps available and continues to provide a great media experience.

Is TeaTV Legal?

It’s impossible for TROYPOINT to determine whether these unverified applications hold the proper licensing.

If and when an application is deemed illegal, we notify our users immediately and update reports on our Website to reflect that information.

At first glance, it would appear that TeaTV is distributing copyrighted works without consent.

Users can always access titles that are available for free in the public domain.

Works such as this are not protected by copyright laws and may be downloaded, streamed, and shared without any legal ramifications.

In conclusion, the end-user is responsible for all content accessed through apps such as TeaTV.

For 100% legal and verified free streaming options, we suggest our list of free movie/TV show apps below.

Best Free Movie Apps


What is TeaTV?

TeaTV is an app available for installation on streaming devices to watch movies and TV shows for free.

Is it Legal?

Yes. This application is 100% legal to install and use. However, some content provided may be illegal. To ensure you are not illegally streaming, make sure to only watch movies and TV shows in the public domain.

How Do I Download Movies from TeaTV?

To download movies on a Firestick, simply choose your preferred content and select the download option.

What Devices can it be Installed on?

TeaTV is available for installation on tons of devices including the Amazon Firestick which is the most popular streaming device available. Users can also download on Android TV, Google TV, and more.

This page includes affiliate links where TROYPOINT may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Many times, visitors will receive a discount due to the special arrangements made for our fans. I will never promote something that I personally don't use or recommend. Purchasing through my links directly supports TROYPOINT which keeps the content and tools coming. Thank you! Learn more on my Affiliate Disclaimer page.

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  1. After the new update of TeaTV v10.7.4 the subtitles don’t automatically display even if I select them in Play with subtitles. I need to get them again .
    I need to stop the movie and then go to CC in top right corner and ask to Search sub by name.
    Is this a known bug ?
    In the Setting, I’m loggin with OpenSubtitles.
    Can you re-propose the previous version which was working perfectly please ?

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  1. I am trying to install Tea Tv. The official site is not working. A message indicates the site is having maintenace. The notice has been on for several days. Help Anyone.

  2. Hi Troy is there a way to get the ad free version of teatv on a 2nd gen firestick ? Please help ?

  3. I did all of this but when I try to watch anything I am prompted to install a TD Player. I don’t get the options to download or choose a player. I looked in settings and see not options to make any changes to these functions.

  4. Troy,
    Side note. I have been using BEE TV for quite awhile now as my go to APK. For me it is the best I have used with easy navigation, tons of movies, tv shows, and when you pick your favorite servers they load quickly with no buffering.
    I suggest re-booting your stick at least once and clearing all your cache memories. For BEE TV I clear the data also and then just restart it. I find that gives me a fresh start every week.

  5. Any chance of an updated article of alldebrid friendly apps as there don’t seem to be as many as realdebrid

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  7. Everytime I try to play a movie/tvseries it wants me to install “TPPlayer”. It sends me to settings to allow it to install unknown apps but i can never get it to download. Is anyone else having this problem??

  8. Mine doesn’t have download as an option when I click on a link. Have downloaded the app multiple times and same thing. Any help will be appreciated.

  9. I’m having the same problem as David here. I can’t configure MXplayer as my default player.

  10. When I choose a link for a movie it says in order to play video and audio we need to access your media files on your device. Then you choose allow or cancel I hit cancel and it still plays is it safe to allow this?

    1. TROYPOINT - Ryan

      Hi Shauna, just like any 3rd party app as outlined in our directions you must click allow for it to work.

  11. I am still getting working links on Cinema, but will be downloading Tea tv. Cinema was always my go to because it worked amazingly. I already have Syncler, but haven’t used it much but will now.
    Also, I have a chance to get Apple TV + free for a year, but I can’t get the app on my older Fire TV box. I was able to get the app in Aptoid, but I get an error message when I try to log in.
    Anyone have any suggestions?

  12. Hello Troy – Wow nice to see an App from the Past .!! I get a lot of Questions about Premiumz and how to Purchase and and set up.!! Just Wondering if you could find some Time in your busy Schedule to Do a Set up to date tutorial on Both { RD and Premiumz } so all the New World Streamerz have some Direction.!? THANK YOU AS ALWAYS CHRISTOPHER SHORT

  13. david canole

    Registered my RD but not getting any links….and I did do it with IPvanish Disconnected

  14. I am having a rather difficult time getting the “live tv” to work. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

    1. David McCann

      I am trying to change player to the mx player by following your directions. It only allowed me to install the player they suggested. It does not give me an options as it did in your directions example. The choices I had was copy to clipboard and play with subtitles. I think the player they installed as only choice was tp player. If you could help I would really appreciate it. Thank you Troy

      1. I am having the same issue. No option to use an external player. Ca anyone help us? Thank you!

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