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Google Censoring IPTV While Profiting from Advertisements

google censors iptv

Google and YouTube are Censoring IPTV Services while profiting from advertisements.

We want to know your thoughts in the comments below after reading this story. What do you think of Google censoring IPTV yet profiting from advertisements?

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Last week I wrote an article about YouTube removing my TROYPOINT videos, and this led me to do more research. What I found was complete hypocrisy.

This first started when YouTube flagged my videos on IPTV Smarters Pro and TiviMate, which by the way are inside the Google Play Store.

IPTV Smarters – Google Play Store
TiviMate – Google Play Store

But the hypocrisy of Google’s IPTV censorship doesn’t stop there.

Google Censoring IPTV While Profiting from Ads

Whenever I search for “IPTV” and other related terms I instantly noticed the four advertisements at the top of my screen.

Google Censoring IPTV While Profiting from Ads

So I went over to YouTube and found the exact same results when searching for IPTV-related terms.

youtube iptv ads

After doing further research on many of these IPTV services, they are clearly unverified as they can’t be found in reputable app stores (Amazon, Apple, etc.).

There’s also a very good chance that these IPTV services don’t have the proper licensing to broadcast the content they are promoting.

You’re telling me a live TV service can legally offer over 30,000 live channels and VOD for under $15 per month?

We have reported on instances in the past where these types of services found themselves in legal trouble.

Regardless, the interesting part here is if you scroll to the bottom of Google after searching for anything “IPTV” related you will likely find a message noting the DMCA law and the removal of certain results.

if you scroll to the bottom of Google after searching for anything "IPTV" related you will likely find a message noting the DMCA law and the removal of certain results.

When clicking the “DMCA complaint” link we found hundreds of domains pertaining to IPTV that have been censored by Google and removed from search results.

google dmca iptv services


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Ultimately, it is completely hypocritical of Google to accept thousands of dollars in ad revenue while censoring similar IPTV websites in their search results.

Unfortunately, we expect Google’s censorship of IPTV to expand as time goes on. And as a result, this will only increase the popularity of VPNs to help combat big tech censorship.

You can view the full list of censored IPTV domains by clicking the link below.

Google DMCA Complaint – IPTV

What do you think of Google and YouTube censoring IPTV services yet profiting from it?

Drop a comment below this post!

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14 thoughts on “Google Censoring IPTV While Profiting from Advertisements”

  1. It’s all about money not morals. Big business doesn’t have to follow the same rules as us little folk. The good news is once enough people know/realize the truth we can start making changes and making a difference. We have more power than you know and people like Troy help us make it happen.

  2. I would love to see the day Google and YouTube got a big kick in the backside. Someone to walk in and change everything bad about it. When woke, left garbage takes over everything it’s over.
    I currently have a channel with over 55,000 + subs and growing good, every time I upload a new vid it goes straight up and it’s like someone turns the dial down and not let it be noticed. They let it slip at times and I’m in the 60k plus views. I have things going that tests results and looked at Google searches on topics I have and I am also not in the search results even with vids with 150k plus views.
    They are also stealing money from ads by giving then taking away. Views and thumbs up disappear.
    What did I do wrong. Nothing really except (without giving it away) it’s something to do with God, Christ and Truth. Being a Catholic or Christian on YouTube will have you banned. Discrimination on the opposite end.
    So, I long to see YouTube fail. I have got in contact with them and it’s not easy, I use to tell them the evidence and they panic once you mention action against them, I asked them why, then they try to tell me it’s a fault in the system. They are now making it harder to contact.
    We need to complain more, we need to have more suits against them, more class actions and stand up to the bullies that they are. Their days are numbered, It’s coming ? and what a sight it will be to watch all these useful idiots get fired and walking out the place. I long to see this….

  3. At the bottom of the email that contains this article you say “Follow us on social media”.
    The first thing on the list is you tube. I guess this isn’t true anymore! (smiley face)

  4. They did the same to John Stossel on a story he did on climate, so now I get his videos in my Mail in box. Thanks Troy for keeping us informed.

  5. Troy, I myself had a popular channel on youtube at one time. It was known as the Proper HQHD Format. channel. Like you I had deleted all 700 full album videos. I won’t say why youtube had it in for me but let’s just say I will never be on youtube again! Would some kind person please provide my with a Proper email company? I am still using google!

    1. I use ProtonMail for security reasons. For general I also use iCloud. After several people I know had their AT&T emails locked or deleted their account due to being censored, I decided to start changing everything over to ProtonMail.

  6. You’re not the only one Troy who is good at informing us and is persecuted! Look what they did to Kevin Porteous among other good guys that would inform us on YouTube!!! Now he’s on “Rumble” which gives a free reign to inform us!!! Thank ? you for letting us know where your videos are nonetheless and how to access them! This will not stop with YouTube unless everyone steps up to their tyranny of accepting what is good to view or not!!!

  7. Troy,
    Did you have to pay YouTube to host your helpful videos?

    It almost looks like competitors of the services you mentioned in the post that got you banned might have been the ones who filed a complaint against you. They might have even been one or more of those listed at the top of your search results you referenced.

    Maybe Google’s YouTube is afraid of competition.

    I don’t use any IPTV service but I have considered doing so after I started following your excellent articles. Keep up the great work!

  8. Google is the Anti-Christ of the internet! I’ve been saying it for years and they prove me right the more time passes….

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