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Popular Streaming Site Gets Shut Down by ACE

Vumoo Shut Down by ACE

The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), the world’s most active anti-piracy coalition, has successfully shut down the popular streaming site, With a large audience since its launch in 2016, had become a go-to streaming site for many users. However, ACE’s dedicated efforts to combat piracy, especially in Vietnam, have led to the shutdown of this popular online platform.

Vietnam has been a hotbed for piracy sites, and ACE has been focused on addressing this issue. Despite previous attempts to tackle piracy in Vietnam, sites like continued to operate with daily visitors from across the world. ACE targeted due to its significant number of user visits and vast library of content available for streaming without the proper copyright permission.

Recently, the nameservers of were updated to and which typically indicate ACE involvement. Visiting the official website will provide you with the following screen: shut down

This takedown by ACE is a significant blow to the streaming industry, emphasizing its commitment to protecting intellectual property rights. However, the long-term impact of this shutdown remains to be seen, as previous takedowns in Vietnam have resulted in sites resurfacing under different management or in mirrored versions.

We have seen ACE take down other pirate streaming platforms in the past, typically with the involvement of law enforcement agencies.

However, this time it appears that the site operators of Vumoo voluntarily shut down the website after cooperating with the anti-piracy coalition.

While the exact method ACE used to track down’s operator remains undisclosed, it is known that ACE has been collecting information for years, aiding their enforcement efforts. Through subpoenas, ACE likely obtained valuable information from the Tonic domain registry and Cloudflare, further assisting in the takedown.

Despite the success of this takedown, it is uncertain whether the shutdown of will be permanent. Previous instances of takedowns in Vietnam have often led to sites resurfacing under new management or in cloned versions. Only time will tell if will meet a similar fate.

This article was originally published by TorrentFreak.

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