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Where are TROYPOINT YouTube Videos?

YouTube Sucks

Where are TROYPOINT YouTube Videos?

If you’ve recently visited the official TROYPOINT YouTube channel you will notice that all of my videos have been removed.

I deleted those myself.

Over the past two weeks I’ve been dealing with YouTube removing my videos and each time they do this, I receive a strike on my account.  Once three strikes are received, they permanently delete the channel.

I had 2 strikes and wasn’t going to risk losing my channel so I deleted all of my videos.  I will wait for the strikes to expire and then resume adding videos.

The two videos that received strikes were How to Install Wolf Launcher and How to Install APKs on Android without Google Play Store.  They also deleted How to Install Peacock App on Firestick and How to Speed Up Firestick with 4 Simple Tricks.

According to YouTube these videos violate their Harmful and Dangerous Policy.

Harmful and Dangerous?

When looking at this policy on their website, the video content must fall into one of the following categories.

  • Extremely dangerous challenges
  • Dangerous or threatening pranks
  • Instructions to kill or harm
  • Hard drug use or creation
  • Eating Disorders
  • Violent Events
  • Instructional theft or cheating
  • Hacking
  • Bypassing payment for digital content or services

None of my videos fall into any of the categories above but there is no doubt that they are being tagged as the last one on the list, Bypassing payment for digital content or services.

When I look at the definition for Bypassing payment for digital content or services, it’s defined as follows.

Showing viewers how to use apps, websites, or other information technology to gain unauthorized access to audio content, audiovisual content, full video games, software, or streaming services that normally require payment.

None of the videos removed showed how to receive free movies, TV shows, video games, software, or streaming services.  None of them included examples of applications that offer free content either.

There are hundreds of videos already on YouTube for how to install Wolf Launcher on a Firestick.  None of those have been striked.

How to Install Peacock on Firestick?  Peacock is a legal streaming application!

How to Speed up Firestick by changing a few system settings is harmful or dangerous?

Here is the last correspondence that I received from YouTube after presenting the above information to them.

Reply from YouTube

Hi Troy,

Thanks for getting back.

I understand if you are having this problem and I can only imagine how frustrating this can be. I know this is not the news you’d like to hear but I can assure you that our team has already exhausted all our resources and made sure that every detail is investigated. As I previously shared, your video was reviewed and found to be correctly taken down due to violations of our Harmful or dangerous content policies

We value our partners or creators who are keen to give us their feedback and we want to thank you for the information you’ve given us. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to manually check other videos on YouTube without the uploader’s authorization. However, if you believe that these videos should not be allowed on YouTube, you have the option to report.

Please also understand that we don’t want to arrive at the point where we have to take down a video and reject any appeals but we have to make sure that YouTube stays a safe and enjoyable place for everyone. 

I hope for your cooperation and understanding. Let me know if you have other questions. 

YouTube Relies on Creators and Partners to Police Videos

The fact that my videos can be removed because a competitor of mine flagged it as Harmful/Dangerous is beyond belief.  Or, their “Partners” tell them to jump and they ask, “How high?”

Yes, there is a way to appeal each of the strikes and I did that.  But, I received a reply within 5-10 minutes of appealing the video which leads me to believe that there is no human looking at the appeal and they simply send an auto-reply.

In short, there is no appeal system when you’re videos are removed.


Moving Forward

If you’re looking for a specific video that was on my YouTube channel, simply search for it with the search icon in the menu bar above.

I’ve taken most of the videos and uploaded them to my private server and embedded them on the TROYPOINT Website so you can still find all of these videos.

If you see that a video is missing, I kindly ask that you leave a comment below and I will get it added as soon as possible.

Once my strikes have expired I will be back on YouTube adding new videos.

I also strongly suggest joining the TROYPOINT Advisor and TROYPOINT Insider (both are free).

Click Here to Register for TROYPOINT Advisor

Click Here to Register for TROYPOINT Insider

I will keep creating videos during this “YouTube downtime” and will embed those on the TROYPOINT Website.  You will be notified of these new tutorials through both the TROYPOINT Advisor and Insider.

Thank you for your support of TROYPOINT!

This page includes affiliate links where TROYPOINT may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Many times, visitors will receive a discount due to the special arrangements made for our fans. Learn more on my Affiliate Disclaimer page.

127 thoughts on “Where are TROYPOINT YouTube Videos?”

  1. It always seems to be that way, everytime people help others, it seems to up set to always upset the ungrateful and greedy !! I’m very great ful for all your help thank you for all your help. You have my support. Thanks for standing up for what you believe in. And continue to keep it real..

  2. Troy, just updated Kodi to 19.4. When I tried to add Crew, I got a msg saying unable to access the network server. I am using a Firestick 4K, have a VPN, and am hooked up to my wifi. How do I fix this? Thanks. Tom

  3. You are the person I have always watched the most on how to sideload apps and work with the firestick. While I do use ONN devices exclusively, the information carries over in most cases. I search your site when I need guidance.

    This new woke society is making it tough on everyone. You will never get a true answer on why all this happened. All you can do is come up with a new plan and move forward.

    You are the Best,

  4. Hi Troy,
    I’m sorry about all the hassle you’ve getting. I’ve been a fan of yours for years and will continue to recommend you (and your site) to all my friends new to the streaming community.
    I don’t know if anyone has recommended this yet (stopped reading the replies after about 50-60), but have you ever considered putting up a video on your YouTube channel directing viewers to tour website? Use YouTube’s reach to your advantage instead of putting up with their bullying! I’m not familiar with their TOS so this may (or may not) be worth it.
    Don’t let the bastards get you down!

    1. Hello Tom, thank you for your kind words and thanks for following us! Yes, once my strikes have expired I will be pushing our website and weekly Advisor hard through a few videos. Thanks for your suggestion!

  5. This is no different from Facebook and they will ban your account, even for posts that are really harmless. You can “appeal” them, but, like YouTube, I doubt anyone looks at them, so they just get rejected a second time.

  6. Troy, sorry to hear the news of your YouTube issues. You had done a video on youtube at this address, It was titled Fire Tablet-Troypoint Supercharge-Remove Ads-Install Google Play-Change Launcher-Rid Bloat. I have searched for it but I cannot find it. Can you please advise me on where I might find this video. Thanks, I appreciate all you do for us cord-cutters.

  7. Please add my other email address to your mailing list, thank you. Will keep looking at your videos and other info on Rumble!!!!!!

  8. Chin up Troy, don’t let the ‘baskets’ get you down ! Once these numpties make their minds up there’s no way of them change their minds. As you say just hang in there until expiry then load them all back .
    In the meantime just keep up the fantastic work you that you do.
    Best regards Troy..keep smiling !

  9. Troy, Unfortunately YouTube over the last few years have gone so far left, that YouTubers like yourself are the ones taking the body shots every single time, yet it’s fine to show how to make explosives & incendiaries with everyday household items, ( That’s the hypocrisy of YouTube!!). Yes there is bitchute, but you’ve also have got Odysee to expand onto as well.

    My suggestion is to just give YouTube, & their woke hypocritical platform that, good old fashioned middle star spangled finger & expand your audience via both the suggested platforms above, & watch YouTube come crashing down from a distance.

  10. Keep up the good work Troy, I also agree that Youtube sucks, but we will keep supporting you, hang in there.

    Bill Lawson

  11. Troy,
    Start using Bitchute it’s not controlled or censored like YouTube. It’s open source based on blockchain tech. Lots of creators who were booted by YouTube landed There.

  12. Even the letter sounds like is a canned response or some pre-letter that they just change the names and date, is outrageous.

  13. Troy, for a number of years now, I’ve trusted and relied on your honest, unbiased, accurate, legal, non threatening and informative advice time and time again. And I’m not about to stop.
    Keep doing what you do because what you do matters to so many. You are one of the very select few in this field I honestly trust and I stand by and support you. It’s insulting, I know. They will do what they will do regardless of voicing your concerns or opinions.
    Allow me to offer you my heart felt gratitude for all of the endless hours and hard work you put into helping all of us. It is clear that you love what you do and it shows in every facet in all of your creations. Your efforts continue to be needed and very much appreciated.
    Thank you!
    Rod C from GA

    1. Troy, how about building a telegram bot/web app, you could sent links to videos etc to user’s devices directly, or they could even play the video inside the telegram app.

      1. I feel his pain. My channel was much smaller and barely monetized when they did the same to me. I still feel badly as I felt that I was helping people that needed it.

        Troy has so much more at risk.

        Good luck.

  14. It does suck.

    What about establishing a Vimeo account or Patreon and making 90-second ads for youtube designed to promote the Patreon account? As long as you don’t monetize the youtube ads they’ll leave you be.

    Is there still a Vimeo?

  15. Samantha Janssen

    That really sucks that you are being vilified on YouTube. I am extremely grateful to you and your instructional videos. I have recommended your channel to numerous friends. I am glad you havent allowed YouTube’s actions to stop you from creating videos going forward. I will follow you wherever you go!!
    Thank you for all the time and effort you put into informing and educating the “technology impaired” such as myself.
    Forever grateful,

  16. Indeed, YouTube SUCKS and it’s getting worse. Forget about YT and only post on your website., Rumble or another alternate site. We’re all loyal followers and you’re THE BEST. Screw YouTube.

  17. Unbelievable! I am so sick and tired of YouTube, FB, Twitter, etc. abusing their power and just making up their own rules – but, that seems to be the norm today with politicians/corporations/authorities who get a little bit of power and then suddenly believe they know best…even though they’re too ignorant to realize they’re the ones who’ve created the mess our world is in right now!

  18. Troy, there is a youtube rival called Bitchute.
    They also host videos, but they just aren’t as well know as youtube.
    Perhaps you could host your how-to videos there?

  19. Google’s cancelling of videos goes against every Free Speech community’s Guidelines. Hence if there is nothing illegal about the videos; they are doing a disservice to the community and something possible future customers should keep in mind.

    1. Free speech is only when talking about the government. As an independent company they just need to post s sign, “NO SHIRT, NO SHOES,. NO DICE” and do as they like.

      The only way to get Google to listen is to delete Youtube. If you noticed how poorly Netflix handled the obvious and inevitable business trend you’ll see what Google would look like with YT ad rev 8% below projetios.

  20. Sorry to hear your troubles with YouTube Troy. I know that you’ll be OK, you seem to be the guy who makes things work. Thank you for all that you do.

    1. Wao troy I don’t upload don’t have the time but do know that envy and competition can work agains you. Thanks for sharing the bigger you become the more enemies you will harvest but you got people supporting you. Tell us who are the possible competitors and we will strick them all!

  21. As one of your many followers I just want say and I’m sure I’m speaking for everyone here …. You are the man and We salute you !!!!!

  22. We all support you Troy. Perhaps we can all unite,and take some kind of action against you
    tube keep us posted.

    Thank for all you do.

  23. John David Herter

    Troy, I find this hard to believe. You are some kind of evil mastermind? I just looked up “How to make a bomb” on YT (I will probably receive a visit from HSA} and there are all kinds of content from hand grenades to mini hydrogen Bombs. But I suppose your offerings are much more dangerous to the public. What is wrong with our world?

    1. Wao thanks I share my thoughts but wanted to share what you mentioned but you did it better than me. THAT’S THE FIRST THING I THOUGHT; why are those videos getting massive views and do promote and violate all the policies mentioned above. Lets just strike the videos of TROY haters lets keep here.

  24. Troy,
    Hello, we think (me and my mom) you are awesome and are sorry to hear about your troubles with STUPID YOU TUBE!!! My mom and I are both very grateful for all of the information you provide free. Me personally have learned a whole lot from you and your excellent site on many different subjects and because of this learning, I have not only been able to fix many different s things for my self but also for my mom and some of my friends. For this I want to give you and your helpers a great big THANK YOU for all that you do and all that you go thru. So…THANK YOU!!!!

  25. Sorry for being “political here Troy and friends, however the truth hurts, and the truth of the matter is that the “liberals” have been wrecking this country, our Constitutional Amendment “rights” for years now. Slowly, but surely in front of our faces! I left California for this reason, and more!
    No one is better than TroyPoint, and he has helped me to save $1000’s of dollars by “cutting the cord” via his “legal” tips and tricks!
    You’re a God send TroyPoint, and I can’t thank you enough for all you do “professionally” for all of us!
    Keep the faith mate, we’ll take our Country back sooner or later from those who have hi-jacked it!

    1. What on earth do Troy and your political views have in common with YouTube censorship?
      I have nothing but respect for Troy and his Website presence. You’re political views for me are abhorrent.
      I have no idea what Troy’s politics are nor does it matter in this case. But you starting with such a statement does matter please stop. Also remember who owns YouTube it’s Google! They’re becoming nearly as evil as Apple which is disgusting of course. Unless you think a totally closed operating system is a good thing. I hope someone at Google has the power get to the C suite and tell them. I’m not sure the heads at Google realize what one of their subsidiary companies is up to.

    2. They are ALL to blame for where this country has gotten to. Every stinking one of them regardless of party lines. Why? Because there are those in Congress that stood by and watched it happen for fear of reprisals.
      Their pockets get deeper while our get smaller.
      *Thank you Troy for ALL you and your team does everyday!

    3. Warren is clearly not sorry or he wouldn’t have posted. I’m always skeptical when someone begins with “sorry”, then vomits up their version of the truth and personal ideology. Conflating your ideology with Troy’s dilemma is insulting. Knowing the difference between an apple and an orange makes you more than fruit smart. Big Troy supporter here. I guess that’s one thing Warren and I have in common.

  26. So unfortunate of the challenges you are experiencing. You have taught me so much and still learning on my devices and other services. So glad you have a website and I will continue to support and learn from you. Thank you and keep your head up!

  27. that sucks. why is youtube giving you such a hard time…. you show good content and good advice. thanks for the work that you do!

  28. I feel your pain, and to show my solidarity I just canceled my subscription with YouTube.
    If you do load your videos on please inform us about your experience with them.

  29. I bet you can still look up how to make a bomb or how to cook meth….but how to side-load something on a Fire stick is dangerous?….really youtube really…Hey Troy thanks for all you do…..

    1. Well sure you can still find these things…they aren’t financially impacting huge financial conglomerates interested only in protecting years of financial security. Troy, please do keep up the great work…stay ahead of the big brother snake coming down the road for sure!

  30. Hi Troy, keep your chin up matey, there’s a lot worse promoting the great service you provide, I wouldn’t go to anyone else. Concise, to the point in terms that everyone can understand. Where all with you.

  31. Tell Youtube to go to h*** and keep the videos on your own site and share with your members. The idiots running things now will be gone soon.
    I have been using you site for a long time and appreciate what you do. Love the insider.

    1. bitchute and rumble are far right propaganda sites, why are you suggesting them to anyone? are you a maga maggot ?

      1. they are sites to give people a voice. People with different views are having their First Amendment rights taken way from them…so alternative sites like those are create to give everyone with a different point of view or belief a digital voice.
        Thank GOD for them!

  32. Brother Troy,

    To you and your team, I tip my hat! Your content is EXPERTLY crafted. Ideas are presented better than a lot of content posted by university-level professors. I cannot begin to start where and how much inside tech know-how I have learned from your videos over the years!

    I checked my library subscriptions lists and was beginning to think I may have somehow deleted all of the awesome content I saved to view over and over from time to time. All my other subs were there, except yours. I am deeply heartbroken that this has happened to you, your voice, your service! I can’t say that I am done with YT, due to my other subs, but this is a hard one to swallow and I echo a lot of other posters here.

    I don’t know anything about Rumble, so I can’t in good consciousness refer it. But I will look into it. Thanks so much, for so much, Brother Troy!

    Warm regards,


  33. My YouTube channel was eliminated without any logical reason other than I allegedly violated some nebulous regulation that the company couldn’t define despite numerous attempts to get them to explain. I post my videos now on my website–the hell with YouTube

  34. Dieter Michael Woerz

    Mark has it right.
    Screw “TheirTube” and go to Rumble. Nobody “needs” YewToob. And because they think we need them, they have become a working contradiction specializing in hypocrisy and nazi-like censorship while hiding behind a phony, protection-of-the masses banner.

  35. I just noticed yesterday Aug 5 that ur Downloader by AFTV is not in the Google Play Store anymore. Did they take that down too?

    Good luck on future endeavors

      1. Dear Troy,
        Keep up the good work. I always look for new information from you. I am living in Vietnam where the media is heavily censored. So my kodi app literally keeps me going for films and TV. Regards Andy.

  36. Yup! YouTube is bending to the policies of corporate America. It is becoming an anti-platform for disseminating public information. In two words, they suck

    1. I hope they don’t come after your account again. The language in their policy states that they can shut down a channel that’s dedicated to a policy violation.

  37. Hi Troy,
    Use “” for your videos you will not have that problem. at least they don’t cancel you.
    Rumble is your answer.

  38. I too would dump you tube and move to rumble. I know you have temporarily placed the video’s on your server, is it not possible or feasible to leave them there? Are there hardware constraints, i know you have gigabit speed. If it hardware maybe we could all pitch in to upgrade, afterall we are getting the benefits and for that i thank you!!!! Just my 2 cents worth.
    Thanks again for all you’re doing !!

  39. Hi Troy,
    I am very attached to your posts, I learned a lot from you.
    Why you don’t use “” for your videos? at least they don’t monitor and cancel your account. I am very happy with


  40. So Youtube can keep all the nasty stuff, singing about private parts, saying the “F” word, showing x-rated stuff, but you help others and get taken off. Just another move by those who are striving to destroy America taking all the good and leaving all the bad. I still love you Troy. Thank you for all you do for us and thanks for posting in your website.

  41. Yes indeed, Youtube sucks. Their platform is the opposite of open and safe. There is way too much corruption and stupidity involved. thanks for all you do, you’re great.

  42. You are a victim not of your competition, but of the Corporation. Your videos violate the last 3 rules the way they see it and someone at Google et Al’s kid used one and got busted by the folks. They ran to work, pitched a bitch and you see the result.

    Me? My vote was for Eating Disorder! Vimeo and a few others are out there but it makes the most sense to house them yourself and just link them. That way you control your own destiny and can make moves in just minutes if something comes up,

    Damn good thing you weren’t up against The Mouse! He’d have had you castrated, disemboweled and then stir fried, served up with a nice Chianti! Just don’t stop.

  43. I’m sure you’re getting good advice, so I’ll make this short and sweet: YouTube DOES Suck! They are bought and paid for and in on censorship. They are one of many who are trying to take our freedoms away. You’re great! Love all your stuff! Keep doing what’cha gotta do!

  44. Scott with all due respect, this is not about Socialism, this is Capitalism and getting paid in any way possible.

  45. Rumble won’t give you a hard time like screwtube does, and you can monetize your channel on Rumble same as screwtube.
    No one NEEDS screwtube anymore.

  46. Suggest you tell you tube to stick it where the sun don’t shine. There are alternatives out there. Look into Rumble or Gab. I don’t think you’ll see them fighting you over make-believe content issues. Then just tell us on your newsletter where to look for your videos. Folks will follow you. You Tube doesn’t want anyone there any more.

  47. Have you considered setting up your own website to host your videos. I often refer back to them from time to time, and hate to see them go away, as they are a valuable tool. Thanks for all that you do for the community.

    1. Hi Gary, please read the entire article above. That’s exactly what I’m doing. You can find all of our videos embedded on the site.

      1. Might want to use odysee to upload your videos as a backup.Odysee very similar to youtube but allows most video content.

      2. Troy,
        Have you tried alternate “YouTube” websites like Rumble? I’m not trying to promote anything, just looking for some alternative that can keep you up and running. Thanks for all you do.

  48. Why don’t you take this opportunity to change from YouTube to a different platform such as – Utreon, Odysee, DTube, Bitchute, Vimeo, Rumble

    Utreon – Its big selling point is a lack of rules and regulations. That’s not to say it is a free-for-all, but the restrictions are far less onerous than those on YouTube. If you struggle to find videos you want to watch on YouTube due to the genre, Utreon is worth checking out. If you’re a video producer, you don’t even need to re-upload your existing video library; Utreon can pull all your videos from YouTube and populate them in your Utreon profile.

  49. Pretty low. I only use the Troypoint website and app for my information….never u tube….One of your competitors is out to get you.. I am so glad you do not stoop to that level. The quality of your site and the ethical considerations you make speak for themselves. I am sorry you had to devote any of your precious time to something this insidious.

  50. Thank you for all your work I appreciate all the things you have done and it’s awful that one company can put a stop to it please keep up the good work you do your videos have helped me a lot thank you again

  51. Henry F Campbell

    Will continue to follow Troy. He does not speak with a forked tongue. his information is current and invaluable to us old farts. I am a believer. H. Campbell, 2 thumbs up

  52. Troy don’t be discouraged, I support you in what you are doing. Knowledge is power and what you have been doing is giving regular people just that. Your group is inspiring to me. I have always enjoyed your information. ?

  53. do not believe Troy would ever intentionally commit any digressions. my thought is that you tube sucks. seems to me maybe they have a GOD complex. Will stick with Troy. H.Campbell

  54. Troy
    I wrote you last year stating my reason for not wanting to pay for tv with commercials.
    Since they are already being paid by the advertisers and probably again if I purchase the product.
    Streaming tv has become just another venue for cable providers to overcharge millions of customers for services already being paid for. Add a “premium” channel or bundle and you’re back to the same price or more as cable.
    If their pricing was reasonable and not a total money grab like it is, I would go back to my cable provider.
    Thanx for providing your methods and insights on streaming and I wish you continued success.
    Mike D

  55. just think how bad things will suck if the dirtbags running youtube have complete control over our government.

  56. As a Google and Facebook, I don’t want to any hater. But the platforms are driven by socialism and profit. Profit drives big business. Socialist edict is taking over the country. Well the world. They will push anyone out that is not by there design and Troy is teaching us how to get around the profit and they will never allow you to continue.

    1. Might want to use odysee to upload your videos as a backup.Odysee very similar to youtube but allows most video content.

  57. I was wondering what happened to your channel. I was scouring YouTube looking for a specific video of yours and couldn’t find it. I did find it in one of your previous emails though. It’s YouTubes loss, keep doing what you do… It’s very much appreciated.

  58. Hey Troy,
    I thought that you had a video that explained adding a usb flash drive to your existing home router to create a way for your streaming devices to connect to, and also record in Tivimate.
    I know that you have the ‘whole home iptv dvr” video, but that other one is what I’m looking for. I typed in everything that I could think of to find it.
    Thank you

    1. Hey Trevor, where do I find this whole home IPTV dvr? I currently use IM Player but looking for a betr player


  59. Sorry to hear that
    Are you planning to move to a different page so you can keep videos or add a different page to your channel

  60. Thanks , Troy , for all you do . GOOGLES YOU TUBE advisors clearly have their heads in a dark,wet place , from which they are unlikely to extract . I can’t help but wonder how long before the. ‘ THOUGHT POLICE ‘ start examining every single web-user site for possible illegal content. Gotta be just around the corner for our BRAVE NEW WORLD . How sad .

  61. Troy
    So sorry you keep having to deal with you tubes ignorance, makes me laugh when I see popular sites allowing people to sell jail broken amazon devices,which we know is totally illegal, but you offer advice and guidance and you get strikes against you.
    Keep up your awesome work

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