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Study Finds that Cord-Cutters Oftentimes Pay More for Streaming vs Cable

streaming vs cable

A recent study performed by Versus Reviews found that millions of cord-cutters are paying more for streaming services than the average price of cable.

In 33 states across the US, the average consumer spent more per month on Streaming Apps than a cable bill.

While the margin was typically less than $5 a month, users in 4 states spent on average over $10 more for streaming vs. cable.

streaming vs cable prices
data from Versus Reviews

This is significant in the fact that many look at cord-cutting as a way to reduce costs.

However, this study proves that is not always the case as many are paying more for streaming services than a typical cable package.

This can likely be credited to a few things – one of them being the number of options that are now available.

We have seen an increase, especially in the last two years, of companies and corporations starting their own streaming services.

In a continuing trend of streaming services emerging, options such as HBO MaxPeacock, and Disney+ are just a few of the available apps for VOD and live content.

With so many platforms competing for customers, many purchase multiple services for access to all the content they crave.

This can start to add up, especially when considering live streaming options such as Philo or fuboTV.

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Luckily, there are a few ways to save money when finding and purchasing streaming options.

Cord-cutters now have the option to purchase an ad-based version of HBO Max for a smaller monthly fee of $9.99/month. (Ad-free version costs $14.99/month)

Paramount+ and Peacock also have similar options with reduced pricing for ad-based subscriptions of their service.

For live options, users can install various apps that provide free content such as the Amazon News App on Firestick or Locast for local viewing.

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Pluto also features hundreds of live streaming channels and can be installed on any device you prefer.

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  1. It is understandable that consumers who stream rather than subscribe to satellite or cable may face higher bills if they subscribe to the big media conglomerates. This is most likely due to having to use a la carte multiple services to get decent live tv channel selection and VOD for movies and series. The way around this is to get a good IPTV service that has a combination of all these things. If you use due diligence, reliable services are out there and can be had for between $13 and $30 per month.

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