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Canadian ISPs Block Pirate IPTV Services and Log IP Addresses

IPTV Services Blocked and ISP Logs IP Addresses

Internet service providers (ISPs) in Canada have reportedly blocked access to popular pirate IPTV services. These services were allegedly offering copyrighted content without permission and were targeted by a court order obtained by a group of Canadian broadcasters and telecommunications companies.

While the blocking of pirate IPTV services is not new in Canada, the court order has raised concerns among privacy advocates. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what’s happening and what you need to know.

The Court Order and Blocked Services

The court order was issued by the Federal Court of Canada and required ISPs to block access to the websites and servers associated with the targeted IPTV services. While the exact number of blocked services is unknown, many IPTV customers have reported being unable to access certain services.

Privacy Concerns

The court order reportedly requires ISPs to log the IP addresses of customers who attempt to access the blocked services. This has raised concerns among privacy advocates who fear that the personal information of innocent customers could be collected and used by authorities.

According to Michael Geist, a law professor at the University of Ottawa, the court order raises several privacy concerns. He suggests that the order is overly broad and could potentially result in innocent customers being caught up in the blocking. He also notes that the order does not require any oversight or review, meaning that the ISPs have the power to decide which services to block and how to implement the blocking.

What You Can Do

If you’re a customer of one of the ISPs that has implemented the blocking, there are a few things you can do to try and regain access to the blocked IPTV services. One option is to use a virtual private network (VPN) to bypass the blocking. Another option is to switch to an ISP that does not implement blocking. However, it’s worth noting that not all ISPs are available in all areas, so switching may not be an option for everyone.

It’s also important to note that accessing pirate IPTV services is illegal and can put you at risk of legal action. While the court order may be controversial, it’s important to respect copyright laws and avoid accessing copyrighted content without permission.

As TROYPOINT often states, we do not condone piracy and users of this technology should only be accessing works not protected by copyright.

The Future of Pirate IPTV Services in Canada

The blocking of pirate IPTV services in Canada has raised concerns among both privacy advocates and those who support stricter enforcement of copyright laws. While the court order may be effective in preventing the distribution of copyrighted content without permission, it remains to be seen how it will be implemented and whether innocent customers will be affected.

It’s possible that the blocking could lead to a decrease in the popularity of pirate IPTV services and an increase in the use of legitimate streaming services. However, it’s also possible that users will simply find new ways to access the blocked services or turn to other forms of piracy.

What About IP Address Logging & IPTV Blocks In Other Countries?

Although these IPTV blocks and IP address logging actions are reported in Canada, it’s probably also happening in other countries as well.  Your Internet Service Provider logs everything that you do online and they have the ability to block various sites that they deem ‘insecure’ or ‘illegal’.  By using a VPN, your ISP can’t log what you are accessing online because your connection to the Internet is encrypted.  TROYPOINT recommends using a quality VPN and only access content that isn’t protected by copyright to ensure no legal problems in the future.


We first learned of this concerning report on the popular TorrentFreak website.

The blocking of pirate IPTV services in Canada has raised privacy concerns and sparked debate about the balance between protecting copyright and respecting individual rights. While the court order may be controversial, it’s important to remember that accessing copyrighted content without permission is illegal and can put you at risk of legal action. If you’re a customer of one of the ISPs that has implemented the blocking, there are ways to try and regain access to the blocked services, but it’s important to proceed with caution. Ultimately, the future of pirate IPTV services in Canada remains uncertain, and it will be interesting to see how this situation develops in the coming months and years.

What are your thoughts about these Internet providers logging IP Addresses and blocking IPTV services?  Let us know in the comments below.

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24 thoughts on “Canadian ISPs Block Pirate IPTV Services and Log IP Addresses”

  1. Roy Frederick Chappell

    As a senior, I switched to IPTV 2 years ago as an affordable option from the over $100 a month we were paying for cable tv. We have Bell Internet. Now we are getting blocked every night from 5pm on.
    So as suggested, a week ago I purchased and downloaded Nord VPN. Last night several channels (we were able to get a few US news channels and some local channels) were blocked again and in fact disappeared from our channel list right in front of my eyes!
    I tried disconnecting and reconnecting to a different country several times. Channels never came back (and still today are not back) Finally said to Hell with it and turned on Netflix.
    Any comments or opinions on what has happened and what I can do to fix this?

  2. Kenneth Chase

    Just wondering is the private app 1111 good to use, it don’t change IP address but it makes your browsing private.

  3. Trevor Stacey

    I live is AUS and we seem to look at the rest of the world and follow suit. Hope this IP logging and blocking does not come here.

  4. Great info, as usual. Thank you.
    My comment is in regards to Spectrum internet in the USA. I use ipVanish before getting on Kodi, and have it set to go offline if connection goes offline. That said, my connection has been disrupted several times in the last week. I reset modem, etc, and it happened so much one night, I gave up. Don’t use it all the time, but Spectrum is surely throttling and causing issues for us.

    1. Same issue here with spectrum. I had been led to believe spectrum did not filter or throttle any service. But I am certain they are doing it. If at least on a limited basis to a select targeted group which they have a criteria for. My EPG was not updating on tivimate for my backup iptv provider. It just stopped out of the blue after working fine for weeks since starting this service. Clearing the cache. Restarting the app, I even got a second URL for the backup IPTV provider to try, nothing worked, I almost gave up. Then low and behold I come up on the suggestion to turn on my VPN and try to refresh my EPG again. Guess what!? It populated my program guide just fine on both of their URLs. Crazy. There was a time about a year ago I had to run a VPN to prevent buffering of the IPTV stream. Then it became that I had to disconnect the VPN to maintain the stutter free connection. Looks like we are back to VPN use.

  5. Since when? It has never been blocked in Canada. I have no problem with iptv. Are you saying this to sell the VPN service that was your big announcement a few weeks ago

    1. Hi Deb, you need to do a better job of reading the article.

      The article says some services, not all. Believe it or not, there are literally thousands of IPTV services currently available, not just the one you are using.

      The court order was issued by the Federal Court of Canada and required ISPs to block access to the websites and servers associated with the targeted IPTV services. While the exact number of blocked services is unknown, many IPTV customers have reported being unable to access certain services.

      If you think We’re making this up, please visit the TorrentFreak article linked at the bottom of the article that also writes about this. I’m sure you can also find it in other popular Canada news outlets as well.

      1. I tell people Troy is my IPTV guru, such great advice over the years, and love that you don’t spam, the monthly newsletter is great and a fun read

  6. The solution was clearly laid out in this article. Use a VPN or stop using IPTV services. Snoops can’t see what you’re doing when you’re streaming through a VPN service. Your connection and internet activity is encrypted.

  7. We will find out soon how bad it will get in Canada. Turdeau is trying to pass bill C-11 to allow the government to censor all media which includes what we can and cannot stream. You know if it passes this is gonna target all IPTV. Anyone out there that doesn’t already have a VPN, this is the time to get one.

    1. I have had perhaps the best IPTV for a good 10 years, they have not taken new customers in years, when do only by referral, nope not giving name, but perhaps I should start using my vpn

  8. William A Burden

    As a Cnadian, I am used to the CRTC (Canadian Radio & Television Commission) using a strategy of overreach in it’s Governance of the Telecommunications Industry – since the Officers of same, are primarily former Industry elites who relish their control over our short sighted Politicians. While I don’t support illegal activity of any kind, I resent being sold a bill of goods I don’t want, and the Telecommunications Indistry needs to finally get the fact that the world has changed and we don’t want to be served with the same old product anymore. I am a paid subscriber to IPTV because I want to decide for myself both the content I atch and when I watch it. Having said all that, I don’t need to subscribe to 10,000 live tv channels either and I look for ard to the day when I finally get to drive the bus and make my own choices.

    1. As another Canadian, I resent being told that I have to subscribe to certain channels in order to get only the one’s I’s called paying for someone else’s tv because they don’t have enough people to support it.

      1. Exactly and so many of them over the years have advertised the lie that with us just pick the channels you want. In my case would be happy with just TCM, METV, TSN but they won’t allow. First you start with basic that you don’t want and many channels are not a la carte whatever,so don’t really feel guilty getting everything for 10 bucks a month,maybe I should? I don’t watch modern movies and sitcoms anyway. My 6 foot dish used to allow just getting 1-3 stations,and I happily payed something like 30$ a year

  9. Canada and especially the USA I’m sure has bigger problems to be concerned with instead of bowing down and kissing the ass of the big cable companies, but, you can always buy an assault rifle and mow down some kids, that’s still a go in the USA. ???

    1. The sale of new assault rifles in the US (outside of law enforcement and the military) has been illegal since 1986. And to own an older assault rifle is extremely prohibitive…requires a special permit from the government, and the cost of those older weapon can exceed $20,000.

        1. Eric, you’re wrong ! Military, automatic assault weapons are illegal in all 50 states ! I should know. I’m in Massachusetts. One of the strictest when it comes to gun laws.

        2. Eric is right. Fully automatic weapons have been banned for a long time and a special permit to own is required by the feds. Ars are semi automatic rifles with a pistol grip is all.

      1. crazy conversation. so the defence to buying guns of war and allowing them to be used by crazy people is, “well, they’re not FULLY automatic! He’d have to pull the trigger a lot, so it’s fine”

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