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Become a TROYPOINT Patron by donating a one-time fee of $39 and unlock benefits that will enhance your cord-cutting experience!

The Patron program was formed in response to TROYPOINT fans asking how they can donate.  I don’t feel comfortable accepting donations without providing something in return and that’s why we started this.

The concept is simple.  If you’re a TROYPOINT Patron you will receive the following benefits for a one-time fee of $39.  This is not a recurring fee.  It’s a one-time payment that will provide the following luxuries for as long as TROYPOINT is present.  By the way, I don’t plan on going anywhere as I’ve been running this website since 2009!

TROYPOINT Patron Benefits

The following Patron benefits are available on the TROYPOINT Insider Website.

You can think of this as our own social media platform but with no censorship from big tech!

Patron Flair

The TROYPOINT Patron Flair image is attached to each Patron’s profile image.  Visitors of the site can quickly see who is a Patron and whose not by looking at their profile image.

Exclusive Guides

The most popular benefit are the Exclusive video guides and tutorials that I provide.

Exclusive Guides

Currently, there are over 20 videos that are only available to TROYPOINT Patrons.  I will be adding many more exclusive tutorials in the coming days.

Here are some of the more popular videos.

Alibaba $1.50 World IPTV First Impressions & Setup Video


$28 T95Z Plus Android 12 TV Box First Impressions & Setup Video

T95Z Plus

New Walmart 4K Onn Google TV 4K Streaming Box First Impressions & Setup Video

Onn FI

Digital Lizard IPTV First Impressions Video

Dig Lizard

Syncler Beta 2 Setup Video

Syncler Setup

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IPTV Services Discussion Access

We’ve created a special category for TROYPOINT Patrons where they can discuss unverified IPTV services.  Learn which services work best from those who actually use them.

We don’t allow for this type of discussion anywhere else on the site due to spamming by IPTV developers.


No Ads

TROYPOINT Patrons will enjoy absolutely no ads on the TROYPOINT Insider Website.

No ads

Create New Topics

TROYPOINT Patrons are the only people who can create new Topics on the Insider.  Most Patrons use this to ask various questions about cord cutting.

Create New Topics

Payment Process

To become a Patron you must first register for a free account on the TROYPOINT Insider.  Once you’ve logged into the site with your username and password you can then purchase your Patron membership.

The only form of payment that is accepted is credit/debit cards.  We use Stripe to process all payments as this is considered one of the most secure processing companies available.  Unfortunately, other forms of payment are not available and there is no plan to add any by the developer of the forum software that we use…sorry.

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